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Full text of "Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Scotland ... (Royal National Directory of Scotland.) With ... map, etc"

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V. 3 7 








,,11 If 





AND ALL MINING, QUARRV, contractors, and agricultural tools. 





Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 



ass appointment 







37, Brown Street, Manchester. 


182-4, High Hoi. born, London, W.C. 


AIL rigkts of reproduction reserved. 

Fo unded 1825 


Edinburgh Life 

A s s u ranceiimpauy 



^ijiiuras • Liberal Q 

Read Office 

22 George Street 


Manager and Actuary 

Archibald Hewat, i?EA., EI.A. 



The present issue of the Directory of Scotland is the fourth pro- 
duced jointly by Slater's Directory, Limited, and Kelly's Directories, 
Limited, in accordance with a working arrangement made between 
these Companies. 

Under each County the several Parishes, Towns and principal Villages 
have been arranged in strict Alphabetical order, with a view to facility 
of reference, and the names of the Magistrates, the Members of the 
County Councils, the County Officers, &c, have been given. 

The Cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, with a Street Directory in 
each case, are given separately. 

In addition to the ordinary lists of the private residents and trading 
classes, there is also one of the " Principal Seats," with references to the 
pages on which these are to be found, and the names of the occupiers. 

Prefixed to the Book is a complete Index to the whole of the places 
given therein. 

The Map of Scotland has been corrected for this Edition, so as to 
bring it fully up to date. 

July, 1907. 

SCOT, a 2 


kellt's directories limited, printers, 

l82, 183 & 184, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. ; 





Aberdeenshire .. ....... i 

Argyllshire 174 

Ayrshire 222 

Banffshire 329 

Berwick-upon-Tweed 358 

Berwickshire 369 

Buteshire 389 

Caithness-shire 402 

Clackmannanshire ... 418 


Cromarty 1271 

Dumbartonshire 433 

Dumfries-shire 471 

Edinburghshire 529 

Elginshire 564 

Fifeshire 590 

Forfarshire 682 

Haddingtonshire 826 

Hebrides (Islands) ... 848 


Inverness-shire 857 

Kincardineshire 903 

Kinross-shire 922 

Kirkcudbrightshire.. 929 

Lanarkshire 952 

Linlithgowshire 1035 

Nairnshire 1054 

Orkney Isles 1061 

Peeblesshire 1076 


Perthshire 1087 

Renfrewshire 1176 

Ross & Cromarty 1271 

Roxburghshire 1298 

Selkirkshire 1326 

Shetland Isles 1338 

Stirlingshire 1352 

Sutherlandshire 1403 

Wigtownshire 1414 


Abbey Green 

Abbey — New 

Abbey of Paisley 

Abbey Park 

Abbey <f Minster Ruins : 


Ardchattan (Priory).. 


Berwick — North 

Blantyre ( Priory) 


Coldingham (Priory) 





Elgin (Cathedral) ... 

Holyrood, see Edin- 
burgh Section 



Iona (Cathedral) 









New Abbey 

Newbattle ( or New- 

North Berwick 

Old Melrose 



Pluscarden (Priory).. 


Restennet (Priory) ... 



Saint Andrews (Black- 

SaintAndrews( Priory) 

Saint Mary (Kirkos- 


Abbey St. Bathans 

Abbotsford FerryStation 




Aherarder (Aberdeen)... 
Aberarder (Inverness).. 


Abercairney Station ... 








1 169 









Aberdour (Fife) 

Aberdour — New (Aber- 




Aberlady Bay 



Abernethy (Inverness) 

Abernethy (Perth) 


















557 Aehiltibuie 

830 Achinarrow 

1317 Achintee 

1233 Achmelvich 

668 Achmore (Lochalsh) ... 

571 Achmore (Lochs) 

948 Achnacarry 


215 J Achnacroish 



669 ' Achnarrow (Banff) 

670 , Achnarrow (Elgin) 


305 , Ackergill 

ii72Ackergill Tower 


372 Advie 

1330 Advie Station 

636 Afton 

634 Aikey Brae 

595 Ailsa Craig 261 t 

117 Aird-(Inverness-shire).. 
864 Aird (Outer Hebrides) 

1094 Airdhantuin 

1128 Airdrie 

332 Airdriehill 1013 

1037 Airds 193 & 215 

676 Airidhbhruaich 851 

1092 Airlie 687 

7 Airor 868 

595 Airth 1356 

Airth Road Station 1356 

108 Airthrey Wells 1352 

1092 Aitbsting 1347 

1093 Alcaig 1296 

829 Aldbar 703 

829 Aldbar Road Station ... 687 
687 Aldivalloch 341 

333 Alehousehillock 115 

861 Alexandria 436 

1094 Alford 109 

1095 Alford Valley 109 

863 Alladale 1286 

1095 Allanfearn Station 873 

958 Allangrange Station ... 1284 

108 Allanton (Berwick) 380 

872 Allanton (Lanark) 976 

187 Alligan 1275 

210 Allison Green 1026 

207 Alloa 420 

179 Alloa — South 1356 

1286 Alloa Tower 420 

1411 Alloway 227 

180 Almond Bank 1*39 

1130 Alness 1275 

408 Altarstones 663 

346 Altass 1406 

1289 Altnabreac 407 

1289 Altnabreac Station 407 

346 Altnaharra 1408 

890 Altyre Woods 570 

1405 Alva 426 

1288 Alvah 334 

851 Alves 567 

890 Alvie 86 

179 Alyth !095 

207' Alyth Junction (Forfar) 822 

1286'Amhuinnsuidh 849 

2o6iAmisfield 526 

346 Amulree 1097 

582 Ancroft 360 

1286 Ancrum 1301 

413 Anderston, see Glasgow 
413 Section 

536 Angle Park 537 

567 Annan 475 

347 Anuandale 475 

258 Annat 1275 

121 Annbank 325 

; 271 Annbank Station 325 

899 Anniesland 1268 

852 Anstruther— E. & W.... 596 

850 Anwoth 932 

958 Appin 179 


Appin 207 

Applecross 1275 

Applecross Bay 1275 

Applegarth 478 

Arbirlot 687 

Arbirlot Halt 687 

Arbroath 688 

Arbuthnott 906 

Archiestown 583 

Ardallie no 

Ardbeg 198 

Ardbreeknish 203 

Ardchattan 179 

Ardchonnel 203 

Ardclach 1056 

Ardeer 321 

Ardelve 1288 

Arden 436 

Ardentinny 188 

Ardeonaig 1130 

Ardersier 861 

Ardfern 187 

Ardfin 201 

Ardgay 1286 

Ardgour 180 

Ardincaple 202 

Ardindrean 1289 

Ardlamont 203 

Ardlassa 201 

Ardlaw 164 

Ardler 1097 

Ardlui 438 

Ardmiddle 170 

Ardnadam 216 

Ardnamurchan 180 

Ardnamurchan Point ... 180 

Ardoch 1106 

Ardoch Bridge 459 

Ardow 211 

Ardpatrick 203 

Ardrishaig 181 

Ardross 1292 

Ardrossan 227 

Ardtalnaig 1130 

Arduaine 206 

Ardvasar 899 

Ardwell 1427 

Arinagour 187 

Arinish Point 851 

Arisaig 180 

Armadale (Linlithgow) 1037 
Armadale (Sutherland) 

1408 & 1412 

Armadale Station io 37 

Armiston Green S37 

Arnage 165 

Arnage Station 125 & 165 

Arncroach 606 

Arngask 1097 




Arngibbon Glen 1362 

Arnisdale S "" 

Arnisort i 

Arnprior 1383 

Arns 446 

Arnsheen 256 

Aros 211 & 216 

Arradoul 356 

Arran — Isle of 391 

Arrat 703 

Arrinachrinach 1275 

Arrochar 438 

Artafallie 1287 

Arthur's Seat, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Arthur's Seat 529 

Ascog 393 

Ashfield (Argyll) 206 

Ashfield (Perth) 1120 

Ashfield Row 600 

Ashig 900 

Ashkirk 1328 

Askaig-Port 198 

Assynt I '\°5 

Athelstaneford 829 

Attadale 1289 

Auchanassie 348 

Auchedley 168 

Auchencairn 932 

Auchencorvie 184 

Auchencrow 383 

Auchendinny 547 

Auehenflower 251 

Auchengill 407 

Auehengray 980 

Auehenheath 1010 

Auchenlochan 219 

Auchenraith 968 

Auchenstarry ... 446 

Auchentiber 269 

Auehentroig 1366 

Auchinblae 906 

Auchincloich 320 

Auchincruive Station... 234 
Auchindachy Station 338&348 

Auchindoir no 

Auchindoun 343 

Auchingean 1369 

Auchinleck 230 

Auchinloch 972 

Auchiries 119 

Auchirvairn, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Auchleach 1427 

Auchleeks 1102 

Aucbleven 162 

Auchmedden 108 

Auchmill 152 

Auchmithie 700 

Anchmuty 662 

Auchnacraig 211 

Auchnagatt 165 

Auchnashellaeh 1289 

Auchtarsin 1127 

Auchterarder 1098 

Auchtercairn 1282 

Auchterderran 598 

Auchtergaven 1099 

Auchterhouse 701 

Auchterless in 

Auehtemvuchty 598 

Auchterneed ;28i 

Auchtertool 599 

Auchtertyre 1288 

Audlem 1056 

Auldbar Road Station... 809 

Auld Muir 26: 

Auldearn 1056 

Auldgirth 480 

Auldhouse 1001 

Aultandubh 1289 

Aultbea 128: 

Aultiphurst 1412 

Auskerry Island 1074 

Aviemore 865 

Avoch 1276 

Avonbridge 1390 

Avondale 963 

Avonhead 1012 

Ayr 231 

Ayton 372 

Bachuil 207 


Back 851 

Backaland 1074 

Backies 1 4°9 

Backwater 811 

Badachro 1282 

Badcall 1408 

Badcaul 15 ~ 

Badcall Inchard 1408 

Badenoch Forest 892 

Badenscoth in 

Badrallock 1289 

Baillieston 964 

Bainsford 1368 

Bainshole 137 

Baird 446 

Balaclava 1225 

Balado Station 924 & 925 

Balallan 851 

Balbeggie 1171 

Balbirnie Mills 662 

Balblair 1291 

Balcary 932 

Balcurvie 662 

Baldinnie 607 

Baldernock 1356 

Baldovan 717 

Baldovan Station 812 

Baldragon Station 812 

Balearn 143 

Baledgarno 1129 

Balemartine 220 

Balerno 541 

Baleshare — Isle of 855 

Balfour 1072 

Balfron 1357 

Balfron Station 1357 

Balgair 1383 

Balgedie 927 

Balgonie 662 

Baligarve 207 

Baligill 1412 

Balintore 1280 

Balivanich 856 

Balivamchor Nuntown 856 

Ballachantuie 204 

Ballachulish — North(In- 

verness) 890 

Ballachulish — South ... 181 

Ballachulish Quarries ... 181 

Ballachulish SouthFerry 181 

Ballanlay 393 

Ballantrae 251 

Ballater in 

Ballechin 1136 

Balligrundle 207 

Ballinbreich 628 

Ballindalloch 347 

Ballingry 600 

Ballinluig 1136 

Ballintuim 1134 

Balloch 438 

Balloch — North 252 

Ballochdowan 251 

Ballochmyle 309 

Ballogie 113 

Ballumbie 822 

Ballygrant 198 

Ballyokan 1140 

Balmacarra 1288 

Balmaclellan 933 

Balmaghie 933 

Balmaha 1361 

Balmalcolm 631 

Balmedie 113 

Balmenach 569 

Balmerino (or Balmer- 

inoch) 600 

Balmoral 117 

Balmore Station 1356 

Balmuchy i#Bo 

Balmullo 657 

Balnabruach 1290 

Balnacra 1289 

Balnaguard 1123 

Balnain 901 

Balnuhua — Isle of 201 

Balquhidder 1100 

Balta Island 1349 

Baltasound 1349 

Balvarran i*34 

Bal vicar 202 

Balvraid 1407 


Banavie 890 

Banchory-Devenick 907 

Banchory-Ternan 908 

Banff 335 

Bangour io 45 

Bank 258 

Bank Glen 258 

Bankend 478 

Bankfoot 1099 

Bankhead (Aberdeen)... 152 

Bankhead (Forfar) 816 

Binkhead (Perth) 1126 

Bankhead Station 981 & 1012 

Bankier ^64 

Banknock 1381 

Banknock Station 1364 

Bankshill 527 

Bannatyne — Port 393 

Banniskirk 407 

Bannockburn 1357 

Banton 1358 

Barassie 326 

Barbaraville 1285 

Barbreck 187 & 205 

Barcaldine 179 

Bardowie Station 1356 

Bargeddie 965 

Bargeddie Station 965 & 1015 

Bargrennan 934 

Barkip 263 

Barmuckity 587 

Barnbarroch 937 

Barndennoch 509 

Barnhill (Forfar) 706 

Barnhill (Perth) 1134 

Barnock 964 

Barns— East & West ... 834 

Barnton Station 540 

Barony, see Glasgow 

Barr 252 

Barr Mill Station 253 

Barra — Island of 848 

Barrack Park 716 

Barras (Dumfsh) 514 

Barras (Kincardine) ... 914 

Barray Island 1336 

Barrhead 1180 

Barrhill 256 & 259 

Barrmill 252 

Barrack 405 & 406 

Barrwood 1381 

Barry (or Barrie) 701 

Barskiuiming 309 

Barthol Chapel 112 

Barvas 850 

Bass of Inverurie 138 

Bass Rock 830 

Bathgate 1038 

Bathville I0 37 

Baxter Park 717 

Bayble 852 

Bayhead 855 

Bay of Aros 210 

Bearsden 438 

Bearsden Station 461 

Beath 600 

Beaton's Mill 1357 

Beattock 511 

Beattock Station ...511 & 519 

Beauly 862 

Bedlay 972 

Bedrnle 1301 

Beech Hedge 1138 

Beeswing 932 

Berth 252 

Beldorney 133 

Belhaven 834 

Belhelvie 112 

Belivat 1056 

Bell Rock 689 

Bellanoch 206 

Bellfield 1010 

Bellie 578 

Bellshill 965 

Bell's Quarry 535 & 536 

Belnahua Island 202 

Belses Station ...1301 & 1316 

Beltraoss 1381 

Beltonfoot 1031 

Beltrees — New Town of 1229 
Benbecula — Isle of 855 


Benbigger 198 

Bendochy noo 

Benhar (Lanark) 1024 

Benhar — East (Linlith- 
gow) 1052 

Benhar — West 1024 

Benholm 914 

Bensley 302 

Bent 1010 

Bentfield 603 

Bentpath 528 

Bents Station 1053 

Benvie 810 

Benwhat 262 

Beoch Side 258 

Beoraid 868 

Berefold 125 

Bernera Island, seeOuter 

Hebrides 848 

Berneray Island 849 

Bernisdale 899 

Berriedale 405 

Berryhill 1031 

Bervie 909 

Berwick — North 829 

Berwick-upon-Tweed ... 358 

Bettyhill 1409 

Bieldside 153 

Big Island 1336 

Biggar 966 

Biggart 263 

Bigton 1341 

Bilbster 413 

Bilbster Station 413 

Binniehill 1390 

Birgham 380 

Birgidale 393 

Birkenhills 170 

Birkhall 112 

Birkhill 810 

Birks of Aberfeldy 1174 

Birley Hill 504 

Birnani 1123 

Birness 124 

Birnie 567 

Birnic Knowe 230 

Birsay 1064 

Birse 113 

Bishop Island 148 

Bishopmill 588 

Bishopbriggs, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Bishopbriggs 971 

Bishopric The 1123 

Bishopton 1188 

Bixter J 347 

Black Isle 1291 

Black Rock of Novar ... 1285 

Blackbraes 1390 

Blackburn(Aberdeen)... 142 
Blackburn (Linlithgow) 1040 

Blackford 1101 

Blackfriars 1311 

Blackhall 539 

Blackhall, see Edin- 
burgh Section 
Blackhills (Aberdeen) 

113 & 147 

Blackhills (Elgin) 570 

Blacklaw 332 

Blacklunans J1 35 

Blackmillbay 202 

Blackness 1040 

Blackridge 1051 

Black's Boat 583 

Black's Boat Station ... 583 

Blackshiels 546 

Blackston 1386 

Blackwaterfoot 391 

Blackwood 1010 

Bladnoch 1433 

Blainslie 1318 

Blair Atholl 1102 

Blair Drummond 1132 

Blair Logie 1386 

Blair Mains 263 

Blairadam 924 

Blairadam Station 924 

Blairdaff 115 

Blairgowrie 1103 

Blairhill 983 

Blairingone 924 




Blairmaud 357 

Blairmore 21" 

Blairs 916 

Blair's Ferry 393 

Blanefield 1401 

Blantyre, High & Low 967 

Blarich 1412 

Blarmacfoldauli 890 

Blarnur f 

Blebo Craigs 630 

Bloch Well 512 

Blyth Bridge 1080 

Boarhills 670 

Boars of Duncansby 

Whirlpool 402 

Boat of Garten 86.5 

Boat of Garten Station 86^ 

Boath 1275 

Boathaven 413 

Boddam (Aberdeen) ... 114 
Boddam (Shetland Isles) 1341 

Bog of Gight 577 

Bogbrae 119 

Boghead (Aberdeen) ... 115 

Boghead (Lanark) 1010 

Bogmuchals 345 

Bogniebrae 126 

Bogside 275 

Bogside Station 610 

Bogue 940 

Boharm 338 

Boisdale 856 

Boleskine 863 

Bolton 832 

Bonar Bridge 1406 

Bonar Bridge Station ... 12; 

Bonaw Quarries 1 

Bonawe 1 

Bonchester Bridge 1310 

B'oness 1041 

Bonhill 440 

Bonkle 976 

Bonnington, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Bonnybridge 1358 

Bonnygate 612 

Bonnykelly 120 

Bonnyrigg 534 

Bonnyrigg Station 537 

Boonhill 386 

Boquhanran 442 

Borcraig 895 

Bored Stone 1357 

Boreland (Dumfsh ) ... 508 

Boreland(Fifesh) 625 

Boreray— Isle of 855 

Borgue (Caithness) 408 

Borgue (Kirkcudbright) 934 

Bornish 856 

Boroughmuirbead, see 
Edinburgh Section 

Borreraig 896 

Borrobol Station 1410 

Borrodale 896 

Borrowstoun 1041 

Borrowstounness 1041 

Borthwick 534 

Borve 848 & 850 

Boston 377 

Boston (Roxburgh) 1311 

Bolbkennar x 359 

Bothriphnie 338 

Bothwell 9^9 

Bound Skerrie6 Island 1346 

Bourtie 114 

Bow of Fife 663 

Bow House 949 

Bowden 1301 

Bower 405 

Bowhill 598 

Bowholm 479 

Bowhouse Station 1387 

Bowland 562 

Bowling 459 

Bowling Bay 459 

Bowmore 198 

Boyndie 356 

Boyndlie 171 

Bracadale 896 

Bracara 868 

Brackmuirhill 911 

Braco 1106 


Bracoden 352 

Brae (Kincardine) 911 

Brae (Ross) 1286 

Brae (Shetland) 1340 

Brae — Upper 114 

Braehead (Dumbarton) 447 

Braehead (Lanark) 980 

Braeheads 335 

Braemar 117 

Braes— The 897 

Braes of Angus 807 

Braes of Balquhidder ... 1100 

Braes of Coul 811 

Braes of Gartly 133 

Braesof Gight 132 

Braes of Rannoch 1127 

Braeside 165 

Braeside 551 

Bragar 850 

Braglenmore 206 

Braidwood 977 

Brander — Pass of (or 

Cruachan) 179 

Branderburgh 584 

Brawl 141 2 

Breakish 900 

Breasclet 854 

Brechin 701 

Breconbeds 473 

Bressay Island *34° 

Brettabister 1346 

Brevig 848 

Brideswell 123 

Bridge of Allan 1359 

Bridge of Avon 347 & 350 

Bridge of Balgie 1129 

Bridge of Bracklin 1107 

Bridge of Cally 1107 

Bridge of Canny 908 

Bridge of Carr 865 

Bridge of Dee 933 

Bridge of Don 12 

Bridge of Douglas 196 

Bridge of Dun 715 

Bridge of Earn 1119 

Bridge of Feugh 908 

Bridge of Gairn 134 

Bridge of Gannachy ... 912 

Bridge of Marnoch 332 

Bridge of Muchalls 910 

Bridge of Muick 134 

Bridge of Oich 868 

Bridge of Orchy 194 

Bridge of Teith 1117 

Bridge of Tilt 1102 

Bridge of Turk 1107 

Bridge of Urr — Old ... 946 

Bridge of Walls 1347 

Bridge of Weir 1182 

Bridgegate 276 

Bridgend (Argyle) 193 & 19S 

Bridgend (Ayr) 279 

Bridgend (Dumbarton) 446 

Bridgend (F'ife) 607 

Bridgend (F'orfar) 810 

Bridgend (Inverness)... 862 

Bridgend (Linlithgow) 1038 & 


Bridgend (Perth) 1134 

Bridgend (Boss) 1284 & 1292 

Bridgeness 1041 

Bridgeton, see Glasgow 


Brigham 380 

Brightons 1377 

Brightwell 90^ 

Brin 864 

British Remains: — 

Belhaven 834 

Crossmichael 938 

Dalrymple 265 

Earnsheugh 374 

F'orres 578 

Langton 385 

Morton 521 

Peebles 1082 

Torthorwald 526 

Townlaw 374 

Tunlaw 374 

Broadcroft 461 


Broadford 900 

Broadsea 128 

Brocketsbrae Station ... 1010 

Brodick 391 

Brodick Bay 391 

Brodie 569 

Brodiesord 354 

Brookfield 1225 

Broomage — North 1384 

Broomhill Station 865 

Broomhouse 1014 

Broomieknowe 534 

Broomieknowe Station 537 

Broomlee Station 1080 

Broompark 1364 

Brora 1405 

Brough (Caithness) 406 

Brough (Shetland Isles) 1346 
Broughton (Peebles) ... 1078 
Broughty-Perry ......... 706 

Brown Catterthun 814 

Brownhall 484 

Brownies Taing 1 3^ 

Broxburn 1044 

Bruan 408 

Bruar 1102 

Brubster 409 

Bruce Hay 166 

Brucehaven 660 

Brucklay 120 

Brucklay Station 148 

Bruichladdich 198 

Brunstane 548 

Brunstane Mills 548 

Brunton 610 

Bruntsfield Links, see 

Edinburgh Section 
Brurie Skerries Island 1346 

Brydekirk 478 

Buachaille Rock 217 

Bualnaluib 1291 

Buclun 163 

Buchan Croft 935 

Buchanan 1361 

Buchanhaven 156 

Buchanty 1127 

Buchlyvie 1362 

Buchruben 865 

Buckhaven 601 

Buckie 338 

Buckpool 338 

Bucksburn 152 

Buddonness 701 

Buittle 934 

Bullers of Buchan 118 

Bullionh'eld 810 

Bulwark 122 

Bunachton 865 

Bunchrew 893 

Bunessan 182 

Bunion Well 1045 

Bunkle 372 

Bunloit 901 

Bunnahabhain 199 

Burdiehouse..: 551 

Burghead 567 

Burgie 583 

Burn of Carabus 1132 

Burnbank 971 

Burness 1064 

Burnfoot(Kirkcudbright) 94S 
Burnfoot (Roxburgh) ... 1322 

BurnfootHill 262 

Burnhaven 156 

Burnhead s°3 & 522 

Burnhervie 138 

Burnmouth (Berwick) 373 
Burnmouth (Roxburgh) 1321 

Burnside 824 

Burntisland 603 

Burra — East & West ... 1342 

Burra Island 1070 

Burrafirth — West 1347 

Burravoe 1351 

Burray Island 1064 

Burray Hunda Island... 1070 

Burrelton 1109 

Burwick 1070 

Busby 1230 

Busby Station 1001 

Bute — Isle of 393 


Bute— North 393 

Butt of Lewis 850 

Butters Church 251 

Butterstone 1122 

Byth — New 114 

Caanlochan Forest 804 

Cabrach — Low. & Uppr 341 

Cadder 971 

Caddonfoot 1328 

Cadzow Wood 994 

Caerdean 1138 

Caerfin 959 

Caerlaverock 478 

Cairn 509 

Cairn Point 1417 

Cairnbaan 193 

Cairnban Point 193 

Cairnbank 374 

Cairnbanno 120 

Cairnbeddie 1171 

Cairnbulg 138 

Cairnconllie 144 

Cairndow 209 

Cairness 147 

Cairney (or Cairnie) ... 115 

Cairney Junction 115 

Cairneyhill 606 

Cairnhill 910 

Cairnnorrie 150 

Cairnryan !4 J 7 

Ciirns 323 

Caitha 562 

Calcots Station 572 & 587 

Caldarvan Station 459 

Calder 407 

Calder (Lanark) 983 

Calder— M. &E 535 

Calder — West 536 

Calder Glen 1229 

Calder Wood 535 

Calderbank 972 

Caldercruix 1012 

Calderhead 1024 

Caldwell 1270 

Caldwell Station 1270 

Calgary 211 

California I 39o 

Callakillie 1275 

Callander 1107 

Callanish 854 

Callernish Stones 854 

Cally House 941 

Calton, see Glasgow 

Calvay — Isle of 856 

Calve Island 210 

Calvine 1102 

Cambus 421 

Cambus 0' May Station 112 

Cambusbarron 1388 

Cambuskenneth 1386 & 1394 

Cambuslang 973 

Cambusnethan 976 

Camelon 1367 

Cameron 605 

Cameron Bridge Station 662 

Cam'nethan 1026 

Campbells 1056 

Campbeltown (Argyle) 182 
Campbeltown(Inverness) 85i 

Camphill 262 

Campsie 1362 

Campsie Glen 1362 

Camptown I 3°3 

Camserney 1118 

Camstraddan 466 

Camusstone 337 

Canisbay 403 

Canna — Isle of 900 

Cannich 891 

Canniesburn 460 

Cannon Holes — The ... 523 

Canonbie 479 

Cansaig 206 

Cantsdam 600 

Cape Wrath 1408 

Caputh 1109 

Cara Island 193 

Carberry 548 

Carbost' 896 & 899 

Cardean 1138 

Cardenden 598 



Cardonald, see Glasgow 

Cardrona Station 1085 

Cardross 441 

Cardwell Bay 1189 

Careston 710 

Carfin 977 

Cargilfield 540 

Cargill (Ayrsh) 310 

Cargill (Perthsh) 1109 

Carie 1127 

Carinish 855 

Carlenrig 512 

Carlines Loups 1080 

Carlops 1080 

Carloway 854 

Carluke 977 

Carman Moor 448 

Carmichael 979 

Carmunnock 980 

Carmyle 1014 

Carmyllie 711 

Carna Island 210 

Carnbee 605 

Carnbo 924 

Carnbroe 969 

"Carnoch 1276 

Carnock (Fife) 606 

Carnock (Stirling) 1388 

Carnoustie 711 

Carnoustie Station 823 

Carntyne 1022 

Carnwath 980 

Carr Bridge 865 

Carradale 215 

Carradale Pier 215 

Carrick 209 

Carriden 1041 

Carrington 537 

Carroch 808 

Carron (Elgin) 584 

Carron (Stirling) 1363 

Carron Bridge 521 

Carron Glen 1364 

Carron Shore 1363 

Carron Station 583 

Carrutherstown 481 

Carse 203 

Carse of Gowrie 1171 

Carse of Kinneil 1041 

Carsethorn 94 

Carsie 1103 

Carsluith 945 

Carsphairn 934 

Carstairs 981 

l arstairs Junction 982 

Cartland Crags 1003 

Cashfeus 677 

Cassillis Station 310 

Castle Craig 536 

Castle Douglas 935 

Castle Fraser 141 

Castle Hill 341 

Castle Kennedy T417 

Castle Ruins : — 






Ardtornish , 



Auchans (Old) 
















Bishops Island 






Boghall 966 

Borthwick 534 

Bothwell 969 

Boyne 354 

Braes of Gight 132 

Brochel 897 

Burleigh 927 

Cadzow 994 

Caerlaverock 478 

Cairnbeddie 1171 

Calvay Island 856 

Camilla 599 

Campbell 429 

Cardoness 932 

Carleton 256 

Carnazarie 205 

Carrick 209 

Castleton of Braemar 117 

Cathcart 1183 

Cavan 942 

Closeburn 480 

Cockburnspath 374 

Coll 187 

Colzean 222 

Compstone 950 

Corbet Tower 1320 

Corgarff 116 

Corra 938 

Corse 144 

Coull 116 

Couston 615 

Cowthally 980 

Cragie 257 

Craighall 606 

Craigmillar 551 

Craigneil 256 

Craignethan 1009 

Crail 609 

Creich 610 

Crichton 54° 

Cruggleton 1427 

Dairsie 615 

Dean 283 

Dirleton 832 

Doune 1117 

Draphane 1009 

Drochil 1081 

Drumin 346 

Drumlanrig 522 

Duart 210 

Duchal 1227 

Dunbar 833 

Dundargue 108 

Dundonald 267 

Dunfermline Palace... 616 

Dunglass 459 

Dun-i-Deer 137 

Dunimarle 610 

Dunnottar 911 

Dunollie 21^ 

Dunoon 188 

Dunskev 1425 

Dunstaffnage 212 

Duntulm 897 

Dunure 310 

Dunvegan 895 

Edinkillie 570 

Edzell 796 

Eggerness 1427 

EileanDonan 1287 

Elcho 1171 

Elgin 570 

Ellon 124 

Fast 374 

Federate 120 

Fenella's 912 

Fiddes 914 

Findlater 354 

Findlater 341 

Findochty *345 

Finhaven 823 

Finlarig 1131 

Flemington 687 

Forfar 797 

Forten 804 

Garth 1174 

Giffen 252 

Girnegoe 413 

Glasciune 1103 

Glengarnock 279 

Greenan 232 



Hailes 843 

Hall Forest 144 

Hallyards 599 

Hatton 822 

Helmsdale 1410 

Hermitage 1321 

Hesselhead 252 

Horsburgh 1079 

Hume 384 

Hunterston 281 

Inaltrie 342 

Inchmurrin 458 

Innerpeffray 1114 

Innerwick 841 

Inns or Old Palace... 629 

Insch 137 

Inverlochy 891 

Inverugie 156 & 164 

Keith 348 

Kenmure 942 

Kennedy 1417 

Kilchurn 194 & 207 

Kildrummy 141 

Kilkerran 183 

Killundine 210 

Kincardine 906 & 1101 

King Edward 143 

Kinlochaline 210 

Kinnaird 1134 

Kinneff 914 

Kirk Dominae 252 

Kirkcudbright 943 

Kirkhill 256 

Knock (Aberdeen) ... 111 
Knock (Inverness) ... 899 

Knockdolian 256 

Lachlan 217 

Law 281 

Lennox Tower 541 

Leslie 145 

Linlithgow 1047 

Linturk 144 

Loch-an-ellan 865 

Loch Kinord in 

Loch Leven 923 

Lochinvar 940 

Lochmaben 514 

Lochore 661 

Lochslin 1294 

Lundin 655 

Macduff 680 

Mauchline 309 

Mearns 1230 

Meggernie 1174 

Melgund 687 

Mingary 180 

Moil 900 

Moll 895 

Morton 321 

Moulin 1140 

Mull 210 

Neidpath 1082 

Newark (F'ife) 676 

Newark (Renfrew) ... 1264 

Newark (Selkirk) 1334 

Newburgh 126 

Newmilns 313 

Old Man of Wick 413 

Oyne 133 

Penicuik 559 

Pinwherry 256 

Pitcur 805 

Pitficbie 151 

Pitsligo 163 

Pittulie 163 

Portencross 281 

Powrie 822 

Preston Tower 843 

Ranfurly 1223 

Rattray 1170 

Ravenscraig 623 

Red 805 

Rossend 603 

Rosslyn 561 

Rosyth 629 

Rowallan 284 

Roxburgh 1322 


Rusko 932 

St. Andrews 669 

Sanquhar 323 

Scalloway 1348 


Seton 84s 

Shuna Island 179 

Sinclair 413 

Skipness 213 

Slains 166 

Sorbie Tower 1427 

Southend 217 

Stalker 179 

Stewart 1425 

Strathaven 1026 

Struthers 6c6 

Tantallan 830 

Tarbert 219 

Taymouth 1174 

Terringzean 239 

Threave 942 

Tibber's 522 

Tillycairn 116 

Tor 891 

Torthorwald 526 

Torwood 1364 

Toward 188 

Towie Barclay 169 

Trochry 1123 

Tulliallan 680 

Tullibardine 1101 

Tundergarth 527 

Turnberry 305 

Urquhart 901 

Vayne 797 

Waterfallside 845 

Wauchope 312 

Whitton 1320 

Wick 413 

Wreath 942 

Castle Yards of In- 
verurie 138 

Castlebay 848 

Castlecary 446 

Castlecary Station 446 

Castlehead 1233 

Castlebill (Caithness) ... 406 

Castlehill (Perth) 1170 

Castlemilk 980 

Castleton of Braemar ... 117 

Castletown (Caithness) 406 

Cathcart 1183 

Caticol 391 

Catnne 255 

Catstane 1046 

Catterline 914 

Cauldhame 1383 

Cauldron Linn 924 

Causeway — The 217 

Causewayend(Edinburgh) 335 

Causewayend 1386 

Causewayhead 1363 

Causewayhead Station.. 1339 

Cava Island 1070 

Cavers 1302 

Caverton 1303 

Caves: — ' 










Cormorants — The ... 



Eigg Island 



Fisher's Cove 







Herdsman Rock 




King's (I. of Arran).. 
King's (Fife) 







Loch Slappin 


Rob Roy's 

Saint Vigeans 








Ceres (or Cyrus) 


Chance Inn 


Chapel (Fife) 

Chapel (Lanark) 

Chapel of Gairoch 


Chapel Hill 

Chapel Knowe 

Chapel Rossan 




Chapelton (Forfar) 

Chapelton (Lanark) ... 
Chapelton (Renfrew) ... 

Chapelton — East 


Charing Cross 

Charleston (Forfar) ... 

Charleston (Ross) 

Charlestown (Aberdeen) 
Charlestown (Banff) ... 

Charlestown (Fife) 

Charlestown of Aboyne 

Charlie's Seat 

Chesters (Berwick) 

Chesters (Roxburgh) ... 


Chirnside Bridge 


City Hill 


Clachan (Hebrides) ... 
Claehan (Inverness) ... 


Clachan of Lismore 

Clachan Moor 

Clachan Seil 



Clackmannan Tower ... 








Clarkston (Lanark) 

Clarkston (Renfrew) ... 










Clerk's Holm 








Clocksbriggs Station ... 




Clova( Aberdeen) 

Clova (Forfar) 






■ S5i 
. 8 9S 

, 1361 


. 217 

, 166 

, 1408 







1 136 

































Chines 893 

Clunie 1110 

Cluny (Aberdeen) 116 

Clyde Iron Works 1014 

Clydebank 441 

Clynder 468 

Clyne 1405 

Coalburn 1010 

Coalsnaughton 431 

Coalton of Balgonie 662 

Coaltown 66: 

Coaltown of Wemyss ... 680 

Coatbridge 983 

Coatdyke 983 

Coathill 983 

Coats 983 

Cobbinshaw 536 

Cochna 459 

Cockburnspath 375 

Cockenzie 832 

Cocketty 906 

Cockpen 537 

Cogrieburn 508 

Cogs Mill 1302 

Coigach 1289 

Colaboll 141 1 

Colbost 896 

Coldingham 374 

Coldstream 375 

Coldstream Netherton.. 1016 

Coldwells 119 

Colrin Station 1426 

Colinsburgh 607 

Colinton 537 

Colintraive 197 

Coll— Isle of 187 

Collace n 

Collafirth 1340 

Collessie 607 

Collieston 166 

Collin 526 

Collington 537 

Colliston 713 

Colmonell 256 

Colonnade 217 

Colonsay — Isle of 187 

Colonsay Island — Little 

Colpy 120 

Coltfield 568 

Coltness 1021 

Colvaster 1351 

Colvend 937 

Colzium 1381 

Commondyke Station... 308 
Commonhead Station... 959 

Comrie im 

Conchra 205 

Concraigie mo 

Condorrat 446 

Conicavel 570 

Coniston 537 

Conland 126 

Connel 2x2 

Connel Ferry 212 

Conon Station 1296 

Conon Bridge 1296 

Conon Bridge Station... 1281 

Constable Hill 816 

Contin 1276 

Convinth 891 

Cookney 910 

Cooper Park 571 

Copinshay Island 1071 

Coppercleuch 1336 

Corbiehall 1041 

Cordiner 1010 

Corgarff 116 

Cornaig 187 & 220 

Cornhill (Banff) 353 

Corour Station 

Corpach 863 

Corpach (Inverness) ... 890 

Corran Ferry (Argyle) 180 

Corrichie Vale 150 

Corrie(Bute) 391 

Corrie (Dumfries) 508 

Corriemony 901 

CorrievreckanWhirlpool 201 

Corse 144 & 172 

Corseglas 940 

Corsehill 478 

Corsock 937 


Corstorphine 538 

Cortachy 714 

Corwar 256 

Costa 1065 

Cothal (Fintray) 126 

Coull 116 

Coulter Station 990 

Coulthart's Cairn 937 

Countesswells 152 

Coupar Angus 1112 

Courance 510 

Cousland 540 

Cove (Dumbarton) 468 

Cove (Kincardine) 917 

Covington 989 

Cowal 393 

Cowdenbeath 608 

Cowdenhill 1041 

Cowgill 1030 

Cowie 913 

Cowie (Stirling) 1357 

Cowiefield 1349 

Cowie's Lynn 1078 

Cowpits 548 

Coxton 587 

Coylton 257 

Cragganmore 347 

Craichie 796 

Craig (Dumfries) 503 

Craig ( Forfar) 714 

Craig David 909 

Craig Mark 262 

Craiganure 211 

Craigbinning 105 

Craigdam 168 

Craigellachie 333 

Craigend 1143 

Craigendoran 454 

Craigevar 2 

Craigewan 156 

Craighall— New & Old.. S4 8 

Craighouse 201 

Craigie (Aberdeenshire) 113 

Craigie (Ayr) 257 

Craigie (Linlithgow) ... 104s 

Craigie (Perth) mo 

Craigielands 511 

Craigievar 144 

Craiglieth Station 540 

Craiglockhart 537 

Craigmailen 1041 

Craigmillar 551 

Craigmore 397 

Craigmuie 933 

Craigmyle 142 

Craigneuk 1031 

Craigneuk Point 937 

Craignish 187 

Craignure 211 

Craigo 811 

Craigrothie 606 

Craigrownie 468 

Craigs— The 866 

Craigs — The 1286 

Craigston 848 

Craigton (Dumbarton) 461 
Craigton (Forfar)... 687 & 815 

Craigton (Ross) 1287 

Crail 609 

Crailing 1302 

Cramond 539 

Cramond Bridge 539 

Cramond Island 539 

Cranloch 587 

Cranshaws 376 

Cranston (or Cranstoun) 540 

Crarae 193 


Crathie (or Crathy) 117 


Crawfordjohn 989 

Crawick 523 

Crawick Bridge 523 

Crawick Hill 509 

Cray 1128 

Creagorry 856 

Cree Bridge 947 

Creetown 937 

Creetown Station 945 

Creich (Argyll) 211 

Creich (Fife) 610 

Creich (Sutherland) ... 1406 


Crianlarich 1131 

Crichope Linn 480 

Crichton 540 

Crieff 1114 

Crieff Junction 1101 

Criffel 932 

Crimond 118 

Crinan 206 

Crinan Pier 206 

Croaehy 864 

Crncketford 951 

Croftamie 459 

Croftbeg 863 

Crofthead (Linlithgow) 1053 
Crofthead (Renfrew) ... 1232 

Crofthead Station 1045 

Croftouterly 656 

Croftsey 863 

Croick 1286 

Cromar 134 

Cromarty 1277 

Crombie 680 

Cromdale 569 

Cromore 851 

Cromwell's Mount 861 

Cronberry 308 

Crook of Devon 924 

Crookedholm 284 

Crookston 548 

Cross (Ayr) 263 

Cross (Hebrides Isles)... 850 
Cross (Orkney Isles) ... 1064 

Cross Arthurlie 1180 

Crosshill (Ayr) 304 

Cross Roads (Ayr) 266 

Cross Roads (Banff) 346 

Cross Roads (Caithness) 406 

Cross Roads (Fife) 681 

CrossRoads(Haddingtn) 842 
CrossRoads(Kincardine) 912 

Crossbost 851 

Crossford (Dumfries) ... 506" 

Crossford (Fife) 617 

Crossford (Lanark) 1010 

Crossgates 617 

Crosshands 309 

Cross Hill, see Glasgow 

Crosshouse 301 

Crosslee 1221 

Crossmichael 938 

Crossmyloof, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Crossragnel 303 & 310 

Crossroads 912 

Croulin Island 1275 

Croulista 854 

Crovie 351 

Crown— The 869 

Croy (Dumbarton) 446 

Croy (Inverness) 863 

Croy Station 446 

Cruachan (or Brander 

Pass) 179 

Cruden 118 

Cruden Bay 119 

Crudie .*. 114 

Cruggleton Head 1427 

Cruhvig 854 

Cuan 202 

Cuilhill 1014 

Culbokie 1296 

Culburnie 892 

Culcabock 872 

Culdees I][ 39 

Culduthel 872 

Culgower 1411 

Cullen 341 

Cullerlie 124 

Cullicudden 1291 

Cullingsburgh 1340 

Cullipool 202 

Cullivoe 1351 

Culloden 872 

Culloden Moor Station. . 873 

Culnacnock 900 

Culrain 1286 

Culross 610 

Culroy 310 

Culsalmond 119 

Culshabbin I 4 2 3 

Culter (Aberdeen) 153 



Ciilter (Lanark) 990 

Culter Station 154 

Culter-Cullen 127 

Cults (Aberdeen) 153 

Cults (Fife) 611 

Culvie 332 

Cumbernauld 446 

Cumbernauld Station... 446 

Cumbrae Isles 394 

Cuminestown 151 

Cumledge 377 

Cumlodden 193 

Cummertrees 480 

Cummingston 568 

Cumnock — New 257 

Cumnock — Old 258 

Cuningbar 431 

Cunningham Head 

Station 266 

Cunningsburgh 1340 

Cupar 611 

Cupar Muir 611 

Currie 540 

Currie Hill Station 541 

Curriemuirend 548 

Cushnie 144 

Cuthill 843 

Cutler 1016 

Cyrus 606 

Dailly 261 

Dairsie 615 

Dal Morr 854 

Dalarossie 894 

Dalaraun 182 

Dalavich 203 

Dalbeattie 938 

Dalchriechart 901 

Dalcross Station 895 

Dale 1350 

Dalganahan 407 

Dalgarno 479 

Dalgetty 615 

Dalginross mi 

Dalguise 1123 

Dalhalvaig 1409 

Dalhousie Colliery 537 

Dalhousie Station 537 

Daliburgb 856 

Dalintober 182 

Daljarrock 256 

Dalkeith 541 

Dalkeith Park 541 

Dallas 569 

Dalleagles 258 

Dalmahoy 560 

Dalmally 194 

Dalmellington 261 

Dalmeny ro45 

Dalmore 426 

Dalmuir 441 

Dalmuir Hill 442 

Dalnaspidal 1102 

Dalqueich 927 

Dalreoch 448 

Dalruzion "34 

Dairy (Ayr) 262 

Dairy (or St. John's) 

(Kirkcudbright) 940 

Dalrymple 265 

Dalrymple Station 265 

Dalserf 990 

Dalsetter 1351 

Dalswinton 509 

Dallon — Little & Meikle 481 

Dahvhinnie 892 

Dalziel 990 

Dandaleith Station 586 

Danish Remains : — 

Burghead 567 

Colinton 537 

Islay 198 

Lismore 207 

Ormiston 842 

Ratho 560 

Danna Island 206 

Darnaway Forest 569 

Darnconner 308 

Darnick 1318 

Darnow 1419 

Darvel 265 


Dava 582 

Dava Station 570 

Davidson's Mains 545 

Davington 505 

Daviot (Aberdeen) 120 

Daviot (Inverness) 864 

Dead Water I 3 2 o 

Deadriggs 380 

Deans 1038 

Deanston 1132 

Deanstone 1117 

Deantown 548 

Dechmont 1050 

Dee 942 

Dee Side Station 112 

Deer — New 120 

Deer — Old 121 

Deerness , 1065 

Delhaig 537 

Delnies 1058 

Delny 1285 

Delting 1340 

Den Fineila 917 

Den of Ogil 797 

Denhead 605 

Denhead of Auchmacoy 145 

Denholm 1302 

Denino 624 

Dennis Head 1070 

Dennistoun,see Glasgow 


Denny 1364 

Denny Loanhead 1365 

Denovan — Little & 

Meikle 1366 

Denside 824 

Dervaig 211 

Deskford 342 

Deskford Tower 342 

Dess Station 142 

Devil's Glen 1227 

Devil's Mill 1140 

Devonside 431 

Dhuheartach Island ... 210 

Dhuloch Kirkcolm 1418 

Diabeg 1275 

Digg 900 

Dingwall 1278 

Dinnet 122 

Dinwoodie Station 478 

Dippin 391 

Dirleton 832 

Dirnanean J1 34 

Disblair 12b 

Divots Glen 1227 

Dochgarroch 872 

Doglsland 1169 

Doll 1405 

Dollar 428 

Dolphinton 991 

Donibristle Colliery 595 

Doonhill 833 

Dorback 861 

Dores 864 

Dornie 1287 

Dornoch (Sutherland)... 1406 
Dornoek (Dumfries) ... 4 

Doruis Mor 187 

Dougarie 392 

Douglas 991 

Douglas Hall 937 

Douglas Pier 209 

Douglas Water 991 

Douglastown 806 

Dounby 1064 & 1072 

Doune (Ayr) 272 

Doune (Perth) 1117 

Doune (Ross) 1286 

Dowally 1122 

Downfield £12 

Downreay 409 

Drainie 584 

Dreghorn 266 

Drem 829 

Drimdrissaig 203 

Drimlabarra 392 

Drimnin 210 

Dron 1118 

Drongan 314 

Drongan Station 257 

Dronley Station 701 

Dronochy 1126 


Dropping Cave 1277 

Drostan 121 

Droughdool 1422 

Druidical Remains : — 

Auchinblae 906 

Beith 252 

Bittie 121 

Cluny 116 

Comrie 1111 

Crossmichael 938 

Cuningbar 431 

Daviot 120 

Dornoek 481 

Dunbarney 1119 

Dyce 123 

Garvock 913 

Glassary 193 

Holywood 507 

Inverness 869 

Keig 140 

Keith 348 

Kilchattan 393 

Kilmiehael Glassary.. 193 

KirkmichaeL IJ 34 

Lamlash 391 

Leslie 145 

Lochrutton 947 

Luudin ... 655 

New Deer 120 

Old Deer 121 

Rockingstone 252 

Tillicoultry 431 

Tough 168 

Uig 854 

Wigtown 1433 

Druinshadder 849 

Drum Station 123 

Drumbeg 1405 

Drumblade 123 

Drumbowie 1387 

Drumbreck 1012 

Drumchapel 461 

Drumclog 963 

Drumelzier 1078 

Drumfearn 899 

Drumgeloch 958 

Drumglass 446 

Drumlemble 183 

Drumlithie 911 

Drummore 1420 

Drummuir Station 338 

Drumnadrochit 901 

Drumoak 123 

Drumossie Moor 869 

Drumour 1123 

Drumpellier 984 

Drumshoreland Station 1052 

Drumsleet 950 

Drumsmittal 1287 

Drumtochty 906 

Drumwindle 125 

Drunzie 1097 

Dry Island 1282 

Drvbridge (Ayr) 267 

Drybridge (Banff) 339 

Dry bridge Station 267 

Dryburgh 1323 

Dryfesdale 515 

Drymen 1365 

Drymen Station 459 

Drynoch 896 

Dubford 351 

Dubton Station 818 

Duddingston 545 

Dudhope Park 715 

Duff 163 

Dufftown 343 

Duffus 567 

Duffus — New 568 

Duirinish 896 

Duirinish (Ross) 1288 

Duisdale 899 

Duisky 180 

Dull '. 1118 

Dullatur 446 

Dulnain Bridge 582 

Dulsie 1056 

Dumbarton 447 

Dumbarton Rock 448 

Dumbuck 459 

Dumfries 481 

Dumfries House Station 259 

Dumgoyne 1381 

Dumgree 511 

Dun 714 

Dunalastair 1134 

Dunan 900 

Dunaskin 262 

Dunaverty Rock 217 

Dunbar . 833 

Dunbarney 1119 

Dunbeath 408 

Dunbennan 135 

Dunbeth 984 

Dunblane 1119 

Dunbog 616 

Duncansby 405 

Duncansby Head 405 

Duncanstone 145 

Duncanstown 1296 

Duncarloway 854 

Duneow 509 

Duncrievie io 97 

Duncrub Park 1124 

Dundee 715 

Dundonald (Ayr) 267 

Dnndonnell 1289 

Dundrennan 948 

Dunduff 618 

Dunecht 124 

Dunfermline 616 

Dunglass 459 

Dunino (or Denino) 624 

Dunipace 1366 

Duniquaich 195 

Dunkeld 1122 

Dunkeld — Little 1123 

Dunlichity 864 

Dunlop 267 

Dunlugas 334 

Dunmaglass 864 

Dunmore (Argyle) 207 

Dunmore 1356 

Dunnagoil Bay 393 

Dunnet 406 

Dunnet Bay 406 

Dunnet Head 406 

Dunnichen 796 

Dunnikier 637 

Dunning 1124 

Dunnottar 911 

Dunoon 188 

Dunphail Station 57° 

Dunragit 1422 

Dunreggan 506 

Dunrossness 1341 

Duns (or Dunse) 377 

Dun's Dish 715 

Dunscore 503 

Dunshalt 598 

Dunskeller 855 

Dunsyre 992 

Dunterlie 1180 

Duntocher 453 

Duntulm 897 

Dunure 310 

Dunvegan 896 

Dunyardill 864 

Dura Den 630 

Durhamtown 1038 

Durisdeer 504 

Durness ' 1408 

Durno 115 

Duror 193 

Durran 4o5 

Durris 912 

Duthil 865 

Dwarfie Stone io56 

Dyce 123 

Dyke & Moy 569 

Dykehead (Lanark) 1024 

Dykehead (Perth) 11 70 

Dysart 624 

Eaglesfield 517 

Eaglesham 1186 

Earlish 899 

Earlsferry 626 

Earlston 379 

Earnsheugh 374 

Earrait Island 210 

Earsdale — North 202 

Easdale Island 202 




Eassie&Nevay 796 

East Barns 834 

East Benhar 1052 

East Burra 1342 

East Calder 535 

East Chapelton 460 

East Ecclefeeban 505 

East Ferry 706 

East Fortune Station ... 

East Grange 680 

East Grange Station 610 & 680 

East Haven 823 

East Helmsdale 1410 

East Kilbride 1001 

East Kilpatrick 460 

East Linton 841 

East Ness 629 

East Newport 666 

East Ord 360 

East Penpont 522 

East Plean 1388 

East Salton 844 

East Strathy 1412 


East Werayss 680 

East Whitburn 1052 

East Yell 1351 

Eastbank 1022 

Easter Buckie 338 

Easter Anstruther 596 

Easter Duddingston ... 546 

Easter Fernie 663 

Easter Fowlis 812 

Easter Kilmuir 1285 

Easter Logie 1290 

Easterfield 347 

Easterhouse 1014 

Eastertown 570 

Easthouses 558 

Eastwood, see Glasgow 


Eastwood 1187 

Ebersaig 1288 

Ecclaw 374 

Ecclefechan 504 

Eccles 380 

Ecclesgreig 917 

Ecclesmachan I °45 

Echt 124 

Eckford 1302 

Eday Island 1074 

Edderton 1280 

Eddieston 154 

Eddleston (or Eddie- 
stone) 1078 

Eddlewood 995 

Eddraehillis 1408 

Edenham 1303 

Edgehead 540 

Edgerston 1303 

Edmbane 896 

Edinburgh, see Separate 

Edinkillie 570 

Edins Hall 372 

Edinville 333 

Edmonstone 558 

Ednam 1303 

Edrington Castle 387 

Edrom 380 

Edzell 796 

Eggerness 1427 

Egilshay Island 1071 

Eglinton Iron Works ... 302 

Eigg — Isle of 901 

Eilean Munde Island ... 181 

Elchies 583 

Elderslie (Ayr) 301 

Elderslie (Renfrew) 1188 

Elgin 570 

Elgoll 900 

Elhardholm Island 1072 

Elie 626 

Elie Station 626 

Ellemford 386 

Ellens Isle 1107 

Elliot Junction 687 

Ellon 124 

Ellon Station 125 

Elphin 1405 

Elphinstone 845 

Elphinstone Tower 845 


Elrig 1423 

Elsrickle 1030 

Elvanfoot 989 

Embo 1407 

Enhallow Island 1061 

Enochdhu JI 34 

Ensay — Isle of 849 

Enterkin Foot 504 

Enzie 344 

Eochar 856 


Eriskay — Isle of 

Erradale — North 1282 

Errogie 864 

Errol 1125 

Errol Village 1125 

Erskine it" 

Ervie 1418 

Esha Ness 1347 

Esk Bridge Station 559 

Esk Side Station 554 

Esk Valley 537 

Eskbank 542 

Eskdale 512 

Eskdalerauir 505 

Essie 163 

Esslemont 125 

Esvrapidh 850 

Ethie Haven 805 

Ettrick 132; 

Ettrick Bridge 1333 

Ettrick Bridge End 1333 

Ettrick Pen 1328 

Evanton 1285 

Evelaw Tower 388 

Evelix 1408 

Evertown 479 

Evie 1065 

Ewe Island 1 

Ewes 505 

Eye 851 

Eyemouth 38T 

Face— The 217 

Faifley 459 

Fair-a-far 540 

Fair Island 1341 

Fairey Island 1061 

Fairfield 430 

Fairlie 268 

Fairnington 1322 

Fala & Soutra ... 546 & 836 

Falkirk 1367 

Falkland 627 

Fallin 1388 

Falls of Acharn...ii30 & 1174 

Fallside 969 

Fanmore 211 

Fans Loanend 1323 

Fardlehill 301 

Farey Island 1074 

Farnell 797 

Farr (Inverness) 864 

Farr (Sutherland) 1408 

Farraline Park 872 

Fasag 1275 

Faslane 470 

Fasnacloich 179 

Fasnakyle 891 

Fasqne 912 

Fauldhouse 1045 & 1052 

Fearn (Ross) 1280 

Fearnan 1130 

Fender Bridge 1102 

Fenton 832 

Fenwick 269 

Feolin 201 

F'ergushill 269 

Ferintosh 1296 

Fern 797 

Ferniegair 994 

Ferrindonald 899 

Ferry— East & West ... 706 
Ferry- Port-on-Craig ... 678 

Ferryden 714 

Feshie Bridge 861 

Fethaland Point 1346 

Fetlar Island 1341 

Fetterangus 121 

Fettereairn 912 

Fetteresso 913 

Fetternear 115 & 141 

Feus of Cash 677 


Fidigary 851 

Fidra Island 832 

Fidra Roads 830 

Fife Keith 348 

Fife Ness 609 

Finary 21c 

Fincastle 1173 

F'indhorn 577 

Findhorn Bridge 894 

Findo Gask 1126 

F'indochty 345 

Finhaven 823 

Finlaggan Island 198 

Finnich 1366 

Finnick 269 

Finsbay 849 

Finstown 1065 

Fintray 126 

F'intry (Aberdeenshire) 170 

Fintry (Stirling) 1376 

Finzean 113 

Firth (Orkney Isles) ... 1065 
Firth (Shetland Isles)... 1340 

Fishcross 430 

Fisher's Cove 374 

F'isherie 114 

Fisherrow 553 

Fisherrow Links 553 

Fisherton 310 

Fitful Head 1341 

Five Mile House 810 

Fladda — Isle of 201 & 202 

Flat 1321 

Fleet Bay 940 

Fleetside 932 

Flemington 973 & 1016 

Flemington Station 1031 

Flisk 628 

Flodda — Isle of 897 

Flotay — -Isle of 1061 

Flotta Island I 075 

Flowerhill 959 

Fochabers 577 

Fochabers - on - Spsy 

Station 378 

Fodderty 1281 

Fogo 382 

Folda 804 

Fons Moffetensis 518 

Foodieash 615 

Forbes 109 & 169 

Forbeston 166 

Ford (Argyll) 203 

Ford (Edinburgh) 558 

Ford of Frew 1383 

Fordel 595 

Fordell 615 

Fordoun 906 

Fordyce 354 

Forest of Athole 1140 

Forest of Mar 117 

Forest Mill 428 

Forest Mill Station 633 

Forfar 797 

Forgan 628 

Forgandenny 1126 

l'orgebraehead 479 

Forglen 345 

Forgue 126 

Forneth 1110 

Forres 378 

Forsinard 1412 

Forss 410 

Fort Augustus 866 

Fort Charlotte 1342 

Fort Eglinton 275 

F'ort of Finhaven 687 

Fort George 862 

Fort George Station 862 

F'ort Matilda Station ... 1195 

Fort William 866 

F'orteviot 1126 

Forth 992 

Forth Bridge 1050 

F"ortingall 1127 

Fortrie 347 

Fortrose 128 1 

F'orvie 166 

Foss 1118 

1'ossoway 924 

Foula Island T 35° 

l'oulden 382 


Foulford 608 

Foulford Place & Road . 600 

Foulis Ferry 1285 

Fountainhall 362 

Fountainhall (Hadding- 
ton) 842 

Foveran 126 

Fowlis 812 

Fowlis Easter 812 

FWlis Station 1285 

Fowlis Wester 1127 

Foyers 863 

Fraserburgh 127 

Freeland 1182 

Freswick 405 

Freuchie 627 

Friars' Rocks '35° 

F'riarton Island 1142 

Frielhouse Island 210 

Friockheim 803 

Frotoft 1071 

Fuday — Isle of 848 

Fulchan 804 

Fullarton (Ayr) 276 

Fullarton (Lanark) 1014 

Furnace 193 & 195 

Fushie Bridge 535 

Fyvie 132 

Gailes 275 

Gair 311 

Gairloch 1282 

Gairlochy 891 

Gairsay Island 1065 

Galashiels x 3 2 9 

Gallatown 635 

Gallonhead 834 

Galloway — New 940 

Gallowhill 109 

Galson — South 830 

Galston 269 

Gamrie 351 

Ganavan 212 

Garallan 259 

Garbity 586 

Garden 934 

Gardenstown 345 

Garderhouse 1348 

Garelochhead 453 

Gargunnock 1376 

Garlieston I4 T 7 

Garlogie 165 

Garmond 151 

Garmouth 387 

Garnkirk 971 

Garnqueen 993 

Garpel Linn 511 & 518 

Garrabost 851 

Garrel 510 

Garrochhead 393 

Garscadden 460 

Gartark 983 

Gartcosh 971 

Gartly 133 

Gartmore 1128 

Gartmorn Dam 420 

Gartness 1363 

Gartocharn 438 

Gartsherrie 983 

Garturk 983 

Gartverrie 993 

Gartymore 1411 

Garvald 836 

Garve 1286 

Garvelloch — Isle of 201 

Garvock 913 

Garynamonie 856 

Gatehead 301 

Gatehouse 940 

Gatelaw Bridge 521 

Gateside (Ayrsh) 232 

Gateside (Fifesh) 677 

Gateside (Renfrew) 1232 

Gattonside 1318 

Gauldry 600 

Gauldswell 1095 

Gavell Station 1382 

Gavenburn 439 

Gavieside 536 

Gavinton 383 

Gaza 1293 

Geanies 1295 

Geddes 1058 




Gellyrurn 1123 

Gelston 942 

Georgemas Junction ... 407 

Georgetown 1127 

Gersa 412 

Giffen 252 

Giffnock 1187 

Gifford 846 

Giffordtown 607 

Gigha Island 193 

Gight 132 

Giglum Island 193 

Gilberttield 973 

Gillean Island 1288 

Gillespie 966 

Gillock 405 

Gilmans Cleucb 1333 

Gilmerton (Edinburgh) 546 

Gilmerton (Perth) 1127 

Gilmourton 964 

Gilnockie 479 

Gilnockie Station 479 

Gilnockie Tower 512 

Gilston (or Gelston) ... 942 
Girdleness Lighthouse 917 

Girlsta 1349 

Girnoc Craithie 117 

Girthon 941 

Girvan 271 

Glackbea 891 

Gladsmuir 836 

Glamis (or Glammis)... 803 
Glasgow, see Separate 




Glassaugh Station 

Glassel Station 




Glasterlaw Station 



Glen of Alva 

Glen Douglas 

Glen Erichty 

Glen Fincastle 


Glen of Luce 

Glen of Newmill 

Glen Ogilvie 

Glen Ogle 


Glen Sannox 


Glen Tilt 

Glen Urquhart 






Glenbarry Station 












Glencaple Quay 




Glencorse (or Glen 










Glendochart "31 

Glendoick 1125 & 1133 




1 102 



1 100 
r 9S 
















Glenduckie 628 

Glendye 921 

Gleneagles 1101 

Glenegedale 199 

Glenelg 868 

Glenetive 179 

Glenfarg i°97 

Glenferness 1056 

Glenfondland 123 

Glenfoot 1094 

Glenfruin 453 

Glengairn 134 

Glengall 232 

Glengarnock 279 

Glengarry (Inverness) 868 

Glengarry (Perth) 1102 

Glengirnaig 117 

Glenglass 1275 

Glengowan 1008 & 1012 

Glenholm 1078 

Gleninisdale 899 

Glenisla 804 

Glenkens 934 

Glenkindie 169 

Glenlean(orClachaig)... 188 

Glenlednock mi 

Glenlee 971 

Glenlivet 346 

Glenlochar 933 

Glenlochay 194 

Glenluce 1422 

Glenlyon 1127 

Glenmavis 1012 

Glenmore 898 

Glenmoriston 901 

Glenrnuick 134 

Glennesslin 503 

(jlenochil Station 430 

Glenorchy 194 

Glenpatrick 1188 

Glenprosen 714 

Glenrinnes 346 

Glenrossa 391 

Glenshee 1128 

Glensherrup 616 

Glenshiel 1283 

Glenside Station 310 

Glenskaich 1278 

Glentana 108 

Glentanner Forest 108 

Glentrium 894 

Glenwhilly Station 1421 

Glenzier 479 

Gogar 538 

Gollanfield Junction ... 895 

Golspie 1409 

Gometra Island 210 

Gonflrth 1340 & 1348 

Goodhope 508 

Gorbals, see Glasgow 


Gordon 382 

Gordon Memorial (or 

Barthol Chapel) 112 

Gordonbush 1405 

Gordonsto\vn( Aberdeen) in 
Gordonstown (Banff) ... 353 

Gorebridge 547 

Gorgie 537 

Gorgie, see Edinburgh 


Gortan 199 

Gorthleck 864 

Gott 1349 

Gourdon 909 

Gourock 1189 

Govan, see Glasgow 

Govanhill, see Glasgow 

Section » 

Grsemsay Island 1066 

Graham's Dyke... 461 & 1041 

Grahamston 1368 

Grahamston 1180 

Graitney (or Gretna) ... 506 

Grange (Banff) 346 

Grange (Fife) 595 

Grange (Peebles) 1081 

Grange — East 680 

Grange of Conan 689 

Grangeburn 361 


Grangepans 1041 

Grant's House 383 

Granton, see Edinburgh 

Grantown-on-Spey 581 

Grantully (or Grand- 

tully) 1129 

Gravesend 690 

Gravir 851 

Great Cumbrae Isle ... 394 

Great Face — The 217 

Greenbank 1230 

Greenburn 142 

Greenend 531 

Greenfield 420 

Greenfield 971 

Greengairs 1012 

Greenhill (Dumfries) ... 514 
Greenhill (Lanark) 984&1024 

Greenhill (Stirling) 1358 

Greenhill Junction 

Station 1358 

Greenhills 253 

Greenholm 313 

Greenknowe 475 

Greenknowe Tower 382 

Greenland 406 

Greenlaw (Berwick) ... 383 
Greenlaw (Kirkcud- 
bright) 938 

Greenloaning 1106 

Greenness 151 

Greenock 1191 

Greens 151 

Gretna 506 

Gretna Green 506 

Greystone 711 

Grime's Dyke 461 & 1041 

Grimisay , Isle of 855 

Grimness 1070 

Grimshader 851 

Gritley 1071 

Grogarry 856 

Grougar 285 

Gruinart 199 

Gruline 211 

Gruna Skerries Island 1346 

Gruting 1348 

Guard Bridge 657 

Guardbridge 670 

Guay Station 1122 

Gub-hill 480 

Guildtown 1171 


Gulberwick ." 1343 

Gullane 832 

Gutcher 1351 

Guthrie 804 

Habbies Howe 559 

Haddington 837 

Hadden 1324 

Haggs 1364 

Hairlawhagg 479 

Hairmyers Station 1001 

Halbeath 617 

Half Davoch 570 & 585 

Half-Morton 507 

Halfway 973 

Halidon Hill 353 

Halkirk 407 

Halkirk Roadside 407 

Hall Bar 977 

Halladale 1412 

Hallside 993 

Hallyburton 1112 

Ham 1350 

Hametown 1350 

Hamilfield 253 

Hamilton (Lanark) 993 

Hamilton (Renfrew) ... 1265 

Hamnavoe 1342 

Harburn 536 

Hardengreen Station ... 542 
Hardgate (Dumbarton) 459 
Hardgate(Kirkcudbright) 951 

Harleswynd 60^ 

Harlosh 896 

Haroldswick 1349 

Harpsdale 407 

Harray 1064 

Harrietfield "36 


1377 'Harris Island 849 


HartfellSpa 518 

Harthill 1024 

Hassendean Station 1320 

Hatton 119 

Hatton 126 

Hatton of Rattray 1170 

Haugh of Fortingall ... 1127 

Haugh of Urr 951 

Haven— East & West ... 823 

Hawick 1303 

Hawkhead Station 1237 

Hawkhill 232 

Hawksland 1010 

Hawthornden Station... S5° 

Haywood 1000 

Hazelbank 1010 

Heads of Ayr Station ... 310 

Heaste 900 

Heatherlie ^334 

Heck 514 

Hecla— Isle of 848 

Heisker — Isle of 855 

Heiton 1322 

Helensburgh 453 

Helipol 220 

Hellisay— Isle of 848 

Hellyar Holm Island ... 1072 

Helmsdale 1410 

Herdsman (The) 217 

Heviot S47 

Hermiston 541 

Hermitage (Perth) 1130 

Hermitage (Roxburgh) 1321 

Herra 1351 

Hesselhead 252 

Heston Island 932 

Hevera 1342 

Heylor 1347 

High Blantyre 967 

High Buckholmside 1329 

Highlandman Station... 1114 

Hightae 513 

Hildesay Island 1349 

Hill of Beath 617 

Hillend 629 

Hillfoot Station 461 

Hillhead (Ayr) 257 

Hillhead, see Glasgow 

Hills, see Mountains 


Hillside (Forfar) 817 

Hillside (Kincardine) ... 907 

Hillswick 1347 

Hilton ! Banff ) 336 

Hilton (Berwick) 388 

Hilton of Cadboll 1280 

Hirsel Law 375 

Hobkirk 1309 

Hoddam 504 

Holburn Head 409 

Holland Bush 1364 

Hollee 510 

Hollows 479 

Hollybush 265 

Holm 1066 

Holm of Noss 1340 

Holm of Papal 1342 

Holm-Damsay Island... 1065 

Holmau 898 

Holmhead 258 

Holton 430 

Holy Island 201 & 391 

Holydean 1301 

Holytown 1001 

Holywood 507 

Hope 1070 

Hopekirk 1309 

Hopeman 568 

Hoppertootie 511 

Horisdale Island 1282 

Horndean 384 

Horse Island 227 

Hougary 855 

Houndslow 388 

Houndwood 383 

House of the Hassock ... 521 

House Island 1336 

Housie Skerries Island 1346 
Houston (or Houstoun^ 1221 
Houston (Crosslee Stn) 1222 
Houstry 408 




Howe of Fife 606 

Howgate 559 

Howmore 856 

Hownam 1310 

Howpasley 1322 

How-wood 1229 

Hoy head 1066 

Hoy Island 1066 

Hoy Station 410 

Hughton 891 

Humbie 840 

Hume 384 

Huna 405 

Hunda Island 1070 

Hundland 1064 

Hunter's Quay 188 

Hunterlield 537 

Huntingtower 1174 

Huntly 135 

Hurlet 1228 

Hurlford 274 

Hutchesontown, see 
Glasgow Section 

Hutton (Berwick) 384 

Hutton (Dumfries) 508 

Hylipol 220 

Hynish 220 

Icclumb-Kill Island ... 197 

Icolmkill Island 197 

IUeray — Isle of 855 

Inch (Kincardine) 912 

Inch (Wigtown) 1417 

Inchbrayock — Isle of ... 71-) 

Inch Cape Rock 689 

Inch-Colm Island 595 

Inch Green Island 1191 

Inch Kenneth Island ... 210 

Inch Marnock Island ... 393 

Inchbare 824 

Inchbelly Wood 461 

Inchbury 586 

InchcaiDoch Islaud 1361 

Inches 991 

Inch fad Island 1361 

Inchgarvie Island 629 & 1050 

Inchgower 339 

Inchmnan 1222 

Inchkeith Island 634 

Inchmaholm Island 1169 

Inchmarlo 908 

Inchmarnock 112 

Inehmore 894 

Inchmurrin — Island of 458 

Inchruin Island 1361 

Inchture 1129 

InglisGreen 562 

Inishail 194 

Inishail Island 194 

Inkerman 1188 

Innellan 194 

Inner Leven 601 

Innerleithen 1078 

Innerleven 680 

Innerpeffray 1114 

Innerwick 840 

Innerwick-in-Glenlyon 1129 

Inns 629 

Insch 137 


Inver (Aberdeen) 117 

Inver (Perth) 1123 

Inver (Ross) 1294 

Inver-Skinnerton 1294 

Inverallan. 582 

Inverallochy 138 

Inveramsay Junction... 115 

Inveran 1406 

Inveraray 195 

Inverarity 804 

Inverasdale 1291 

Inveravon 347 

Inveraye 117 

Inverbervie 909 

Inverbrothock 689 

Inverchaolain 196 

Inveresk 548 

Inverfarigaig 863 

Invergarry 868 

Invergloy 891 

Invergordon 1283 

Invergowrie (Perth) ... 1129 

Inverie 868 


Inverinate 1287 

Inverkeilor 805 

Inverkeithing 629 

Inverkeithny 347 

Inverkip 1222 

Inverleithen 1078 

Invermai'k 811 

Invermoriston 901 

Invernahavon Moor 892 

Inverneil 207 

Inverness 869 

Invernettie 156 

Inverquarity Castle 807 

lnvershin 1406 

Inversnaid 1361 

Invertiel 636 

Inverugie 156 

Inverurie 138 

Invervar Side 1127 

Invery 676 

Iochdar 856 

Iona — Isle of 197 

Irongray 946 

Irongray Station 508 

Ironmaccanie 933 

Irvine 274 

Islands : — 

Ailsa Craig 261 & 271 

Arran 391 

Auskerry 1074 

Baleshare 855 

Balnuhua 201 

Balta 1349 

Barra 848 

Barray 1336 

Bass Rock 830 

Belnahua 202 

Benbecula 855 

Bernera, see Outer 

Hebrides 848 

Berneray 849 

Big Island 1336 

Bishop 1 

Boreray 855 

Bound Skerries 1346 

Bressay 1340 

Brurie Skerries 1346 

Burra 1070 

Burra — East & West 1342 

Burray 1064 

Burray Hunda 1070 

Bute 393 

Calvay 856 

Calve 210 

Canna 900 

Cara 193 

Carna 210 

Cava 1070 

Coll 187 

Colonsay 187 

Colonsay — Little 210 

Copinshay 1071 

Cramond 539 

Croulin I2 75 

Cumbrae 394 

Danna 206 

Davaar 182 

Dhuheartach 210 

Dog 1169 

Dry 1282 

Duirinish 179 

Earrait 210 

Easdale 202 

East Burra 1342 

Eday 1074 

Egilshay 1071 

Eigg 901 

Eilean Munde 181 

Elhardholm 1072 

Ellens Isle 1107 

Enchanted 851 

Enhallow 1061 

Ensay 849 

Eriska 179 

Eriskay 856 

Ewe 1282 

Fair 1341 

Faijey 1061 

Farey io 74 

Fetlar 1341 

Fidra 832 


Finlaggan 198 

Fladda 201 & 202 

Flodda 897 

Flotay 1061 

Flotta 1075 

Foula 1350 

Friarton 1142 

Frielhouse 210 

Fuday 848 

Gairsay 1065 

Garvelloch 201 

Gigha 193 

Giglum 193 

Gillean 1288 

Gometra 210 

Graemsay 1066 

Great Cumbrae 394 

Grimisay 85s 

Gruna Skerries 1346 

Harris 849 

Hecla 848 

Heisker 855 

Hellisay 848 

Hellyar Holm 1072 

Heston 932 

Hevera 1342 

Hildesay *349 

Holm-Damsay 1065 

Holm of Papal 1342 

Holy Island 201 & 391 

Horisdale 1282 

Horse 227 

House x 336 

Housie Skerries 1346 

Hoy 1066 

Hunda 1070 

Icclumb-Kill 197 

Icolmkill 197 

IUeray 855 

Inchbrayock 714 

Inch Cape Rock 689 

lnch-Colm 595 

Inch Green 1191 

Inch Kenneth 210 

Inch Marnock 393 

Inchcailloch 1361 

Inchfad 1361 

Inchgarvie 629 & 105 

Inchkeith 634 

Inchmaholme 1169 

Inchmurrin 458 

Inchruin 1361 

Inishail 194 

Innischonan 179 

Iona 197 

Islay 1 

Jura 201 

Kerrera 211 

Killigra}' 849 

Kirkibost 855 

Lambholm 1066 

Langa 1349 

Lewis 850 

Linga (Tingwall) 1349 

Linga (Walls) 1350 

Lismore 207 

Little Colonsay 210 

Little Cumbrae 394 

Loch Kinord in 

Loch Leven 925 

Long Island 848 

Luing 202 

Lunga 201 

Maccaskan 205 

Mainland (Orkney 

Isles) 1061 

Mainland (Shetland 

Isles) 1346 

Maree 1291 

Martin 1209 

May 663 

Mickle Roe J 333 

Mingulay 848 

Monach 855 

Mousa 1341 

Muck 901 

Muckle Roe 134° 

Muckle Flugga 1349 

Mull 210 

Musdale 207 

Neave 198 

North Ronaldshay ... 1070 


North Uist 855 

Noss 1340 

Nun's Island 201 

Oldney 1403 

Oransay 198 

Orkneys 1061 

Ornsay 899 

Oronsay (Argyll) 187 & 210 

Out Skerries 1346 

Oxna 1349 

Pabbay(Hebrides)848 & 849 
Pabbay (Isle of Skye) 900 

Papa 1342 

Papa Stour 1350 

Papa Stronsay 1074 

Papa Westray 1075 

Pentland Skerries ... 1070 

Pharay 1075 

Pharey 1074 

Pladda 391 

Pladdu 391 

Pomona 1061 

Priest 1289 

Raasay (Inverness)... 897 

Raasay (Orkney) 1061 

Ree 205 

Roan 1412 

Rona 897 

Ronaldshay — North 

& South 1070 

Ronay 855 

Ross 934 

Rossie 714 

Rough 851 

Rousay 1071 

Rum 901 

St. Helena 1422 

Saint Kilda 849 

Saint Ninian's 1340 

Samphray 1336 

Sanda 217 

Sanday 1064 

Sanderay 848 

Sandy 901 

Scalpay (Hebrides) ... 849 
Scalpay (1. of Skye).. 900 

Scarba 201 

Scares (The) 1426 

Scarp 849 

Scotasay 849 

Seil 202 

Shapinsay 1072 

Sheep 207 

Shetland x 34<> 

Shiant 851 

Shuna 179, 202 & 207 

Skerries 1346 

Skerviule 201 

Skye 895 

Soay (Hebrides) 849 

Soay (Isle of Skye) ... 896 
South Ronaldshay ... 1070 

South Uist '. 855 

Staffa 217 

Stroma 405 

Stronsay 1074 

Summer 1289 

Swaney 1061 

Swona 1070 

Tala 1169 

Tanera 1289 

Tarrensay 849 

Texa 198 

Tiree 220 

Torsay 202 

Trondra 1349 

Tulla 1169 &1362 

Tyree 220 

Uist— North 855 

Uist — South 855 

Ulva 206 

Ulva 221 

Unst 1349 

Uyea 1349 

Vaila 1350 

Vallay 855 

Vatersay 848 

Veira 1071 

Vow 1361 

Waas 1061 

Walls 1074 

Weir 1071 




West Burra 1342 

Westray 1075 

Whalsay 1346 

Whithorn 1432 

Wiay (Isle of Skye)... 856 

Wiay(OuterHebrides) 856 

Yell 1351 

Islay 198 

Islivig 854 

Itlaw 334 

Jackton 1001 

James Town (Fife) 629 

Jamestown( Dumbarton) 458 

Jamestown (Ross) 1277 

Janetstown 410 

Jeantown 1289 

Jedburgh 1310 

Jedfoot Bridge Station 1301 

& 1311 

Jemimaville 1291 

Jennyswells 689 

Jock's Lodge, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

John 0' Groat's House... 405 

Johnshaven 914 

Johnstone (Dumfries)... 508 

Johnstone (Renfrew) ... 1223 

Johnstone Bridge 508 

Johnstone Park 482 

Joppa(Ayr) 257 

Joppa, see Edinburgh 


Jordanstone Station ... 1095 

Juniper Green 548 

Jura — Isleof 201 

Justinhaugh Station 823 & 824 

Kaimend 981 

Karnes 203 

Kamesburgh 393 

Kay Park 283 

Kearn no 

Keig 140 

Keills 206 

Keils 199 

Keir 509 

Keir Mill 509 

Keiss 407 

Keith 348 

Keith Hall 140 

Keith — Upper 840 

Keith Inch (Peterhead) 155 

Kelk Place 301 

Kellas 569 

Kells 942 

Kelso I3 X 3 

Keltney Burn 1127 

Kelton (Dumfries) 478 

Kelton (Kirkcudbright) 942 

KeltonHill orlihonehouse 942 

Kelty 600 

Kelty Bridge 924 

Kemback 630 

Kemnay 140 

Kemp's Score 429 

Kenlochlaich 179 

Ktnmore 1130 

Kenmuir 1014 

Kennet 428 

Kennethmont 141 

Kennishead, see Glasgow 

Kennoway - 630 

Kensaleyre 899 

Keose 851 

Kepplehills 152 

Kerrcleuch r 336 

Kerrera — Isleof 211 

Kerrycroy 393 

Kerse (Ayrsh.) 265 

Kerse (Stirling) 1377 

Kershader 851 

Kersland Barony.... 263 

Kessock — North &South 1287 

Kettins 805 

Kettle 631 

Kettlebridge 631 

Kettleholm 523 

Kettletoft 1064 

Kidston Park 454 

Kiel 210 

Kiels 201 


Kilarrow 1 

Kilbagie 428 

Kilbagie Station 42T 

Kilbar 848 

Kilbarchan 1225 

Kilberry 207 

Kilbirnie 279 

Kilbowie 442 

Kilbrandon 202 

Kilbride (Argyll) ...203 & 212 

Kilbride (Bute) 391 

Kilbride (Hebrides) 856 

Kilbride (Inverness) ... 900 
Kilbride — East(Lanark) 1001 
Kilbride — West (Ayr) 281 

Kilbucho 1078 

Kilburney 279 

Kilcalmonell 203 

Kilchattan (Argyll) 187 & 202 

Kilchattan (Bute) 393 

Kilchattan Bay 393 

Kilchenich 220 

Kilchieran n 

Kilchoman 1 

Kilchoan 180 

Kilchrenan 203 

Kilchrist 900 

Kilconquhar 631 

Kilcreggan 468 

Kildalton ] 

Kildary 1290 

Kildary Station. ..1283 & 1290 

Kildavanan 393 

Kildonan (Bute) 391 

Kildonan (Sutherland ) 1410 

Kildrummy 141 

Kileverigh 856 

Kiliinan 203 

Kilfinichen 210 

Kilgrammie 261 

Kilkenzie 204 

Kilkerndale 201 

Kilkerran 183 

Kilkerran Station 305 

Killean 204 

Killearn 1380 

Killearnan 1284 

Killelan 1221 

Killen 1276 

Kilhechonan 1127 

Killiecrankie 1140 

Killigray — Isle of 849 

Killilan 1287 

Killimster 413 

Killin 1130 

Killin Junction 1131 

Killintringan 1425 

Killochan 261 

Killochan Station ...252 & 261 

Killochyett 562 

Kills 198 

Killywhan Station 932 & 945 

Kilmadock 1132 

Kilmalcolm 1226 

Kilmalie (Inverness) ... 890 

Kilmaluig 897 

Kilmany 632 

Kilmarnock 283 

Kilmaronock 458 

Kilmartin(Argyllsh.)... 205 
Kilmartin (Inverness)... 901 

Kilmaurs 301 

Kilmavonaig 1102 

Kilmelford 206 

Kilmeny 198 

Kilinichael 184 

Kilmichael Glassary ... 193 

Kilmodan 205 

Kilmoleny 890 

Kilmonivaig £90 

Kilmorack 8yi 

Kilmore 212 

Kilmorich 209 

Kilmory (Bute) 391 

Kilmary (Inverness) ... 890 

Kilmuir (Hebrides) 855 

Kihnuir (Inverness) ... 897 

Kilmuir (Ross) 128, 

Kilmuir Easter 1285 

Kilmuir Wester 1287 

Kilmun 188 

Kilnaughton 198 


Kilnave 199 

Kilncadzow 977 

Kilninian 210 

Kilninver 206 

Kilpatrick (Bute) 393 

Kilpatrick(01d or West) 459 

Kilpatrick — New or East 460 

Kilrenny 632 

Kilry 806 

Kilspindie 1132 

Kilsyth 1381 

Kilsyth — Old & New 

Stations 1382 

Kiltarlity 891 

Kiltearn 1285 

Kiltyrie 1130 

Kilvickuen 210 

Kilwinning 302 

Kinaldie Station ...126 & 143 

Kinbrace Station 1410 

Kinbuek 1120 

Kincaldrum 804 

Kincaple 676 

Kincardine (Fife) 633 

Kincardine (Inverness) 861 

Kincardine-in-Menteith 1132 

Kincardine (Ross) 1286 

Kincardine-on-Forth ... 633 

Kincardine-O'Neil 141 

Kinclaven 1133 

Kincraig 310 

Kincraig Station 86i 

Kindallachan 1122 

Kinellar 142 

Kinfauns 1133 

King Edward 143 

King's Causeway 1293 

King's Cross 391 

King's Knoll 1392 

Kings' Sons I2 77 

Kingairloch 180 

Kingarth 393 

Kingennie Station 814 

Kinghorn 633 

Kinglassie 635 

Kingoldrum 806 

Kingsbarns 635 

Kingscavil 1046 

Kingseat 617 

Kingsford 323 

Kingshouse Station 1100 

Kingside 846 

Kingskettle 631 

Kingslands 1136 

Kingsmuir Station : 799 

Kingston, see Glasgow 


Kingston (Elgin) 587 

Kingston (Haddington) 832 

Kings wells 152 

Kingussie 892 

Kininmonth 143 

Kininvie 343 

Kinkell (Keith Hall) 140 

Kinkell Bridge 1174 

Kinloch (Argyll) 210 

Kinloch (Perth) 1135 

Kinloch Laggan 894 

Kinloch Rannoch 1133 

Kinlochard 1093 

Kinlochbervie 1408 

Kinlochewe 1282 

Kinlochiel 863 

Kinlochluichart 1286 

Kinlochspelvie 211 

Kinloss 577 

Kinmuck 140 

Kinmund) 146 

Kinnaird (Perth) 1134 

Kinnaird (Stirling) 1377 

Kinnaird Head 127 

Kinnavara 220 

Kinneff 914 

Kinneil 1041 

Kinnell 806 

Kinnesswood 927 

Kinnettles 806 

Kinning Park, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Kinnoir 135 

Kinnord 112 

Kinnoull 1134 










Kippen Station 







Kirk Brae 

Kirk Haven 

Kirk Liberton 

Kirk Port 


Kirkandrews Burn 



Kirkbuddo Station 







Kirkfield Bank 

Kirkforthar Feus 


Kirkhill (Berwick) 

Kirkhill (Edinburgh) ... 
Kirkhill (Inverness) ... 
Kirkhill (Kincardine) ... 
Kirkhill Coats (Lanark) 


Kirkibost — Isle of 




Kirkland (Fife) 658 , 

Kirkland (Dumfries) ... 





Kirkmichael (Ayr) 

Kirkmichael (Banff) ... 
Kirkmichael (Dumfries) 
Kirkmichael (Perth) ... 




Kirkpatrick-Durham ... 
Kirkpatrick-Fleming ... 
Kirkpatrick-Irongray ... 


Kirkton (Dumfries) 

Kirkton (Fife) 

Kirkton (Inverness) ... 
Kirkton (or Kirktown) 


Kirkton of Largo 

Kirktown (Peterhead)... 

Kirktown (Banff) 

Kirktown (Fife; 








Knapdale — North & Sth 



Knock (Hebrides) 

Knock (Renfrew) 

Knock (Wigtown) 




Knockando — Upper 

Knockbain (Inverness) 

Knockbain (Ross) 

Knockbain — Upper 





J 43 































1 291 























Knockehoilum 863 

Knockiandui 851 

Knocklea 166 

Knocknaha 183 

Knockrome 201 

Knoweside Station 310 

Knoxland 448 

Knoydart 868 

Kuittle 843 

Kyle 1288 

Kyle Akin 900 

Kyle Skeu 1408 

Kyle Stockinish 849 

Kyleakin (Inverness) ... 900 

Kyleakin (Ross) 1288 

Kylerhea 899 

Kyles Flodda 85 s 

Kyleshill 317 

Kyles Morar 868 

KylesMore 868 

Kyles of Bute 393 

Kyles Scalpay 849 

Ladies' Rock 1391 

Lady (Orkney Isles) ... 1069 

Lady Loan 689 

Lady's Leap 1364 

Ladybank 654 

Ladykirk 384 

Ladyland 280 

Ladvsbridge Station ... 357 

Ladywell *357 

Lag Point 1417 

Lagavulin 198 

Lagg (Argyll) 201 

Lagg (I. of Arran) 391 

Laggan (Argyllsh) 211 

Laggan (Inverness) 894 

Laide 1291 

Laigh Finniek 269 

Laird 0' Cockpen 537 

Lairg 1411 

Lakehead 480 

Lamancha 1081 

Lamancha Station 108 1 

Lamberton Toll 387 

Lambholm Island 1066 

Lamington 1030 

Lamlasb 391 

Lamlash Bay 391 

Lampitlaw x 3 2 4 

Lanark 1003 

Lanark — New 1003 

Lanark Moor 1003 

Landsborough 317 

Land's End 906 

Lanergill 412 

Langa Island 1349 

Langbank(orLadyBank) 1228 

Langhaughwalls 1310 

Langholm 511 

Langholm Tower 512 

Langloan 983 

Langshaw 1318 

Langside Station 1183 

Langton 385 

Langtongate 377 

Lanton 1311 

Larachan 1406 

Larbert (or Larbet) 1384 

Larbrax 1421 

Largie 137 

Largo — Upper & Lower 654 

Largoward 656 

Largs 305 

Largue 126 

Larkhall 1007 

Lassodie 600 

Lasswade 549 

Latheron 408 

Latheronwheel 408 

Lathones 605 

Lauder 385 

Laurencekirk 915 

Laurieknowe(Dumfries) 484 
Laurieknowe (Kirkcud- 
bright 950 

Laurieston (Kirkcud- 
bright) 933 

Laurieston (Stirling) ... 1368 
Launston, sec Glasgow 

Lauriston 917 


Lauriston Station. ..914 & 917 

Law 1009 

Lawers 1130 

Lawston 1321 

Laxay 851 

Laxdale 851 

Laxtirth 1346 

Leachkin 872 

Leadburn 1081 

Leadburti Station 1081 

Leadhills 1009 

Leavenseat 536 

Lecropt 1135 

Ledaig 179 

Lednagullin 1412 

Legerwood 386 

Leith, see Edinburgh 


Leitholm 380 

Lemreway 851 

Lendalfoot 256 

Lennie 540 

Lennsxtown 1385 

Lentran 893 

Leny Pass 11C7 

Lcnzie 464 

Leochel-Cushnie 144 

Lera-ness 1342 

Lera-voe x 34 2 

Lerwick 1342 

Leslie (Aberdeen) 145 

Leslie (Fife) 656 

Lesmahagow 1009 

Lesmoir 163 

Lessudden 1323 

Leswalt 1421 

Letham (Fife) 663 

Letham (Forfar) 809 

Lethan Hill 262 

Lethen 1056 

Lethendy JI 35 

Lethenty Station 138 

Lethnot & Navar 809 

Letterfearn 1283 

Lettermore 182 

Leuchars 657 

Leven .. 658 

Leven — Inner' 601 

Levengrove Park 448 

Levenhall 553 

Levenside 467 

Levenwick 1341 

Levern 1228 

Lewis — Isle of 850 

Lewiston 901 

Leys (The) 869 

Leysmill 810 

Lhanbryde 587 

Liberton 1012 

Liberton — Upper or 

Over, Kirk & Nether 551 

Liberton Dams 551 

Liberty 626 

Lickleyhead Castle 162 

Liddlesdale 1320 

Lieurery 407 

Lift 810 

Lightburn 1022 

Lilliard's Edge 1317 

Lilliesleaf 1316 

Limekilns 660 

Limerigg 1390 

Lindean ^S 

Lindores 595 

Linga Island (Tingwall) 1349 
Linga Island (Walls) ... 1350 

Linhead 334 

Links Park 634 

Linkwood 387 

Linlithgow 1046 

Linlithgow Bridge 1050 

Lintmill 341 

Linton (Orkney) 1072 

Linton (Roxburgh) 1316 

Linton — East 841 

Linton — West 1080 

Lintrathen 810 

Linwood 1229 

Lionel. ., 850 

Lismore 179 

Lismore Island 207 

Litel Kingorne 603 


Little Brechin 702 

Little Colonsay Island... 210 

Little Cumbrae Isle 394 

Little Dalton 481 

Little Denovan 1366 

Little Dunkeld 1123 

Little Mill 1056 

Littledean 1317 

Littlemill 459 

Livingstone 1050 

Livister 1346 

Loanhead (Avr) 283 

Loanhead(Edinburghsh) 552 

Loaning Foot 943 

Loans 326 

Lochs {Principal) : — 

Achilty 1293 

Achray 1107 

Alsh 1287 

Alvie 861 

an Dorb 570 

Anchall 1289 

Andail 198 

An Ruathair 1410 

Ard io 93 

Avkaig 857 

Arket 1361 

Assynt 1405 

Auchenreoch 946 

Awe 207 

Baldowie 1356 

Barton 1381 

Bay 896 

Beauly 862 

Henachlly 1110 

Bishop's loch 148 

Black loch 1230, 1390 

& 1417 

Breachacha 187 

Broom (Perth) 1140 

Broom (Ross) 1289 

Brora 1405 

Brotachan 117 

Buie 210 

Callater 117 

Cama 1405 

Camilla-loch 599 

Carlinwark 942 

Carloway 854 

Carron 1288 

Castle loch 514 & 1423 

Castle Semple 1229 

Choire 1408 

Chon 1093 

Clunie 1110 

Coalisport 206 

Coldingham 374 

Corrylair 1289 

Coruisk 895 

Coulin 1289 

Crinan 205 

Damph 1275 

Dherne 1412 

Dochart 1087 

Doine 1100 

Doon 261 

Doule 1288 

Duddingston 546 

Duich 1283 

Dunvegan 895 

Earn noo&iiii 

Eck 188 

Eil 863 

Eishart 895 

Enard 1271 

Ericht 1103 

Emboli 1408 

Etive 179 

Ewe 1291 

Eye 1280 

Eynort 896 

Fad 390 

Feochan 212 

Flngask 1135 

Finlaggan 198 

Finlas 231 

F'itty 600 

Follart 896 

Frisa 210 

Fyne 181 & 188 

Gair 1271 

Garbetbeg 1403 

Gare 453 

Garry 1102 

Gartmore 418 

GartmornDam 420 

Gelly 598 

Ghruinnard 198 

Gilp 208 

Glass 1283 

Glencoul 1408 

Glendhu 1408 

Goil 209 

Gorm 198 

Griam 1411 

Grienord 1271 

Harport 896 

Helen's 406 

Hempriggs 414 

Holy 188 

Hope loch 1408 

Hourn 868 

Humphrey 447 

Indaal 198 

Inver 1405 

Iorsa 389 

Katrine 1107 

Keeshorn 1271 

Ken 942 

Kilbirme 279 

Kilconquhar loch 631 

Kinder 932 

Kinord hi 

Kishorn 1289 

Knockbreag 201 

Laggan 894 

Lanark 1003 

Laoghal 1412 

Lary 1289 

Laxford 1408 

Leum a' Chlamhain... 1410 

Leven 925 

Libo 1232 

Lindores 595 

Linlithgow 1046 

Linnhe 179 

Little Broom 1289 

Lochabber 932 

Loch-an-ellan 865 

Lochboisdale 856 

Lochdoul 1289 

Lochend 932 

Lochfoot 947 

Lochinvar 940 

Lochmaben (Castle 

loch) 514 

Loch-na-Craig 1092 

Lochy 890 

Lomond 1361 

Long (Argyllshire) ... 188 
Long (Dumbarton- 
shire) 438 

Long (Renfrewshire) 1232 

Long (Ross) 1288 

Lowes 1328 

Loyal I 4°3 

Lubnaig noo 

Luirbost 851 

Lurgan 1289 

Lydoch 1127 

Maddy 855 

Maree 1291 

Marlee IJ 35 

Marlee 1110 

Mary's lake 221 

Meadie 1412 

Melford 206 

Menteith 1169 

Merkland 1411 

Mill loch 514 

Mochrum 1423 

Moidart 180 

Monzievaird 1139 

More 1408 

Morlich 861 

Moy 894 

Nan Con 1289 

Nan Cuinne 1410 

Na-Keal 210 

Naver 1408 

Ness 863 

Nevis 868 

Ochiltree 1425 




Oich 863 

Otterston 615 

Primside 1325 

Queenside 1176 

Rae 1135 

Rannocli 1127 

Hescobie 824 

Resort 854 

Riddon 197 

Riden 205 

Roag 854 

Ronald 1 4 l 9 

Ryan 251 

Ryan (Wigtown) 1428 

St. John's 406 

St. Mary's 1336 

Sandy 1342 

Scavaig 896 

Scavan 1288 

Seresort 901 

Scridain 210 

Shiel 174 

Shin 1411 

Shurrery 409 

Skene 165 

Skene 518 

Skerrols 198 

Skinaskink 1289 

Slappin 895 

Sloy 438 

Snizort 895 

Spalvie 210 

Spey 894 

Spynie 564 

Stack 1408 

Stamn 900 

Strathbeg irS 

Sunart 1S0 

Swen 206 

Tarbert (Jura) 201 

Tanna 389 

Tay 1103&1130 

Torridon 1275 

Treig 857 

Tua 210 

Tuadh 221 

Tummel 1102 

Tummel 1168 

Urgiall 1405 

Urr 506 

Ussie 1281 

Vennacher 1107 

Vevatie 1403 

Voil 1 100 

Watten 412 

Westwater 1076 

White 1417 

Winnoch 1229 

West Tarbert 203 

Yarrow 412 

Yetholm 1325 

Loch Aline 210 

Loch Awe 207 

Loch Croistean 854 

Loch Eport 855 

Loch Laggan 894 

Loch Leven Station 925 

Loch Maree 1282 

Loch Mill 1047 

Loch Stornoway 851 

Loch Tay Station 1131 

Lochalsh ._.. 1288 

Lochanhead Station 947 

Lochans J 4 J 7 

Locharbnggs 483 

Locharbriggs Station ... 485 

Lochbay 896 

Lochboisdale 856 

Lochbroom 1289 

Locbcarron 1289 

Lochdonhead 211 

Lochearnhead 1100 

Lochee 718 

Lochee Park 718 

Lochenbreck Well 933 

Lochend 1347 

Lochfauld 972 

Lochfoot 947 

Lochgair 193 

Lochgelly 661 

Lochgilphead 208 


Lochgoilhead 209 

Lochhills 58^ 

Loch-house Tower 511 

Lochinver M°5 

Lochlee 811 

Lochluichart 1286 

Lochmaben 513 

Lochmaddy 855 

Lochnagar 117 

Lochnell 179 

Lochore 598 & 600 

Lochranza 391 

Lochrutton 947 

Lochs 851 

Lochside I 39° 

Lochside Station 1229 

Lochwinnoch 1229 

Lochwood Tower 508 

Lockerbie 515 

Logan's Well 1230 

Logie (Elgin) 570 

Logie (Fife) 661 

Logie (Stirling) 1386 

Logie Buchan 145 

Logie-Goldstone 145 

Logie-Durno 115 

Logie-Easter 1290 

Logie-Pert 811 

Logie Wester 1296 

Logie Woods 570 

Logiealmond "35 

Logierait 1136 

Logierieve Station 172 

Long Craigs 447 

Long Island 848 

Longcastle 1419 

Longcroft 1364 

Longdyke 1377 

Longfcirgan 1137 

Longformacus 386 

Longhaven(orColdwells) 119 

Longhill 135 

Longhope 1075 

Longmanhill 351 

Longnewton 1301 

Longniddry 837 

Longridge 1052 

Longrigg 1012 

Longriggend 1012 

Longside 146 

Longstone 537 

Longyester 846 

Lonmay 147 

Lorn 206 

Lossiemouth 584 

Loth 1411 

Loubcroy 1286 

Loudon 1425 

Loudoun 308 

Louisburgh 412 

Lover's Pool 598 

LowBlantyre 967 

LowTorry 680 

Low Waters 994 

Lower Bathgate Station 1038 

Lower Cabrach 341 

Lower Largo 654 

Lower Strathearn 1171 

Lower Uphall 1052 

Luce — New 1421 

Luce — Old 1422 

Lucklawhill 657 

Lude 1102 

Lugar 308 

Lugton 252 & 268 

Lugton Station 268 

Luib Station 1131 

Luing Island 202 

Luirbost 851 

Lumphanan 147 

Lumphinans P 600 

Lumsden no 

Lunan 811 

Lunan Bay 811 

Lunanhead 799 

Luncarty 1171 

Lundie 812 

Limdin 654 

Lundin Links 655 

Lundin Mill 655 

Lunga — Isle of 201 

Lunna 134b 


Lunnasting 1346 

Luss 466 

Luthermuir 916 

Luthrie 610 

Lybstef 408 

Lyne (Aberdeen) 165 

Lyne (Peebles) 1080 

Lynwilg 861 

Lyth 4°5 

McArthur's Head 198 

Macbie Hill Station 1080 

Maccaskin Island 205 

Macduff 351 

Machar — New 148 

Machar — Old n 

Machany 1101 

Machrihanish 183 

Macmerry 837 

Madderty "37 

Maddiston 1386 

Maddy Beg 855 

Maddy Gruamuch 85s 

Maddy Mohr 855 

Magdalen Green 717 

Maggieknockater 338 

Maiden Stone — The 115 

Maidens 305 

Mainlandlsland( Orkney) 1061 
Mainland Island (Shet- 
land) 1346 

Mains & Strathmartine 812 

Mainsriddle 948 

Makerstoun 1316 

Mallaig 876 

Malleny Mills 541 

Mallins 1381 

Malzie 1419 

Manish 849 

Manish Harris 849 

Manor 1081 

Manpton— West 984 

Manuels Station 1387 

Mar — Forest of 117 

Marchmont 387 

Marchmont Station 387 

Maree Island 1291 

Markinch 661 

Marnoch 332 

Marrel 1410 

Mar's Work 1392 

Martin Isle 1289 

Mary Kirk (Stirling) ... 1392 

Marybank 1297 

Maryburgh (Kinross)... 924 

Maryburgh (Ross) 1281 

Maryculter 916 

Maryhill, see Glasgow 

Marykirk (Kincardine) 916 

Marypark 347 

Maryston — West 1014 

Marytown 813 

Marywell 689 

Mattocks 814 

Mauchline 309 

Maud 148 

Ma wcarse Station 927 

Maxton 1317 

Maxwelltown 483 

Maxwelton 1001 

May — Isle of 663 

Maybole 310 

Maybole — West 310 

Meadow Mill 843 & 845 

Mealabost 850 

Mealastadh 854 

Mearns 1230 

Megdale 528 

Megget 1336 

Meigle 1138 

Meikle Dalton 481 

Meikle Denovan 1366 

Meikle Earnock Station 995 

Meikle Ferry 412 

Meikle Trochry H23 

Meikle Wartle 162 

Meiklefolla 132 

Meikleour 1138 

Melan-Udrigle 1291 

Meldrum — Old 149 

Melness 1412 

Melrose 1317 








Meanock Bridge 











Mickle Roe 

Mid Calder 

Mid Walls 

Mid Yell 


Middle Ord 









Miles Mark 

Mill— Little 




Millburn (Dumbarton) 
Millburn (Sutherland) 




Millhouse Bridge 


Milliken Park 





Milltimber Station 124 J 


Milltown of Monreith ... 





Milton (Dumbarton) ... 

Milton (Forfar) 

Milton (Inverness) 

Milton (Perth) 

Milton (Stirling) 

Milton of Balgonie 

Milton Brae 

Milton Bridge 

Milton of Campsie 




Mingulay — Isle of 




Minllaw Station 



Moat Park 

Moat of Urr 


Moffat (Dumfries) 

Moffat (Lanark) 

Moffat Well 



Monach — Isle of 

Moncrieff .. 

Moness Falls 1092 & 





Monikie -. 























J 35i 
























'■ 154 





















1 174 







Monkland — New 

Monkland— Old 







Montrose — Old 












Morison Haven 

Mormond Station 

Morningside, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Morningside (Lanark)... 





Moss Green 

Moss Paul 




Mossend (Edinburgh)... 



Mosstowie Station 



Mound (The) 

Mount Florida,see Glas- 
gow Section 

Mount Kedar 

Mount Melville Station 

Mount Pleasant 

Mount Pleasant 

Mount Vernon 

Mountains, Hills $c. 
(Principal) : — 

Abbey Craig 


Airth hill 


Alyth hills 


Andrewhinney hill ... 


Arthur's Seat, see 
Edinburgh Section 

Auchopecairn .'. 

Balcarres Craig 

Balgay hill 

Balgillo— Hill of 

Ballageich hill 


Barry hills 

Beina a' Chaolais 

Beinichorn hill 

Beinn a' Chlachain ... 

Beinn anOir 

Bellis craig 


Ben Aan 


Ben Achallader 

Ben a Choin 


Ben Alder 

Ben Alligin 

Ben Alton 

Ben Arther 

Ben Athor 

Ben Avon 

Ben Barvas 

Ben Bhan 

Ben Bharrain 


















1 140 
























1 107 


1 127 


1 102 








Ben Bhraggle 1409 

Ben Breach 433 

Ben Buy 174 

Ben Chaiteag 407 

Ben Chabhair 1100 

Ben Choire 891 

Ben Chonzie 1139 

Ben Clebrig 1403 

Ben Cleueh 431 

Ben Creachan 1127 

Ben Cruachan ...179 & 207 

Ben Dearg 1102 & 1271 

Ben Deargmor 1289 

BenDheickach 1130 

Ben Doarg 1087 

Ben Dobhrain 1410&1411 

Ben Doirean 174 

BenEay 1282 

Ben Eiblaun 894 

Ben Eich 433 

Ben Fhada 1283 

Ben Fhionlaidh 174 

Ben Griam Mhor 1410 

Ben Hee 1411 

Ben Hope 1408 

BenHutick 1412 

Benians 1191 

Ben Inne 174 

Ben Isdain 210 

Ben Laoigh 1130 

Ben Lawers "30 

Ben Ledi 1107 

Ben Lochain 239 

Ben Lomond... 1093 & 1361 

Ben Macdhui 117 

Ben Mere 174 

BenMholach 1127 

Ben More (Argyll) ... 210 
Ben More (Hebrides) 856 
Ben More (Perth ) ... 1130 

Ben More (Ross) 1283 

BenMore(Sutherland) 1405 

Benmore 901 

Ben Nevis 890 

Ben Pharlagani 1127 

Ben Ratha 409 

Ben Reoch 433 

Ben Resipol 174 

Ben Rinnes 333 & 346 

Ben Sclioch 1282 

Ben Screel 868 

Ben Soulcaird 174 

Ben Spronnu 1408 

Ben Starao 174 

Ben Tallach 210 

Ben Tarsuinn 391 

Ben Tartabhaile 198 

BenTue 89c 

BenTulacban 1087 

Ben Udlaman 1102 

Ben Uird 1361 

Ben Vane 433ft 1107 

Ben Vennoch 1127 

Ben Venue 1093 

Ben Vorlich mi 

Ben Vracky 1168 

BenWyvis 1281 

Benachie 153 & 162 

Bengoelion 183 

BennaLap 891 

Benshianta 201 

Benvoirlich 1100 

Bin hills 603 

Bin mountain J 376 

Birnam hill 1123 

Bishophill 927 

Black Craig 222 

Black hill 529 & 627 

Black Knowe 1336 

Black Larg 471 

Black Law 1336 

Blackhope Scar 529 

Blackhouse heights ... 1336 

Blackwood hill 1187 

Blegbie hill 840 

Blythe Edge 369 

Bodesbeck Law 13 

Bonchester hill 1; 



Braid hills 529 

Broad Law 1607 

Brockloch Fell 1417 

Broughton Heights... 1076 

Brown Knowe 1326 

Buck of Cabrach 341 

Buckholm hill 1317 

Burnswark 527 

Cachullin hills 895 

Caerketton 529 

Cair Kennow 471 

Caird's hill 348 

Cairn hill 1076 

Cairngorm 861 

Cairnsmore 929 

Cairnsmuir 929 

Cairnnaple 1035 

Cairntable 222 

Cairntoul 1 

Caithlaw 1035 

Caldcleugh Head 1324 

Calden hill 1357 

Campsie hills 1362 

Canisp 1405 

Capel Fell 1328 

Carberry hill 548 

Cardon 1076 

Carlope hill 559 

CarnDearg(Inverness) 891 

Ca rn Dearg ( Perth ).. . 1 1 27 

Cam Mairg U27 

Carter hill 1310 

Castle hill 118 

Castle hill 441 

Cat Craig hill 1337 

Catlaw hill 806 

Ceanna Mhaim 890 

Chapel hill 396 

Chesabhal hill 849 

Chill hill 1298 

Cheviot 1298 

Claeh Leathael 174 

Clairniemount 903 

Cleish hills 924 

Clochnabane 921 

Cnoc Maol-dhun 407 

Cnoc Mhadadh 407 

Coldhill 1292 

Collie Law 369 

Compass hill 901 

Coneyhill 1359 

Connacher 849 

Cooms Fell 1321 

Corberryhill 483 

Corrabheinn 201 

Correen hills ir6 

Corryhabbie 329 

Corscrieve 929 

Corstorphine hills ... 538 

Coulter Fell 1030 

Craig Phadric 869 

Craigendarroch 1 

Craiglockart hill 562 

Craigowl 682 

Craik Cross hill 1322 

Creag Meaghaiah 891 

Creag Mhor 1127 

Crib Law 369 

Criffell 932 

Crtiinn a Bheinn 1361 

Cuchallin hills 896 

Cuff hill 252 

CulterFell 952 

Dalmahoy hill 529 

Danskeig hill 187 

Daorben 868 

Dechmont hill 973 

Deer Law 1336 

Derrington Laws 386 

Dickmontlaw hill 689 

Din Fell 1321 

Dodlaw 529 

Dodridge Law 842 

Dollar Law 1076 

Doon — The *376 

Doon of Tynron 527 

Druim Cosaidh 868 

Drumbowie io 3S 

Drummuckloch Boech 1417 


Dumbarton Rock 447 

Don Law 368 

Dun Caan hill 899 

Dun-da-oa 210 

Dundee Law 715 

Dundonnell hills 1289 

Dundroich 1076 

Dunearn hills 603 

Dungavel 952 

Dun-i-Deer hill 137 

Dunipace — Hills of... 1366 

Dunmore hill 1356 

Dunnian 1298 

Dunnichen hills 796 

Duns Law 377 

Dunsinane hill im 

Durris hill 911 

Ealach Begg 407 

Earl's hill 1388 

Earl's Seat 1362 

East Lomond hill 590 

Eildon hills 1301 

Elibank Law 1326 

Erngarth hill 1041 

Ettenck 471 

Ettrick Pen 1328 

Fare hill 150 

Farragon 1087 

Finhaven hill 823 

Fornaven 1408 

Fort hill 706 

Foudland hill 119 

Gallows hill 1349 

Gargunnock hill 1376 

Gartly hills 133 

Garvock hill 913 

Gillies hill 1357 

Gilsfon 546 & 826 

Glen hill 932 

Glencoe 180 

Glencoe hills 181 

Glenquhargen Craig. . 522 

Goatfell 3 gr 

Goodbush 952 

Grampians 796 & 8u 

Gumscleugh 1085 

Hagshaw 952 

Haly hill 1126- 

Hareshaw hill 222 

Hart hill 1388 

Hartfell 518 

Hartfield 1076 

Haskeval 901 

Hatton hill 1170 

Hawkswood 952 

Hekla hill 856 

Hell's Cleugh 1076 

Herman Law 1328 

High Bents 603 

Hill of Alvah 334 

Hill of Downie 813 

Hill of Fare 903 

Hill of Guthrie 804 

Hill of Stake 222 

Hopehead 1326 

House of Whim 529 

Hyndal hill 1226 

Janet's Brae 1082 

Kaimes hill 560 

Kellie Law 605, 

Kerloch 903 

Kilpatrick 433 

Kincraig hill 626 

Kinellar hills 142 

Kinnoull hill "34 

Kinrieve hill 1285 

Kirriereoch hill 222 

Knock — The I2 33 

Knock of Crieff 1114 

Knock of Luce 1 4 I 4 

Knock-Farrel 1293 

Knockdolian 222 

Knockhill 329 

Knock-Navie 1292 

Lady hill 570 

Laird's Seat — The ... 1226 

Lammer Law 846 

Lammermuir 546 

Lang 1414 

SCOT. b 




Laoghal 1412 

Larg hill 946 

Largo Law 654 

Law hill 717 

Lees hill 1376 

Little Says Law 846 

Lochnagar 117 

Logan House hill 537 

Lomond hills 627 

Lowthers 527 

Loyal hills 1095 

Luss 433 

McLeodV Maidens ... 896 

McLeods' Tables 896 

Mael Mor 1361 

Maiden Paps 1302 

Mam Soul 891 

Mealashat 850 

MeallGhaordie 1130 

Meall Phull 1127 

Megg's hill 507 

Meigle hill 1328 

Melfourvonie 857 

Merrick 929 

Mheadhonach 850 

Mickle Says Law 826 

Mid Moile 1417 

Middle Nithsdale 524 

Millenwood Fells 1298 

M inch Moor 1336 

MintoCraigs 1298 

Minto hills 1298 

Misty Law 222 & 1176 

Moehrum Fell 1414 

Monach 850 

Moorfoot hills 529 

Moredun hill 1119 

Mormond hill 166 

Morven 405 

Mote hill 1172 

Mount Battoch... 682 & 903 

Mount Blair 1095 

Mount hill 663 

Muckle Knees 1328 

Muirfoot hills 547 

Mungo's hill 135 

Netherton hill 989 

Nigg — Hill of 1290 

Ninecairn Edge 840 

Noath 329 

Norman's Law 590 

North Berwick Law... 830 

Nothhill 163 

Oathlaw 682 

Oehil hills 420 

Oldtown hills 153 

01 rig hill 406 

id of Caithness 408 

Paps of Jura 174 

Peaks of the Castles... 391 

Pentland hills 537 

Phawhope Penn 471 

Priestlaw 846 

Ptarmigan 1361 

Pykestane 1076 

Queensberry 511 

Quhytewoollen hill ... 515 

Quinag 1405 

<iuiraing hills 897 

Raccleaughead.., 385 

Rattray" Head 118 

Riccarton 1,035 

Riddel Law 3^9 

Roan Fell 1321 

Roeness hill 1336 

Roseneath 433 

Row 433 

Rubers Law hill 1310 

Saddle— The i' 

Sauchie Law 1326 

Saval More 1408 

Saxa Vord hill 1349 

Scaraben 405 

Scarsaugh 857 

Schehallion 1127 

Scolty hill 903 

Scour Na Vertach ... 1289 

Scour Ruddh 1297 

Scour Vuillin 1297 

Scrape 1076 

Sea-mab 1140 


Sell Moor hill 562 

Sgarb Breac 198 

Shalloch on Minnoch 222 

Sheriff Muir 1119 

Sidlaw hills 1112 

Sithean Mor 1405 

flkeoch hill 946 

Skirmish hill 1317 

South Piatt hill 560 

Soutra hill 546 & 826 

Spartleton lull 826 

Spittal hill SS9 

Stielaval 856 

StobBen 891 

Stob Gabhar 174 

Stoba Chon 1107 

Stobinian 1100 

Stock hill 1322 

Strachan hill 911 

Strathfanella 903 

Strone hill 466 

Stroned 1376 

Struie hill 1280 

Suliven 1405 

Tap-o'-Noth 1 

Terlundie hill 161 

The Saddle 868 

The Wiss 1336 

Three Paps 201 

Tillymorgan hill 119 

Tinnis hill 1321 

Tinto 1028 

Tomnahurich hill 869 

Torridon 1289 

Traprain Law 843 

Tudhope Fell 1298 

Tullich 433 

Turin hill 687 

Tyre-Beggar hills ... 123 

Ward hill 1066 

Ward Law 1328 

West Lomond hill ... 590 

Wind Fell 1328 

Windburgh hill 1310 

Wintercleugh Fell ... 952 

Wisp hill T 3 2 4 

Witch hill 669 

Witches' Know 387 

Woodhill 426 

Woodhouselee 529 

Mountain Cross 1081 

Mountbenger T 337 

Mousa Island 1341 

Mouswald 521 

Mowhaugh 1320 

Moy (Inverness) 894 

Moy with Dyke 569 

Moyle 868 

Moyness 1056 

Muasdale 204 

Muchalls 910 

Muck — Isle of 901 

Muckairn 179 

Muckhart 1140 

Muckle Cross 571 

Muckersie Linn 1126 

Muckle Flugga Island... 1349 

Muckle Roe Island 1340 

Mugdrum 664 

Muir-of-Fowlis 144 

Muir of Ord 1297 

Muir — West 807 

Muiravonside 1386 

Muirdrum 823 

Muiredge 601 & 680 

Mui rend Station 1183 

Muirhead (Forfar) 810 

Muirhead (Lanark) 97J2 

Muirhouses ic 

Muirkirk 312 

Muirland 466 

Muirs of Fyvie 132 

Muirtack no 

Mulben 338 

Mulbuie 1296 

Mulindry 199 

Mull — Isleof 210 

Mull of Kintyre 217 

Munlochy 1287 

Munnoch 262 


Mure 276 

Murkle 406 

Murrayfield, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Murrayfield (Stirling) 1357 

Murroes 822 

Murthly 1123 

Murtle 154 

Musdale Island 207 

Musselburgh 553 

Musselburgh Links 553 

Muthill 1141 

Mylnerield 1129 

Mylnefield Feus 1137 

Nackerty 969 

Nairn 1057 

Nairnside 864 

Navar 809 

Navidale 1411 

Neave Island 198 

Neilston (Renfrew) 1232 

Neilston (Stirling) 1381 

Nemphlar 1004 

Nenthorn 387 

Neptune's Staircase ... 863 

Nerabols 198 

Ness 850 

Ness Glen 261 

Nesting 1346 

Nether Kilrenny 632 

Nether Liberton 551 

Nether Lorn 202 

Nether Mill 510 

Nether Polmont 1387 

Netherburn 990 

Nethercleugh Station ... 478 

Netherdale 332 

Netherley 910 

Netherton (Dumbarton) 460 

Netherton (Forfar) 687 

Nethy Bridge 861 

Nevay 796 

New Abbey 932 

New Aberdour 108 

New Bridge 949 

New Byth 114 

New Cathcart 1183 

New Craighall 548 

New Cumnock 257 

New Deer 120 

New Duffus 568 

New Elgin S7 1 

New Galloway 940 

New Galloway Station.. 942 

New Hailes Station 548 

New Keith 348 

New Kilpatrick 438 

New Kilpatrick (Dum- 
barton) 460 

New Kilpatrick Village 438 

New Kirk 145 

New Lanark 1003 

New Leeds 143 

New Luce 1421 

New Luce Station 1418 & 1421 

New Machar 148 

New Mill-on-Teviot 1304 

New Monkland 1012 

New Park Station, see 
Edinburgh Section 

New Pitsligo 161 

New Prestwick 315 

New Rattray 1170 

New Sauchie 430 

New Scone 1172 

New Spynie 588 

New Stevenston 1001 

New Symington 1028 

New Town of Beltrees... 1229 

Newark 1264 

Newarthill 1021 

Newbattle 557 

Newbiggin 603 

Newbigging( Edinburgh- 
shire) 554 

Newbigging (Forfar) ... 816 

Newbigging (Lanark)... 980 

Newbridge 1046 

Newburgh (Aberdeen) 126 

Newburgh (Fife) 664 

Newburn 665 


Neweastleton 1320 

Newhall 1291 

Newhalls 1050 

Newhaven, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Newhills 152 

Newhouse 982 

Newhouse Station 1024 

Newington, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Newington Station ....'.. 551 

Newlandrigg 535 

Newlands(Kincardn.)... 906 

Newlands (Peebles) 1081 

Newlands (Renfrew) ... 1183 

Newlands of Clyth 408 

Newmains 1021 

Newmill 348 

Newmills 680 

Newmilns 313 

Newmore 1292 

Newpark Station 535 

Newport 666 

Newseat Station 157 

Newstead 1318 

Newton (Argyll) 199 

Newton (Ayr) 232 

Newton (Edinburgh) ... 558 

Newton (Lanark) 1021 

Newton (Linlithgow) ... 1037 

Newton (Renfrew) 1230 

Newton Colliery 973 

Newton of Falkland 627 

Newton of F'erintosh ... 1296 

Newton Ferry 855 

Newton Grange 557 

Newton Hill 910 

NewtonMearns( Renfrew) 1 230 

Newton of Panbride 823 

Newton Stewart 1423 

Newtonairds Station ... 508 

Newtonhead 232 

Newtonloan 537 

Newtonmore 892 

Newtown (Forfar) 807 

Newtown (Linlithgow) 1041 

Newtown (Roxburgh)... 1318 

Newtown of Campsie ... 1385 

Newtown St. Boswells... 1321 

Newtyle 822 

Niddrie 548 

Niddry 1046 

Nigg (Kincardine) 917 

Nigg (Ross & Cromarty) 1290 

Nine-Mile-Bar 951 

Nine Mile Burn 559 

Ninecairn Edge 840 

Nisbet 1302 

Nithsdale 471 

Nitshill 1228 

Noblehill 484 

Noness Head 1348 

Norham 384 

Norriston 1141 

North-a-Voe 1351 

North Ballachulish 890 

North Balloch 252 

North Berwick 829 

North Broomage 1384 

North Bute 393 

North Craig 266 

North Easdale 202 

North Erradale 1282 

North Esk 548 

North Harris 849 

North Johnstone Station 1223 

North Kessock 1287 

North Knapdale 206 

North Morar 868 

North Mount Vernon 

Station 1015 

North Queensferry 629 

North Roe 1347 

North Ronaldshaylsland 1070 

North Soutor 1277 

North Tolsta 851 

North Uist— Isle of 855 

North Water Bridge ... 811 

North Yell 1351 

Northbay 848 

Northgate Stallion 1082 




Northmavine 1347 

Noss Head 413 

Noss — Isle of I 34° 

NoupofNoss 1340 

Novar Station 1285 

Nun^ate 837 

Nun's Island 201 

~Nunt'in 856 

Oa 198 

Oakbank 535 

Oaklnuk S4. J 

■Oaklield.. 600 

Oakley ..., 606 

Oathlaw 823 

Oban 211 

Obbe 849 

Occumster Station 408 

'Ochiltree 314 

Ochtertyre JI 39 

O'Great Stone 268 

Old Aberdeen 10 

Old Bridge of Urr 946 

OldCimbus 374 

Old Craighall 543 

Old Cumnock 258 

Old Dailly 26i 

Old Deer 121 

Old Keith 348 

"Old Kilpatrick 459 

Old Kirk of Tough 168 

Old Luce 1422 

Old Maehar n 

■Old Man 1066 

Old Man of Wick 413 

Old Meldrum 149 

Old Monkland 1014 

Old Montrose 816 

Old Place of Mochrum 1423 

Old Rattray 1170 

OldRiyne.' 162 

OldSauchie 430 

Old Scone 1172 

Old Steeple 717 

•Old Town 141 & 341 

Oldcastle 166 

Oldhamstocks 842 

Oldmill 152 

Oldraills 577 

Oldney Island 1405 

Oldshore 1408 

Oldwhat 120 

Ollaberry r 347 

Olnah'rth 1340 

Olrig 405 

Omoa 982 

Onaoa Station 1024 

Onich 890 

Opinan 1282 

Oransay Island 

Orchar Park 706 

Ord 353 

Ord— East, Middle & 

West 360 

Ordhead 116 

Ordie 145 

Ordiquhill 353 

Orkney Isles 1061 

Ormidale 205 

Ormiston 842 

Ormsary 207 

Ornsay — Isle of 899 

Oronsay — Isle of(Argyle) 187 

Orphir 1070 

Orton 586 

Orion Station 586 

Orwell .... 927 

Ossian's Hall 1122 

Otter Ferry 203 

Out Skerries Island 1346 

Ovenstone 605 

Over Liberton 551 

Overton 123 

Overti>wn 1022 

Oxna Island 1349 

Oxnam 1322 

Oxton 373 

Oykell 1286 

Oyne 153 

Pabbay — Isle of (Skye) 900 


Pabbay— Isles of (Heb- 
rides) 848 s 849 

Padanaram 798 & 808 

Paible 835 

Paisley 1232 

Palace Knowe 511 

Palnackie 934 

Palnure 947 

Panbride 823 

Panmure 823 

Pannanich Wells .. 134 

Pans — West 633 

Papa Island 1342 

Papa Stour Island 1350 

Papa Stronsay Island... 1074 
Papa Westray Island ... 1075 

Park 851 

Park Nook 617 

Park Station 123 & 124 

Parkfoot 1364 

Parkgate 510 

Parkhead, see Glasgow 

Parkhill 1290 

Parkhill Station 148 

Parkmore 343 

Partick, see Glasgow 

Parton 948 

Pass of Birnam 1123 

Pass of Cruachan (or 

Brander) 179 

Pass of Glen Ogle 1100 

Pass of Glenlyon 1*74 

Pass of KUliecrankie...ii4o & 

Pass of Leny 1107 

Pate's Mill 308 

Path of Condie 1126 

Path-head (orPath-head 
Ford) (Edinburgh) ... 558 

Pathhead (Fife) 636 

Pathstruie 1126 

Patna 31s 

Patres Mill 1080 

Paxton 384 

Peacock Cross 994 

Peat Hill 163 

Peat Inn 605 

Peaton 468 

Peddleston 1277 

Peden's View 512 

Peden's Well 512 

Peebles 1081 

Pencaitland 842 

Penicuik 559 

Penifiller 898 

Penuan 108 


hame) 1425 

Penninver 184 

Pennycross 210 

Pennyghael 211 

Pennygowan 210 

Penpcnt 522 

Penrioch 392 

Penston 837 

Pentland 550 

Pentland Frith 405 

Pentland Skerrieslsland 1070 

Perceton 266 

Perceton Mill 266 

Persie 1141 

Perth 1142 

Petereulter 153 

Peterhead 155 

Pettinain 1022 

Petty 895 

Petty-Cur 634 

Pharay Island i°7S 

Pharey Island 1074 

Philiphaugh 1334 

Philorth 127 

Philorth Station 128 

Philpstoun 1037 

Pierowall 1075 

Pilgrims' Haven 663 

Pilmuir 832 


jPilrig, see Edinburgh 
] Section 

Pinmore 271 

Pinmore Station 272 

Pinwherry 256 

Pinwherry Station 256 

Piperhill 393 

Pirnmill 391 

Pitcairn 1125 

Pitcairn Green 1171 

Pitcairnfield 1171 

Pitcalnie 1290 

Pitcaple 115 

Pitkeathly Wells & Spa 1119 

Pitkenney 687 

Pitlessie 611 

Pitlochry 1168 

Pitmedden 172 

Pitmedden Station 123 

;Pitmudie 810 

Pitnacree 1136 

Pitroddie 1125 

Pitroiie 1132 

Pitsottie 607 & 630 

Pitsligo 163 

Pitsligo — New 161 

Pibtagowan 1102 

Pittencrieff 618 

Pittenseir 587 

jPittenweem 668 

Pittulie 164 

IPladda — Isle of 391 

IPIaddu — Island of 391 

Plaidy Station 170 

Plains 10 12 

Planasker 851 

Plean 1387 

Plean— East 1383 

Pleasants 1311 

Plewlands, see Edin- 
burgh Sectioii 

Plockton 1288 

SPluscarden 572 

Point 1412 

Point of Aird 187 

Poldrate 838 

Polharrow 942 

Polio 1285 

Pollokshaws, see Glas- 
gow Section 
Pollokshields, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Polmont 1387 

iPolmont — Nether 1387 

Polmont Station 1387 

Polmood 1078 

Polton 550 

Polton Hall 537 

Polwarth 387 

Pomathorn Station 550 

Pomona Island 1061 

Ponfeigh Station 980 

Pool 1140 

Poolewe 1291 

Port Appin 179 

Port-Askaig 198 

Port Bannatyne 393 

Port Brae 637 

Port-Charlotte 198 

Port Dundas, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Port Edgar 1050 

Port-Ellen 198 

Port Elphinstone 144 

Port Erroll 118 

Port Glasgow 1264 

Port Gordon , 353 

Port Hopetoun, see 
Edinburgh Sectioii 

Port Logan 1420 

Port of Menteith (or 

Monteith) 1169 

Port of Monteith Station 1383 

Port of Ness 830 

Port Ramsay 207 

PortSeton 832 

Port Sonachan 203 

Port Tannachy 353 

Port William 1426 


Portencross 281 

Portessie 353 

Portgower 1411 

Portknockie 354 

Portland 326 

Portlethen 907 

Portmahomack 1291 

Portmary 202 

Portmoak 927 

Portnacroish 179 

Port-na-Curracli 197 

Portnaguran 851 

Portnahaven 198 

Portobello, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Portpatrick 1425 

Portree 897 

Portskerra 1412 

Portsoy 354 

Pot— The 118 

Pottsrhill Station 1237 

Potterton '.....'. 113 

Powfoot 480 

Powmill 924 

Powrie 822 

Poyntzfield 1291 

Pi'emuay 162 

Preshome 345 

Prestevicke 313 

Preston (Berwick) 372 

Preston (Edinburgh) ... 540 

Preston (Fife) 662 

Preston (Haddiugton)... 843 

Preston Mill 942 

Prestonkirk 842 

Prestonpans 843 

Prestwick 315 

Prestwick — New 315 

Priest Isle 1289 

Prinlaws 656 

Prinlaws Station 656 

Pulteneytown 414 

Pumpherston 535 

Quarff 1342 

Quarrelton 1118 

Quarter 1022 

Quarter — West 992 

Queen Mary's Bower ... 1169 

Queen's Seat (The) 1187 

Queensferry 1050 

Queensferry — North ... 629 

Quendale 1341 

Quivals 1064 

Quothquan 1012 

Qaoyburray 1071 

Quoyloo 1071 

Raasay — Island of 

(Inverness) 897 

Raasay — Island of 

(Orkneys) 1061 

Rachan Mill 1078 

Racks Station 526 

Rackwick 1066 

Radernie 605 

Radnor Park 442 

Raccleaughead 385 

Rafford 585 

Rahaue 468 

Rahoy 210 

Raigbeg 895 

Rait 1132 

Raith 635 

Ramsay 336 

Ranfurly 1182 

Rankin 1027 

Rannoch Station H27 

Ranehie 1291 

Rathen 162 

Rathillet 632 

Ratho 560 

Ratho Station 560 

Rathven 356 

Rathveu Station... 339 & 356 
Rattray — Old & New ... 1170 

Rattray Head 118 

Ravenscraig Station 1222 

Ravenstone !4 J 7 

Ravenstruther 982 

Rawyards 958 

scot, b 2 




Rayne 162 

Rayne — Old 162 

Reafirth.. 1351 

Reawick 1347 

Reay 409 

Red Lion 949 

Redcastle Station 1284 

Redding 1387 

Redding Muirhead 1387 

Redford 711 

Red ford Green x 333 

Redgorton 1171 

Redhead 805 

Kedkirk 506 

Redmyre 906 

Redpath 379 

Ree Island 205 

Reidhaven 342 

Rei9s 413 

Relugas 570 

Rendall 1065 

Renfrew 1267 

Renton (Berwick) 374 

Renton (Dumbarton) ... 467 

Renwick 503 

Reraig 1288 

Reres Hill Park 706 

Rerrick 948 

Rescobie 823 

Resolis 1291 

Restalrig, 'see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Restennet Priory 


Reston Station 




Rhinns Point 



Rhum — Isle of 

Rhunahorine , 


Rhynie & Essie 


Riccarton Junction 


Rigg , 



Ringford (or Red Lion) 

Ringley Hall 




Roan Island 


Roberton (Lanark) 

Roberton (Roxburgh)... 







Roe — North 


Rogart , 

Roman Remains : — 








Bowden 1301 

Braco 1106 

Burghead S§7 

Carmunnock 980 

Carstairs 981 

Castle Craig 536 

Comrie 1111 

Coupar-Angus 1112 

Cramond 539 

Creich 610 

Crieff 1114 

Crossmichael 938 

Dalrymple 265 


3 8 3 




































1 301 


Dornock 481 

Fogo 382 

Fortingall 1127 

Girthon 941 

Kirkintilloch 461 

Kirkmichael 510 

Lanark 1003 

Manor 1081 

Meigle 1I 3^ 

Meikleour 1138 

Middlebie 517 

Morton 521 

Musselburgh 553 

Paisley 1233 

Penpont 522 

Stoneykirk M 2 7 

Straiton 324 

Strathaven 1026 

West Calder 536 

Roman Well 567 

Romanno 1081 

Romanno Bridge 1081 

Rona — Isle of 897 

Ronaldshay — North & 

South 1070 

Ronay — Isle of 855 

Rora 146 

Rose Finnick 269 

Rosehall 1406 

Rosehearty 163 

Rosehearty Point. 164 

Roseisle 568 

Rosemarkie 1292 

Rosemount 1103 

Roseneath 468 

Rosewell 560 

Roslin 561 

Ross 373 

Ross of Mull 210 

Ross Island 934 

Rossie Island 714 

Rossinish Point 856 

Rosskeen 1292 

Rosslyn Castle 561 

Rosslyn Castle Station. ..550 & 

Rosslyn Station 550 

Rosslynlee Station. .. 550 & 561 

Rosyth 629 

Rothes 586 

Rothesay 396 

Rothesay Bay 396 

Rothiemay 356 

Rothiemay Station 115 

Rothiemurchus 865 

Rothienorman 132 

Roucan 526 

Roughrigg 1012 

Roughtree 946 

Roundyhill 807 

Rousay Island 1071 

Routenburn 262 

Row 469 

Rowallan 285 

Rowanburn 479 

Rowantree 252 

Rowardennan 1361 

Roxburgh 1322 

Roy Bridge 891 

Rnaig 220 

Rudha Mhail „ 198 

932: Rum — Isle of 901 

i427JRumbling Bridge 924 

906 'Rumbling Bridge 1122 

231 i Rumbling Bridge 1140 

5i7lRuskie 1169 

io4i|Rusness 10S9 

Rutherford 1317 

Rutherglen, see Glasgow 


Ruthven (Aberdeen) ... 115 

Ruthven (Forfar) 824 

Ruthvenfield JI 74 

Ruthwell 522 

Saddell 215 

Saffronhall 995 

Saint Abb's 374 

Saint Abb's Head 374 

Saint Andrews (Fife) ... 669 

Saint Andrews(Orkneys) 1071 

Saint Andrews Lhan- 

bryde 587 

Saint Anne's 508 

Saint Aunat's Well 900 

Saint Bernard's Well, see 
Edinburgh Section 

Saint Boswells 1323 

Saint Boswells Station... 1321 

Saint Calmaig 393 

Saint Catherine's 217 

Saint Catharine's Dub... 166 

Saint Combs 147 

Saint Cyrus 917 

Saint David's (Fife) 615 

Saint David's (Perth) ... 1137 

Saint Erchan's Well 141 

Saint Fergus 164 

Saint Fillans mi 

Saint Fort Station 661 

Saint Helena Island 1422 

Saint James 635 

Saint John's 940 

Saint Katherine's 132 

Saint Kilda — Isle of 849 

Saint Lawrence House.. 837 

Saint Leonards 669 

Saint Madoes 1171 

Saint Margaret's Hope... 629 
Saint Margaret'sHope... 1070 

Saint Martins 1171 

Saint Mary's 1066 & 1070 

Saint Mary's Holm 1066 

Saint Matthew's Well ... 561 

Saint Monance 676 

Saint Mungo 523 

Saint Ninian's 1388 

Saint Ninian's Bay 393 

Saint Ninian's Island ... 1340 

Saint Ninian's Well 210 

Saint Ola 1066 

Saint; Patrick's Well ... 220 

Saint Quivox 232 

Saint Ronan's Well 1079 

Saint Sairs 119 

Saint Serf's Well 426 

Saint Vigeans 689 

Salen 180 & 216 

Saline 676 

Sallochy-Buchanan 1361 

Sallysburgh 1024 

Salsburg 1024 

Saltburn 1283 & 1292 

Saltcoats 316 

Salton — East & West ... 844 

Saltpans 183 

Salzburgh 1024 

Samphray Island 1336 

Samuelston 837 

Sand (Ross) 1282 

Sand (Shetland Isles) ... 1348 

Sanda Island 217 

Sanday Island 1064 

Sandbank 216 

Sandend 354 

Sanderay — Isle of 848 

Sandford 1026 

Sandhaven 164 

Sandhead *4 2 7 

Sandilands 980 

Sandness 1350 

Sandside Bay 4C9 

Sandsound 1348 

Sandsting 1347 

Sandwick (Orkney) 1071 

Sandwick (Shetland) ... 1348 

Sandwick — West 1351 

Sandwick Hill 852 

Sandy — Isle of 901 

Sandyhills 1022 

Sandyholm 478 

Sandymount, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Sandystones 1301 & 1311 

Sanquhar 523 

Sarclet 413 

Sarkfoot 507 

Sauchen 116 

Sauchie — New & Old ... 430 

Saugliton Station 538 

Saughtree J 32i 


Scalloway 134S 

Scalpay — Isle of (He- 
brides) 849. 

Scalpay — Isle of (Skye) 90c 

Scaniport 864 

Scapa 1068 

Scarba — -Isle of 20L 

Seaies — The 142& 

Scarfskerry 406- 

Scarinish 220* 

Scarp — Isle of 849 

Scarrista 849. 

Scarvating 1065 

Scatwell 12 77 

Scone 1172 

Scone — New 1172 

Sconser 897 

Scoonie 676- 

Scores — The 671 

Seorraig 1289* 

Scotasay — Isle of 849 

Scotlandwell 927 

Scotsburn 129c 

Scotscalder Station 407 

Scotscraig 67S 

Seotstounhill 1268 

Scoulag Bay 393 

Scourie 1408 

Scousburgh 1341 

Scrabster 409. 

Scrabster Roads 409 

Scremerston 360 

Scurdyness 816' 

Sea Town 341 

Seafield (Linlithgow) ... 1050. 

Seafield Tower 636 

Seamill 281 

Seatown 584 

Seggie 927 

Seil Island 202: 

Selkirk 1333 

Sellibister 1064 

Servanus' Well 426 

Shader — Upper 850 

Shambellie Woods 932 

Shandon 470 

Shandwick 1290 

Shankend Station 1302 

Shannas 122 

Shapinsay Island 1072 

Shawbost 850 

Shawhead 946 

Shawsburn 990 

Shebster 409. 

Sheddens 1230- 

Sheddon Park 1313 

Sheep Island 207 

Shere, Taynuilt 182 

Shetland Island 1346- 

Shettleston 1022 

Sheuchan 1428' 

Sheurary 409. 

Shiant Islands 851 

Shiel 1283 

Shieldaig 1275 

Shieldhill (Dumfries) ... 52b 

Shieldhill (Stirling) 1390- 

Shieldmuir 1031 

Shinness 1411 

Ship Rock 217 

Shirgarton 1383 

Shiskine 391 

Shotts 1024 

Shotts Ironworks 1024 

Shotts Kirk 1024 

Shuna Island 179. 

Shuna Island 202 & 207 

Sibbaldbie 47* 

Sighthill, see Glasgow 

Sillyearn 34^ 

Silverbanks 973 

Simprim 387 

Sinclair Bay 413 

Smclairston 314. 

Siuclairtown 635 

Sinnahard 169. 

Skares 259- 

Skateraw 841 

katero 910 

Savoch 165 1 Skeabost Bridge 899 








Skelmorlie — Upper 

Skelpick Side 



Skerries Islands 



Skerviule Island 






Skye — Isle of 




Slate Quarry 






Sma' Glen 


Small Isles 201, 217 


Smithston (Dumbarton) 
Smithston (Renfrew)... 


Soay — Isle of (Hebrides) 
Soa'y— Isle of (Skye) ... 


Soonhope Brae 





South Alloa 

South Ballachulish 


South Dell 

South Dhail 

South Galson 

South Harris 

South Kessock .. 

South Knapdale 

South Parish 

South Queensferry 

SouthRonaldshay Island 

South Soutor 

South Uist — Isle of 

South Yell 



Southerners Point 





Southwick Station 

Soutor — North & South 


Spean Bridge 





Spittal (Berwick) 

Spittal (Caithness) 

Spittal Colliery 

Spittal of Glenshee 




Springbank,see Glasgow 

Springburn.see Glasgow 

Springfield (Dumfries) 

Springfield (Fife) 




Spynie — New 




i3 2 4 














93 2 

39 2 






I3S 6 













I3 2 4 
















1 109 





J 3 2 4 


Stacks of Duncansby ... 403 

Staffa — Isle of 217 

Staftin 900 

Stagebank 547 

Stair 321 

Stand 1012 

Standburn 1386 

Standing Stone of 

Kedalbister 1340 

Standing Stone of Shap- 

inshay 1072 

Standing Stones of Lag- 

gangarn 1421 

StandingStones of Lundin 655 

Standrigg 1377 

Stane 1025 

Stanehive 918 

Stanley 1173 

Stanstill 405 

Star 630 

Star 662 

Starleyburn 603 

Start Point 1069 

Staxigoe 413 

Steele Road Station 1321 

Steilston 508 

Steinmanhill 132 

Stemster 405 

Stenchol 900 

Stenhousemuir 1384 

Stenness 1072 

Stenton 844 

Stepford Station 508 

Stepps 971 

Stepps Road Station ... 972 

Steven's Kirk 1427 

Stevenston 321 

Stevenston — New 1001 

Stewarton 322 

Stewarton Kirkcolm ... 1418 

Stichill 1324 

Stirling J 39 r 

Stitchel 1324 

Stobbs Mills 534 

Stobhill 547 

Stobo 1085 

Stockbridge, see Edin- 
burgh Section 

Stoer 1412 

Stoer Point 1405 

Stonefield 967 

Stonehaven(orStanehive) 918 

Stonehouse 1026 

Stoneybridge 856 

Stoneybury Colliery ... 1052 

Stoneykirk 1427 

Stoneywood 152 

Stormontfield 1172 

Stornoway 851 

Storr Rock 899 

Stotfield 584 

Stoul 868 

Stouslie 1304 

Stow 562 

Stracathro 824 

Strachan 921 

Strachur 217 

Straiton (Ayr) 324 

Straiton (Edinburgh) ... 551 

Straloch 1140 

Stranathro 910 

Stranfraggen 940 

Stranord 947 

Stranraer(or Stanrawer)i423 
Strath(or Strathswordle) 

(Skye) 900 

Strath (Ross) 1282 

Strath Tummel 1102 

Strathardle H34 

Strathaven 1026 

Strathblane 1401 

Strathbraan 1123 

Strathcainard 1289 

Strathcarron 1289 

Strathconon 1276 

Strathcromar 116 

Strathdon 166 

Strathearn — Lower 1171 

Strathearn — Upper 1114 

Stratherrick 865 

Stratherrick Glen 863 







Strathmore— Glen of... 


Strathord Station 






Strathy Point 



Stravithie Station 

Stravithie Station 

Strawberry Bank 


Stroma Island 

Strome (Argyllshire) ... 

Strome (Ross) 

Strome Ferry 






Stronsay Island 




Struan (Perth) 

Struan (Skye) 








Sumburgh Head 

Summer Isles 


Sunnyside (Berwicksh. ) 
Sunnyside (Clackman) 
Sunnyside( Edinbrghsh) 

Sunnyside Station 

Swaney Island 



Swinton (Berwick) 

Swinton (Lanark) 

Swona Island 

Symington (Ayr) 

Symington (Lanark) ... 

Symington — New 

Syre Side 


Tain (Caithness) 

Tain (Ross) 

Tala Island 


Tams Brig 

Tanera Isle 






Tarbat Ness 

Tarbert 201 

Tarbert Harris 

Tarbert — East 

Tarbert — West 

Tarbet (Dumb) 

Tarbet (Loch Lomond) 






Tarrensay — Isle of 

Tarry croy 








1 136 




1 100 











1 139 


















1 169 









& 219 




Tayport 678 

Tayvallich 206 

Tealing 825 

Teanassie 891 

Teangue 899 

Teasses The 606 

Tecbmuiry 166 

Templand 514 

Temple(Dumbartnsh)... 460 

Temple(Edinbrghsh) ... 563 

Temple Netherton 461 

Temple Patrick 220 

Tenandry 1*73 

Tentsmuir 678 

Ternemny 356 

Terregles 949 

Teriothead 1324 

Tewell 913 

Texa Island 198 

Thankerton 989 

The Braes 897 

The Forest 113 

The Glen 1085 

The Haughs 169 

The Hermitage 1364 

The Peel 461 

The Scares 1426 

Thomshill 567 

Thornlie 1031 

Thornliebank, see Glas- 
gow Section 

Thorlies Hope 1321 

Thornhill (Dumfries) ... 524 

Thornhill (Perth) 1173 

Thornhill (Renfrew) ... 1223 

Thornhill-in-Menteith... 1173 

Thornton (Fife) 662 

Thornton (Haddington) 841 

Thornton Hall Station... 1001 

Thornton Junction 662 

Thornwood 969 

Thrumster 413 

Thurso 409 

Tibbermore 1174 

Tibbermuir IJ 74 

Tigerton 814 

Tighnabruaich 219 

Tigharry 855 

Tillicoultry 431 

Tillietudlem Station ... 1010 

Tillingburn 1024 

Tillyduke 166 

Tillyfourie 153 

Tillyfourie Station. ..152 & 153 

Tillylodge 116 

Tillymorgan 120 

Tillynaught Junction ... 354 

Tillyoehie 925 

Tilquhillie 908 

Tingwall 1349 

Tinwald 526 

Tipperty (Aberdeen) ... 145 

Tipperty (Kincardine)... 906 

Tiree — Isle of 220 

Tobarrimbuadh Well ... 849 

Tobermory 220 

Toberonochy 202 

Tochieneal Station 342 

Tod Head..... 914 

Tollcross, see Glasgow 

Tollie 1291 

Tolsta 852 

Tolsta— North 851 

Tomacharrich 891 

Tomatin 895 

Tombae 346 

Tomich 891 

470:Tomintoul 350 

325 Tomlungurt 864 

950 Tomnacross 892 

811 Tomnahuricb 871 

167 Tomnavoulin 346 

1297 Tong 852 

849 Tongland(orTongueland) 949 

348 Tongland Bridge 943 

899 Tongue 1412 

168 Torbeg 391 

204 Torbrax 981 

1130 Torbreck 1412 

179 Tore 1234 




Torloisk 211 

Torlum 856 

Tornaveen 142 

Torness 864 

Torosay 210 

Torphichen 1051 

Torphins 142 

Torran 897 

Torrance 1362 

Torrance of Campsie ... 1362 

Torresdale 215 

Torridon 1275 

Torrin 900 

Torry (Aberdeen) 10 

Torry (Fife) 680 

Torry (Kincardine) 917 

Torry— Low 680 

Torry Bay 680 

Torryhnrn 680 

Torsay Island 202 

Torterston 157 

Torthorwald 526 

Torwood (Perth) 1123 

Torwood (Stirling) 1366 

Tough 168 

Toward 188 

Toward Point 188 

Tower of Drum 123 

Towford 1311 

Towie 169 

Town Moor 275 

Townend 447 

Townfoot 515 

Townhead (Ayrsh) 234 & 305 
Townhead (Dumbrtnsh) 462 
Townhead (Dumfries) 523 
Townhead(Kircudbright) 944 
Townhead (Lanark) ... 1026 

Townhead (Perth) 1125 

Townhill 617 

Townscleugh Well 480 

Toxside 563 

Trabboch 321 

Tradeston, see Glasgow 


Trailtrow 480 

Tranent 845 

Traquair 1083 

Tredegar 1140 

Tresbinish 210 

Tresta 1348 

Trien 896 

Trinafour 1102 

Trinity, see Edinburgh 


Trinity Gask 1174 

Trinity Muir 702 

Trislaig 180 

Trondra Island 1349 

Troon 326 

Troqueer 950 

Trossachs 1107 

Trotternish 89s 

Trumisgarry 855 

Trumpan 896 

Trumpanhead 851 

TryingStone of Trumpan 896 

Tulla Island 1169 & 1362 

Tulliallan 680 

Tulliallen 633 

Tullibardine 1101 

Tullibody 421 

Tullich (Aberdeen) 134 

Tullich (Ross) 1285 

Tulliebole 924 

Tulloch (Aberdeenshire) 149 

Tulloch(Inverness-shire) 861 

& 891 

Tulloch (Perth) 1174 

Tulloch Station 891 

Tullymet 1136 

Tullynessle & Forbes ... 169 

Tummell Bridge 1118 

Tundergarth 527 

Turnberry Station 305 

Turriff (Aberdeen) 169 

Turriff (Banff) 347 

Twatt (Orkneys) 1064 

Twatt (Shetlands) 1348 

Twechar 461 


Tweeden 1321 

Tweedmouth 359 

Tweedsmuir 1085 

Twizel Station 362 

Twynholm 950 

Tyndrum 1131 

Tynehead Station 546 

Tynet 34s 

Tynninghame £ 

Tynron 527 

Tyree — Isle of 220 

Tyrie 171 

Uddingston 1028 

Udny 172 

Ddny Green 172 

Ugston 373 

Cig (Hebrides) 854 

Uig(Skye) 899 

Uist — North,Isleof 855 

Uist— South 855 

Ulbster Station 408 

Ullapool 1296 

Ulsta 1351 

Ulva — Isle of 206 

Ulva — Isle of 221 

Ulva Ferry 221 

Unapool 1405 

Unst Island 1349 

Uphall 1052 

Uphall — Lower 1052 

Uphall Station 1052 

Uplawmoor 1270 

Upper Bathgate Station 1038 

Upper Brae 114 

Upper Cabrach 341 

Upper Dunfermline Sta- 
tion 618 

Upper Keith 840 

Upper Kilrenny 632 

Upper Knockando 583 

Upper Knockbain 1287 

Upper Largo 654 

Upper Liberton 551 

Upper Shader 850 

Upper Skelmorlie 320 

Upper Strathearn 1114 

Urafirth 1347 

Urquhart (Elgin) 588 

Urquhart (Inverness)... 901 
Urquhart (Ross-shire) 1296 
Urquhart — Leuchars ... 588 

Urr 951 

Urr— Old Bridge of 946 

Urray 1297 

Usan 714 

Uyea Island 1349 

Uyeasound J 349 

Vaila Island 1350 

Valdigarth 1075 

Vale of Atholl 1168 

Vale of Corrichie 150 

Vale of Leven 436 

Vale of Strathallan 1119 

Vale of Strathmore 807 

Vallay— Isle of 853 

Valtos 854 

Vassa 1346 

Vatersay — Isle of 848 

Vatten 896 

Veira Island 1071 

Velvet Hall Station 362 

Vidlin 1346 

Viewtield Row 600 

Virkie 1341 

Voe 1 34° 

Voltas 900 

Vow Island 1361 

Waas Island 1061 

Walkerburn iq86 

Walkerton 656 

Wallace Monument 1386 

Wallacestone *387 

Wallacetown (Ayr) 232 & 261 
Wallacetoivn (Stirling) 1377 
Wallace's Tower 1322 & 1356 
Walls Island (Orkney) 1074 

Walls (Shetland) 1350 

Wallyford 548 

Walston 1030 

Wamphray 527 

Wandell 1030 


Wanton Walls 

Wardhouse Station 

Wardlaw Hill, see Edin 
burgh Section 


Wartle Station 


Washingtons , 





107 1 

Waterfalls : — 

Acharn 1130 & 1174 

Auchinlily Linn Spout 1377 

Blarghour 203 

Bennington 1003 

Bran 1122 

Bruar 1102 

Caldron Linn... 924 & 1140 

Closeburn 480 

Coneas 1285 

Corra Linn 1003 

Cowie's Lynn 1078 

Cullachy 863 

Dee, Linn of 

Den Finella 917 

Devil's Mill 1140 

Divach 901 

Fender 1102 

F'oyers 863 

Garry 863 

Gartness 1365 

Glen of Alva 426 

Glendevon 1128 

Glenlyon 1174 

Grey Mare's Tail 518 

Gurratt's Linn 1229 

Hubble Bubble 1126 

KeltneyBurn 1174 

Kilmorack 862 

Lochy 1130 

Loup of Fintry 1376 

Moness 1092&1174 

North Esk 1080 

Reekan Linn 1229 

Reeky Linn 810 

Rogie 1293 

Rumbling Bridge 1140 

Slug of Achrannie ... 810 

Spottes Lynn 951 

Spout Dim 1168 

Stonebyres 1003 

Tummel 1168 

Wallace's Loup 508 

Waterloo 976 

Waternish — Isle of 

Skye 896 

Waterside (Ayr)... 262 & 269 

Waterside( Dumbarton) 461 

Waterside (Forfar) 796 

Waterside (Lanark) 1010 

Watten 412 

Watten — West 412 

Wattstown 1012 

Weem 1174 

Weir Bridge 1182 

Weir Island 1071 

Weisdale r 349 

VVellbraehead 799 

Welldale 475 

Wellshott Hill 973 

Wellwood 617 

Wemyss Bay 1270 

Wemvss Castle Station 681 

Wemyss— East & West 680 

West Banks 413 

West Barns 834 

West Bay 396 

West Benliar 1024 

West Burra 1347 

West Burrafirth 1342 

West Calder 536 

West Coats 973 

West Ecclefechan 505 

West End Station 665 

West Ferry 706 

West Green 810 

West Haven 823 

West Helmsdale 1410 


West Kilbride 28r 

West Kilpatriek 459. 

West Linton 1080. 

West Manpton 984. 

West Maryston 1014. 

West Muir 807- 

West Newington, see 
Edinburgh Section 

West Newport 666- 

West Ord 360' 

West Pans 633 

West Penpont 522- 

West Plean 1388. 

West Quarter 992 

West Salton S44 

West Sandwick 1351 

West Strathy 1412: 

West Tarbert 219. 

West Watten 412? 

West Wemyss 680- 

West Yell 135* 

Westburn 973-. 

Westcraig 1051 

Westcraigs Station 1024 

Wester Anstruther 596' 

Wester Balgrochan 1362 

Wester Caputh 11C9. 

Wester Duddingston ... 546- 

Wester Fowlis 3127 

Wester Kilmuir 1287- 

Wester Logie 1296 

Wester Pardovan 104?. 

Westerdale 407 

Westerkirk 528 

Westermains 461 

Westerton 714 

Westfield 1038- 

Westtield (Linlithgow) 1051 

Westfield (Perth) 1170 

Westhills 165. 

Westing 135& 

Westray Island i°75- 

Westruther 388 

Weydale 41c 

Whaligoe 413 

Whalsay Island 1346 

Whauphill M 1 ")' 

Whifflet 984. 

Whinnieliggate 944- 

Whinnyfold lift 

Whinnyhill 950- 

Whins 'of Milton 1388 

Whistlerield 453. 

Whita Wells 511 

Whitburn (orWhiteburn)ic>52- 

Whitburn — East 1052' 

White Bridge 863 

VVhitecairns 113. 

White Catterthun 814. 

White Quarries 1037 

Whitecleugh 989 

Whitecraigs Station ... 1231 

Whitehill (Aberdeen) ... I20» 

Whitehills 35& 

Whitehouse (Aberdeen) 109. 

Whitehouse (Argyle) ... 203 
Whitehouse Station 109 k 140 

Wlutekirk S46 

Whitemire S79- 

Whitemyre Station 618 

Whiten Head 140S 

Whiteness x 349' 

Whiterashes 148. 

Whiterigg 1012 

Whithern 1432 

Whithorn 1432- 

Whithorn — Isle of 1432 

Whiting Bay 391 

Whiting Ness 689- 

Whitletts 232. 

Whitsome 388- 

Whittingehame 846' 

Wiay — Isle of (Hebrides) 856 

Wiay— Isle of (Skye) ... 896- 

Wick 412 

Widewall 1070' 

Wigtown 1433. 

Wnkieston 549. 

Williams Burgh 1110 

Williamsburgh (Fife) ... 626' 

Wilsontown 98a 




Wilsontown Station 992 Wolfelee 1310 

Wilton 1304 Woodend (Linlithgow) 1037, 

Winchburgh i°53 1038 & 1051 

Windygates 662iWoodhaven 628 

Windyraw iis|Woodhead 132 

Winton Station 842 Woodilee 464 

Wishaw 1031 Woodlands 912 

Wiston io34'Woodmuir 536 

Witch Stane (The) ii7ijWoodside(Aberdeen) ... 10 

Wolf Hill 1109I 

Woodside (Dumfries) 



Woodside (Fife) 662 Yesnaby 1072 

Woodside (Perth) 1109 

Woodside (Renfrew) ... 1233 

Wormit 666 

Yarrow J 336 

Yarrowford 1336 

Yell— East & Mid.North, 
South & West 1351 


Yell Island 1351 

Yester 845 

Yetholm 1325 

Yieldshields 978 

Yoker 142 

Ythan Wells 172 

Zetland 1378 



With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume. 

Balmoral Castle, see Crathie, page 117, His Most Gracious Majesty King Edward VII. 
& Holyrood Castle, see Edinburgh. 

Abhotsford, Rt. Hon. Gwendoline Mary Ann, Mar- 
chioness of Bute, see Melrose 

Abercairny, John Alex. Dewar esq. m.p. see Fowlis 


Aberdalgie house, Earl of Kinnoull d.l., J. p. see 


Abergeldie castle, H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, see 


Aberlour house, Mrs. Findlay, see Aberlour 

Abington, Lord Colebrooke c.v.o., d.l., j.p. see 


Aboyne castle, Marquess of Huntly p.c, d.l., j.p. see 


Achamore house, William James Yorke Scarlett esq. 

j.p. see Gigha 

Achnacarry, Capt. Donald Walter Cameron see 


Achnacone house, Alexander K. Stewart esq. see Appin 

Achvarasdal lodge, Lady Sinclair, see Reay 

Ackergill tower, Sir George Duff Sutherland Dunbar, 

bart. see Wick 

Adamton, William Weir esq. see Monkton ... 

Aden house, Maj.-Gen. Francis Shirley Russell cm. g., 

d.l., j.p. see Old Deer 

Aigas house, James William Gordon Oswald esq. j.p. 

see Kilmorack 

Airdrie house, Sir John Wilson bart. d.l., j.p. see 


Airds (The), Captain Henniker Houghton-Hughan, 

see Parton 

Airds house, Col. Wm. Macfie c.b., v.d., j.p. see Appin 
Airlie castle, Dowager-Countess of Airlie, see Airlie ... 

Airth castle, Robert McLaren esq. j.p. see Airth 

Airthrey castle, Mrs. Graham, see Bridge of Allan ... 
Aldbar castle, Patrick Chalmers esq. j.p. see Aberlemno 
Aldourie castle, Major Edward Grant Fraser-Tytler 

j.p., d.l. see Dores 

Allan, Capt. Sir David Monro kt., d.l., j.p. see Fearn 
Allanbank house, Jas. Fowler Mackenzie esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Munlochy, Knockbain 

Alloa house, Earl of Mar & Kellie (Lord Lieut, of 

Clackmannanshire), see Alloa 

Almondell house, Adam Rolland esq. see Uphall 

Altyre, Sir Wm. Gordon Gordon-dimming bart. see 


Alva house, Miss C. E. M. Johnstone, see Alva ' 

Amat, Francis T. Gervers esq. see Kincardine 

Amhuinnsuidh castle, Sir Samuel Edward Scott bart. 

M.P., D.L. see Harris 

Amisfield house, Mrs. Fletcher, see Haddington 

Amisfield tower, William Robert Farish esq. j.p. see 

Amisheld, Tinwald 

Ancrum house, Miss Constance E. Scott, see Ancrum 

Annanhill, Mrs. Duniop, see Kilmarnock 

Antonshill, James Hunter esq. J.p. see Leitholm,Eccles 

Appin house, Roderick McLeod esq. see Appin 

Applecross house, Lord Middleton d.l., j.p. see 


Arabella, James A. Gordon esq. j.p. see Logie Easter 

Arbigland, Mrs. Blackett, see Kirkbean 

Arbuthnott house, Viscount Arbuthnott,seeArbuthnott 
Archertield, Henry Thomas Nisbet Hamilton-Ogilvy 

esq. d.l., j.p. see Dirleton 

Ardencaple castle, Frederick Graham esq. see Row ... 
Ardendee, Lydia, Viscountess Lifford, see Kirkcud- 
bright , 

Ardgour house, Alex. Hugh Maclean esq see Ardgour 
Ardgowan, Sir Michael Hugh Shaw-Stewart bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Inverkip 



1 127 























Ardgye, George R. Mackessack esq. d.l., j.p. see Alves 567 
Ardkinglas, Capt. Sir Andrew Noble bart. k.c.b., 

f.r.s., d.c.l., see Cairndow, Loch Goilhead... 209 
Ardmaddy castle, Marquess of Breadalbane e.g., p.c, 

d.l., j.p. see Kilbrandon & Kilchattan 202 

Ardmarnock, Mrs. Nicol, see Kilfinau 204 

Ardmeallie, Sir Arthur Temple Felix Clay bart. see 

Marnoch, Aberchirder 332 

Ardmiddle. John Adam Milne esq. see Turriff 170 

Ardoch, John J. W. Miller esq., see Braco 1106 

Ardoch house, Mrs. Stuart, see Kishorn, Lochcarron 1289 
Ardpatrick, Capt. James Carter Campbell r.n., d.l., 

j.p. see Kilcalmonell 203 

Ardross castle, Charles William Dyson Perrins esq. 

p.r.a.s. see Rosskeen 1292 

Ardsheal, Alex. P, Cameron esq. see Balachulish South. 181 
Ardverikie lodge, Sir John William Ramsden bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Laggan 894 

Ardwell house, Lady M. Susan MacTaggart-Stewart, 

see Ardwell, Stoneykirk 1427 

Armadale castle, Lord Macdonald d.l., j.p. see Sleat 899 

Arngibbon, Wm. Forrester esq. see Kippen 1383 

Arnisdale, Mrs. Phipps, see Glenelg 868 

Arniston house, Sir Robert Dundas bart. D.L., J.P. 

see Borthwick 535 

Arnsbrae house, James Younger esq. J.P. see Alloa ... 420 
Arthurlie, Henry B. Duniop esq d.l., j.p. see Neilston 1232 
Arthurstone, James Carmichael esq. .j. p. see Ardler... 1097 
Ashintully castle, David C. Rutherford-Lindsay esq 

J.P. see Kirkmichael 1134 

Ashludie, Alexander Gordon esq. j.p. see Monifieth ... 814 
Auehans house, Hon. Greville Richard Vernon d.l., j.p. 

see Dundonald 267 

Auchen castle, William Younger esq. j.p. see Kirk- 

patrick-Juxta 511 

Auchenames, Wm. Adams esq. j.p. see West Kilbride 281 

Auchencairn house, Mrs. Mackie, see Auchencairn 933 

Auchendarroch, Alastair M. Campbell esq. j.p. see 

Lochgilphead 208 

Auchendinny house, Mrs. Newnham, see Auchendinny, 

Glencorse 547 

Auchendolly, Lieut. -Col. Archibald Hume d.l., j.p. 

see Crossmichael 938 

Anchendrane, Sir James Coats bart. d.l., j.p. see 

Alloway 227 

Auchincruive, Richard Alexander Oswald esq. (Vice- 
Lieut, of Ayrshire), d.l., j.p. see Ayr 232 

Auchindennan, Wm. Jas. Chrystal esq. see Alexandria 436 
Auehinheglish, Henry Brock esq. J.P. see Alexandria 436 
Auchinleck house, Lord Talbot de Malahide (heredy. 

lord high adm. of Malahide & seas adjg.), see 

Auchinleck 231 

Auchinroath, Andrew John Mitchell-Gill esq. P.3.A., 

j.p. see Rothes 586 

Auchintorlie, Lient.-Col.Geo.Jas.Fergusson-Buchanan 

esq. D.L., j.p. seeKilpatrick, Dumbartonshire 459 

Auchleeks, Edgar William Robertson esq. J.P. see Blair 

Atholl 1 102 

Auchlunkart house, Wm. F. D. Steuart esq. see Keith 348 
Auchmore house, Marquess of Breadalbane e.g., p.c, 

d.l., j.p. see Killin 1131 

Auchnashellach lodge, Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge 

esq. J.P. see Auchnashellaeh, Lochcarron 1289 

Auchry, Richard Wm. Lumsden esq. see Monquhitter 151 

Auchterarder house, Mrs. Reid, see Auchterarder 1098 

Aultshealloch house, Mrs. Chinnery-Haldane, see 

North Ballachulish, Kilmalie 890 

Aurthurlee, Henry Barclay Duniop esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Barrhead 1180 




Avoch house, Misses Stephen, see Avoch 1276 

Ayton castle, Mrs. Liddell-Grainger, see Ay ton 372 

Aytounhill, Lieut. -Col. Wm. C.Middleton/seeDunbog 616 

Balabraes, A.Morton esq. see Ayton 372 

Balavil, Charles Julian Brewster Macpherson esq. d.l., 

j. p. see Alvie 861 

Balbirnie, Edward Balfour esq. d.l., j.p. see Markinch 661 
Balcarres house, Earl of Crawford k.t., v.d., ll.d., 

f.k.a.s., f.e.s.. v.p.s.a. see Kilconquhar 631 

Balcaskie, Sir Ralph William Anstruther bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Carnbee 605 

Baldovan house, Sir Reginald Howard Alexander 

Ogilvy bart.D.L.,j.p.,A.D.c.toH.M.seeStrathmartine 813 

Baldowrie house, Jsph.Jn. Johnstone esq. j.p. see Kettins 805 

Baledmund, Jas. Grant Fergusson esq. j.p. see Moulin 1140 
Balfour castle, Col. James William Balfour d.l., j.p. see 

Shapinsay 1072 

Balfour house, Lady Angela S.B.Forbes, see Markinch 661 
Balgillo house, John C. Buist esq. j.p. see Brought}- 

terry 7 o6 

Balgray, Mrs. Elizabeth Paterson, see Applegarth 478 

Balhousie castle, James Ramsay esq. see Perth 1149 

Balinakill, John McKinnon esq. see Clachan-Cantyre 187 
Ballachulish house, Captain Francis Beresford Drum- 

mond, see Ballachulish South 181 

Ballechin, Captain John Malcolm Steuart Steuart j.p. 

see Logierait 1136 

Ballikinrain castle, Sir Archibald Ernest Orr-Ewing 

bart. d.l., j.p. see Killearn 1380 

Ballindalloch castle, Sir George Macpherson-Grant 

bart. d.l., J.p. see Inveravon 347 

Ballindean house, Miss St. Clair Stuart Knox Trotter, 

see Inchture 1129 

Ballindown, Mrs. Clarke, see Kiltarlity 891 

Balloch castle, Misses Dennistoun-Brown, see Balloch 438 

Ballochmyle, Henry Allan esq. see Mauchline 309 

Ballogie, William E. Nicol esq. d.l., j.p. see Birse 113 

Balmacaan, Bradley Martin esq. see Urquhart 901 

Balmae, Countess of Selkirk, see Kirkcudbright 943 

Balmaghie house, Graham Hutchison esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Balmaghie 933 

Balmedie, H. Tailyour Lumsden esq. see Belhelvie 113 

Balnaboth, Mrs. Ogilvy, see Glenprosen, Cortachy ... 714 
Balnagown castle, Sir Charles Henry Augustus Fredk. 

Lockhart-Ross bart. d.l. see Kilmuir Easter 1285 

Balnamoon house, James Carnegy Arbuthnott esq. see 

Menmuir 814 

Balquhatstone, Alexander Peddie-Waddel) esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Slamannan 1390 

Balruddery, J. Martin White esq. j.p. see Liff & Benvie 810 
Bamft' house, Sir James Henry Ramsay bart. jr. A., d.l., 

J.p. see Alyth 1095 

Banchory house, Sir David Stewart ll.d., d.l., j.p. see 

Banchory-Devenick 907 

Bank house, Wm. Hyslop esq. j.p. see New Cumnock 258 

Bankier house. Jas.Risk esq. see Holland Bush,Dennv ^64 
Banknock house, Adam Hall Boyle esq. see Holland 

Bush, Denny x^^H 

Bantaskin, Robert Wilson esq. see Falkirk 1367 

Barbreck,Jas.ArchibaldCampbellesq.j p. see Kilmartin 205 

Bargaly, Mrs. Stewart, see Minnigaff 947 

Bargany house, North Victor Cecil Dalrymple-Hamil- 

ton esq. see Dailly 26r 

Barholm house, Miss A. S. M'Culloch Grant, see Kirk- 

mabreck 945 

Barjarg tower, Mrs. Hunter-Arundell, see Keir 509 

Barnbarroch, Lieut.-Col. John Vans-Agnew d.l., j.p. 

see Kirkinner 141 9 

Barncluith, William C. Bishop esq. see Hamilton 994 

Barra castle, John Killoh esq. see Bourtie ri4 

Barriemore house, Mrs. Campbell, see Appin 179 

Barrock house, Sir John Rose George Sinclair bart. 

d.s.o.,d.l., j.p. (Vice-Lieut, of Caithness-shire), see 

Bower . 


Barrogill castle, Frederick G. Sinclair esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Canisbay 405 

Barskimming, Misses Anderson, see Stair 321 

Barwhillanty, Robert Armstrong Yerburgh esq. ji.a., 

d.l., j.p. see Parton 948 

Barwhinnock, Robt. Watson Laidlay esq. see Twynholm . 95? 
Bathall, Capt. William Erskine Scott-Erskine j.v. see 

Menmuir 8r4 

Battleby, Archibald Coates esq. see Redgorton n7r 

Beattock house, T.G. Bishop esq. see Kirkpatrick-Juxta 511 
Beaufort castle, Lord Lovat c.v.o., C.B., d.s.o. see 

Kiltarlity S91 

Bedlay manor, Thomas Craig Christie esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Chryston, Cadder 971 

Beechwood, Geo. M. Cox esq. see Lochee, Dundee ... 728 
Belladrum, Archibald William Merry esq. D.L. see 

Kiltarlity 892 


Belle Isle, George Coats esq. j.p. see Alloway 227 

Belmont castle, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Campbell-Banner- 

man g.c.b., p.c, ji.p., m.a., d.l., j.p. see Meigle ... 1138 
Belton house, Capt. James G. Baird-Hay d.l., j.p. see 

Dunbar 834 

Bemersyde house, Joseph W. Baxendale esq. see 

Mertoun 386 

Ben Damph forest, Earl of Lovelace d.l., j.p. see 

Applecross 1275 

Bengairn house, John Fortune esq. see Auchencairn ... 933 

Benholm castle, John Rust esq. see Benholm 914 

Benmore, Henry Johnston Younger d.l., j.p. see 

Kilmun, Dunoon r92 

Benrig, Mrs. Pringle, see St. Boswells 1323 

Biel, Mrs. Nisbet-Hamilton-Ogilvy, see Stenton 844 

Binscarth house, Robert Scarth esq. j.p. see Firth 1065 

Birkhill, Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburnesq.D.L., j.p. 

see Balmerino 600 

Blackadder house, Sir George Lauderdale Houstoun- 

Boswall bart. d.l., j.p. see Allanton, Edrom 380 

Blackhall castle, James Toner Hay esq. j.p. see Ban- 

chory-Ternan 908 

Blackmount Forest lodge, Marquess of Breadalbane 

k.g., P.c, d.l., j.p., see Glenorchy 194 

Blackwood house, James Charles Hnpe-Vere esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Lesmahagow 1010 

Blair-Adam, Sir Charles Elphinstone Adam bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Blairadam, Cleish 924 

Blair castle, Duke of Atholl k.t. (Lord Lieut, of 

Perthshire), see Blair Atholl 1102 

Blair castle, James Pringle esq. see Culross 610 

Blair Drummond, Lt.-Col. H. Stirling-Home-Drum- 

mond (Viee-Lieut. of Perthshire), see Blair Drum- 
mond, Kincardine-in-Menteilh 1132 

Blair house, Col. Fredk. Gordon Blairc.B.,J.P. see Dairy 262 
Blairgowrie house, Mrs. McPherson, see Blairgowrie... 1103 

Blairmore house, Mrs. Geddes, see Glass 133 

Blairquhan castle, Commander Edward Hunter-Blair 

E.N., D.L.., j.p. see Straiton 324 

Blanerne, Edwin Robert John Sandys-Lumsdaine 

esq. b.a., J.p. see Bunkle 373 

Blebo, William Low esq. J.P. see Kemback 630 

Blythswood, Lord Blythswood a.d.c, d.l., j.p. see 

Renfrew r268 

Boath house, Sir Frederic George Dunbar bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Auldearn ros6 

Boghead, James A. Robertson Durham esq. j.p. see 

Bathgate 1038 

Bonally tower, Mrs. E. J. Simson, see Colinton 537 

Bonkyl lodge, Hou. Geo. Douglas Home j.p. see Bunkle 373 

Bonningtou house, Mrs. F'indlay, see Lanark roc.3 

Bonnytoun, H. M. Cadell esq. j.p., c.c. see Linlithgow 1047 
Boquhan house, Stephen Mitchell esq. j.p. see Gar- 

gunnock r376 

Borlhwick hall, David J. Macfie esq. J.P. see Borthwick 534 
Boturich castle, Robert E. Findlay esq. j.p. see Kil- 

maronock 459 

Bowhill, Duke of Buccleueh & Queensberry k.g., k.t., 

d.l., p.c. see Selkirk 1334 

Bowland, William Ramsay esq. j.p. see Stow 562 

Boyndlie, John Charles Matthias Ogilvie-Forbes esq. 

m.a., d.l., j.p. see Tyrie i7r 

Braco castle, Patrick Powell Ness esq. see Braco 1106 

Braemar castle, H. H. Prince Alexis Dolgorouki, see 

Braemar 117 

Braemore. Sir Jn. Edwd. Fowler bart. see Lochbroom 1289 
Brahan castle, Col. James Alex. Francis Humberston 

SteWart-Mackenzie f.k.g.s., d.l., j.p. see Fodderty 1281 
Braidwood house. Col. James Stevenson c.b., v.d., j.p. 

see Braidwood, Carluke 977 

Braikley house, Sir Victor Audley F. Mackenzie bart. 

ji.v.o. see Glenmuick 134 

Brechin castle, Earl of Dalhousie d.l., j.p. see Brechin 701 

Breda, Neil McLean esq. see Alford 109 

Bredisholm, I&rs. Gould, see Bailliestou 964 

Bridge castle.Capt. Thos. Hope d.l.,j.p. see Torphichen 1051 
Brin house, Capt. Charles Duncan Stewart, see Daviot 864 
Brisbane, Charles Thomas Brisbane esq. j.p., d.l. see 

Largs 3°5 

Broadmeadows, Robert James Lang esq. j.p. see Sel- 
kirk r334 

Broad Meadows, Mrs. Macbraie, see Hutton 384 

Brodick castle, Marquis of Graham c.v.o. see Brodick, 

Isle of Arran 391 

Brodie castle, Major Ian Ashley Moreton Brodie 

D.s.o., d.l., j.p. see F'orres 579 

Brooklands, Jn. Adamson esq. see Kirkpatrick-Durham 946 
Broomhall, Earl of Elgin & Kincardine K.G., G.C.S.I., 

g.c.i.e., p.c, d.c.l. (Lord Lieut, of F'ifeshire), see 

Dunfermline 617 

Broomlands, James Brunton esq. j.p. see Kelso 1314 




Brotherton castle, Miss Scott, see Johnshaven 914 

Brought lodge, Sir Arthur Thomas Bennet Robert 

Nicolson bart. d.l., j.p. see Fetlar 1341 

Broxmouth park, Dowager Duchess of Roxburghe, see 

Dunbar 835 

Brucklay castle, Alexander Dingwall Fordyce esq. d.l. 

9ee Brucklay, New Deer 120 

Brux lodge, Hon. Atholl Monson Forbes d.l., j.p. see 

Kildrummy 141 

Buchanan castle, Duke of Montr-ose k.t., a.d.c. (Lord 

Lrieut. of Stirlingshire), see Buchanan 1361 

Buchromb house, General Sir Peter Stark Lumsden 

G.C.B., d.l., j.p. see Dufftown 343 

Buness house, Laurence Edmondston esq.i.P. see Balta- 
sound, Unst 1349 

Burn (The), Col. Charles Mclnroy o.B., d.l., j.p. see 

Fettercairn 912 

Burnfoot, Col. William Elphinstone Malcolm M.A..D.L., 

j.p. see Westerkirk 528 

Burnfoot house, Major Herbert C. Irving j.p. see 

Middlebie 5*7 

Bush (The), Alex. E. C. Trotter esq. J.P. see Roslin... 561 
Byth bouse, Capt. the Hon. Walter Robert Drummond 

Forbes, see New Byth 114 

Cadder house, George A. Buchanan, see Cadder 971 

Cairnborrow lodge, Sir Frederick Bridge m.v.o., M a., 

mus.doc. see Glass 133 

Cairnbulg castle, John Duthie esq. see Inverallochy ... 138 
Cairness, Sir James Lyle Mackay G.c.M.Q., k.c.i.e. see 

Lonmay 147 

Cairnfield house, Mrs. Gordon, see Buckie 339 

Cairngall, Mrs. Hutchison, see Longside 146 

Cairnhill house, Andrew K. M'Cosh esq. j.p. see 

Airdrie 958 

Cairnie house, Col. James Scott Davidson j.p. see 

Kilconquhar 632 

Cairnsmore, His Grace the Duke of Bedford k g., 

d.l., j.p. see Minnigaff 947 

Caitloch, James M'Call esq. j.p. see Glencairn 506 

Calder house. Lord Torphichen j.p. see Mid-Calder ... 535 
Caldra, Capt. David William Milne-Home d.l., j.p. 

see Fogo 382 

Caldwell house, Maj. VY'm. Mure d.l.,j.p. see Neilston 1233 

Callandrade, Wm. H. Marshall esq. see Callander 1107 

Callendar house, Wm. Forbes esq. d.l., j.p., m.f.h. 

see Falkirk 1367 

Cally, Major Robert A. Johnston J.P. see Girthon. 941 

Calrossie, Andrew H. Macdonald esq. see Logie Easter 1290 
Cambo house, Sir ffolliott Williams Erskine bart. 

D.L., j.p. see Kingsbarns 635 

Cambusdoon, William Baird esq. see AHoway 227 

Cambusnethan house, Alexander Campbell esq. see 

Cambusnethan 976 

Cameron house, Capt. James Drummond Telfer- 

Smollett r.a., d.l., j.p. see Alexandria 436 

Camis Eskan, William Middleton Campbell esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Cardross 441 

Camperdown house, Earl of Camperdown d.l., j.p., 

ll.d. see Lochee, Dundee 718 

Cantray, Major Hugh Davidson d.l., j.p. see Croy ... 863 
Capenoch, Samuel Steuart Gladstone esq. j.p. see Keir 509 
Caprington castle, Lieut. -Col. John A. S. Cuninghame 

d.l., j.p. see Riccarton 316 

Carberry tower, Lord Elphinstone, see Inveresk 548 

Carbet castle, Mrs. Grimond, see Broughty-Ferry 706 

Carbrook house, Edwin Bolton esq. j.p. see Dunipace 1366 

Cardean, Edward Cox esq. d.l., j.p. see Meigle 1138 

Cardoness, Sir Wm. Francis Maxwell bart. d. l. , j. p. see 

Auwoth 932 

Cardrona house, Miss Williamson, see Traquair 1085 

Cardross, Henry David Erskine esq. c. v. o., d.l., j.p. 

see Port of Menteith 1169 

Careston castle, William Shaw Adamson esq. j.p. see 

Careston 710 

Carfin hall, F'itzCharles. David Macdonald esq. see 

Carfin 977 

Cargen, James Stirling esq. seeTroqueer 950 

Carlestoun, Mrs. Reid, see Campsie 1362 

Carlowrie castle, Mrs. Hutchison, see Kirkliston 1046 

Carmichael house, Major the Hon. Algernon H. C. 

Hanbury-Tracy c.m.g. see Carmichael 979 

Carnousie, John Harvey esq. d.l., j.p. see Forglen ... 345 
Carnwath house, Col. Sir Simon Macdonald Lockhart 

bart. m.v.o. , d.l., j.p. see Carnwath 980 

Carolside, Lord Reay p. a, ll.d., G.C.S.I., g.c.i.e., 

d.l., j.p. (Lord Lieut, of Roxburghshire), see Earlston 379 

Carphin house, James Carnegie esq. j.p. seeCreich 610 

Carriden house, James Hope Lloyd- Verney j.p. see 

Carriden, Bo'ness '. 1041 

Carron hall, Captain Robert Dundas Orr, see Larbert... 1384 

Carron house, James William Hamilton Grant esq. j.p. 

see Aberlour 333 

Carronvale, George Sherriff esq. see Larbert 1384 

Carstairs house, Sir James King bart. ll.d., d.l., j.p. 

see Carstairs 981 

Carwood house, James Dennistoun Mitchell esq. d.l., 

j.p.,, ll.b., b.c.l. see Biggar 966 

Cassencary, James A. Henryson Caird esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Kirkmabreck 945 

Castle F'orbes, Lord F"orbes, see Keig 140 

Castle Fraser, Mrs. F'raser, see Cluny 116 

Castle Grant, Caroline, Countess Dowager of Seatield, 

see Grantown-on-Spey 581 

Castle Huntly, Lady Armitstead, see Longforgan 1137 

Castle Lachlan, John Maclachlan of Maclachlan esq. 

d.l., J.p., w.s. see Strathlachlan 218 

Castle Leod, Major Edward Walter Blunt-Mackenzie 

j.p. see Strathpeffer 1293 

Castle Menzies, Sir Neil James Menzies bart. see Weem 1174 
Castle Newe, Sir Charles Stewart Forbes bart. d. l. see 

Strathdon 166 

Castle Semple house, James W. Shand-Harvey esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Lochwinnoch 1229. 

Castle Toward, Major John F'inlay j.p. see Toward, 

Dunoon 188 

Castle Wemyss, Lord Inverclyde j.p. see Wemyss Bay 1270 

Castlecraig, James Mann esq. j.p. see Kirkurd 1080 

Castlemilk, Sir Robert William Buchanan Jardine 

bart. see Saint Mungo S 2 3 

Castlemilk, William Crawf urd-Stirling-Stuart esq. D. l. 

see Carmunnock 980 

Castleroy, Mrs. S. Gilroy, see Broughty-Ferry 706 

Cavers Carre, Major Ralph Gervase Riddell-Carre, 

see Bowden 1301 

Cavers house, John Fyfe Jameson esq. see Cavers 130c 

Cawderstanes, Edward Gray esq. see Mordington 387 

Cawdor castle. Earl Cawdor P.O., d.l., j.p., a.d.c. see 

Cawdor 1057 

Cessnock castle, J. Harling Turner esq. j.p. see 

Galston 270 

Champfleurie, Col. John S. Napier, see Linlithgow ... 1047 
Charleton, Col. Charles Frederick St. Clair Anstruther 

M.v.o. , d.s.o. see Kilconquhar 631 

Charter hall, Capt. Algernon Richard Trotter D.S.O. , 

M.v.o., j.p. see F'ogo 382: 

Chesters, Mrs. T. E. Ogilvie, see Ancrum 1301 

Chesthill, Lieut. -Col. William James Breadalbane 

StewarMVIenzies j.p. see Fortingall 1127 

Cheylesmore lodge, Lord Cheylesmore c.v.o. see 

North Berwick 830 

Clachnafaire, Sir Fras.BoydOutram bart. see Pitlochry 1168 
Clathick house, Capt. William Campbell Colquhoun 

j.p. see Monzievaird 1140 

Clatto house, Malcolm Low esq. see Kemback 630 

Cleddans, Matthew Rankin esq. see New Monkland ... 1012 
Cleghorn house, William Eliott- Lockhart esq. D.L., 

j.p. see Lanark 1003 

Clement park, Miss Cox, see Lochee, Dundee 718 

Clifton park, Robt. Hy. Elliot esq. d.l., j.p. see Linton 1316 
Cloan, Right Hon. Richard Burdon Haldane M.P., K.C., 

m.a., ll.d. see Auchterarder 1098 

Closeburn castle, Thos. M. Brown esq. see Closebnrn 480 
Clova, Hugh Gordon Lumsden esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Auchindoir no 

Cluny castle, Sir Reginald A. E. & Lady Cathcart, see 

Cluny "6 

Cluny castle, Albt. C. Macpherson esq.j.p. see Laggan 894 
Colinton house, Col. John M. Trotter j.p. see Colinton 538 
Coll castle, Lt. -Col. Jn. Lome Stewart d.l., j.p. see Coll 187 
Coltness house, Mrs. Houldsworth, see Cambusnethan 976 

Colzium house, Hugh Moncrieff esq. see Kilsyth 1381 

Comlongon castle, Arthur Henry Johnstone- Douglas esq. 

D.L., J. P., c.c. see Ruthwell S22 

Conaglen house, Earl of Morton, see Ardgour i3o 

Conan house, Major Sir Kenneth John Mackenzie bart. 

D.L., J.P. seeConon Bridge, Urquhart 1297 

Coodham, Sir William Henry Houldsworth bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Symington 3 2 S 

Corehouse, Charles J. Edmondstoune-Cranstoun esq. 

D.L. , J.P. see Lanark 1003 

Cormiston, Daniel W. Collyer esq. see Liberton 1012 

Cormiston towers, R. Chrystal esq. see Liberton 1012 

Cornhill, James Young esq. see Culter 990 

Corraith, Peter Jeffrey Mackie esq. see Dundonald ... 267 
Corrybrough house, Herbert C. Malkin esq. see Moy 894 

Corsbie house, John Power esq. see Penningham 1425 

Corsock house, Capt. Henry Liston Murray j.p., d.l. 

see Corsock ..' 937 

Corswall house, David William Ramsay Carrick- 

Buchanan esq. d.l., j.p. see Kirkcolm 1418 

Cortachy castle, Countess of Airlie, see Cortachy 714 




Coul, Sir Arthur George Ramsay Mackenzie bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Fodderty 1281 

Coulin lodge, Sir William Ogilvy Dalgleish bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Auchnashellach, Loehcarron 1289 

Courance, The Misses Seton Wightman, see Kirk- 

michael 510 

Courthill, Charles James Murray d.l., j.p. see Kis- 

horn. Loehcarron 1289 

Couston, Andrew Whitton esq. J.p. see Newtyle 823 

Cowden castle, Miss Christie, see Muckhart 1141 

Cowdenknowes, Col. Charles Hope j.p. see Earlston ... 379 
CowhiH tower, Charles W. Dickson esq. see Holywood 508 
Craig castle, Win. Penny Craik esq. j.p. see Rhynie ... 163 
Craigbarnet, Capt. Miller Graham-Stirling, seeCampsie 1362 

Craigeleuch, Mrs. Cammell, see Westerkirk 528 

Craigdarroch, Miss Fergusson, see Glencairn 506 

Craigend castle, James Kerr esq. see Strathblane 1401 

Crai»ends, John Charles Cuninghame esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Kilbarchan 12 25 

Crai<*engi'lan, Mrs. McAdam, see Dalmellington 262 

Craigenvoch, Admiral Right Hon. Sir John Charles 

Dalrymplc-Hay bart. p.c, q.c.b., d.c.l., f.r.s., 

f.r.g.s., d.l., j. p., ll.d. see Glenluce, Old Luce ... 1422 
Craigforth house, Jas. Couper esq. j.p. see St. Ninians 1388 
Craighall, Lt.-Gen. Sir James Clerk Rattray k.c.b., 

d.l., j.p- see Rattray H70 

Craighlaw, Capt. William Malcolm Fleming Hamilton 

D.L., J.P. see Kirkcowan M19 

Craighton, Mrs. Gibb, seeFintry 1376 

Craigie hall, Adam P. Cross esq. see Dalmeny 1045 

Craigie house, Jas. A. Campbell esq. d.l., j.p. see Ayr 232 
Craigielands, James Smith esq. see Kirkpatrick-Juxta 5 11 
Craigievar eaStle.Lord Sempill j.p.see Leochel-Cushnie 144 
Craignish castle, Col. Frederick Richard Thomas 

Trench-Gascoigne d.s.o. see Craignish 187 

Craigruie, John Stewart M'Donald esq. see Balquhidder 1100 
Craigston castle, Lt.-Col. Francis Edward Romulus 

Pollard-Urquhart d.l., j.p. see Turriff 169 

Crailing house,Major James Paton d.l. ,j. p. see Crailing 1302 
Cranshaws castle, Andw. Smith esq. j.p. see Cranshaws 376 
Crathes castle, Col. Sir Thomas Burnett bart. d.l., j.p. 

see Banchory-Ternan 908 

Craufurdland castle, Lieut. -Col. William Reginald 

Houison-Craufurd j.p., d.l. see Kilmarnock 286 

Crawford priory, Hon. Thomas Horatio Arthur E. 

Cochrane m.p., J.p. & Lady Gertrude J. G. see 

Springfield 677 

Crawford ton, Lady Walker, see Glencairn 506 

Creagmhor, J. Cholmeley Russell esq. see Onieh, 

Kilmalie 890 

Crichie house, Eustace Robertson Burnett Stuart esq. 

j.p. see Old Deer 121 

Crimonmogate, Earl of Southesk ll.d., d.l., j.p. see 

Lonmay 147 

Crofts, James M'Queen esq. j.p. see Kirkpatrick- 

Durham 946 

Cromarty house, Col. Walter Charteris Ross o.b., j.p. 

see Cromarty 1277 

Cromlix, Arthur William Henry Hay Drummond, see 

Dunblane 1120 

Crookedholm house, David James Mackenzie esq. see 

Crookedholm, Kilmarnock , 285 

Crookston, William Henry Borthwick esq. see Stow ... 562 

Croys, Miss Skirving, see Kirkpatrick-Durham 946 

Culcreuch, Walter Menzies esq. M.p., j.p. see Fintry... 1376 
Culdees castle, Robert Thomas Napier Speir esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Muthill 1141 

Culgruff, Mrs. Stewart, see Crossmichael 938 

Cullen house, Caroline, Countess Dowager of Seafield, 

see Cullen 341 

Culloden house, Mrs. Thomson-Sinclair, see Inverness 876 

Cnlross park, Miss Jean Davidson, see Culross 610 

Culter Allers, Andrew Kirkwood McCosh esq. see Culter 990 
Cultoquhey, Anthony George Maxtone Graham esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Fowlis Wester 1127 

Culzean castle, Marquess of Ailsa d.l., j.p. see 

Kirkoswald 305 

Cumbernauld house, Alan Burns esq. j.p. see Cumber- 
nauld 44^ 

Cumloden, Earl of Galloway j.p. see Minnigaff 947 

Currie house, Walter Brown esq. see Borthwick 534 

Cushnie house, Col. Sir William Samuel Seton bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Leochel-Cushnie 144 

Dalarran lodge, Augustus Frederick Montague Spalding 

esq. d.l., j.p. see Balmaelellan 933 

Dalcross castle, Captain Henry Alford, see Croy 864 

Daldwoodie, Henry William Francis Wadd esq. see 

Holywood 508 

Dalhousie castle, Charles Wm. Cowan esq. see Coekpen 537 
Dalkeith house, Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry 

K.o., k.t., p.c. see Dalkeith 542 

Dall, Capt. Bruce Canning Vernon- Wentworth, see 

Kinloch-Rannoch 1133 

Dalmeny park, Earl of Rosebery k.g., k.t., p.c, f.e.s., 
f.b.a.,f.s.a. (Lord Lieutenant of Linlithgowshire & 

Edinburghshire), see Dalmeny 1045 

Dalmoak castle, James Aiken esq. j.p. see Dumbarton 448 

Dalmore, Andrew MacKenzie esq. j.p. see Alness 127s 

Dalskairth house, William Allan Coates, see Troqueer 950 
Dalswinton house, Thomas Rankin, see Kirkmahoe ... 510 
Dalvey house, Col. Norman MacLeod d.l., j.p. see Dyke 569 
Dalzeil house, Lord Hamilton of Dalzell d.l. see Dalziel 990 

Danevale, Misses Duncan, see Crossmichael 938 

Dankeith, Mrs. Mann Thomson, see Symington 325 

Darn hall, Lord Elibank j.p. (Lord Lieut, of Peebles- 
shire), see Eddleston 1078 

Darnaway castle. Earl of Moray d.l., j.p. see Forres.. 580 

Dawyck house, Mrs. Balfour, see Drumelzier 1078 

Dean (The}, Andrew Rintoul esq. see Kilmarnock 287 

Deanston house, Lady Muir, see Deanston, Kilmadock 1132 

Dechmont house, Mrs. Madden, see Livingstone 1050 

Delgatycastle.Ainslie DnuglasAinslieesq.D.L.seeTurriff 169 
Delvine, Sir Alex. Muir- Mackenzie bart. d.l. see Caputh 1 109 

Dildawn, Charles A. Phillips esq. see Kelton 942 

Dinnet house, J. C. Barclay Harvey esq. see Dinnet... 123 
Doehfour, James Evan Bruce Baillie esq. K.V.O., J.P. 

see Inverness 873 

Dollars, Mrs. Carleton Tufnell, see Hurlford 274 

Dollerie, Anthony G. Murray esq. J.p. see Madderty 1137 
Dolphinton house, Kenneth Mackenzie esq. see Dol- 

phinton 991 

Donibristle park. Earl of Moray M.A., D.L., J.P. see 

Aberdour 593 

Doonholm, James Kennedy esq. see Alloway 227 

Doonside, William Hamilton Dunlop esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Alloway 227 

Dorlin house, Lord Howard of GIossop, see Ardna- 

murchan 180 

Dormont house, Major Francis John Carruthers j.p. 

see Dalton 481 

Douglas castle, Earl of Home k.t., v.d., d.l. (Lord 

Lieutenant of Lanarkshire), see Douglas 991 

Douglas Support, The Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbell 

Douglas, m.a., j.p. see Coatbridge 983 

Doune lodge, Earl of Moray m.a., d.l., j.p. see 

Kilmadock 1132 

Doune of Rothiemurchus, John Peter Grant esq. B.A. , 

ll.b., d.l., j.p. see Rothiemurchus, Duthil 866 

Dreghorn castle, John Stewart Clark esq. see Colinton 337 
Drum (The), Lieut.-Col. George Dalrymple More 

Nisbett j.p. see Gilmerton 546 

Drumlanrig castle, Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry 
K.O., k.t., P.O. (Lord Lieutenant of Dumfries-shire 
& Captain-Gen. of Royal Company of Archers), see 

Durisdeer S°4 

Drummond castle, Earl of Ancaster P.O., d.l., j.p. see 

Muthill 114 1 

Drummond park, Mrs. Richard Playne-Smith, see 

Inverness 875 

Drummore, Col. Wm. Aitchison j.p. see Prestonpans.. 843 
Drummuir castle, Thomas Duff Gordon-Duff esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Botriphnie 338 

Drumpark, Mrs. Duncan James Kay, see Irongray, 

Kirkpatrick-Irongray 946 

Drumpellier house, Lady Carrick-Buchanan, see Coat- 
bridge 983 

Drunearn house, Miss Renny Watson, seeComrie 1111 

Dryburgh abbey, Dowager Lady Orr-Ewing, see 

Mertoun 3 86 

Dryburgh house, The Misses Baillie, see Mertoun 386 

Duart, William Murray Guthrie esq. seeCraignure, Mull 211 
Duchal house, Sir Hugh Shaw-Stewart bart. d.l., j.p. 

see Kilmacolm 1227 

Duchray castle, Edwin Bolton esq. see Drjmien 1365 

Duddingston house, Prof. James Cossar Ewart m.d., 

f.e.s., f.z.s. see Duddingston 546 

Dudhope house, Wm. B. Robertson esq. j.p. see Dundee 732 
Duffus house, Sir Archibald Hamilton Dunbar bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Duffus, Burghead 567 

Duracrieff house, Walter Macfarlane esq. see Moffat... 519 
Dumfries house, Marquess of Bute, see Old Cumnock.. 259 
Dun house, Augustus John William Henry Kennedy- 

Erskine esq. see Dun 7*4 

Dunalastair house, Mrs. de Sales La Terriere, see Kin- 
loch-Rannoch "34 

Dunbeath castle, Commander Edwin S. Alexander- 
Sinclair r.n., d.l., j.p. see Dunbeath, Lybster 408 

Duncow, Major John Crabbe j.p. see Kirkmahoe 510 

Duncraig castle, Sir Kenneth James Matheson bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Plockton, Lochalsh 1288 

Duncrub park, Lord Rollo f.r.g.s., f.s.a., d.l. see 
Dunning II2 4 




Dundas castle, Stewart Clark esq. see Queensferry ... 1050 

Dundhu, Lady Alice Mary Eyre, see Aberfoyle 1093 

Dundonnell, Hugh Mackenzie esq. see Dundonnell, 

Lochbroom 1289 

Dunglass, Sir Basil Francis Hall bart. D.L., J.P. see 

Oldharnstocks 842 

Dunimarle, Rev. William Bruce b. d. see Culross 610 

Dunipace house, John A. Harvie-Brown esq. J. P., F.Z.S., 

f.r.s.e. see Dunipace 13^6 

Dunira, Sir Chas. Henry Dundas bart. j.p. see Comrie nil 
Dunkeld house, Duke of Atholl k.t. (Lord Lieutenant 

of Perthshire), see Dunkeld 1122 

Dunlop house, Major James Francis Dalrymple-Hay 

d.l., j.p., c.c. see Dunlop 268 

Dunmore, Allan Gilmore esq. see Kilcalmonell 203 

Dunmore park, Hon. Mrs. Henrietta Hamilton, see 

Dunmore, Airth 1356 

Dunnichen house, Edmund C. Cox esq. see Dunnichen 796 
Dunnikier house, John Oswald esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Kirkcaldy 639 

Dunninald Castle, Capt. John Stansfeld j.p. see Craig 714 
Dunnottar bouse, William Ritchie esq. see Dunnottar 911 
Dunphail, Earl of Elgin & Kincardine E.G., G.O.S.I., 

G.C.I.E., p.c, D.C.L. see Edinkillie 570 

Dunragit house, John Charles Cuninghame esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Glenluce, Old Luce 1422 

Dunrobin castle, Duke of Sutherland E.G. (Lord Lieut. 

of Sutherlandshire), see Golspie „ 1409 

Duns castle, Francis S. Hay esq. j.p. see Duns 377 

Dunsinnan, James Mackay Bernard esq. 11. sc, f.r.s.e. 

see Collace nil 

Dunskey house, Lady Augusta Orr-Ewing, see Port- 

patrick 1425 

Dunstaffnage castle, Alexander J. H. Campbell esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Dunstaffnage, Oban 212 

Duntreath castle, Sir Archibald Edmonstone bart. 

d.l. see Strathblane 1401 

Dunure house, John Campbell Kennedy esq. j.p. see 

Dunure, Maybole 310 

Dnnvegan castle, TheMacleod of Macleod c.m.g., d.l., 

j.p. see Dunvegan, Duirinish 896 

Dupplin castle, Earl of Kinnoull D. l. ,j. p. see Aberdalgie 1092 
Durie house, Robert Maitland Christie esq. j.p. see 

Scoonie 677 

Durris house, Hy. Robert Baird esq. d.l. , J. p. see Durris 912 
Dyroek house, Frederick Shaw Kennedy esq. j.p. see 

Kirkmicuael 304 

Dysart house, Sir Michael Barker Nairn bart. j.p. see 

Dysart 625 

Eaglescarnie, Miss Stuart, see Bolton 832 

Eaglesham house, Allan Gilmour esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Eaglesham 1187 

Earlshall, Robert W.R. Mackenzie esq. j.p. seeLeuchars 657 
Earlston house, Sir Charles Edward Gordon bart. see 

Borgue 1 934 

Earnock house, Lady Watson, see Hamilton 994 

East End, Capt. Michael H. D. Thomson-Carmichael 

d.l., j.p. see Covington & Tuankerton 989 

Ecclesgreig, Frederick Grant Forsyth Grant esq. d.l., 

j.p. see St. Cyrus 918 

Eccles house, James Lewis Greig esq. j.p. see Eccles 380 
Eden hall, Capt. George Sholto & Lady Laura Douglas, 

see Kelso 1313 

Edgerston house, William Edward Oliver-Rutherfurd 

esq. j.p. see Edgerston 1303 

Edinchip, Lady Helen L. MacGregor, see Balquhidder 1 100 
Edingight house, Sir John Innes bart. (Vice-Lieut. 

of Banffshire), d.l., j.p. see Grange 346 

Edinglassie, Sir Charles Stewart Forbes bart. d.l. see 

Strathdon 166 

Edmiston, Sir John Douglas Don Wauchope bart. see 

Gilmerton 546 

Edradynate, Major James Stewart-Robertson d.l., j.p. 

see Weem 1175 

Edrington house, Thos. Chirnside esq. see Mordington 387 
Eglinton castle, Earl of Eglinton & Winton (Lord 

Lieut, of Ayrshire), see Kilwinning 302 

Eildon hall, Earl of Dalkeith d.l. see Melrose 1318 

Elibank castle, Lord Elibank d.l., j.p. (Lord Lieut, of 

Peeblesshire), see Yarrow 1336 

Elie house, William Baird esq. d.l., j.p. see Elie 026 

Eliock, George Douglas Veiteh, see Sanquhar 523 

Ellenreacb, Sir Henry Hall Scott, see Glenelg 868 

Elliston house, Miss Dalrymple, see St. Boswalls l 3 2 3 

Ellon castle, Arthur John Lewis Gordon esq. C.M.G., 

d.l., j.p. see Ellon 124 

Enterkine, John Bell esq. j.p. see Tarboltou 325 

Erchless castle, Misses Chisholm (of Chisholm), see 

Erchless, Kiltarlity '. 892 

Erigmore, Henry Peters esq. see Birnam 1123 

Ernespie, Mrs. Lawrence, see Crossmichael 938 


Errol park, Sir William Ogilvy Dalgleish bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Errol 1125 

Erskine house, William Arthur Baird, see Erskine 1188 

Esslemont, Col. John Wolrige-Gordon j.p. see Ellon ... 124 
Ethie castle, Earl of Nortbesk d.l., j.p. see Inverkeilor 803 
Failford house, Jn. Lawrie Coulson esq. see Tarboltou 325 

Fairburn, John Stirling esq. d.l., j.p. see Urray 1297 

Fairlie house, Colonel Douglas A. S. Cuninghame, sae 

Dundonald 267 

Faskally, Archibald Edward Butter esq. see Moulin ... 1140 
Fasque house, Sir John Robert Gladstone bart. j.p., 

d.l. see F'ettercairn 912 

Fawsyde house, Thomas L. R. Shand esq. see Kinneff 914 
F'erguslie park, Sir Thomas Glen Glen-Coats bart. m. p., 

v.d., d.l., see Paisley 1234 

Fernie castle, Major Francis W. Balfour d.l., j.p. see 

Monimail 663 

Fettercairn house, Lord Clinton d.l., j.p. see Fetter- 
cairn 912 

Fei.teressocxstle, Hobt. William Duff esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Fetteres.-o 913 

Fetternear house, Charles S. Leslie esq. see Kemnay.. 140 
Feugh cottage, John William Edward James Douglas 

esq. see Banchory-Ternan 908 

Finavon house, Lieut. -Col. Charles Greenhill-Gardyne 

D.L., j.p. see Oathlaw 823 

Fingask castle, William Murray Threipland esq. see 

Kilspindie 1132 

Finlaystone house, George Jardine Kidston esq. see 

Kilmacolm 1227 

Finzean house, Rt. Hon. Robert Farquharson m.d., 

d.l., j.p. seeBirse 113. 

Floors castle, Duke of Roxburgbe e.t., m.v.o. see Kelso 1313 

Flowerburn, Mrs Crosbie, see Fortrose 1282 

Foggyley, Arthur J. Cox esq. see Loehee, Dundee 728. 

Forbes court, Right Rev. Walter John Forbes Robberds 

d.d. (Bishop of Brechin), see Broughty F'erry 706- 

Fordell house, Earl of Buckinghamshire, see Dalgetty.. 615 
Forglen house, Sir George William Abercromby bart. 

seeForglen 345 

Forse house, EdwardWilliamDavidBaird esq.seeLybster 408 
Fothringham house, Walter Thos. James Scrymsoure- 

Steuart-Fothringham esq. d.l., j.p. see Inverarity.. 804 
Foulden house, Major James B. Wilkie e.o.s.b., j.p. 

see Foulden 382 

Foulis castle, Col. Sir Hector Munro bart. d.l., j.p., 

a.d.c. (L3rd Lieut, of Ross-shire), see Kiltearn 1285 

Freefield, Miss Leith, see Rayne 163 

Freeland, Mrs. Wood, see Forgandenny 1126 

Fullarton house, Sir Matthew Arthur bart. D.L., j.p. 

see Dundonald 267 

Fyvie castle, Lord Leith of Fyvie d.l., j.p. see Fyvie... 132 
Gairloch, Capt. Sir Kenneth John Mackenzie bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Gairloch 1283 

Gala house, John Henry Francis Kinnaird Scott esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Galashiels i3 2 9- 

Galloway house, Robert F'. McEwan esq. see Sorbie ... 1427 

Garden, Archibald Stirling esq. see Kippen r 383 

Gardie house, Rt. Kev. William Mouat Cameron M.A. 

(Coadjutor Bishop of Capetown), see Bressay 1340 

Gardyne castle, Alexander Lyell esq. j.p. see Kirkden 807 
Gargunnock house, Charles Stirling Stirling esq. see 

Gargunnock , 1376 

Garnkirk house, Thomas Cowie esq. see Garnkirk ... 972 
Garrion tower, James Scott esq. j.p. see Cambusnethan 976 
Garscadden house, Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun esq. 

see New Kilpatrick 460- 

Garscube house, Sir Archibald Spencer Lindsey Camp- 
bell of Succoth bart. d.l., j.p. see New Kilpatrick... 460- 
Gart (The), William Jacks esq. ll.d. see Callander ... 1107 
Garth, Sir Donald Currie g. c.m.g., d.l. see Fortingall 1127 
Garthland, Henry MacDowall esq. d.l. , j.p. see 

Loehwinnoch 1229- 

Gartincaber,Jn. Burn-Murdoch esq. J.P. see Kilmadock 1132 
Gartsherrie, Capt. George Frederick Russell Colt d.l., 

j.p. see Coatbridge 983. 

Gartshore, Alexander Whitelaw esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Kirkintilloch 462 

Garvald, William Allan- Woddrop esq. d.l., j.p. see 

West Linton 1080- 

Garvock hoase, Col.Conyngham M'Alpine, see Dunning 1124. 
Geanies, Lieut. -Col. William Hugh Eric Murray j.p. 

see Fearn 1280* 

Genoch lodge, Colonel Sturrock, see Straiton 324 

Gibliston bouse, Sir Archibald Ava Campbell bart. j.p. 

see Carnbee 606- 

Gildermorie, Frederick Shoolbred esq. see Alness 1275 

Gilmerton, J. M. Miller Richard esq. see Athelstane- 

ford 829 

Girdstingwood, John M'Djwall esq. J.p. see Rerrick... 948 
Glaisnock house, John Marshall esq. see Old Cumnock 259, 




Glamis castle, Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (Lord 

Lieut, of County of Forfarshire), d.l.,j. p. see Glamis 803 

Glasclune, Lord Kinross, see North Berwick 830 

Gledfield house, Sir Kenneth James Matheson bart. 

(of Loehalsh), d.l., j.p. see Gledfield, Kincardine... 1286 
Glen (The), Sir Edward Priaulx Tennant bart. M.P., 

j.p. see Traquair 1085 

Glen Carradale, Austin MacKenzie esq. see Carradale, 

Saddell 215 

Glen Stuart, Sir Alexander Beaumont Churchill Dixie 

bart. j.p. see Cummertrees 480 

Glen-Kyllachie, William Dalziel Mackenzie esq. m.a., 

d.l., j.p. see Moy 894 

Glenapp castle, James Henry Stock esq. m.a., j.p. see 

Ballantrae 252 

Glenartney lodge, Lord Willoughby de Eresby m.p., 

j.p. see Comrie 1111 

Glenbarr abbey, Major Matthew Chas. B. Macalister 

j.p. see Glenbarr, Killean 204 

Glencaird, Lieut. -Col. John McKie D.3.0., d.l., j.p. see 

Minnigaff 947 

Glencarron lodge, Lord Wimborne d.l., j.p. see 

Lochcarron 1289 

Glencorse house, Mrs. Pitman, see Glencorse 547 

Glencreggan house, William Kennedy esq. j.p. see 

Glenbarr 204 

Glendevon house, David C. R. Lindsay esq. see 

Glendevon 1128 

Glendye, Sir John Robert Gladstone bart. d.l. , j.p., 

see Strachan 921 

Gleneagles, Earl of Camperdown d. l. ,j. p. see Blackford 1 101 
Glenferness, Earl of Leven & Melville, see Ardclach... 1056 
Glentiddich lodge, Duke of Richmond & Gordon c.B. 

(Lord Lieutenant of Elginshire), see Dufftown 343 

Glenforsa, Lieut. -Col. Charles Greenhill-GardyneD.L. , 

J.P. see Aros, Mull 211 

Glenisla house, Sir John George Smyth Kinloch bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Folda 804 

Glenlaggan, Mrs. Sanderson, see Parton 948 

Glenlair house, Major James Andrew Colville Wedder- 

burn-Maxwell j.p. see Parton 948 

Glenlee, Prince Smith esq. see Kells 942 

Glenmazeran, Captain H. Dalgetty, see Moy 895 

Glenogil, Andrew Thomson Lyon esq. see Tannadice... 824 

Glenogil house, Mrs. Williamson, see Tannadice 824 

Glenormiston house, Michael G. Thorburn esq. j.p. 

see Innerleithen 1079 

Glentruim, Duncan J. Macpherson esq. j.p. see Laggan 894 
Glorat, Sir Charles Elphinstone Fleming Stirling bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Milton, Campsie 1362 

Gogar house, John M. Morries esq. d.l., j.p. sae 

Blair Logie, Logie 1386 

Goldielea, John Hutton Balfour Browne esq. K.c. , d.l., 

j.p. see Troqueer 950 

Gordon castle, Duke of Richmond & Gordon k.g., 

G.C.v.o., M.v.o. (Lord Lieutenant of Elginshire & 

Banffshire), see Fochabers 577 

Gordonstown house, Sir William Gordon Gordon- 

Cumming bart. see Duffus, Burghead 567 

Gorton house, A. Campbell Fraser esq. d.c.l. see 

Rosewell 560 

Gosford house, Earl of Wemyss & March j.p., d.l., 

v.d., a.d.c. see Aberlady 829 

Grsemeshall, Alexander M. Sutherland-Graeme esq. 

j.p. see Holm 1066 

Grange (The), Charles E. Gilroy esq. see Monifieth ... 814 
Grange hall, Montagu James Grant Peterkin esq. 

D.L., j.p. see Kinloss 577 

Grange hill, Robert Marshall esq. see Beith 252 

Grantully castle, Lady Douglas Stewart, see Grantully 11 29 
Greenfield house, David Thomson esq. J.p. see Alloa 420 
Greshornish, Kenneth Macleod Robertson-Macleod 

esq. j.p. see Duirinish 897 

Gribton, Henry Lamont esq. see Holywood 508 

Grobdale, Alex. Livingstone esq. j.p. see Balmaghie... 933 
Grove (The), W. Laurie Dunn esq. see Irongray, Kirk- 

patrick-Irongray 946 

Gruinards, Col. Henry Piatt, see Kincardine 1286 

Guisachan, Earl of Portsmouth, see Kilmorack 89^ 

Outhrie castle, Capt. John Douglas Maude Guthrie 

d.l. see Guthrie 804 

Guynd (The), Lieut. -Col. Thomas Heathcote Ouchter- 

lony j.p. see Carmyllie 711 

Haddo house, Earl of Aberdeen k.t., g.c.m.o., p.c, 

f.s.a. see Methlick 150 

Hailie, Charles John Cathcart Douglas esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Largs 305 

Hainiug (The), Professor A. Seth Pringle-Pattison, 

ll.d. see Selkirk 1334 

Hairshawmuir, Andrew Brown Paton esq. see Kil- 
marnock 287 

Halkshill, Charles Cunningham Scott esq. see Largs... 303 
Hallyburton house, William D. G. Menzies esq. j.p. 

see Kettins 805 

Hamilton palace, Duke of Hamilton, Brandon & 

Chatelherault d.l. see Hamilton 994 

Hangingshaw (The), Richard Brown esq. see Yarrow 1337 
Harden, Lord Polwarth d.l., j.p. (Lord Lieut, of 

Selkirkshire), see Roberton 1322 

Hardington house, Timothy Warren esq. see Wiston.. 1034 
Hartrigge House, Lord Stratheden & Campbell d.l., 

j.p. see Jedburgh 1310 

Harviestoun castle, John E. Kerr esq. j.p. ses Dollar... 429 

Harwood, William C. Elliot esq. j.p. see Hobkirk 1310 

Hatton castle, Maj. Garden Alexander Duff d.l., j.p. 

see Turriff , 169 

Hatton house, James McKelvie esq. see Ratho 560 

Hattonburn, Henry Purvis Russell Montgomery esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Orwell 927 

Haughton, Miss Farquharson, see Alford 103 

Hawkhead house, William Stevenson esq. see Paisley 1234 
Hawthornden, Col. Sir James Hamlyn Williams- 

Drummond bart. j p. see Lasswade 549 

Hendersyde park, Sir Richard John Waldie-Griffith 

bart. d.l., j.p. see Ednam 1303 

Hensol, Richard Dunning Barre Cuninghame esq. 

D.L., j.p. see Balmaghie 933 

Herbertshire castle, George Forbes esq. see Dunipace... 1366 
Herdmanston house, Robert Croall esq. see WestSalton 844 

Hill house, R. Logan Kidston esq. see Dundonald 267 

Hirsel (The), Earl of Home k.t., v.d. d.l., j.p. see 

Coldstream 375 

Hoddam castle, Edward J. Brook esq. j.p. see Hoddam 504 

Holme Rose, Mrs. Rose, see Croy 864 

Holmes, Mrs. Fairlie, see Hurlford 274 

Holmes, Daniel Norman Ritchie esq. see St. Boswells 1323 
Holylee,Major Jas. Llewellyn Erans J. p. see Innerleithen 1079 
Hopetoun house, Marquess of Linlithgow k.t., g.c. m.g., 

g.c.v.o., P.O., d.l. sea Abercorn 1037 

House of Falkland, Lord Ninian Edward Criehton- 

Stuart, see Falkland 627 

House of Urrard, Aubrey K. Alston-Stewart esq. see 

Moulin 1 140 

Househill, Mrs. Grant, see Nairn 1057 

Houston house, Alexander Archibald Speirs esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Houston 1221 

Houstoun house, Rear-Admiral Robert Stevenson 

Dalton Cumming, see Uphall 1052 

Hunterston, Mrs. Hunter- Weston, see West Kilbride... 281 
Huntingtower house, Major William Lindsay Mercer, 

see Huntingtower, Tibbermore 1174 

Huntlyburn house, Captain Lord George William 

Montagu-Douglas-Seott, see Melrose 1318 

Hutton castle, Harold John Tennant esq. m.p. see 

Hutton 384 

Idvies house, John Sharp Callender Brodie esq. j.p. 

see Kirkden 807 

Inch house, Col. Robert Gordon Gordon-Gilmour, 

c.B. , d.s.o., m.v.o. see Liberton 551 

Inchmarlo house, Duncan Davidson esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Banchory-Ternan 908 

Inchyre, John Edward E. Corstorphine esq. see Abdie 395 
Inglewood, Alexander Paton Forrester Paton esq. j.p. 

see Alloa 420 

Innes house, James Davidson esq. see Elgin 572 

Inveraray castle, Lord George Campbell, see Inveraray 193 

Inverbroom house, Lady Fowler, see Lochbroom 1289 

Invercauld house, Alexander H. Farquharson esq. see 

Braemar 118 

Invercharron, Alex. Littlejohn esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Kincardine 12S6 

Invercoe house, The Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona & 

Mount Royal p.c, g.c.m.q. see Ballachulish South 181 
Inverewe, Osgood Hanbury Mackenzie esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Poolewe 1291 

Invergordon castle, Capt. Roderick Willoughby Macleod 

d.l., j.p. (of Cadboll), see Rosskeen 1292 

Invergowrie house, Capt. George David Clayhills- 

Henderson r.n., j.p. see Invergowrie 1129 

Inverie, Arthur S. Bowlby esq. see Knoydart, Glenelg 868 
Inverinate, Capt. Sir Keith Alex. Fraser bart. see 

Kintail 1287 

Inverlochy castle, Dowager Lady Abinger, see Kil- 

monivaig 891 

Invermark lodge, Earl of Dalhousie, p.c, d.l. see 

Lochlee * — 8ti 

Invermay house, John M. Fraser esq. see Forteviot ... 1126 
Inverneil, Col. Duncan Campbell d.l., j.p. see South 

Knapdale 207 

Invervar lodge.Hon. Mrs.Stewart-Menzies.seeFortingall 1 127 
Inzievar,Archibald Dominic Smith-Sligo esq.seeOakley, 

Carnock 600 



Islay house, Hugh Morrison esq. j.p. see Bridgend, 

Islay 198 

Jardine hall, David Jardine Jardine esq. j.p. see 

Applegarth 478 

Johnstone castle, George Ludovic Houstoun esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Johnstone 1223 

Jura house, Colin Campbell esq. d.l., j.p. see Jura ... 201 
Karnes castle, J. Duncan Lyon esq. see Port Banna- 

tyne, Isle of Bute 393 

Keir house, Archibald Stirling esq. d.l., j.p. see Dun- 
blane 1 120 

Keiss castle, Major Sir Edward Arthur Barry bart. 

j.p. see Keiss 407 

Keith hall, Earl of Kintore p.c. , G.c.M.G.,, 

f.k.o.s., d.l., j.p. see Keith Hall 140 

Keithick, Edward Collins-Wood esq. see Coupar-Angus 1112 
Kelburne castle, Earl of Glasgow G.C.M.G. , D.L., J.P. 

see Fairlie 268 

Kellie castle, Mrs. Lorimer, see Carnbee 605 

Kelly castle, Mrs. Corsar, see Arbirlot 687 

Kelton house, Mrs. Fletcher, see Dumfries 486 

Kemnay house, Alex. G. Burnett esq. J.P. see Kemnay 140 
Kenlochlaich house, Duncan H. Campbell-Munro esq. 

see Appin 179 

Kenmure castle, James Charles Maitland Gordon j.p., 

d.l. see Kells 942 

Kennet house, Lord Balfour of Burleigh K.T., P.C, 

d.l., j.p. see Clackmannan 428 

Kennox, Charles Godfrey Somerville McAlester, see 

Stewarton 323 

Keppoch, Montague Baird esq. see Cardross 441 

Kerse house, Marquess of Zetland k.t., p.c, d.l., 

j.p. see Falkirk 1367 

Kersewell, Frank Warrack esq. see Carnwath 980 

Kilberry castle, John Campbell esq. d.l., j.p. see Kil- 

berry, South Knapdale 207 

Kilconquhar house, Earl of Lindsay j.p. see Kileonquhar 631 
Kilcoy castle, Evan N. Burton-Mackenzie esq. J.p. see 

Killearnan 1284 

Kildrummy castle, James Ogston esq. see Kildrummy 141 
Kilduff, Sir Alexander Kinloch bart. d.l., j.p. see 

Athelstaneford 829 

Kilgraston, Lady Watson, see Dunbarney 1119 

Kilkatrine, His Grace The Duke of Argyll k.t., p.c, 

g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o. & h.r.h. The Princess Louise, see 

St. Catherine's, Strachur 217 

Kilkerran, Edward Wormald esq. see Dailly 261 

Killean house, Stuart Hall esq. see Killean & Kilkenzie 204 

Killearn house, John Connell esq. see Killearn 1380 

Killilan, Richard John Bowerman esq. see Kintail 1287 

Killochan castle, Col. Alexander Brown Grant M.V.O., 

v.d., see Dailly 261 

Killundine, Sir John Henry Morris k.cs.i., j.p. see 

Morvern 210 

Kilmahew, Capt. John William Burns, see Cardross .. 441 
Kilmaron castle, Sir James Low d.l., j.p. see Cupar... 611 
Kilmory, Sir Arthur John Campbell-Orde bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Lochgilphead 208 

Kilquhanity, Robert W. Fergusson esq. see Kirk- 

patrick-Durham 946 

Kilravock castle, Major James Rose j.p. see Nairn 1057 

Kimmerghame, John Liulf CampbellSwintonesq.v.D., 

d.l., j.p. see Edrom 381 

Kinblethmont, Henry Alexander Fullerton Lindsay- 
Carnegie esq. d.l., j.p. see Inverkeilor 805 

Kincaldrum,Edwd. A. Baxter esq. d. l. , j. p. seelnverarity 805 
Kincardine castle, Major Alfred Reed, see Auehterarder 1098 
Kincorth, Robert Wilfred E. Grant esq. see F'orres ... 580 
Kindar house, Cliff McCulloch esq. see New Abbey ... 932 

Kindeace, Mrs. Robertson, see Kilmuir Easter 1285 

Kindrochet, Earl of Ilchester, see Blair Atholl 1103 

Kindrogan, F'rank Balfour esq. see Moulin 1140 

Kinfauns castle, The Hon. Morton Gray Stuart-Gray 

M.A. see Kinfauns 1133 

Kingcausie, Mrs. Fortescue, see Maryculter 916 

Kinharvie house, Lord Herries (Lord Lieut, of Kirk- 
cudbrightshire;, j.p. see New Abbey 932 

Kinloch, Sir John George Smyth Kinloch bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Meigle 1138 

Kinloch house, John Boyd Kinnear esq. J. p. see Collessie 607 
Kinmount, Charles Brook esq. j.p. see Cummertrees.. 480 
Kinmundy, James Ferguson esq. k.c , j.p. see Old Deer 121 
Kinnaird castle, Earl of Southesk ll.d.,d.l., j.p. see 

Farnell 797 

Kinnaird house, Mrs. Orr, see Larbert 1384 

Kinnordy, Sir Leonard Lyell bart. d.l., j.p. see Kirrie- 
muir 807 

Kinrara, Duke of Richmond & Gordon E.G., G.c.v.o., 

en. see Alvie : 861 

Kinross house, Sir Basil Templer Graham-Mont^ 

gomery bart. d.l. see Kinross 925 


Kippendavie lodge,John A. Spens esq. see Dunblane... 1120 
Kippenross house, "ohu A. Stirling esq. see Dunblane 1121 
Kirkdale, Col. Ramsay William Rainsford Hannay 

e.a. see Kirkmabreck 945 

Kirkhill, Col. Robert Dundas d.l., j.p. see Cockpen... 537 

Kirkhill castle, Mrs. Tinn, see Colmonell 256 

Kirkmichael house, Robt. Hey wood esq. seeKirkmichael 510 
Kirkton, Major James Stevenson Hamilton d.l., j.p., 

f.r.g.s. see Carluke 977 

Kirroughtree, Arthur Calrow Armitage esq. d.l., j.p. 

seeMinnigaff 947 

Knock castle, Fras. Glen MacAndrew esq. J.P. see Largs 305 
Knockespock, Harry Gordon Fellowes Gordon esq. j.p.' 

see Clatt 116 

Kyllachy house, Lord Kyllachy m.a. , ll.d., d.l., j.p. 

see Moy 894 

Ladykirk house, The Hon. Mrs. Askew-Robertson, see 

Ladykirk 384 

Laggan, Mrs. Oliver, see liallantrae 251 

Laggan lodge, Right Hon. Sir Ford North p.c, F.R.S. 

see Knocliando 583 

Lainshaw house, Andrew Arthur esq. see Stewarton 323 
Laithers, William J. Woodman Smith esq. see Turriff 169 
Lamancha house, James Mackintosh esq.see Lamancha, 

Newlands 10S1 

Lamington house, Lord Lamington g.c.m.g., g.c.i.e., 

d.l. see Lamington 1030 

Langholm lodge, Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry 

k.g., k.t., p.c (Lord Lieut, of Dumfries-shire), see 

Langholm 512 

Langton house, Hon. Mrs. Robert Baillie-Hamilton, 

see Langton 385 

Langwell house, Duke of Portland k.g., p.c, g.c.v.o. 

(Lord Lieut, of Caithness-shire), see Berriedale ... 405 
Lanrick castle, John Stroyan esq. d. l., j.p. see Kil- 

madock 1132 

Larbert house, Sir John Henry Noble Graham bart. 

j.p. see Larbert 1384 

Largie castle, John Ronald Moreton-Macdonald esq. 

j. p., see Tayinloan, Killean & Kilkenzie 204 

Largo house, Benjamin C. Cox esq. see Upper Largo.. 655 
Lathallan, John 0. Donald esq. l.r.c.p. & s.Edin. see 

Largoward 656 

Lathallan, Henry Adolph Salvesen esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Polmont 1387 

Latheronwheel, Mrs. Stocks, see Latheron, Lybster ... 408 
Lathrisk, Charles J. Maitland Mackgill-Crichtou esq. 

see Falkland 627 

Laurieston hall, Stephen Gilbert Holland esq. see 

Balmaghie 933 

Lauriston castle, David Scott Porteous esq. d.l., j.p. 

see St. Cyrus 918 

Lauriston castle, William R. Reid esq. see Cramond... 539 
Lawers, Col. David Robertson Williamson d.l., j.p. 

see Monzievaird 1140 

Laws house, William Neish esq. see Moniheth 814 

Leckie house, George Younger esq. m.p., d.l., j.p. 

see Gargunnock 1370 

Leckmelm, Frank Pirie esq. see Lochbroom 1289 

Lee castle, Col. Sir Simon Macdonald Lockhart bart. 

M.v.o., v.d., d.l., j.p. see Lanark 1003 

Lees, Charlotte, Lady Marjoribanks, see Coldstream 375 
Leith hall, Chas. Edward Norman Leith-Hay esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Kennethmont 141 

Lennel, Capt. Walter Waring m.p. see Coldstream 375 

Lennox bank, J. D. Geo. Hendry esq. see Jamestown... 458 

Lennox castle, Mrs. Peareth-Lennox, see Campsie 136a 

Lennox Love, Wm. Arthur Baird esq. see Haddington 838 
Leny, John Hamilton Buchanan esq. see Callander ... 1107 

Leslie house, Earl of Rothes, see Leslie 656 

Lessudden hou9e, W. P. Robertson esq. see St. Boswells 1323 
Letham grange, Conway Grant Fletcher esq. see St. 

Vigeans, Arbroath 689 

Letterfourie, Sir Robert Glendowyn Gordon bart. d.l. 

see Buckie 339 

Lews castle, Maj. Duncan Matheson d.l., j.p. see 

Stornoway 851 

Leys castle, Mrs. Lawson, see Daviot 864 

Lindertis, Sir Campbell Munro bart. d.l., j.p. see 

Kirriemuir 807 

Linlathen, David Erskine Erskine esq. see Moniheth... 814 

Linthill, Mrs. Otto, see Lilliesleaf 1316 

Littlewood park, David M'Lean esq. see Forbes, Tully- 

nessle 169 

Loch Hourn Head.Robert Birkbeck esq.j.p.see Glenelg 868 

Loch Inch castle, Earl of Stair d.l., j.p. see Inch 1417 

Lochdhu, Donald A. Stewart esq. see Nairn 1057 

Lochluicbart lodge, Marquis of Northampton, see 

Kinlochluichart 1236 

Lochnaw castle, SirAndrew Noel Agnew bart. ll. b. ,d. l., 
j. p. (Vice-Lieutenant of Wigtownshire), see Leswalt 1421 



Lochrosque, Sir Arthur Bignold kt. M.P., J. p. see 

Achnasheen, Kinlochluichart " 1286 

Lochryan house, John Alexander Agnew Wallace esq. 

d.l., J. p. see Cairnryan, Inch 1417 

Logan, Andrew Kenneth M'Douall esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Kirkmaiden 1420 

Logan bank, Alexander Wood Inglis esq. see Glencorse 547 
Logie, Maj.-Gen. Alexander Angus Airlie Kinloch 

C.B., d.l., j.p. see Kirriemuir 807 

Logie, Col. George Milne, see Pitcaple 115 

Longformacus house, Col. Alexander M. Brown j.p. 

see Longformacus 386 

Longhaven house, Alexander Brown Shepherd esq. j.p. 

see Longhaven, Cruden 119 

Losset park, Capt. Hector Macneal j.p. see Mach- 

rihanish, Campbeltown 183 

Lothcote house, Mrs. M. H. Bentley, see Torphichen... 1051 
Lotus, Rev. Archibald Richard Frith Hyslop m.a. see 

Kirkgunzeon 945 

Loudoun castle, The Right Hon. the Earl of Loudoun 

D.L., j.p. see Loudoun 308 

Lour, Lieut. -Col. Patrick Alexander Watson Carnegy 

D.L., J. p., v.d. see Forfar 798 

Lude, William MTnroy esq. j.p. see Blair Atholl 1102 

Luffness, Henry W. Hope esq. d.l., j.p. see Aberlady 829 
Lunan house, Lieut. -Col. William Thomas Taylor 

Blair-Imrie j.p. see Lunan 811 

Luscar house, Alexander Mitchell esq. j.p. see 

Carnock 60b 

Macbie hill, George Readman esq. see Lamancha, 

Newlands 1081 

Machany house, Viscountess Strathallan, see Blackford 1101 

Maines house, Andrew Glegg esq. see Chirnside 373 

Mains house, Archibald C. Douglas esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Milngavie 466 

Malleny house, Sir Thomas David Gibson-Carmichael 

bart. m.a., f.s.a., d.l., j.p. see Balerno, Currie 541 

Manderstone, Hon. Lady Miller, see Duns 378 

Mansfield house, Robert D. McGregor esq. see New 

Cumnock 258 

Mar lodge, Duke of Fife d.l., k.t., G.C.V.O., p.c. see 

Braemar 117 

Marchmont, William Campbell esq. k.c. see Polwarth 387 

Marcus, Mrs. Stourton, see Tannadice 824 

Maryculter house, Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff-Gordon 

bart. d.l., j.p. see Maryculter 916 

Mauldslie castle, Lord Newlands (Vice-Lieutenant of 

Lanarkshire), d.l., j.p. see Carluke 977 

Maxpoffle, Lady Boyd, see St. Boswells 1323 

Maxton house, Sir Henry William Ramsay-Fairfax- 
Lucy bart. see St. Boswells 1323 

Maxwelton house, Rev. Sir John Robert Laurie 

Emilius Laurie bart. B.D., j.p. see Glencairn 506 

Maybole castle, Thomas Smith esq.j.p. see Maybole... 310 
Meadowbank, John Allan Maconochie-Welwood esq. 

j.p. see Kirknewton 549 

Medwyn, John Houblon Forbes esq. j.p. see West 

Linton 1080 

Megginch castle, Capt. Malcolm Drummond d.l., j.p. 

seeErrol 1125 

Meikleour house, Marquess of Lansdowne k.g.,g.c.s.i., 

g.c.i. e., g.c.m.g., p.c, d.c.l., m.a. see Meikleour... 1138 
Meldrum house, Major-General G. A. Prendergast, see 

Old Meldrum 149 

Mellerstein, Col. Lord Binning c.b., m.v.o., d.l., j.p. 

(Lord Lieutenant of Berwickshire), see Earlston ... 379 

Melsetter, Thomas Middlemore esq. see Walls 1075 

Melville castle, Viscount Melville i.s.o. see Lasswade... 549 

Melville house, Miss Leslie-Melville, see Monimail 663 

Merchiston house, Archibald W. Finlayson esq. j.p. see 

Kilbarchan 1225 

Merton hall, Mrs. Wason^see Penningham 1425 

Mertoun house, Lord Polwarth (Lord Lieutenant of 

Selkirkshire), see Mertoun 386 

Methven castle, John Dempster esq. see Methven 1138 

Middleton hall, Sir Horace Edward Moss d.l., j.p. 

see Borthwick 535 

Midtibld house, Jas. Archibald Hood esq. see Lasswade 550 
Midstone hall, Thomas W. Watson esq. see Hamilton... 994 

Milburn house, Mrs. Fraser, see Inverness 8^4 

Mtllburn tower, Sir William Liston-Foulis bart. J.p. 

see Corstorphine 538 

Millfield, David Mitchell esq. j.p. see Polmont 1387 

Milliken house, Archibald MeKenzie esq. see Kilbarchan 1225 

Milrig house, Misses Jackson, see Galston 270 

Milton Brodie, John William Brodie-Innes esq. b.a., 

d.l., j.p. see Alves 567 

Milton house, Henry M. Napier esq. j.p. see Milton, 

Kilpatrick 459 

Milton Lockhart, Mrs. Lockhart, see Carluke 977 


Minard castle, Major Thomas Owen Lloyd esq. j.p. see 

Minard 210 

Minto house, Earl of Minto G.M.S.I., G.M.I.E., G.C.M.G., 

p.c, v.d., d.l., j.p. (Viceroy of India) see Minto ... 1320 
Mochrum park, Sir William Cospatrick Dunbar bart. 

C.B., d.l., j.p. see Penningham *4 2 5 

Moffat house, Alfred Horsfall esq. see Moffat 518 

Mollance, John Neilson esq. see Crossmichael 938 

Moncreiffe house, Col.Sir Robert Drummond Moncreiffe 

bart. v.d., d.l., j.p. see Dunbarney 1119 

Monreith, The Right Hon. Sir Herbert Eustace 
.Maxwell bart. p.c, d.l., j.p. (Lord Lieut, of Wig- 
townshire), see Mochrum 1423 

Montcoffer house, Duke of Fife k.t., p.c, g.c.v.o., 

d.l. see Alvah 334 

Monteviot house, Bertram Talbot esq. & Marchioness 

of Lothian, see Ancrum 1301 

Montgomerie castle, James Arthur esq. see Tarbolton 323 
Montrave, Sir John Gilmour bart. d.l., j.p. see Scoonie 677 
Monymusk house, Sir Arthur Henry Grant bart. d.l., 

J. p. see Monymusk 151 

Monzie castle, James Richmond esq. see Monzie, Crieff 11 14 
Mordington house, Robert Charles Campbell-Renton 

esq. j.p. see Mordington 387 

Morishill, Miss Dobie, see Beith 252 

Mormond bouse, Mrs. Cordiner, see Rathen 162 

Morton hall, Capt. A. R. Trotter M.v.o., d.s.o., j.p. 

see Liberton 551 

Moss Knowe, Maj.-Gen. John Gordon Graham d.l. , 

j.p. see Kirkpatrick-Fleming 510 

Mounie castle, Lieut. -Col. Alexander Seton, see Daviot 120 
Mount (The), James L. Lawson esq. see Kilmarnock... 287 
Mount Annan, Robert Walker Hall Woodburne esq. 

see Annan 475 

Mount Melville, James Younger esq. see St. Andrews 673 
Mount Stuart, Marquess of Bute (hereditary Sheriff & 

Lord Lieutenant ot Buteshire), see Kingarth 393 

Moy hall, The Mackintosh of Mackintosh d.l., j.p. see 

Moy 894 

Moy house, Col. Godfrey Astell, see Dyke 569 

Muchalls castle, Charles Morrison Pattullo esq. see 

Cookney gio 

Mugdock castle, J. A. Reid esq. see Strathblane 1401 

Muiravonside house, Thomas Paterson Gillespie esq. 

see Muiravonside 1386 

Muiresk, David D. Dewar esq. w.s. see Turriff 170 

Muirhouse, John Henry Davidson esq. see Cramond 539 
Munches, William Jardine Herries Maxwell esq. m.a., 

d.l., j.p. see Buittle 934 

Murdostoan castle, Robert King Stewart esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Cambusnethan 976 

Murie house, John B. Broiin-Morison esq. f.s.a., 

d.l., j.p. seeErrol 1125 

Murthly castle, Walter Thomas James Scrymsoure- 
Steuart-Fothringham esq. d.l., j.p. see Little Dun- 

keld 1 123 

Nae Moor, John Jas. Moubray esq. j.p. see Muckhart 1141 
Naughton house, Mrs. Anstruther-Duncan, see Bal- 

merino 600 

Nenthorn house, Mrs. Ritchie, see Nenthorn 387 

Nether Place, James Baird Thorneycroft esq. see 

Mauchline 309 

Netherdale, Wm. Rathbone Bacon esq. see Marnoch, 

Aberchirder 332 

Netherhall, Lord Kelvin G.c.v.o., o.m., p.c, f.r.s., 

p.r.s.e. see Largs 305 

Netherlaw, William Brown esq. see Rerrick 948 

Netherley house, Harry O. Ritchie esq. see Netherley, 

Cookney 910 

Nethermuir, J. Dean Leslie esq. see New Deer 120 

New Hailes, Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Dalrymple bart. 

p.c, d.l., j.p. see Inveresk 548 

New hall, John James Cowan esq. see Penicuik 559 

Newark castle, Archibald Walker esq. see Alloway 227 

Newbattle abbey, Marquess of Lothian d.l. see New- 
battle 557 

Newbyth, Major Sir David Baird bart. d.l. see 

Whitekirk 846 

Newfield, Miss Montgomerie, see Dundonald 267 

Newhall, John Alexander Shaw-Mackenzie esq. j.p. 

see Balblair, Resolis 1291 

Newhill, David Blyth esq. see Auchtermuchty 599 

Newholm, Colonel Sir Simon Macdonald Lockhart bart. 

m.v.o., d.l. see Dolphinton 991 

Newliston, Thomas Alexander Hog esq. J.P. see Kirk- 
liston 1046 

Newmore house, George Inglis esq. J.P. see Rosskeen 1292 
Newton, Col. Frederick P. Forteath d.l., J.P. see Alves 567 
Newton Don, Capt. Chas. Barrington: Balfour d.l., j.p., 

M.P. see Nenthorn 387 

Newton hall, Mrs. Fleming, see Yester 846 




Newton house, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Bannatyne Finlay 

p. a, G. CM. G., K. a, d.l., J.p. see Nairn 1058 

Newton house, Alexander M. Gordon esq. d. l., j.p. 

see Culsalmond 119 

Newtonairds, Norman Edward Douglas- Menzies esq. 

see Holywood 508 

Niddrie, Mrs. Wauchope, see Liberton 551 

Ninewells, Charles Forbes esq. see Chirnside 373 

Northrield, James McNeil esq. j.p. see Prestonpans ... 843 
Norwood, John Thomson Paton esq. j.p. see Alloa ... 420 
Novar house, Ronald Craufurd Munro-Ferguson esq. 

M.P., D.L., J.p. see Evanton, Kiltearn 1285 

Nuntield, James Irving McConnel j.p. see Dumfries ... 487 
Nunraw, Lieut.-Col. Walter Wingate Graj' d.l., j.p. 

see Garvald 836 

Ochtertyre, Sir Patrick Keith Murray bart. see Mon- 

zievaird 1139 

Old Auchendrane, Miss Cathcart, see Alloway 227 

Old Place, Marquess of Bute, see Mochrum 1423 

Oliia: house, Jas. Smith esq. d.l., j.p. see Castletown 406 
Orchardton house, William Douglas Robinson- 
Douglas esq. d. l., j.p. see Auchencairn 933 

Ord, Major Alexander Francis Mackenzie d.l., j.p. see 

Muir-of-Ord, Urray 1297 

Ord house, Lord Francis Granville Godolphin Osborne 

j.p. see Ord, Berwick 360 

Ormiston hall, Edwd. S. MacDougal esq. j.p. see 

Ormiston 842 

Ormsary, W. Todd Lithgow esq. see South Knapdale 206 
Overtoun, Lord Overtoun d.l., j.p., f.r.g.s. see 

Dumbarton 448 

Oxenfoord castle, Earl of Stair, see Cranston 540 

Panmure house, Frederick Hayes esq. see Panbride ... 823 

Park hall, Thos. L. Learmonth esq. see Polmont 1387 

Park hill, Alex. W.Gray Buchanan esq. j.p. see Polmont 1387 
Parton house,George Rigby Murray esq. J. p. see Parton 948 
Paxton house, Samuel Storey esq. d.l., j.p. see Pax- 
ton, Hutton 384 

Pearsie, Alexander M'Lagan Wedderburn esq. j.p. 

see Kingoldrum 806 

Penicuik house, Col. Sir George Douglas Clerk bart. 

v.d., j.p. see Penicuik 559 

Penkill castle, Miss Courtney Boyd, see Dailly 261 

Penningham, Col. George Algernon Percy, see Pen- 

ningham 1425 

Perceton, Misses Mure, see Dreghorn 266 

Petmathen house, Major Thomas Leith d.l., j.p. see 

0.vue 153 

Phantassie house, Mrs. Inncs, see Prestonkirk 843 

Philiphaugh, William Strang Steel esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Selkirk I 334 

Philorth house, Lord Saltoun d.l., j.p. see Fraserburgh 127 
Pbysgill & Glasserton house, Captain Robert Johnston- 
Stewart k.n., j.p. see Glasserton 1417 

Pinkie house, Sir Alex. Hope bart. j.p. see Inveresk... 548 
Pinmore, Capt. Hugh Hamilton d.l., j.p. see Girvan 272 
Pitcairlie, Robert Cathcart esq. d.l., j.p. (Vice-Lieu- 
tenant of Fifeshire), see Newburgh 665 

Pitciple castle, Col. Henry Lumsden d.l., j.p. see 

Pitcaple 115 

Pittirrane, Lady Halkett, see Dunfermline 617 

Pitfour, Lieut.-Col. George Arthur Ferguson d.l., j.p. 

seeOld Deer 121 

Pitlour house, William Baillie Skene esq. d.l., j.p. see 

Strathmiglo 677 

Pitmilly house, Duncan Mackinnon esq. see Kings- 
barns 635 

Pitmuies, Mrs. J. M. Douglas, see Kirkdeu 807 

Pittendreich, Cyril Herbert Dunderdale esq. see Lass- 





Pittodrie house, Capt. George Smith, see Pitcaple 115 

Place, Sir James Knox j.p. see Kilbirnie 280 

Polkeminet, Mary, Lady Baillie, see Whitburn 1052 

Pollok castle, Jas. Crawford Fergusson-Pollok esq. see 
Mearns 1230 

Polmaise castle, James Murray esq., d.l., j.p. see St. 
Ninians 1388 

Polmont park, James McKillop esq. D.L., j.p. see Pol- 
mont 1387 

Poltalloch house, Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm c. b. , 
j.p. seeKilmartin 205 

Polton house, Colonel Lewis Anstruther Hope C.B., 
a.d.c. to the King, a.q.m.g. Scottish Command, see 
Lasswade 549 

Portmore, John Somerville esq. j.p. see Eddleston ... 

Portree house, Hon. Godfrey Evan Hugh Macdonald 

1 Poyntzfield, Major George Mackenzie Gunn Munro, 

see Poyntzfield, Resolis 1291 

Preston grange, Sir George Grant-Suttie bart. see 

Prestonpans 843 

Preston hall, Henry Burn Callander esq. d.l., j.p. see 


Preston house, S^ton Thomson esq. see Linlithgow 
Princeland, Col. William Clark, see Coupar-Angus 

Raasay, Mrs. Wood, see Raasay, Portree 

Rachan house, Hy. Brown Marshall esq. see Broughton 1078 

Raddery house, Ernest G. Hill esq. see Fortrose 1282 

Raehills house, John James Hope- Johnstone esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Johnstone 508 

Raemoir house, Alex. B. Innes esq. see Banchory- 

Ternan 908 

Raigmore, Niel Donald Mackintosh esq. see Inverness 875 
Raith house, Ronald Craufurd Munro Ferguson esq. 

M.p., d.l., j.p. & Lady Helen Ferguson, see Kirkcaldy 636 
Rammerscales, Major William Bell Macdonald j.p. 

see Dalton 481 

Ramornie, Oliver Haig esq. see Ladybank 654 

Rattray house, Tennant Ronalds esq. see Crimonl ... 118 
Ravenstone castle, Lord Borthwick, see Glasserton ... 1417 
Redcastle, James Evan Bruce Baillie esq. j.p. see 

Killearnan 1234 

Rednock, Rev. Henry Alexander Graham Sheppard 

M.A.see Port of Menteith 1169 

Riccarton, Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig bart. d.l., 

j.p. see Currie 541 

Riddell, Lieut. -Gen. John Sprot d.l., j.p. see Lillies- 

leaf 1316 

Riverston, The Misses Ramsay, see Banchory-Ternan 903 

Robgill tower, John Murray esq. see Dornock 481 

Rochsoles, Lady Gerard, see New Monkland 1012 

Rockfield, Finlay Munro esq. j.p. see Tarbat 1295 

Romanno house, George Campbell w.s. see Romanno, 

Newlands 1081 

Ronachan, Mrs. McKinnon, see Clachan-Cantyre 187 

Rosebank house, Frederick MeDougal Williams esq. 

see Roslin 561 

Rosebery house, Right Hon. The Earl of Rosebery K.G., 

k.t. see Temple =63 

Rosehall, William Ewing Gilmour esq. j.p. see Rose- 
hall, Creich 1406 

Rosehaugh, James Douglas Fletcher esq. D.L. , J.p. 

see Avoch 1276 

Rosemount, John Duncan Inveranty esq. see Montrose 818 
Roseneath castle,The Duke of Argyll p.c.,k.t.,g.c.m.g., 

g.c.v.o., v.d., ll.d. & Princess Louise, see Roseneath 468 
Ross (The), Col. Thomas S. Robertson Aikman, see 

Hamilton 994 

Ross priory, Sir Alexander Wellesley G. T. Leith- 

Buchanan bart. d.l., j.p. see Kilmaronock 458 

Rossdhu house, Sir Alan John Colquhouu bart. C.B., 

d.l., j.p. see Luss 466 

Rossie castle, Edward Millar esq. j. p. see Craig 714 

Rossie priory, Lord Kinnaird D.L., J.P. see Incature... 1129 
Rothie & Badenscoth, Reginald William Henry 

Crawford-Leslie esq. see Rothienorman 133 

Rothiemay castle, Lieut.-Col. J. Foster Forbes d.l., 

j.p. see Rothiemay 356 

Rowallan castle, A. Cameron Corbett esq. m.p., j.p. see 

Kilmarnock 284 

Rowchester, William Currie esq. see Greenlaw 383 

Rozelle, Joseph Henry Houldsworth esq. see Alloway 227 
Ruthven house, John Andrew Wedderburn-Ogilvy esq. 

see Ruthven 824 

Sackville house, Miss Sinclair-Wemyss, see Bower ... 405 

St. Fort, Reginald M. Pilkington esq. see Forgan 628 

St. Mary's Isle, Capt. John Hope B.N., d.l., j.p. see 

Kirkcudbright 943 

Salton hall, Andrew Mansel Talbot Fletcher esq. see 

West Salton 844 

Sands, Lawrence Johnston esq. see Kincardine 633 

Sandside house, Thomis Pilkington esq. D.L., j.p. see 

Reay 409 

Sanquhar house, Alexander Biward esq. see Forres ... 579 
Sauchie-Burn house, Arthur Herbert Drummond 
Ramsay-Steel-Maitland esq. j.p. see St. Ninians ... 1388 

Scar house, Mrs. Horwood, see Cross 1064 

Schaw park, Graham Paton esq. see Alloa 420 

Scone palace, Earl of Mansfield j.p. see Scone 1172 

Scotscraig, Commander William Maitland-Dcugall 

R.N., D.L., j.p. see Tayport 678 

1078 i Scrabster house, John Miller esq. D. L. , J.p. see Thurso 409 

Seapark, Mrs. Dunbar-Dunbar, see Kinloss 577 

esq. j.p. see Portree „ 897 i Seaton house, Hon. Frederick John Bruce, see St. 

Powloulis, Miss Dawson, see Airth '. 1356 I Vigeans, Arbroath 690 

Powis house, John George Burnett m.a. see Aberdeen 24 ' Seaview, William Low esq. j.p. see Monirietn 814 





Shambellie house., William Stewart esq. see New Abbey 932 

Shieldbill, Nathaniel Dunlopesq. seeLiberton 1012 

Skeabost, Lauchlin Macdonald esq.D.L.,j.p. seeSnizort 899 
Skelmorlie castle, Wm. Allan Coats esq. see Skelmorlie 320 

Skene house, Mrs. Hamilton, see Skene 165 

Skibo castle, Andrew Carnegie esq. ll.d. see Dornoch 1407 
Skipness castle, Robert Chellas Graham esq. B.A., 

f.s.a., d.l., j. p. see Skipness, Saddell 215 

Slains castle, Earl of Erroll k.t., c.b., ll.d., d.l. see 

Port Erroll 119 

Slogarie house, Hy. A. Timms esq. j.p. see Balmaghie 933 
Smeaton, Sir Archibald Buchan-Hepburn bart. j.p., 

d.l. see Prestonkirk 843 

South Bantaskin, Misses Wilson, see Falkirk 1 S^7 

South Barr, Robert Sutherland esq. see Inehinnan ... 1222 
Southwick, Sir Mark John McTaggart-Stewart bart. 

m.a., d.l., J. p., v.d. see Southwick 948 

Speddoch, Mrs. & Miss Gilchrist Clark, see Holy wood.. 508 
Spitalhaugh, Sir James Ranken Fergusson bart. d.l., 

j.p. see West Linton 1080 

Spittal house, Thomas C. Mackenzie esq. see Hutton.. 384 

Spott house, Miss Watt, see Spott 844 

Spottes, Alex. Young Herriesesq. d.l., j.p. see Urr... 951 
Spottiswoode house, John R. C. Herbert Spottiswoode, 

see Westruther 388 

Springhill, Misses Finnie, see Kilmarnock 286 

Springkell, Sir Jabez Edward Johnson-Ferguson bart. 

m.a., J.P. see Kirkpatrick-Fleming 5 10 

Springside, Mrs. Hyndman, see West Kilbride 281 

Springwood park, Sir George Brisbane Douglas bart. 

m.a., d.l., j.p. see Kelso 1313 

Stainrigg house, Jack Little esq. see Leitholni, Eccles.. 380 ' 

Stanmore, John Westall King esq. j.p. see Lanark 1003 ; 

Stapleton tower, Maj.JohnA.Critchley j.p. see Dornock 481 | 
Stemster house, David Patrick Henderson esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Bower 405 j 

Stenton,Lord Dunedinp.c.,K.c.,M.A.,D.L.( Lord J ustice- 

General of Scotland), see Caputh 1109 

Stevenson, Lady Sinclair, see Haddington 838 

Stichill house, James Deuchar esq. see Stitchel 1324 

Stirkoke house, Edwd.Wm.Horne esq.D.L.,j.p.seeWick 413 

Stobo castle, Hylton Philipson esq. j.p. see Stobo 1085 

Stockbridge, Mrs. McAllister, see Symington 325 

Stonebyres house, James Noble Graham esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Lesmabagow 1010 

Stonefield, Colin George Pelham Campbell esq. d.l., 

j.p. see Kilcalmonell 203 

Stracathro house, The Right Hon. James A. Campbell 

p.c, ll.d., d.l., j.p. see Stracathro 824 

Strathairly house, Maj.-Genl. David Briggs D.L., j.p. 

see Upper Largo 65s 

Strathallan castle, Graeme Alexander Lockhart White- 
law esq. j.p. see Blackford noi 

Strathconon, Captain Christian Combe, see Carnoch... 1276 

Strathenry, Robert Tullis esq. see Leslie 656 

Stratbleven, Alexander Crum-Ewing v.d., d.l., j.p. 

see Dumbarton 448 

Stronvar, Jas. Carnegie esq. d.l., j.p. see Balquhidder 1100 
Strowan, Captain CarolusHome Graham-Stirling d.l., 

j.p. see Monzievaird 1140 

Sumburgh house,Jn. Bruce esq. d.l. ,j.p.seeDunrossness 1341 
Sunderland hall, Charles Henry Scott-Plummer esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Selkirk 1335 

Sundrum, John Claude Hamilton esq. j.p. see Coylton 257 
Sunlaws house, Lieut. -Col. Robert Scott-Kerr d.s.o., 

j.p. see Roxburgh 1322 

Swordale, Mrs. Jackson, see Kiltearn 1285 

Sydenham house, Mrs. Parker, see Kelso 1314 

Synton, John Corse-Scott esq. d.l., j.p. see Ashkirk... 1328 
Tannadice house, Capt. Colin Graham Neish, see Tan- 

nadice ' 824 

Tayfield, William Berry esq. j.p. see West Newport... 666 
Taymouth castle, Marquess of Breadalbane k.g., p.c. 

see Kenmore 1130 

Teaninich house, Stuart Caradoc Munro esq. see Alness 1275 
Terregleshouse,Chas.Edwd.Galbraith esq. seeTerregles 949 

Thirlestane castle, Earl of Lauderdale, see Lauder 385 

Thirlstane castle,Lord Napier & Ettrick d.l. see Ettrick 1^28 
Thornton castle, John Thornton esq. see Mary kirk ... 916 
Thornton house, Col. John G. Sturrock j.p. see Cross- 
house, Kilmarnock 302 

Threave house, Col. Wm. Gordon d.l., j.p. see Kelton 942 
Thurso castle, Sir John G. Tollemache Sinclair bart. 

d.l., j.p. see Thurso 409 

Thurston, Richard Hunter esq. D.L., j.p. see Innerwick 841 
Tillicoultry house, Daniel R. Garner esq. see Tillicoultry 431 
Tilliefourie castle, Francis Robert Gregson esq. d.l., 
j.p. see Oyne 153 


Tomatin house, Lachlan McBean esq. see Moy 894 

Torr Aluinn, Sir Francis Powell ll.d., b.w.s., 

p.e.s.s.w. see Dunoon 189. 

Torrance castle, Col. Robert Edward Stuart Harington- 

Stuart v.d. , d.l., j.p. see East Kilbride 1001 

Torresdale castle, Major William Macalister-Hall, see 

Carradale, Saddell 215. 

Torridon, Duncan Darroch esq. b.a., d.l., j.p. see 

Applecross 1275 

Torsonce house, Miss Milroy, see Stow 562 

Torwoodlee house, James L. Pringle esq. M.A.oxon. 

j.p. see Caddonfoot 1328 

Touch house, Sir Alan Henry Seton-Steuart bart. d.l., 

j.p. see St. Ninians 1388 

Tour house, James G. Findlay esq see Kilmaurs 302 

Tower of Lethendy, Chas. Gardiner esq. see Lethendy n 35 
Townend, Humphrey G. Robert Hay Boyd, see 

Symington 325 

Townhead, William Kennedy esq. see Glencairn 506- 

Traquair house, Herbert Constable Maxwell-Stuart 

esq. d.l., j.p. see Traquair 1085 

Treame, William Ralston-Patrick esq. J.p. see Beith... 252- 

Troup house,Francis Alex. Garden d.l., j.p. see Macduff 351 

Trumbland house, Lady Traill-Burroughs, see Rousay 1071 
Tulliallan castle, Hon. Sir James Sivewright k.c.m.g., 

m.a., ll.d. see Tulliallan 680 

Tullibody house, Mrs. Forrester, see Tullibody, Alloa 421 
Tullichewan castle, William Beardmore esq. j.r. see 

Alexandria 436 

Tulloch castle, DuncanDavidson esq.D.L.,j.p.seeDingwall 1278 

Tullymet, William Hutt Allhusen esq. see Logierait ... 1136 

Tyneholm, James Reid esq. j.p. see Pencaitland 842 

Tynninghame house, Earl of Haddington K.T., a.d.c. 

(Lord Lieut, of Haddingtonshire), see Tynninghame 846 

Udny castle, John Henry Udny esq. d.l.,j.p. see Udny 172 
Urie house, Sir Alexander Baird bart. (Lord Lieutenant 

of Kincardineshire), d.l., j.p. see Fetteresso 913 

Usan house, George Keith esq. j.p. see Craig 714 

Venlaw, Admiral of the Fleet Sir James Elphinstone 

Erskine K. c.b. , j.p. see Peebles 1083 

Vogrie, Capt. Jas. Cumming Dewar j. p. see Bortb wick 534 

Walkinshaw house, Walter B. Longston esq. see Renfrew 1268 

Warroch, Mrs. Purvis Russell, see Orwell 927 

Wedderburn, Major R. Sinclair Wemyss, see Duns ... 378 

Wedderlie house, Wm. Arth. Baird esq. see Westruther 388 

Wellfield,Jobn Alex. Grant esq. seeGateside,Strathmiglo 678 
Wellwood house, John George Alexander Baird esq. 

d.l., j.p. see Muirkirk 312 

Wemyss castle, Randolph Gordon Erskine-Wemyss 

esq. d.l., j.p. see West Wemyss 681 

West hall, Mrs. Disney Leith, see Oyne 153. 

Westcrhall, Sir Frederick John William Johnstone 

bart. m.a. , d.l. see Westerkirk 528 

Westerton house, Robert M'Kenzie esq. see Bridge of 

Allan 1359 

Westsidewood, Jas. Williamson esq. d. l. ,j. p. seeCarnwath 980 
Whim (The), John Maitland Thomson esq. m.a., ll.d. 

see Lamancha, Newlands 1082 

Whitehall, Alexander Harold Mitchell-Innes esq. j.p. 

see Chirnside „ 373 

Whitehaugh house, Rev. William Forbes-Leith m.a. 

see Alford 109 

Whitehill house, Col. Robert George Wardlaw Ram- 
say j.p. see Rosewell 561 

Whitmuir hall, Charles Walter Dunlop esq. d.l., j.p. 

see Selkirk 1334 

Whittingehame, Rt. Hon. Arthur James Balfour 

F.B.A., LL.D., D.C.L., F.E.S., P.C, D.L., M.P., J.P. 

see Whittingehame 846 

Winton castle, Mrs. Nisbet-Hamilton-Ogilvy, see Pen- 
caitland 842 

Wishaw house, Lord Belhaven & Stenton d.l. see 

Cambusnethan 976 

Wiston lodge, Edward Alexander J. Johnson-Ferguson 

esq. see Wiston 1034 

Woll (The), Wm. S. Bell esq. d.l., j.p. see Ashkirk ... 1328 

Woodhead, James D.G. Dalrymple esq. see Kirkintilloch 462 

Woodhouselee, James Wm.Fraser-Tytler esq. seeRoslin 561 

Woodlands, The Misses Balmain, see Terregles 949 

Woodneuk house, Peter Hurll esq. see Gartcosh,Cadder 971 

Woodside house, Robert Downie Findlay esq. see Beith 252 

Wooplaw, John Murray esq. j.p. see Melrose 1318 

Wormiston house, Earl of Lindsay j.p. seeCrail 609 

Wright's park, Mrs. Monteath, see Kippen 1383 

Wyvis, Rupert Shoolbred esq. see Kiltearn 1285 

Yester house, Marquis of Tweeddale k.t., d.l., j.p. 

see Yester 846 






ALLOA GLASS WORK CO., Bottle manufrs 22 

ANDERSON A. & G., Coal masters 4' 

AYRSHIRE POST, Newspaper 26 



BARRON A., Carver, gilder & fine art dealer 35 

BELL & CO., Removal & general contractors 34 

BELL P. & SON, Smiths, engineers & ironfounders 34 

BERMAN H., Wholesale cabinet maker 42 

BEVERIDGE J. & D., Builders & contractors 59 

BLACK G. & SONS, Boiler manufacturers &c 26 

BLAIR A., Hotel 22 







BRIERLEY T., Blowing & exhausting fan manufr 71 



leaded glass manufacturers 4 1 


millwrights '4 

CALDOW A., Lamp & beer engine manufacturer... 51 


CAMERON MRS. B. A. S., Boarding establishmnt 45 

CAMERON MRS. E., Hotel 55 

CAMPBELL E., Auctioneer, house agent, fur- 
nisher &e 5^ 

CARMICHAEL J., Hotel 27 


builders' furnishing & naval brass founders 65 

CASSELS & CO., Grocers & provision/wine & spirit 

merchants 47 


tape, chain & rule manufacturers 67 

CHRYSTAL G., Engineer, machine maker, iron & 

brass founder °° 



COUSLAND A. & SON, Wire workers & wire 

cloth makers 4° 

COWIESON F. D. & CO., Wood & iron building 

manufacturers 43 

CUMMING W., Hotel 2 4 

DAVIDSON J., Hotel 2 5 

DENHOLM D., Hotel 62 

DICKSON & WALKER, Glass merchants & 

glaziers j5 

DINNEFORD & CO., Magnesia manufacturers ... 14 

DONALDSON J., Salmon factor, game, poultry & 

rabbit salesman 75 

DOUGALL J. & SONS LIMITED, Silica & fire 

clay goods manufacturers 27 

DRUMMOND & CO., Practical gardeners 60 

DRUMMOND J. & J., Leather belting manufrs ... 18 

DUNLOP J., Engineer 57 

DUTHIE J. & CO., Paint & color manufacturers... 43 

Facing Preface 





GAULD E., Oven builder 21 

GEMMELL W. & CO., Metal refiners & merchants 44 




metal manufrs Facing Anti-friction Metal Manu- 
facturers — Glasgow Section 

GORRIE D. & SON, Engineers & coppersmiths ... 61 


GRANT, CAMERON & CURLE, Smiths, cart- 
wrights, spring van & lo'rry builders 44 


iron founders & boiler makers 51 

GRANT W. & SON, Tweed manufacturers 52 


CO. LTD., Engineers' merchants & contractors 19 

GUEST & CHRIMES, Brass founders 69 


covering manufacturers 29 

HARBROW W., Iron building & joinery manufr... 17 

shovel, spade, hammer, boring machine & steel 

manufacturers Inside Front Cover 

HARPER W. & CO., Coal, lime & commission 

merchants 21 

HARRISON, BARTLEET & CO., Fishing hook & 

fishing tackle manufacturers 75 

HARROLD C. & CO., Assayers, bullion dealers & 

refiners 64 

HAY & CO., Ship owners & fish curers 54 

HAY R., Cabinet maker & upholsterer 61 

HAYWOOD J. H., Surgical appliances manufr ... 71 

HEATON & DUGARD, Metal & wire rolling mills 65 
HEMMING & HAZLEWOOD, Gold & silver 

materials manufacturers 66 

HENDERSON R. & T., Boarding establishment... 31 

IMLAH MISSES M. & J. Temperance hotel 55 


INGLIS J. & SONS, Oat & oatmeal merchants 31 

SCOT. C 2 



JEFFREY A. & CO., Engineers & disintegrator 

manufacturers 23 

JES30P W. & SONS LTD., Steel manufacturers 68 
JOHNSTON W. & A. K. LIMITED, Geographical, 

educational & general publishers 32 

JOHNSTONE A., Painter, decorator & artists' 

colourman 62 

KEDDIE J. T., Hotel 51 

KEITH & CO., Advertising agents 35 


publishers of the Post Office London, County & 

Trade Directories &c... Inside Back Cover $ page 76 

KING T. & CO., Quarry masters & brick makers... 28 
LAIDLAW R. & SON LIMITED, Gas & water 

engineers 32 




paste manufacturers 17 

LEARMONT W. & SON, Nurserymen 29 

LEES J., White flock & mill puff manufacturer ... 72 

LINDSAY MRS., Hotel 55 

LOCKHART & MACNAB, Electrical & mechanical 

engineers 63 




LONGMORE W. & CO. LIMITED, Distillers 50 

LOW J. F. & CO. LIMITED, Engineers' machine 

makers 56 

LOWDON BROTHERS & CO., Engineers & elec- 
tricians 30 

LUCAS E. & SON, Malleable casting manufrs 69 

LUMSDEN & MACKENZIE, Linen & cotton 

bleachers 59 

MACDONALD D., Hotel 54 

McDONALD R. & SON, Wire work & wire cloth 

manufacturers 40 

M'DOUGALL W. & CO., Packing case makers... 33 

McEWAN J., Plumber, gasfitter & lead merchant 64 

McGREGOR & CAMERON, Posting masters 38 

M<GREGOR J., Hotel 56 

M'INTOSH J. & CO., Furnishing warehouse 61 

MACIVER&CO., Furniture manufacturers 49 

MACKENZIE BROTHERS, Whisky distillers ... 22 

M'TAVISH A., Hotel .". 64 

MAKIN W. & SONS, Steel & steel tool manufrs ... 71 
MANUEL & WEBSTER, Grocers, italian ware- 
housemen & wine & spirit merchants Facing 

commencement of Private Residents — Scotland Section 

.MATTHEWS W. B. & CO., Artesian well engineers 73 

destructor manufacturers ...Facing Refuse Destructors 
in General Trades Section 


MILLAR J. S. & SON, Sanitary, heating & water * 

engineers .-. 24 

MILLER D. C. & CO. LIMITED, Bleachers, dyers 

& finishers 54 

MILWARD H. & SONS LIMITED, Needle, fish 

hook & fishing tackle manufacturers 75 

MORRISON W. J., Auctioneer 49 

MORRISON W. S. & CO., Brass founders, plumbers, 

sanitary & gas engineers 36 

MUIR M. & CO., Builders & contractors 52 


agents & steamship owners 30 

MURRAY J. & SONS, Quarry owners 24 


NEWALL D. H. <fe J., Granite merchants & quarry 

owners 28 


POWER CO. LIMITED, Electricity works 50 



PATERSON, SONS & CO., Pianoforte manufactrs 44 

& forwarding agents 30 

PERIAM H. W. LIMITED, Screw bolt & nut 

manufacturers 66 

PERRITT D. & SON, Auctioneers & meat salesmen 42 
PETRIE D., Colliery agent, cement merchant & 

ship broker 50 



RAMSAY J., Goldsmith, silversmith & watch ma 30 
ROBERTSON & SCOTT, Advertising & newspaper 

agents 34 

ROBERTSON WM. Engineer & millwright 61 


mill machinery manufacturers 74 



ROSS J. & CO., Tar distillers, mineral oil manu- 
facturers & manufacturing chemists 37 

ROWAT A. & CO. , AVire work & wire cloth manfrs 44 
ROWLEY C. & CO., Safety pin, curtain hook & 

ring manufacturers 66 



RUSSELL & CO., General ironfounders 27 


wire manufacturers 76 

SCOTT J. & CO., Timber merchants 45 





SHARP W. & SONS, General engineers 37 


silver & platinum smelters 70 

SLOAN & SON LIMITED, Removal contractors ... 36 

SMITH G. & J. G., Distillers 46 

SMITH & McLEAN LIMITED, Steel & iron 

manufacturers 41 

STEWART A. Hydropathic establishment 57 


tube manufacturers Facing Tube Makers — 

Iron — Glasgoio Section 

STIVEN R. C. & CO., Oil, paint & varnish mers 31 



TAYLOR W. B., Jeweller 50 

THOMSON T. & SONS, General contractors & 

coal agents 5 2 

THOMSON W. R. M. & CO., Consulting engineers 

& patent agents 42 

THORNE R. & SONS LIMITED.Whisky distillers 47 



THORNTON & CO. LIMITED, Waterproofers & 

india rubber manufacturers Facing India 

Rubber <f Waterproof Goods Manufacturers $ 
Warehousemen in Edinburgh Trades Section 
TOMEY & SONS, Gauge glass manufacturers ... 60 
TOSH D. & SON, Lightning conductor manu- 
facturers & chimney repairers 43 

Steel, file, saw, scythe & reaping hook manufrs.... 70 



warding agents & contractors Facing 

commencement of Glasgow 
"WALDIE J. & SONS, Coal niers. & colliery agents 36 
WALKER W. G. & SONS, Asphalt & macadam 
composition manufacturers & paving contractors 25 

WASS A. & SON, Rag, paper stock, metal & skin 

merchants 33 

WATSON B., Accountant & insurance agent 37 

WATT & BLAIR, Measuring tape line & case 

manufacturers .. 45 


LIMITED..... 14 

WILLCOX W. H. & CO. LIMITED, Hose pipe, 

steam pump, patent packing & injector manufrs... 16 
WILLISON R., Brewers' & distillers' engineer & 

coppersmith 23 

WILSON A. & SONS, Timber & grain merchants 25 

WILSON J. & J. & CO., Curtain manufacturers ... 58 
WRIGHT J. & CO., Brewers, bottlers & aerated 

water manufacturers 62 

WYLIE & CO., Iron founders &c 28 

YELDON (T.), OGILVIE & CO., Whisky distillers 59 






















CO 8 






SUN 12 






Accountant: — 


Advertising agents : — 

KEITH & CO 35 


Aerated water manufacturers : — 


Agents— custom house : — 


commencement oj Glasgow 
Agents —forwarding : — 


commencement of Glasgow 
Agents — shipping : — 


commencement of Glasgow 
Agricultural implement manufacturers: — 


Agricultural tool manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 
Airproof goods manufacturer : — 


American organ & harmonium dealers : — 


Angle iron manufacturers : — 


Anti-friction metal manufacturers : — 

friction Metal Manufacturers — Glasgow Section 
Art metal workers: — 

P. BELL & SON 34 


Artesian well-boring tube manufacturers: — 


Tube Makers— Iron — Glasgov Section 
Artesian well engineers : — 


Artists' colourman : — 


C. HARROLD & CO ,64 


Assessor : — 


Auctioneers : — 



Auctioneer — cattle : — 


Barbed wire fencing manufacturers : — 


Barrow manufacturers : — 


Bedroom furniture manufacturers : — 


Beer engine manufacturer : — 


Blacksmiths : — 


Bleachers : — 


Boarding establishment: — 


R. & T. HENDERSON 3 1 

Boiler makers: — 



Boiler tube brush manufacturers : — 



Tube Makers — Iron — Glasgow Section 
Bolt & nut manufacturers : — 


Boring machine manufacturers : — ■ 


Boring machine manufacturers for rock & coal : — 


Front Cover 



Bottle manufacturers : — 


Bottlers : — 


Brass founders : — 








Brass (ingot) manufacturers: — 


Brewer's : — 


Brick manufacturers : — 



Bronze manufacturers : — 


Builders : — 



Building eastings manufacturers : — 


Bullion dealers : — 



Cabinet maker— wholesale : — 


Cabinet makers : — 



Carboy manufacturers : — 


Carpet warehouseman : — 


Carriage rug manufacturers : — 


Carriers :— 

Cartwrights : — 


Carver & gilder:-- 


Cement merchants : — 



Chaff cutting knife manufacturers: — 

Chain makers — brass & iron : — 


Chain manufacturers — gold & silver: — 


Chandelier manufacturers :— ■ 


Chemists—manufacturing: — 


Chimney repairers : — 


China, glass & earthenware dealer: — 





























Chronometer maker : — 


Church spire repairers :- • 

D. TOSH & SON 43 

Circular addressing agents : — 


Clock & watch dealer : — 


Coal agents: — 


Coal merchants : — 



W. HARPER & CO 21 





Coke merchants : — 


College : — 

Colliery agents : — 



Colliery castings manufacturers : — 


Colliery proprietors : — 



Colliery repairing contractor : — 


Colour manufacturers : — 


Commission merchants : — 

W. HARPER & CO 21 

Confectionery bottle manufacturers : — 


Consulting engineers: — 

W. R. M. THOMSON & CO 42 

Contractors : — 

BELL & 00 34 

J. & D. BEVERIDGE 59, 

M. MUIR & CO 52 



Contractors' tool manufacturers: — 


Front Cover 
Copper (ingot) manufacturers: — ■ 


Coppersmiths : — 


Corn, hay & straw dealers: — 

W. HARPER & CO 21 

Corrugated iron & steel sheet manufacturers : — 


Cotton bleachers :-- 


Creosoting plant manufacturers : — 


Curtain hook & ring manufacturers: — 

C. ROWLEY & CO 66 

Curtain manufacturers: — 

J. &J. WILSON & CO 58 



Cutlery dealer : — 

W. B. TAYLOR 50 

Cycle tyre manufacturers : — 


India Rubber § Waterproof Goods Manufacturers 
fy Warehousemen in Edinburgh Trades Section 

Decorator : — 


Destructor manufacturers : — 


lie/use Destructors in General Trades Section 

Disintegrator makers : — 


Distillers : — 






G. & J. G. SMITH 46 



Distillers' & brewers' engineer: — 


Door spring manufacturers : — 


Drainage & irrigation engineers : — 

J. S. MILLAR & SON 24 

Dredging machinery manufacturers : — 


Drilling machine manufacturers : — 


Driving rope manufacturers : — 


Dyeing,french cleaning & finishing machinery manfrs. : — 

Dyers & finishers : — 


Elastic stockings manufacturer: — 


Electric light contractors : — 


Electric power installation contractors: — 


Electrical engineers : — 




Electrical fittings manufacturers : — 


Electricians : — 


Electricity works : — 


Elevator & conveyor manufacturers : — 


Engineers : — 

P. BELL & SON 34 







Engineers : — 












Engine packing manufacturers : — 


Engineers' stores : — 


Envelope addressing agents : — 


Excavating machinery manufacturers: — 

Eyeglass chain manufacturers : — 


Fanlight opener manufacturers : — 


Feeding cake plant manufacturers : — 

File manufacturers : — 


Fine art dealer : — 


Fire brick manufacturers : — 

T. KING & CO 2S 

Fire brick & clay merchants : — 

Fire-clay brick manufacturers : — 



Fire-clay goods merchants : — 


Fire cock manufacturers: — 


Fire extinguishing apparatus manufacturers: — 


Fish curers : — 

HAY & CO 54 

Fish hook manufacturers : — 



Fish salesman : — 


Fishermen's clothing manufacturers : — 



Fishing tackle manufacturers : — 



Flock manufacturer — white : — 

J. LEES 72 

Floorcloth & linoleum warehouseman : — 


Florists : — 




Forged crank manufacturers : — 


Forwarding agents : — 


Freight contractors : — 


commencement of Glasgow 
Furnace manufacturers : — 


Refuse Destructors in General Trades Section 
Furniture manufacturers : — 


J. M'INTOSH & CO 61 

Furniture removers : — 

BELL& CO 34 


Furniture storers & removers : — ■ 


commencement of Glasgow 
Galvanized iron manufacturers : — 


Galvanized wire netting manufacturers : — 


Game, poultry & rabbit salesman : — 


Ganister brick manufacturers : — 



Gardeners : — 


Gas burner manufacturers : — 


Gas engineers: — 


Gasfitter : — 

J. MoEWAN 64 

Gas & hot water engineers : — 


Gas meter manufacturers : — 


Gate & railing manufacturers : — 

P. BELL & SON 34 

Gauge glass merchants : — 


Geographical & educational publishers : — 


Glass cutters : — 


Glass embossers & stainers : — 


Glass goods manufacturers : — 


Glass merchants : — 



Glaziers : — 


Gold & silver dealers : — 


Gold & silver materials manufacturers : — ■ 


Gold, silver & platinum refiners : — ■ 

Goldsmith : — 



Grain merchants : — 


Granite merchants : — 

D. H. & J. NEWALL 2S 

Grinding & sifting machinery manufacturers: — 


Grocers : — 


MANUEL & WEBSTER Facing commencement 

of Private Residents — Scotland Section 
Grocers & provision merchants : — 


Ground ganister manufacturers : — 




Hammer manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 


Hardware dealer: — 


Heating & ventilating appliance manufacturer : — ■ 


Hook & eye manufacturers : — 


Horse hair merchants : — 


Hose pipe manufacturers : — 


Hotels : — 

A. BLAIR 22 









J. T. KEDDIE 51 




j. McGregor 56 



House & estate agent: — 


House furnisners : — 


R. HAY 61 

Hydrant manufacturers : — 


Hydropathic establishment : — 


India rubber boot & shoe manufacturers : — 


India Rubber Sc Waterproof Goods Manufacturers 

fy Warehousemen in Edinburgh Trades Section 

India rubber goods manufrs. — for mechanical purposes: — 


India Rubber 8; Waterproof Goods Manufacturers 
$• Warehousemen in Edinburgh Trades Section 
India rubber washer manufacturers : — 




Insurance agent : — 


Iron buildings manufacturers: — 

F. D. COWIESON & CO. 43 

Iron building & roofing manufacturer : — 


Iron founders : — 

P. BELL & SON 34 



J. F. LOW & CO. LIMITED 5 6 




WYLIE & CO 28 

Iron manufacturers : — 


WYLIE & CO 28 

Ironmongers : — 



Iron pipe manufacturers : — 


Iron roof manufacturers : — 

P. BELL & SON 34 

Iron & steel wire manufacturers : — 


Italian warehousemen : — 

MANUEL & WEBSTER Facing commencement 

of Private Residents— Scotland Section 

Jewellers : — 


\V. B.TAYLOR 5° 

Job & post masters : — 

McGregor & cameron 38 

Joinery manufacturer: — • 


Laboratory machinery manufacturers : — 


Lamp manufacturers : — 




Land chain manufacturers : — ■ 


Lead merchant : — 

J. McEWAN 64 

Leaded glass manufacturers : — 


Leather belting manufacturers : — 

J. & J. DRUMMOND 18 

Leather manufacturers — for mechanical purposes : — 

J. & J. DRUMMOND 18 

Leather merchants : — 


Lightning conductor manufacturers : — 

D. TOSH & SON 43 

Lime merchants : — 

W. HARPER & CO 21 


Linen bleachers : — 


Livery stables proprietors : — ' 

McGregor & cameron 3S 


Lorry builders : — 


Lubricator manufacturers : — 


Machine manufacturers : — 



Machine knife manufacturers : — 


Magnesia manufacturers : — 


Malleable castings manufacturers : — 

E. LUCAS & SON 69 

Malt drying machinery manufacturers: — 


Map publishers : — 


Mast& block makers : — 


Measuring chain & tape manufacturers : — 


Measuring tape line & case manufacturers : — 


Meat salesmen : — 


Merchants : — 

HAY & CO 54 

Merchants — general : — 


Metal manufacturers — anti-friction : — 


Anti-friction Metal Manufrs. — Glasgow Section 
Metal merchants : — 




Metal perforators : — 


Metal refiners: — 


Metal rolling mills : — 


Mill furnishers : — 



Mill & factory furnishers : — 

R. C. STIVEN & CO 3 1 

Mill puff manufacturer : — 

J. LEES 72 

Millwrights: — 




Miners' lamp manufacturer: — 


Mineral oil manufacturers : — 

J. ROSS & CO 37 

Mining tool manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 
Monumental sculptors : — 

M. MUIR & CO 52 



Motor car tyre manufacturers : — 


India Rubber 8; Waterproof Goods Manufacturers 
S( Warehousemen in Edinburgh Trades Section 
Moulding.manufacturers : — 

J. SCOTT & CO 45 

Music dealers: — 


Musical instrument dealer : — 


Needle manufacturers : — 


Newspapers : — 





Newspaper advertising agents : — 

KEITH & CO 35 


Nickel, tin & solder manufacturers : — 


Nurserymen : — 


Oatmeal manufacturers : — 


Obstetric binder manufacturer : — 

J. H. HAYWOOD 7 i 

Oil engine manufacturer : — 


Oil merchants : — 

R. C. STIVEN & CO 31 

Oil mill machinery manufacturers : — 

Old metal dealers : — 


Opticians : — 

J. RAMSAY '. 30 

Oven builders : — 

E. GAULD 21 

Packing case makers : — 


Paint (Duresco) : — 

J. DUTHIE & CO 43 

Paint manufacturers : — 

J. DUTHIE & CO 43 

Paint merchants : — 


Paint, oil & color merchants : — 


Painter : — 


Paper makers' tool manufacturers : — 


Paper stock merchants : — 

A. WASS & SON 33 

Paste manufacturers — " Fixol ": — 


Patent agents : — 

W. R. M. THOMSON & CO 42 

Pavement merchants : — 


Paving contractors : — 


Pianoforte dealers : — 



Picture frame makers : — 



Picture restorer : — 


Plumbers : — 

J. McEWAN 64 


Plumbers' & gasfitters' brass work manufacturers : — 

Printers & publishers : — 

& publishers of the Post Office London, County 

& Trades Directories &c Inside Back Cover 

$ page 76 

Provision dealers : — 

MANUEL & WEBSTER Facing commencement 

of Private Residents — Scotland Section 

Provision merchants: — 


Poultry & rabbit salesman : — 


Publishers : — 


Pulley manufacturer: — 


Pulverising & crashing machinery manufacturers : — 

Pump manufacturers : — 




Quarry owners : — 



T. KING & CO 2S 


D. H. & J. NEWALL 28 

Quarrymen's tool manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 

Rabbit skin buyers : — 

A. WASS & SON 33 

Rag merchants : — 

A. WASS & SON 33 

Refiners : — 



Refrigerator manufacturer: — 


Refuse destructor manufacturers : — 


Refuse Destructors in General Trades Section 

Removal contractors : — 

BELL & CO 34 

R. HAY 61 



mencement of Glasgow 

Rivet manufacturers : — 


Rope manufacturers: — 


Rope, line & twine manufacturers: — 




Rule manufacturers— measuring : — 


Safety pin manufacturers : — 


Salmon factor : — 


Salt merchants : — 

HAY & CO 54 


Sanitary damp course composition manufacturers : — 


Sanitary engineers : — 

J. McEWAN 64 

J. S. MILLAR & SON 24 


Sanitary goods manufacturers : — 

Saw manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 

Saw mill proprietors: — 

J. SCOTT & CO 45 


Schools : — 

Scrap metal & machinery merchants : — 

A. WASS & SON 33 

Screw manufacturers : — 


Seythe, sickle & reaping hook manufacturers : — 

Servants' registry office: — 

MANUEL & WEBSTER Facing commencement 

of Private Residents — Scotland Section 
Sewer pipe manufacturers: — 

Shafting manufacturers : — 


Ship broker : — 


Ship owners : — 

HAY & CO 54 

Ship thimble manufacturers : — 


Shipping agents : — 


I). PETEIE 50 

Shipping & forwarding agents: — 


commencement of Glasgow 
Silica manufacturers : — 



Silicate paints: — 

J. DUTHIE & CO 43 

Silversmith : — 


Skin merchants : — 

A. WASS & SON 33 

Smelters : — 


Smiths : — 



Society : — 

Spade, shovel & fork manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 
Spindle & flyer manufacturers : — 

E. LUCAS & SON 69 

Stained glass manufacturers : — 



Stampers & piercers : — 


Steam fittings manufacturers : — 


Steam hammer manufacturer : — 


Steam ship owners : — 



Steel manufacturers : — 


Front Cover 



Steel castings manufacturers : — 


Steel forgings manufacturers : — 


Steel tubes & fittings manufacturers : — 


Tube Makers — Iron— Glasgow Section 
Steel windmill manufacturers : — 


Stevedores: — 


commencement of Glasgow 
Stoker manufacturers : — 


Refuse Destructors in General Trades Section 
Stone merchants : — 


Street lamp manufacturer : — 


Surgical appliances manufacturer : — 


Tar distillers : — 

J. ROSS & CO '.. 37 

Tar macadam manufacturers : — 


Telescope table manufacturer : 


Temperance hotel : — 


Textile machinery manufacturers : — 


Timber merchants : — 

HAY & CO 54 

J. SCOTT & CO 45 


Tool manufacturers : — 





Tool steel manufacturers : — 


Truss manufacturer : — 


Tube manufacturers : — 


Tube Makers — Iron —Glasgow Section 
Tweed manufacturers : — 


Undertakers : — 


Upholsterers : — 

R. HAY 61 


Valuer : — 


Valve manufacturer : — 


Van builders : — 


Varnish merchants : — 

R. C. STIVEN & CO 31 

Warehouse keepers : — 


commencement of Glasgow 
Watch maker : — 

J.RAMSAY ■ 30 

Water engineers : — 

J. S. MILLAR & SON 24 

Water cart manufacturer: — 


Water closet manufacturers : — 


Water & gas meter manufacturers : — 


Water meter manufacturers : — 


Water paint manufacturers : — 

J. DUTHIE & CO 43 

Waterproof manufacturers : — 



India Rubber # Waterproof Goods Manufacturers 
$ Warehousemen in Edinburgh Trades Section 
Well engineers : — ■ 

J. S. |MILLAR & SON 24 

Wharfingers : — 


commencement of Glasgow 

Whisky distillers : — 






Windmill manufacturers: — 

J. S. MILLAR & SON 24 

Wine Si spirit merchants : — 

CASSELS & CO : 47 

MANUEL & WEBSTER Facing com- 
mencement of Priuate Residents — Scotland Section 

Wire drawers : — 


Wire manufacturers : — 


Wire cloth manufacturers: — 

a. cousland & son 40 

r. Mcdonald & son 40 

a. rowat&co 44 

Wire fencing manufacturers : — 


Wire rope manufacturers : — 


Wire weavers : — 


Wire workers : — 

a. cousland & son 40 

r. Mcdonald & son 40 

Wirework manufacturers : — 


Wood card covering manufacturers : — 


Wood & iron building manufacturers : — 


Wood-working machinery manufacturers : — 


Wrought iron tube manufacturers: — 


Tube Makers — Iron — Glasgow Section 
Zinc worker : — 

J. McEWAN 64 

Zinc boiler plate manufacturers: — 




This most northerly of the great divisions of the British 
Isles lies north of England, with an inclination to the west, 
which throws the western coast, taking the direction from 
south to north, considerably west of the line of the coast of 
Cumberland, and in the same proportion the line of the 
south and centre portion of the eastern coast recedes to the 
west of the line of the coast of Northumberland (though 
north of Aberdeen, about Peterhead, the coast trends east- 
ward, only to recede again north of the Moray Firth), thus 
the Mull of Cantyre, the southern portion of Argyllshire, is 
in the longitude (5 50') of Belfast, the district of Ardna- 
murehan in that of Portrush, in the north of Ireland, and 
the Hebrides lie still further west, while on the east coast, 
Edinburgh and Leith are in the longitude of Silloth, on 
the west coast of Cumberland, and Dundee in that of Car- 
lisle. The kingdom lies between the longitude of 2 to 
i° 50' and 7 30' west of Greenwich and between 54 35' 
and 61 ° north latitude ; this includes the Orkney and Shet- 
land Isles, and gives a length, from north to south, of 470 
miles, of which the mainland takes 295 miles, while the 
breadth varies from 105 miles, on a line taken east to west 
from Grangemouth to the western side of Colonsay, to 225 
miles from Peterhead to the west of Uist (or 385 miles if 
the outlying Isles of St. Kilda are included) ; the total 
acreage of land being 19,069,500, or 29,796"! square miles. 
The coast line is extremely varied, and resembles that of 
Ireland in having its western coast indented with long 
inlets, with the addition of a long breakwater of islands, 140 
miles in length, off the north-western coast, with the large 
islands of Skye, Mull,Jura and Islay closer in to the mainland. 
These islands, and a large portion of the coast which lies 
behind them, are exposed to the Atlantic, though the great 
current which, after its division into two by Ireland, has 
such an influence on the banks and estuaries of the Irish 
Channel, only glances against the south-western point of 
Cantyre and Port Patrick, Wigtownshire, and after sending 
a portion of its force into the Firth of Clyde, and a minor 
current into the Solway, passes down channel. The total 
length of coast line (not including the islands, nor any except 
the largest estuaries) is about 1,100 miles, but measured in 
and out of all the estuaries and lochs, it is rather more 
than double that distance. The land border from Berwick 
to the head of Solway Firth is only 90 miles ; the centre 
part of this is formed by the Cheviot Hills and the eastern 
by the Tweed, and going north from the mouth of this river, 
the east coast trends north-west in a tolerably even line, 
only broken by St. Abb's Head, and the small harbour of 
Dunbar. At Tantallon, near North Berwick, it turns direct 
west, being here broken by the Firth of Forth, subsequently 
turning north-west at Fife Ness to the Firth of Tay, re- 
suming its northerly direction at Buddon Ness, the north- 
east horn of St. Andrews Bay, and runs up with a slight 
trend eastwards past Arbroath, Montrose, Stonehaven and 
Aberdeen to Peterhead. About 10 miles north of this, near 
Fraserburgh, the coast has a direct westerly course for 
nearly 80 i.mes into the Moray Firth, then north-east to 
Tarbet Ness, which forms the southern point of Dornoch 
Firth ; after clearing which the coast takes another bend to 
the north-east as far as Wick, thence due north to Duncansby 
Head, the Land's End of Scotland. From here the coasts of 
Caithness and Sutherland extend due east to west, turning 
abruptly south at Cape Wrath, and from this point to the 
Mull of Cantyre is a broken and rocky coast line, indented 
with numerous sea lochs and studded with long promon- 
tories ; it trends south-west to the southern point of Loch 
Cairnbawn, thence easterly into Loch Broom ; again to the 
west past Lochs Gruinard and Ewe ; south past Lochs 
Gair and Torrldon to Loch Carron, south of which the Isle 
of Skye indents into Loch Alsh ; the coast from here is 
broken by Lochs Hourn, Nevis, Morar, Na Nuag and 
Moidart, and then projects some 15 miles in the promontory 
of Ardnamurchan, succeeded by Loch Sunart and the Sound 
of Mull, which takes the coast 20 miles easterly to Loch 
Linnhe, the southern end of the Caledonian canal, thence 
it proceeds south and consists of the broken coast of Argyll- 
shire as far as the Mull of Cantyre, which ends the rocky 

portion of the coast, and forms the western horn of eutranc e 
to the Firth of Clyde, round which the coast line passes the 
large Lochs Fyne and Long, returning down the coast of 
Ayrshire, passing the peculiar shores of Wigtown, which are 
indented in its northern side by Loch Ryan and south by 
Luce Bay, to which, round Burrowhead, succeeds Wigtown 
Bay, and the coast runs thence in a north-easterly course 
along the north shore of the Solway Firth. 

Inland, the best known divisions are the Highlands and 
the Lowlands, marked out not only by their configuration 
and hills, but also by the differences apparent in their 
inhabitants, in their language, and even in their cattle ; these 
divisions may be indicated by a line starting from the Mull 
of Cantyre, along the eastern side of the Islands of Arran 
and Bute, and along the east of Loch Lomond, thence north 
by east to Inverness, crossing the Moray Firth, and ending 
at Duncansby Head ; the west and north-west of this line is 
the Highland country, embracing, it is estimated, about 
18,000 square miles of the mainland, or with the islands 
21,000 ; here are the highest mountains, and the largest 
inland lochs ; the most prominent amongst the former being 
Ben Nevis 4,400 feet above the sea level, Cairngorm 4,083, 
Ben Lawers 3,980, Ben More 3,850, Ben Cruachan 3,700 
and Ben Lomond 3,200. The Lowland district stretches 
eastward and south ; the loftiest peaks in the district being 
Broadlaw 2,750, Hart Fell 2,650 and Criffel 1,860. 

The principal rivers, beginning from the south, are the 
Tweed, debouching at Berwick, the Esk, the Annan and the 
Nith, falling into the Solway Firth. The Clyde, rising in 
the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire and flowing westward to its 
own Firth. The Forth, rising in the Perthshire hills and 
flowing south-east to the German Ocean. The Tay, having 
its source in the same watershed, but debouching east by 
north between the counties of Fife and Forfar. The Dee 
and the Don, the one flowing east and the other south-east, 
but both debouching by Aberdeen, and the Spey, rising in 
Inverness-shire and falling into the North Sea in the north- 
east of Morayshire. From here, round the north and west 
coasts to Firth of Clyde, the rivers are comparatively small, 
the water, in nearly all cases, forming a succession of lochs, 
on its way to the North Sea or Atlantic. 

The sea lochs have been already named in the coast line, 
and those inland are very numerous ; a few of the largest 
are on the western and centre portions, Loch Lomond 
(which covers about 20,000 acres), Lochs Awe, Katrine, Tay, 
Rannoch, Arkaig, Lochy, Laggan, Ness, Fannich, Maree, 
Shin and Stonine, while on the east. Loch Leven is the only 
prominent sheet of water. The Western Isles also contain 
a few large lakes. All these provide good fishing grounds, 
and the sea lochs and coasts abound in fish. 

History. — The earliest record that can be trusted ig thatre- 
lating to the Roman invasion, which took place A-D. 79, at 
which time an army under Agricola crossed the Solway Firth 
and by the next year had established themselves on the north 
bank of the Clyde, shortly afterwards (a.». 81) erecting the 
wall of Antonine, from Bowling to Grangemouth, between 
the Firths of Clyde and Forth, taking that natural division 
line of the country as their northern boundary. At this 
time the country generally was known as Caledonia, though 
it would appear'that the Caledonians proper held the extreme 
north, and the Picts the more southerly portion, except in 
the south-west, where a British tribe had planted themselves ; 
the. Romans remained until 410, and on their departure, the 
Britons and Picts contended for the sovereignty. Mean- 
while, a Celtic tribe from the north-east of Ireland took 
possession of Cantyre and pushing into Lorn and Strath 
Clyde imposed their yoke on the inhabitants of the western 
districts, and forming a kingdom known as the Dalriadic, 
attempted, with varying success, the conquest of the Picts, 
and as they, coming from Scotia (as Ireland was then called), 
got the name of Scots, may be said to have originated the 
name of Scotland. Ultimately, in 843, the Dalriadic and 
Pictish thrones were united under Kenneth, grandson of 
Achaius. Meanwhile, on the eastern side, the kingdom of 
Northumbria, a foundation of the Norsemen under Ida, was 
pushed forward to the Lothians on the banks of the Forth, 





and in 617 extended from the Humber to the Forth and in 
654 included Strathclyde, but in 685 the Piets defeated 
Egfrid, King of Northumbria, at Dunnichen, though it was 
not until 966 that Kenneth III. got the Lothians ceded to 
him, the final annexation taking place in 105S, under 
Malcolm III. "first king of Scotia" (surnamed Ceanmore). 
Between 881 and 1057 a constant war was waged with the 
Danes, upon whom no less than eight defeats were inflicted by 
Scottish sovereigns, the principal being Danes Dyke 881, 
Fortevoit 908, Luncarty 961 and Mortlach 1010. In 1066, 
Edgar Ai heling, the Saxon claimant to the English throne, 
with his two sisters and many Saxon and some Norman 
nobles, sought refuge in Scotland ; the king received them 
well and settled them in various parts of the kingdom, 
marrying two years later Edgar's sister, Margaret. He was 
killed 1093 at the siege of Alnwick and was succeeded (after 
four years usurpation by Donald Bane) by his son Edgar, 
whose sister married Henry I. of England. After him came 
Alexander I. no7and David I. " The Saint," 1124. William 
the Lion, so-called from his cognisance, a red lion rampant, 
which afterwards became the shield of Scotland, who came 
to the throne 1 165, was taken prisoner at Alnwick 1 174, and 
only released by Richard I. in 1189 ; he was succeeded by 
Alexander II. who inflicted the great defeat upon Haco, King 
of Norway, at Largs in 1263. Alexander III. was killed by 
a fall at Kinghorn, I286(in the time of Thomas the Rhymer) ; 
his young daughter, Margaret, dying 1290, left the crown 
open to various competitors, and gave Edward I. of England 
an excuse to step in and decide between the claims of John 
Baliol and Robert Bruce, and first opened up the claim to 
the English suzerainty ; John Baliol, proving the most pliant, 
was placed on the throne, only to be deposed, and during 
this time William Wallace made a gallant attempt to re- 
trieve the fortunes of his country, and defeated Cressingham 
at Stirling (1297), was himself defeated at Falkirk (1298), 
and being captured (1305) was executed. Robert Bruce, 
grandson of the first competitor, was crowned 1306, but not 
until 1314 did he prove successful, and then he won his 
great battle of Bannock urn ; but in i324,Edward II. ravaged 
the South and East of Scotland ; and in 1329 Bruce died, 
and was succeeded by his son David II. a minor, and in 
1334, John Baliol's son Edward, under the auspices of 
Edward III. made an attempt on the throne ; David being 
taken prisoner in 1346 (at Nevilles Cross), was released in 
1359 on his marriage with Joanna, sister to Edward III. and 
died 1371 ; the next year John of Gaunt sought refuge in 
Scotland, and in 1385, Richard II. burnt Edinburgh. 
Robert II. (1371) was the first of the Stuarts and a grandson 
to Robert Bruce, and in his reign (1388) Douglas won the 
battle of Otterburn, to which followed a long truce, during 
which Robert III. became king, and in 1405 his son James 
was captured by the English and only released in 1424, 
when he became James I. and was assassinated (1437) at 
Perth. James II. then six years old, succeeded and was 
killed at the siege of Roxburgh in 1460 ; he assassinated the 
Douglas in Stirling Castle during a dispute ; James III. 
succeeded him, and James IV. 1503, married Margaret of 
England, and in 1513 perished at Flodden. James V. long a 
minor under the control of Angus, married, 1537, Magdalene, 
daughter of Francis I. of France; and in 1538, Mary of 
Guise, mother of Mary Queen of Scots, and this brings us 
to better known times ; Mary, as a minor, was brought up 
in France, and Arran was Regent in 1545. Hertford, an 
English noble, afterwards Duke of Somerset, burnt Edin- 
burgh, and many border places ; in 1554, Mary of Guise 
became Regent ; 1 558, Mary (the younger), married Francis, 
Dauphin of France, and in 1561 Mary came to Scotland a 
widow, married Darnley, 1565 ; Bothwell in 1567, fled to 
England the same year, and was sacrificed to Elizabeth's 
jealousy 1587. James VI. had been made king in 1567, 
and in 1603 succeeded Elizabeth on the English throne and 
removed to London, revisiting Scotland only once afterwards 
(1617). After James VI. 's death, his son Charles succeeded 
him as Charles I. of England and Scotland ; he visited 
Edinburgh in 1633, and was crowned in the Chapel Royal 
of Holyrood, and in 1641 he again came to his northern 
capital to win over, if he could, the Covenanting Lords, and 
five years later he threw himself into the arms of the Scottish 
army, only to be surrendered by them to the English Parlia- 
ment, when the latter settled the arrears of pay due to the 
Scots. Charles II. came in 1650, on the invitation of Uie 
Scottish Parliament, and while he was there Cromwell 
invaded the kingdom and gained over General Leslie the 
victory of Dunbar, but could not venture to attack the 
Scottish forces station d with King Charles about Stirling. 
In the succeeding year Charles was crowned King of Scot- 
land at Scone Palace, and in August of the same year he 
marched from Stirling to Worcester. The army stationed 
in Scotland, under Monck, was mainly instrumental in the 
Restoration, and previous to his succession to the throne, 
James, Duke of York (afterwards James VII. of Scotland 
and II. of England) resided sometime in Edinburgh, but on 
his abdication William HI. espoused the cause of the Pres- 

byterians, and the reign of his successor, Anne, was marked 
by the passing of the Act of Union, and henceforth, if we 
except the two attempts, 1715 and 1745, made by the Stuarts 
to regain their hereditary dominions, Scottish history as a 
distinct kingdom ceased. 

During these periods from the Norman invasion, the 
border land lying along the Tweed and the Cheviot Hills 
had been the scene of constant forays carried out by the 
English border chieftains, to which those on the Scotch side 
promptly retaliated, and though there were on both sides 
nobles called " Wardens of. the Marches," commissioned by 
their sovereigns to maintain order, the reiving still went on 
and was varied occasionally by a regular invasion from one 
side or the other, such as of Lords Sussex and Hunsdon in 
1570 ; later on the only purely Scottish events were Mar's 
rising in 1715 and the gallant attempt of Prince Charles 
Edward in 1745 to recover the possessions of his ancestors. 
But in 1707 an event was consummated which ended the 
independence of Scotland as a kingdom, for the Articles of 
Union, which, after much show of opposition, had been ( 1706) 
approved by a majority of thirty-three in the Scottish House 
of Parliament, consisting of about 240 members, came into 
effect ; and from that time Scottish constituencies were 
represented in the Imperial Parliament, originally by 45 
members but now by 72, and the Scotch Peerage by sixteen 
members elected each Parliament to sit in the House of Lords. 

The Scottish Parliament, abolished at the time of the 
Union, was constituted on a slight^ different form to the 
present Imperial Parliament. It consisted from early 
times of one House only, composed of Ecclesiastical Barons 
(Bishops and mitred Abbots), the Higher Temporal Barons, 
the Lesser Barons and Burghers. These two last classes 
were often represented by delegates, and the towns more 
often by their provosts ; there existed also a peculiar com- 
mittee with functions somewhat analogous to those of an 
English grand jury (but applying to bills for consideration 
of the House and not indictments), who, under the style of 
" Lords of Articles," were appointed each session, and who 
examined all proposed bills and rejected any that they con- 
sidered it was inadvisable to lay before the House ; these 
Lords, originally named by the Crown,were latterly elected by 
the Separate Estates, and in 1560 consisted of ten Spiritual 
Lords, ten Greater Barons, six Lesser Barons and ten 
Provosts of Cities. The Scottish Order of Knighthood, that 
of " The Thistle," first founded in 819 by King Achaius, 
was revived in 1540 by James and again in 1687 by James 
VII. and still remains one of the "Orders" of the United 

Ecclesiastical. — The early settlers, Pictsor Caledonians, 
were heathens, and it was the missionary labours of the Irish 
Priest Columba (a.d. 630) and a reflux of Christian teachers 
and Prelates from Northumbria, together with the visit of a 
Welsh bishop, that Scotland owed her conversion to Chris- 
tianity; for some time there were two sects of the church work- 
ing in the kingdom, the monks from the North of England 
holding to a more modern form of Romanism than the ancient 
Celtic fathers ; however, all finally settled to one orthodox 
usage, but the supremacy over the western portion claimed by 
the Archbishops of York was rejected, and the Church of Scot- 
land was governed by its own archbishops, but the Civil dis- 
sensions in Queen Mary's reign favoured the Reformers, and 
in 1580 Episcopacy ceased, and in 1592 Presbyterianism was 
established by law, and was followed by the destruction of 
abbeys &c. In 1625 Charles I. tried to revive Episcopacy, 
but was met in 1638 by the National Covenant, the adherents 
to which in 1679 murdered Archbishop Sharpe, and were 
persecuted for some years, but as the Episcopal Church 
could not in conscience support William III. he gave his 
support to the Presbyterians, and in July, 1689, Prelacy was 
abolished by Act of Parliament, and since that the Presby- 
terian Church has been the Established Church of Scotland, 
and though it was somewhat shaken in 1843 by the great 
disruption, on the question of patronage and State veto and 
the foundation of the Free kirk, it still holds its own as the 
State church ; there is, however, an Episcopal hierarchy and 
one of the Roman church and several powerful sects of 

Antiquities and Ruins. — Overrun as it has been by so 
many varied races, Scotland contains a large number, not 
only of ancient warlike remains, but also many ecclesiastical 
ruins, the destruction of these latter being in many cases due 
to changes in the national religion : amongst the warlike ruins 
we find the vitrified forts, built it is supposed of mud and 
wattle and hardened by the application of fire ; of this class is 
Menmuir, in Forfarshire ; to this or a slightly later age belong 
the old circular towers or brough as in Burra, Orkney Islands, 
and the so-called Dun forts, built of boulder stones without 
cement, while later came the Roman camps and their cele- 
brated wall of Antonine from the Forth to the Clyde, with its 
ditch and inner road (which latter was long used by trains of 
packhorses) ; next are the older castles founded from the nth 
century up to the 14th or 15th, and now nearly all ruins, as 




Dunstaffnage, Cardross, Castle Campbell, Loch Leven, Caer 
Laverock, Cawdor, Inverlocliy, Fast Bothwell &c. the ruined 
palaces of Falkland and Linlithgow, the three royal castles, 
maintained under the Articles of Union, viz., Edinburgh, Stir- 
ling and Dumbarton, and the many fortified houses, some 
still habitable, and the border Peel towers. Among the 
ecclesiastical remains are the standing stones or Druidical 
temples of Stennis and of Callanish, the great Runic crosses 
of lona and others scattered through the land, the old 
Cathedral of lona, the grand Border Abbeys of Jedburgh, 
Melrose, Dryburgh and Kelso, and the eastern ones of 
Brechin and Elgin and the perfect specimens of cathedrals 
still in use at Glasgow and Kirkwall, while the chapel of 
Holyrood and the older tower of that palace may be ranked 
with antique buildings. There are two round towers, 
similar to those found in Ireland, still standing at Abernethy 
and Brechin. 

Highland Clans. — The clans were the pastoral tribes of 
a hilly district, each tribe obeying a chief who represented 
the original headman, and was directly descended from him, 
and a very similar state of government exists at the present 
day amongst the hill tribes of Affghanistan ; each clan had 
its distinct district and was distinguished by its tartan or 
plaid and its badges ; they seldom united themselves with 
any of the adjoining clans, and then only to oppose a common 
enemy, and when thus collected in strong bodies their 
action was most effective, though marred to some extent by 
their custom of returning home after each successful action 
to deposit their plunder and see to their own settlements. 
The chief in each clan was paramount, presided over it in 
peace and led it in war, and next to him stood the dunnie- 
wassels, or gentlemen of the clan, who were generally the 
only fully armed members (with targe, pistols and claymore, 
to which was afterwards added the Spanish musket), and 
the poorer members of the clan, with often only a claymore 
or a Lochaber axe, formed a second or supporting line. 
Their form of government was patriarchal and all shared 
in the spoil, while the chief held the power of life and death; 
the king's warrant did not run in these wild districts, and 
their love of fighting led to constant forays of one clan against 
another ; however, by the time James VI. came to the 
throne they had been in a measure subdued, and the risings 
of 1715 and 1745 finally broke up their power and they 
now only exist by the community of name and family, 
though the chief in many cases can still trace his descent. 
Some of the clans were deported to Canada, and Pitt's wise 
measure of making regiments from other leading clans was 
the means of pacifying them and giving them a congenial 

The Highland district contains the largest civil parishes, 
Contin being 197,493 acres, Lochbroom 261,020 acres and 
Gairloch 200,646, all in Ross-shire, which possesses four other 
parishes over 100,000 acres each, while Sutherland has seven 
parishes over that figure, of which the largest is Fa,rr,25,8,752 
acres, Caithness two, Inverness ten (and one, Kilmonivaig, 
of 267,047), Perthshire one (231,034 acres) and Argyll three 
of over 100,000 acres each, while Ayrshire shows one of 54,597 
acres, Edinburghshire one of 26,138, Wigtownshire one of 
35,800 and Linlithgow one of 10,264 acres; from 5,000 to 
12,000 acres being a very common size for a lowland parish. 
The agricultural holdings are many of them small, and in 
the islands and some North Highland parishes the crofters, 
or small farmers, chiefly those of Argyll and Inverness, have 
suffered from an accumulation of arrears and by rents 
beyond the capacity of their farms. A commission appointed 
under Acts of 1886 and 18S7 has fixed about 15,000 fair rents, 
and by the establishment of new piers and harbours and 
lighthouses, subsidising lines of steamers and helping the 
extension of railways, has afforded the fishermen and crofters 
facilities for getting their produce to market The Com- 
mission on Deer Forests reported in March, 1883, that about 
1,700,000 acres might possibly be found suitable for crofter 
occupation, but of this only about 400,000 acres were in 
the vicinity of the districts affected by the crofter question. 

Soil and Agriculture.— The face of the country is very 
variable, the north centre and the western coast "down to 
Cantyre and Arran being mostly of a sterile and heathy 
nature, and suitable only for the sustenance of sheep, moun- 
tain cattle and deer, while the eastern portion (especially the 
flat land between the mountain ranges and the sea) affords 
a most suitable ground for corn and other crops, and fine 
grazing ground, not only for sheep, but for the better class 
of cattle and horses. South, again, of the Firths of Forth and 
Clyde, the land shows a belt of minerals, extending from 
Ayrshire in a north-easterly direction into Fifeshire, some 
good arable land down the course of the southern streams, a 
less prolific eastern coast line than that further north, and a 
rough moorland along the border north of the Cheviots and 
along their slopes. The mean annual temperature has been 
estimated at about 44 to 47 degrees, varj'ing with local 
peculiarities of height above the sea level &c. ; the arable land 
does not range higher than 800 feet above this level. The 

acreage of corn crops and pasturage is very nearly equal 
(about 1,300,000 acres), but half of the first-named crop is 
in the eastern district, one-third in the south, only one-tenth 
in the north, and about one-twelfth in the bare western divi- 
sion ; the same proportion occurs in the root crop, and to 
some extent in that of the green crops, though in this last 
the south holds a place nearly level with the east division, 
which has one half of the crop, but on a comparison of 
pasture land it is found that the south has over half the 
total acreage, the east only a fourth, and the west and 
north one-ninth and one-eleventh respectively. Heath (or 
mountain) land, which counts for one half of the total 
acreage, shows, as may be expected, a preponderance in 
north and west, the latter accounting for one-third, and the 
former showing five-eighteenths, the east only one-sixth, 
while the south, owing to its extensive moorlands and border 
hills, accounts for four-eighteenths. The woods only cover 
one-twentieth of the total area, and are distributed chiefly in 
the eastern and western districts. 

The distribution of sheep and cattle does not quite follow 
that of the heath and pasture, the north carrying a small 
proportion of both, the west one-fourth of the total in sheep, 
but only one-ninth in cattle, while the east, with only one- 
fifth of sheep, feeds nearly half of the total of cattle, and the 
south, with a very heavy preponderance (three-sevenths) of 
sheep, has fewer cattle than the eastern divisions. See 

Animals &c. — The most notable breeds of cattle are the 
Galloway short horns, the Kyloe small black cattle from 
lower Argyll and Bute, and the Highland breed of small 
short-legged cattle with shaggy hides and straight horns. 
The sheep in the same districts are also of a small, sturdy 
black-faced breed and very active, while on the southern 
border is a larger species, indigenous to the Cheviot Hills, 
and on the east coast a breed belonging to the Grampians 
district. The horses show the same characteristics ; the 
Shetland pony, only seven or eight hands in height, active 
and sturdy, is now much sought after, while in the south- 
west is the breed of Galloways, somewhat resembling the 
Welsh pony, but rather higher, and the original mount of 
the " Border Pricker " in his English forays ; and in the 
valley of the Clyde and Ayrshire are found the celebrated 
Clydesdale horses. The east coast, about Fife and F'orfar, 
likewise furnishes a good breed of roadsters, and this side of 
the country furnishes the largest supply of horses generally. 
The tall, shaggy Scotch deer-hound is well-known, and 
terriers show some fine breeds, while the Scotch collie is a 
finer bred dog than the southern sheep dog. The deer, 
which constitute a leading feature in the Highlands, where 
they have some 2,000,000 acres for their use, are the red 
deer, found in few other districts in these islands, and 
the roe deer, and Hamilton park has one of the three herds 
of the wild cattle extant in Great Britain. One of the 
attractions of Scotland lies in the abundance of salmon and 
trout, both found in the majority of its rivers and lochs. 
Amongst birds is the grouse and the scarce capercailzie, the 
gannets of the Bass Rock and some few other island rocks. 

Railways and Canals. — The railway system of the 
country originated with the means of communication with 
England, from which country two main lines enter Scotland, 
one (the Caledonian) at Gretna, close to the head of the 
Solway Firth, whence it proceeds north to Carstairs, and, 
dividing, goes east to Edinburgh and west to Glasgow, with 
numerous cross branches, including one to Ayr, one to 
Peebles, another through Paisley to Greenock and Wemyss 
Bay, and one between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and carry- 
ing its main line via Stirling and Perth on to Aberdeen, 
and a branch westward from Dunblane to Oban. From 
Counel Ferry, near Oban, a line is now in existence to 
Ballachulish. The other line from England (the North 
British) enters at Berwick-upon-Tweed, at the eastern 
extremity of the border, runs round the coast by 
Dunbar, and by another branch, via St. Boswells Junction 
through Melrose and Galashiels, to Dalkeith and Edinburgh, 
and thence across the Forth Bridge to Inverkeithing and 
Perth and through Fifeshire ; from the latter place is a 
branch via the Tay Bridge to Dundee ; also from Edinburgh 
via Falkirk to Glasgow, Airdrie, Hamilton and Dumbarton. 
From Pohnont Junction on the main line is a branch to 
Stirling and Aberfoyle. From Perth starts the Highland 
railway, running up north via Aviemore Junction to Inver- 
ness, Dingwall (from whence a branch runs to Strome Ferry 
and Lochalsh), Tain, Thurso and Wick. From Inverness 
is a branch through Nairn and Elgin to Keith and Buckie. 
From Aviemore Junction is a branch via Grantown to Forres. 
The Great North of Scotland occupies the ground north-west 
of Aberdeen, from which places are branches to Peterhead 
and Fraserburgh, to Macduff via Inverurie, and to Banff, 
thence going westward to Portsoy, to Elgin and Lossiemouth; 
on the Banff branch is a loop line through Keith to Nethy- 
bridge, and up the valley of the Dee is a line to Ballater, the 
station for Balmoral. The West Highland (the most recent 




of the lines) runs from Helensburgh, west of Loch Lomond to 
Tyndrum, Loch Rannoch and Fort William. The Glasgow 
and South Western Railway, leaving Gretna, runs via Dum- 
fries (where a line branches to Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright 
and Newton Stewart), Thornhill, Cumnock and Kilmarnock 
to Glasgow,and has branches to Paisley, Greenock, Ardrossan 
and Ayr. The Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint railway 
starts from Castle Douglas, and with a terminus at Port- 
patrick, having branches at Newton Stewart for Whithorn, 
and one from Dunragit to Girvan. 

Canals. — The principal are the Caledonian Canal, along 
the Glen Albion, from Fort William to Inverness ; the Crinan, 
across the upper part of Cantyre, both of these being used 
for steamer traffic ; the Forth and Clyde Canal, from 
Bowling, on the Clyde, to Grangemouth on the Forth, 
following very much the line of the Roman wall, and the 
Union Canal, which, leaving the Forth and Clyde at Larbert, 
connects it with Edinburgh, and the Monkland Canal, which, 
leaving Port Dundas, the Glasgow terminus of the Forth 
and Clyde, extends to Airdrie, Gartsherrie &c. 


Glasgow & South Western Line — Castle Douglas to Dundrennan, Dalbeattie to Auchencairn, Kirkcudbright to 
Gatehouse, Thornhill to Moniaive, Glenluce to Port William. 

Caledonian Line — Achnasheen to Gairloch, Callander to Trossachs, Crianlarich to Ballacbulish, Ballater to Blair- 
gowrie, Aberfeldy to Kenmore & Glenlyon, Inversnaid to Stronachlachar, Garve to Ullapool, Lairg to Lochinver & Tongue, 
Lochgoilhead to Inveraray, Ballachulish to Fort William, Tarbert to Campbeltown, Oban to Ford & Ardrishaig, Kingussie 
to Tulloch, Spean Bridge, Gairlochy & Fort Augustus, Rannoch & Pitlochry. 

Highland Railways — Achnasheen, Loch Maree & Gairloch, Kingussie to Tulloch & Balmaearra, Strome Ferry, 
Garve & Ullapool, Grantown to Tomintoul, Lairg to Lochinver, Scourie & Durness, Lybster to Latheron & Helmsdale, 
Pitlochry to Tummel Bridge & Foss, Rannoch to Struan, Thurso to Castletown, Moy & Dunnet & to Tongue, Wick to 
Huna & John O'Groat's. 




Edinburgh, Leith and Glasgow ... 

Other Towns 













Houses 1901. 



99,54 2 



Total Popula- 
tion 1 89 1. 



Males. Females. ■ Total Total 

1901. 1891. 

Mainland 2,100,477 2,216,074 4>3 I 6,5Si 3,865,748 

Islands 73, 2 7 8 82,274 IS5.S5 2 159,899 

Total 2,1-3,755 2,298,348 4,472,103 4,025,647 

According to the Annual Report of the Registrar-General for 1907, the population numbered 4,726,070, of whom 
nearly 40 per cent, live ill the eight towns of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Paisley, Leith, Greenock and 
Perth, and more than 45 per cent, in towns with populations of over 30,000. The excess of births over deaths was 
57,100, but it is estimated that owing to the effect of emigration the actual increase was only 49,467. The figures of the 
Report indicate a distinct movement townwards, for the population of the principal industrial centres shows an addition 
of 48,136, which is little short of the increase of the whole country. Deaths during last year were 15 '99 per 1,000, being 
C05 higher than in 1905, but with the exception of that year the rate was the lowest on record. 


For the object of comparison the Counties have been arranged into four divisions. For details see each 
Codnty : — 

North. — Counties of Caithness, Sutherland, Ross and Cromarty, Orkney and Shetland. 

West. — Counties of Inverness, Elgin or Moray, Nairn, Argyll and Bute. 

East. — Counties of Banff, Aberdeen, Kincardine, Forfar, Perth, Fife, Kinross, Clackmannan, Stirling and Dumbarton. 

Sodth. — Counties of Ayr, Berwick, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Haddington, Kirkcudbright, Lanark, Linlithgow, Peebles, 
Renfrew, Roxburgh, Selkirk and Wigtown. 

Total Area Corn Crops. Green Crops. Pasture.* Mountain & Woods & 

Land it Water. Heath. Plantations. 

North 4,452,626 I 34,53 8 66,433 248,596 2,270,802 82,134 

West 5,363,864 107,560 51,960 273,886 3,i7 8 ,757 256,437 

East 4,997,788 603,857 292,663 1,066,611 1,567,824 34o,575 

South 4,644,450 394,646 206,885 1,419,910 2,087,005 189,263 

Total acres 19,458,728 1,240,601 617,941 3,009,003 9,104,388 868,409 

These include clover, sainfoin and grasses under rotation for hay and not for hay, also permanent pasture or grass not 
brokeu up iu rotation for hay and not for hay. 




North, 450,569 ; West, 435,292 ; East, 1,969,429 ; Sooth, 2,025,695 ; Total under tillage, 4,880,985 acres. 

Corn Crops. 


Barley or Bere. Wheat. 

North 112,203 20,517 

West 79,814 25,014 

East 455,226 110,631 

South 3IS.729 55.972 

Total acres 962,972 212,134 

Green Crops. 

Turnips Potatoes. 
& Swedes. 

North 47,772 16,280 

West 36,926 13,918 

East 217,638 65,859 

South 142,970 48,208 

Total acres 445,306 144,265 

Clover, Sainfoin and Grasses 

under rotation. 

For Hay. Not for Hay. 

North 38,101 84,615 

West 33,014 80,680 

East 184,383 524,174 

South 172,188 441,122 

Total acres 427,686 1,130,591 148,342 







73 2 


2,53 8 


Mangold. Cabbage &c. 
















or Tares. 






Permanent Pasture or Grass 
(not broken up in rotation). 
Not for Hay. 
136, 195 

For Hay. 

























3.IS 2 



North 29,750 

West 23,821 

East 88,765 

South 64,050 

Cows & Heifers 
in milk or in calf. 



Total 206,386 

437,13 s 






79°. J S7 

3 2 S.852 
!. 344.483 


840, 237 


Total of 

Ewes & Sheep. 




3. 2 83,793 





Number of Vessels Employed (Inclusive of Beam Trawlers). 


East Coast 

Orkney and Shetland 
West Coast 


No. of Boats. 




Hands employed. 




Val. of Boats & Gear. 




The greater part of the above are contributed by the Ports of Aberdeen, Anstruther, Banff, Buckie, Findhorn, 
Fraserburgh, Leith, Montrose and Peterhead. The total number of persons employed in connection with the Fishery 
Trade in 1906 was 92,305. The number of herring barrels made in 1906 was 2,094,014 barrels and 422,080 half-barrels ; 
and number of coopers employed 2,556, chiefly at Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Wick. 

Quantity of Fish Landed in the Year 1906. 




East Coast 2,691,251 

Orkney and Shet- 
land i, 734,351 

West Coast 554,246 



3 6 >57S 

Ling. Saithe Haddock. 

(Coal Fish), 
cwts. cwts. cwts. 

83,320 1,027,98s 

Whiting. Conger All other 












73 1 


Total 4.979,848 720,271 131,457 "5.365 1.074,515 147.617 







Total Value. 









408,997 7,593.369 2,977,593 

Export of cured herrings to the Continent in 1906 was 1,542,688 barrels ; quantity of herrings cured in 1906 was 
1,997,862 barrels; the number of barrels of cured herrings branded with the official Crown Brand was in 1906 306,033^. 

The principal are coal, shale, iron ore and fire clay, the quantities produced in 1905 and values being as follows :— 
Coal, 35,839,297 tons; value, £10,369,433. Oil shale, 2,493,081 tons ; value, £592,138. Iron ore, 832,388 tons; value, 
£320,875. Clay and shale, 1,504,094 tons ; value, £259,138. Gravel and sand, 393,433 tons ; value, £28,182. Igneous 
rocks, including granite, 1,473,174 tons; value, £348,749. Limestone, 487,895 tons ; value, £87,641. Sandstone, 
1,142,135 tons ; value, £320,761. The total value of all minerals raised in 1905 was £12,408,347. 

The leading staples are iron, jute, linen, woollen goods and spirits, with some sugar refineries. The total value of 
imports for 1905 was £41,331,432, and of exports £36,932,798, of which the value of produce and manufactures of the 
United Kingdom was £36,099,355. 


Vessels entered inwards from Foreign Countries and British Possessions with cargoes at the several ports of Scotland 
in 1905 were — Steamers, 5,058 ; Uonnage, 3,879,721. Sailing vessels, 1,509 ; tonnage, 368,567. Total, 6,567 vessels, 
of an aggregate tonnage of 4,248,288. Clearances for the same period — Steamers, 7,848 ; tonnage 6,594,237. Sailing 
vessels, 1,747 ; tonnage, 342,064. Total, 9,595 vessels, of an aggregate tonnage of 6,936,301. 





Right Hon. John Sinclair M.p. 

LORD KEEPER OF THE PRIVY SEAL, The Marquess of Breadalbane e.g., p.c. 

LORD JUSTICE-GENERAL, Lord Dtinedin p.c. 

LORD CLERK REGISTER, Duke of Montrose k.t. 

LORD ADVOCATE, Right. Hon. Thomas Shaw ll.d., k.c, m.p. 

LORD JUSTICE CLERK, Right Hon. Sir John Hay Athole Maedonald (Lord Kingsburgh) K.c, k.c.b. 


Lord Advocate Right Hon. Thomas Shaw K.c, m.p 

Solicitor-General Alexander Ure k.c, m.p 

King's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer Sir Kenneth John MacKenzie bart 


Chairman Angus Sutherland 

Deputy-Chairman Donald Crawford k.c 

Members Professor D'Arcy, W. Thompson m. a., c.j. (scientific mem- 
ber), W. R. Duguid m.d., L. Milloy, Daniel Mearns & 
Henry Watson 

Secretary William C. Robertson i.s.o 

Chief Clerk David T. Jones 



Lord Robertson 

Vice-President, Right Hon. John Sinclair m.p. Secretary for 

Secretary, H. Craik esq. C.B., ll.d 

The Lord President of the Council 

The Secretary of State for the Home Department 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer 

The Right Hon. the Lord Advocate 

The civil divisions of the kingdom consist of 33 counties and 876 civil parishes. 


(The King's Body Guard for Scotland. ) 

This Corps was embodied by an Act of the Scottish Privy Council, 1677, under the name of the " King's Company of 

Archers," with the right to name their own officers, and enjoy all rights and privileges by the presentation of a pair 

(3) of barbed arrows yearly. Their Captain-General received from George IV. (1822) a Gold Stick, with precedence 

next to the Gold Stick of England, and William IV. added two Silver Sticks, and a Pair of Colours. They number 

about 300, and wear a state uniform of green and gold. 
Captain-General, Duke of Buccleueh & Queensberry k.g., k.t., p.c 

Captains, Col. Earl of Wemyss v.D., a.d.c ; Hon. Col. Earl of Rosebery k.g., k.t. & Col. Earl of Haddington k.t., a.d.c 
Lieutenants, Col. Earl of Home k.t. ; Hon. Col. Earl of Elgin & Kincardine k.g., g.cs.i., .g.c.i.e. ; Lord Balfour of 

Burleigh k.t. & Lord Polwarth 
Ensigns, Hon. Col. Earl of Aberdeen k.t., p.c, g.c.m.g. ; Marquess of Tweeddale k.t. ; Hon. Col. Marquess of Linlithgow 

k.t., g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o. & Col. Right Hon. Sir J. H. A. Maedonald k.c.b., v.d 
Brigadiers, Earl of Dalkeith ; J. T. Hutchison ; Hon. Col. Duke of Abercorn k.g., c.b. ; Col. Marquess of Breadalbane 

k.g. , a.d.c ; Lieut.-Col. Lord Saltoun ; Sir J. H. Gibson-Craig bart. ; Hon. Col. J. A. Man Stuart c.b., c.m.g. ; 

Lord Elphinstone ; Col. Sir S. M. Lockhart bart. m.v.o. ; Earl of Minto p.c, g.c.m.g., v.d. & Hon. Col. Earl of Stair 
Adjutant, Hon. Col. J. A. Man Stuart c.b., c.m.g. ; Surgeon, T. Annandale m.d 

The following are Hereditary Members of the Royal Household for Scotland : — 

High Constable Earl of Erroll ll.d., d.l 

Master of the Household Duke of Argyll k.t., p.c, g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o 

Royal Standard Bearer Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn d.l., j.p 

Armour Bearer & Squire Sir Alan Henry Seton-Steuart bart 

Dean of the Chapel Royal Very Rev. James Cameron Lees d.d., ll.d 


Holyrood House Duke of Hamilton & Brandon 

Lochmaben „ John James Hope-Johnstone 

Castle of Rothesay '. Marquess of Bute 

Dunstaffnage and Carrick \ Duke of Argyll k.t., p.c, g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o 

Revived in 1687 by King James II. and re-established 31st Dec. 1703 by Queen Anne. By a statute passed May, 1827, 

the Older is to consist of the Sovereign and 16 Knights. 

The Sovereign, H.M. King Edward Vll 

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales 

H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught & 

Atholl Duke of 
Argyll Duke of 
Buccleueh Duke of 

Montrose Duke#f 
Fife Duke of 
Crawford Earl of 
Rosebery Earl of 
Tweeddale Marquess of 
Home Earl of 
Zetland Marquess of 

Linlithgow Marquess of 
Balfour of Burleigh Lord 
Erroll Earl of 
Roxburghe Duke of 
Haddington Earlfof 
Aberdeen Earl of 


Dean of the Order Very Rev. James Cameron Lees cv.o., d.d., ll.d 

Lyon King at Arms Sir James Balfour Paul 

Secretary Sir Duncan Alexander Dundas Campbell bart 

Gentleman Usher of the Green Rod Earl of Mansfield 

[slater's, directory.] SCOTLAND. vii 


q *, Tb j u C * ° f Union ' 6 ^ nne ' cap - " and ca P s - 4°-St. S3 and 78, and Articles agreed to 22nd July, 1706, provided for 
Scotland being represented in the Legislature by 16 Peers and 45 Commoners chosen for each parliament. 

Representative Peers of Scotland. 

(Elected for Duration of Parliament.) 

Balfour of Burleigh Baron k.t. p.c. ; Belhaven & Stenton Baron; Borthwick Baron; Carnwath Earl of; Dundonald 

kar of o.v.o., C.E. ; Falkland Viscount ; Haddington Earl of k.t. ; Lauderdale Earl of ; Mar Earl of; Mar & Kellie 

Earl of ; Morton Earl of ; Northesk Earl of ; Rothes Earl of ; Saltoun Baron ; Sinclair Baron ; Torphichen Baron 

Representation in the House op Commons (72), as constituted by the Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885. 

^ .. , , _. Burghs. Counties. Universities. Groups of Burghs. 

Edinburgh City 4 _ _ Ayr 

?, Ias e? w 7 Dumfries 

Aberdeen 2 Elgin 

Greenock 1 Falkirk 

5 un . dee 2 Hawick 

p*'4h y ' Inverness 

re: i" ••• : 1 Kilmarnock 

19 Counties 1 each , 9 Kirkcaldy 

Aberdeenshire (2) Ayrshire (2) ) Leith 

V le l") \ & an ? rk (6) f l6 Montrose 

£f * W . Renfrew (2) J st . Andrews 

Clackmannan and Kinross") Stirling 

Elgin and Nairn (4 groups 1 W ick s 

Orkney and Shetland t member each 4 

Peebles and Selkirk ) 

Universities of : 

Edinburgh and St. Andrews — x 

Glasgow and Aberdeen T 



Vice-Admirals of the Coast. 
Argyllshire and West Coast of Scotland, The Duke of Argyll k.t., p.c, g.c.m.g., g.c.v.o 

Royal Naval Reserve. 
Royal Naval Reserve Drill Ships, Aberdeen, H.M.S. " Clyde ; " Dundee, H.M.S. " Unicorn ' 








Scottish District Command : Head Quarters, Edinburgh. 

Scotland and (so far as regards the Regular Forces) Berwick-on-Tweed 

General Officer Commanding in Chief, Lieut. -Gen. Sir E. P. 
Leach v. a, k.c.v.o., ce 

Assistant Military Secretary, Lieut. -Col. A. H. B. Cavaye 

Aides-de-Camp, Lieut. Lord D. M. Graham r.a 

General Staff Officer, 1st grade, Col. A. G. Churchill 
Attached to the General Staff : — 

Captain, graded as Brigade-Major, Capt. A. W. Tuffnell ; 
Brigadier-General in Charge of Administration, Col. (temp. 
Brigadier-General) J. W. Godfray cv.o., c.b. ; Deputy 
Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General, Major C. 
H. de Rougemont m.v.o., d.s.o., r.a. ; Assistant Quarter- 
master-General, Col. L. A. Hope c.b., a.d.c. ; Staff Officer 
for Imperial Yeomanry, Col. J. E. Dewar ; Chief Engineer, 
Col. R. L. Hippisley c.b. ; Staff Officer, Royal Engineers, 
Major M. L. Tuke r.e. ; Assistant Director of Supplies & 
Transport, Bt.-Col. G. M. V. Hunt ; A. S. Corps District 
Barracks Officer, Bt.-Col. C.G.Knocker ; Principal Medical 
Officer, Col. T. M. Corker m.d. ; Principal Veterinary 
Officer, The Principal Veterinary Officer, Northern Com- 
mand ; Assistant Director of Ordnance Stores, Lieut. -Col. 
P. G. Parkinson A.O. Dept. ; Deputy Assistant Director of 
Remounts, Hon. Maj.-Gen. H. Piponc.B. ; Chief Account- 
ant, Col. G. Dewar 

Scottish Regiments. 
These Regiments were originally raised in Scotland and (with three exceptions) are still Scottish Territorial Regiments. 
Old No. Present Title. How Raised & Date. 




42 Perth 

72 Fort George") 


79 Inverness J 



Royal Scots (Lothian Reg) 
Royal Scots Fusiliers 
King's Own Scottish Borderers 
The Cameronians (Scottish 

Commd. Rifles), 

The Highland Light Infantry 
TheBlackVVatch(Rl. Highlndrs) 
The Seaforth Highlanders 

(Rosshire Buffs, Duke of 

1 Command 

The Queen's Own Cameron 

The Gordon Highlanders 
The Argyll & Sutherland 


2nd Dragoons, "Scots Greys" 1681 


Coldstream Guards 

Scots Guards 

ist & 2nd Bats. Royal Scots 

1st & 2nd Bats. Scots Fusiliers 

ist Bat. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians) 

1st Bat. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 

ist Bat. Highland Light Infantry 

ist Bat. Seaforth Highlanders 

2nd Bat. Royal Highlanders ..: 

2nd Bat. Highland Light Infantry 

1st Bat. Gordon Highlanders 

2nd Bat. Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs). 

Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 

2nd Bat. Scottish Rifles 

ist Bat. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 

2nd Bat. Gordon Highlanders 

2nd Bat, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 




as " The Royal Regiment of Scots Dragoons," Colonel 

Thomas Dalziel 
by Gen. Monck at Coldstream 
at the Restoration 
from the Swedish & French Service 
under the Earl of Mar 
from a body of Covenanters 

from Independent Police Companies instituted in 1729 
from Highlanders in Glasgow 
Clan Mackenzie 
from Highlanders 
Clan Mackenzie 
Clan Cameron 
Perthshire Volunteers 
Clan Campbell 
Clan Gordon 
Clan Sutherland 

viii SCOTLAND. [slater's directory. 


Aberdeen to Buckie, Burghead, Caithness, Cromarty, Dundee, Hull, Invergordon, Inverness, Kirkwall, Leith , 
Lerwick, Liverpool & Manchester, London, Lossiemouth, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Scalloway, Stockton-on-Tees, 
Stornoway, Stromness & Wick 

Ardrossan to Arran, Belfast, Dundalk & Newry, Portree & Isle of Man 

Ayr to Larne & Belfast & Dublin & Liverpool 

Cromarty to Aberdeen & Leith 

Dundee to Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Hull, London, Liverpool & Manchester & Newcastle-on-Tyne 

Dunvegan to Glasgow, Oban, Portree & Fort William to Glasgow, Tarbert, Inverness & Oban 

Gairloch to Glasgow, Liverpool, Oban & Stornoway 

Grangemouth to London, Hull & Lynn 

Glasgow to London 

Glasgow to Ardrishaig, Ballachulish, Corpach, Dunoon, Fort Augustus, Fort William & Gairloch, Harris, Highlands, 
Inveraray, Inverness, Islay, Isle of Ornsay, Kyles of Bute, Lochfyne, Lochinver, Lochmaddy & Lochsunart, Mull & Skye, 
Oban, Portree, Rothesay, Stornoway, Strontian, Thurso & Tobermory 

Glasgow to Arnadam, Blairmore, Cove, Kilcreggan, Kilmun & Strone 

Glasgow to Ardrossan, Belfast, Larne, Liverpool, Londonderry & Manchester 

Glasgow to Arran, Campbeltown & Stranraer 

Glasgow to Ayr, Girvan & West Highlands 

Glasgow to Birkenhead, Dublin, Liverpool & Douglas & Ramsay (Isle of Man) 

Glasgow to Bristol, Cardiff, Newport & Swansea 

Glasgow to Campbeltown, Belfast, Larne & Dublin (via Ayr) 

Glasgow to Cork, Limerick, London, Plymouth, Southampton, Newhaven (Sussex) & Dover 

Glasgow to Dundalk 

Glasgow to Dunoon 

Glasgow to Dublin 

Glasgow to Dublin, Coleraine, Londonderry, Portrush, Sligo & Westport 

Glasgow to Gal way 

Glasgow to Greenock 

Glasgow to the Highlands 

Glasgow to Hull, London & Lynn 

Glasgow to Hull, Newcastle & Shields 

Glasgow to Inveraray, Lochgoil & Lochlong 

Glasgow to the Kyles of Bute & Rothesay 

Glasgow to Liverpool 

Glasgow to Isle of Man & Dublin 

Glasgow to London 

Glasgow to Newry 

Glasgow to Waterford, Limerick, Cork, Plymouth, Southampton, Newhaven & Dover 

Glasgow to West of Ireland 

Glasgow to Wigtownshire 

Glasgow to Southampton 

Granton to London 

Leith to Aberdeen, Brae, Thurso, Wick, Kirkwall, Orkney & (Lerwick) Shetland, St. Margaret's Hope & Strom- 
ness, Scalloway, Voe &c 

Leith to Dunkirk 

Leith to Liverpool 

Leith to Newcastle, Hull & Sunderland 

Leith to London 

Leith to Manchester 

Leith to Inverness 

Leith to Oban, Stromness & Stornoway 

Lochalsb to Portree & Stornoway 

Oban to Fort Augustus, Fort William, Lochboisdale, Lochmaddy, Dunvegan & Loch Poolewe, to Kilchoan, Coll, 
Tiree and Bunessan, Portree, Rothesay, Stornoway, Stromness, Tarbert, Thurso 

Mallag to Stornoway, to Kyle of Lochalsh, Kyleakin, Broadford, Raasay & Portree, to Gairloch, Poolewe & 
Aultbea, to Ullapool & Lochinver, to Tarbert (Harris), Rodel, Lochmaddy & Dunvegan, to Inverie (Loch Nevis), to Eigg, 
Tobermory, Salen (Mull) & Oban 

Local Steamers, on Lochs Awe, Lomond, Tay & Katrine 


THIS important county is situated in the north-east part of Scot- 
land, and is bounded on the north and east by the North Sea; on 
the south by the counties of Kincardine, Forfar and Perth, the 
■Grampian Hills separating it from the two latter, and on the West 
by Inverness-shire and Banffshire. In form it approaches to that 
of an oval, the length of which, from north-east to south-west, is 
about eighty-live miles, and its extreme breadth about forty, 
and comprises 1,970 square miles. The coast line, which is in- 
dented by numerous bays and creeks, is about 60 miles in length. 
The county ranks as sixth in size and fourth in population. In 
1891 it contained a population of 284,036, and in 1901, 304,439 
(males, 144,836: females, 159,603), showing an increase in the 
ten years of 20,403. Inhabited houses in 1901 were 62,985; 
uninhabited, 3,524; building, 467. 

The total acreage of the land of the county, according to the 
census of 1901, was 1,261,437, and of land and water, exclusive 
of foreshore and tidal water, according to the agricultural 
statistics, 1905, 1,268,652, of which, according to the statistics, 
213,942 were under corn crops, the principal crops being oats, 
189,078 acres; barley or bere, 23,708, and 98,319 under green 
crops — the principal being, turnips and swedes, 87,550 acres, 
and potatoes, 7,736 ; vetches or tares, 2,502 ; clover, grasses 
and sainfoin for hay, 51,366 acres; not for hay, 227,249; per- 
manent pasture for hay, 4,006 acres; not for hay, 34,891; moun- 
"tain and heath land used for grazing, 162,093 ; woods and plan- 
tations, 105,931. Of live stock there were in the same year in 
the county, 23,271 horses used solely for agriculture and brood 
mares ; 8,695 unbroken horses ; 42,472 cows and heifers in 
milk or in calf: 125,224 other cattle; 72.846 ewes kept for 
"breeding: 129,977 other sheep; 1,733 sows kept for breeding; 
10,409 other pigs. 

Climate and Natural Features: — Towards the sea the land is 
"fertile and comparatively level; but a great proportion of the 
county lies amidst the wilderness of the central Highlands. 
Turnips succeed better in this county than in any other in Scot- 
land. The climate is cold, yet it is less liable to extreme low 
temperature than other districts lying further south and inland. 

The county is divided into five districts, viz: — Mar, Gariocb, 
-Strathbogie, Fromartine and Buchan. Mar lies in the south-wesb 
and south portion of the county along the river Dee and south 
of the Don : Garioch north of the Don and west of Kintore : 
■Strathbogie is on the north-west of Garioch and its southern point 
touching the north boundary of Mar : Fromartine lies to the east 
of Garioch and south of the Ythan: Buchan occupying the north- 
east portion of the county north of the Ythan and east of the 
Devenor and upper part of Strathbogie. The appearance of the 
upper part of the district of Mar is wild, rugged and mountainous. 
Towards the east and north-east the surface becomes more level, 
but is in many places moorish and barren ; but the woods, mostly 
fir, are extensive, producing fine timber The rivers Don and Dee 
have both their sources in this quarter. Balmoral, the Highland 
residence of His Majesty King Edward VII. and Abergeldie, the 
seat of His R.H. the Prince of Wales, are in this district. From 
the top of Craigendarroch there is, perhaps, one of the most grand 
and picturesque views in Scotland. At the termination of a deep 
glen in Strathdee is the pass of Ballater, which forms the eastern 
entrance into the Grampian mountains. The district of Buchan 
is not so hilly, lying mostly on the east and north coast, but 
being almost destitute of wood its appearance is bleak and 
naked; from the quantities, however, of large timber found in 
many mosses, no doubt can exist of its having once been well 
wooded. Anciently this extensive domain was the property of the 
Earls of Buchan, on whose attainder, in 1320, King Robert Bruce 
■divided the land among his adherents. Subsequently the title was 
revived in the Erskine family, but without a restoration of the 
lands, and the present earl has no property in this quarter. The 
districts, of Strathbogie, Garioch, and Fromartine are generally 
well cultivated. 

Inhabitants. — There is a characteristic difference to be observed 
in the natives of Aberdeenshire from those of any other county 
an Scotland. They are in general regarded as an active, 
vigorous and enterprising race : and when they emigrate they 
seldom fail to succeed. The dialect of the inhabitants, too, is 
peculiar from those of the South of Scotland ; and to a 
stranger's ear appears to be attended with a slow pronunciation 
and broad accent. On the sea coasts they have a distinct differ- 
ence of physiognomical appearance from other inhabitants of 
this county and attest by this, as well as by their speech, that 
they are descended from a race of people which originally came 
irom the northern regions of Europe, and fixed themselves in 
this part of Scotland. 

Rivers, Mountains &c. — The principal rivers of Aberdeenshire 
.are the Dee, the Don, the Ythan, the Ugie, and the Deverou. 

These rivers are of great value, from the immense quantity and 
fineness of the salmon they produce ; but are too rapid, to admit of 
navigation to any great extent. The river Ythan deserves particu- 
lar mention on account of the pearl fishery, formerly carried on 
in it with great success. On the Don are the ruins of Kildrummy 
Castle, an ancient seat of the Earls of Mar. The Dee runs through 
the vale of Strathdee, surrounded by lofty mountains. At the top 
of the vale of Braemar, a short way above Mar Lodge, is the noted 
waterfall called the Linn of Dee. In the valley of Glenmuick 
there is likewise another picturesque cascade, and a little below, 
on the southern banks of the Dee, most romantically situated, are 
Pannanich Wells, much frequented in summer. On the sea shore 
are several remarkable caves, curious pectorations in the rocks, 
and echoes which reverberate sounds with wonderful distinctness. 
On the coast, to the south of Peterhead, is a remarkable natural 
feature, called the Bullers of Buchan. It is a large oval cavity, 
in depth about one hundred feet, formed by the steep rocks. A 
natural arch opens into the sea at the eastern end, into which 
boats are sometimes drawn and dashed to pieces. The mountains 
of greatest altitude and importance in Aberdeenshire are — Ben 
Macdhui, 4,296 feet: Braeriach, 4,248; Cairntoul, 4,241; Cairn- 
gorm, 4,090, Ben-a-Bourd, 3,924; Ben Avon, 3.843; Lochnagar, 
3,786; Morven, 2.954; Buck of Cabrach, 2,368; Tap o' Noth, 
1,852; and Benachie, 1,696. There are no lochs of any size in 
this county. 

Railways. — Lines in this county belong to the Grf>at North of 
Scotland system, and radiate from Aberdeen city, the southern 
branch running west-by-south along the Deeside to Banchory, 
Aboyne and Ballater next the main line, north-west to Huntly, 
Keith and Elgin, throwing off a branch at Dyce Junction direct 
north to Fraserburgh, with a line from it at Maud Junction east 
to Peterhead, another branch from Kintore westerly to Alford; 
one at Inverurie north-by-east to Old Mel drum, and one at 
Inveramsay north -by-west to Turriff and Banff. A branch was 
opened in 1897 from Ellom, on the Aberdeen and Fraserburgh 
section, to Boddam. 

Commerce, Manufactures, Minerals &c. — The making of linen 
and sail-cloth has been successfully introduced in several parts, 
the other branches being the manufacture of flax, cotton & wool- 
lens, paper and envelope making, tanning, distilling, and the 
curing of fish and provisions. Shipbuilding, both wood and iron, 
is carried on at Aberdeen, Peterhead, and Fraserburgh. The sea 
coast abounds in fish of great variety and richness, and the river 
and sea fishing, together, form a great source of wealth to tho 
inhabitants. The herring fishery is prosecuted on a very exten- 
sive scale at Peterhead and Fraserburgh, the harbours of these 
places during the fishing season being crowded with boats, which 
has the effect of considerably augmenting the population; of 
recent years the herring fishery has also been largely pursued st 
Aberdeen. The three principal ports are Aberdeen, Peterhead 
and Fraserburgh. At Aberdeen 443 boats were registered on 
December 31st, 1905. equal 11,285 tons; Fraserburgh, 562, 
equal 10,760 tons; Peterhead, 329, equal 6,381 tons. The 
number of men and boys emploved were : — Aberdeen, 2,794 ; 
Fraserburgh, 2,469; Peterhead, 1,697. The number of steam 
and sailing vessels registered as belonging to the port of Aber- 
deen, Dec. 31, 1905, was 307, of 111,296 tonnage; Fraserburgh, 
17, of 864, and Peterhead, 64, of 2,438 tonnage. Peterhead is 
also engaged in whale and seal fishing, the former being 
carried on in summer off the north-east of Greenland and in 
Davis Straits. Granite — green, blue, and red — is a valuable and 
extensive production of this county, and presents an article of 
considerable traffic, many thousand tons being conveyed to 
London and other distant parts, for paving and building pur- 
poses, and for monuments, tombs, statues &c. ; it is chiefly 
found in the neighbourhoods of Aberdeen, Peterhead, New Pit- 
sligo, and Monvmusk. During the year 1905, 268,018 tons were 
raised; in the same period, 20,362 clay: 45,931 tons of gravel 
and sand and 6.564 tons of sandstone were obtained. Slate is 
also quarried from the Foudland Hills, Insch. Leslie produces 
amianthus, made by the peasants into snuff boxes nnd orna- 
ments; plumbago has been found on the banks of the Deveron ; 
and near Peterhead, onyx pebbles are to be met with. The 
largest rock crystal ever found in Scotland was discovered 
upon the estate of Tnver^auld in this county ; its size was 
nearly that of a child's body at the age of four years. On the 
same" estate have also been obtained amethysts and aqua- 
marines, equal in colour and hardness to those so eagerly sought 
after in the East. Topazes of great value, provincially called 
Cairngorm stones, are also to be met with in Aberdeenshire. 
Talc, mica, asbestos, and amianthus, commonly called mountain 
cork, and mountain leather, are found in several of the hills. At 
Craig, in the district of Strathbogie, there is a fine flaxen as- 
bestos, both green and white. A great proportion of the land- 
holders reside on their estates, and planting, the introduction of 
superior breeds of cattle, and better modes of agriculture, have 
for some time engaged attention. 

SCOT. 1 




Divisions, Representation &c. — This county contains eighty- 
three parishes and three royal burghs— Aberdeen, K-intore, and 
Inverurie. The contributory boroughs (or those which, in con- 
junction with others, are represented in Parliament) belonging 
to this county are Inverurie, Kintore and Peterhead (Elgin 
District Burghs). The city of Aberdeen returns two members 
to Parliament, one respectively for the North and South divi- 
sions, and the county also sends two members, one respectively 
for the East and Western divisions. The parliamentary con- 

stituency of the Eastern division of the county for 1006 

numbered 12,509, that of the "Western division being 10,704. 

Eastern division, James Murray esq. Glenburnie park, Aber- 
deen; & Reform & Arts clubs, London 

Western division, John Macdonald Henderson esq. 2 Moorgate- 
Street buildings E C; Reform club & Cambisgate, Wimbledon 
S W, London & White house, Felixstowe 


Convener) Alexander M, Gordon, of Newton, Culsalmond, Insch 
Vice-Convener, John Hutcheon, of Gask 

Electoral Divisions, with Names & Addresses. 
Aberdour, Alexander Lovie, Nether Boyndlie, Tyrie, by Fraser- 
Aboyne & Birse, William Edward Nicol, Ballogie, Aboyne 
Alt'oxd, Kildrummy & Tuliynessle, James M'Intosh, Langley, 

Kildrummy, Mossat 
Auchindoir, Clatt & Kennethmont, William Penny-Craik, of 

Craig, Craig castle, Rhynie 
Auchterless, William Ingram, Upper Darley, Auchterless 
Belhelvie, Alexander Duncan, Whitecairns, Aberdeen 
Bourtie &. Meldrum, Jas. Bruce Manson, Kilblean, Old Meldrum 
Cairnie, Glass & Huntly, Robert H. N. Sellar, Battlehill.Huntly 
Chapel of Garioch & Daviot, George Smith, of Pittodrie, Pit- 

Cluny & Midmar, Ranald R. Macdonald, Prospect cot. Cluny 
Orathie, Alexander Haldane Farquharson, of Invereauld.Braemar 
Crimond & St. Fergus, Robert Gray, solicitor, Peterhead 
Cromar, Patrick Strachan, East Town, Tarland 
Cruden, John Bruce, of Yonderton, Cruden 

Culsalmond, Rayne & Oyne, Alexander Morison Gordon, New- 
ton, Culsalmond, Insch 
Cults. William Westland, Woodthorpe, Murtle 
Drumblade, Gartly & Rhynie, Major Maurice Elrington Bisset, 

of Lessendrum, Huntly 
Drumosk & Pefcercuiter, Alexander Skene, Avondow, Milltimber 
Dyce, Fintray & Kinellar, William Ramsay, The Bungalow, Dyce 
Echt & Skene, George H. Smythe, Balcarres Arms hotel, Edit 
Ellon, George Buxton, Balmacassie, Ellon 
Forgue, Lieut-Col. Frederick de Lemare Morison, of Bognie & 

Fr end r aught, Mountblairy house, Turriff 
Foreran, John Henry Udny, Udny castle, Udny 
Fraserburgh (North), William M'Connachie, 10 Commerce street, 

Fraserburgh (South), Alex. Gordon, Seafield, Fraserburgh 
Fyvie (North), Lord Leith, of Fyvie, Fyvie castle 
Fyvie (South), James Durno, Jackstown, Rothienorman 
Glenbuchat, Strathdon & Towie, Lieut. -Col. Alexander Henry 

Leith, of Glenkindie, Glenkindie 
Glenmuick, John Michie, Bhaile-na-Choile, Balmoral 
Huntly, Francis E. Watt, Town & County Bank, Huntly 
Insih, Leslie & Premnay, Peter Bruce, Myreton, Insch 
Inverurie, Keith-Hall & Kintore, Wm, Anderson, Wardes,Kintore 
Kemnay & Monymusk, Henry D. M'Combie, Milton of Kemnay 
Kincardine 0"Neil & Lumphanan, Lieut.-Col. F. N. Innes, Le'ar- 

ney, Torphins 
King Edward, John Runcieman, Auchmill, King Edward, Banff 
Leocbel-Cushnie, Tough & Keig, Alexander Strachan, Wester 

Fowlis, Alford 
Lon^side, William Stephen, Yokieshill, Mintlaw 
Lonmay, William Park, Woodhead, Cairness, Rathen 
Methliok, Charles Gibson Smith, The Mains, Haddo ho.Aberdeen 
Monquhitter, Garden Alexander Duff, Hatton castle, Turriff 
New 7 Deer (North), John Fowlie, Loanhead, New Deer 
New Deer (South), Alex. Stephen, Mains of Inkhorn.Auchnagatt 
New Machar, George James Harvey, 42 Union street, Aberdeen 
Newhills (North), Edward A. Woollard, Ethelbank, Bucksburn 
Newhills (South), Alexander Porter, Gillahill, Countesswells 
Old Deer (East), Eustace Robertson Burnett-Stuart, Crichie 

house, Mintlaw 
Old Deer (West), William Ainslie, Taitswell, Pitfour, Mintlaw 
Old Machar, William Bothwell, Berryhill, Bridge of Don 
Peterhead (Landward), William Annand, Ugie bank, Inverugie, 

Pitsligo, Alexander M. Shirran, bank agent, Rosehearty 
Rathen, John Watt, Watermill, Fraserburgh 
Slains & Logie-Buchan, Thomas N. Cook, Waterside of Slains, 

Newburgh, by Aberdeen 
Strichen, John Sleigh, Strichen Mains, Strichen 
Tarves, John Marr, Uppermill, Tarves 
Turriff (Burgh), John Hutcheon, of Gask. Turriff 
Turriff [Landward). Jame^ C. Webster, of Millmoss, Turriff 
Tyrie, John Scott, New Pitsligo 

Udny, Alexander Milne Leslie, of Pittrichie, Whiterashes 
List of members of the Aberdeen County Council arranged alpha 

betically & the Electoral Divisions for which they respec 

tively sit. 

Names & Electoral Divisions. 
Ainslie William, Old Deer (West) 

Anderson William, Inverurie, Keith-Hall & Kintore 

Annand William, Peterhead (Landward) 

Bisset Major Maurice Elrington, Drumblade, Gartlv & Rlivuhr 

Bothwell William, Old Machar 

Bruce John, Cruden 

Bruce Peter, Insch, Leslie & Premnay 

Burnett-Stuart Eustace R. Old Deer "(East) 

Cook Thomas N. Slains & Logie-Buchan 

Duff Garden Alexander, Monquhitter 

Duncan Alexander, Belhelvie 

Durno James, Fyvie (South) 

Farquharson Alexander Haldane, Crathie 

Fowlie John, New Deer (North) 

Gordon Alexander, Fraserburgh (South) 

Gordon Alexander Morison, Culsalmond, Rayne & Oyne 

Gray Robert, Crimond & St. Fergus 

Harvey George James, New Machar 

Hutcheon John, Turriff (Burgh) 

Ingram William, Auchterless 

Innes Lieut.-Col. F. N., Kincardine O'Neil & Lumphanan 

Leith Lord, of Fyvie, Fyvie (North) 

Leith Lieut.-Col. Alex. Henry, Glenbuchat, Strathdon & Towie- 

Leslie Alexander Milne, Udny 

Lovie Alexander, Aberdour 

M'Combie Henry D. Kemnay &. Monymusk 

M'Connachie William, Fraserburgh (North) 

Macdonald Ranald R. Cluny & Midmar 

M'Intosh. James, Alford, Kildrummy & Tuliynessle 

Manson James Bruce, Bourtie & Meldrum 

Marr John, Tarves 

Michie John, Glenmuick 

Morison Lieut.-Col. F. de L. Forgue 

Nicol William E. Aboyne & Birse 

Park William, Lonmay 

Penny-Craik William. Auchindoir, Clatt & Kennethmont 

Porter Alexander, Newhills (South) 

Ramsay William, Dyce, Fintray & Kinellar 

Runcieman John, King Edward 

Ruxton George, Ellon 

Scott John, Tvrie 

Sellar Robert H. N. Cairnie, Glass & Huntly 

Shirran Alexander U. Pitsligo 

Skene Alexander, Drumo-tk & Peterculter 

Sleigh John, Strichen 

Smith Charles G. Methlick 

Smith George, Chapel of Garioch & Daviot 

Smythe George H. Echt & Skene 

Stephen Alexander, New Deer (South) 

Stephen William, Longside 

Strachan Alexander, Leo^hel-Cushnie, Tough & Keig 

Strachan Patrick, Cromar 

Udnv John Henry, Foveran 

Watt Francis E. Huntly 

Watt John, Rathen 

Webster James C. Turriff (Landward) 

Westland William, Cults 

Woollard Edward A. Newhills (North) 

Representatives of Royal & Parliamentary Burghs. 
Peterhead, J. C. Booth, Baillie William Birnie & Councillor 

James Wilson 
Inverurie, Councillor George R. Cowie 
Kintore (vacant) 

solicitor, County 

Officials of the Council. 
County Clerk & Treasurer, William Murison, 

buildings, Aberdeen 
Chief Constable, Major Duncan F. Gordon, County Police office, 

Lodge walk, Aberdeen 
Veterinarv Inspector, James Thomson M.R.C.V.S 
County Medical Officer, James Peter Watt M.A., M.E., CM.. 

County Analyst, James Hcndrick B.Sc, F.I.C 

Statutory Meetings. — There are three statutory meetings of 
the Council held, on days to be fixed by the Council, in the 
months of May & October, & on the third Tuesday in December. 
The Council also hold two meetings in February or March & 
July on such days as they may determine. 


Lord Lieutenant, The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Aberdeen K.T., G.C.M.G., Haddo house. 

Vice-Lieutenant, Sir John Forbes Clark bart. LL.D., Tillypron'e, Tarland, Aberdeen. 

Convener, Alex. M. Gordon, of Newton. 

Aberdeen Lord Provost of (ex-officio) 

Ainslie Ainslie Douglas, of Delgaty, Delgaty castle, Turriff 
Alia rely ce Col. James LL.D. of Colquoich, Glenkindie, Strathdon 
Baunerman Lieut.-Col. Arthur J. Crimonmojrate, Lonmay 
Brooke Capt. H. Y. of Fairley, Countesswells, Aberdeen 


t Burnett Sir Thomas bart. of Leys, Crathes castle, Crathes 
Caldwell Colonel Robert Townley LL.D- InneBhpwen, Aboyne 
Cathcart Sir Reginald A. E. bart. of Carlton, Cluny castle, Cluny 
Clark Sir John Forbes bart. LL.D. of Tillypronio, Tarland, 




Crawford Earl of K.T. Balcarrea house, Colinsburgh, Fife 
Crawford Donald K.C. Sheriff of Aberdeen, Kincardine & Banff 
Crombie John William M.A., M.P. Balgownie lodge, Auerdeen 
Duff Garden Alexander, Hatton castle, TurrifE 
Erroll Earl of K.T., C.B., LX..D. Slains castle, Cruden 
Erskine Henry William Knight-, London 
Farquhar Admiral Sir Arthur K.C.B. Drumnagesk, Aboyne 
Farqnharson Robert M.D., LL.D., P.C. Finzean, Aboyne 
Fell owes -Gordon H. G-. of Knockespoch 
Ferguson Lieut-Col. G. A. of Pitfour 
Ferguson James K.C, M.A. KinmundT 

Fife Duke of E.G., K.T., G.C.V.O., P.C. Mar lodge, Braemar 
Forbes Lord, Castle Forbes, Whitehouse, Aberdeen 
Forbes Hon. Atholl Monson, Brux lodge, Brux 
Forbes Sir C. S. bart. Castle Newe, Strathdon, Aberdeen 
Forbes John Charles Matthias Ogilvie, of Boyndlie 
Forbes-Gordon Capt. Arthur Newton, of Eayne 
Fordyce Alexander Dingwall, of Brucklay 
Gordon A. J. L. of Ellon 
Gordon Alexander Morison, of Newton 
Gordon Charles Thomas, of Cairness 
Gordon Major Duncan F 
Gordon Henry, of Manar 
Grant Sir A. H. bart. of Monymusk- 
Gregson F. R. of Tilliefoure 
Haddo Lord 

Hay 0. E. N. Leith, of Ramies & Leith-hall 
Huntly Marquess of P.C. Abovne castle, Aboyne S.O 
lnhes Colonel T., C.V.O., LL.D. Learney 
Innes Lieut. -Col. F. N. of Learnev & Cullerley 
Eintore Right Hon. Earl of P.C.', G.C.M.G., K.T. Keith hall, 

Leith Lord, of Fyvle 

Leith Lieut. -Col. Alexander H. of Glenkind'ie 

Leith Major T. of Petmathen 

Leslie C. Stephen, Fetternear house, Kemnay 

Littlejohn David LL.D. sheriff-clerk of Aberdeenshire 

Lumsden H. G. of Auchmdoir 

Lumsden General Sir Peter Stark G.C.B., C.S.I. Buohromb, 
Dufftown, Banffshire 

Lumsden Henry, of Pitcaple 

Lumsden Commander Walter, Yr. of Pitcaple 

Mackenzie Major-General Roderick R.A. Foveran 

Moir-Byres George, of Tonley 

Morison Lieut. -Col. F. de Lemare, of Bognie & Frendraught 

Nicol William E. of Ballogie 

Ogston Alexander, of Glendavan, Professor of Surgery. Univer- 
sity of Aberdeen,, surgeon -in-ordinary to the King 

Paton William Roger, of Grandhome 

Pollard-TJrquhart Lieut. -Col. Francis E. R. of Craigston 

Richmond & Gordon Duke of K.G., G-.O.V.O., C.B. Gordon 
castle, Fochabers, Banff 

Russell Major-General F. S., C.M.G. of Aden 

Saltoun Lord, Philorth, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen 

Seton Col. Sir William Samuel bart. United Service club, Lon- 
don S W 

Southesk Earl of 

Stanmore Lord G.C.M.G., D.CL.Oxon. Red house. Ascot, Berks 

Stewart Sir David LL.D. Banchorv house 

Stuart E. R. Burnett, of Dens &*Crichie 

Stuart Col. J. A. Man C.B., C.M.G. of Dalvenie 

Udny John Henry, of Udny 

Webbe Capt. George Allan, London 

Wilson John Dove LL.D. Aberdeen 


Aberdeen Earl of K.T., P.C, G.C.M.G. Haddo house, Aberdeen 

Anderson Sir G-eorge, treasurer Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh 

Burnett Sir Thomas bart. Crathes, Aberdeen 

Cathcart Sir Reginald bart. Cluny castle 

Clark Sir John Forbes bartLL.D.Tillypronie, Tarland, Aberdeen 

Crawford Earl of K.T. Balcarres house, Colinsburgh, Fife 

Erroll Earl of K.T., C.B. Slains castle, Cruden 

Falconer Lord, Keith-hall 

Fane Admiral Sir Charles George K.C.B. Balnacoil ho. Aboyne 

Farquhar Admiral Sir Arthur K.C.B. Drumnagesk, Aboyne 

S.O., N.B 
Farquharson Rt. Hon. Robert LL.D., M.D., F.R.CP.Lond. Fin- 
zean, Abovne 
Fife Duke of K.T., P.C, G.C.V.O. Mar lodge, Aberdeen 
Forbes Lord, Castle Forbes, Whitehouse, Aberdeen 
Forbes Hon. Atholl Monson, Brux lodge, Aberdeenshire 
Forbes Sir C. S. bart. Castle Newe, Strathdon, Aberdeen 
Forbes Capt. the Hon Walter Robert Drummond,Byth ho. Turriff 
Gill Sir David, of Blairythan, astronomer royal, Cape of 

Good Hope 
Grant Sir Arthur Henry bart House of Monymusk, Aberdeen 
Huntly Marquess of P.C Aboyne castle, Aboyne 8.0 
Kilmarnock Lord 

Kintore Earl of P.C, G.C.M.G. Keith hall, Inverurie, N.B 
Leith Lord, of Fyvie, Fyvie castle 
Saitoun Lord, Philorth, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen 
Sempill Lord V.D. Craigievar castle, Aberdeen 
Seton Colonel Sir William Samuel bart. United Service club, 

London S W 
Southesk Earl of K.T. Kinnaird castle, Brechin, Forfarshire 
Stanmore Lord K. C.M.G. Red house, Ascot, Berkshire 
Stewart Sir David LL.D. Banchory, Devenick, Aberdeen 

Abernethy James Fowler, Wellcroft, Skene 

Adam Thomas, of Denmore, Old Machar 

Adam William, Broadwater, Skene 

Ainslie Ainslie Douglas, Delgaty, Turriff 

Ainslie W. Mintlaw 

Aitohison Walter, Corniecleuch, Huntly 

Aitken James, Braemar 

Allan George, Aberdeen 

Allarlyce Col. J. 3 Queen's terrace, Aberdeen 

Anderson A. G. bank agent, Aboyne 

Anderson Andrew, Mameulah, New Machar 

Anderson G. of Nether Aucharnie, Forgue 

Anderson George Alexander, Comisty, Forgue 

Anderson J. M. Fraserburgh 

Anderson John, Town & County Bank Limited, Aberdeen 

Anderson W. Manse, Lynturk, by Alford 

Anderson William, Mains of Saphock, Old Meldrum 

Anderson William, Place mill, Forpue 

Anderson William, T. & C Bank Limited, Aberdeen 

Annand J. bank agent, Kintore 

Annand-J. W. mason, Aberdeen 

Arnott George, Huntly 

Barclay G. W. W. Aberdeen 

Barclay James William, Glenbuchat 

Barron George Fowler, Thomastown, Auchterless 

Baxter D. Banff 

Baxter William, Old Meldrum 

Beaton James, Aspenbank, TurrifE 

Beaton John, Ballater 

Rennet James, Newton & Parkhall, Glass 

Bisset James Davidson, Peterhead 

Bisset John, Thornhill, Insch 

Bisset M. Elrington, Lessendrum, Drumblade 

Blackall Adam M.D. 5 Craven Hill gardens, London W 

Blackhall J. Fraserburgh 

Blake Joseph, New Pitsligo 

Bocldie William, 3 Roslin terrace, Aberdeen 

Booth Matthew, Darrahill, Udnv Station 

Bothwell William, Berryhill, Bridge, of Don, Aberdeen 

Boyle Algernon Edward Richard, EUick house, Summerhill, 

New Machar 
Brand Robert, Ardiffery, Cruden 

Brebner Alexander George, Balquhindochy, by Methlick 
Brebner Thomas, Fraserburgh 

Brooke Capt. H. V. Fairley, Countesswells, Aberdeen 
Brown Alexander Gauld, Witchhill house, Fraserburgh 
Brown Charles, The Haugh, Dinnet 
Bru?e A. Port Erroll 
Bruce George, Cuninghill road, Inverurie 
Bruce James, Collifchie, Gartly 
Bruce John, Tonderton, near Slains 
Bru.^e Peter, Myreton, Insch 
Bruce William M.D. Dingwall 
Buclnn John, Monymusk 
Burnet Peter, of Elrick 
Burnetb Alexander G. Kemnay 
Burnett John A. younger, Kemnay 
Burnett W. K. Aberdeen 
Burnett-Stuart E. R. of Dens & CrichJe 
Byres Alexander, Englishmill, Peterhea 1 
Caldwell Col. Robert Townley, Aboyne 
Cameron Charles M.B., CM. The Birches., Inverurie 
Campbell Major Robert, of Clo^liill 
Cardno James Farquhar, Fraserburgh 
Cardno William, Mintlaw 
Catto Gavin, Mains of Gight, Fyvie 
Chalmers-Hunter William Jopp. of TUlery, Foveran 
Chaplin Capt. George Robertson, Crimonmogate, Lonmay 
Chapman William, Woodhead 
Charles John, Inverurie 
Cheves Robert, Longside 
Christie Charles, Forbestown, Strathdon 
Chrystall George, Hatton, Cruden 
Chrystall William, Johnston, Leslie by loach 
Clark John, Alford 

Cochrane Thomas. T. & C Bank Limited. Aberdeen 
Coltman William Hew, of Deskuie, Logie-Co'.dstone 
Cook George Milne, 62 Marischal street, Aberdeen 
Cook Thomas Nicol, Waterside of Slains, Newburgh, 
Cooper John Alexander, Dunnydeer, Insch 
Cooper William M.D. Highfield, New Machar 
Cordiner William F. of Cortes 
Coutts Francis, Ballater 
Cowie James, Haremoss, Monquhitter 
Craik William Penny, Craig castle, Rhynie 
Crichton Peter, Cluny 
Crombie Alexander, W. S. Edinhurgh 
Crombie James Edward, Parkhill house. New Machar 
Crombie John William M.P. Balgnwnie lodge, Aberdeen 
Crombie Theodore, 18 Albyn place. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank George, Huntly 
Cruickshank James, Ladysford, Tyrie 
Davidson Alexander, Auchenten. Cruden 
Davidson Major Duncan Francis, Dess 
Davidson Duncan, Inchmarlo, Banchory 
Davidson George, Newton of Kinmundy 
Davidson George, New Byth 
Davidson George, Wellwood. Cults, Aberdeen 
Davidson Henrv Oliver D. Tillychetlv Alford 
Davidson James, Hazelhurst, King's gate, Aberdeen 
Davidson John, Baluss, Mintlaw 
Dawson W. F. G. Insch 
Deans George, Rose lane, Inverurie 
Diack William, New Craig 
Douglas William, Turriff 
Duff Garden Alexander, Hatton 
Duff Thomas Alexander, Huntly 

Duguid Alexander Gray M.D. (late of Hatton, Cruden), Sheffield 
Duguid James, Aberdeen 
Duncan Douglas, Aberdeen 
Duncan John, New Maud 
Duncan P. Balchers, King Edward 

SCOT. 1* 



Dunn Alexander, Lumsden 

Dunn W. advocate in Aberdeen, Murtle 

Durno James, Westertown of Folio, Fyvie 

Dnthie George F. Maryville, Don terrace, Woodside 

Duthie John, of Cairnbulg, Rathen 

Duthie William, Tarves 

Ellis William Dawson, Easter Kinclune, Glenkindie 

Erskine H. W. Knight, Pittodrie, Pitcaple 

Esson Robert, Cothal mills, Fintray 

Farquhar G. 66 Union row, Aberdeen 

Farquharson John, of Whitecairns, 37 Westbuin road, Aberdeen 

Farquharson William Stewart, Whitehouse, Alford 

Ferguson Lieut. -Col. G. A. Pifcfour, Old Deer 

Ferguson James K.C Kinmundy 

Field Sidney, Ashfield lodge, Bury Sb, Edmunds 

Findlay James William, Harestone, Premnay 

Fleming John, Dalmuinzie, Murtle 

Forbes George, younger, Inverernan, Strathdon 

Forbes John Walter, Corse, Lumphanan 

Forbes William, Upper Ruthven, Logie-Coldstone, Dinet S.O 

Fordyce Col. A. D. Westlands, Rathalysie, St. Andrew's 

Forrest G. Castle of Auchry 

Forrest James, Lonmay 

Forrest T. Ludquharn, Longside 

Fowler A., M.D. Ellon 

Fowler Alexander, Auchnagatt 

Fowler J. E., M.D. Church street, Woodside, Aberdeen 

Fraser Angus M.D. Aberdeen 

Fraser David, Petenhead 

Fraser Maj. Francis, of Findraek & Tornaveen. Kincardine O'Neil 

Fraser T. 2 Elmbank terrace, Aberdeen 

Galloway P. Rhynie 

Gammell Sydney James, of Ardiffery, Cruden 

Garden R. Newseat of Tolquhon, Tarves 

Garden Robert, Lumsden 

Garland T. Ardlethen, Ellon 

Geddes James Lawrence, Culter 

George Alexander, Turriff: 

George Francis, Turriff 

Gibb John, Rosehearty 

Gill A. J. Mitchell, of Savock, Rothes 

Gill Alexander 0. Fairfield, Fonthill road, Aberdeen 

Gordon A. J. L., C.M.G. Ellon castle 

Gordon Capt. A. N. Forbes, Rayne 

Gordon Alexander Morison, Newton 

Gordon Alexander Theodore, younger, of Newton 

Gordon Charles Stuart, Royal Northern club, Aberdeen 

Gordon Charles Thomas, Cairness 

Gordon Major D. F. chief constable of Aberdeenshire 

Gordon H. G. F. of Knockespock 

Gordon Henry, Manar 

Gordon J. G. Wolrige, Ellon 

Gordon John, Upper Towie, Glenkindie 

Gordon Robert, Ellon 

Gordon W. Cuminestown, Monquhitter 

Gordon William LL.D. town clerk of Aberdeen 

Graham William, Union Bank of Scotland Limited, 15 Hatton 

place, Edinburgh 
Grant Capt. Arthur D.S-O. younger, of Monymu=k 
Grant C. L. of Kingeford, Alford 
Grant George, Duncroft, Gartly 
Grant James M.B., CM. Roseville house, Rhynie 
Grant Joseph M.A. Midmar 
Grant Robert, Pitfichie, Monymusk 
Grant William, Methlick, Cults 
Gray R. bank, Peterhead 
Gray William, Balgove, Old Meldrum 
Gregaon F. R. of Tillyfourie 

Greig 0. 0., M.B., CM. Fyvie 

Greig Gavin, New Deer 

Grieve James, Turriff 

Griffith William, Ardbeck, Peterculter 

Hadden G. Aberdeen 

Hall Harvey, Deeside lodge, Aboyne 
Hall Robert, Woodside 

Harper John, sen. of Seafleld, Aberdeen 

Harvey J. C. Barclay, of Kinord, DinnRt 

Hay Lieut. -Col. Charles Leith, Aberdeen 

Hay A. Peterhead" 

Hay J. L. St. Servans, France 

Hay Peter Grant M.D. Forgue 

Heaven Joseph Robert, Forest of Birse, Aboyne 

Hector Alexander, Corsehill, Dyce 

Hector Thomas, Aberdeen 

Henderson J. 431 Great Northern road, Aberdeen 

Henderson John, Aberdeen 

Henderson Robert, 72 Queen's road 

Hopkins Joseph, Rhynie 

Home W. Lumphanan 

Horton James Alfred, Bucksburn 

Hunter David Brown, Udny 

Hunter John, Seggat, Aucherless 

Hunter W. M. Badenscobh 

Hunter William Jopp Chambers, Tillery, Foveran 

Hutcheon James, North of Scotland Bank Limited, Aberdeen 

Hutcheon John, of Gask, Turriff 

Hutchison William E. Cairngall, Longside 

Innes Col. Thomas C.Y.O. of Learney 4 

Ironside P. C. Insch 

Irvine Alexander Forbes, Drum castle, Drum 

Jackson George, Inverurie 

Jaffrey Thomas, Savings Bank, Aberdeen 

Jamieson Thomas Francis, Ellon 

Johnston James, Postcliffe, Peterculter 

Johnston Col. William C.B. Newton Dee, Murtle 

Johnston William, 47 Belmont street, Aberdeen 

Johnston William Alexander, Fyvie 

Joiner Alexander Brown, New Deer 

Joiner John, New Deer 

Keith Dr. A. Dalziel, Aboyne 

Keith Alexander, Methlick 

Keith John, Tarty, Chapelton, Ellon 

Keith J. B. Aberdeen 

Keith Marshall John, Aberdour 

Keith P. Aberdeen 

Kemp George, 13 Bridge street, Aberdeen 

Keys William, Kintore 

Kilgour Patrick, London 

Killoh John, South Mains, Bourtrie 

King John, Blackslack, Strichen 

Kinloch Alexander John, Altries 

Knox G. Mains of Auchnagatt 

Kyd Thomas, Northern Assurance Co. Aberdeen 

Laing James, Auchlyne, Clatt 

Lawrence G. Fraserburgh 

Lawson James, Scotsmill, Tullynessle 

Leask William Hutchison, Petenhead 

Ledingham Thomas, Ashville, Turriff 

Ledingham W. Rowan cottage, Ellon 

Leggat J. W. Gairniston, Turriff 

Leith Lieut. -Col. Alexander Hendry, of Glenkindie, Inverdindie 

Leith Major T. Pebmathen 

Leith John, 4S Bridge street, Aberdeen 

Leith-Hay Charles Edward Norman, Rannes & Leith hull, 

Leslie John Dean, Nethermuir, New Deer 

Leslie Reginald William Henry Crawford, Rothienorman house 
Leslie William, Fairgirth, Peterculter 
Lessel Robert James, Dunecht 
Leys R., M.D. Leysland house, Ellon 
Lillie Thomas, 6 Westfield terrace, Aberdeen 
Littlejohn D., LL.D. 9 Rubislaw terrace, Aberdeen 
Littlejohn William, Hatton, Cruden 
Livingston William, 53 Jasmine terrace, Aberdeen 
Lovie Alexander, Nether Boyndlie, Tyrie 
Lumsden Commander Walter R.N. Pitcaple castle, Pitcaple 
Lumsden H. G. of Auchindoir 
Lumsden Henry, of Pitcaple 

Lunan Robert, 183 Great Western road, Aberdeen 
M'Arthur James M.D. Nether Clachforbie, Fisherie, Turriff 
McBeabh Alexander, Nether Brown hill, Slains 
M'Combie H. D. Milton, Kemnay 

McCombie P. Duguid, of Easter Skene & Lynturk, Skene 
McConnachie William, Fraserburgh 

M'Donald J. bank, Kildrummy 

Macdonald Ranald Roderick, Cluny Estates office, Aberdeen 

McDonald William, Old Deer 

McDonald W. Y. Union Bank of Scotland Limited, Aberdeen 

M'Glashan James, Fawells, Keith-hall 

McGregor Robert, Quartale house, Old Deer 

M'Hardy David, of Cranford, Aberdeen 

MpHardy William, Drumblair, Forgue, Huntly 

MacKenzie Major-General Roderick, Foveran house, Newburgh 

McKenzie Archibald, Dunmail, Cults 
Mackie John, Mains of Elrick, Auchnagatt 

Mackie William, Fraserburgh 

M'Laggan J. Torphins 
McLean Neil, Breda, Alford 

McLeod Alexander, Upper Cook, King Edward 

M'Leod P. B. H., M.D. New Deer 

McPetrie George, Kirktown. Skene 

MacPherson John, Woodhill. Braemar 

M'Quibban Lieut.-Col. C. M., M.D. Aberdeen 

M'Robb J 

Mahon Major R. J. H. United Service club, Dublin 

Maitland C. A 

Maitland Harry Reid, Little Methlick, Methlick 

Manson James Bruce, of Kilblean, Old Meldrum 

Man-Stuart Col. John Alexander C.B., C.M.G. (Gordon High- 
landers), Dalvenie, Banchory 

Margetts James, Alford 

Marr G. D. Ellon 

Marr John, Cairnbrogie, Tarves 

Martin D. solicitor, Peterhead 

Martin W. Peterhead 

Matthews W. Kirktown, Tough 

Maver David M.B., CM. Bucksburn 

Mearns Daniel, 357 Great Western road, Aberdeen 

Mellis William Andrew, Huntly 

Melville William, 9 Bon-Accord crescent, Aberdeen 

Merson John, Couterfanny, Fyvie 

Michie John, Balmoral 

Middleton Alexander, Bridgefoot, Monymusk 

Milne George, of Logie 

Milne G. younger, Kinaldie, Aberdeen 

Milne J, of Kinaldie, Aberdeen 

Milne James, Comers, Midmar 

Milne John Adam, of Ardmiddle, Turriff 

Milne William, Tarland 

Mitchell A. New Deer 

Mitchell Henry, of Leddach, Skene 

Mitchell John, Peterhead 

Mitchell Patrick M.D. Old Rain, by Insch 

Mitchell Robert, Logiericve, Udny 

Mitchell W. A. Auehnagathle 

Moir Robert, late of Meikle Tarty, Logie Buchan 

Moir-Byres George, of Tonley, Whitehouse 

Moir-Byres Major Patrick, younger, Tonley (King's Dragoon 

Morgan David, bank agent, Peterhead 

Morison Col. F. D. L. Bognie 

Morrison Alexander, bank agent, Turriff 

Morrison John, Kirkhill, Kennethmont 

Mowat George, bank agent, Turriff 

Muirhead George F.S.A. Fochabers 

Munro James Mitchell M.B., CM. Maryville, Tarves 

Murison William, 34 Forest road, Aberdeen 

Murray J. of North Inveramsay, 17 Balmoral place, Aberdeen 

Murray John, Kincardine O'Neil 



Murray Peter, Newburgh 
Nares'Alexander F. The Cottage, Parkhill 
Nicol William E. of Ballogie 
Noble James M.D. Auchendryne lodge, Braemar 
Ogilvie Thomas, Keppleston, Aberdeen 
Ogilvie-Forbes J. C. M. of Boyndlie, Tyrie 
Ogg Charles, Baltimore, Glenbuchat 

Ogg James, builder, Ellerslie road, Bankhead, Bucksburn 
Ogston Alexander, professor of surgery, University of Aberdeen 
Ogston Col. James, Kildrummy 
Paterson G-eorge, Hillhead cottage, Udny 
Paterson W., M.D. Inverurie 
Paterson William, The Elms, Turriff 
Paton William Roger, of Grandholm 
Penny Joseph, Millhill, Mintlaw 
Petrie Andrew, Kemnay 
Petrie Joseph, Kincardine O'Neil 
Philip Johnston, 16 St. Swithin street, Aberdeen 
Philip J. Broom cottage, by Inverurie 
Pirie A. C. of Dunecht, near Aberdeen 
Pirie George, Ellon 

Pollard-Urquhart Lieut.-Col. F? E. R. Craigston castle 
Porter J. Maryfield, Drumblade 

Porter William, Grandholm cottage, Persleyden, Old Machar 
. Pyper William, Hillhead, Pitfodels, near Aberdeen 
Rae J. Auchterellon, Ellon 
Bae John, Aberdeen 
Ramsay William, Dyce 
Rankine James, Craighill, Turriff 
Rannie Robert M.D. Eastleigh, Peterculter 
Reiach J. Fraserburgh 
Reid Alexander, Torryleith, Straloch 
Reid D. Mains of Kincraigie, Tough 
Reid John M.D. Dinnet 
Reid John, Balquharn, Tullynessle 
Reid John Low, Cromleybank, Ellon 
Reith David, bank agent, Old Meldrum 
Rennie James, Milton of Fintray 
Robertson A. W. Coillin, Banchory 
Robertson William, Mid Ardlaw, Pitsligo 
Rose-Innes Patrick, Blachrie, Fyvie; 6 Crown Office row, 

Temple, London 
Ross William Leighton M.B., CM. Edinburgh 
Runcieman J. Castleton, King Edward 
Runcieman John, Auchmill, King Edward 
Russell Major-General F. Shirley C.M.G. Aden 
Scott John, bank agent, New Pitsligo 
Sellar Robert H. N. Huntly 
Seton Major Alexander David, Mounie, Daviot 
Shand W. R. late of Craigellie 
Sharp James Smith, Burryhillock, Premnay 
Shepherd Alexander Brown, of Longhaven, Cruden 
Shepherd G. J. 74 College street, Aberdeen 
Simpson Alexander, Broadland, Cairnie 
Simpson John, Ballater 

Sinclair George, St. Clair house, 619 King street, Old Aberdeen 
Singer James, Blair, Fintray 
Skene Lieut.-Col. J. G. of Lethenty 
Skene Alexander, Avondow, Milltimber, Aberdeen 
Skinner James, Inverurie 
Skirving Bobert, of Cobairdy, 20 Glencairn crescent, Edinburgh 

Sleigh John, Strichen 

Smith Alexander, Inverurie 

Smith Andrew, Altdourie, Invercauld 

Smith Charles Gibson, Haddo house, Aberdeen 

Smifah George, of Pittodrie, Orne 

Smith J. Peterhead 

Smith James, Strichen 

Souter J. F. Inverness 

Spence James, National Bank of Scotland, Aberdeen 

Spottiswood Henry Alexander Farquhar, Muiresk, Turriff 

Stephen Alexander, Mains of Inkhorn, Ellon 

Stephen Francis, Alford 

Stephen William, Yorkieshill, Mintlaw 

Steuart Andrew, Auchlunkart 

Stewart J. Khynie 

Stewart J. Strichen 

Stewart John, Aberdeen 

Stewart William, Knapperna, Udny 

Stewart William, Clatt 

Strachan Alexander, Wester Fowlis, Alford 

Strachan Charles, Waulkmill & Tillyorn, Tarland 

Strachan Patrick, East Town, Tarland 

Tait John, farmer, Crichie, Kintore 

Taylor William, The Anchorage, Mintlaw 

Tennant James, Cuminestown 

Thomson W. 1 Forest road, Aberdeen 

Thomson W. Tarland 

Thomson William, Fyvie 

Thomson William, Tew bank, Great Western road, Aberdeen 

Tindall Robert, Fraserburgh 

Todd G. T. Aberdeen 

Tulloch Alexander James, Maryfield, Aberdeen 

Turner John, of Turnerhall 

Udny John Henry, Udny 

Walker David, Coullie, Udny 

Walker G. Fraserburgh 

Walker G. J. Aberdeen 

Walker John, Cattlecraigs, Daviot 

Walker William, Huntly 

Wallace A., M.D. Turriff 

Wallace James, Lumsden 

Wallace William, Ohapel of Seggat, Auchterless 

Watson George, Outhill, Rora, Longside 

Watt F. E. Huntly 

Watt James, Lyne of Skene, Dunecht 

Watt John, Watermill, Fraserburgh 

Watt William, New Deer 

Wattie Charles Forbes, Bellabeg, Strathdon 

Webster William, Mains of Towie, Auchterless 

Wight A. Forbes, of Camphill, Lumphanan 

Wilken G. Waterside, Alford 

Will Major George, Woodside 

Will James, New Pitsligo 

Will John Charles Ogilvie M D. 17 Bon-Accord square, Aberdeen 

Wilson Alexander Smart, 41^ Union street, Aberdeen 

Wilson John, Huntly 

Wilson Robert Morrison M.D. of Tarty 

Wolrige-Gordon Col. John 

Young George, Strichen 

Youngson Thos. Alex. Wm. Andrew, Southfield house, Cults 


Sheriff & Sheriffs- Substitute of Aberdeen & Kincardine 
Sheriff & Sheriff-Substitute for the Shire of Banff 
Provost & Eldest Bailie of Aberdeen 
Provost & Eldest Bailie of Peterhead 
Chief Magistrates of Inverurie & Kintore 
The Eldest Bailie of the Burgh of Inverurie 
Baron-Bailie of Peterhead 
The Town Clerk of Peterhead 


The Procurators-Fiscal of the Sheriff-Courts of Aberdeen, Banff, 
Kincardine & Forfar 

The Baron Bailie of Fraserburgh 

The Baron Bailie of New Pitsligo 

The Baron Bailie of Rosehearty 

Also the chairmen of the several district committees, & the 
chairmen of the several Parish Councils of the county of Aber- 
deen for the time being 


Clerk of the Lieutenancy, William Smith, advocate, Canada 
house, 201 Union street, Aberdeen 

Clerk of the Peace for the County, Jame3 Conner, Aberdeen 

Clerk of the Peace for the County of the City of Aberdeen, 
Alfred William Edwards, 29 Union street 

Sheriff, Donald Crawford esq. K.C 

Sheriff Substitutes, Duncan Robertson M.A. & John Henderson 

Honorary Sheriff Substitutes, Douglass Duncan, James Duguid, 
Henry Peterkin & James Murray, Aberdeen; John Smith, 
Peterhead; John Reiach & Charles Thomas Gordon, Fraser- 
burgh; John Hutcheon, Turriff & William Walker, Huntly 

Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire, David Littlejohn LL.D 

Sheriff' Clerk Depute — Ordinary civil & criminal department, 
James Cornier; wills & executry department, George B.Michie 

Sheriff Clerk Depute at Peterhead, Thomas Mackie 

Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, Charles Wilson W.S 

Depute Procurator Fiscal, Thomas Maclennan 

Auditor of Court, T. R. Gillies 

Distributor of Stamps & Collector of Cess & Assessed Taxes, 

Francis Mulligan 
County Clerk & Treasurer, WiUiam Murison 
Clerk to Income Tax Commissioners, James W. Robson 
Chief Constable, Major D. F. Gordon 
H.M. Inspector of Factories, William B. Lauder, 115 Union 

street, Aberdeen 

Headquarters, Aberdeen, under which particulars are given. 





Chief Constable, Major D. F. Gordtn ; Office, Ledge walk. | Deputy Chief Constable, "William McEwau. 

The force consists of 8 inspectors, 11 sergeants, 83 constablf s, and 2 detective officers. 
* Inspector's Station. t Sergeant's Station. 1 Police Court held here. 


Inspector, John Napier 

Stations: — Aberdeen, tAuchmill, Belhelvie, Blackburn, Bridge 
of Don, Culter, Cults, Dyce, Echt, ftEllon, Kingswells, Kirk- 
town of Skene, Newburgh, New Machar, Tarves & Udny 

Inspector, James Middleton 

Stations: — Boddam, Cruden, Harbour Refuge, Longside, *JPeter- 
head, St. Fergus & Stewartfield 

Inspector, Lewis Mathieson 

Stations : — Aberdour, Cairnbulg, Crimond, *JFraserburgh, New 
Deer, New Maud, New Pitsligo, Eosehearty & Strichen 

Inspector, William Copland 

Stations: — *JInverurie, Kintore, Methlick, t+01d Meldrum & 


Fyvie, New Byth & 

Sergeant, Ebenezer Matthew 
Stations : — Auchterless, Cummingstown 

Inspector, Alexander B. Dreghorn 
Stations: — Forgue, *JHunt]y, InscbjKennethmontjRhynie & Glass 

Inspector, Alexander Allan 

Stations : — Aboyne, JjBallater, Braemar, Kincardine O'Neil, 
Lumphanan, Tarland & Torphines 

Inspector, Edward Malcolm 

Stations: — Alford, Corgarff, Kemnay, Lurnsden, 
Strathdon & Cluny 



The county is included in the Scottish District Command; 
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edward Pemberton Leach R.E.,V.C.,K.C.V.O., 
O.B general officer commanding in chief; head quarters, 

Edinburgh. Further particulars are given under the several 
head quarters, viz. Aberdeen, Banchory, Keith, Lerwick, Old 
Meldrum & Peterhead 






ABERDEEN, the capital of the county to which it gives name, 
is the chief seaport in the north of Scotland, and the fourth 
Scottish town in population, industry and wealth. It is 116 
miles N.E. from Edinburgh and 523^ by railway and 536 by 
road from London; and by means of its rail communication 
it possesses easy access to any part of the "United Kingdom. 
Regular communication is maintained with London, Edinburgh, 
Liverpool, Newcastle, Hull, Glasgow, the Moray Firth, and 
the Orkneys and the Shetland?, by steam packets, a species of 
conveyance which has done more to lay open the north-east 
shore of Scotland to improvements from the south than any 
other means. In addition to the above, there exists the means 
of rapid transit by the Caledonian and North British railways 
to all parts south of Aberdeen ; and access is given to 
the north by the Great North of Scotland and the Highland 
railways, to Wick and Thurso, and the Dingwall and Skye 
railway to Stronie Ferry, in Ross-shire. The Deeside line to 
Banchory was opened in 1853, and is now extended to Ballater, 
and the Great North of Scotland Railway Co. has also a service 
of road motor omnibuses running between Ballater and Brae- 
mar in connection with the trains which pass the Royal 
residences of Abergeldie and Balmoral to Braemar. Aberdeen 
is of great antiquity, and is suposed to have been known to 
the Romans by the name of " Devanha." It is probably among 
the earliest of the burghs in Scotland found entitled to any 
royal marks of distinction. As far back as 1153 it seems 
to have been known to the Normans, and in Macpherson's 
treatise on commerce it is observed that in the year 1179, 
Estyn, one of the joint kings of that country, landed and 
pillaged the town in the course of a piratical cruise along 
the British coast. In early times Aberdeen was frequently 
visited by royalty; and it appears that King William, surnamed 
the Lion, had an occasional residence here, situated at the lower 
side of the town, and near the east end of the Green. This 
edifice was afterwards bestowed on the monks of the Holy 
Trinity, who were about that time introduced into Scotland. 
The first charter obtained by Aberdeen is supposed to have been 
granted at Perth about 1117, by William the Lion, and is 
still extant. It confirmed to the burgesses the power of enjoy- 
ing their trade of merchandise as freely, quietly, fully and 
honourably as their ancestors did in the time of David, his 
grandfather. This king afterwards granted two other charters, 
both of which, dated from Aberdeen, are still in good preser- 
vation, and have the great seal of Scotland, in green wax, 
appended to each. The city received many subsequent royal 
charters, including the great charter of Charles I. dated at 
Oatlands, in 1638, by which all previous charters are confirmed, 
and this charter was subsequently ratified by Parliament. The 
burgh records are the oldest of any Scottish burgh, beginning 
in 1398, and being complete to the present time, with only a 
short break from 1413 to 1433. 

The burghal constitution of Aberdeen has undergone various 
alterations since its first establishment. The original magistracy 
consisted of an alderman, four bailies and a common council, 
chosen by the Merchant Guild; subsequently this arrangement 
gave way to a self-electing system. The council now consists 
of a lord provost, six bailies, a dean of guild, a treasurer, a 
master of shore works, a master of kirk and bridge works, 
a master of mortification, a master of Guild Brethren Hospital 
and 19 councillors. By the " Aberdeen Municipal Extension 
Act, 1871," the whole powers and authorities of the former 
Commissioners of Police were transferred to the Town Council, 
and the business of the Police department is managed by 
separate committees. By the same Act the undertaking of 
the former Gas Light Company was also transferred to the 
Town Council. The boundaries of the municipality were largely 
extended by the Act of 1883 (46 and 47 Vict. c. 60), and 
legislative sanction given to a large scheme of civic improve- 
ments, including the formation of an access to the Rosemount 
suburb. In 1891 a further " Aberdeen Municipal Extension 
Act " was passed, by which the boundaries were further en- 
larged, the adjoining burghs of Woodside and Old Aberdeen, 
and the fishing village of Torry on the other side of the Dee 
being now included within the municipal area. The circuit 
court of justiciary for the counties of Aberdeen, Banff and 
Kincardine is held in Aberdeen. A sheriff's court is held 
every Wednesday and Friday ; and the small debt court on 
Thursday, during the legal sessions. The city returns two 
members to Parliament, one for the Northern and the other 
for the Southern Division. The parliamentary constituency for 
1906 was— Northern Division, 10,531; Southern Div;s : on, 12,980. 
Aberdeen confers the title of earl on a branch of the noble 
family of Gordon, distinguished for its active loyalty to the 
crown in the 17th century. 

The city was burned by Edward III. in 1336, but it was soon 
rebuilt and extended, and called New Aberdeen. In 1497 a 
blockhouse was built at the harbour mouth, as a protection 
against the English. During the religious struggles in the 17th 
century between the Royalists and Covenanters, the city was 
plundered bv both parties. In 17.15 the Eirl Marischal pro- 
claimed the Pretender at Aberdeen, and in 1745 the Duke of 
Cumberland resided a short time in the city. Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria visited Aberdeen on more than one occr.sion, 

and especially on Oct. 13, 1863, when Her Majesty inaugurated 
a statue of H.R.H. the Prince Consort. 

The city, pleasantly seated upon an eminence rising gradually 
from the sea, is an elegant and well-built town, and has been 
called " The Granite City," on account of its native light-grey 
granite being the material chiefly employed in building ; the 
streets, which are spacious and uniform, are also paved with 
granite, well lighted with electricity and gas, and the city is 
plentifully supplied with water from the Dee at Invercannie, 
21 miles above the city, to which it is conveyed by gravitation, 
the higher parts being served from the pumping station at 
Cults; the present supply is 6,250,000 gallons daily, and the 
total cost has been £303,610 ; the electricity, gas and water 
supplies are all under the control of the corporation. 

Union street, running to the west, is a handsome thorough- 
fare, and about the middle of this fine street a granite bridge 
of one arch of 150 feet span, widened in 1907, design td by 
Thomas Telford F.R.S. the famous engineer, is thrown across 
a ravine through which runs a brook called the Dr nburn, 
now arched over. Besides Union street there are four other 
fine streets, namely, King street, Market street, George street 
and Holburn street, and the city continues to extend, particu- 
larly to the west and north-west. An arched promenade with 
granite balustrade, facing the Terrace Gardens, has been con- 
structed in Union Terrace. The Joint Railway station (for 
the Great North of Scotland, Caledonian and North British 
railways) is a large building in Guild street, with a segmental 
arched iron and glass roof; and was designed by Mr. Smith, 
the city architect. In Castle street stands a granite statue 
of George, 5th and last Duke of Gordon G.O.B. d. 28 
May, 1836. At the corner of Union terrace, near Union Street 
bridge, is a bronze statue of H.R.H. Prince Consort, by Maro- 
chetti, placed on a pedestal of polished Peterhead granite. 
Further along Union terrace, and in an angle formed by its 
junction with the Rosemount viaduct, stands a colossal statue of 
Wallace, in bronze, by W. G. Stevenson A.R.S.A. ; this is 16 
feet in height, and was erected by means of a bequest of £3,000, 
left by Mr. John Steell, of Edinburgh, and unveiled on the 29th 
of June, 1888, by the Duke of Argyll K.T. then Marquess of 
Lome. A bronze statue of Major-Gen. Charles G. Gordon C.B. 
killed at Khartoum, 26 Jan. 1885, executed by the late T. Stuart 
Burnett A.R.S.A. and cast in Sir John Steell's foundry, Edin- 
burgh, stands in the square in Schoolhill, in front of Robert 
Gordon's College; this monument, which was subscribed for 
principally by members of the clan Gordon, stands 9 feet 6 
inches in height, and is placed on a granite pedestal 9 feet high; 
it was unveiled by the Marquess of Huntly P.C. as head of the 
clan, on the 16th" June, 1888. A fine bronze statue of Her late 
Majesty Queen Victoria, by Mr. O. B. Birch A.R.A. stands in 
Union street, and was unveiled 20 Sept. 1866, by H.M. King 
Edward VII. then Trince of Wales; it occupies the site of a 
former marble statue, executed by the late Alexander Brodie, 
of Aberdeen, and now in the Town House, where is also a 
marble statue of Provost James Blaikie, by Sir John Steell, 
and a bust of John Phillip R.A. the painter, an Aberdonian, 
by his friend and fellow-townsman, the late William Brodie 
R.S.A. A bronze statue of Robert Burns, executed by H. 
Bainsmith, London, stands in the centre of Union terrace. 

The Municipal and County Buildings and Court House, in Castle 
street and Union street, form a magnificent structure, com- 
prising all the offices required for municipal purposes, as well 
as a noble hall and Court House, and includes a lofty tower 
with spired angle turrets and a lantern. The Council Chamber 
has a fine oak roof adorned with the armorial bearings of 
eminent Aberdonians; on the walls are portraits of the late 
Prince Consort, by John Fhillip, and of various ex-Provosts, 
by F. R. Pickersg'ill R.A. and Sir George Reid R.S.A. besides 
other works of art; above the mantelpiece in the Committee 
room is a mirror in a panel of carved oak, with the arms 
of the town above, formerly in the old Council Chamber. 
The Town Clerk's room and offices contain a number of old 
citv trophies, including an ancient coat of mail, said to have been 
worn by Robert Davidson, Provost of the city, at the battle of 
Harlaw, 24 July, 1411, and the axe of the machine known as 
"The Maiden," used towards the close of the 16th century for 
the decapitation of criminals. The Court House has a lofty 
entrance hall, with a groined freestone roof. The great hall is 
frequentlv used for fashionable assemblies, art exhibitions and 
the like. <">n tin- walls are portraits of Queen Victoria, Queen 
Anne, George IV. Earl of Aberdeen KG., K.T. and sometime 
Prime Minister, and G-eorge, fifth and last Duke of Gordon 
G.C.B. d. 28 May, 1836. At its east end is a hall for the meetings 
of the County* Council. The Courtroom has a small gallery, 
and will seat "300. A passage to the right leads to the corridor 
of the eastward entrance to the building, immediately under 
the old tolbooth tower, built during the first quarter of the 
17th century. The Town Council purchased the old prison 
in Lodge walk, immediately adjoining the present buildings, 
on a site of which Police offices (including Court and Barrack 
accommodation) were erected from the plans of Mr. John Rust, 
city architect, at a cost of £15,000. The Advocates' Hall 
in Broad street, is connected with the Court House Buildings. 
The Society of Advocates fas the local legal practitioners are 




called) was elected into a corporate body in 1774, and had 
their privileges confirmed in more ample terms in 1799 and in 
1862. A library, principally on law subjects, was established 
in 1786, and contains over 10,000 volumes. The number oi 
members belonging to this institution is about 110. 

The offices of the Aberdeen Parish Council, at 20 Union terrace, 
erected at a cost, including fittings, of £13,190, are of grey 
granite, in the style of the Italian Renaissance. 

The Free Press Building, in Union street, is a structure of 
grey granite in the Eenaissance style, from designs by Messrs. 
Ellis and Wilson, of Aberdeen. The Commercial Bank, also in 
Union street, is a building of granite in the Domestic Gothio 
style, from designs by Mr. Sydney Mitchell, architect, of Edin- 
burgh. The Post Office, in Crown street and Dee street, built 
during the period 1905-7 at a cost of £50,000, is a structure of 
granite in the Scottish Baronial style, from designs by Messrs. 
W. W. Robertson and W. T. Oldrieve, of H.M. Office of Works, 
Edinburgh, and is three storeys in height, with a spacious 
basement. The building was formally opened G April, 1907, 
by the Et. Hon. S. O. Buxton P.C., M.P. Postmaster-General. 

The Music Hall Buildings, Union street, the property of the 
Aberdeen Music Hall Company Limited, formerly the County 
Buildings, have a portico of six columns of the Ionic order, 
thirty feet in height; it includes a ball room, and rooms known 
as the Square Room and Round Room, which are generally 
used for meetings and lectures. The Music Hall, opened 14th 
September, 1859, is furnished with an admirable organ, and will 
Beat about 3,000 people. 

The Masonic Hall, in Exchange street, was erected in 1871-2, 
from designs by Mr. James Matthews, architect, at a cost of 
£2,500, the foundation stone being laid on the 27th of Sept. 
1871; the building, excepting three shops on the ground floor, 
is used exclusively by the Masonic Lodges in Aberdeen (of 
which there are ten), and embraces a hall 50 feet by 32 feet, 
and 20 feet high, with a gallery at one end. The Market Cross, 
near the eastern extremity of Castle street, is hexagonal in 
form, and consists of open semi-circular arches, supporting a cor- 
nice and deep parapet, displaying in twelve compartments, busts 
in relief of Scottish monarchs, the last of the series beins James 
VII. in whose reign (1686) the cross was completed; "through 
the centre rises a pillar, on which is a column with capital 
Eurmounted by the figure of a unicorn; this cross stood origin- 
ally at the west end of the square in the centre of a raised 
pavement called the Plainstanes, but was removed in 1842 to its 
present position. Th« Market House, known as the New 
Market, stands in Market street, was erected by a joint-stock 
company, and opened in 1842, but having been destroyed by 
fire in 1882, was rebuilt as at present: it contains two floors 
and has a continuous gallery all round and several refrigerating 
chambers. At the west end of the market is a fountain of 
polished Peterhead granite. His Majesty's Theatre, on Rose- 
mount viaduct, the property of " The Robert Arthur Theatre 
Co. Limited," was erected in 1906 at a cost of £35,000, and is 
a structure of granite in the Classic style, from designs by Mr. 
Frank Matcham, and will seat 2,550 persons. St. Katharine's 
Hall, Shiprow, will seat 800 persons, and contains other rooms, 
a refreshment bar and dining, chess and billiard rooms. The 
Barracks, on Castle hill, are fitted up for 240 men, but are 
capable of containing double this number, and there are other 
barracks in Eing street, for 600 men. Aberdeen is the depot 
of the Gordon Highlanders Regimental district (No. 75), to 
which the local militia and volunteers are attached; there is 
an excellent hospital for the depot on an adjoining eminence. 

The port of Aberdeen is admirably adapted for commercial in- 
tercourse with the northern parts of Europe, and it also partici- 
pates in a good share of the trade with America; it was opened 
to the East Indian trade and appointed a port for warehousing 
tobacco in 1839. The limits of the port were defined and legal 
quays appointed in 1850. Early in the 17th century a number of 
ships of small tonnage belonged to the port, and a considerable 
import and export trade was oarried on with various parts of the 
continent, as well as coast trading. The shipping appears to 
have considerably decayed during the civil wars and visitations 
of the plague, and no revival took place for many vears. In 1656 
there were only 9 vessels of the aggregate tonnage of 440. In 
1692 all the shipping was two galliots of 30 tons eaoh. In 1788 
the number of ships registered was 169, and the aggregate ton- 
nage, 11,820; in 1872, 236 vessels; tonnage, 101,188; in 1881, 
900; tonnage, 109,471; in 1902, 317, of 112,021 tonnage and 
on 31st December, 1905, 307 vessels; tonnage, 111,296. The 
total number of British steam and sailing vessels that entered 
the port in 1905 was 270, of 94,709 tons, and cleared 67, of 
20,903 tonnage. In the foreign trade 321 entered, of 152,613 
tonnage; cleared, 153; tonnage, 49,631. Entered from British 
possessions 170, of 11,908 tonnage; cleared 3, of 3,258 tonnage. 
In the coasting trade there were 2,917 ship3 inwards, of 
761,184 tons, and outwards, 3,106 of 852,782 tons. The fame of 
the " clipper bow," so justly, due to the ship builders here, 
especially to the late Mr. William Hall, who successfully 
established his claim to the invention, has spread the fame 
of Aberdeen ship building to all quarters of the world. In 
1902 there were launched 22 vessels with a gross tonnage of 
6,135 ; about the usual number of vessels was on hand. The 
number built during the year 1905, exclusive of those built 
for foreigners, was 24 steam, of net tonnage of 4,079 and 
gross 8,971; the number built for foreigners was one (steam) 
of 117 tons net and 269 gross. The number of fishing boats 
registered in 1902 under the " Merchant Shipping Act, 1894," 
was 504, of which 194 were steam, requiring 2,701 men and 
boys to work them; in 1905 the number was 443, of a tonnage 
of 11,285, and the number of men and bovs required, if all 
the boats were employed at one time with 'their usual crews, 
was 2,794, and the number of persons other than regular 
fishermen occasionally employed in sea fishing was 255. The 
harbour revenue for the year 1894 was £74,531, of which 
£5,024 was derived from the salmon fishings; in 1898, £66,958, 
of which £4,828 was derived from the salmon fishings; in 
1895 the schedule of rates was revised and considerably re- 
duced. The Salmon fishings on the Dee and Don are, as* they 
have for a long time been, an important branch of industry. 

The customs receipts for the year 1902 amounted to £109,512, 
and for the year 1905 £89,472. The total value of the imports 
in 1902 was £892,124, the principal item being wood, £177,724, 
and in 1905 £872,150 (£156,371 wood); and of the exports. 
£168,896, and in 1905 £162,790, the chief item being 43,861 
barrels of herrings of the value of £49,819. Since the year 1810, 
when the principal improvement in the harbour commenced, 
there have been expended upon it vast sums. A pier was 
constructed to the north of the harbour entrance (formed 
by the river Dee joining the sea), and now extends 2,500' 
feet seaward. A wet dock of 29 acres, and with 6,000 feet 
of quays, was completed in 1848, and called the " Victoria 
Dock," in honour of the visit of Her late Majesty to 
the city in that year. The diversion of the river and the 
south breakwater were later undertakings. The first turf re- 
moved for the diversion of the river was cut by Lord Provost 
Leslie, on the 22nd of December, 1869. The new course is about 
a mile in length, and forms a large arc of a circle, from the 
suspension bridge to about opposite Marischal street, and from 
that point to Torry, where it joins the harbour entrance. The 
bottom of the new channel is 170 feet wide. The breakwater, 
the entire length of which is 1,050 feet, is carried out to a depth 
of water of 50 feet at high tide. Two quays have since been 
constructed, named respectively after two provosts — Mr. George 
Jamieson and Mr. James Matthews; and a spacious graving dock 
was opened in June, 1885, in what was the old bed of the river 
Dee, now known as the Albert basin; bhe total length of the dock. 
being 524 feet, and it is 48 feet wide at the floor, the width 
gradually widening till it reaches 74 feet at the cope; the depth 
on the sill is 20 feet; this dock is furnished with hydraulic 
machinery, and its total cost was about £50,000. Within the past 
few years Aberdeen has become a great centre for trawling. At 
present close on 100 steam vessels prosecute the industry from 
the port. The trawling vessels discharge their cargoes in the 
Albert basin, where extensive quay space has been provided, and 
an excellently appointed fish market erected, at a cost of several 
thousand pounds. Another feature in the trade of the port is the 
importation of foreign cattle, for which the Harbour Commis- 
sioners have provided lair age accommodation and sale ring. The 
harbour office, on Regent quay, which is surmounted by a 
clock tower, was erected about 1885, from a design by Messrs. 
Matthews and Mackenzie, architects, of Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen has been the seat of manufactures from a very 
early period. Provost Alexander Jaffray and others established 
a woollen manufactory in 1636, in the correction wynd, under 
a patent of Charles I. for the manufacture of " broad cloth, 
kerseys, serges and other coarse cloths," and the manufacture 
of these and of stockings was carried on successfully and 
extensively for some time. Messrs. Alexander Hadden and 
Sons have now two establishments — at Garlogie Mills and at 
Gordon's Mills respectively; their chief products being worsted, 
woollen and carpet yarns. Messrs. J. and J. Crombie Limited, 
of Grandholm Mills," are also large manufacturers. The manu- 
facture of winceys is also carried on by many firms in Aber- 
deen. Jute spinning is also maintained by a limited liability 
company. The manufacture of combs was introduced about 
the year 1830, by Messrs. Stewart and Rowell, and has been 
conducted on a very extensive scale since that period, first 
by the original firm, and latterly by Messrs. S. R. Stewart 
and Co. but now by the Aberdeen Comb Works Co. Limited. 
Among firms engaged in the manufacture of preserved pro- 
visions are Messrs. John Moir and Son Limited; Marshall and 
Co. of Torry; Alexander Milne and Sons, Canal road; C. and 
E. Morton, South Mount street, Rosemount, and W. Bruce, 
Links street; all manner of fish, flesh, soups, vegetables, 
fruits &c. are preserved in tin cases of all sizes, and in every 
variety of preparation. Messrs. Mitchell and Muil Limited, 
biscuit manufacturers to the King, have an extensive factory 
here. The paper works at Stoneywood, carried on by Messrs. 
Alexander Pirie and Sons Limited, were established nearly 130> 
years ago, and are the largest of the kind in Scotland. Messrs. 
C. Davidson and Sons Limited manufacture wrapping and pack- 
ing papers of all kinds and paper bags, and also print and litho- 
graph wrappers and paper bags, and produce roofing and founda- 
tion felt. There is also a large paper mill at Cnlter, belonging to 
a limited liability company, and the Donside Paper Co. Limited, 
at Woodside. Messrs. J. Garvie and Sons, D. Macandrew and 
Co. and McRobbie and Milne are horticultural builders, and 
are largely engaged in the manufacture of joinery and cabinet 
work. The chemical works at Sandilands, near the Links,, 
cover several acres of ground, and were begun by Messrs. 
John Miller and Co. in 1848, and now produce naphtha, creo- 
sote oil, asphalte, sulphate of ammonia, artificial manures-, 
sulphuric acid &c. The distillation of whisky is carried on 
in Aberdeen by the successors of John Begg, of the famed 
Lochnagar Distillery. 

The granite trade may be said to be indigenous to Aberdeen. 
The greater part of the county, and portions of the adjoining dis- 
tricts, are composed of igneous rocks of all varieties, the 
quarrying of which commenced about 250 years ago, but made 
little progress till the year 1741, when a disastrous fire occurring 
in Aberdeen, destroyed a large number of the wooden houses 
of which the town was chiefly composed. An act of the magis- 
trates and council was then passed ordaining the outside walls 
of dwelling-houses to he built of stone or brick. About 1764 
the streets of London began to be paved with Aberdeen granite ; 
►but it was not till 1795 cbat larger blocks were required, and 
machinery began to be applied. Rubislaw Quarries then sup- 
plied stones for the Government docks; and Dancing Cairn, 
which began to be wrought about this time, supplied granite for 
the Union bridge and the new street extension of the city, and 
this material is now used extensively in the construction of 
bridges, docks and other public works. The dockyards of 
Portsmouth and Sheerness, the docks of many ports along 
the east coast, including those of Newcastle, Hull and Leith, 
as well as London Bridge, were all formed of Aberdeen granite, 
and the piers of the Forth Bridge were also made of granite 
from the quarries belonging to Messrs. John Fyfe Limited. 
There are over 20 quarries in operation in the district, yielding 
granite of various colour and quality. The quantity of stonfc 





quarried annually is very large, one quarry alone, Rubislaw, 
yielding over 80,000 tons of saleable material. A considerable 
export trade is carried on, and Swedish and other foreign 
granites are beginning to be largely imported for the purpose 
of being polished here. The late Mr. Macdonald, about 1840, 
■was the first to apply machinery to the cutting and polishing 
of granite, and the firm of Alexander Macdonald and Co. 
Limited, supplied the enormous granite sarcophagus, 30 tons 
in weight, now containing the remains of Her late Majesty 
Queen Victoria and H.E.H. the Prince Consort, in the royal 
mausoleum at Frogmore, Windsor, besides a smaller one for 
Her late Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent. The same 
firm also manufactured the massive granite sarcophagus in 
which the remains of Napoleon III. and the late Prince Imperial 
are entombed. Numerous other firms also do a considerable 
business. From 10,000 to 12,000 tons of granite are used an- 
nually for polishing purposes at the various works in Aberdeen, 
consisting not only of the native local rock, but also of granites 
from the West of Scotland, from Ireland, and from various parts 
of Germany and Sweden. The demand for polished granite in- 
creases every year, and orders for architectural, general and 
monumental purposes are sent from ali parte of the world, to the 
Granite City. 

There are three joint stock companies for the manufacture and 
sale of agricultural materials — the Commercial, the Lime, and 
the Northern Agricultural — each of them having steam mills for 
pulverising bones and carrying on the manufacture of oilcake, 
linseed oil, rape oil &c. There are also brick and tile manu- 
facturing companies, several soap and candle manufactories, 
coach building works, and many other large establishments ; 
iron and metal works further employ a large number of skilled 
workmen, and there are engineering establishments and foundries, 
and other works connected with shipping, sail and rope works, 
and boiler factories. Apart from the imporb of foreign timber, 
a large business is done in home grown wood from the upper 
districts of Aberdeenshire. Deeside fir has been a staple article 
in Aberdeen from time immemorial. 

The principal hotels include the Palace, adjoining the railway 
station; the Grand, adjoining Union Terrace gardens and the 
railway station; the Imperial, adjacent to the railway station; 
the Douglas, in Market street, and Forsyth's, in Union street, 
which is a temperance hotel. There are besides many excellent 

The earliest banking company formed in Aberdeen was started 
in 1752. In 1766 the " Aberdeen Banking Company " was 
originated, and long enjoyed almost a monopoly of the banking 
business of the north, but about 1849 was merged in the 
" "Union Bank of Scotland. ' ' Besides representatives of most 
of the Edinburgh and Glasgow banks, there are in Aberdeen 
two thriving native banks — the Town and County Bank Limited, 
in Union street, established in 1825, having G4 branches, and 
the North of Scotland Bank Limited, in King street, established 
in 1836, with 79 branches; both have been incorporated by Act 
of Parliament. The Aberdeen Savings Bank was established 
in 1815, and its funds now exceed £1,500,000. The Northern 
Assurance Company, established in 1836, with an annual revenue 
of more than £1,600,000, has offices, erected in 1885 at a cost 
of £20,000, in Union street, built entirely of light grey granite 
in the Italian Renaissance style, from designs by Messrs. 
Matthews and Mackenzie, of Aberdeen, and the London and 
Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. also has offices here; and there 
are branch offices of the Scottish Live Stock Co. Limited; the 
Northern Plate Glass Co. Limited and the Liverpool, London 
and Globe Co. Limited. 

There are seven incorporated trades : — 1, the Hammermen, 
incorporated September, 1519 ; 2, the Bakers, recognised as a 
company as early as the year 1393; 3, the Wrights and Coopers, 
who obtained their original seal of cause on the 5th of August, 
1527; 4, the Tailors, who were recognised in a corporate capacity 
about the year 1511 ; 6, the Shoemakers, acknowledged as a cor- 
porate body in the years 1484 and 1520; 6, the Weavers, the 
deacons of this corporation were approved by the council and 
sworn into office in the year 1449 ; and 7, the Fleshers or 
Butchers ; these originally dealt in fish as well as flesh, but 
were prohibited in the year 1518 from practising more trades 
than one ; they received a seal of cause in 1534. The several 
incorporations hold their meetings in Trinity Hall, in Union 
street, at the south-east corner of Union bridge, a building of 
rather florid architecture, erected in 1846-7, from designs by the 
late Mr. John Smith, architect. The affairs of each corpora- 
tion are under the direction of a deacon and box-master, who 
are chosen annually, a convener, master of hospital, and con- 
vener court governing the joint affairs of the seven corporations. 
The Rev. Dr. Wm. Guild, one of the town's ministers, and 
afterwards principal of King's College, founded in 1632 a 
Trades' Hospital for the benefit of indigent brethren, assigning 
to the incorporation for that purpose the monastery and other 
property that formerly belonged to the monks of the Holy 
Trinity. Among the several clubs existing in this city the 
"Royal Northern Club," founded in 1854 and since enlarged, 
has now (1907) 210 members ; there is also the " University 
Club." The Public Libraries Acts were adopted in April, 1884. 
The Public Library, removed in 1892 to a new building on the 
Rosemount Viaduct, erected at a cost of about £12,000, was 
opened July 12th, 1892, and in 1906 a new reading room was 
provided and the reference department largely extended ; the 
central reading room is supplied with a large and varied stock 
of newspapers and magazines; the lending department has over 
34,000 volumes, and in 1906 circulated 323,000 volumes. The 
Reference Department contains over 38,000 volumes and 
pamphlets, the use of which in the library is free to all 
persons over 12 years of age : there are branch reading rooms 
at High street, Old Aberdeen; 122 Victoria road, Torry, and 
Fonthill road, Ferryhill. The Museum and Art Gallery, in 
Schoolhill, is a building of granite, in the Italian Renaissance 
style, from designs by Messrs. Matthews and Mackenzie, 
architects, as was also the adjoinypg Art School, erected 
in 1883, at a cost of £5,000, by the late Councillor John 
Gray, and gifted by him to the town. Both buildings are 
united by a noble archway. A nucleus for the Art Gallery has 

been formed by the bequest of a magnificent collection by the 
late Mr. Alexander Macdonald, of Kepplestone. Two daily 
morning newspapers, two daily evening, three weekly, two- 
weekly satirical papers, and a bi-weekly advertiser are issued 
from the Aberdeen press — the titles and particulars of which are 
given elsewhere. The first almanac ever printed in Scotland was 
published in Aberdeen, in 1623, by Edward Raban, the year 
after setting up the first printing press in the North. It was 
entitled " A New Prognostication for the Tear of our Lord God, 
1623, being the third after Leape Year, serving most fitlie for 
the Kingdom of Scotland, and all the partes of North Britain 
&c." The almanac seems for a long time to have been looked 
upon as a property of the Aberdeen printers, for a successor of 
Raban, named John Forbes, issued one entitled "A New Prog- 
nosticator calculated for North Britain." He sold fifty thousand 
copies annually, and the price of each was only a plaek, or the 
third part of a penny sterling. His success induced the publi- 
cation of pirated editions at Edinburgh, which were suppressed 
by the Court of Session, and for many years the town enjoyed' 
a complete monopoly in the sale of almanacs. 

Prominent among the ecclesiastical edifices of the city are the- 
East and West churches. These form one building, and occupy 
the site of the ancient parish church of St. Nicholas, built at 
various dates between the 11th and 13th centuries. The present 
West church occupies the site of the old nave, and was erected 
in 1755, from a design by James Gibbs, a native of Aberdeen, 
and an eminent architect; it is in the Renaissance style, ami 
has a nave and aisles divided by massive square piers and' 
semi-circular arches ; the interior is finely proportioned, and' 
affords sittings for about 1,450 persons. There are several 
monuments, particularly one in marble to Mrs. Allardyce, of 
Dunottar, by Bacon. The large west window is filled with 
stained glass; Gibbs, who was extensively employed, also 
designed the Radcliffe Camera at Oxford, and the Senate 
House at Cambridge. The old East church, which it was 
deemed necessary to take down in 1835, was built in 1447, 
partly on the site of the chancel, and formed the choir of the 
church, the east end being semi-octagonal, and under it was 
St. Mary's chapel, restored in 1898. The East church, altered 
in 1836, in accordance with a design by the late Mr. Archibald 
Simpson, is of finely dressed granite in the Decorated style; 
the old transepts, known as Drum's and Collison's aisles, now 
form a vestibule, over which at its intersection with the 
churches there was formerly a tower with a wooden spire, 
which on the 9th October, 1874, together with the aisles and 
much of the interior was destroyed by fire, but the church 
has since been restored and a new tower with spire of granite 
195 feet in height erected, from a design by Mr. W. Smith, 
architect, of Aberdeen, which contains 38 bells, hv;ng at a 
cost of about £4,000. The Old Norman arches and piers under 
the tower were taken down and rebuilt in their origiml form 
in part with the same materials, and the church will now 
seat 1,350 persons. St. Clement's, of Footdee, church has at 
tower 45 feet in height, containing a clock presented by the 
magistrates. Grey friars, or College church, which stands on 
the east of Broad street, adjoining the south end of the new 
buildings of Marischal College, was rebuilt in 1903, and con- 
sists of chancel, with vestry and organ chamber, nave, south- 
aisle and a spacious vestibule, over which rises a lofty square 
tower in the Perpendicular style, with numerous pinnacled, 
buttresses ; the lower stage is lighted by tall and narrow 
coupled lights, and the upper by two traceried windows in 
each face; there is a high open-work parapet, relieved by 
crocketed pinnacles, and from the centre of the roof springs- 
an octagonal spire, with crockets and a finial cross ; above 
the vestibule is a gallery open to the church ; the former 
church, erected by Bishop Dunbar for the Grey Friars about 
the beginning of the 16th century, was the only church in 
this town where the Roman Catholic worship was performed! 
previous to the Reformation. The South church, in Belmont 
street, is an edifice in the Gothic style, with a square tower, 
and will seat 1,450 persons. The North church, in King 
street, is an edifice of granite, in the Classic style, from a 
design by the late Mr. John Smith, architect, and affords about 
1,550 sittings. 

Old Machar Church, otherwise St. Machar cathedral, is at the 
northern extremity of Old Aberdeen, for which see back of 
this page. 

St. Paul's church, in Loch street, was erected in 1720 for 
such Episcopalians as refused to submit to the jurisdiction of 
the Scotch bishops, but this building was superseded in 1865 
by the present church, which seats 680 persons. The English 
Episcopal church of St. James, in Union place, is a small but 
striking building of red Corrennie granite, erected in 1888.. 
and affording 390 sittings. The Episcopal church of St. 
Andrew, in King street, built in 1813, is an edifice in the 
Gothic style, consisting of nave, aisle and a chancel, with 
lofty octagonal turrets at the angles; near the entrance is a; 
statue of the late Bishop Skinner, by Flaxman. The chancel 
was added in 1880, from a design by the late Mr. G. E. Street 
R.A. ; and in 1885 an elegant reredos was placed in the 
church, to the memory of the late Right Rev. Thomas G. 
Suther, Bishop of Aberdeen, 1857-83, and for many years- 
incumbent of this chapel, which has 1,150 sittings. The 
Episcopal church of St. John the Evangelist, in Crown street, 
built in 1854, has a small tower at the south end, and will 
seat 317 persons. The Episcopal church of St. Mary, in. 
Carden place, built in 1862, will seat 380 persons. St. 
Margaret's Episcopal church, Gallowgate, erected in 1870, was 
consecrated in 1879, and a chapel added at the west end in 
1889; there are 380 sittings. St. Clement's Episcopal Mission; 
church, in Prince Regent street, built in 1889, will seat 
250 persons. The Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary of 
the Assumption, in Huntly street, erected at a cost of 
about £20,000, and opened December 1860, is an edifice of 
granite, in the Early Pointed style, from designs by Mr. 
Alexander Ellis, architect, and consists of sanctuary, nave,, 
aisles, north and south porches and a tower with spire, reach- 
ing to a height of 200 feet, and containing 9 bells, hung at a. 




cost of £1,300, the largest weighing 35 cwt. On each side of 
the sanctuary are vestries; and in advance of the high altar 
are two side altars. The whole of the windows are filled with 
fine painted glass, and the west window, 30 feet high fcy 15 in 
width, has tracery and sculptured figures in the centre : the 
church seats 1,500 persons. In addition to these places of wor- 
ship, there are others belonging to various denominations. 

The Grammar School, in Skene street, at the west end of 
the town, was founded before 1256 ; the present buildings, 
erected in 1863, at a cost of about £15,000, are in the Scott:sh 
Baronial style, from plans by the late Mr. James Matthews, 
architect, of Aberdeen, and contain a large hall, 80 feet by 
40 feet, 24 class-rooms, library, museum, chemical and physical 
laboratories and lecture theatres. The school is arranged in 
classical and modern sides, with an elementary department. 
There are five entrance scholarships of £20, three of £12, four 
of £8 and 12 or more of fees yearly, and these are awarded 
in the middle of June. In 1634 Dr. Patrick Dunn left a 
bequest for the better payment of the masters. There are now 
(1907) 480 boys ; the school is controlled by the Aberdeen 
School Board. Many eminent men have received their educa- 
tion here, among whom may be mentioned Lord Bvron, 1797; 
Sir James M'Grigor, 1784; David Wedderburn, 1602; Thomas 
Eeid, private secretary to James VI.; Dr. James Dunn; Dr. 
James Melvin ; Sir Bobert Hamilton; Sir George Strahan ; 
the Rt, Hon. Lord Justice Sir James Stirling kt., P.C. ; Sir 
James Westland K.C.8.I. ; Sir James Beid bart. G.C.V.O., 
K.C.B., M.D. ; Sir William McGregor K.C.M.G., O.B., M.D. 
and Admiral Sir A. Farquhar K.C.B. 

The United Free Church Oollege, Alford place, erected in 
1850, at a cost of £2,000, is a building in the Elizabethan style ; 
the staff consists of a principal, four professors in theology and 
lecturers in natural science and Evangelist theology. In its 
half the Aberdeen Presbytery and Synod of the Free Church 
hold their stated meetings. There is now a good library and a 
museum, both of which owe much to the liberality of the late 
Mr. Thomson, of Banchory, near Aberdeen. The college also 
possesses some valuable paintings by Sir George Beid and John 
Phillip E.A. 

Bobert Gordon's College, SchoolhlU, standing on land anciently 
possessed by the Dominican Friars, and having an extensive piece 
of ground in front tastefully laid out, is a building erected in 
1730 after a design by Gibbs, at an expense of nearly £4,000; 
the remaining part of the centre and the wings were completed 
in 1832, in the Classic style, from a design by the late Mr. 
John Smith, at a cost of about £13,000, and the more ancient 
part has been altered to correspond, a colonnade now traversing 
the building from the old house to the projecting fronts at the 
ends of the wings; the fabric now consists of a centre or main 
building and two wings; the original structure, three storeys in 
height, occupying the greater part of the centre, and having a 
small spire rising from it; the hall, on the second floor, is 30 
feet by 20 feet wide and 12 feet high. The sum originally 
bequeathed was £10,000; this was invested in land, and at the 
present time the annual revenue is about £5,000. The object of 
the charity was to maintain and educate the sons and grandsons 
of decayed burgesses, but by a Provisional Order, obtained in 
1881, the original bequest of the founder, Bobert Gordon, was 
set aside, the hospital system abandoned, and the institution 
converted into day and evening schools, the application of its 
benefits being also widely extended. 

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has, since its foundation in 1739, 
undergone great extensions and improvements, though still occu- 
pying the original site on Woolmanhill — the very centre of the 
city. The Hospital has long enjoyed a high reputation from the 
eminence of its professional staff, including several of the pro- 
fessors connected with the University, and a large number of 
students are in attendance. The new buildings, completed about 
1897, in commemoration of the Jubilee of Her late Majesty Queen 
Victoria in 1887, at a cost of £30,000, stand on a site containing 
about 2£ acres, and surrounded by open streets. The old In- 
firmary, now remodelled internally as the administrative block, 
faces the south ; the new surgical ward block, for 140 patients, 
stretches along the west side, its large circular theatre projecting 
boldly beyond the main line. A tower-like building on the north 
contains the pathological theatre and the laundry, with an open 

drying-ground on the top storey, under the roof. The east side 
is occupied by the new medical west block, built in 1895 for 92 
additional patients. To the west of the administrative block is 
the boiler house block and the electric light building. Tha 
entire cost was about £75,000. Aberdeen Lunatic Asylum was 
founded in 1800, but since that time important additions have 
been made to the institution. At the end of 1906 the patients 
numbered stood at 360 males and 409 females; the grounds 
extend to over 145 acres. In connection with the main institu- 
tion is Elmhill House, for the treatment of members of the 
better classes able to pay special rates of board, and at Fairot 
is a Branch Asylum, with a farm of 283 acres. The Asylum 
for the Blind, in Huntly street, opened in 1843, is supported 
partly by revenue from endowments and partly by legacies 
and public subscriptions. Work is provided for blind persons 
of both sexes belonging to the city of Aberdeen and the 
counties of Aberdeen, Banff and Kincardine. The chief in- 
dustries carried on are twine spinning, basket, mat and mat- 
ting and mattress making; from 60 to 70 blind persons are 
thus employed. The board of management, as re-constituted 
under the authority of the Endowment Commission, consists 
of persons elected by the subscribers, or nominated either by 
benefactors to the institution or by certain public bodies in 
Abeideen or the above-mentioned counties. The Institution for 
the Education of the Deaf and Dumb, at 10 Mount street, and 
now under Government inspection, is principally supported by 
voluntary contributions ; the average number of pupils of 
both sexes i3 20. The Aberdeen Educational Trust, King 
street, incorporated in 1883, embraces a school of cookery and 
laundry work, and a school of Domestic Economy; bursaries, 
free scholarships &c. are open here to children attending the 
various schools in Aberdeen. The Med cal Society's Hall, King 
street, built in 1818, at a cost of £2,000, has" a handsome front, 
with a portico cf four Ionic columns, and contains a library 
' of 6,453 volumes, and a large hall for the meetings of the 
society. In the hall are some portraits, including an original 
painting of Harvey, by Vandyke, and two by James Giles E.A. 
The weekly markets are held on Wednesday and Friday, and 
the feeing markets Friday before and after the 26th of May, 
Friday before and after 22nd November; wool markets, Thursday 
and Friday of first and second week in July; timber, the last 
! Wednesday in August. 

The population of Aberdeen in 1881 was 20,341; in 1891, 

' 124,943, and in 1901, 153,503, nciuding 938 officials and patients 

I in Aberdeen Royal Asylum ; 420 officials and inmates of Aberdeen 

; East Poorhouse : 298 officials and inmates in Aberdeen West 

, Poorhouse; 175 in the Industrial School. for Boys; 106 in the 

j Industrial School for Boman Catholic Children; 113 in the City 

i Hospital for Infectious Diseases ■ 97 in the Hospital for Tn- 

; curables; 127 in the Boyal Hospital for Sick Children; 306 in 

the Boyal Infirmary; 160 in Nazareth House and Orphanage; 

225 military in barracks; 56 on H.M. ships and 333 on vessels 

in the harbour. 

The population of the municipal wards (excluding shipping) 
was;— -Ferryhill, 13,730; Grevfriars, 16,427; Rosemount, 16.G62; 
Bubislaw, 17,074; Buthrieston, 15,182; St. Andrew's, 17,351; 
St. Clement's, 10,858; St. Machar, 12,578; St. Nicholas, 15,287; 
Torry, 9,386; Woodside, 8,579; total, 153,114. 

The population of the ecclesiastical parishes in 1901 was: — 
Grevfriars, 4,985; John Knox's Church, 7,006; St. Clement, 
8,033 ; St. George's-in-the-West, 4,436 ; Trinity, 2,395 ; Old 
Machar, 13,385- Craigiebuckler, 1,097; East Kirk, 3,628; Ferry- 
hill, 6,989; Gilcomston, 15.726; Holburn, 22,274; Mannofie'.d, 
2,397; North Kirk, 13,630; Rosemount, 17,160; Bubislaw, 7,030; 
South Kirk, 2,213; West Kirk, 5,517; Woodside, 8,288. 

The population of the parliamentary borough in 1901 was: — 
North Division. 65.793; South Division, 77,935 ; total, 143,728. 

The city parish was extended to the municipal area, May 16th, 
1895, under provisions of the " Local Government (Scotland) 
Act, 1894." taking over the whole of St. Nicholas and portions 
of the parishes of Old Machar, Nigg and Peterculter. Acreage 
of city parish (as extended), 6,319; gross rateable value, 1906-7, 
£898.024; population to middle of 1907 estimated at 174,579. 

TORRY, a fishing village, taken from the parish of Nigs 
(Kincardineshire), is included within the limits of the city parish 
of Aberdeen. 


OLD ABERDEEN stands abnut a mile to the north of the city, 
on an eminence on the south bank of the river Don, formerly 
in the parish of Odd Machar, but under provisions made in the 
"Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1894," now forms part of 
Aberdeen city parish. Formerly this town was the seat of the 
Bishopric of Aberdeen, but it now derives its importance from 
King's College (amalgamated with the University of Aberdeen) 
and the Cathedral. The charter was renewed by George I. when 
the power was conferred of electing its own magistrates, but by 
the " Aberdeen Municipal Extension Act, 1891," it was merged 
into the burgh of Aberdeen. The principal curiosity in the 
neighbourhood is the "Brig o' Balgownie," or old bridge of 
Don, which crosses the river Don by one pointed arch; Mr. 
Kennedy, in his " Annals of Aberdeen," states it to have been 
erected in the time of Robert Bruce (1281) by Henry Cheyne, 
Bishop of Aberdeen. The see of Aberdeen appears to have been 
first established in 1015, at Mortlich, in Banffshire, by King 
Malcolm II. but was translated to Aberdeen by Nectanus/the 4Mi 
bishop (1106), in the reign of David I. A new church was buTt 
in the 12th century, but this was superseded between 1281 and 
1382, under the direction of King Robert Bruce, by a more im- 
posing structure, in part erected by Bishop Kynynmound, who 
succeeded to the episcopate in 1356, but of this only the western 
piers of the central tower now remain: the choir has wholly dis- 
appeared, having been pillaged in 1560, and dismantled about 
1650 by the Cromwellian troops, who used its materials in build- 
ing fortifications, and the central tower fell in 1688, destroying 
the transepts, of wh'ch only portions of the north and south walls 
are now extant The existing cathedral, dedicated to St. Machar, 
commonly known as " Old Machar ohurch," thus consists only of 
the nave of seven bays, with its aisles, western towers and south 
porch, and was chiefly the work of Bishop Lichtoun (1424-40): 

the whole, with the exception of the spires, being constructed 
I of red granite : the nave piers are cylindrical and carry pointed 

■ arches, above which is a clerestory, with small rouud-headed win- 
. dows : the original deal roof, erected by Bishop Lindsay, in 1444. 

| was taken off and renewed in 1866 : the flat panelled ceiling 
befiow, the work of Bishop Dunbar, in 1520, is adorned with the 
shields of kings, nobles and ecclesiastics, and the cornice beneath 
it bears the names in black letter of Scottish sovereigns and 
bishops : the east end of the nave, now built up, is in part 
inclosed, and contains the organ and pulpit: the west end has a 
double-arched recessed entrance, and over it six tall and narrow 
lights with rounded heads: the square western towers are mili- 
tary rather than ecclesiastical in style, and have double angle 
buttresses, and bold machioolated battlements, from within which 
rises a low square stage with dwarf pinnacles, carrying the 
octagonal spires; these are of grey sandstone, and are relieved 
by two embattled bandings and numerous dormers : several of 
the windows are stained, and there are some interesting tombs, 

■ including, in the nave, one to Archdeacon Barbour, c. 1400, and 
another to Bishop Scougal, 1685; in the ruined transepts are the 

i tombs of Bishops Lichtoun or Leighton, Dunbar and Stewart; 
the interior of the fabric was repaired in 1722, and in 1866 was 
renovated on a report by the late Sir G. Gilbert Scott, and since 

i this the present east window has been erected. 

The Cruickshank Botanic Gardens and Museum, in the Chan- 
onry, were opened in 1899. 

Woodside, formerly a police burgh, was also in the parish of 
Old Machar, but bv the above-mentioned Acts also merged into 
the city parish and into the burgh of Aberdeen, is distant from 
.Aberdeen 2 miles, and has a station on the Great North of 
Scotland railway. 




The area of Old Machar parish is 7,039 acres; rateable value 
in 1906-7, £16,377; the population in 1901 was 1,457. 

The parish of Old Machar, as it remains without the portion 
between the Dee and the Don, which has been included in the 
.Aberdeen city parish, is now wholly on the north side of the 
Don. The land rises in a gentle slope from the sea, and is 
beautifuliiy diversified by undulating grounds. The windings of 
the Don — the manufactories and the woods on its banks, inter- 
spersed with many private residences, together with the numerous 
admirable prospects of the sea — impart a pleasing variety to the 
general appearance of the parish. Great improvements in agri- 
culture, at a very considerable expense, have been effected, which 
have been the means of materially enhancing the value of the 
land, and beautifying the neighbourhood of Aberdeen. 

The University consists of two colleges, united by Act of 
Parliament in I860, viz.: — King's College in Old Aberdeen, and 
Marischal College in Broad street. The former was first in- 
stituted in the year 1494, by William Elph.nstone, Bishop of 
Aberdeen, undtr the authority of a Bull of Pope Alexander VI. 
and the original foundation charter is still extant in the charter 
chest of the College. The students wear a scarlet cloth gown, 
but do not reside within the college bu.ldings, which form a 
quadrangular court, originally erected in 1500. There is a 
large library, in which is a very valuable collection of books, 
and a memorial window to the Late Dr. J. Melv.n. The o!d 
chapel, restored internally at a cost of about £3,000, is five 
bays in length, and is lighted on the north side by large 
traceried windows and on the south by a clerestory only, con- 
taining small square windows : the roof is of wood work, 
highly ornamented, and at the west end is an organ gallery, 
with an antique screeM, the upper portion of which, flanking 
the organ on either side, consists of elegant tracery; the lower 
portion has three canopied stalls on each side, and these are 
continued down the chapel so as to give twelve stalls on either 
side, with other stalls or benches in front ; the rest of the 
space is seated with ohairs. There are memorial windows to 
Pr ncipal Campbell and Professors Macpherson, Mearns, W. 
Robertson Smith and Sir W. D. Geddes : the large west window 
was filled with stained glass by Mr. John Webster, late M.P. 
for the city. Near the east end, in the middle of the chapel, 
is the tomb of William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen 1484- 
1515, a large moulded slab, slightly raised above the floor: op- 
posite to it, on the north side, stands the pulpit, an elaborately 
panelled work of the Early 17th century, with sounding board, 
ornamented with pendent pinnacles and a cresting. At the 
north-west is a lofty square tower, strengthened by buttresses, 
and from the parapet spring crocketed arches meeting at the 
top, and forming an open crown upon which rises a stone 
lantern, surmounted by another crown of stonework, with a 
globe and cross; the tower formerly contained a peal of 13 
bells. The Senatus room is ornamented with portraits of 
Bishops Elphinstone, Dunbar and others. This college pos- 
sesses a silver mace made in 1650 by Walter Melvil, an Aber- 
deen goldsmith, who was deacon of the hammermen, deacon- 
convener of the trades in 1662, and master of the hospital in 
1656-7; it is 3ft. l£in. long, and has a plain shaft, divided 
into two portion-s by two moulded knops richly chased, with 
collars of acanthus leaves above and below; the spreading 
globular base is similarly treated: the head, attached without 
brackets, bears scrolled cartouches supported by winged 
cherubs, one charged with the armu of Bishop Elphinstone, 
the other with the emblem of the Virgin, a pot containing a 
triple-flowered lily; on the flat top are embossed the Eoyal 
Stuart arms and the motto "God save the King;" round the 
top is a fillet and cresting, from which four beaded 
arches, supporting an orb and cross : the mace was repaired 
about 1891. The college once had two other and more ancient 
maces, both of which have been lost. Marischal College, in 
Broad street, which prior to 1860 exercised separate University 
rights, was founded and endowed by George Keith, Earl 
Marischal of Scotland, in 1593, by a charter ratified by Act 
of Parliament. The college buildings stand on the site of a 
Franciscan convent, and were rebuilt in 1836-41, at a cost of 
over £21,000, from designs by the late Mr. Archibald Simpson, 
architect. Tn 1891 a large and very important scheme of 
building extension was initiated, and has since been carried 
out at a total cost of over £200,000, the whole of which, with 
the exception of £46,000 contr.buted by the State, has been 
raised by voluntary subscriptions, including £25,000 from Lord 
Strathcona G.C.M.G. the present Chancellor, and by the muni- 
ficence of the late Charles Mitchell esq. LL.D. of Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, who generously gave over £20,000 for the purpose; 
this extension also includes a large Graduation Hall, adorned 
with stained windows, a Students' Union, and the heightening 
of the great tower of the buildings, inaugurated Oct. 1895'. 
His son, Mr. C. W. Mitchell, has also been a generous con- 
tributor. The new buildings, opened by H.M. King Edw. VII. 
and Queen Alexandra, 27 Sept. 1906, are of light grey granite 
in the Perpendicular style of the period of Hen. VII. from 
designs by Messrs. Marshall Mackenzie and Son, architects, of 
Aberdeen and London, and for the most part surround a large 
quadrangle of virying width : en the ground floor are the 
administrative offices, and the departments of Medicine, Modern 
Languages, Agriculture, Natural Philosophy, Materia Medica, 
Botany, Pathology and Chem stry; at the east end are c'oisters 
and an entrance hall below tbe tower, leading to the Midwifery 
department and to tea, smoking and retiring rooms; from 
this block extends a long eastern annexe, with a corridor 
throughout its whole length, and containing a lady students' 
room, refreshment department and students' union, "comprising 
billiard room, council room and debating hall, and adjoining 
this the department of Anatomy. On the first floor is the 
library and the departments of Geology, Natural Philosophv, 
Medical Jurisprudence, Natural History, Archaeology, with "a 
museum, Surgery and Chemistry, and in the eastern annexe 
is the picture gallery and the Mitchell hall : the second floor 
is devoted to Physiology and Education and has an Educational 
museum. The princ ; pal feature of the buildings from withou 1 
is the great or Mitchell tower, which rises at the eastern end 

of the quadrangle, and is 40 feet square and 260 feet in 
height, with spired turrets at the angles, a lofty parapet and 
a lantern of two stages, adorned with pinnacles and ter- 
minating in a crocketed spirelet with vane : the Mitohell or 
Graduation hall, situated in the eastern annexe, on the first 
floor, is 116 feet long and 42 feet wide; the walls are of rose- 
coloured granite, jointed in gold and there is an elaborate 
lierne-vaulted oak roof springing from pilasters between the 
windows, all of which are traceried, and, including the great 
east window which fills the whole of the space behind the 
dai's, illustrate, in stained glass, the history of the University: 
on either side are galleries, with richly carved front panelling 
divided by pinnacles with pendants, and forming a continuous 
canopy to enclosed seats below: the Court Boom, a fine apart- 
ment on the ground floor, near the main entrance, is panelled 
throughout, and the stuccoed ceiling, divided by massive 
beams, is enriched with shields of arms : the students' reading 
room contains the Cruikshank memorial window. Belonging 
to this college is a silver-gilt mace, obtained in London, 25 
May, 1671, at a cost of £31 14s.; it is 3 feet in length mil 
has a plain shaft, divided into two portions by bulging chased 
knops, and terminates in a spreading base, ornamented with 
foliage and having a pendant of grapes ; from the upper kuop 
are four scrolled brackets supporting the head, which is 
richly embossed with cherub heads, triply- winged, and be- 
tween these, four rounded spaces, two of which bear respec- 
tively the arms of the Earl Marischal, with coronet, and those 
of James Leslie, principal 1661-79, within olive branches, 

dividing the letters 

I L 

above is a fil et av.d a ov\ sling 

of thistles, roses and fleurs-de-lis, from which spring banded 
and beaded arches, carrying a flattened orb and cross; on the 
domed top of the head are the Royal Stuart arms. 

Chancellor, Lord Strathcona a/id Mount Boyal G.CM.G., D.C.L., 

Vice-Chancellor, Very Rev. John Marshall Lang C.V.O., D.D., 

Rector, Sir Fredk. Treves bart. G.C.V.O., C.B., F.R.C.S., LL.D 
Parliamentary Representative, Sir Hy. Craik K.C.B., M.A., LL.D 
Principal, Very Rev. John Marshall Lang C.V.O., D.D., LL.D 
Assessors in the University Court, Alex. Morison Gordon. Jas. 
Edward Crombie M.A. Alexander Wilson, David Littlejohn, 
William Dey M.D-, LL.D. Angus Eraser M.A., M.D. Albert 
Westland M.A., M.D. Matthew Hay M.D. John Harrower 
M.A. Neil J. D. Kennedy KlC, M.A., LL.D. & R. W. Reid 
M.D., F.R.C.S 
Secretary of University Court, Peter John Anderson MA., LL.D 
Secretary of the Universitv, Donaldson Rose Thorn M.A 
Registrar, Robert Walker M.A., LL.D 
Librarian, Peter John Anderson M.A., LL.D 

Greek, John Harrower M.A 

Humanity, Sir Wm. Mitchell Ramsay M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., D.D 
English, ^Herbert John Clifford Grierson M.A 
Logic, William Leslie Davidson M.A., LL.D 
Mathematics, Hector Munro Macdonald M.A., F.R.S 
Natural Philosophy, Charles Niven M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S 
Moral Philosophy, James Black Baillie M.A., D.Phil 
History, C. Sanford Terry M.A 
Natural History, John Arthur Thomson M.A 
Systematic Theology, William Alexander Curtis M.A., B.D 
Church History, Henry Cowan M.A., D.D 
Biblical Criticism, Bev. Thomas Nicol M.A., D.D 
Hebrew &, Semitic Languages, Jame3 Gilroy M.A., D.D 
Law, Neil John Downie Kennedy K.C., M.A., LL.D 
Medicine, David W. Finlay B.A., M.D., F.R.C.P., D.P.H., LL.D 
Chemistry, Francis R. Japp M.A., LL.D., F.R.S 
Anatomy, Robert W. Reid M.D., F.R.C.S 
Surgerv, Alexander Oeston CM., M.D., LL.D 
Mjteria Medica, John Theodore Cash M.D., F.R.S 
Mldwiferv, William Stephenson M.D., F.R.C.S.E 
Botany, James W. H. Trail M.A., M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S 
Pathology, David James Hamilton M.B., LL.D., F.E.C.S.E 
Forensic Medicine, Matthew Hny M.D 
Physiology, John Alexander Macwilliam M.D 

Agriculture, Robert B. Greig F.Z.S 
Agricultural Chemistry, James Hendrick B.Sc 
Comparative Psychology, J. Lewis Mclntyre M.A., D.Sc 
Conveyancing, James Duguid M.A 
Education, John Clarke M.A 
Elocution, Alfred Mncleod 
German, John Lees M.A., D.Litt 
Mcdern Languages, William Scholle Ph.D 
Phy^ica"; Training, George Cruden M.A 
Political Feonomv. Stanlev H. Turner M.A 
Political Science," Harold P. Cooke B.A 
Law Procedure & Evidence, Alexander Blacklaw M.A 
Statistical Methods, William R. Macdonell M.A., LL.D 
Veterinary Hygiene, J. McLauchlan Young F.R.C.V.S., F.R ?.E 

Greek, George Robertson Watt B.A 
English, William Ferrier M.A 
Logic, Donald Mackenzie M.A 

Humanity, Mary Elizh. Thomson M.A. & Johanna Forbes M.A 
Mathematics, J. Goodwillie M.A 
Natural Phi'osophv, W. W. Fyvie M.A 
Chemistry. F. W. Gray M.A., B.Sc. & Knox B.Sc 
Rotany, Robert M. Clark B.Sc 
Zoology, John Rennie D.Sc 
■\mtomv, Alexander Low M.A., M.B., CM. & W. A. H. 

McKerrow M.B., Ch.B 
Forensic Medic'ne, David Rennet M.D 
Materia Medica, Thomas Fraser M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. &. 

William Flett Croll M.A., M.B., Ch.B 
Physioloey, Hutrh Maclean M.D. & Thos.B. Mitchell M.B., Ch.B 
Pathology, George M. Duncan M.B., CM. & Andrew Ross 

Laing M.D. (special) 




Surgery, W. A. Fortescue M.B., CM 
Mridwiferv. Robert Gordon McKerron M.A., M.D 
Law, W. D. Es-slemont M.A., E.L 
Moral Philosophy, Haro'.d P. Cooke B.A 
Medicine, William Rattray Pirie M.A., M.B., CM 
Geology, Alfred W. Gibb M.A., B.Sc 
Agricultural Chemistry, Robert Glegg B.Sc 

Classical Literature, Alexander Souter M.A., D.Litt 
Mental Philosophy, Alexander Mair M.A 

Mathematics & Natural Philosophy, Wm. Garden Fraser M.A 
English, David H. Crawford M.A 
History, Edward Edwards M.A 
Modern Languages, J. Edmond Mansion B.esL 
Education, John Davidson M.A., D.Litt 
Botany, Francis J. Lewis F.L.S 

Agriculture, R. Patrick Wright 

Zoology, Philip J. White M.B 

Chemistry, Alexander Findlay M.A., D.Sc 

Anatomy, Fred S. Parsons F.R.CS 

Physiology, Benjamin Moore M.A., D.Sc 

Materia Medica, William Murrell M.D 

Pathology, Richard T. Hewlett M.D 

Medical Jurisprudence & Public Health, Carstairs C. Douglas 

M.D., D.Sc 
Surgery, James Crawford Renton M.D 
Medicine, Charles 0. Hawthorne M.D 
Midwifery, James Haig Ferguson M.D 
Divinity, Rev. James A. M'Clymonfc M.A., D.D. & Rev. James 

Stalker M.A., D.D 
Law, Arthur R. Brown M.A., LL.B 
Public Health, John T. Wilson M.D 
English & History, 


Argentine Republic (vice), Daniel Mearns, 55 Regent quny 

Chili (Republic of) (vice), William Leslie, 59 Marischal street 

Denmark (vice), James Cook, 62 Marischal street 

France (consular agent), William Leslie, 59 Marischal street 

German Empire, Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay 

Italy (consular agent), Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay 

Netherlands (vice), Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay 
Portugal (vice), George M. Cook, 62 Marischal street 
Russia, John Graham', 74 & 75 Regent quay 
Spain, (vice), Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay 
Norway, George Milne Cook, 62 Marischal street 


T. M. 0., E. D., P. P. & A. & I. Office & Telephone Exchange, 
Crown street; T N 198; John Bayne Hegarty, postmaster; 
Alexander Stables Ross, chief clerk. Telegraph Department : 
Andrew D. Leiper, superintendent ; E. Slade-r, engineer ; 
William Castell, surveyor for the Northern district 

Hours of closing for the leading mails & when delivered In 


Dispatches (showing time box closes, allso latest time for 

registering letters without extra charge). 

Inverurie, Banff, Buckie, Keith, Turriff, Kintore, CraigelkLchde & 

the North, 2.45 a.m.; regd. until 2.15 a.m. 
Ellon, Fraserburgh, Peterhead & Mintlaw, 4.15 a.m.; regd. until 

3.45 a.m 
Cluny, Methlick & Old Meldrum roads, 4.30 a.m.; regd. until 

4 a.m 

Inverness & Northern Counties, 4.45 a.m.; regd. until 4.15 a.m 
Cove, Portlethen, Laurencekirk & Stonehaven, 5.15 a.m.; regd. 

until 4.45 a.m 
Arbrcath, Dundee, London, Edinburgh, 5.30 a.m. ; regd. until 

5 a.m 

Inverness & North, 5.15 a.m.; regd. until 4.43 a.m 
Milltimber & Peterculter, 6 a.m.; regd. until 5.30 a.m 
Banchory-Devenick & Blairs, 6.30 a.m. ; regd. 6 a.m 
Alford &c. Gartly, 6.15 a.m.; regd. until 5.45 a.m.; Glasgow, 

Perth, Manchester, Liverpool, 6 a.m 
Deeside (west of Peterculter), 6.30 a.m. (summer); regd. until 

6 a.m.; 7.30 a.m. (winter); regd. until 7 a.m 

North, Buchan, Cruden, Strathdon, Mossat &c. 7.30 a.m. ; 

regd. 7 a.m 
Glasgow & Stirling, 0.30 a.m. ; regd. until 9. a.m 
Edinburgh, D.45 a.m.; regd. until 9.15 a.m 
Part of Dees'd?, 11.15 a.m.; regd. until 10.45 a.m 
Ballater, Banchory (Braemar in summer), Lumphanan & Drum- 
oak, 11.30 a.m.; regd. until 11 a.m 
Snmmerhill, Auchnagatt, Brucklay, Strichen, Longside, 12 

noon; regd. until 11.30 a.m 
London Mail, all places South & Abroad, 12.30 p.m.; regd. 

until 12 noon 
Turriff, Banff, Insch & Old Meldrum, 12.30 p.m.; regd. until 

12 noon 
Edinburgh, Arbroath, Dundee, Fife, 12-45 p.m. ; regd. until 

12.15 p.m 
Inverness & North, Huntly & Keith, 1.30 p.m.; regd. until 

1 p.m 
Dundee, Edinburgh & Fife, 2.45 p.m.; regd. until 2.15 p.m 
Buckie, Keith, Banff, Fyvie, Craigellachie, Cullen & Portsoy, 

3 p.m.; regd. until 2.30 p.m 
London Mail, all places South & Abroad, 3 p.m. ; regd. until 

2.30 p.m 
Buchan Mail, 3.45 p.m.; regd. until 3.15 p.m 
Cluny, 4.30 p.m. ; regd. until 4 p.m 

Methlick & Newburgh roads, 3.30 p.m.; regd. until 3 p.m 
Bieldside & Cults, 4.15 p.m.; regd. until 3.45 p.m 
Milltimber, Murtle, Peterculter, 3.30 p.m.; regd. until 3 p.m 
Hillside, Stonehaven & Kirriemuir, 3 p.m.; regd. until 2.30 p.m 
Deeside, 3.45 p.m. in summer; 5 p.m. in winter 
Banchory, Crathes, Drumoak, 4.30 p.m. in summer; 4.45 p.m. 

in winter P 

Dyce, Bucksburn & Woodside, 4.15 p.m.; regd. until 3-45 p.m 
Dinnet, Lumphanan &c. 4.45 p.m. in winter; 6 p.m. in summer 
Inverurie, Huntly & Alford, 5 p.m. ; regd. until 4.30 p.m 
London Mail, all" places South & Abroad, 4.45 p.m. ; regd. until 

4.15 p.m 
Inverness & North, Peterhead, Fraserburgh & Ellon, 6 p.m.; 

regd. until 5.35 p.m 
Dundee, Edinburgh, London, Leeds, Newcastle &c. 7 p.m. ; 

regd. until 6.30 p.m 
London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, In- 
verness & North, 7.15 p.m.; regd. until 6.45 p.m 
Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling & all England (except 

Saturday), 10.15 p.m.; regd. until 9.45 p.m 


Banff, Huntly, Keith & Inverness & North, 10-15 p.m. (Satur- 
days only) 

Lerwick, five times a week in summer, three times a week in 
winter, uncertain 

For the London Mails, letters can be posted with an additional 
Ad. stamp up to 5.40 & 9.50 a.m. & 12.40, 3.10, 4.55, 7.10 & 
7.25 p.m 

Letters for all mails can be registered up to the time the box 
closes for 4d. extra 

On Sunday the box closes for Deeside, -4 a.m. ; Cluny, Methlick 
& Old Meldrum roads at 4.30 a.m. ; for London & all places 
South & Abroad, 12.30 & 3 p.m.; for Inverurie, Kintore & 
Blackburn, 12.40 p.m 

From London, all places Soul-h & Abroad, also North, Buchan & 

Deeside, delivery begins at 6.45 & 8.45 a.m 
From London, Glasgow, North & Edinburgh, also Gartly & 

Strathdon roads & Deeside, delivery begins at 12.30 p.m 
From Buchan & Deeside & Local, delivery begins at 2.45 p.m. 

From Glasgow, Perth &c. Old Meldrum, Cluny & Methlick roads, 

Buchan &c. delivery begins at 4.30 p.m 
From North & Deeside, also Edinburgh, Dundee & Glasgow, 

delivery begins at 7 p.m 
Latest time of posting at head office for town deliveries, 6.15 

6 8.15 a.m. 12 noon & 2.15, 4 & 6.15 p.m 

Parcel Delivery. 
There are four deliveries of parcels, 8.45 a.m. & 12.30, 4.30 & 

7 p.m 

Town Sub-Post & Money Order Offices & Savings Banks & 
Annuity & Insurance Offices. 

Collections are made .it the following offices at 10.45 a.m. & 12 
noon, 2, o, 4, 5.10, 6.L.>, 8 & 9.10 p.m. & 12 m:dn ght; 
branch offices, Fish market & 47 Market street; sub-offices, 
16 King street; J2S0 George street; JAlford place; JRose- 
mount (4 South Mount street); Jl Chattan place; 182 Crown 
strret; +<,)ii:"N - ri„., (31 Fountainhall road); 1 Mounthooly; 
JOld Aberdeen, 43 High street; JKittybrewster, 695 George 
street; {Argyll pace (295 Rosemount place); 85 Broad st. ; 
Broomhill place (49 Broomhill road); 42 Clifton road; 28 
Essltmont avenue; Ferryhill, 9 Millburn street; Footdee, 48 
St. Clement street; Gilcomston, 5 Baker street; 275 Hoiburn 
street; 36 Park street; Rosemount viaduct (44 Union ter.); 
J6S "V ctor.a rd. ; Mannofield, 531 Great Western road; JTorry, 
Baxter street; 156 Union grove; Urquhart road (328 King 
street & Sunnyside (2 Bedford place) 

On Sunday there is only one collection throughtout the town, 
viz. that at 12 midn.ght 

Open for money order & savings bank business from 8 a.m. till 

8 p.m 

On Wednesday the Broomhill p'.ace e'oses at 2 p.m.; Old Aber- 
deen at 3 p.m. Wednesday & Broad street, 4 p.m. Saturday 

Marked thus J are Telegraph Offices 

Sub-Post, M. O. & T., T. M. O., E. D., P. P., S. B. & A. & I. 
Office, Woodside (441 Great Northern road). — James Murray, 
sub-postmaster. Deliveries from Aberdeen at 6.45 & 9.30 
a.m. & 2.20 & 5.45 p.m.; dispatches, 9.20 & 10.25 a.m.- & 
2.40, 2.45, 4.35, 6.35 & 8.50 p.m.; sunday, 10.45 a.m 

Sub-Post, T., E. D. & P. P. Office, Bridge of Don.— George 
Grcig, sub-postmaster. Deliveries from Aberdeen at 6 a.m. 
& 4.30 p.m.; dispatches, 9.30 a.m. & 3.15 & 6.20 p.m 

South Division, George Birnie Esslemont esq. 16 King's gate, 

North Division, Capt. Duncan Vernon Pirie, Caskieben, Kinaldie-, 
Aberdeenshire; & National Liberal club, London SW 
Aberdeen University (Glasgow & Aberdeen Universities). 
Sir Henry Craik K.CB. 5a, Dean's yard, Westminster SW & 
Athenaeum & Caledonian clubs, London S W 





Municipal buildings, Union street. 

Lord Provost, Sir Alexander Lyon 

Bailies, William Kendall Burnett, William P. Booth, Alexander 

Milne, William Johnston, James Lorimer & Alexander Wilkie 
Dean of Guild, James Murray 
City Treasurer, William Meff, jun 
j\l later of Shore Works, James Barron 
Master of Kirk & Bridge Works, William Todd 
Master of Mortifications, William Edwards 
Master of Guild Brethren's Hospital, John Newton 
Councillors, Twenty-one 

Town Clerk, William Gordon, advocate; T N 1296 
Depute Town Clerk, James W. Davidson 
•City Chamberlain, Police Treasurer &. Collector, Alexander M. 

Munro; T N 1297 
Cashier, W. B. Brown 

City Surveyor, William DyackCE.; T N 343 
Assistant Surveyor, John Gordon 
Procurator Fiscal, Robert Lamb 
Depute Procurator Fiscal, Wdliam Dickie Smith 
City Architect, John Rust 

Burgh Assessor of Lands & Heritages, Walter S. Kitton 
Auditor of Town's Accounts, Harvey Hall C.A 
Auditor of Police Accounts, George McBain C.A 
Medical Officer of Health, Matthew Hay M.D 
Sanitary Inspector, Kenneth Cameron 
Chief Constable, William Anderson 

Inspector of Weights & Measures, Andrew Whyte, King street 
Inspector of Sewerage Works, James Paxton 
Inspector of Cleansing, William Findiay 
Inspector of Water Works, James Simpson 
Inspector of Lighting, L. Anderson 
Public Analyst, Thomas Jamieson F.I.C 
Town House Keeper, Arthur McAllan 


Offices, Municipal buildings, 2 Broad street. 
Works, Cotton street (T N 507) & MiKburn street; T N 1104 
Engineer, Samuel Milne 
Assistant Gas Engineer, Charles E. Smith 
Electrical Engineer, James A. Bell 
Chief Clerk & Cashier, Alexander Brown 
Teller, James S. Pigge 
Inspector of Gas Mains, William Hadden 
0as Meter Inspector, George McKenzie 
Electricity Mains Inspector, Alexander H. McKay 

Gas Stove & Electric Motor Department. 
9 Union street. 

Clerk, William Gordon 
Enp'neer, William Dyack C.E 

Offices, 183a, Union street. 
District Clerk <& Treasurer, Alexander Clark, solicitor 
District Sanitary Inspector, William Reid 

20 Union terrace; T N 667. 
Meetings are held on second tuesday of each month. 
Chairman, James A. Smith, 19 Belvidere crescent 
Inspector, Charles B. Williams 
Assistant Inspectors, George Allan, William Noble, Alexander 

Morgan, Adam Smith & John Macfarlane 
Cashier, Bookkeeper & Collector of Assessments, David Stuart 
Medical Officers, James J. Y. Dalgarno M.A., M.B., CM. David 
Rennet M.D., CM., D.P.H. James E. Fowler M.A., M.D., 
CM. Francis Kelly M.D., CM. John A. Watt M.B., Ch.B. & 
Frederick Philip M.B., Ch.B 


Oldmill, Newhills; T N 1885. 

Offices, 20 Union terrace. 

For list of officials see Newhills. 

St. Nicholas Parish, James Pratt, 41£ Union street 
District of St. Machar, James Meston, 17 Union terrace 
Old Machnr, Wm. McWillie, 112 High street, Old Aberdeen 
City Parish (Woodside district), Alexander M. Hendry, G72 
Great Northern road 


5 Hadden street. 
Secretary, D. MacGregor Mitchell 


16 Regent quay. 

Commissioners, The Lord Provost, the Bailies, the Dean of Guild, 

11 Town Councillors & 12 elected Commissioners 
Secretary & Clerk, William Gordon; T N 1296 
Treasurer & Colieotor, James A. Ross: T N 91 
Resident Engineer, R. Gordon Nicol C.E. ; T N 233 
Assistant Engineer, William Simpson 
Superintendent of Works, William Panton; T N 257 

Shore & Harbour Dues Department. 
Collector, James A. Ross 
Principal Clerk, Alexander Robbie 

Berthing Department. 
Harbour Master &. Captain Pilot, William A. Crombie ; T N 26 
Superintendent of Meters & Harbour Rails, John Edward, l'J 

Regent quay 
Assistant Harbour Master & Keeper of the Pier Light & Flag, 

Thomas A. Wyness 


Local Marine Board. 
Offices, 49 & 51 Regent quay. 
Chairman (ex-officio), The Lord Provost of Aberdeen 
Elected by Board of Trade, Thomas Adam J. P. chairman; W. 

R. Aiken, Robt. Fraser, Alexander Marr & Daniel Mearns J.F 
Elected by the Shipowners, George Milne J. P. Thomas Adam 

J. P. John Ellis, William Leslie J. P. George Milne Cook J. P. 

& William Todd Moffat t 
Superintendent of the Mercantile Marine Office & Sec. to the 

Board, Lieut. Irvin Hayward R.N.R 
Deputy Superintendent & Registrar R.N.R. Robert E. Gray 
Examiner in Navigation &. Seamanship, Lfc. Irvin Hayward R.N.R 
Engineer, Surveyor, Examiner of Engineers & Inspector of 

Ships' Lights, James Barnet 
Surveyor of Ships & Inspector of Life Saving Appliances, Frank 

Barter M.I.N.A 
Clerk: to Surveyors, Allan Rankin 
Seamen's Engagement & Discharge Office, Seamen's Savings 

Bank & Money Order Office &, Royal Naval Reserve Office. 

49 & 51 Regent quay 

Custom house, Regent quay. 

Collector & Surveyor, William Millar Callander 

Clerk of the 1st Class, Michael Kenny 

Clerks of the 2nd Class, Peter Duncan Angus & David Scott 

Examining Officer (1st Class), Faul Stewart 

Examining Officers (2nd Class), Alexander Diack, Arthur J. 
Rothwell, Thomas Gleeson, Alexander Cardno, John Mackin- 
tosh, John Cumming, James Sexton & Fredk. Wm. Cakebread 

Assistants, George 0. Robertson & Will Alexander Gould 

Preventive Officers, Robert Jolly & Alexander G. Melvin 

Housekeeper & Messenger, Patrick Milne 

Principal Coast Officer at Newburgh, 

Pocra Pier. 
Captain Pilot & Harbour Master, William A. Crombie; T N 21 
Don District. 
George Davidson; A. M. Williamson; W. J. Woodman Smith: 
Alexander Clark ; Lord Kintore ; Neil McLean, of Breda i 
Sir Arthur Grant, of Monymusk 
Clerk, Alexander Duffus, 7 Golden square 

Dee District. 
Lord Provost, chairman; John Hector, Aberdeen; George David- 
son, Aberdeen; Alexander Copland, Aberdeen; Marquis of 
Huntly, Aboyne castle; Sir Thomas Burnett bart. of Crathes 
& James C Barclay Harvey, of Dinnet 
Clerk, Alexander Duffus, 7 Golden square 

Ythan Distriot. 
The Earl of Errol, chairman; Col. Turner, of Turner hall; J. 
H. Udny, of Udny ; General Mackenzie, of Foveran ; Rev. 
George Brown, of Longhaven & C, G. Smith, factor, Haddo ho 
Clerk & Treasurer, D. M. A. ChalmerB, 18 Golden square 


Offices, 115 Union street. 

Aberdeen District, comprising the Burghs in & Counties of 

Aberdeen, Kincardine, Banff & Elgin 
H.M. Inspector of Factories & Workshops, William B. Lauder 
Clerk, William McDonald 

Offices, Inland Revenue Office buildings, 27 King street. 
Excise, Stamp & Tax Department. 
Collector of Inland Revenue, Francis Mulligan 
Principal Clerks, T. P. MacDonald & J. MacMurray 
Clerks, J. Clark, J. D. Shaw & G. W. C. Davidson' 
Aberdeen District: — 
Supervisor, Joseph Oxford 

Officers, James Sumner, W. Anderson, W. S. Taylor, R. Sul- 
livan, W. A. Hoare & Charles McKinty 
Huntly District: — 
Supervisor, F. Gore 

Officers, George Woodcock, J. W. K. Leiper, W. T. Ellis. A. 
Smith, T. T. Gair & L. I. Jones 
Peterhead District: — 
Supervisor, F. G. Long 

Officers, E. Bucklow, P. Growley, William Lamb, James Alfd. 
Haines & J. W. G. Geilinger 
Ballater District: — 
Supervisor, Thomas Duncan King 

Officers, G. Mitchell, L. D. Robertson, William James Thom- 
son & R. Williams 
Kirkwall District: — 
Supervisor & Sub-Collector of Taxes, Thomas Stewart Hendry 
Officers, Samuel Watson, J. I. Sproule, H. J. Chapman, W. E. 
Barry & G. A. Davis 
Lerwick District: — 
Supervisor & Sub-Collector of Taxes, J. S. McCullagh 
Officers, T. M. Reid & S. St. Q. App3 
Portsoy District: — 
Supervisor, Benjamin Tighe 

Officers, J. Littlewood, D. Maemillan, James Simpson, James 
Brown, A. McDonald & J. J. Walsh 
Surveyor of Taxes for the First District or City of Aberdeea <k 

County of Kincardine, W. S. Kitton 
Surveyor of Taxes for the Second District or County of Aber- 
deen, Frederick W. Langston 





1 King street; T N 540. 
President, John Eae 
Vice-President, George M. Cook 
Treasurer, Thomas Cochrane 
Joint Secretaries, Charles M'Combie & Charles Diack 


1 King street. 
Chairman, Sheriff Robertson 
Secretaries, McCombie & Diack 


Ex-officio — The Convener of the County, the Lord Provost of 
Aberdeen, the Members of Parliament for the City & County, 
the Sheriff of the County & in his absence one sheriff sub- 
stitute resident in Aberdeen (named by the Sheriff) 

Appointed by County Council, John Huteheon, Gask, Turriff; 
Alexunler Skene J.P. Avondow, Milltimber ; William Both- 
well, Berryhill, Bridge of Don; Ranald R. Macdonald, 16 
Union terrace; Edward A. Woollard, Ethclbank, Bucksbum & 
George J. Harvey, Monykebbock, New Machar 

Appointed by Town Council, Dean of Guild Murray, Baillie 
Booth, 250 Rosemount place ; Baillie Alexander Milne, 313 
Hardgate ; Baillie Lorimer, 55 King's gate; Councillors, Geo. 
Allan, 11 Roslin terrace; William L. Dunn, 41 St. Clair st. ; 
George B. Esslemont, 16 King's gate; James Taggart, 382 
Great Western road & Alexander Wilson (solicitor), 46 Rubis- 
law Den south; clerk, James Forbes Lumsden, advocate ; 
treasurer, A. M. Munro, City Chamberlain, Aberdeen 

County buildings, Castle street. 
Convener, Colonel Thomas Innes, of Learney 
Clerk of Supply, William Murison 

Trinity hah, 153 Union street; T N 406. 
Patron, Professor Henry Oowan M.A., D.D 
Convener, A. B. Hutchison 
Master of Trades' Hospital, James Ducat 
Factor for the Widows' Fund, Peter Beveridge 
Treasurer for the Widows' Supplementary Fund, J. B. Cairns 
Factor for Trinity Cemetery, Robert Beveridge 
Joint C.erks & Assessors, Alexander Ledingham, advocate & 

George W. S. Walker, solicitor 
Convener's Officer, William Clyne 

Trades. Deacons. Boxmasters. 

Hammermen Francis Coutts George Bisset 

Bakers Walter Graham Alexander Carle 

Wright & Coopers . . Alexander Brown Ale*. Fu lerton 

Tailors Donald Mel hum .... R, W. Wishart 

Shoemakers Lewis Morrison Alexander Mearns 

Weavers Henry Stewart David Eilgour 

Fleshers William Aitlmr Ju. Williamson, jun 

Old Town hall, High street, Old Aberdeen. 
Patron, Rev. John Calder D.D 
Convener, David McHardy 
Master of Hospital, Wihiam S. Rae 
Clerk, George S. Esson, 35a, Union street 

Trades. Deacons. Boxmasters. 

Hammermen David McHardy D. McHardy 

Wrights & Coopers . . Robert Clark William Beattie 

Tailors Alexander Maver .... A.M. Edinond 

Bakers &. Brewers . . Alexander Stables . . Alexander Stables 
Fleshers & Fishers .. James Smith, jun.. .. W. S. Rae 

29 Regent quay. 
Surveyors, James C. Turpin & Ridley Fowell 

22 Market street. 
Secretary, J. C. Ogilvie Will 



27 King street. 

Assessor for the Burgh of>Aberdeen, W. S. Kitton 

Assessor for frhe Burgh of Inverbervie & County of Kincardine, 

F. W. Langston 
Assessor for the County of Aberdeen & Burghs of Peterhead, 
Inverurie & Kin tore, F. W. Langston 



Municipal buildings, Union street. 
Lord Provost, Sir Alexander Lyon 

Bailies, William Kendall Burnett, William P. Booth, Alexander 
Milne, William Johnston, James Lorimer & Alexander Wilkie 
Clerk, The Town Clerk 
Procurator Fiscal, Robert Lamb 
Officer of Court, William Hay, town sergeant 

The High Court of Justiciary meets in Aberdeen, when there are 
cases to try there 


Offices, Lodge walk; T N 1285. 
Chief Constable, William Anderson 
Deputy Chief OonBtable, Thomas Strachan 
Superintendent, Charles Goodall 
Detective Inspector, John Innes 

Inspectors, Alexander Mackay, George Forbes, Arohibald Simp- 
son, George Wilson, William Buchan & George Robertson 
Police & Medical Officer of Health, Matthew Hav M.D 
Detectives, 8; Sergeants, 13 ; Constables, 152 ; Female Turnkeys, 2 

Office, Record buildings, Lodge walk, Aberdeen; T N 38. 

Chief Constable & Ohief Inspector of Weights & Measures, Major 
Duncan Forbes Gordon J.P. ; T N 1566 

Deputy Ohief Constable & Superintendent, William M'Ewan ; 
T N 1609 

Inspectors of Weights & Measures, George Cran & John Hendry 

Aberdeen Divisional Stations at Relhelvie, Blackburn, Bridge of 
Don, Culter, Cults, Dyce, Echt, Ellon, Kingswells, New- 
burgh, New Machar, Skene, Auchmill & Udny 

Inspector at Aberdeen, John Napier 

Inspector at Peterhead, James Middleton 

Inspector at Fraserburgh, Lewis Mathieson 

Inspector at Inverurie, William Copland 

Inspector at Huntly, Alexander B. Dreghorn 

Inspector at Alford, Edward Malcolm 

Inspector at Aboyne, Alexander Allan 

Municipal buildings. Union street. 
Dean of Guild, James Murray 

Assessors, Alexander Forbes, Daniel Mearns, William Pyper,. 
George F. Shirras, David B. D. Stewart & Geo. M. Thomson 
Clerk, William Gordon 

County buildings. 
Judges, any two Justices of the Peace 
Clerk for the County of Aberdeenshire, James Conner 
Clerk for the County of the City of Aberdeen, Alfd.Wm. Edwards 
Procurator Fiscal, Thomas Maclennan 
The Quarter Sessions are held when necessary, on the first 

tuesdays of the months of March, May, August & last tuesday 

of October ; special meetings are also held for disposing of 

appeals &c 
District Licensing Courts nre held in the several districts of the 

county on the third tuesday of April & the last Lues, of October 

County buildings. 
The Aberdeen District Court sits every fortnight, on Saturday, at 
11 a.m. for trial of Small Debt cases under £5 — by 6 George 
IV. c. 48 
Judges, any two Justices of the Peace 
Clerk, James Conner 

Bar Officers, John Shand & Alexander Tocher 
District & Depute Clerks. 

Aberdeen, James Conner 
Alford, Francis Stephen 
Ellon, Alexander J. Raeburn 
Garioch, John Low, Inverurie 
Fraserburgh, John Procter 

Peterhead, Thomas Mackie 
Turriff, George Lyall 
Strathbogie, J. R. McMath, 



County buildings, Castie street. 

Chairman, The Convener of the County, Alexander M. Gordon, 

of Newton, Insch 
Veterinary Inspector, James Thomson M.R.C.V.S 
Olerk, The County Clerk 

Lodge walk. 
Judge, Sitting Magistrate 
Procurator Fiscal, Robert Lamb 
Clerk, William Gordon LL.D 

Chairman, W. Kendall Burnett 
Governor, James Grant 
1st Class Wardress, Miss Roxburgh 
Chaplain, Rev. diaries C. Macdonald 
Physician, J. C. Ogilvie Wiil M.D 
Storekeeper, Alexander Hutchison 

Court House buildings, Castle street. 
Procurators Fiscal, Charles Wilson & Robert Lamb 


County buildings, Castle street. 
Sheriff, Donald Crawford M.A., K.C. advocate, Edinburgh 
Sheriff's Substitutes, Duncan Robertson M.A. & John Henderson 

Begg, advocates; & in their absence, Douglass Duncan, James 

Duguid, advocates & Henry Peterkin, solicitor & James Murray, 

merchant, Aberdeen 
Hon. Sheriff Substitute at Peterhead, John Smith 
Hon. Sheriffs Substitute at Fraserburgh, John Reiach & Chas. 

Thomas Gordon 
Sheriff Clerk for Aberdeenshire, David Littlejohn LL.D 





Sheriff Clerk Depute, James Conner (ordinary civil & criminal 

departments) & G. B. Miohie (wills & execur.ry departments) 
Sheriff Clerk Depute at Peterhead, Thomas Maekie 
Procurator Fiscal (Abardeenshire), Charles Wilson W.S 
Assistant P. seals, Thomas Maoiennan & Robert Lamb 
Auditor, T. R. Gilues 

Bar Officers, John Shand & Alexander XochOE 
Keeper of the Court House, Alexander Tocher 
Court Davs, Ordinary Roll at Aberdeen, Wednesday & friday 
Small Debt Roll, Thursday 
Debts Recovery Roll, friday 
Court Day at Peterhead, friday 
Court Day at Stonehaven, Wednesday 

Messenger-at-Arms, David R. Hendry 
Ahfrdeen, William Seilflr & David R. Hendry 
Banchory Ternan, William Bremner 
Banff, John Mavor 
Fraserburgh, John Baillie 
Huntly, Alexander Scott 

Keith, Alexander Thompson & A. Macgregor 
Maud, James Seib:e 
Peterhead, J. Traill Hill 
Turriff, George Keith 


The Ordinary Small Debt Court is held at Aberdeen every thurs- 
day at 10 o'clock a.m. ; & Debts Recovery Court on fridays at 
10 o'clock a,m. A Small Debt Court is he ; d at Peterhead every 
friday at 11 o'clock a.m. exoept the last friday of each month, 
when a Debts Recovery & Small Debt Court is held at Fraser- 

Circuit Small Debt Courts are held at Huntly on the second 
monday of March, June, September & December ; & at 
Fraserburgh (where a Debts Recovery Court is also held) on 
the last friday of eaoh month during session, & also in 
September. W. W. Lumsden, Huntly & J. M. Anderson, 
Fraserburgh, are the persons who will respectively issue 
summonses &c. to be brought in these Courts 

Advocates* hall, 10 Broad street; T N 79. 
President, James Ross 
Librarian, Douglass Duncan 
Treasurer, Farquharson Taylor Garden 
Secretary, Douglass Duncan, advocate 


Woolmanhill ; T N 182 ; offices, 343 Union street. 
Consulting Phvsician, P. Blaikie Smith M.D 
Physicians. Angus Fraser M.D., David W. Finlay M.D.,F.R.C.P. 

Lond. & G. M. Edmond M.D., LL.D 
Assistant Physicians, John Gordon M.D., A. H. Lister M.B., 

CM. & Ashley W. Mackintosh M.D 
Consulting Surgeons, Alexander Ogston M.D., LL.D., J. C. 0. 

Will M.D. & J. Mackenzie Booth M.A., M.D., CM 
Surgeons, J. S. Riddell M.V.O., M.A., M.B., CM. John Mar- 

noch M.B., CM. & H. M. W. Gray M.B., CM., F.R.CS.Edin 
Assistant Surgeons, John W. Milne M.B., C.M. Henrv Peterkin 

M.A., M.B.f Ch.B. & Francis Kelly M.D., CM 
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Charles H. Usher M.B., B. Oh. Cantab., 

Gynaecologist, William Stephenson M.D., F.R.CS.Edin 
Dental Surgeon, James M. P. Crombie M.B., CM., L.D.S.Eng 
Pathologist, David James Hamilton M.B., F.R.CS.Edin 
Assistant Pathologist, George Mellis Duncan M.B., C.M 
Anaesthetist, James J. Young Dalgarno M.B., O.M 
Assistant Anesthetists, W. K. Pirie M.B., CM. & Thomas 

Fraser M.B., Ch.B 
Medical Electrician, John R. Levack M.B., C.M 
Assistant Medical Electrioian, Clifford T. Bell M.B., C.M 
Lecturer on Diseases of the Skin, Jn. F.Christie M.A.,M.B.,CM 
Resident Medical Officers, James Raffan M.B., Ch.B. Robert 

Chalmers M.B., Ch.B. & James G. Copland M.B., Ch.B 
Superintendent, William Sinclair M.B., O.M 
Chaplain, Rev. Robert Lippe LL.D 
Clerk & Treasurer & Factor for the Hospital Lands, Andrew 

Scott Finnie, 343 Union street 
Organising Secretary, James A. Maekie 
Dispenser, George Cooper 
Auditor, George G. Whyte C.A 
Engineer, Archibald Preston 
Lecturers on Clinica/i Medicine, Angus Fraser M.D., David W. 

Finlay M.D. & G. M. Edmond M.D 
Lecturers on Clinical Surgery, J. Scott Riddell M.V.O., M.B., 

CM. John Marnoch M.B., C.M. & H. M. W. Gray M.B., 



Offices, 343 Union street. 
Superintendent, William Sinclair M.B., C.M 
Matron, Miss Grace Macnaughton 
Clerk & Treasurer, Andrew Scott Finnie F.S.A.A 

Barnett's close. 
President, The Lord Provost 
Secretaries & Treasurers, Watt & Cumine, 8 Golden square 

Medical Attendants, William R. Pirie M.A., M.B. Peter Howie 
M.B., CM. John Wilson Adam M.B., CM. William F. Croll 
M.A., M.B., Ch.B. Frederick K. Smith M.A.," M.B., Ch.B. & 
Lewis D. Cruickshank M.D., Ch.B., D.P.H 

Public Vaccinator, Thomas Fraser M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H 

Surgeon-Dentist, W. P. Robertson 

Dispenser, William A. Beedie 

34 Salisbury terrace. 
Matron, Miss Janet Rae 

Primrose hill, Sunnybank road. 
Hon. Secretary, Miss Smith 
Matron, Miss Jenny Cran 

Castle terrace. 
Medical Officers, Wm. Stevenson M.D. & Robt. McKerron M.D 
Matron, Miss Beedie 

Castle terrace ; T N 88. 
Chan-man of Directors, Sir Thomas Burnett barfc. of Leys 
Hon. Treasurer & Secretary, D. M. M. Milligan, advocate, 12 

Dee street 
Consulting Physician, Professor Stephenson M.D 
Senior Physician, Robert G. McKerron M.B., CM 
Junior Physician, George Gibb M.B., CM 
Senior Surgeon, George Rose M.B., CM 
Junior Surgeon, W. Irvine Fortescue M.B., C.M 
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Charles H. Usher B.A., M.B., C.M 
Pathologist, George M. Duncan M.B., C.M 
Chloroformist, "Albert Henderson M.A., M.B., CM 
Dental Surgeon, W. B. Crombie L.D.S 
Lady Superintendent, Miss Margaret F. Tattem 

(Established 1843), 50 Huntly street. 
Clerk & Treasurer, David M. M. MLiligan, advocate 
Physician, A. Rudolph Galloway M.A., M.B., C.M 
Manager, William Meston 

468 King street. 
Superintendent, Miss Gow 

10 Mount street. 
Patron, The Duke of Richmond & Gordon 
President & Convener, The Lord Provost of Aberdeen 

Physician, Angus Fraser M.D 
Treasurer & Secretary, Alexander Edmond, jun 
Superintendent & Teacher, Alexander Pender 
Matron, Mrs. Pender 


Urquhart road; T N 457. 
Visiting Physician, Matlhew Hay M.D 
Resident Physician, Alexander G. Anderson M.B., Ch.B 
Matron, Miss Margaret Frater 


Nazareth house, Claremont street. 

Teachers, Sisters of Nazareth 

Superioress, Madame M. M. Owen 

684 King street, Old Aberdeen. 
Matron, Miss Mary Innes 



King's gate; T N 336. 

President, The Earl of Aberdeen 

Vice-Presidents, The Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Lord Forbes &. 

John Dove Wilson LL.D 
Chairman of Committee, George M. Cook 
Medical Officers, George M. Edmond & Arthur H. Lister 
Secretary & Treasurer, Patrick Cooper M.A. advocate, 259* 
Union street 

9 Chanonry. 
Matron, Mis3 Elsie Molr 

147 Hardgate. 
Superioress, Rev. Mother Elizabeth 
Principal Teacher, Sister Gertrude Elizabeth Mary 


142 King street. 
Surgeon, A. Rudolph Galloway M.A., M.B., C.M 
Hon. Secretary & Treasurer, A. Burnett Whyte, advocate, 12 
Dee street 



[slater 7 ? 

21 James street &, Mearns street. 
Treasurer & Secretary, George Falconer 
Missionary, Robert Campbell Seivewright 
Caretaker, Mrs. Ellen Joss 

19 Spital. 
Sister-in-Charge, Sister Mary Dolores 

17 Spital. 
Chaplain, Rev. Herbert R. Allen 

5 Correction -wynd. 
Secretary, Stephen Goodbrand 

Oftices, 20 Union terrace; T N 6G7. 
Asylum, Kingseat, New Machar 
Clerk, Charles B. Williams 

Medical Superintendent, Hugh de Maine Alexander M.D 

Cornhill road; offices, 343 Union street. 
Resident Officials. 
Physician & Superintendent, William Reid M.D 
Senior Medical Assistant, Theodore C. Mackenzie M.B., 

Junior Medical Assistants, Reginald A. Foster M.B., Ch.B. & 

John H. Moir 
Chaplains, Rev. Robert Lippe LL.D. & Rev. Alexander Anderson 

(Daviot branch) 
Treasurer & Clerk, Andrew Scott Finnie F.S.A.A 
Auditor, George G- Whyte C.A 
House Steward, William Morrice 
Head Male Attendant, David Thomson 
Head Nurse, Miss Harriet Taylor 

United States (consular agent"). Andrew Murray, 214 Union street 
Housekeeper, Miss Jane B. Lawson 

Ladies' Companion & Housekeeper at. Elmhill House, Mrs. Pirie 
Steward at Daviot Branch, William Cameron 
Grieve at Daviot Branch, William Grassick 
Charge Nurse, Miss Driscoll 


Victoria, Watson street, Robert Walker, superintendent 
Duthie, Polmuir, Peter Harper, superintendent 
Stewart, Woodside, George Phiiip, superintendent 
Westburn Park, Robert Wa'ker, superintendent 

Public Library, Rosemount viaduct, George M. Fraser, librarian 
& clerk; James Booth Thomson, sub-librarian. Rrnnch read- 
ing rooms: 34 Castle street; Old Town hall, High street, Old 
Aberdeen; 122 Victoria road, Torry & Fonthill rd. Ferrylnll 


Aberdeen Palace Theatre Limited, Bridge place, Walter Gilbert, 
manager; reg. office, 81 Union street, William Firth, sec 

His Majesty's Theatre (Robert Arthur Theatres Co. Limited, 
proprietors'), Rosemount viaduct, H. Adair Nelson, acting 
manager; T A " Arbhurian : " T N 493 


Aberdeen & Northern Friendly Society Halls, 213 & 217 George 

street, J. F. M'Phail Massie, treasurer & manager ; James 

Robertson, sec 
Aberdeen Shipmasters' Society Hall, 22 Regent quay, James 

Archibald, treasurer 
Advocates' Hall & Library, 10 Broad street, Douglass Duncan, 

advocate, librarian 
Central Hall, 12 Upperkirkgate, David Reid, proprietor 
County Buildings, Castle street, William Murison, county clerk 

& treasurer 
Court Hall, County buildings, Castle street 
Evangelical Union, 21 John street, Alexander Stewart, sec 
Masonic Hall, 12 Exchange street, J. S. Benson, sec; Samuel 

Innes, steward 
Music Hall Buildings, Union street, Aberdeen 

Music Hall Co. Limited, proprietors, 57 Crown 

street; Fraser & Duguid, sees.; T N 249 
Richmond Assembly Rooms, 11 Correction wynd, Miss M^B. 

Hutchison, proprietress 
Royal Albert Hall, Huntly street, Adam Matthew, keeper 
St. Katharine's Hall, Shiprow, Joseph Robertson, superintendent 
St. Machar's Hall, Dunbar street, Old Aberdeen, Benjamin 

Niven, keeper 
Social Democratic Federation, 41 Queen street, John Ritchie, sec 
Town Hall. High st. Old Aberdeen, Miss Jane Lonie, caretaker 
Trades Hall, 49 Belmont street, William Johnston, sec 
Trinity Hall, 153 Union street, Alex. B. Hutchison, convener 
Union Hall, 3 Skene terrace, Williamson Innes, steward 
Victoria Hall, Skene terrace, G-eorge Priessley, mannger 
West Church Hall, 15 Back wynd, William Edward Coure, kpr 


(Not included in previous lists.) 

Aberdeen Corporation Baths, The Links, Alex. Milne, supb 
Aberdeen Dogs' Home, King street, Mrs. Susan T. Murray, 

Aberdeen Harbour Lifeboat & Life Preserving Apparatus Station, 

The Liuks & Footdee 
Citv Tax Office, 2 Broad street, Alexander M. Munro, collector; 

Robert Williams, cashier; T N 1064 
Fire Engine Stations, Central, King street; Fountainhall road; 

101 Chapel street; 92 Causewayend; Fonthill road; Victoria 

road, Torry; Mile end, Leadside road; Don street, Old 

Aberdeen & Great Northern road. Woodside; T N 24 
Fish Market (Wet), Commercial road, John Moir, supt 
Fishery Office, 172 Market street, James Ingram, officer 
Leading Lights, Torry, John Bruce, keeper 
New Market, Market street, Peter Donald, superintendent 
Powder Magazines, Old Town Links 

Public Soup Kitchen, 41 Loch street, James Reid, supt 
Pumping Engine Station, Lime street, Waterloo quay, John 

Urquhart, engineer 


Aberdeen Boat Club, Polmuir, A. J. Cruickshank, hon. sec 
Aberdeen Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club, 21 Market street, Geo. 

G. Spence, sec. & treasurer 
Aberdeen Conservative Club, 14 Union terrace, E. R. Lumsden, 

sec. ; T N 02952 
Aberdeen Curling Club, 375 Union street, George Clark, sec 
Aberdeen Cycle Club, 10 Justice Mill lane 
Aberdeen Gymnastic & Rowing Club, 92 Crown street & South 

esplanade west, Torry, W. J. Macpherson, hon. sec 
Aberdeen North United Free Church Men's Club, 79 Queen st. 

Robert Philip, sec 
Aberdeen Pen & Pencil Club (The), 130£ Union street, A. E. 

Smith, jun. sec 
Aberdeenshire Cricket Club, Mannofield, John R. Flockhart, 

hon. sec. & treasurer, 41£ Union street 
Balnagask Golf Club, William McQueen Smith, sec. Club house, 

Victoria road, Torry 
Bon-Accord Cycling Club, Charles place, John Calder, sec 
Bon-Accord Golf Club, Pittodrie street, George E. Wood, sec 
Bon-Accord Swimming Club, South Esplanade west, Torry, 

Leslie Durno, sec 
Caledonia Golf Club, 123 Urquhart road r Thomas Dorian, sec 
Clarion Club, 4 Queen street, Charles A. Williamson, sec 
Constitutional, Union terrace, William McHattie, sec; James 

Mitchell, steward 
Dee Swimming Club & Humane Society, South Esplanade west, 

Torry, George Wood, sec 
Deeside Golf Club, 375 Union street, George Clark, sec 
Ferryhill Bowling & Lawn Tennis Co. Limited; office, 143 

Union street; ground, Polmuir road, J. A. Simpson, sec 
Great Western Road Bowling & Tennis Club Limited, 22 Bridge 

street, John Murray, sec 
Northern Bowling Club, 12 King's cres. John T. Nicol, sec 
Northern Golf Club. 114 Constitution street, George Collie, sec 
Olympia Athletic Club, 11 Catherine street, D. Russell, sec 
Portland Club, 7S Shiprow, James Greenlaw, manager 
Reform Club, 42 Castle street, W. G. Philpotts, sec 
Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, Balgownie links, M. M. Duncan, 

hon. sec 
Roval Northern Club, 204 Union street, George Cruden, sec. ; 

Charles Smith, steward; T N 118 
Thistle Swimming Club. South Esplanade west, Torry, John 

Henry, sec. 11 Orchard street 
Town & County Teachers & Friends' Coal Club, 60 Schoolhill, 

James Walker, manager 
University Club, 23 Union, terrace, W. Kendall Burnett M.A. 

sec. & treasurer; Arthur Leaper, steward 
Victoria Golf Club, The Links & Urquhart road, Wm. McQueen 

Smith, sec 
Victoria Whist Club. 133 Loch street, John Dumbleton, sec 
Whitehall Bowling Club, Hamilton place, Donald Campbell, sec 


Aberdeen Aerated Water Trade Association Limited ; registered 

office, 81 Union street; bottle exchange, 46 & 48 Nelson 

street, William M. Sellar. sec. ; John Murray, manager 
Aberdeen & District Ayrshire Association, 154 Union street, 

George Newlands, sec. & treasurer 
Aberdeen Artists' Society, 130£ Union st. A. E. Smith, jun. sec 
Aberdeen Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 

Castle street, Peter Diack, sec. & superintendent 
Aberdeen Association for the Improvement of the Dwellings of 

the Labouring Clases Limited, 12 Dee st. A. Burnett Whyte.sec 
Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 

173a, Union street, Alexander J. R. Thain, sec 
Aberdeen Choral Union, 7 Belmont street, Jas. Speid Benson, sec 
Aberdeen Comb Makers' Society, 16 Chestnut row, George 

Smith, sec 
Aberdeen Deeside & Donside Association, 14 Crown street, Geo. 

Mackenzie, sec 
Aberdeen Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society, Castle street, Peter 

Diack, sec 
Aberdeen Deaf & Dumb Benevolent Society, 11 Belmont street, 

Rev. S. G. Woodrow, hon. seo 
Aberdeen Excise Licence Holders' Association, 14 Crown street, 

George Mackenzie, sec 
Aberdeen Granite Association, 81 Union street, James Thorn 

Jeffrey, sec 
Aberdeen Highland Association, 261 Union street, Alex. Murray, 

sec. & treasurer 
Aberdeen House Proprietors' Association, 81 Union street, James 

Thom Jeffrey, sec 
Aberdeen Juridical Society. Advocate hall, 10 Broad street; 

David Dewar M.A., B.L. 166 Union street, sec 




Aberdeen Liberal Association, 41$ Union street, John S. "Watt 

M.A., LL.B. sec; T N 272 
Aberdeen Liberal Unionist Association, 2 Union ter. J.B. Rae,sec 
Aberdeen Masons' & Granite Cutters' Union, 47 Belmont street, 

George Garden, sec 
Aberdeen Master House Carpenters' & Joiners' Association, 4 

Bridge street & 60 ScboolhUl, H. Peberkin, sec 
Aberdeen Master Masons' Incorporation Limited, 1 Golden sq. 

David Edwards, sec 
Aberdeen Medico-Ohirurgical Society; hall, 29 King street (in- 
stituted 1739); A. Rudolf Galloway M.B. president; George 

Williamson M.B. vice-president ; John Marnoeh M.A., M.D., 

CM. sec. ; David Rennet M.D. recording sec. ; A. H. Lister 

M.D. treasurer; Peter Howie M.B. librarian; George Rose 

M.B., CM., D.P.H. George M. Edmond M.D. Francis Kellv 

M.D. John R. Levack M.B. Ashley W. Mackintosh M.D. & 

Alexander Ogston M.D. council; Thomas Morice, hallkeeper 
Aberdeen Philosophical Society, William Leslie Davidson M.A., 

LL.D. president ; Joseph Ogilvie M. A. , LL.D. Alexander 

Forbes, Alexander Mackie M-A. & W. H. Williamson M.D. 

vice-presidents; W. Kendall Burnett, 23 North Silver street, 

sec. & treasurer 
Aberdeen Shipping Traders' Association, 14 Crown street, Geo. 

Mackenzie, sec 
Aberdeen Sick Man's Friend Society, 38 Castle street, Peter 

Diack, sec 
Aberdeen Temperance Society, 10 Belmont street, Matthew 

Edwards, sec 
Aberdeen Union of Women Workers, 44 Marischal street, Mrs. 

Mary Ann Clark, caretaker 
Aberdeen Unionist Association, 173a, Union street, A. Neil 

MaoDonald, sec 
Aberdeen United Trades Council, 47 & 51 Belmont street, William 

Johnston, sec. ; T N 1664 
Aberdeenshire Cricket Association, 31 Orchard street, William 

Mackay, sec 
Aberdeenshire Licensed Trade Defence Association, 14 Crown 

street, G. A. Wilson, sec. & treasurer 
Aberdeenshire National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to 

Children, 1 King street, Charles Diack, hon. sec 
Agricultural Research Association, 10 Belmont street, T. Jamieson 

F.I.O. director 
Army Scripture Readers' & Soldiers' Friend Society, 3 Queen's 

terrace, Col. J. Allardyce, hon. sec 
Caledonian Order of United Oddfellows Friendly Society, 17 St. 

Nicholas street, James Clark, sec 
Caledonian Reversionary Association Limited 
Caledonian fNo. 77) & St. Paul's (No. 78) Friendly & Deposit 

Societies, S St. Andrew street, J. L. Duncan, sec 
City of Aberdeen Land Association Limited, 3 Golden square, 

Walker & Duncan, surveyors 
District Nursing Association, 3 Castle hill, Miss Mary McMaster, 

matron; Miss Katherine Lumsden, sec 
Donside Traders' Protection Association, 14 Crown street, G. 

A. Wilson, sec 
Gordon Highlanders' Institute, 37 Belmont st. Wm. Robertson, sec 
Institute of Journalists (Aberdeen & North-East of Scotland Dis- 
trict), 18 Broad street, David McCulloch, hon. sec; William 

Watson, treasurer 
National Registration of Plumbers, 177 Union street, William 

Sutherland, sec 
North East Coast Mission, 33 Duthie ter. David Ross,supt.& sec 
North East of Scotland Provincial Curling Association, 375 

Union street, George Clark, sec & treasurer 
Primrose League (St. Nicholas Habitation), 3a, Crown terrace, 

Robert Still, hon. sec 
Piovident Association of London Limited, 498 Union street, 

James Muirhead, district superintendent 
Provident Free Home Assurance Co. Limited, 498 Union street, 

James Muirhead, district superintendent 
Royal Horticultural Society of Aberdeen, 231a, Union street, 

J. B. Rennett, sec 
Royal Life Saving Society (Aberdeen branch), 22 Bridge street, 

John D. Taylor, sec. & treasurer 
Royal Northern Agricultural Society, 67 Green, Rt. R. Ross, sec 
Royal Scottish Geographical Society, 375 Union street, Richard 

W, K. Bain, hon. sec 
St. Andrew's Ambulance Association (Aberdeen Centre of), Wm. 

Smith, sec. 201 Union street 
St. Andrew's Catholic Association, 16 Huntly street, Thomas 

Sherington, sec 
Scotch Girls' Friendly Society, 77 Bon-Accord street, Miss 

Elizabeth Sim, lady superintendent 
Scottish Clerks' Association, J. D. Macdiarmid, district sec. 

173a. Union street 
Scottish Musical Society, 23 North Silver street, W. Kendall 

Burnett, sec 
Shipmasters' Society, 22 Regent quay, James Archibald, treas 
Shipping Federation Limited, 41 Regent quay, Lachlan Mac- 

kinnon,- district sec; George G. Gordon, registrar 
Shore Porters' Society, 34 Virginia street, Jas. Gilbert, deacon; 

Alexander Marr, boxmaster 
Social Democratic Federation, 41 Queen st. John Ritchie, sec 
Society of Accountants in Aberdeen, George McBain, president; 

Walter A. Reid F.F.A. sec. 6 Golden square; George Smith, 

librarian, 160 Union street 
Society of Solicitors in Aberdeen, 15 Golden square; John 

Crnigen, president; Alexander Wilson, sec. & treasurer; D. 

McGregor-Mitchell, librarian 
United Free Church Women's Foreign Missionary Society, 2 

Alford place, Miss Shepherd, hon. sec 
West Aberdeenshire Liberal Association, 14 Crown street, G. A. 

Wilson, sec & treasurer 
West Aberdeenshire Liberal Unionist Association, 5 Union ter- 
race, T. A. Coats, sec 
West Aberdeenshire Unionist Association, 9 Golden square, 

George Cruden, sec 

Young Men's Christian Association, 198 Union street, John Mont- 
gomery, sec 
Young Women's Christian Institute, 57 Dee street, Mrs. Gray 
Fraser, sec 
See also under Societies & Associations in General Trades 


H.M.S. " Ciyde," 5th Rate, 8 Guns, 1,447 Tons. 
Drill Ship for the Royal Naval Reserve, moored in Victoria basin. 
Commander, Clement C. Home 
Lieutenant, Henry D. Capper 
Fleet Surgeon, Charles W. Sharpies 
Fleet Paymaster, Francis B. PritcharJ 


Divisional Officer, Lieut. Peter BrufE Garnett R.N. in charge 
of the Aberdeen Division of coast guard, which extends from 
Stonehaven in the south to Peterhead in the north, both sta- 
tions inclusive 

Chief Officer, Bridge of Don, William Hodge 

Chief Boatmen-in-Cbarge, William Henry Wakeham, Cove Bay; 
William Collins, Muchalls; William Dorly, Collieston & Thos. 
Keightley, Belhelvie 

Chief Boatmen, James Deacon, Port Erroll & Hy. Humphries, 

. The above are all Life-Saving Apparatus stations. 


Castle Hill Barracks. 
Commanding Militia & Volunteer Artillery (2nd Scottish Sub- 
District), Lieut.-Col. A. H. Block R.G.A 
District Officer (Adjutant 2nd Sub-District), Lt. G. A. Guthrie 


Head Quarters, 140 Great Western road. 

Lieut.-Col. Commanding, Rt. Hon. Marquis of Tullibardine 

M.V.O., D.S.O 
Adjutant, Capt. R. D. Nicholson 
Lieutenants, C. S. Woodrow & G. Pyper 
Sergeant-Major, S. Cottrell 

Head Quarters. 10 Fountainhall road. 
Fifeshire & Forfarshire (D Squadron), Major A. J. King D.S.O. 
commanding; Squad. -Sergt. -Major Frederick Money, drill in- 


The 75th Regimental District Territorial Regiment. 

The Gordon Highlanders, 1st Battalion 75th Foot, 2nd Battalion 

92nd Foot & 3rd Battalion Royal Aberdeenshire Militia. 

Depot, Gordon Highlanders, Castle Hill Barracks. 

Major H. P. Uniacke, in command; Capt. J. L. G. Burnett; 

Lieuts. W. Neish & H. P. Burn 
Medical Officer, Major A. O. C Watson R.A.M.C 
Recruiting Officer, Lieut. W. Robertson V.C 
Serge ant-Major, William Patterson 

3rd Battn. Gordon Highlanders, The Royal Aberdeenshire Militia. 

King Street Barracks. 
Lieut.-Col. Commanding, A. L. H. Buchanan 
Major (Hon. Lieut.-Col.), A. H. Leith 
Instructor of Musketry, Lieut. A. C M. Leslie 
Adjutant, Capt. P. W. Brown (Gordon Highlanders) 
Quartermaster, Hon. Lieut. William Robertson V.C 
Sergeant-Major, John MacDonald 

Divisional office, Castle Hill barracks. 

Divisional Officer, Lieut. T. McElwee R.E 

Foreman of Works, Quartermaster-Sergt. R. G. Chappel R.E 


Royal Garrison Artillery — 1st Aberdeenshire (Aberdeen & 
Orderly Room, Ruby lane, North Silver street; T N 338. 
Lieut.-Col. Commandant, Hon. Col. George Milne V.D 
Lieut.-Col. Second in Command; Hon. Col. James Duguid V.D 
Majors, D. M. M. Milligan V.D. (hon/lieut.-col.) & J.C.O.Couper 
Adjutant, Capt. W. F. Lumsden R.A 
Medical Officers, Surg.-Capt. W. A. MacNaughton M.D. & Surg.- 

Capt. J. Marnoeh M.A., M.B 
Acting Chaplains, Rev. D. G. Barron, Rev. A. Brown & Rev. 

J. Brown 
■Vberdeen Batteries & Companies : 1st Heavy Battery, Major J. 

C 0. Couper; 2nd Heaw Battery, Capt. F. Fleming; No. 3, 

Capt. J. W. Garden; No. 4, Capt. J. E. Rae; No. ff, Capt. 

W. B. G. Minto; No. 6, Capt. & Hon. Major M. M. Duncan; 

No. 7, Capt. A. L. Miller ^. No. 8, Capt. F. W. Kay 
Sergeant-Major, Arthur Preston Bland 
Sergeant-Instructors, A. Hancock, A. E. Farrow & J. Fry 

First Aberdeenshire Volunteers, Royal Engineers. 
Orderly Room, 50 Hardgate. 
Hon Col. Sir Arthur H. Grant bart 
Lt.-Col- W. S. Gill V.D 
Ma*. & Hon. Lt.-Col. G. A. Cornwall 
Adjutant, Capt. D. Ogilvy R.E 
Quartermaster, T. Gordon 

SCOT. 2 




Medical Officers, Surgeon-Major W. Sinclair M.B. Snrg.-Capt. A. 
Henderson M.B. & Surg.-Lieut. P. Philip M.B 

Acting Chaplain, Rev. G. Walker B.D 

Aberdeen Companies :— A, Capt. McCrombie; B, Capt. J. Beid; 
C, Maj. J. Laing; D, Capt. B. Mitchell; E, Capt. G. Hutchi- 
son & P, Capt. H. J. Kinghorn 

Sergeant-Major, J. H. Hall 

■Sergeant-Instructors, David Beattle & Duncan Smith 


Gordon Brigade (Comprising 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Volunteer 

Battalions Gordon Highlanders). 

Head Quarters, 2 Carden terrace. 

Commanding Brigade, Col. J. W. Hughes Hallett C.V.O., C.B., 

Brigade Major, Major & Hon. Lieut-Col. C. Stuart Gordon V.D 
Senior Medical Officer. Brig.-Surg.-Lieut.-Col. A. Mitchell V.D. 
"3rd V.B. Gordon Highlanders 

1st Volunteer Battalion The Gordon Highlanders. 
Orderly Room, Woolmanhill ; T N 536. 
Lieut.-Col. Commanding, D. B. D. Stewart V.D 
Majors, W. 0. Duncan & A. H. L. Mackinnon 
Instructor of Musketry, W. Rae 
Adjutant, Capt. J. George Hay 
Jtfedieal Officers, Surg.-Major G. Williamson M.B. & Surg.-Capt. 

J. F. Christie M.B 
Acting Chaplain, Rev. J. A. M'Clymont D.D., V.D 
•Commanders of Companies: — A, Capt. R. A. Henderson; B, 
Capt. J. Sellar; C, Capt. D. Clarke; D, Capt. T. Ogilvie ; 
F, Capt. W. Mellis; G, Capt. G. A. Smith; K, Capt. R. 
Scott; M, Capt. J. E. Macqueen; N, Capt. E. W. Watt 
Sergeant-Major, David Nelson 
Sergeant-Instructors, A. Ewart & G. Ogilvie 

4fch (Donaide Highland) Volunteer Battalion, The Gordon 
Head Quarters, 28 Guild street. 
Hon. Col. Commanding, W. A. Mellis V.D 
-Majors & Hon. Lieut.-Cols. J. j.. Horton V.D. & W. F. G. 
Dawson V.D 
Adjutant, Capt. Colin McLean 
Quartermaster, Hon. Capt. J. Hopkins 

Royal Army Medical Corps (Volunteers). 
Aberdeen Company. 
Head Quarters. 14 Union wynd. 
Major in Command, J. Scott-Riddell M.V.O., M.A., M.B., CM 
Company Officers, Capts. Ashley W. Mackintosh M.A., M.D., 
A H. Lister M.B., CM., W. A. J. Portescue M.B., CM., 
:p. Kelly M.D., A. Ogston M.A., M.B., CM., T Fraser M.A., 
M.B., P. Mitchell M.D., J. Smart M.B., J. W. Milne M.B. & 
J. D. Noble M.B. ; Lieuts. D. Rode M.B., J. Innes M.B. & 
P. Howie M.B 
-Quartermasters, J. Cromar L.D.S. & D. H. Duthie 
Acting Chaplain, Rev. James Smith M.A., B.D 
Staff-Sergt. -Instructors, A. P. Ovens & J. Ferrars 

Aberdeenshire Volunteer Rifle Association. 

(Embracing the North East Counties of Scotland.) 

Office, 9 Golden street, Aberdeen. 

Patron, The King 

Secretary & Treasurer, George Cruden, iieut.-col. 1st V. B. G. II 


~A'.lenvalfc, Whinhill road, James McDonald, superintendent 
Nellfield, Great Western road, Walter Oliver, superintendent 
Trinity, King sc-eet, John Duthie, superintendent 
Springbank, Countesswells road, James Maokie, superintendent 
St. Peter's, King street, James D. Ewing, superintendent 


With the Clergy & times of Services. 

Union street (East), Rev. George Walker M.A., B.D. ; 11 a.m. A 

8.30 p.m.; fri. 12 noon; sat. 5 p.m. St. Mary's chapel; 

pop. 11.628 
Union street (West), Rev. Andrew Brown M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 

p.m. ; pop. 5,852 
: King street (North), Rev. James. Rae M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6. p.m.; 

pop. 13,630 
■Belmont street (South), Rev. W. D. Scott B.D. ; 11 a.m. & t 

p.m. ; pop. 2,589 
Craigiebuckler, Burniebouz'.e, Rev. James N. Cuthbert M.A., 

B.D. ; 11.30 a.m. & 6 p.m 
'Ferryhill, Rev. Henry W. Wright; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ;pop.6,989 
- Grcyfriars, Broad street, Rev. Gordon J. Murray M.A., B.D. ; 

11 a.m. &. 6 p.m. ; pop. 5,846 
St. Clement's, St. Clement street, Rev. C. 0. Macdona'.d; 11 

a.m. & 6 p.m. ; pop. 8,033 
'Holburn, Holburn street, Rev. James A. M'CIvmont D.D.; 11 

a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; pop. 18,000 9 

■ John Knox's, Mounthooly, Rev. George A. Johnstone M.A., 

B.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; pop. 7,500 
Gilcomston, Summer street, Rev. W. Brebner M.A.; 11 a.m. & 

6.30 p.m.; pop. 14,734 
Mannnfield. Rev. William Phin Gillieson M.A.; 11.30 a.m. & 

6 p.m. ; pop. 2,370 
Mid Stocket road (St. Ninian's), Rev. Maxwell James Wright 

M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
Powis, George street, Rev. Thomas David Watt M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 

6.30 p.m 
atubislaw, Queen's cross, Rev. Robert Thomson M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 

6.30 p.m.; pip. 6,030 

Rosemount terrace, Rev. Thomas Wilson B.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6 30 

p.m. ; pop. 11,838 
Ruthrieston, Rev. John Marshall Pryde M.A., B.D. ; 11.30 a.m. 

6 6.30 p.m 

St. George's in the West, John street, Bev. James Smith B D. ; 

11 a.m. 4 6.30 p.m. ; pop. 4,437 
Old Machar Cathedral, Old Aberdeen, Rev. John Calder D D. & 

Rev. Thomas S. Cargill B.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; pop. 11,385 
Trinity, Marischal street, Rev. W. Bruce Muir; 11 a.m. & 6 

p.m. ; pop. 2,395 
Woodside, Rev. John Fairlie; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; :.op. 8,288 
Cults, Rev. Charles Sinclair Christie M.A. ; 11.30 a.m. & 6 p.m 
St. Flittick's, Walker road, Torn-, Rev. Archibald Macintvre 

M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 

Beechgrove avenue (Beechgrove), Rev. Frederick James Rae 

M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
Belmont street. Rev. David Beatt D.D. & Rev. John Steele 

Allison;- 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Mission hall, Denbnrn rd. ; 7 p.m 
Carden place, Rev. Archibald Young M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Charlotte street, Rev. James W. Jackson; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; 

wed. 8 p.m 
Powis place (Causewayend), Rev. James Alexander Russell 

M.A.; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Schoolhill (East), Rev. C. H. Todd; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
East United Free Church Mission Hall, 17 Stevenson street; 

7 p.m 

Crown street (Trinity), Rev. William Stoddart "M.A. ; 11 a.m. 

& 6 p.m 
Union street (West), Rev. John E. Adams B.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Ferryhill, ; n a.m. & 6.30 p.m 

Ferryhill Mission Hall, Holburn street; 7 p.m 
Gerrard st (John Knox's), Rev. Robt. Macleod; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
St. Andrew's, King street, Rev. A. Murray Scott M.A. • 11 

a.m. & 6 p.m. ; wed. 7.30 p.m 
Queen street (North),, Rev. James S. Stewart & Rev. William 

B. Gall M.A.; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Ruthrieston, Rev. Robert Semple ; 11.30 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Rosemount viaduct (Bon-Accord), Rev. Hector M. Adam M.A. ; 

11 a,m. & 6 p.m 
Dee street (St. Co'.umba), Eev. Archibald F. Campbell; 11 a.m. 

& 12.20 & 6.30 p.m 
Gallowgate, Rev. James Goodall & Rev. John Livingstone; 11 

a.m. & 3 & 6.30 p.m.; tues. wed. & thurs. 8 p.m 
Gilcomston, Union street, Rev. Robert Forgan B.D. ; 11 a.m. 

& 6 p.m 
Greyfriars, George street, Rev. William Smith; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
High, Schoolhill, Rev. Hy. W. Bell M.A. & Rev. Duncan M 

Munro; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
High United Free Church Mission Room, 9 Harriet street- 

tues. 7.30 p.m 
Holburn, Great Western road, Rev. Andrew M'Queen M.A , B.D. ; 

11.16 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
Nelson street, Rev. Archibald Campbell; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Queen's cross, Rev. Martin Lewis B.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
Rosemount viaduct (St. Paul's), Rev. Thomas Simpson; 11 

a.m. & 6 p.m 
Union grove (St. Nicholas), Rev. David Ritchie Key M.A. : 11 

a.m. & 6 p.m 
Old Machar, Rev. Joseph Shillinglaw B.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Rutherford, Loanhead terrace, Rev. John McGilp; 11 a.m. & 

6 p.m 
Skene street (Melville), Rev. Jas. Muir M.A. ; 11 t-.m. & 6 p.m 
St. Cement's. Castle terrace, Rev. George Andrew D. Donaldson 

M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m 
South, Belmont street, Rev. W. Mackintosh Ma.kay B.D.; 

11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
South United Free Church Mission Room, 97 Gallowgate; 

6 p.m 
Torry, Victoria road, Rev. Alexander Murray M.A.; 11 a.m. 

& 6 p.m. ; wed. 7.30 p.m 
Cults, Rev. Hugh Morrison D.D. ; 11.30 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Union, Shiprow, Rev. Alexander Rodger; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Hilton, Clifton road, Rev. Andrew Dickson; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
St. John's, Rev. John Ure M.A. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 


Bishop, Right Rev. Rowland Ellis D.D. Ordained. 1364; con- 
secrated, 1906 ; res. Bishop's court, 29 Albvn place, Aberdeen 

1907, Dean, Very Rev. James M. Danson M^A., D.D. 19 Bon- 
Accord crescent, Aberdeen 

1896, Synod Clerk, Rev. James Wiseman D.D. The Rectory, 
Bucksburn, Aberdeen 

Bishop'3 Ohaplains. 

Rev. Robert Ritchie, The Rectory, Inverurie; Rev. W. W. 
Hawdon B.A. The Rectory, Banchory; Rev. Norman Mac- 
donald, The Rectory, Cuminestown 

Examining Chaplains. 

Very Rev. Dean Danson D.D. Rev. James Wiseman D.D. & 
Rev. J. H. Burn B.D. The Rectory, Ballater 

1881, Diocesan Inspector of Schools, Rev. James Petrie B.A. 'the 
Rectory, Alford S.O 

Chancellor, James Bruce W.S. Edinburgh 

Diocesan Registrar & Treasurer, John P/ Cumine M.A. advocate, 
8 Golden square, Aberdeen 

Auditor, Charles J. Mackie, solicitor, 22 Belmont st. Aberdeen 

Secretary, James Taylor S.S.C 245 Union street, Aberdeen 

St. Andrew's, King street, Very Rev. James Myers Danson 

M.A., D.D. Dean of Aberdeen & Orkney; 11 a.m. & 6.30 

p.m.; daily, 11 a.m.; thurs. 8 a.m.; wed. & fri. 7.30 p.m 
St. Devenick's, Bieldside, Rev. Frederick William Stamp le 

Lievre M.A. ; 8.30 & 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
St. James's, Holburn street. Rev. James Taylor Floyd Farquhor 

M.A., B.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 11 a.m 
St. John's, St. John's place, Rev. Robert Cruickshank M.A. 

rector; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 




St. Margaret's, Gallowgate, Rev. Frank Powell Williamson 

M.A. incumbent; Rev. Henry Lawrence Williamson, curate; 

8, 10 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 7.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m 
St. Mary's, Carden place, Rev. Francis William Christie M.A. ; 

8 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
St. Paul's, Loch, street, Rev. Edwin Ernest Marshall M.A., 

LL.M., F.R.G.S. rector; 8 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
St. Clement's (Mission), Prince Regent street, Rev. James 

Ro3s Cormaek 
St. Peter's, Victoria road, Torry, Rev. William Disney Innes, 

priest in charge; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 

Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen, R'ght Rev. .Eneas Chis- 

holm D.D., LL.D. bishop 
Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, nuntly street, Right 

Rev. JEnea3 Chisholm D.D., LL.D. bishop; Rev. John C. 

Meany, administrator; Revs. John Roger, Francis Cronin 

D.D. & Patrick Keenin, priests; sun. 8 & 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; 

week days, 7.30 &. 8 a.m.; fri. 7.30 p.m 
Convent of the Sicred Heart, Queen's cross; served by the 

priests of the Cathedral; 8 a.m. & 4.30 p.m.; daily, 7 a. in 
St. Peter's, Chapel court, Justice street, Rev. Andrew Giant ; 

Q & 11 a,m & 6 p.m.; fri. 7.30 p.m 
Tanfield wa'.k (St. Joseph's), Woodside, Any Rev. Canon Chas. 

Devine; 11.15 a.m. & 6 p.m 

Baptist : — 

Crown terrace (English), Rev. William Stewart Chedburn; 11 
a.m. & 6 p.m 

Academy street (Scotch); 11 a.m. &. 6 p.m 

Union gro. Rev. S. G. Woodrow; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; wed. 3 p.m 
Mission Hall, 49 Baker street ; 8 p.m 
Mission Room, St. Peter's place; tues. 8 p.m 
Catholic Apostolic, 14 Bon-Accord terrace, Rev. Geo. Ciai Ice 

& 5.15 p. 

daily, 6.15 a.m. & 5.15 p.m 


11 a.m. 

11 a.m. & 

Bowie; 10.15 a.m. 
Congregational : 
Park street, Rev. R. M. Cairney; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
St. Paul street, Rev. Alexander Brown; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Belmont street, Rev. Henry A. Inglis M.A. ; 11 a.m. & G 
Belmont Congregational Church Mission, 61 West North. 
2.30 & 6.30 p.m 

Skene street; 11 a.m. & G.30 p.m 
Shiprow (Trinity); 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Woodside, Rev. George Coates Milne; 11 a.m. & G p.m 
Bon-Accord terrace, Rev. James Stark D.D. ; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
East Parish Church Mission Hall, Guest row; 7.30 p.m.; 
wed. 6.45 p.m 
Ea3t Parish Mission Room. 38 Castle street; 2.30 & 5.30 p.m 
Evangelical Union: — 

John street, Rev. Alex. Stewart M.D., LL.D.; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Free Church of Scotland (temporary), Music hall, Union st. ; 

11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Friends' Meeting House, 100a,Crown st.; 10.30 a.m.; wed.ll a.m 
Gospel Mission Hall, Raeburn place; 6.30 p.m 
Latter Day Saints, 47 Belmont street: 2.30 & 6.30 p.m 
New Porthill Mission Room, Gallowgate ; 2.30 p.m. ; wed. 

3 p.m 
Original Secession, Crimon place; 11 a.m. & 2.30 p.m.; 

wed. 7.30 p.m 
Christian Brethren, Union wynd; 11 a.m- & 6.30 p.m 
Ohristadelphians, Music hall, Union street; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Church of Christ, Skene terrace; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Plymouth Brethren, Greyfriars hall, 9 Gal'.owgate; 

6.30 p.m 
riymouth Brethren, Holburn hall, Justice Mill lane 

6 p.m 
Plymouth Brethren, 13 Thistle place: 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
Fh mouth Brethren. 6 M.nister lane; 7 p.m 
fit. Nicholas West Church Mission Hall, 73 Loch st. ; 6-30 p.m 
Unitarian, Skene street; Rev.Alex.Webster ; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m 
Weslevan Methodist, Crown terrace, Rev. Arthur Hoyle 
Wesleyan Methodist Mission, Castle street; 2.30 & 7.30 p.m 
Salvation Army Barracks, Castle street; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m 
Salvation Armv, Evangelical Union hall, 21 John street; 7 & 

11 a.m. & 3& 7 p.m 
Gospel Hall, 61 Causewayend 

■Gordon Evangelist Mission, Justice street, John Smith, supt. ; 
11 a.m. & 6 p.m 


Schools & Colleges. 


352 King street; T N 148. 

The Trust embraces the Boys' & Girls' Hospital Sohool & the 

Girls' Home & School of Domestic Economy 
Clerk, Treasurer & Factor to the Trust, W. Mearns Cooper 
Lady Superintendent, Miss Helen Johnston 

2G1 to 267 George street. 
Under the charge of the General Assembly's Education 
Sub-Committee in Aberdeen. 
Directors, Professor Henry Cowan D.D. convener; Professor 
James W. H. Trail M.D.. F.R.S., D. M. M. Mllligan, Rev. 
Jas. Smith B.D. Patrick Cooper & Rev. J.Gordon Murray B.D 
Secretary, George A. Simpson, advocate, 9 Golden square 
"Treasurer, George Cruden, advocate, 9* Golden square 

I Training College for Male & Female Teachers. 

Rector, Joseph Ogiivie M.A., LL.D 

Lecturers, Lharles McGregor M.A. &, James Taylor M.A 
Music, J. M. Nisbet 
Drawing, A. M. S. Richardson 
German, Miss Clarke 
French, Mi33 Cleland & Miss Clarke 
Elocution, Alfred Macieod 
Medical Officer, Professor Stephenson M.D 
Practising School. 
Heal Master, Duncan Mackenzie M.A 
Janitor, Alexander Benzie 


Marischal college, University of Aberdeen, Broad street; 

office, County buildings. 

Professors & Lecturers. 

Agrku'ture, Economic Science & Engineering Field Work, R. 

B. Greig F.H.A.3., F.R.S.E., W. M. Findlay & T. H. Gibson, 

Chemistry James Hendrick B.Sc, W. J. Profeit M.A., B.Sc 

& II. M. Will M.A., B.Sc. assistants 
Veterinary Hvgiene, J. MeLauchian Young F.R.C.Y.S. & Geo. 

Taylor "M.R.C.V.S. assistants 
Botany &. Zoology, James W. H. Trail M.D., F.R.S. & James 

M. Hector B.Sc. assistants 
Dairying &, Poultry Instruction, Miss S'rang 
Secretary, George Hendry 
Treasurer, WilLam Murison 

17 to 21 Charlotte street. 
Training College. 
Chairman, Rev. Professor Iverach D.D 
Secretary & Treasurer, James Duguid 
Rector, George Smith M.A 
Lecturers, George Davidson B.A. John Mackay M.A. Miss J. 

Strachan & William Grant M.A 
Lady Superintendent, A. Walker LL.A 
Music, WiLiiam Litster 
Drawing, J. A. H. Hector 
Pianoforte, Miss Ross L.Li. A.M 

Practising Sahool, John street. 
Head. Master, Alexander Bremner M.A., B.Sc 
Janitors, James Lumsden & William Strachan 

17 Charlotte street. 
Director of Studies, George Smith. M.A 

Aberdeen Branch. 
Secretary, Robert Moir Littlejohn M.A. 70 Mile End avenue 

2 Alford place. 

Principal, Rev. James Iverach M.A., D.D 

Apologetics & Exegesis of Gospels, Rev. James Tvcrach D.D 

Church History & Pastoral Theology, Rev. James Stalker D.D 

Systematic Theologv, Rev. James Iverach D.D 

Oriental Languages' & Old Testament Exegesis, Rev. George G. 

Cameron D.D 
Librarian, Donald Ma kenzie 
Janitor & Curator of Museum, Peter Cruickshiink 

Schooihill ; T N 426. 
Governors, The Lord Provost, the Dean of Guild, the Principal 

of the University, the Chairman of the School Bo.ird, Wm. 

Johnston, George Kemp, Alexander Milne, John Morgan^ Wm. 

D. Watson, Alexander Wilkie, John Coutts, George J3. Essle- 

mo'nt, James Walker, Professor Harrower, Professor Mai> 

donald, Rev. Andrew Brown M.A. & Rev. Charles 0. Mac- 

donald D.D 
Head Master, Charles Stewart M.A 
Mathematics. B. S. M Lellan M.A. ; James Rennie B.Sc. & James 

Thomson M.A 
Physical Science, John Buchanan D.Sc. & James A. Wilson M.A , 

Chemistry, Herbert G. Williams B.Sc 
Classics & Higher English, George A. Morrison M.A 
English &c. James B. Riddell M.A. & assistants 
Modern Languages, Emil Theodore True & Ed. It. May M.A 
Drawing, Robert Ogg, Ed. D. Mitohell & Henry F. David 
Technical Drawing, James W. Thomson 
Bookkeeping, John Craig M.A 
Phonographv, John M. Barc'ay 
Handicraft,' James W. Thomson, Alexander Henderson & Alex. 

Clerk, Treasurer & Factor, Thomas Fotheringham 
Janitor, William Murray 

Under the management of the Governors of Gordon's College. 
Secretary, Thomas Fotheringham 
■Janitor, George J. Pope 







Skene street. 
The Grammar School of Aberdeen is one of the eleven Schools in 
Scotland scheduled in the Education Act of 1872 as Public 
Secondary Schools. Its management was thus vested in the 
School Board of the Burgh. The date of foundation is un- 
known, but the School has existed for more than 650 years, 
since, in the Register of the Abbey of Arbroath (date 1262), 
one Thomas de Bennum is designated " Rector Scholamm de 
Aberdene." The succession of rectors since 147U is known. 
Before 1872 the Grammar School, in Schoolhill, was under the 
management of the Town Council, who erected the present 
building, opened 23rd October, 1863, & in 1882 additional 
Class-rooms were built for the Lower School. In 1894-5 the 
Hall & Class-rooms were refloored & remodelled & fitted with 
new desked seats; the Chemical Laboratory was enlarged & 
refitted & a class-room converted into a Science Theatre, with 
Physical Laboratory attached. In 1897 two large rooms were 
appropriated for Physical Sciences, & in 1906 a new wing 
opened for the Lower School 

School Staff. 
Rector, H. F. Morland Simpson M.A., F.S. A.Scot 

Upper School. 
Classics, The Rector; George Middleton B.A.Cantab., William 

Brownie M.A., Charles Davidson M.A. ~ James C. Knox M.A I 
Mathematics & Science, Charles McLeod M.A., Peter Edward 

M.A., B.Sc, William Brownie M.A., J. Bentley Philip M.A., 

James Davidson M.A. & Alexander Speirs M.A., B.Sc 
English, William Murison M.A., Charles Davidson M.A. & , 

James C. Knox M.A 
French & German, Maxwell H. Mackie M.A., Patrick G. Allan 

M.A., Joseph M. Morrison M.A. & Gtorge N. Ritchie M.A 
Drawing &. Geometrical Drawing, Samuel Pope A.C.T.C 
Manual, John Davie 

Phonography & Bookkeeping, George Laing 
Middle School, J. B. Philip M.A., George N. Ritchie M.A., 

Patrick G. Allan M.A. & Miss Maggie J. Ledingham M.A 
Lower School, Miss Jessie A. Mackie, Miss Elizabeth Davidson 

& Miss Nellie Maydon 
Preparatory School, Miss Alexandra C. Adam & Miss Isob:l 

Piano & Violin, Miss J. B. T. Davidson L.C.M 
Gymnastics, Alexander Elmslie 
Janitor, William Kennedy 

19 Albyn place. 

Founded in 1881; enlarged in 1893: a further extension wa 
completed in 1901, an elegant hall, spacious cookay & i 
laundry rooms & a suite of laboratories being added 

Head Master, John M'Bain M.A 

Lady Superintendent, Miss Lucy L. Ward B.A 

English, Miss L. L. Ward B.A. & Miss Helen Clarke 

Classics, James Georgeson M.A. & Miss M. McCombie M.A 

Science, Miss Elsie A.Findlay M.A. & Miss Janet L.Legge M.A 

Mathematics, William L. Marr M.A., B.Sc 

German, Gustav Hein 

French, Miss Mary T. Black L.L.A., Miss Agnes G. Philip M.A. 
& Mddle. Rosa Salesses 

Pianoforte & Theory of Music & Singing, Geo. C. Daw.on F.C.O 

Violin, Cyril Harrison 

Drawing & Painting, John Gordon & Miss Mary Bearsley 

Elocution, Alfred Macleod 

Dancing & Calisthenics, A. Cosmo Mitchell 

Kindergarten, Miss L. Duffas &■ Miss Edith Malcolm 

Voice Production & Solo Singing, Miss M. Louise Christie 

Class Singing, Charles Soutar 

Mus'cal Drill, Miss Helen J. Cruickshank 

Cookery, Miss Jane Sutherland 

Needlework & Dress Cutting, Miss Agnes Daniel 

Janitor, James Dawson 

Beech lodge, View terrace. 
Head Mistress, Miss Ellen Cresswaller 


Offices, 22 Union terrace ; T N 229. 

Rev. Gordon J. Murray M.A., B.D. (chairman), John George 
Burnett, James Carle, James Duguid M.A., Rev. James T. 
F. Farquhar B.D., John Heir, Mrs. C. E. Farquharson-Ken- 
nedy, George Mackenzie, James F. McPhail Massie, William 
Todd Moffatt, James T. Ogilvie, Rev. A. Murray Scott, Rev. 
James Smith B.D., Rev. James Stalker D.D. & William 
Stewart Thomson M.A #> 

Clerk & Treasurer, Thomas Hector 

Cashier & First Assistant. Robert Boyd Finlayson 

Bookkeeper, William M'Kenzie 

Chief Attendance Officer, George Gall 

Architect & Master of Works, John A. Ogg Allan; T N 1045 

Old Machar. 
Offices, 139 King street, Aberdeen. 
Chairman, James Gibson Mutch, 4 Bon-Accord square 
Clerk & Treasurer, Andrew Weoster 
Attendance Officer, James Mutch 


Aberdeen Board. 

Enlarged in 1905 at a cost of £30,000, for 1,129 children; 
average attendance, 990. The building, which is in the- 
Renaissance style, comprises laboratories, art rooms, cookery, 
laundry, needlework, dressmaking rooms & workshops for' 
instruction in wood & iron ; there are also a gymnasium, 
museum & library 
Head Master, A. G. Wallace M.A., F.R.S.E. 154 Forest avenue 

Principal Teachers & Subjects. 
Rene de Blanchaud M.A., B.Sc, L. es L. (French); William C 
Bowie M.A. (Latin) ; George A. Burnett M.A., B.Sc. (Science) ; 
Miss Helen Cruickshank (Physical Drill); James Dawson. 
M.A. (Mathematics); Miss Jessie Garrow L.L.A. (English): 
Mrs. Jessie V. Hyslop (Cookery & Laundry); William A- 
Keys M.A., B.Sc. (Science); George Laing (Shorthand & 
Bookkeeping); William Litster (Singing^); Henry C. Matthew 
(Physical Drill) ; Miss Jeannie Robertson (Needlework & 
Dressmaking); David Symons (Drawing) & Miss Jane I. 
Watt (English) 

Ashley road, founded 1888, for 1,030 children; average attend- 
ance, 1,113; John McKenzie, master; Miss Margaret Ander- 
son, mistress 

Broomhill road, built in 1895, for 1,105 children; average attend- 
ance, 1,050; Robert C. Watson, master; Miss J. Souter, in- 
fants' mistress 

Causewayend, founded 1876, enlarged 1894, for 1,361 children ; 
average attendance, 1,200; James Rose, master; Miss Isabella 
Urquhart, infants' mistress 

Commerce street, for 660 children ; average attendance, 511 ; 
Duncan Clarke, head master 

Ferryhill, Bon-Accord street, for 1,188 children ; average at- 
tendance, 1,042; John D. Anderson M.A. head master; Miss- 
Mary C. Ganson, infants' mistress 

Frederick street, for 1,116 children; average attendance, 755; 
Peter Smart M.A. master; Miss Helen Watson, infants' mist 

Hanover street, for 1,027 children; average attendance, 820; 
John Peter, master; Miss Sarah McLeod, infants' mistress 

Holburn street, found, d 1863, for 940 children; average attend- 
ance, 950; Alexander Forbes, master 

King street, for 1,723 children ; average attendance. 1 .610 ; 
Thomas Chalmers Hynd, master; Miss Mary J. Taylor, in- 
fants' mistress 

King street, Old Aberdeen, for 1,000 children; average attend- 
ance, 636 ; John McGregor, master; Miss Hannah Waiker; 
infants' mistress 

Kittybrewster, Great Northern road, erected in 1899, for 1,080- 
children ; average attendance, 1,050 ; William D. McLean, 
master; Miss Jane Low, infants' mistress 

Marywell street, for 575 children ; average attendance, 411 ; 
James Campbell, master; Miss Jane Johnston, infants' mist 

Middle school, Gallowgate, founded 1877 (swimming bath, 
cookery & laundry rooms added in 1907), for 1,312 children; 
average attendance, 1,023; James C. Barnett, master; Miss" 
Margaret Marshall, infants' mistress 

Mile End. Mid Stooket road, for 1.158 chi'.dren; average attend- 
ance, 1,046; John Forbes Cruickshank F.E.T.S. master; Miss 
Agnes J. Ewen, mistress 

Porthill, Gallowgate, for 528 children; average attendance, 520; 
William Stewart, master 

Rosemount, Esselmont avenue, founded 1886 & enlarged in- 
1903, for 1,120 children; average attendance, 1,020; James 
Findlay, master; Miss Margaret Clark, infants' mistress 

Ruthiestown, Holburn street, for 207 children (a new school 
now (1907) being built for 1,138 children); average attend- 
ance, 160; Miss Helen Watson, mistress 

St. Clement street, re-erected in 1906, for 600 children; average- 
attendance, 590; William Hendry, master 

St. Paul street, for 946 children ; average attendance, 836 ; 
Mrs. Isabella L. Skea, mistress; Miss Eliza C. Rae, infants' 

Skene square, for 1,609 children; average attendance, 1,379; 
Alexander Green M.A. master; Miss Mary Ann Cra : g, in- 
fants' mistress 

Skene row, Skene street, for 765 children; average attendance, 
820; Will Robertson, master; Miss Beatrice Mennie, infants'" 

Sunnybank road, for 1,170 children; average attendance, 890: 
David Bennett Lothian F.E.I.S. master 

Torry, Victoria road, for 1,214 children; average attendance,. 
857; Miss Elizabeth Nisbet, head mistress 

Walker road. Torry. for 1,640 children; average attendance, 
1,530; John R. Jack, head master; Miss Christina L. Thom- 
son, infants' mistress 

Westfieid, Esslemont avenue, founded 1866, rebuilt 1901, for 5«*0. 
children ; averaee attendance, 500 ; James MacLeod M.A. 
master; Miss Isabella McPherson, infants' mistress 

Woodside, founded 1874, enlarged 1388 & 1903, for 1,537 chil- 
dren; average attendance, 1,119: William Fyfe M.A. master 

York street, for 428 children; average attendance, 385; Miss 
Jane Clark, mistress 

Old Machar Board. 

Bridge of Don, founded 1895, for 166 children; average attend- 
ance, 67; Miss Agnes Crane, mistress 

Denmore, Bridge of Don. for 101 children; average attendance,. 
65; Miss Annie Robertson, mistress 

Whitestripes, Bridge of Don. for 97 children; average attendance, 
65: Miss Annie Dey, mistress 






rSt. Andrew's, King street, founded I860, for 457 children; aver- 
age attendance, 390; Thomas Cooke, master 

;St. John's, St. John's place, for 236 children ; average attend- 
ance, 230; William Thompson, master 

■St. Margaret's, Gallowgate, founded 1879, enlarged 1901, for 420 
children; average attendance, 353; Sister Katharine Mary, 


Constitution street (St. Peter's), for 400 children ; average at- 
tendance, 300; John Brady, master; Miss Annie Stuart, mist 

'Hardgate (St. Mary & St. John), Sister Gertrude Elizabeth Mary, 

■Queen's cross (Sacred Heart), for 200 children; average at- 
tendance, 138; The Nuns, teachers 

Summer street, founded 1901, for 268 children; average attend- 
ance, 250: Patrick McGraith, master 


Whitehall road; T N 449. 
Secretary, George Carmichael 
Matron, Miss Helen Melvin 
Teachers, Miss Isabella Laing & Miss Bessie McAllen 

(Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1885.) 
•Chairman of Directors, George Murray 
Clerk, John P. Cumine, advocate, 8 Golden square 
Treasurer, Charles Diack, 1 King street 

M.d Stocket road (for Boys); T N 1598. 
Superintendent, Alexander Napier 
Matron, Mrs. Napier 
'Teachers, Thomas Gibson & Robert Wilson Youngson 


Railway Companies. 

District offices, 23 Guild street; T N 48. 
District Traffic Superintendent, Georce B. Black 
■Goods Agent, William H. Benson; T N 285 
Joint Station Master, Robert Arthur Duguid 
•Carting Agents, Wordie & Co. 16 Schoolhill; 9 Guild street & 
Waterloo quay 


■Offices, 80 Guild street; T N 62. Goods station, Waterloo 
quay; T N 368. 

'Chairman, Sir David Stewart LL.D. of Banchory Devenick, 

Deputy Chairman, Andrew Bain, Glasgow 

Auditors, J. A. Robertson-Durham & George McBain 

•General Manager, George Davidson 

Secretary, T. S. Mackintosh 

Registrar, James Mortimer 

Locomotive Superintendent, William Pickersgill, Inverurie wks 

Engineer, James A. Parker C.E 9 

'Goods Manager, Alexander M. Ross 

Passenger Superintendent, William Deuchar 

Accountant & Cashier, John Morrison 

Audit Accountant, John McEdward 

^Stores Superintendent, Charles A. Thomson 

"Travelling Traffic Agent, Alexander M. Gray 

'Carting Agents, Wordie & Co. Waterloo quay; 9 Guild street & 
16 Schoolhill; Deeside branch (except Ballater), James Alex- 
ander, manager; Ballater, John Milne, Braemar 

Suburban Stations — North. 
Schoolhill, Robert Taylor, station master 
Hutcheon Street, George McHardy, station master 
Kittybrewster, John Kidd, station master 
Don Street, John Geddes, station master 
Woodside, William Turner, station master 
Persley, William Singer, station master 
Bucksburn, Adam Diack, station master 
Bankhead, George Frnser, station master 
Stoneywood, John Ogston, station master 
Dyce, James Strachan, station master 

Holburn Street, James Anderson, station master 
Ruthrieston, John Mearns, station master 
Pitfodels, James Ferguson, station master 
Cults, Peter Walker, station master 
West Cults, William Sandieson, station master 
Bieldside, James Cooper, station master 
Murtle, George R. Smith, station master 
Milltimber, James Scott, station master 
Culter, William Benzie, station master 

Guild street. 
Station Master, Robert Arthur Duguid 

27 Carmelite street. 
Traffic Agent, Adam Ingram 

(Great Northern & North-Eastem). 
124 Union street. 
Traffic Agent, Donald Munro 

(Caledonian & London & North-We stern). 
31 Guild street. 
Agent, Samuel A. Madgwick 

District office, 43 Guild street; T N 32. 
District Traffic Superintendent, W. B. Cape, of Dundee 
Goods Agent, Alexander Barclay 

Carting Agents, Mutter, Howey & Co. Goods station, Guild street 
& Charlotte street; David Mitchell, agent 

Conveyance by "Water. 

Offices, 87 Waterloo quay. 
Edward J. Savage, manager. 
To LONDON, "Hogarth" or " City of London," every Wednes- 
day & Saturday; & from London every Wednesday & Saturday 



Office, Northern Steam wharf. 

Charles Merrylees, manager; T N 22, 592 & 832; T A " Merry- 

" St. Nicholas," "St. Clair," "Queen," "St. Rognvald," 

" St. Sunniva," " St. Ola," St. Giles," ' Earl of Zetland " 

& " St. Ninian " 
To CAITHNESS, Wick twice a week, & Thurso every raonday, 

from Northern Steam wharf 
To EDINBURGH (Leith), Wednesday, thursday, friday & satur- 

day, during summer, & Wednesday, thursday & friday, during 

To NORWAY, weekly during summer season, " St. Sunniva," 

from the Northern Steam wharf 
To ORKNEY {Kirkwall & Stromness), three times a week In 

summer & twice a week in winter, from the Northern S^eam 

To SHETLAND (Lerwick & Scalloway), five times a week in 

summer & three times a week in winter, from the Northern 

Steam wharf 

William J. Duncan, 63 Regent quay, agent. 
From Pockra quay to Wick, Lerwick & North Isles of Shetland 
every tuesday & to Leith every Saturday 


LIMITED ; Office, 79 Regent quay. 

William Skirving, manager. 

The "Earl of Aberdeen," " Luddick " or "Norwood," from 

Aberdeeu to Newcastle every Saturday, Aberdeen to Hull 

every tuesday & to Middlesbrough & Stockton week'y 

Offics, 3 Trinity buildings. 
James Crombie & Sons, agents. 
The " Princess Alberta," " Princess Victoria, ' " Princess 
Maud," "Princess Louise," "Princess Sophia," "Princess 
Beatrice," "Princess Mary" & " Prince sb Ena," or other 
steamers, every few days 

COMPANY LIMITED; Office, 3 Trinity buildings. 
James Crombie & Sons, managers. 
The "James Crombie," " Earnholm " & "Silver City" sail 
between Leith, Aberdeen, Invergordon, Cromarty & Inver- 
ness, every monday & thursday from Leith; Buckie & 
Lossiemouth, every monday; Aberdeen & Burghead, every 
thursday; Leith & Aberdeen (only), Wednesday & Saturday 

Conveyance by Road. 


Municipal buildings, Un'on street. 

R. Stuart Pilcher, manager. 

Cars to Queen's Cross, Bayview, Ferryhill, Mannofieid, Bridge of 

Dee, Bridge of Don, Woodside, Kittybrewster & Tony, every 

few minutes; also to Sea beach (during summer months) 





15 Golden square. 

Alexander Wilkie, manager; George Duncan, sec. 

Cars to Deeside Section (Mannsfield & Bieldside) & Dons'd^ 

Section (Woodside, Bankhead & Bucksburn), about every 20 


To BLACKBURN, a coach from 85 George street, every friday, 
at 4 p.m. ; arrives in Aberdeen same day at 10 a.m 

To BLAIRS & MARYCUI/TER, from top of Market street, 7 
a.m. 12 noon & 4 p.m 

To CLUNY & WATERTON", a motor omnibus from SchoolhilF 

station, twice daily in winter & three times in summer, 

passing Skene &c 
To ECHT & MIDMAR, a motor omnibus, from Schoolhill station, 
.twice daily in winter & three times in summer, pass'ng 

Cairnie & Garlogie Mills 
To METHLICK, mail gig, from post office, Market street, week 

days at 5 a.m. returning at 3.30 p.m.; Sundays, 4.30 a.m. 

returning 11.30 a.m 
To NEWBURGH, a coach, from County hotel, King street, 

daily at 4 p.m. (a!so at 8 a.m. in summer); returning from 

Newburgh at 7.45 p.m. Calso at 6 p.m. in summer) 
To WHITECAIRN"S, a coach from 13 Princes -street, flail* at, 4 

p.m.; returning from Whitecairns at 8.45 a.m 


Where to. 


& Tully- 

Ba Hater & 



Balthangie . 
Banchory.. . . 


Brucklay. . .. 
Brucksburn . 
Cabrach .... 


Cults &Culter 
Cumineston . 





Ecbt, Midmar 
Do. Waterton 
Do. Cullerlie 



Garlogie .... 


Smith .. 

Smart .. 

Beaton. . 
Arnott . . 
Cruden . . 
Lowden , 
Sim .... 
Taylor .. 
Watson .. 
Taylor . . 
Taylor . . 
Lowden , 
Young.. . 


Simpson. , 
Beaton . . . 
Eennedv , 
Reid ...".. 



13 Princes street Wednesday, 3 p.m. 

129 Loch street Tuesday, 10 a.m. 

">0 Gerrard street Thursday, 3 p.m. 

Old Ford road Daily. 6 a.m. 

13 Princes street 
120 Loch street 

6 L. Belmont st. 

6 Mealmarket st. 
70 Loch street 
50 Gerrard street 
129 Loch street 

(j Mealmarket st. 

14 Exchange st. 
13 Princes street 
129 Loch street 

G L. Belmont st. 
13 John street 
70 Loch street 

6 L. Belmont st. 

G L. Belmont st. 

G L. Belmont st. 
13 Princes street 
13 Princes street 
16 Harriet street 
f 3 John street 

Wednesday, 3 p.m. 
Tuesday & Fri. 7 p.m. 
Friday, 6 a.m. 

Mon. '& Wed. 3 p.m. 
Daily, 2 pm, 

Thursday, 4 p.m. 

Mod. Wed. & Fri. 6 a.m. 
Tuesday, 2 p.m. 

Daily, 11 a.m. 

Wednesday, 3 p.m. 
Mon. Wed. & Fri. 6 a.m. 
Friday. 1 p.m 

Daily, 2 p.m. 

Daily, 2 p.m. 

Tu. Thurs. Sat. 1 p.m. 
Tuesday, 1 p.m. 

Friday, 1 p.m. 

Tu. Thurs. Sat. 5 p.m, 

3 p.m. 
2 p.m. 

Tn. Thurs. Sat. 9 a.m. 

Where to. 




Kincardine .. 


6 L. Belmont st. 

Thursday, 5 p.m 


Urquhart . 

i 5 Green street 

Friday, 2 p.m 



^0 Gerrard street 

Thursday, 4 p.m. 


Fraser .... 

6 L. Belmont st. 

Wednesday, 5 p m. 

Marvculter . . 

Falconer . . 

G L. Belmont st. 

Friday, 1 p.m. 


Gordon.. .. 

6 Mealmarket st. 

Thursday, 3 p.m. 

Newburgh . . 


6 Mealmarket st 

Daily, 3 p.m. 


Murray .... 

13 Princes street 

Tuesdaj' & Fri. 2 p.m. 


Beaton .... 

13 Princes street 

Wednesday, 3 p.m. 

New Pitsligo 

'ruden. . . . 

6 Mealmarket st 

Mon. & Wed. 3 p.m. 

Old Deer 


6 Mealmarket st 

Thursday, 3 p.m. 



G L. Belmont st. 

Wed. & Sat. G a.m. 


Craigmyle . 

6 L. Belmont st. 

Tuesday & Fri. 6 a.m. 



50 Gerrard street 

Thursday, 4 p.m. 

Davidson. . 

G L. Belmont st. 

Tn. Thurs. Fri. 1 p.m. 



129 Loch street 

Mon.Wed.&Fri. 6 a.m. 

Stewart field.. 

Gordon,. .. 

G Meabnarket st. 

Thursday, 3 pm. 

Stonehaven .. 


G L. Belmont st. 

Tu. Thurs. &Sat.2p.m. 

Straclian .... 


6 L. Belmont st. 

Friday, 6 a.m. 


Ferguson . . 

6 L Belmont st. 

Friday, 6 a.m. 

T a r 1 a n d, ) 

Coldstone [ 

hunter.. .. 

6 L. Belmont st. 

Wednesday, 1 p.m. 

& Migvie ) 

U d n y & j 
Tarves j 

Matthew . . 

13 Princes street 

t Monday, Wed. 

j & Friday, 6 a.m. 

Waterton .... 

Taj lor .... 

[29 Loch street 

Mon.Wed.& Fri. 6 o.m. 

Woodside. . .. 

Tavlor .... 

6 Hadden street 

Daily, 1 p.m. 


Robertson . 

L29 Loch street 

Do. 2 p.m. 


Lowden . . 1 

70 Lock st eet 

Do. 2 p.m. 






Abbey David Stewart, 38 Devonshire road 
Abel Eev. Eobert Henderson, 21 Forest av 
Abel Mrs. 20 Argyll place 
Abercrombie James, 38 Rosebery street 
Abercroniby Andrew, 8 Whinhill road 
Aberdeen & Orkney Lord Bishop of (Eight 
Eev. Bowland Ellis D.D.), Bishop's 
court, 29 Albyn place 
Aberdein James. 41 Elmbank terrace 
Aberdein Mrs. 116 Mid Stocket road 
Abernethy David W. Ferryhill cottage, Pros- 
pect terrace 
Abernethy James W. 15 Rubislaw terrace 
Abernethy Misses, Ferryhill coltage, Pros- 
pect terrace 
Adam Eev. Hector H., M.A. (United Free), 

64 Forest road 
Adam Alan, 19 Holburn pace 
Adam John, 53 Clifton road 
Adam John, 29 Hosefield avenue 
Adam John C. 97 Irvine place 
Adam John Wilson M.B. 87 Crown street 
Adam Miss. 29 Thomson street 
Adam Mrs. 20 Garden place 
Adam Eobert. 32 Elmfield avenue 
Adam Thomas J. P. Denmore.Bridge of Don 
Adam Walter W. 159 Clifton road 
Adam William, 74 Bonnymuir place 
Adam William, 43 Leslie road 
Adam William Davidson, 1 IS Hamilton pi 
Adams Eev. John E., B.D. (United Free), 

16 Albert street 
Adams Andrew, 63 Braemar place 
Adams Charles, 61 Gray street 
Adams George Smart, Devanha gardens 
Adams James Milner M.A., M.B., Ch.B. 

67 Beechgrove terrace 
Adams John, 17 Braemar place 
Adams John, 349 Great Western road 
Adams Mrs. 67 Beechgrove terrace 
Adams William, 5 Osborne place 
Adams William D. 9 Osborne place 
Adamson John A. 24 Ashley road 
Adam son Mrs. 6 Braemar place 
Adan Charles, 50 Bedford place 
Adcock William, 26 Carlton place 
Addie Eobert, 6 Norfolk road 
Adenhcad Mrs. 121 Leslie terrace 
Aiken Mrs. Euthven house 
Aiken William Eeid, The Bungalow, 

Anderson drive 
Aird Erskine W. 17 Devonshire road 
Airth Mrs. 22 Burns road 
Aitken Alexander, 37 Grosvenor place 
Aitken Alexander, 41 Thomson street 
Aitken Archibald, 79 Ashley road 
Aitken George M. 460 King street 
Aitken John, 37 Beechgrove terrace 
Aitken MUs, Clydebank, 8 Salisbury ter 
Aitken William, 27 Carlton place 
Aiton Mrs. 148 Crown street 
Alexander Alexander, 50 Duthie terrace 
Alexander Charles Kcir, 19 Braemar place 
Alexander Edward Geo. 86 Blenheim pi 
Alexander Francis, 8 Ferryhill place 
Alexander George, 8 Carlton place 
Alexander Henry, 43 Albyn place 
Alexander James, 36 Belvidere creBcent 
Alexander James, 17 Mount street 
Alexander James, 62a, Stanley street 
Alexander Jas. M. 378 Great Western road 
Alexander John, 69 Don st. Old Aberdeen 
Alexander John, 626 King street 
Alexander John, 2 Orchard place 
Alexander Miss, 3 Argyll crescent 
Alexander Miss, 89 Stanley street 
Alexander The Misses, 392 Gt. Western rd 
Alexander M s. 3 Relvidere street 
Alexander Mrs. 64 Ferryhill road 
Alexander Mrs. 5 MiUburn street 
Alexander Robert, 14 Belgrave terrace 
Alexander William, 24 Cedar place 
Alexander William, 392 Great Western rd 
Alexander William Cooper, 118 Clifton rd 
Alexander William Wilssn, 7 Cattofield pi 
Alison William, 40 Grosvenor place 
Allan Alexander, 73 Albury road 
Allan George J.P. 33 Albyn place 
Allan George, 22 Ferryhill place 
Allan George, 234 King street 
Allan George, 11 Roslin terrace 
Allan Humphrey Francis, 54 Ashley road 
Allan Jameb, 76 Ashley road 
Allan John, 67 Forest avenue 
Allan John A. Ogg, 81 Beaconsfield place 

Allan John B. 31 Gladstone place 

Allan Miss, 13 Braemar place 

Allan Misses, 4 Argyll place 

Allan Mrs. 92 King street 

Allan Patrick G., M.A. 54 Devonshire rd 

Allan Richard C. 33 Albyn place 

Allan Thomas, 14 Brunswick place 

Allan Thomas, 391 Great Western road 

Allan William, 54 Devonshire road 

Allan William, 28 Erskne street 

Allan William, 36 Fonthill road 

Allan William, 37 Great Northern road 

Allan William Rankin, 41 Eosebank ter 

Allardyce Col. Jas.D.L., J.P. 3 Queen's ter 

Allen Rev. Herbert Reginald M.A. 20 

Belgrave terrace 
Allen George William C.E. 6 Bonnymuir pi 
Allen James, 1 Cattofield place 
Allen James E. 6 Elm place 
Allen Eichard S. 6 Elm place 
Allen William, 2 Hilton street 
Allison Eev. John Steele (United Free), 

13 Westfield terrace 
Allison Thomas, 8 Burnett place 
Allison Thomas Steele, 3 Orchard street 
Alsop Spence, 22 Clifton road 
Ambrose George, 70 Eosemount place 
Anderson Alexander, 35 Belgrave terrace 
Anderson Alexander, 54 Victoria street 
Anderson Alexander, 218 Westburn road 
Anderson Alex. G. M.A., B.Sc.,M.B.,Ch.B. 

Epidemic hospital, Urquhart road 
Anderson Alexander W. 37 Caledonian pi 
Anderson Andrew S. 78 Hamilton place 
Anderson Charles, 26 Mid Stocket road 
Anderson David, 91 Bon-Accord street 
Anderson Eric H. 53 Murray terrace 
Anderson George, 10 Burns road 
Anderson George, C Caledonian place 
Anderson George, Sheriff court, Castle st 
Anderson Gordon, 7 Hilton road 
Anderson James, 27 Abergeldie road 
Anderson James, 33 Albury place 
Anderson James, 19 Bedford p'ace 
Anderson James, 41 Cairnfield place 
Anderson James, 335 Clifton road 
Anderson James, 83 Gray street 
Anderson Jamea, 31 Holburn road 
Anderson James, 69 Holburn road 
Anderson James, 56 Loanhead terrace 
Anderson James, 11 University road 
Anderson James, 31 Whitehall road 
Anderson Jas. Forrest, Don cot. Wood aide 
Anderson James Hall, 6 York street 
Anderson James M. 71 Clifton road 
Anderson John, 12 Cairnfield place 
Anderson John, 9 Cornhill road 
Anderson John, 104 Bonnymuir place 
Anderson John F. 62 Polmuir road 
Anderson John Duncan, 25 Gladstone place 
Anderson Miss, 41 Albyn place 
Anderson Miss, 15 Argyll place 
Anderson Miss, 93 Devonshire road 
Anderson Miss, 30 Ferryhill place 
Anderson Miss, 36 Gray street 
Anderson Miss, 23 Waverley place 
Anderson Misses, 49 St. Nicholas street 
Anderson Mrs. 50 Beaconsfield place 
Anderson Mrs. 9 Bonnymuir place 
Anderson Mrs. 7 Cairnfield place 
Anderson Mrs. 41 Desswood place 
Anderson Mrs. 65 Fountainhall road 
Anderson Mrs. 287 Great Western road 
Anderson Mrs. 139 King street 
Anderson Mrs. 42 Maberly street 
Anderson Mrs. 375 Union .street 
Anderson Mrs. 25 Victoria street 
Anderson Mrs. 44 Whitehall road 
Anderson Mrs. David, 19 Ferryhill place 
Anderson Mrs. Robert, 5 Murray terrace 
Anderson P. J., M.A., LL.D. (librarian & 

sec. University), 2 East Craibstone st 
Anderson Eobert, 21 Thomson street 
Anderson Eobert J. 48 Forest road 
Anderson Thomas, 33 Carlton place 
Anderson William J.P. 41 Albyn place 
Anderson William, 79 Argyll place 
Anderson William, 166 Bon-Accord street 
Anderson William, 78 Cairnfield place 
Anderson William, 18 Forbesfield road 
Anderson William, 75 Fountainhall road 
Anderson William, 23 Gladstone place 
Anderson William, 188 Great Western rd 
Anderson William, 135 Hamilton place 
Anderson William, 37 Hilton street 

Anderson Wm. 5 Oakdale ter. MannofielaJ 
Anderson William, 35 Eosebery street 
Anderson William, 9 University road 
Anderson William Blair, 13 Gladstone place 
Anderson William Charles, 93 Duthie ter 
Anderson William Forsyth, 374 King st 
Anderson William Eeid, 68 Mile End aven 
Andrew George, 278 Great Western road 
Andrew George, 44 Sunnybank place 
Andrew Thomas, 63 Clifton road 
Andrew William, 49 Carden place 
Angus Alexander, 4 Hilton street 
Angus George, 97 Forest avenue 
Angus George Alexander, 3 St. John's ter- 
race, Mannofield 
Angus James, 3 Cedar place 
Augus James, jun. 97 Leslie terrace 
Angus James Owen, 3 Deemount terraci ■ 
Angus John, 43 Balmoral place 
Angus Miss, 1G4 Mid Stocket road 
Angus Miss, 41 Rosemount place 
Angus Mrs. 74 Hamilton place 
Angus Peter Duncan, 11 Cornhill road! 
Angus William, 7 Burns road 
Annand Mrs. 282 Broomhill roal 
Archibald Alexander, 43 Carden place 
Archibald James, Kinneil, Wellbrae ter- 
race, Mannofield 
Archibald James Ledingham, 58 Forest av 
Archibald Miss, 3 Calsayseat toad 
Argo James, 50 Fonthill road 
Argo John C, M.R.C.V.S. 20 Belmont st- 
Argo Mrs. 91 Crown street 
Argo Mrs. 24 Fonthill road 
Armstrong Miss, 16 North Silver Btreet 
Arthur Miss, 142 Blenheim place 
Arthur Miss, 55 Cairnfield place 
Arthur Mrs. 433 Great Western road 
Arthur Mrs. 493 King street 
Arthur Robert Brown, 385 Gt. Western rd 
Arthur Robert Robertson M.R.C.V.S. 12 

Maberly street 
Arthur William, 61 Abergeldie road . 
Arthur William, 180 King street- 
Aslier James, 11 Marine terrace 
Asher Miss, 17 Dee place 
Asher Robert S. 401 Great Western road 
Atkins George, 64 Polmuir ioad 
Au"d John, 145 Clifton road 
Auld Mrs. 7J Powis terrace 
Badenough James, 556 Holburn street 
Badenoch Peter, 57 Loanhead terrace 
Baillie James Black M.A., D.Phil, pro- 
fessor of moral philosophy, University) 
Bain Alexander, 15 Osborne place 
Bain Alexander Grant, 91 Beaconsfield pi. 
Bain Alexander H. 453 King street 
Bain James, 336 Holburn street 
Bain James Pyper, 137 Forest avenue: 
Bain Lewis, 40 Cedar place 
Bain Misses, Fonntville, 1 Summer street; 

Bain Mrs. 69 Blenheim place 
Bain Richard W. K., M.A. 9 Holburn si 
Bain Thomas, 24 Albert terrace 
Bain William, 6 Belmont place 
Baird David Ogilvie, 32 Abergeldie ter 
Baird Walter, 101 West North street 
Baker Joseph William, 29 Cromwell road 
Baker Mrs. 54 Bon-Accord street 
Bannerman Mrs. 119 Crown street 
Bannochie James, Ernan lodge, 82 Beech- 
grove terrace 
Bannochie William Greig, 70 Forest road 
Barclay Alexander, 76 Abergeldie road 
Ba-.elav Alexander, 24 Springhank terrace 
Barclay David, 13 Mnrrav terrace 
Barclay George W. W., J.P. Raeden house, 

Mid Stocket road 
Barclay John B. 38 Fountainhall road 
Barclay Miss, 60 Dee street 
Barlett James, 113 Leslie terrace - 
Harnett James, 36 Desswood place 
Barnett James, 53 Duthie terrace 
Barn. It John, 96 Leslie terrace 
Barnett Patrick M., M.Inst.C.E. 2 Wrst 

field terrace 
Baron William, Balnagask road, Torry 
Barr Mrs. 38 Desswood p'ace 
Barrie Edmund Chadwick, BosehtU house, 

Cornhill road 
Barron J., M.I.C.E. 46 Carden place 
Barron Mrs. 8 Bon-Accord square 
Barmn Thomas, 24 Burns road 
Barron William, 43 Justice Btreet 


Barter Prank, 34 Gladstone place 

Baxter Andrew, 14 Forest avenue 

Baxter James, 81 Murray terrace 

Baxter Miss, 23 Carlton place 

Baxter Mrs, 14 Albert terrace 

Baxter Mrs. Alexander, 17 Stanley street 

Bean Miss, 30 Belgrave terrace 

Beard Mrs. 63 Stanley street 

Bearsley Miss, 8 Gladstone place 

Beaton Alexander, 112 Leslie terrace 

Beaton Frank, 11 Powis terrace 

Beaton William, 219 Union grove 

Beatt Bev. David D.D. (United Free), 17 

North Silver street 
Beattie Alexander, 154 Mid Stocket road 
Beattie George, 246 King street 
Beattie George, jun. 389 Clifton road 
Beattie George Barron, 26 Abergeldie ter 
Beattie John, 47 Springbank terrace 
Beattie Joseph, 109 Clifton road 
Beattie Eobert, 233 Westburn road 
Beattie William, 47 Leslie road 
Beaumont Alfred, 342 King street 
Beck Mrs. 103 Desswood place 
Begg George, 89 Leslie terrace 
Begg John Hay, Ash hill, Kittybrewster 
Begg John Henderson, 15 Albyn terrace 
Begg Thomas Tulloch, 99 Claremont street 
Bell Rev. H. W., M.A. (United Free), 6 

Albyn terrace 
Bell Bev. Thomas D.D. 145 Duthie terrace 
Bell Clifford Thistleton M.B. 4 Albert st 
Bell J. Alexander, 98 Fountainhall road 
Bell Mrs. 4 Albert street 
Bell Mrsi 33 Osborne place 
Bell William Edmund, 24 St. Swithin st 
Belton Mrs. 17 Bonnymuir place 
Bennett Alexander, 4 View terrace 
Bennett Jn. Carmichael B.L. 6 Queen's ter 
Benson James Speid, 568 Holburn street 
Benson Thomas, 29 Grosvenor place 
Benzie George Philip, 74 Bedford place 
Benzie Isaac, 153 Clifton road 
Benzie James, 13 Osborne place 
Benzie Miss, 19 Gray street 
Berg Mrs. 54 Duthie terrace 
Berneaud Henri Chas. 48 Rubislaw Den sth 
Berry Patrick, 25 Holburn road 
Bethune Alexander Doull,92 Devonshire rd 
Beveridge Alexander Thomas Gordon 

M.A., M.B., CM., J.P. 31 King street 
Beveridge Hamish, 343 Holburn street 
Beveridge Peter, 19 Polmuir road 
Beveridge Eobert, 4 Cattofield place 
Beverley George, 133 Blenheim place 
Beverley William, 42 View terrace 
Biddle David, 22 Bedford road 
Birnie Charles, Tanfleld ho. Tanfleld walk 
Birnie James, 363 Holburn street 
Bisset George, 14 Roslin terrace 
Bisset George, 181 Skene street 
Bisset James, 43 Elmbank terrace 
Bisset James, 21 Sunnyside road 
Bisset James G. 117 Hamilton place 
Bisset John, 62 Ferryhill road 
Bisset Joseph, 23 Elmfield avenue 
Bisset Mrs. Burnside house, Westburn road 
Bisset Mrs. J. H. 101 Hamilton place 
Bisset William, 38 Albyn place 
Bisset William, 107 Bon-Accord street 
Bisset William, 23 Elm place 
Bisset-Smith Mrs. 55 Carlton place 
Bissett Thomas, 432 Clifton road 
Bittiner Louis, 64 Fonthill road 
Black Alexander, 357 Clifton road 
•Black Alexander Fyfe, 5 Belvidere street 
Black Andrew, 3 Erskine street 
Black Andrew, 61 Leslie road 
Black George B. 117 Whinhill road 
Black John, 69 Argyll place 
Black John, 93 Fountainhall road 
Black John, 58 Rosemount place 
Black Miss, 21 Affleck street 
Black Miss, 46 Bon-Accord terrace 
Black Misses, 69 Desswood place 
Black Mrs. 65 Forest avenue 
Black Peter, 34 Springbank terrace 
Black Thomas, 49 Albury place 
Blacklaw Alexander M.A.- (lecturer on 

law procedure & evidence, University), 

5 Alford place 
Blaikie Jas. Craigendarroch, Riverside rd 
Blair Goodall, 58 Clifton road 
Blake James, 8 Loanhead terrace 
Blake James, 265 Rosemoimt place 
Blake Joseph C. 101 Irvine place 
Blythe Mrs. 342 King street 
Boddie William J.P. 3 RoBlin terrace 
Bodie Charles Alexander, Viewmount, 

Anderson drive 
Bodie John Mann, 32 Clifton road 
Bodie Samuel, 59 Braemar place 
Bodie William, 464 King; street 
Boissennet Madame Loublnne, Merle bank, 

Broomhill road 
Bolton Mrs. 7 Gladstone place 
Bonnar George, jun. 39 Caledonian place 
Bonnar Jn. Artemis villa, Devanha gdns 
Bonner Alex. Coutts, 129 Hamilton place 


Bonner George, jun. Spring cottage, 

South Crown street 
Bonner Robert, 39 Duthie terrace 
Bookless Douglas, 113 Hamilton place 
Booth Alexander, 96 Devonshire road 
Booth Alexander M.A. 15 Elmfield avenue 
Booth James, 23 Orchard street 
Booth James Mackenzie M.A., M.D., CM. 

1 Carden place 
Booth Matthew, 22 Bonnymuir place 
Booth Matthew, 5 Desswood place 
Booth Mrs. 26 King street 
Booth Thomas, 41 Great Northern road 
Booth William George Fraser, 18 Bonny- 
muir p'.ace 
Booth William P. 250 Rosemount place 
Booth Williamson, 8 WeBtfield terrace 
Botting Richard G. 18 Belgrave terrace 
Bow George, 24 LOybank place 
Bow Mrs. 58 Gladstone place 
Bower George Faddon M.A 17 Bon 

Accord crescent 
Bower Herbt. H. Westbourne ho. Ferryhill 
Bower James H., J.P. 17 Bon-Accord cres 
Bower Miss, 7 Richmondhill road 
Bowick Charles Booth, 69 Gray street 
Bowie Rev. George Clark (Catholic 

Apostolic), 378 Holburn street 
Bowie Mrs. 16 Irvine place 
Bowman Alexander, 2 Roslin terrace 
Bowman Andrew, 31 Belvidere crescent 
Bowman George, 65 Beechgrove terrace 
Bowman Robert, 93 Hamilton place 
Bowman William, 17 Roslin terrace 
Boyd Miss, 57 Blenheim place 
Boyle Mrs. 15 Caledonian place 
Brackie George, 55 Irvine place 
Brand Miss, 34 Carden place 
Brand William, 5 Caledonian place 
Brander Alexander J. 14 Hamilton place 
Brander Mrs. 140 Forest avenue 
Brandie Mrs. 211 Great Northern road 
Brebner Rev. Wm. M.A. (Established), 26 

Gladstone place 
Brebner James, 85 Bon-Accord street 
Brebner John L. 2 Springbank terrace 
Brebner William, 11 Carden place 
Brechin William M. 13 Albert terrace 
Breingan Adam, 3 Erskine street 
Bremner Alexander M.A., B.Sc. (head 
master Aberdeen United Free Church 
Training College), 13 Belgrave terrace 
Bremner John M. 49 Cairnfield place 
Bremner Miss, 50 Carden place 
Brewster Mrs. 268 Broomhill road 
Brockie Alexander, 48 Albury road 
Brodie John, 58 Fonthill road 
Brodie Miss, 23 Ashley road 
Brotchie George, 75 Dee street 
Brown Rev. Alex. (Cong.), 94 Hamilton pi 
Brown Rev. Andrew M.A. (Established 

Church), 25 Rubislaw terrace 
Brown Archibald A. 34 Elmfield avenue 
Brown Alexander, 23 Deemount road 
Brown Alexander, 101 Fountainhall road 
Brown Alexander, 37 Mile End avenue 
Brown Alexander, 87 Westburn road 
Brown Charles, 135 King street 
Brown Charles, 22 View terrace 
Brown James, 87 Devonshire road 
Brown James, 425 Great Western road 
Brown James Crutchley, 75 Braemar place 
Brown John, 10 Marine terrace 
Brown John Ross, 53 Victoria street 
Brown Miss, 16 Albert terrace 
Brown Mrs. 'Jo Blenheim place 
Brown Mrs. 13 Brighton place 
Brown Mrs. 16 Claremont place 
Brown Mrs. 118 Desswood place 
Brown Mrs. East Maryfield, Fonthill rd 
Brown Mrs. 90 Queen's road 
Brown Mrs. 22 Springbank terrace 
Brown Robert, 45 Hamilton place 
Brown Robert, 31 Rubislaw Den south 
Brown Thomas, 2 Allan street 
Brown William, GG Ashley road 
Brown William, 156 Bon-Accord street 
Brown William, 24 Duthie terrace 
Brown William Alfred, Monaltrie villa, 

Seafield road 
Brown William B. 22 Desswood p'.ace 
Brownie Misses, 16 Queen street, Woodside 
Bruce Alexander, 91 Cairnfield place 
Bruce Alex. Elnathan, Balnagask rd.Torry 
Bruce Alexander Leslie, 63 Ferryhill road 
Bruce Alexander Stewart Bae, 20 Rubis- 
law Den north 
Bruce Arthur, King's Hill house, South 

Stocket. road 
Bruce Arth. C, J.P. Kingshill.King's gate 
Bruce Charles Miller, 57 Leslie road 
Bruce Charles William, 58 Carden place 
Bruce George, 413 Great Western road 
Bruce John, 1 Queen's road 
Bruce Miss, 53 Beaconsfleld place 
Bruce Miss, 361 George street 
Bruce Miss, 27 Gladstone place 
Bruce Miss, 18 Springbank terrace 
Bruce Mrs. 20 Claremont street 
Bruce Mrs. 72 Hamilton place 


Bruce Mrs. 15 Powis terrace 
Bruce Mrs. Westbourne ho. Fonthill road 
Bruce Robert, 14 Braemar place 
Bruce Samutl, 34 Loanhead terrace 
Bruce Thomas, 79 Duthie terrace 
Bryce Hugh, 64 Springbank terrace 
Bryce James Milne, 224 Great Western rd 
Bryce William Crawford, 45 Balmoral pi 
Buchan Adam, 21 Bonnymuir place 
Buchan Alexander, 180 Union grove 
Buchan James, 21 Roslin terrace 
Buchan MisB, 70 Desswood place 
Buchan Miss, 31 Leslie road 
Buchan Robert, 43 Burns road 
Buchan William, 67 Blenheim place 
Buchan William, 178 Mid Stocket road 
Buchan William Hamilton, 22 Albyn grove 
Buchanan John B.Sc. 56 St. Swithin street 
Buchanan John, 10 Rubislaw Den north 
Buist Thomas, 14 Huntly street 
Bulloch John, 23 Osborne place 
Bunting Thomas, 25 Beaconsfield place 
Burgess Adam, 29 Abergeldie road 
Burgess John Peter, 35 Elmfield avenue 
Burgess Miss, 25 Osborne place 
Burgess William, 81 Clifton road 
Burnes Alexander, 12 Belmont road 
Burness James, 33 Gray street 
Burnet Mrs. 81 Osborne place 
Burnet Mrs. 59 Queen's road 
Burnett Alexander, 14 Sunnyside road 
Burnett Charles John, 8 Chanonry, Old 

Burnett David, 37 Abergeldie road 
Burnett David, 10 Claremont place 
Burnett John George M.AOxon. Powis 

house, Bedford road 
Burnett Mrs. 10 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Burnett Robert, 2 Rubislaw place 
Burnett W. K., M.A., J.P. 23 North 

Silver street 
Burns Alexander, jun. 11 Bon-Accord ter 
Burns Alexander John, 11 Bon-Accord ter 
Burns William S. 31 Carden p'ace 
Burr Mrs. 24 Hamilton place 
Burr Mrs. 71 Loanhead terrace 
Burwell Mrs. 60 Fountainhall road 
Butchart Henry J. 113 Whinhill road 
Butchart Mrs. 394 Great Western road 
Butchart Mrs. 100 Irvine place 
Buthlay James Hutchison, 262 Victoria 

road, Torry 
Buthlay William, 274 Victoria road, Torry 
Buyers Chas. Shepherd, 3 Rubislaw Den sth 
Buyers J. 3 Rubislaw Den soulh 
Buyers Mrs. 357 Great Western road 
Buyers Mrs. 16 St. Swithin street 
Buyers Mrs. 57 Sunnyside road 
Buyers Mrs. J. C. 44 Ashley road 
Byres D. T., CE. 104 Hamilton place 
Bvres Mrs. G4 Albury road 
Byres William John M.D., CM., M.A. 38 

Fonthill road 
Byrne Mrs. 31 Forest road 
Cabel Henry, 45 Devanha gardens 
Cadenhead George S. 40 Salisbury terrace 
Cadenhead John, 325 Holburn street 
Caienhead Misses, 7 Caledonian place 
Caie James, 15 Duthie terrace 
Caie Mrs. 48 Gladstone place 
Caird James Dalgarno, 143 Clifton road 
Caird William Shepherd, 34 Stanley street 
Cairney Rev. Robert Mathieson (Congre- 
gational), 1 Jute street 
Cairns John Bryden, 532 King street 
Cakebread Frederick Wm. 19 Lamond pi 
Calder Rev. John D.D. (Established), 14 

Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Calder James, 116 Westburn road 
Calder Mrs. 595 King street 
Callaghan John W. 35 Albury place 
Callan James, 12 Mount street 
Callander William Miller, 25 Salisbury ter 
Cameron Rev. George Gordon M.A., D.D. 

(professor of hebrew & Old Testament 

exegesis, Free Church College), 464 Gt. 

Western road 
Cameron Alexander, 112 Hammerfield aven 
Cameron Alexander, 14 View terrace 
Cameron James, 85 Beaconsfield place 
Cameron James Ross, 49 Mile End avenue 
Cameron John, 3 King's square 
Cameron John, 3 Louisville avenue 
Cameron John Stuart, 333 Clifton road 
Cameron Kenneth, 4 Gladstone place 
Cameron Montague Angus, 22 Gray street 
Cameron Mrs. 34 Carlton place 
Cameron Mrs. 151 Duthie terrace 
Cameron Mrs. 20 Hamilton place 
Cameron Mrs. Grant, 2 Forest road 
Cameron William, 21 West Mount street 
Cameron William A. 45 Victoria street 
Campbell Rev.A.(United Free), 452 King st 
Campbell Rev. A. F. (United Free), 63 

Albury road 
Campbell Alexander, 21 Duthie terrace 
Campbell David J. 6 Belvidere street 
Campbell Donald, 30 Cairnfield place 
Campbell Donald M.D. 102 Desswood ph;ce 
Campbell Francis McConnach,42 Forest av 


Campbell Hugh Fraser M.A., B.L. 68 

Hamilton place 
Campbell James, 25 Ferryhill place 
Campbell Misa, 196 Mid Stocket road 
Campbell Mrs. 45 Forest avenue 
Campbell Mrs. 72 Gray street 
Campbell Mrs. 7 Louisville avenue 
Campbell Mrs. -15 Rubislaw Den south 
Campbell William, 499 King street 
Campbell William, 60 St. Swithin street 
Cantlie James M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S. 61 

Sunnyside road 
Cardno Robert Catto, 427 Clifton road 
Cargill Rev. Thomas S., B.D. (Estab.), 

3 Orchard place, Old Aberdeen 
Cargill George, 63 Duthie terrace 
Carle James, 83 Ashley road 
Carmichael George, 228 Union street 
Carnie James, Berryden ho. Berryden rd 
Carnie Mrs. 301 Holburn street 
Carnie William, 154 Great Western road 
Carr Mrs. 8 Fonthill road 
Carrington George H. 44 Burns road 
Carrington Mrs. 42 Forest avenue 
Carswell Robert, 27 Sunnyside road 
Cartwright Frank H. 10 Wellbrae terrace, 

Cartwright Tom Lesson, 26 Riohmondhill pi 
Cash John Theodore M.D., F.R.S. (pro- 
fessor of materia medica, University) , 
9 Albyn place 
Cassie Miss, 41 Braemar place 
Cassie Mrs. 29 Erskine street 
Castleman Edward Joseph, 44 Victoria st 
Cattanach Mis3, 8 Brighton place 
Catto Alfred, Briarfield house, Cuirncry rd 
Catto Gavin, 38 Maberly street 
Catto Misses, 40 Great Western road 
Catto Mrs. *u Elmfield avenue 
Catto Robert, 14 Forest road 
Catto William, 11 King's crescent 
Cavanah Henry Clegg, 13 Bridge stre** 
Cay Alexander, 32 Bubislaw Den south 
Cay George, 53 View terrace 
Chalmers Francis Christie, 46 Burns road 
Chalmers George, 19 Cairnfield place 
Chalmers George, 86 Mile End avenue 
Chalmers George, 231 Union grove 
Chalmers James, 691 King street 
Chalmers John, 29 Ferryhill place 
Chalmers John, 46 Stanley street 
Chalmers Lawrence McDonald, 87 Stanley st 
Chalmers Miss, 3 St. Swithin street 
Chalmers Miss, 18 Union grove 
Chalmers Misses, 38 St. Swithin street 
Chalmers Mrs. 41 Stanley street 
Chalmers Robert M.B., Ch.B. Royal in- 
firmary, Woolmanhill 
Chapman Alexander, 629 Holburn street 
Chapman Arthur, 117 Desswood place 
Chapman Miss, 23 Duthie terrace 
Chapman Mrs. 132 Mid Stocket road 
Chasser Mrs. 123 Forest avenue 
Chedburn Rev. William Stewart (Baptist), 

4 King's gate 
Cheyne Alexander, 55 Forest avenue 
Cheyne Alexander, 428 King street 
Cheyne Charles, 22 Burnett place 
Cheyne George, 45 Braemar place 
Cheyne George, 351a, Clifton road 
Cheyne Henry, 96 Mile End avenue 
Cheyne James, 25a, Roslin terrace 
Cheyne John, 43 Forest avenue 
Cheyne John, 13 Hosefield avenue 
Cheyne Mrs. 6 Albert terrace 
Cheyne Mrs. 87 Gray street 
Cheyne Robert, 135 Clifton road 
Cheyne Walter Smith M.D., CM. 1 Bon 

Accord square 
Cheyne William, 5 Hammerfield avenue 
Cheyne William, 204 Westburn road 
Chisholm Right Rev. ^neaa D.D., LL.D 
(Roman Catholic Bishop of Aberdeen) 
19 Golden square 
Chisholm Mrs. 9 Roslin terrace 
Chivas Mrs. 147 Forest avenue 
Chivas Mrs. 2 Fountainhall road 
Chree Rev. George Johnstone B.D. 398 

Great Western road 
Chree George M.A. 52 Devonshire road 
Christie Rev. Fras. W., M.A. (Episcopal). 

12 Westheld terrace 
Christie Alexander, 31 Hilton street 
Christie Alexander Jas. 14 Carlton place 
Christie Alexander S. 410 King street 
Christie David, 5 Thistle place 
Christie David, 5 Westburn drive 
Christie Gavin M. 57 View terrace 
Christie George Gellie, 19 St, Swithin st 
Christie James, 61 Clifton road 
Christie James Low, 37 Forest avenue 
Christie John, 55 Fountainhall road 
Christie John, 342 King street 
Christie John F., M.B., CM. 7 Alford pi 
Christie Misses, 54 Stanley street 
Christie Mrs. Balnagask road, Torry 
Christie Mrs. 286 Broomhill road 
Christie Mrs. 19 Hamilton place 
Christie Mrs. 35 Mile End avenue " 
Christie Petar, 49 Sunnybank place 


Christie Rt. Mary villa, Balnagask rd.Torrj 

Christie William, 87 Clifton road 

Christie William, 219 Great Northern roaa 

Christie William Sinclair, 19 Watson st 

Chrystal John Gray, 27 Grosvenor place 

Clake James, 11 Albert terrace 

Clapperton Thos. N. Plora vil. Riverside rd 

Clark Alexander, 15 Balmoral place 

Clark Alexander, 10 Cedar place 

Clark Alexander, 16 Devonshire road 

Clark George, 42 Salisbury terrace 

Clark James, 496 King street 

Clark James, 31 Urquhart road 

Clark John, 114 Clifton road 

Clark John Hay, 271 Great Western road 

Clark John Low M.A. 10 Albert terrace 

Clark John Nicolson, 11 Salisbury terrace 

Clark Miss, 115 Desswood place 

Clark Miss, 328 Holburn street; 

Clark Miss, 49 Rosemount place 

Clark Miss, 20 Waverley place 

Clark Mrs. 27 Albyn place 

Clark Mrs. 40 Beaconsfield place 

Clark Mrs. 36 Maberly street 

Clark Patrick William Leslie, 202 Mid 

Stocket road 
Clark Robert, 76 Duthie terrace 
Clark Robert Moir, 27 Rubislaw Den sth 
Clark Thomas, 133 Desswood place 
Clark William, 17 Desswood place 
Clark William, 210 Great Western road 
Clark William D. 84 Irvine place 
Clark William Henry M.D. ^23 Clifton road 
Harke Duncan, 7 Argyll place 
Clarke George A. (meteoro'ogist Aberdeen 
University, King's college. College 
bounds, Old Aberdeen), 479 King street 
Clarke James, 89 Devonshire road 
Clarke John M.A. (lecturer on education, 
University), 7 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Clarke Miss, 70 Hammerfield avenue 
Clerihew George, 45 Sunnyside road 
Clow Archibald, 171 Clifton road 
Clyne Alfred E. 387 Great Western road 
Clyne Arthur F.R.I. B. A. 56 Rubislaw 

Den south 
Clyne George, 16 Gordondale road 
Clyne James Bruce, 4 Fonthill terrace 
Coats Thomas Archibald, 49 Hamilton place 
Cobban Mrs. 72 Dee street 
Cobban Mrs. 201 Great Western road 
Cochran Francis James M.A. 56 Queen's rd 
Cochran Frederick, 4 Argyll crescent 
Cochrane Thomas J. P. 60 Union street 
Cockar James, Cannochy, Cornhill road 
Cockburn Joseph, 25 Leslie road 
Coghill Alexander, 583 George street 
Coleman Mrs. 70 Dee street 
Collie Andrew, 8 Forbesfield road 
Collie George Duncan, 10 Bon-Accord cres 
Collie James, 7 East Craibstone street 
Collie James, 7 Great Western place 
Collie Mrs. 48 Bedford place 
Collie Mrs. 88 Blenheim place 
Collie Mrs. 34 Clifton road 
Collie Mrs. 104 Hammerfield avenue 
Collie Mr8. 28 Irvine place 
Collie Mrs. 52 Springbank terrace 
Collie William, 225 Great Northern road 
Collier John, 61 Blenheim place 
Collingwood Arthur F.R.CO. 2a, Albyn pi 
Colquhoun Alexander, 228 King street 
Colville Miss, 77 Gray street 
Colville Mrs. 70 Duthie terrace 
Comper Mrs. 39 King's crescent 
Conuon Fergusson Anderson, 13a, Mount Bt 
Connon George, 3 Abbotsford place 
Connon Mrs. 18 St. Swithin street 
Connon William, 3 Rosebery street 
Cook Alexander, 409 Clifton road 
Cook Alexander, jun. 10 Moray place 
Cook Alexander Skene, 56 Ashley road 
Cook Charles, Carden house, Carden place 
Cook Charles M. 4 Belvidere crescent 
Cook George Mime J. P. 30 Carden place 
Cook James, 234 Great Western road 
Cook John, 25 Albury place 
Cook Mrs. 234 Great Western road 
Cook Mrs. 3 Murray terrace 
Cook Robert Sellar, 99 Fountainhall road 
Cooke Harold P., B.A. (lecturer on 
political scknee, University), 138 Blen- 
heim place * 
Cooke Thomas, 98 Gray street 
Cooper Alexander, 106 Clifton road 
Cooper Alfred, 77 Desswood place 
Cooper George M. US Blenheim place 
Cooper James, 92 Irvine place 
Cooper James G. R.72 Commerce street 
Cooper John Gordon, 37 Sunnyside road 
Cooper Misses, 22 Carlton- place 
Cooper Mrs. 7 Albert street 
Cooper P., M.A. 9 Rubislaw Den north 
Cooper William, 59 Osborne place 
Cope'.and James, 118 Hammerfield aven 
Copland Alexander, 78 Dee street 
Copland Edward, 38 Grosvenor place 
Copland James, 21 Burns road 
Copland James G., M.B., Ch.B. Royal 
infirmary, Woolmanhill 



Copland Matthew J. 9 Jamaica street 
Copland Miss, 7 Belvidere crescent 
Corbett Joseph, 110 King's gate 
Cordiner Alexander, 416 King street 
Cordiner James, 110 Irvine place 
Cordiner William, 146 Mid Stocket road 
Cormack Rev. James Boss (Episcopal), 

SI Crown street 
Cormack John, 209 Irvine place 
Cornwall George Andrew, Howburn, Rubis- 
law Den north 
Cornwall Joseph S. 19 Gordondale road 
Cosgrove James, 438 King street 
Cosserat Mrs. 63 Carlton place 
Coull Robert, 28 Prospect terrace 
Couper John Cardno Ogston, Craigiebuckler 

house, Countesswells road, Rubislaw 
Courage David, 60 Carden place 
Cousens John Harry, 20 Belmont road 
Coutts Charles, 74 Mile End avenue 
Coutts Charles, 8 Roslin terrace 
Coutts Daniel Laird, 6 Sunnyside road 
Coutts David Alexander, 94 Queen's road 
Coutts Francis, 280 Great Western road 
Coutts Gavin, Woodbai k, Broomhill road 
Coutts George, 24 John street 
Coutts George, 108 Osborne place 
Coutts James, 69 Union grove 
Coutts James A. C. 12 Elm place 
Coutts John, 325 Clifton road 
Coutts John, 4 Miliburn street 
Coutts John, jun. 28 Belvidere crescent 
Coutts Miss, 196 Great Western road 
Coutts Mrs. 20 Walker road, Torry 
Coutts Robert, 13 St inley street 
Coutts Robert Merchant, 157 Forest aven 
Coutts Thomas, 150 Forest avenue 
Coutts William, 28 Duthie terrace 
Coutts William, 393 Great Western road 
Coutts William, 45 Holburn road 
Coutts William, 394 K ng street 
Coutts William, jun. 62 Mile End avenue 
Cowan Rev. Henry M.A., D.D. (professor 
of divinity & church history, Univer- 
sity), 31 College bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Cowen Mrs. 46 Skene terrace 
Cowie Alexander, 17 Burns road 
Cowie Alexander, 284 Great Western road 
Cowie Ferbes Milne, 8 Cl.fton place 
Cowie George, 26 Belgrave terrace 
Cowie John, 29 Brighton place 
Cowie William, 8 Beechgrove place 
Cowie William, 92 King street 
Crabbe Victor, 48 Irvine place 
Craib Mrs. 45 Abergeldie road 
Craig Alexander, 23 Fonthill terrace 
Craig Alexander, 6 Forbesfleld road 
Craig Alexander, 52 Murray terrace 
Craig Andrew, 51 Argyll place 
Craig Andrew, jun. 55 Argyll place 
Craig George, Balnagask road, Torry 
Craig James, 7 Mile End avenue 
Craig John, 1 Hilton street 
Craig John M.A. 13 Rosebery 6treet 
Craig Mrs. 134 Blenheim place 
Craig Mrs. Westwood, Craigton road, 

Craig Robert, 58 Bedford place 
Craig Robert L. 46 Murray terrace 
Craig William, 83 Mile End avenue 
Craigen Alexander, 21 West Mount Btri et 
Craigen John, 40 Carden place 
Craighead Miss, Springbank lodge, Craig- 
ton road, Mannofield 
Craighead Robert, 57 Cranford road 
Craigie Mrs. 26 Albyn place 
Craigmile George, 78 Gray street 
Craigmile Mrs. 5 Strawberry bank 
Craigmyle Mrs. 86 Rose street 
Craigmyle Robert, 171 Crown 6treet 
Cran Alexander AnderBon, 22 Balmoral pi 
Oran Alexander Johnstone, 14 Bayview rd 
Cran George, 50 Bon Accord street 
Cran George Smith, 68 Forest avenue 
Cran JameB, 12 Gray street 
Cran MisB, 26 Clifton road 
Cran Mrs. 74 Carden place 
Oran Mrs. 35 Desswood place 
Cran Newell Burnett, 76 Osborne place 
Cran Robert, 9 Carlton place 
Cran Robert, 475 King street 
Oran William Farquharson, 41 Carden pi 
Cran William S. 475 King street 
Crane Miss, 23 Powis terrace 
Oranna George, 82 Ashley road 
Cranna William Hay, 6 Hosefield avenue 
Crawford Mrs. 24 Forest road 
Crighton Mrs. 7 Canal street 
Crocket Miss, 25 Carlton place 
Crockett William, 3 Burnett place 
Croft Alexander, 89 Cairnfield place 
Croll John, 45 Albert street 
Croll Mrs. 63 Argyll place 
Croll Mrs. 74 Osborne place 
Croll Westley, 3 Richmond Hill road 
Croll Wm. F., M.A., M.B. 41 Albert st 
Cromar Alexander, 23 Rubislaw Den south 
Cromar George, 161 Forest avenue 
Cromar John, 41 Duthie terrace 
Cromar John, 5 Gladstone place 


Cromar William, 12 College bounds, Old 

Crombie Douglas Fras. 153 Gt. Western rd 
Crombie Geo. Thompson, 64Rubisla\vDen Bth 
Orombie James Forbes, Danestone 
Crombie James Melville Puterson M.B., 

CM. 5 Golden square 
Crombie John, 126 Desswood place 
Crombie John, 18 Rubislaw Den north 
Crombie John Alexander, 37 Thomson st 
Crombie John William M.P., D.L., J.P. 
Balgownie lodge; & 91 Onslow square 
S W & Reform club, London S W 
Crombie Misses, 40 Hamilton place 
Crombie Mrs. 18 Queen's road 
Orombie Theodore J.P. 18 Albyn place 
Crombie Walter Paterson M.B., CM., 

L.D.S.E. 5 Golden square 
Crombie William, 36 Morningfield road 
Oronin Eev. Francis D.D. (Catholic), 20 

Huntly street 
Orosaling Frank, 149 Duthie terrace 
Crow Mrs. 10 Carlton place 
Crow Mrs. 3 Strawbeny bank 
Crowe George Henry, 51 Prospect terrace 
Crowe Wm. Christie M.B..C.M. 12 Albyn pi 
Cruden G., M.A. (lecturer on physical 
training, University), Eubislaw park, 
Cruden Mise, 33 Springbank terrace 
Cruden Thomas, 25 Orchard street 
Cruden William A. P. 65 Mile End avenue 
Cruickshank Rev. Eobert M.A. (Episcopal), 

44 Bon- Accord street 
Cru'ckshank Alexander, 53 Bonnymuir p 1 
Cru'ckshank Alex. 188 Mid Stocket road 
Cruickshank Alex, M. 82 Cairnfield place 
Cra'ck-ihank Colin, 22 Duthie terrace 
Cruickshank Douglas, 71 Sunnyside road 
Cruickshank George, 374 Great Western rd 
Cruxkshank George Thomson,63 Argyll pi 
Gruiek.shank George Hunter, 73 Gray st 
Cru'ckshank George P. 300 George street 
Cru'ckshank James, 61 Beaconsfleld p'ace 
Cruickshank James, 20 Desswood place 
Cruickshank John, 284 Broomhill road 
Cruickshank John, 28 Clifton road 
Gruick-hank John, 641 King street 
Cruickshank John Alexander, 201 King st 
Cruickshank John F. 42 G-ladstone place 
Cru'ckshank Juhn Slor C.E. 350 Great 

Western road 
Cruickshank Lewis Davie M.D., D.P.H. 2 

Belvidere crescent 
Cruickshank Miss, 46 Beaconsfleld p'ace 
Cruickshank Miss, 26 Carden place 
Cruickshank Miss, 292 Cifton road 
Cruickshank Miss, 389 Great Western road 
Cruickshank Miss, 20 Eose street 
Cruickshank Mrs. 88 Ashley road 
Cruickshank Mrs. 48 Beaconsfleld place 
Cruickshank Mrs. 501 Great Western road 
Cru'ckshank Mrs. 71 Stanly street 
Cruxkshank Robert, 422 Gt. Western rd 
Cruickshank William, 35 Beechgrove ter 
Cruickshank William, 9 Caledonian place 
Cruickshank William, 6 Forest avenue 
Cruickshank William, 10 Hollybank p'ace 
Cru'ckshank William, 29 Sunnybank place 
Cruickshank Wm. Alex. 114 Queen's road 
Cruickshank William B. 60 Duthie terrace 
Cumine John P., M.A. Ferryhill house, 

Ferryhill road 
Cummine Mrs. 1 3 Crown terrace 
Cumming Alexander, 60 Devonshire road 
Cumming James, 24 Devonshire road 
Cumming John, 1 East North street 
Cumming Michie Forbes Gray, 71 Devon- 
shire road 
Cumming Mrs. 85 Clifton road 
Cumming Mrs. 10 Duthie terrace 
Cumming Mrs. 18 Irvine place 
Cumming Mrs. 35 Salisbury terrace 
Cumming Mrs. John, 89 Orown street 
Cumming Eobert, 262 Great Western road 
Cumming Eobert, 106 King's gate 
Curr Alex. Yule, 17 Eubislaw Den south 
Curr Mrs. 15 Gladstone place 
Currie Alexander, 20 Bosebery- street 
Currie Mrs. 56 Burns road 
Currie Eobert, 114 Desswood place 
Currie William, 20 Caledonian place 
Curtis William Alexander M.A., B.D. 
(professor of systematic theology, Uni- 
versity), 35 College bnds. Old Aberdeen 
Cusens John HaTry, 43 Dulhie terrace 
Cnthbert Eev. James N., M.A., B.D. 
(Established), The Manse, Cralgiebuck- 
ler, Eubislaw 
Dakers James, 15 & 17 Union wynd 
Dalgarno Alexander, 102 Clifton road 
Dalgarno James John Young M.A., M.B., 

CM. 25 Bon-Accord terrace 
Dalgarno Mrs. 5 Hammerfield avenue 
Dalgleish James, 51 Gladstone place 
Dalgleish Mrs. 33 Albert terrace 
Dallas Mrs. 15 Albert street 
Daniel C. W. Viola house, Eubislaw 
Daniel Misses, 1 Hartington road 


Daniels George, 19 Duihie place 
Daniels William, 90 Leslie terrace 
Daniels William, jun. 93 Leslie terrace 
Danson Very Eev. James Myers M.A., 
D.D. (Dean of Aberdeen & Orkney), 19 
Bon-Accord crescent 
Darling Miss, 2 Hosefield avenue 
David Henry F. 35 Desswood place 
David W.lliam, 358 King street 
Davidson Col. James D.S., J.P. Balna- 

gask house, Balnagask road, Torry 
Davidson A. 22 Forest road 
Davidson Alex. Broomhill pk. Broomhill rd 
Davidson Alex. 18 College bnds.OidAberdn 
Davidson Alexander, 9 Devonshire road 
Davidson Alexander, 167 Gt. Western road 
Davidson Alexander, 43 Wallfield crescent 
Davidson Charles, 35 Gladstone place 
Davidson Charles James M.A., LL.B. 

44 Eubislaw Den south 
Davidson Chas. Eobt. 218 Gt Western road 
Davidson David, 19 Argyll place 
Davidson David, 21 Queen's road 
Davidson Francis C 34 Irvine place 
Davidson George, 154 Hamilton place 
Davidson Hendry, 46 Don street, Old 

Davidson James, 73 Duthie terrace 
Davidson James, 296 Great Western road 
Davidson James, 353a, Clifton road 
Davidson James, jun. 7 Countesswells 

road, Mannofield 
Davidson James M.A. 62 Hamilton place 
Davidson James, sen. Homewood, Coun- 
tesswells road, Mannofield 
Davidson James J.P. 54 King's gate 
Davidson James, 120 Mid Stocket road 
Davidson James A. 50 Bon-Accord terrace 
Davidson James B. 142 Hamilton place 
Davidson James S. 93 Hamilton placu 
Davidson James W. 36 Hamilton place 
Davidson John, 50 Bon-Aecord terrace 
Davidson John, 3 Cattofield place 
Davidson John, 10 King street 
Davidson John, 28 Sunnybank place 
Davidson John Alexander, 50 Forest aven 
Davidson M ss, 115 Leslie terrace 
Davidson Miss, 49 Stanley street 
Davidson Mrs. 83 Beaconsfleld place 
Davidson Mrs. 10 Calsayseat road 
Davidson Mrs. Forres terhill house, Corn- 
hill road 
Davidson Mrs. 414 Great Western road 
Davidson Mrs. 26 Hamilton place 
Davidson Mrs. 326 Holburn street 
Davidson Mrs. 24 North Silver street 
Davidson Mrs. 67 Osborne place 
Davidson Mrs. 49 Stanley street 
Davidson Mrs. 83 Stanley street 
Davidson William Clement M.A. 59 Vic- 
toria street 
Davidson William, 49 Bonnymuir place 
Davidson Wm. Eastside, Craigie loanings 
Davidson William, 50 St. Swithin street 
Davidson William, 12 Stanley street 
Davidson Wm. Campbell, 48 Devonshire rd 
Davidson Wm. Dalzell, 11 Eubislaw ter 
Davidson William L. Eliott villa, Craig- 

ton road, Beechhill, Mannofield 
Davidson William Leslie M.A., LL.D. 
(professor of logic, University), 8 
Queen's gardens 
Davidson William Smith, 10 Forest road 
Davie James, 3 University road 
Davie John, 631 Holburn street 
Davies John, 10 King street 
Davis Thomas H. 99 Beaconsfleld place 
Dawson Alexander, 21 Fonthill terrace 
Dawson Alfred, 454 King street 
Dawson George, 7 Erskine street 
Dawson George, 116 Leslie terrace 
Dawson George C 64 Bon-Accord street 
Dawson George F., M.B., Ch.B. Eoyal in- 
firmary, Woolmanhill 
Dawson James, 19 Albyn p'ace 
Dawson James, 97 Duthie terrace 
Dawson James, 31 Westburn drive 
Dawson Mrs. 36 Belvidere street 
Dawson Mrs. 4 Cedar place 
Dawson William, 3 Westburn drive 
Dawson Wdliam, 25 Westburn drive 
Dawson William, 43 Whitehall road 
Dean Alexander E. 59 Sunnyside road 
Dean James Lumsden, 22 Stanley street 
Dean Jn. R., S.S.C. 28 Eubislaw Den sth 
Dean Mrs. 10 Beaconsfleld place 
Dean Eobert Clarke, 74 Gray street 
Deane John C 91 Desswood place 
Deans David, 277 Clifton road 
Deans Miss, 204 King street 
Dennis John Watt, 63 Union grove 
Deuchar James, 43 Abergeldie road 
Deucher William, 189 Great Western road Very Eev. Canon Chas. (Catholic), 

Tanfleld walk, Woodside 
Dewaar Alexander, 15 Sunnyside road 
Dewar Alexander, 53 Thom-on street 
Dewar David Charlton, 107 Hamilton pi 
Dewar George, 39 Bonnymuir place 
Dewar James K. 39 Bonnymuir p'ace 

[slate k's 

Dey James, 78 Irvine place 

Dey John M.A. 102 Hammerfield avenue 

Dey Peter, Ferrvhill lodge, Polmulr road 

Dey William M.D., LL.D. 32 Hamilton pi 

Diack Charles, 91 Blenheim place 

Diaok Charles, 20 Eichmondhill place 

Diack Mrs. 90 Osborne place 

Diack Mrs. 45 Westburn road 

Diack Peter, 21 Beechgrove avenue 

Diack William, 76 Rubislaw Den north 

Dick James, 191 Great Northern road 

Dick Thomas, 12 Springbank terrace 

Dickie Alexander Low, 16 Albyn terrace 

Dickie Andrew, 57 Thomson street 

Dickie George, 3 Orchard walk 

Dick e George, 1 Prince Arthur street 

Dickie George, 78 Stanley street 

Dickie J. O. 52 Albury place 

Dickie Mrs. 16 Albyn terrace 

Dickie Eobert Davidson, 78 Stanley street 

Dickie Samuel, 659 Holburn street 

Dickson Eev. Andrew, United Free Churc'T 

manse, 322 Clifton road 
Dickson William, 58 St. Swithin street 
Dilling William, 2 Gladstone place 
Dingwall Arthur, 29 Broomhill road 
Dinnes Mrs. 351 Holburn street 
Dinsmore Miss, 309 Hardgate 
Dodds James, 27 Fonthill terrace 
Dodds John, 3 Caledonian place 
Dodds William H. 146 Bon-Accord street 
Dog John S. 298 Great "Western road 
Doig Charles William, 14 Loanhead terrace 
Donald Alexander, 454 King street 
Donald David M. 8 Ca.rnfield place 
Donald David M. C 57 Gray street 
Donald George, 66 Bedford place 
Donald James, 26 Balmoral place 
Donald James, 226 Union grove 
Donald John, 12 Eoslin terrace 
Donald John, 355 Union street 
Donald M:ss, 355 Union street 
Donald Masses, 105 Hamilton place 
Donald Mrs. 75 Abergeldie road 
Donald Mrs. Albert grove, Countesswells 

road, Mannofield 
Donald Mrs. 3 Carden place 
Donald Mrs. 68 Duthie terrace 
Donald Mrs. 544 Holburn street 
Donald Mrs. 9 Watsnn street 
Dona'd Mrs. 47 Whitehall road 
Donald Mrs. William, 66 G^dstone place 
Donald William, 28 Abergeldie terrace 
Donaldson Eev. George Andrew DavidBon 

(United Free), 10 Strawberry bank 
Donaldson George, 86 Gray street 
Donaldson George, 212 Mid Stocket road 
Donaldson Mrs. 52 Whitehall road 
Donaldson Robert, 162 Great Western road 
Donaldson William, 49 Beaconsfleld place 
Donaldson William, 329 Hardgate 
Douglas Hon. Mrs. 57 Queen's road 
Douglas David, 16 Albyn place 
Douglas David, 15 Queen's road 
Douglas Mungo, 77 Argyll place 
Doughs Mrs. 71 Crown street 
Douglas William A. 33 Carden place 
Dove Anthony. 2 Wellbrae ter. Mannofield 
Dow William] 13 Mile End avenue 
Downie James, 38 Irvine place 
Downie James Gordon, 29 Albury place 
Downie Peter, 14 Duthie terrace 
Downie Robert, 7 Mount street 
Dowson Augts. Hy. 148 Mid Stocket rd 
Drummond Juhn, 44 Forest road 
Ducat James, 69 Fountainhall road 
Duff J. M. 314 Great Western road 
Duff William. 28 Belmont road 
DufCus Alexander, 3 Albert street 
Duffus Alexander, 11 Queen's gardens 
Duffus Miss, 3 Albert street 
Dufr'us Mrs. Broomhill lo. Broomhill road; 
Dufton Alexander, 30 Bon-Accord street 
Dugan Alexander Ferrier, 6 Argyll crescent 
Dugan Hugh Mathieson, 57 Braemar pi 
Dugan James. 9 Argyll crescent 
Dug'd John, 24 Richmondhill p'ace 
Duguid Alexander, 13 Devonshire road 
Dngu'd Andrew, 15 Grosvenor place 
Duguid Dav.d, 23 Thomson street 
Duguid James, 28 Bedford place 
Duguid James M.A. (lecturer on convey- 
ancing, University), 7 Bon-Accord cres 
Duguid James, 22 Gordnndale road 
Duguid James, 383 Holburn street 
Duguid John M.A. 41 Gladstone place 
Duguid John, 7 Sunnyside wa'k 
Duguid Miss. 82 Desswool p'ace- 
Duguid Misses, 12 Albyn terrace 
Du^-u d Mrs. 32 Bi-lvidere orescent 
Duguid Mrs. 16 Queen's road 
Duguid Eobert Arthur, 7 Ferryhill place 
Dugu d Wil' ; am B. 8 Hilton street 
Dnmolo William, 435 Great Western road 
Dunbar Alexander D. 26 Salisbury terrace 
Duubar Alexander L. 16 M.le End avenue 
Dunbar Frank, Glender cottage, Victoria 

road, Torry 
Duncan Albert, 23 Cedar place 
Duncan Alexander, 37 Burns road 


Duncan Alexander, 54 Forest avenue 
Duncan Alexander, 35 Hosefield avenue 
Duncan Alexander, 41 Mi e End avenue 
Duncan Alexander Goalen, 41 Burns road 
Duncan Alex. Robertson, 197 Westburn rd 
Duncan Andrew, Grampian view, Balna- 

gask road, Torry 
Duncan Douglass, 23 Crown street 
Duncan George M.A. 60 Hamilton place 
Duncan George, 412 King street 
Duncan George Mellors, 12 Bayview road 
Duncan George T&it, 403 King street 
Duncan Henry, 35 Abergeldie road 
Duncan Hugh, 28 Balmoral place 
Duncan James, 14 Hollybank p'ace 
Duncan James, 11 Rosebank terrace 
Duncan John, 138 Bon-Accord street 
Duncan John, 18 Erskine street 
Duncan John, 403 King street 
Duncan John, jun. 477 King street 
Duncan John, 100 Osborne place 
Duncan M. Moir B.A. 3 Bon-Accord cres 
Duncan Miss, 69 Desswood p'ace 
Duncan Miss, 13 Victoria street 
Duncan Miss, 39 Victoria street 
Duncan Misses, 17 Albyn p'ace 
Duncan Misses, 25 Hamilton place 
Duncan Misses, 38 Bon-Accord street 
Duncan Mrs. 137 DesBwood place 
Duncan Mrs. 408 King street 
Duncan Mrs. 61 Osborne place 
Duncan Mrs. 50 Powis tfrrace 
Duncan Mrs. 9 Bosebank terrace 
Duncan Robert, 77 Don st. Old Aberdeen 
Duncan Robert, 11 Font-hill terrace 
Duncan Robert B. 403 K"ng street 
Duncan Robert G. 352 Hardgate 
Duncan William 0-, B.A. 20 Queen's road 
Duncan William, 89 Argyll place 
Duncan William. 23 Braemar p'ace 
Duncan William, 96 Irvine place 
Duncan Wm, Oswald B.A. 20 Queen's rd 
Dun'c.p John C. 17 Hosefield avenue 
Dunn Alex. Davidson, 98 Devonshire rd 
Dunn David, 87 Hamilton place 
Dunn James, 89 Blenheim place 
Dunn John A. 5 Queen's road 
Dunn John McLeod, 121 Broomhill road 
Dunn Robert, 3 Hartington road 
Dunn Robert William, 89 Forest avenue 
Dunn William Leiter, 41 St. Clair street 
Dunningham Douglas Alex. 31 Cromwell rd 
Dunningham William, 31 Albert terrace 
Durno Alexander, 62 Great Western road 
Durno James, 66 Queen's road 
Durno William, 169 Clifton road 
Dustan William Alex. 18 Holburn road 
Duthie Alexander, 17 Argyll place 
Duthie Alexander, 11 Belvidere street 
Duthie Alex. Taylor, 156 Mid Stocket rd 
Duthie David, 25 King's gate 
Duthie David Hutcbeon M.A., B.L. 25 

King's gate 
Duthie George Forsyth J.P. Maryville, Don 

terrace, Woodside 
Duthie James, 19b, Mount street 
Duthie James Skene M.A. 148 Forest aven 
Duthie James Watt, 32 Braemar place 
Duthie John, Carradale, Craigton road. 

Ma nno field 
Duthie John C. 28 Bonnymuir place 
Duthie Josrph, 32 Osborne place 
Duthie Miss, 68 Beechgrove terrace 
Duthie Miss, 77 Braemar place 
Duthie Robert, Hilton house, Clifton road 
Duthie Robert G. 76 BeecbgTove terrace 
Duthie Robt. Gorrard, 127 Mid Stocket rd 
Duthie Robert William, 48 Skene terrace 
Dulton Alfred Ernest. 10 Bonnvmu'r place 
East Frederick. 664 Hoi bum street 
Easton David, 111 Hamilton place 
Easton Mrs. 12 Bon-Accord crescent 
Easton Mrs. 66 Stanley street. 
Eaton Charles, 73 Murray terrace 
Eddie Miss, 20 Rubislaw "terrace 
Eddie William, 153 Hardgate 
Edelshein Samuel, 30 Burns road 
. Edmond Alexander, 18 Rubislaw terrace 
Edmond George M., M.A., M.D., J.P. 12 

Rubislaw terrace 
Edmond Mrs. 31 Hosefield avenue 
Edmonston Charles; 25 King's gate 
Edmonstone Mrs. 39 Carlton place 
Edward John, 52 Mile End avenue 
Edward Mrs. 3 Rosemount house, 30 Rose- 
mount place 
Edward Peter M.A., B.Sc. 3 Rosemount 

house, 30 Rosemount place 
Edward Thomas, 20 Hosefield avenue 
Edwards Alexander, 113 Bon-Accord st 
Edwards Alfred William, 166 Forest avenue 
Edwards David, 63 Queen's road 
Edwards Henry, Beechill, Craigiebuckler 

road, Mannofield 
Edwards Robert Geo. 32 St. Swithin street 
Edwards William, 490 King street 
Edwards William G. 510 King street 
Elder James, 52 Dee street 
Elder James, 13 King's crescent 
Etgen Alexander D. 35 Thomson street 


Ellicock Joseph, Wood End ho. Qu en's rd 
Ellis Right Rev. Rowland D.D. (Lord 

Bishop of Aberdeen & Orkney), Bishop's 

court, 29 Albyn place 
Ellis Alexander, 66 Springbank terrace 
Ellis John, 60 Bubislaw Den south 
Elmslie David D. G Sea View place 
Elmslie George, 44 Nelson street 
Elphin3tone Joseph L. 443 Union street 
Elphinstone Boderick, 28 Loanhead terrace 
Elrick Alexander, 29 Watson street 
Elrick John, 41 Fountainhall road 
Elrick William, S3 Irvine place 
Elsmie James, 6 Bon-Accord crescent 
Emslie Alexander, 51 Braemar place 
Emslie Alexander, 12 Esselmont avenue 
Emslie Alfred Geo. 459 Gt. Western road 
Emslie Benjamin, 18 Burns road 
Emslie Harry Alexander, 1 Braemar place 
Emslie John, 61 Beechgrove terrace 
Emslie Miss, 44 Forest avenue 
Emslie Mrs. 96 Fountainhall road 
Emslie-Smith Alexander, Summerhill house, 

Endacott Edward, 8 Belmont street 
England George, 18 Carden place 
Erridge Edward, 49 Waverley place 
Esslemont George Birnie M.P.King's acre, 

16 King's gate 
Esslemont James, 25 Forest road 
Esslemont Peter, 2 Affleck street 
Esslemont William Davidson M.A., B.L. 

12 Wellbrae terrace, Mannofield 
Esson Alfred, 16 Burns road 
Esson George, 47 Victoria street 
Esson Geo. Smith M.A. 337 Holburn st 
Esson James, 20 Elm place 
Esson Mts. 44 Irvine place 
Esson Mrs. 9 Strawberry bank 
Eunson William, 6 Strawberry bank 
Ev n-on James Lewis, 26 Gray street 
Ewen Rev. Wm. M.A. 93 Bon-Accord st 
Ewen James Walker, 43 Thomson street 
Ewen John Taylor, 104 K:ng's gate 
Ewen Miss, 204 Great Western road 
Fairlee Rev. John (Established), 340 

Clifton road 
Fairweather John Robertson, 76 Gray et 
Fairweather Mrs. 11 South Crown street 
Fairweather Robert, 16 Hosefield avenue 
Falconer David, 22 Sunnybank p'ace 
Falconer George, 15 Victoria street 
Falconer Harvey, 14 Albert street 
Falconer Misses, 560 King street 
Falconer Mrs. 74 Abergeldie road 
Falconer Mrs. 239 Great Western road 
Falconer Mrs. 51 Thomson street 
Falconer William, 44 Belgrave terrace 
Farquhar Rev. James Taylor Floyd M.A., 

B.D. (Episcopal), 216 Great Western rd 
Farquhar Arthur, 327 Holburn street 
Farquhar George, 112 Queen's road 
Farquhar George J.P. 66 Union row 
Farquhar James Taylor, 216 Gt. Western rd 
Farqrhar Mrs. 40 Braemar p'ace 
Farq jhar Mrs. 261 Great Western road 
Farquhar Mrs. 23 Powis terrace 
Farquhar Rob?rt, 295 Broomhill road 
Farquhar William Abercromby Gordon, 152 

Great Western road 
F;irquharson Henry, 60 Ashley road 
Farquharson Charles, 56 Clifton road 
Farqubarson James, 60 Watson street 
Farquharson John J.P. 37 Westburn road 
Farquharson Miss, 1G Brighton place 
Farquharson Mrs. 63 St. Swithin street 
Farquharson Peter J.P. 3 Albyn place 
Farquharson William^ 87 Argyll place 
Farrell Mrs. 204 Great Western road 
Fasker Alexander, 70 Ashley road 
Fenton Edward W. 58 Desswood place 
Fenton George, 2 Loanhead terrace 
Fenton Miss, 68 Irvine place 
Ferd.nands George Staples P., M.D. 467 

Union street 
Ferguson Andrew Bruce, 1 Lilybank place 
Ferguson Charles L. 42 E'mhYld avenue 
Ferguson Miss, 36 Carlton place 
Ferguson Mrs-. 8 Argyll crescent 
Ferguson Mrs. 62 Springbank terrace 
Ferguson Mrs. Woodside house, Woodside 
Ferguson Thomas, 7 Westfield terrace 
Fergusson Miss, 105 Desswood place 
Fergusson Mrs. 41 Beaconsfield place 
Fergusson' Mrs. 21 Desswood place 
Fergusson Mrs. 9 View terrace 
Fernie Mrs. 12 Caledonian place 
Ferraro John, 27 Duthie terrace 
Ferrier William M.A. (assistant professor 

of english literature, University), 4 

Beaconsfield p'ace 
Ferries John, 10 Belvidere street 
Fiddes Alexander, 62 Whitehall road 
Fiddes James, 42 Rubislaw Den south 
Fiddes John, 242 Victoria road, Tony 
Fiddes Mrs. 23 Belvidere crescent 
Fiddes Mrs. 13 Holburn road 
Fiddes Mrs. 198 M d Stocket road 
F.ddes Robert, Sheriff court, Castle street 
Fife William M.A. 434 Clifton road 



F.ldes Mrs. 28 Beaconsfield p'ace 
Fimister Mrs. 90 Desswood place 
Findlater Peter, 7 Rosemount terrace 
Findlay Rev. Peter Charles, 456 Great: 

Western road 
Findlay Alexander, 38 Belvidere crescent 
Findlay Andrew, 5 Hammersmith road 
Findlay David, 1G5 Du L hie terrace 
Findlay James, 158 Bon-Accord street 
Findlay Miss, 34 Fountainhall road 
Findlay Miss, 214 Great Western road 
Findlay Robert, 147 Bienheim place 
Findlay Robt. Wallace, 20 Sunnybank pi 
Findlay William, 34 Fountainhall road 
Findlay William, 90 Union grove 
Findlayson Mrs. 18 Loanhead terrace 
Findlayson Rob?rt Boyd, 134 King's gate 
Finlay" David White B.A., M.D., D.P.H., 
LL. D. (professor of medicine, Univer- 
sity), 2 Queen's terrace 
Finlayson Robert Barron, 137 Blenheim pi 
Finnie Andrew Scott, 35 Beechgrove avenue- 
Fisher Miss, 96 Western road, Woodside 
Fisher Mrs. 112 Hamilton place 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. 2 Argyll crescent 
Fleming George K. 1 Bon-Accord crescent 
Flemming Frank, 72 Blenheim road 
Fletcher Alexander, 5 Deemount terrace 
Fletcher Robert, 13 Deemount road 
Fletcher William, 3 Marine terrace 
Flett Alexander, 18 Bayview road 
Flett Alexander, 14a, Union grove 
Fiett Alex. Milne, Lynne ho. Albyn lane 
Flett John, 194 George street 
Flockhart Andrew, 6 Wellbrae terrace,. 

Flockhart John. 19 Victoria street 
Florence Mrs. 63 Carlton place 
Florence Mrs. 31 Punnyside road 
Florence William, 124 Leslie terrace 
Fogtro Wm. S. Braehead, Bridge-of-Don 
Forbes Alexander, 1 Albyn terrace 
Forbes Alexander, 64 Hamilton place 
Forbes Alexander, 214 Irvine p'ace 
Forbes Alexander, 102 Powis place 
Forbes Alexander, 12 Salisbury terrace 
Forbes Alexander, 268 Victor'a rd. Tony 
Forbes Arthur, 28G Cifton road 
Forbes Charles, 47 Forest avenue 
Forbes Charles M.B., Ch.B. 187 King st. 

6 19 & 21 Church street- 
Forbes Frederick, 35 Beaconsfield p'ace 
Forbes George, 49 Clifton road 

Forbes George, 137 Mid Stocket road 
Forbes James, 55 Bpechgrove terrace 
Forbes James, 184 Forest avenue 
Forbes James, 234 Rosemount p'ace 
Forbes James, 49 Thomson street 
Forbes James R. 204 King street 
Forbes James Riddell, 167 Duthie terrace- 
Forbes John, 79 Braemar place 
Forbes John, 10G Crown street 
Forbes Miss, 12 Brighton place 
Forbes Miss, 3 Westfield terrace 
Forbes Mrs. 70 Stanley street 
Forbes Mrs. James, 6 Devonshire road 
Forbes Patrick, 347 Clifton road 
Forbes Patrick Moir, 343 Clifton road 
Forbes Thoma3, jun. 41 Devanha garden?- 
Forb:s William, 55 Sunnyside road 
Forbes Wm. D.ckson, 76 Hammerfield av 
Forgan Rev. Robert B.D. (United Free; r 

32 Carden place 
Forgie Mrs. 1 Cairnfield p 1 ace 
Forres Mrs. 116 Mid Stocket road 
Forrest Alexander, 34 Devonshire road 
Forrest Andrew, 28 Carlton place 
Forrest John, 61 Devonshire road 
Forrest Robert Reid, 501 King street 
Forshaw Joseph Alfred, 19 Ashley road 
Forsyth Alexander, 33 Braemar place 
Forsyth Herbert C. B. 39 Beaconsfield pi 
Forsyth Miss, 6 Belvidere crescent 
Forsyth Thomas Scott, 54 Forest avenue 
Fortescue William Irvine J.P., M.B., CM. 

7 Bon-Accord square 
Fothenngham Misses, 10 Gladstone place 
Fotheringham Thomas, Maybank, Rubis- 
law Den south 

Fowler George, 370 Great Western road 
Fowler James Elsmie J. P., M.D. Arden- 

ville, Church street, Woodside 
Fowler Mrs. 1 Ferryhtll place 
Fowler Mrs. North Pier villa, Pocra pier 
Fowler Mrs. 43 Stanley street 
Fowler Saml. Davidson, 5 Louisville avert 
Fowlie Miss, M Stanley street 
France Chas. Anderson, 129 Forest avenue 
France Charles S. 13 Carnfield place 
Fraser A., M.D., J.P. 232 Union street 
Eraser Adam, 23 Justice Mill lane 
Fraser Alexander, 25 Bonnymuir place 
Fraser Alexander, 216 Union street 
Fraser Alexander D. 96 Desswood place- 
Fraser Charles, 9 Holburn road 
Fraser George, 11 Belgrave terrace 
Fraser Hector, 47 Carden place 
Fraser James, 4 Forbesfield road 
Fraser James, 27 Forest avenue 
Fraser James, 62 Hilton place 


Fraser James, 607 King street 
Fraser James, 80 Powis place 
Fraser John, 67 Abergeldie road 
Fraser John, 294 Clifton road 
Fraser John, 79 Desswood place 
Fraser John L. 47 Hosebank terrace 
Fraser John P. 46 St. Swithin street 
Fraser Joseph, 31 Queen's road 
Fraser Michael, 128 Hammerfield avenue 
Fraser Miss, 35 Brighton place 
Fraser Miss, 2 Hilton road 
Fraser Misses, 6 Queen's road 
Fraser Mrs. 93 Blenheim place 
Fraser Mrs. 2 Brighton place 
Fraser Mrs. 14 Caledonian place 
Fraser Mrs. 58 Duthie terrace 
Fraser Mrs. 67 Duthie terrace 
Fraser Mrs. 35 Holburn road 
Fraser Mrs. 40 Queen's road 
Fraser Mrs. 238 Union grove 
Fraser Mrs. 2 Windsor place 
Fraser Thomas M.A., M.B., Ch.B. 45 Elm- 
bank terrace 
Fraser William, 28 Belgrave terrace 
Fraser William, 71 Blenheim place 
Fraser William, 117 Clifton road 
Fraser William, 436 Great Western road 
Fraser WJliam, 56 Hamilton place 
Fraser William, 40 View terrace 
Frazer Mrs. 143 Duthie terrace 
Freestone Fredk. Spencer, 7 University rd 
French Mrs. 11 Ferryhill place 
Fullerion Alexander, 64 Bedford place 
Fullerton Alexander, 50 Forest avenue 
Fullerton Alexander, 35 Watson street 
Fullerton The Misses, 7 Polmuir road 
Fulton Thomas Wemyss M.D. 417 Great 

Western road 
Fyfe Alexander Doss, 67 Cairnfield place 
Fyfe George, 22 Fonthill road 
Fvfe George, 281 King street 
Fyfe George, 14 Mile End avenue 
Fvfe James, 51 Burns load 
Fyfe Jas. Moorseat ho. Mid Stocket road 
Fyfe James, Botunda lodge, Polmuir road 
Fyfe James, 110 Westburn road 
Fvfe John, 517 King street 
Fyfe John M. 36 Albyn place 
Fyfe Miss, 69 Cairnfleld p'ace 
Fyfe Mrs. 55 Cranford road 
Fyfe Mrs. 8 Strawberry bank 
Fyfe Bobert, 36 Devonshire road 
Gage Thomas, 13 Whitehouse street 
Gair James Alexander, 14 Burnett place 
Gairns Thomas Todd, 102 Bonnymuir pi 
Gaiter Joseph, 5 Orchard place 
Galbraith Mrs. 13 Forest road 
Gall Rev. William B., M.A. (United Free), 

View house, View terrace 
Gall Alexander, 27 Ferryhitl place 
Gall Alexander George M.B., CM. 9 

Powis place 
Gall James, 5 Watson street 
Gall John, 10 Loanhead terrace 
Gall John, jun. 21 Watson street 
Gall Bobert, 71 Beechgrove terrace 
Galloway Alexander Eudolf M.A., M.B. 250 

Union street 
Galloway John, 23 Cranford road 
Galloway John, Gordondale.Gordondale rd 
Galloway Bobert. 348 Hardgate 
Gammie' Alexander, 30 Eosebery street 
Gammie John, 9 Cairnfleld place 
Gammie John, 34 Gray street 
Gammie William, 83 Duthie terrace 
Ganson Miss, 211 Great Western road 
Garbutt William Milne, 291 Broomhill rd 
Garden Alex. Laurel bank, Back Hilton rd 
Garden Farquharson Taylor, 4 Kubislaw ter 
Garden George, 4 Bon-Accord terrace 
Garden George, 346 Hardgate 
Garden James, 12 Burns road 
Garden James, 640 King street 
Garden John, 26 Mile End avenue 
Garden John Henry, 67 Devonshire road 
Garden Louis, 35" Caledonia place 
Garden Mrs. 4 Albyn terrace 
Garden Mrs. 169 Great Western road 
Garden Mrs. 365 Great Western road 
Garden Bichard C. 42 Elmbank terrace 
Garden William, 23 Albyn place 
Gardener James, 107 Mile End avenue 
Gardiner Henry, 2 Ferryhill place 
Gardiner Bobert, 59 Balmoral place 
Garrow Robert, 56 Albury road 
Garrett Peter Briff Lieut. E.N.13King's gt 
Garriock Mrs. 44 Forest avenue 
Garroich Archibald, 7 Lilybank place 
Garrow Alexander, 9 Burns road 
Garrow Miss, 24 Mile End avenue 
Garvie George, 13 Powis terrace 
Garvie Mrs. 1 Osborne place 
Gaudie Hugh, 48 Bichmondhill place 
Gauld Edgar, Hamilton lodge, Hamilton pi 
Gauld James, 19 Beechgrove terrace 
Gauld James, 30 Osborne place 
Gauld William, 21 Albyn grove 
Gauld William Edgar A.B.I.B.A. 32 Bel- 
grave terrace 
Gavin John, 638 King street 


Gavin Mrs. 25 Burns road 

G-eddes Lady, 55 Don street, Old Aberdeen 

Geddes John, 55 Thomson street 

Geddes Mrs. 98 Powis place 

Geddie Rev. Watson B.A. 93 Desswood pi 

Geddie David Watson M.A., M.B., CM. 13 

Golden square 
Geershon Thomas, 103 Blenheim place 
Gellatly William, 6 Mary-well street 
Gellie George, 58 Irvine place 
Gellie Mrs. 112 Desswood place 
Gellie William J.P. 28 Gladstone place 
Gemlo James Ogilvie, 28 Gray street 
Gemmie James S. 351 Clifton road 
George Alexander Smith, 14 Hosefield av 
George James, 43 Fonthill terrace 
George Mrs. 25 Albyn p'ace 
Georgeson James M.A. 61 Carlton place 
Georgeson William, 459 King street 
Gerard Bobert, 360 Holburn street 
Gerrad Theodore, 101 Beaconsfield place 
Gerrard John, 65 Braemar place 
Gerrard William Mortimer, 149 Forest av 
Gerrie Alexander B. 58 E'-mfield avenue 
Gerrie George, 36 Mile End avenue 
Gerrie Peter, 27 Holburn road 
Gerry James, 376 Great Western road 
Gibb Rev. A. Grant M.A. (Baptist), 12 

Queen's road 
Gibb Alfred, 511 King street 
Gibb Edward, 10 Fonthill terrace 
Gibb George M.A. 294 Great Western road 
Gibb George B. 11 Westburn drive 
Gibb John, 1 Belvidere street 
Gibb John, 10 Fonthill terrace John, 469 King street 
Gibb John H. 23 Rosebery street 
Gibb John Paton, Viewfield ho. Rubislaw 
Gibb Robert, 198 Westburn road 
Gibb Thomas, 13 Mount street 
Gibb William, 4 Seaforth road 
Gibb William Taylor, 69 Stanley street 
Gibbon Mrs. 5 Rubislaw terrace 
Gibbs James, 32 Dee street 
Gibson David, 98 Mile End avenue 
Gibson John, 29 Church street, Woodside 
Gibson Miss, 35 Dee street 
Gibson Mrs. 47 Beaconsfield place 
Gibson Mrs. 35 Gladstone p'ace 
Gibson Hobert Henderson, 156 Hamilton pi 
Gibson T. B., M.A., M.B. 2 Golden square j Grant James 
Cattofield house 


Gibson Thomas Hay ter, 

Cattofield place 
Gifford James, 253 Union grove 
Gifford Mrs. 78 Ashley road 
Gilbert James, 47 Devanha gardens 
Gilbert James, 608 King street 
Gilbert Misses, 39 Beechgrove terrace 
Gilbert Walter. 13 Gray street 
Gilchrist Alfd. Ph.D., M.A. 141 Blenheim pi 
Gilchrist John, 9 Powis terrace 
Gilchrist Miss, 20 Fountainhall road- 
Giles Mrs. 6 Argyll place 
Giles William, 117 Crown street 
Gill Alexander, 63 Beechgrove terrace 
GUI Alex. O., J.P. Fairfield, Whinhill road 
Gill James, 141 Duthie terrace 
Gill James, 55 Gray street 
GUI John, 31 Beechgrove terrace 
Gill John P. 15 Beaconsfield place 
Gillan Miss, 13 Bon-Accord crescent 
Gillespie James, 49 Bedford place 
Gillespie Mrs. 21 Carden place 
Gillian John, 10 Mile End place 
Gillies T. B. 375 Great Western road 
Gillieson Rev. William Phin M.A. (Estab- 
lished), 11 Countesswells rd. Manorfield 
Gilroy James M A., D.D. (professor of 
Hebrew & Semitic languages, Univer- 
sity), 45 Don street 
Gleeson Thomas, 6 Leslie road 
Gleeson Thomas, 51 Leslie road 
Glegg James C. 60 King's gate 
Glegg Miss, 127 Desswood place 
Glennie Alex. Hutchinson, 56 Whitehall rd 
Glennie Mrs. 22 Belvidere crescent 
Glennie Mrs. 62 Irvine place 
Glennie Thomas Cowie, 17 Belvidere cres 
Glennie William, 21 Braemar place 
Glennie William, 38 Richmond place 
Gloag William, 39 Great Northern road 
Glover Mrs. 14 Westfield terrace 
Godsman Miss, 23 Elmfield avenue 
Gold Alexander, 83 Braemar place 
Goldsworth Miss, 15 Albert terrace 
Goodall Rev.Jas.(U. F-), 24 Beechgrove pi 
Goodbrand James, 27 King's gate 
Goodbrand Miss, 33 King's crescent 
Goodbrand Stephen, & King's crescent & 

Hazelbank, Banchory 
Gordon Major Charles Stuart V.D. 2 

Garden terrace 
Gordon Maj. Duncan Forbes, 19 Queen's rd 
Gordon Lieutenant & Quartermaster Thos. 

73 Stanley street 
Gordon Adam, 21 Mount street 
Gordon Alexander, 27 Albany place 
Gordon Alexander, 80 Fountainhall road 
Gordon Alexander, 17 Hilton street 
Gordon George, 129 Hammerfield avenue 
Gordon David, 78 Osborne place 

Gordon James, 45 Beaconsfield place 
Gordon James, 78 Clifton road 
Gordon James, 32 Duthie terrace 
Gordon James, 42 Grosvenor place 
Gordon James E. 23 Beechgrove terrace 
Gordon James F. 102 Broomhill road 
Gordon James F. 75 Devonshire road 
Gordon James H. 52 Fonthill road 
Gordon James Sim, 4 Devonshire road 
Gordon John, Cornhill ho. Cornhill road 
Gordon John M.D. 1 Rubislaw terrace 
Gordon John Henry Forbes, 49 Braemar pi 
Gordon Leslie, 106 Leslie terrace 
Gordon Miss, 18 Beaconsfield place 
Gordon Miss, 168 Bon-Accord street 
Gordon Miss, 38 Stanley street 
Gordon Miss, 2 Carden terrace 
Gordon Misses, 144 Bon-Accord street 
Gordon Mrs. 100 Anderson drive 
Gordon Mrs. 30 Balmoral place 
Gordon Mrs. 9 Braemar place 
Gordon Mrs. 15 Desswood place 
Gordon Mrs. 62 Queen's road 
Gordon Mrs. 84 Queen's road 
Gordon Mrs. 63 St. Swithin street 
Gordon Robert Fraser, 45 Beechgrove ter 
Gordon Robt. Milne B.S. 96 Broomhill rd 
Gordon Samuel, 11 Lilybank place 
Gordon Thomas Robert, 26 Beechgrove pi 
Gordon William, 72 Stanley street 
Gordon William, jun. 202 Union grove 
Gorman Peter, 121 Urquhart road 
Gorrod Charles, 9 Mount street 
Gorrod John, 8 Bonnymuir place 
Gorrod Mrs. 60 Stanley street 
Govan Mrs. 15 Brighton place 
Govenlock Andrew, 21 Hosefield avenue 
Gow Miss, 29 Polmuir road 
Gow Mrs. 63 Forest avenue 
Gow William, 49 Cranford road 
Gowans George Russell, 119 Broomhill rd 
Grade William, 4 Leslie road 
Grafton Ethelbert, 68 Gladstone place 
Graham C. 380 Great Western road 
Graham John, 25 Church street, Woodside 
Graham Miss, 36 Burns road 
Grainger Arthur Iunes, 15 Stanley street 
Grant Rev. Andrew (Catholic), St. Peter's 

presbytery, Justice street 
Grant Alexander D. 59 Abergeldie road 

121 Clifton road 
Grant James, Craiginches 
Grant James F. 76 Union grove 
Grant John, 101 Clifton road 
Grant John, 9 Rosebery street 
Grant John Alexander, 26 Brighton place 
Grant John Lyall J.P. 11 Albyn terrace 
Grant Miss, 37 Carden place 
Grant Miss, 84 Leslie terrace 
Grant Miss, 4 Prince Arthur street 
Grant Miss, 1 Westfield terrace 
Grant Mrs. 53 Devonshire road 
Grant Mrs. 39 Sunnyside road 
Grant Peter, 4 Westfield road 
Grant Robert, 71 Westburn road 
Grant William, 305 Broomhill road 
Grant Wm. Alexander, 4 Camperdown rd 
Grascick Misses, 21 Ferryhill place 
Gray Alexander, 128 Blenheim place 
Gray Alexander, 147 Duthie terrace 
Gray Alexander, 272 Holburn street 
Gray Alexander, 9 Queen's road 
Gray Alexander, 51a, Stanley street 
Gray Alexander M. 44 Stanley street 
Gray David, 270 Great Western road 
Gray George, 52 Gray street 
Gray George, 73 Mile End avenue 
Gray George, 45 Osborne place 
Gray George, 41 Springbank terrace 
Gray George S. 28 Bright street 
Gray Henry, 3 Queen's road 
Gray Henry Mcllree Williamson M.B., 

CM. 5 Bon Accord square 
Gray James, 77 Duthie terrace 
Gray James, 50 Forest road 
Gray James, 36 Osborne place 
Gray James, 14 Powis terrace 
Gray John, 26 Argyll place 
Gray John, 46 Forest avenue 
Gray John, 36 Fountainhall road 
Gray John Peterson Smith, 132 King's gte 
Gray Miss, 39 Victoria street 
Gray Misses, 4 Sunnybank road 
Gray Mrs. 27 Belvidere street 
Gray Mrs. 95 Bon-Accord street 
Grav Mrs. 3 Brunswick place 
Gray Mrs. The Gab!es,30 Rubislaw Den sth 
Gray Mrs. 196 Westburn road 
Gray Oliver, 4a, Caroline place 
Gray Peter, 83 Skene square 
Gray Robert, 54 Murray terrace 
Gray Robert, 43 Queen's road 
Gray Robert, 3 Rosemount terrace 
Gray Thomas, 50 Springbank terrace 
Gray William, 79 Abergeldie road 
Gray William, 37 Dee street 
Gray William, 340 Hardgate 
Greaves Charles, 103 Forest avenue 
Green Alexander M.A. 25 Beechgrove ter 
Green Alexander, 19 Calsayseat road 
Green James, 39 Desswood place 


Green Mrs. 1 Carden terrace 
Green Robert, jun. 21 Laurel avenue 
Green "William, 18 Hosefield avenue 
Greenlaw John, 21 Springbank terrace 
Gregor Henry Watson, 103 Irvine place 
Gregory John M.B., CM. 108 street, 

Old Aberdeen 
Greig Alexander, 25 Desswood place 
Greig Alexander, 17 Osborne place 
Greig George, Malvern, Bridge of Don 
Greig James, 49 Great Northern road 
Greig James, 3 Windsor place 
Greig Miss, 4 Thistle place 
Greig Mrs. 97 Desswood place 
Greig Mrs. 106 Desswood place 
Greig Mrs. 13 Forbesfield road 
Greig Mrs. Morningside, Morningside rd. 

Greig Mrs. 42 Osborne place 
Greig Mrs. Viewfield, Bridge of Don 
Greig Robert B., F.H.A.S. (lecturer on 

agriculture), University 
Greig Thomas, 49 University road 
Greig William, 76 Irvine place 
Greig William Kelvin, 15 Roslin terrace 
Grier Mrs. 443 King street 
Grierson Herbert John Clifford M.A. (pro- 
fessor of English literature, University), 
7 King's gate 
Groundwater Robert, 63 Leslie road 
Gunn John, 52 Burns road 
Guuther Herman Carl. 6 Forest road 
Guthrie Lieut. George Alfred R.A. 160 

Broomhill road 
Guthrie John, 79 Gray street 
Guthrie Mrs. 37 Leslie road 
Guthrie Wm. Stuart S. 7 Beecbgrove av 
Hadden Andrew, 85 Stanley street 
Hadden Henry Hope B. 20 Cedar place 
Hadden James, 35 Great Northern road 
Hadden James Albert, 429 Clifton road 
Hadden Miss, 4 Clifton place 
Hadden Mrs. 6 Loanhead place 
Hadden Robert, 33 Cromwell road 
Hagerty John Bayne, 15 Forest road 
Hailley Mrs. 45 View terrace 
Hali Alexander, 8 Braemar place 
Hall George, 139 Desswood place 
Hall George, 418 Great Western road 
Hall Harvey, 8 Bon-Accord crescent 
Hall John, 64 Mile End avenue 
Hall Miss, 159 Duthie terrace 
Hall Mrs. 63 Holburn road 
Hall Robert J.P. 12 Queen st. Woodside 
Hall William, 31 Queen street * 
Hall William M. 37 Gilcomston park 
Hallett Col.James William Hughes C.V.O., 

C.B., D.S.O 70 Queen's road 
Hallglen Richard, 139 Great Western road 
Hally Mrs 54 Gladstone place 
Hamilton David J., LL.D., M.B., 
F.R.C.S.E. (professor of pathology, 
University), 35 Queen's road 
Hampton Ernest, 1 Elmfield place 
Hampton Thomas Walker, 124 Desswood pi 
Hardie Frederick William, 13 Forest aven 
Hardie Mrs. 57 Victoria street 
Hardy Mrs. 27 Mile End avenue 
Harman Mrs. 4 Powis terrace 
Harper Alexander, 432 King street 
Harper Hugh, 11 Gray street 
Harper James, 220 King street 
Harper James, 4 Mile End place 
Harper Louis A.M.I.C.E. Seafield house, 

Seafield road, Mannofield 
Harper Miss, 3 Belvidere crescent 
Harper Mrs. 10 Springbank terrace 
Harper Peter, 13 Caledonian place 
Harper William, 612 King street 
Harris Ralpb Hodgson, 74 Murray terrace 
Harris William, 43 Watson street 
Harrott Arthur Joseph, 32 Bank street 
Harrpw John, 27 Hamilton place 
Harrower John M.A. (professor of Greek, 
University), 32 College bounds, Old 
Harvey Alexander, 10 Jamaica street 
Harvey Miss, 20 Whitehall road 
Harvey Robert, 54 Great Western road 
Harvey William, 230 Great Western road 
Hastings James, 8 Cattofield place 
Hay Alexander, 66 Bonnymuir place 
Hay Alexander, 18 Gladstone place 
Hay Alexander Duguid, 7 Albyn place 
Hay Andrew, 53 Abergeldie road 
Hay Edward H., M.A. 135 Mid Stocket rd 
Hay Henry, 56 Powis place 
Hay James, 7 Albyn terrace 
Hay James, 29 Salisbury terrace 
Hay James P. Bodnamure, Cornhill road 
Hay Malcolm V. Seaton ho. Old Aberdeen 
Hay Matthew M.D. (professor of forensic 
medicine, University), 14 Rubislaw ter- 
race & Seaton cottage, Bridge of Don 
Hay Miss, 14 Cedar place 
Hay Misses, 26 Springbank terrace 
Hay Mrs. 40 Bon-Accord street 
Hay Mrs. 1 College bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Hay Mrs. 69 Murray terrace 
Hay Mrs. Orchard house, Orchard place 
Hay Mrs. 6 Polmux road 


Hay Mrs. John, 346 Western road 
Hay Peter, 77 Irvine place 
Hay Robert, 62 Union grove 
Hay Robert Watson Lyle, 406 Great West- 
ern road 
Hay William, 60 Forest avenue 
Hayne Mrs. 447 Great Western road 
Hayward Irvine, 400 Great Western road 
Heaton Robert, 17 Sunnyside road 
Hebenton George, 105 Irvine place 
Hector Rev.John M.A..D.D. 29 King's gte 
Hector James A. Hay, 41 Salisbury ter 
Hector John, 154 Bon-Accord street 
Hector Miss, 126 Blenheim place 
Hector Miss, 9 South Crown street 
Hector Mrs. 368 Great Western road 
Hector Thomas J.P. 46 Fountainhall road 
Hector Thomas Walker, 46 Fountainhall rd 
Helmrich Charles, 72 Beaconsfield place 
Helmrich Charles, jun. 97 Beaconsfield pi 
Hempthill Edwin, 11 Pitstruan place 
Henderson Albert M.A. , M.D. 11 Golden sq 
Henderson Alexander, 30 Brighton place 
Henderson Alexander R. 15 Bonnymuir pi 
Henderson Alex. Dalrymple, 638 George st 
Henderson Andrew Murray, 92 Leslie ter 
Henderson Andw. Webster, 107 Osborne pi 
Henderson David, 37 Braemar place 
Henderson J. 150 Broomhill road 
Henderson James, 46 Church st. Woodside 
Henderson James J.P. 431 Gt. Northern rd 
Henderson James, 24 Abergeldie terrace 
Henderson James, 102 Leslie terrace 
Henderson Jas. W. Kenmure, Cornhill rd 
Henderson John, 604 George street 
Henderson John, 54 Loanhead terrace 
Henderson John, 12 Rubislawden north 
Henderson John, jun. 9 Lilybank place 
Henderson John Ewan, 72 Beechgrove ter 
Henderson John McDonald, 55 Queen's rd 
Henderson Joseph, 180 Forest avenue 
Henderson Miss, 12 Gladstone place 
Henderson Mrs. 39 Belvidere street 
Henderson Mrs. 89 Clifton road 
Henderson Mrs. 227 Great Western road 
Henderson Mrs. 134 Mid Stocket road 
Henderson Mrs. 86 Powis place 
Henderson Mrs. 20 Westfield terrace 
Henderson Mrs. D. 46 Devonshire road 
Henderson Peter, 4 Loanhead terrace 
Henderson Robert, 72 Queen's road 
Henderson Thomas, 74 Stanley street 
Henderson William, 27 Cromwell road 
Henderson William, 17 Deemount road 
Henderson William, 5 Hammersmith road 
Henderson William, 14 Queen st. Woodside 
Hendrick James B.Sc, F.I.C. (lecturer 
agricultural chemistry, University), 121 
Hamilton place 
Hendry Joseph, 30 Belvidere street 
Hendry Mrs. 39 Thomson street 
Hendry Robert J. L. 39 Mile End avenue 
Hendry William, 46 Balmoral place 
Hendry William M.A. 50 Forest avenue 
Hendry William, Granville cottage, Dyce 
Hendry Wm. A. 80 Western rd. Woodside 
Hendry William C. 19 Forest avenue 
Henry George, 11 Orchard street 
Henry James, 58 Devonshire road 
Henry James, Morefield, Mid Stocket road 
Hensman Misses, 6 Aiford place 
Hepburn Alexander, 20 Powis terrace 
Hepburn John, 38 Braemar place 
Hepburn Mrs. 66 Forest road 
Hepburn Mrs. 77 Stanley street 
Hepburn William, 59 Blenheim place 
Hepburn William, 233 Great Northern rd 
Hepburn William M.R.C.V.S.84 Osborne pi 
Herbert Herbert Wm. 274 Broomhill road 
Herd William, 42 Mount street 
Hick Madam Patti, 49 Holburn street 
Hill George, 84 Bedford place 
Hind John, 1 Burnett place 
Hird Miss, 633 Holburn street 
Hirschfield Mrs. 54 Beaconsfield plu-js 
Hitchcock Alex. Gray, 26 Blackfriars st 
Hodge Hugh Johnston, 17 Orchard street 
Hogarth Arthur, 5 Carden terrace 
Hogg Charles, 25 South Constitution st 
Hogg William, 4 Bedford place 
Hogg William, 37 Osborne place 
Hogg William, 170 Skene street 
Holman John, 505 King street 
Holmes George, 50 Castle street 
Holmes Harry A. 56 Fonthill road 
Holmes W. 361 Great Western road 
Homen Frank, 13 Argyll crescent 
Home Mrs. 77 Crown street 
Hope John, 8 Mile End place 
Home Alexander Gordon, 49 Burns road 
Home Alex. Robertson, 70 Beaconsfield p T 
Home Arthur, 60 Gladstone place 
Home Charles, 4 Skene place 
Horobin Mrs. 203 Great Northern road 
Hosie Mrs. 37 Gladstone place 
Hourihane John, 375 Holburn street 
Howard Allen Anderson, 92 Clifton road 
Howe Clarence, 41 Orchard street 
Howie Alexander, 11 Mount street 
Howie Benjamin, 195 Westburn road 
Howie David, 31 King's crescent 


Howie John Craig, 20 Forbesfield road 
Howie John H. 64 Powis place 
Howie Peter M.B., CM. 101 Crown street 
Howie William, 101 Devonshire road 
Howitt Mrs. 81 Duthie terrace 
Hoyle Rev. Arthur (Wesleyan), 18 Ferry- 
hill place 
Huggan John A. Kenfield, Countess wells- 
road, Mannofield 
Hughes Alexander B. 76 Carden place 
Humphrey James, 61 Hamilton place 
Hunter Alexander, 7 Crown terrace 
Hunter Alexander, 42 Hardgate 
Hunter Alexander Chisolm, 51 Forest av 
Hunter James, 613 King street 
Hunter John, 126 King's gate 
Hunter John, 7 Thistle place 
Hunter Miss, 167 Bon-Accord street 
Hunter Miss, 76 Hamilton place 
Hunter Miss, 94 Leslie terrace 
Hunter Mrs. 20 Roslin terrace 
Hunter Mrs. 78 Union grove 
Hunter Robert, 15 Carlton place 
Hunter Robert, 65 Devonshire road 
Hunter Stephen, 37 Rubislaw Den south 
Hunter William, 19 Broomhill road 
Hunter William Chas. 221 Gt. Northern rd 
Hurry William, 39 Salisbury terrace 
Huss Laurence B.Hazelholt, Devauha gdns- 
Hustwick William, 35 View terrace 
Hutcheon Alexander, 23 Broomhill road 
Hutcheon Edward, 392 King street 
Hutcheon Henry, 528 King street 
Hutcheon James, 34 RubisLiw Den sou'h 
Hutcheon Miss, 78 Beechgrove terrace 
Hutcheon Mrs. 300 Clifton road, Woodside 
Hutcheson George, 56 Carden place 
Hutcheson Jas. Burnside cot Ruthrieston 
Hutcheson John, 60 Elmbank terrace 
Hutcheson John, 96 Osborne place 
Hutcheson Mrs. 6 Sunnyside road 
Hutchison Alex. Burnett, 70 Hamilton pi 
Hutchison Miss, 30 Ashley road 
Hutchison Mrs. John, 440 King street 
Hutchison William, G4 Burns road 
Hutton Alexander, 27 Church st. Woodside 
Hynd Thomas Chalmers P.B.I.S. I 

Rubislaw Den south 
Imlay Hugh, 11 Forest road 
Imlay Hugh, 23 Mile End avenue 
Imlay Mrs. 38 Belvidere street 
Inglis Rev. Henry A., M.A. (Congrega- 
tional), 34 Belvidere crescent 
Inglis John, 35 Cairnfield place 
Inglis Miss, 291 Great Western road 
Ingram Adam, 118 Leslie terrace 
Ingram Alexander J. R. 11 Powis terrace- 
Ingram Alexander M. 46 Forest road 
Ingram Charles, 16 Bonnymuir place 
Ingram George, 29 Elmfield avenue 
Ingram James B. 136 Bon-Accord street 
Ingram John S. 33 Watson street 
Ingram Miss, 13 Osborne place 
Ingram Miss, 80 Whitehall road 
Ingram Mrs. 25 Belvidere street 
Ingram Mrs. 52 Forest avenue 
Ingram Mrs. 95 King street 
Ingram Mrs. 6 Rosemount terrace 
Ingram Robert, 28 Mile End avenue 
Innes Col. Thomas C.V.O., LL.D. 25 Bel- 
mont street 
Innes Rev. William Disney (Episcopal),. 

208 Victoria road, Torry 
Innes Alexander, 60 Beaconsfield place 
Innes John M.B., CM. 513 George street 
Innes John, 4 Queen's road 
Innes Mrs. 60 Clifton road 
Innes Mrs. 63 Elmfield avenue 
Innes William, 46 Forest avenue 
Ironside John, 13 Bayview road 
Ironside John, 509 King street 
Ironside John, 31 Thomson street 
Ironside Mrs. 20 Burns road 
Ironside William, 67 Clifton road 
Ironside William, 1 Strawberry bank 
Ironside William Dalton C.E. 29 Rubislaw; 

Den south 
Irvin John Hannel, 16 Purest road 
Irvin Thomas, 43 Albury place 
Irvine A. M. 352 Great Western road 
Irvine George, 43 View terrace 
Irvine Robert, 58 Springbank terrace 
Iverach Rev. James M.A., D.D. (principal' 
& professor of Apologetics & Exegesis 
of Gospels & Systematic Theology Free 
Church College), 12 Ferryhill place 
Jack John, 61 Duthie terrace 
Jack John R. 39 Gray street 
Jack Mrs. 45 Carden place 
Jackson Rev. James W. (United Free), 4' 

Marine terrace 
Jackson Alexander, 51 Cairnfield place 
Jackson Bernard, 19 Salisbury terrace 
Jackson James, 31 Albyn place 
Jackson Mrs. 39 Stanley street 
Jackson Robert, Ardlui, 303 Broomhill rd; 
Jackson Robert Cecil, 21 Albert street 
Jackson William, 500 Great Western road 
Jaffray Mrs. 42 Forest avenue 
Jaffxay William, 23 Lilybank place 




Ingleside, 58 Rubislaw 

Jaffrey Thomas, 

Den south 
-James Alexander, 51 Clifton road 
Jameson Mrs. 22 Belvidere street 
Jamieson George, 431 Clifton road 
Jamieson J. 64 Cairnfield place 
-Jamieson Miss, 33 Rubislaw Den south 
Jamieson Mrs. 53 Desswood place 
Jamieson Mrs. 91 King street 
Jamieson Mrs. 30 Loanhead terrace 
Jamieson Miss, 76 Queen's road 
Jamieson Mrs. C Rosemount terrace 
Jamieson Peter, 13 Affleck street 
Jamieson Thomas, 80 Ashley road 
Japp Francis R., M.A., LL.D., F.R.S. 
(professor of chemistry, University), 17 
Car den place 
Jarvis Edward Walker, 33 Hilton street 
Jeffery James, GO Fonthill road 
Jeffery Miss, 186 Forest avenue 
Jeffrey James Alexander, 56 Victoria st 
Jeffrey James Thorn M.A. 10 Queen street 
Jenkins Alexander, 81 Gray street 
Jenkins George G. 46 Bon-Accord street 
-Jenkins James, 421 Clifton road 
■Jenkins Miss, 60 Bon-Accord street 
Jobberns Miss, 33 Brighton place 
Johnson John Hernaraan B.A. 480 Union st 
Johnson John Harry, 19 Albert street 
Johnson Thomas, 81 Hamilton place 
Johnson William, 26 Hammerfield avenue 
Johnston Alexander, 71 Fountainhall road 
Johnston Charles, 155 Forest avenue 
Johnston Duncan, Sunnyside road 
Johnston Hugh, 37 Sunnybank place 
Johnston James, 19 Forbesfield road 
Johnston James, 32 Queen's road 
Johnston James Porter, 62 Forest avenue 
Johnston John, 26 Ashley road 
Johnston John, 36 Carden place 
Johnston John A. 41 Queen's road 
Johnston John Hum°. 105 Brighton place 
Johnston Joseph, 20 ^bergeldie terrace 
Johnston Joseph, 1 Calsny-^at road 
Johnston Miss, 33 Bonnymuir place 
Johnston Mrs; 79 Hamilton place 
Johnston Mrs. James, 636 King street 
Johnston Robert, 28 Loanhead terrace 
Johnston Thomas, 24 Braemar place 
Johnston Thomas, 15 Forest avenue 
Johnston William J.P. 47 Belmont street 
Johnston William, 72 Bon-Accord street 
Johnston William M.A. 42 Burns road 
Johnston William, 63 Irvine place 
Johnston William, 33 Salisbury terrace 
Johnston William G. 60 Murray terrace 
Johnstone Rev. George A., M.A., B.D 

Established), 39 Westburn road 
Johnstone Charles, 69 Beechgrove terrace 
Johnstone James, 59 Beechgrove terrace 
Johnstone John. 28 Ashley road 
Johnstone John, Beehive villa,Balnagask rd 
Johnstone Thomas, 15 Forest avenue 
Jolly George' Henry, 23 Albert terrace 
Jolly James, 5 Abbotsford place 
Jolly James, 471 King street 
Jolly Mrs. William, 1 Abbotsford place 
Jones Ellis D. 85 Duthie terrace 
Jones Mrs. Wellington house, Alford place 
Jones Mrs. 236 Great Western road 
Jones Richard, 7 Laurelwood avenue 
Jopp Alex. Woodhili house, Westburn road 
Jopp Henry John, 5 Albyn terrace 
Jopp Mrs. 5 Albyn terrace 
Joss William, 26a, Loanhead terrace 
Joss William John, 6 Abbotsford place 
Junor Alexander, 71 Chapel street 
Kay Alexander, 6 South Crown street 
Kay Francis Wm. M.A., B.L. 7 Queen's rd 
Kay Harvey George, 7 Queen's road 
Kay James Petrie, 7 Queen's road 
Kay Miss, 4 Whitehall place 
Kean William George, 71 Irvine place 
Keay Alexander, 6 South Crown street 
Keay William, 74 Irvine place 
Keenan Rev. Patk. (Cath.), 20 Huntly st 
Keenan James, 55 St. Swithin street 
Keenan William J. 53 Clifton road 
Keir Alexander, 9 Hilton street 
Keir John, 16 Calsayseat road 
Keir William, 51 Elmfield avenue 
Keith Rev. John, 51 Hamilton place 
Keith Alexander, 77 Fountainhall road 
Keith George, 444 King street 
Keith James B., J.P. 88 Spring gardens 
Keith John, 53 Leslie road 
Keith Miss, 10 Whitehall road 
Keith Misses, 4 Rosemount terrace 
Keith Mrs. 9 A'.byn terrace 
Keith Mrs. 5 A r evil place 
Keith Mrs. 6 Carden terrace 
Keith Mrs. 10 King street 
Keith William, 30 Erskme street 
Keith William, 9 Holburn street 
Keith William L. Headcroft place 
Kellas David, 415 Clifton road 
Kellas Henry, 48 Carden phtce 
Kellas John Mitchell, 3 Hammersmith rd 
Ttellas Mrs. 48 Carden p'ace 
Kellas Mrs. 415 Clifton road 
"Kelly Fras. M.D.,C.M. 6 West Craibstone st 

Kelly James, 3 Forest road 
Kelly John, 99 Irvine place 
Kelly Mrs. 59 Carlton place 
Kelly Mrs. 62 Fountainhall road 
Kelly William, 62 Rubislaw Den north 
Kelman Andrew, 27 Leicester road 
Kelman James, 24 Ferryhill place 
Kemp Alexander, 74 Bon-Accord street 
Kemp Alexander, 299 Holburn street 
Kemp Frank, 111 Whinhill road 
Kemp George J.P. 27 Watson street 
Kemp James, 71 Gray street 
Kemp Robert, 5 Hadden street 
Kemp Robert, 8 Watson street 
Kennaway William, 16 Gladstone place 
Kennedy Alexander, 19 Devonshire road 
Kennedy James, 169 King street 
Kennedy James, 21 King's gate 
Kennedy James Robert Ross, 481 King st 
Kennedy John, 5 Bonnyinuir place 
Kennedy Neil John Downie K.C., M.A., 
LL.D. (professor of law, University), 
Kennedy Thomas, 147 Clifton road 
Kennedy William, Skene street 
Kenny Michael, 103 Devonshire road 
Ker William Edward, 541 Holburn street 
Kerr James, 115 Forest avenue 
Kerr John, 43 Devonshire road 
Kerr Mrs. 23 Bonnyinuir place 
Kerr Mrs. 12 Osborne place 
Kerr William, 31 Argyll place 
Key Rev. David Ritchie M.A. (United 

Free), 152 Hamilton place 
Keys William, 27 Great Northern road 
Keys William E. 70 Cairnfield place 
Kidd James, 24 Calsayseat road 
Ki'.gour David Macdonald, 70 Rubislaw 

Den north 
Kilgour William, 91 Devonshire road 
Kiloh, Andrew, 23 Ann street 
Kindness Frederick, 18 Murray terrace 
Kindness John T. 148 Bon-Accord street 
King George, 20 Belvidere crescent 
King George William, 52 Elmfield road 
Kinghorn Harry, 10 Albert street 
Kinghorn Miss, 51 Carlton place 
Kinghorn Mrs. 85 Devonshire road 
Kinnaird Frank, 104 Gray street 
Kirkhope John, 83 Murray terrace 
Kitson Luther, 21 Calsayseat road 
Kitson William, 101 Leslie terrace 
Kitton Walter S. 451 Great Western road 
Knight James W. o7 Albury road 
Knight John McRae, 140 Broomhill road 
Knight Miss, 48 Ashley road 
Knight Miss, 82 Whitehall road 
Knights Alfred, 26 Duthie terrace 
Knowles Charles, 419 Great Western road 
Snowies George, 64 Watson street 
Knowles James, 46 Clifton road 
Knowles Miss, 81 Bon-Accord street 
Knox Alexander, 9 Albert street 
Knox Andrew, 17 Bonnyinuir place 
Knox James C, M.A, 182 Mid Stocket rd 
Knox Mrs. 182 M.d Stocket road 
Knox Mrs. 84 Skene square 
Kyd Alexander R. 424 King street 
Kyd David, 461 King street 
Kyd Thomas J.P. Rosebank, 74 Queen's rd 
Kynoch Geo. Keith J.P. 20 Hamilton place 
Kynoch James, 33 Murray terrace 
Kynoch Joseph, 56 Rosemount place 
Laing Alexander, 353 Clifton road 
Laing Alexander, 246 Rosemount place 
Laing Andrew, 31 Thomson street 
Laing Andrew Ross M.D. (bacteriological 

assistant), 50 Devonshire road 
Laing Fredk. Jas. 51 Bonnymuir place 
Laing George, 94 Mid Stocket road 
Laing George, 194 Mid Stocket road 
Laing George Ross, 24 Clifton road 
Laing James, 149 Clifton road 
Laing James, Marine villa, Balnagasb 

road, Torry 
Laing Mrs. 12 College bounds, Old Aberdn 
Laing Mrs. 87 Irvine place 
Laing Richard, 85 Murray terrace 
Laing Robert, 56 Forest road 
Laird Alexander, 13 Ferryhill place 
Laird Mrs. 77 Mile End avenue 
Laird Mrs. 5 Burnett place 
Laird Peter, 23 Beechgrove avenue 
Lamb Alexander, 61 Forest avenue 
Lamb Donald, 36 Abereg-die terrace 
Lamb Joseph Mitchell, 12 South Crown st 
Lamb Mrs. 350 Holburn street 
Lamb R. U. 25 Cmnrfrd road 
Lamb Robert, 6G Hamilton place 
Lamb Thomas, Snnnyhurst, Broomhill av. 

Broomhill road 
Lamb Thomas, 172 Victoria road 
Lambie Alexander, 3 Hilton street 
Lamont Mrs. James, 45 Carlton place 
Lang Very Rev. John Marshall O.V.O. , 
D.D., LL.D. (vice-chancellor & princi- 
pal, University), 13 Chanonry, Old 
Langstone Frederick, 12 Moray place 
Latto Alexander, 52 Bon- Accord street 
Lauder Thomas, 50 Murray terrace 

Lauder William Beith, 43 Salisbury ter 
Laurie Mrs. 94 Osborne place 
Laverton Alexander Wright, 3 Mile End av 
Law Alexander, 162 Broomhill road 
Law Alexander, 41 Hamilton place 
Law Alexander Scott, 64 Gladstone p'ace 
Law George, 38 Salisbury terrace 
Law Mrs. 33 Belgrave terrace 
Law Mrs. 119 Hamilton p'ace 
Law Mrs. 133 Mid Stocket road 
Law Samuel Taylor, 27 Beechgrove aveifile 
Lawie James Elsmie, 11 Bayview road 
Lawrance Mrs. 5 East Craibstone street 
Lawrence Alexander, 43 Osborne place 
Lawrence Calder McPbail, 90 Blenheim pi 
Lawrence David, 382 Ho. burn street 
Lawrence George, Denview,Morningfleld rd 
Lawrence Robert, 562 King street 
Lawrence Theodore, 237 Great Northern rd 
Lawrence Thomas, 8 Rubislaw Den north 
Lawrie Alexander, 57 Hollond street 
Lawson Ernest E. 93 Mile End avenue 
Lawson Robert, 611 King street 
Learmonth Mrs. 209 King street 
Leask John, 39 Osborne place 
Leask John, 215 Union grove 
Leask Mrs. 22 Mile End avenue 
Ledingham Alexander, 96 Queen's road 
Ledingham James Dickson, 100 Gray st 
Ledingham John, 11 King's gate 
Ledingham Miss M.A. 99 Blenheim place 
Ledingham William Morrice, 78 Queen's rd 
Ledington John, jun. 40 Carlton place 
Lee Mrs. 210 Mid Stocket road 
Lee William, 7 Murray terrace 
Lees John M.A., D.Litt. (lecturer on 
German, University), 11 Forest avenue 
Legge Miss M.A. 1 Braemar place 
Legge Mrs. 1 Braemar place 
Legge Mrs. 39 Cromwell road 
Leiper Andrew Donald, 79 Devonshire rd 
Leilh Charles, 4 Rubislaw Den north 
Leith James, 75 Argyll place 
Leith James, 321 Clifton road 
Leith James Poison, 1 Forbesfield road 
Leith John, 27 Belgrave terrace 
Leilh John, 55 Desswood place 
Leith Juhn J.P. 11 Queen's road 
Leith John, 27 Whitehall road 
Leith Miss, 11 Marine terrace 
Leith Mrs. 4 Carden place 
Leith Mrs. 66 Polmuir road 
Leith Mrs. 46 Springbauk terrace 
Leith Robert, 30 Abergeldie terrace 
Leith William, 76 Bedford place 
Lemmon Charles, 24 Burnett place 
Leslie Charles, 21 Albert terrace 
Leslie Charles, 57 Springbank terrace 
Leslie Charles Stephen, 11 Chanonry, Old 

Leslie George, 1 Caledonian place 
Leslie George, 16 Caledonian place 
Leslie George, 71 Gray street 
Leslie James, 45 Charlotte street 
Leslie Miss, 172 Bon-Accord street 
Leslie Miss, 14 Queen's road 
Leslie Mrs. 27 Beaconsfield t .l ice 
Leslie Mrs. 19 Brighton place 
Leslie Mrs. 6 Carlton place 
Leslie Mrs. 64 Rosemount p'ace 
Leslie Mrs. 21 Victoria street 
Leslie It. D. 6 Bon-Accord square 
Leslie William, 55 Virginia street 
Levack David, 259 Rosemount place 
Levack John R., M.B., CM. 10 Golden sq 
Levie Miss, 37 Carden place 
Levie Mrs. 46 Duthie terrace 
Lewis Rev. M., B.A. (United Free), 64 

Rubislaw Den north 
Lewis Andrew William, 288 Broomhill rd 
Lewis John, Elderslie, Broomhill road 
Lewis William, 348 Great Western road 
Leys Charles, 593 King street 
Ligertwood John, 108 Broomhill road 
Ligertwood Mrs. 113 Desswood plac*- 1 
Ligertwood Mrs. 44 Fountainhall road 
Lillie Mrs. 57 Murray terrace 
Lillie Thomas J.P. 6 Westfield terrace 
Lindsay Alfred James Troup, 7 Hilton st 
Lindsay Charles A. 3 Ferryhill place 
Lindsay John, 27 St, Swithin street 
Lindsay Misses, 10 Louisville avenue 
Lindsay Mrs. 69 Devonshire road 
Lindsay Mrp; 12 Hilton street 
Lindsay William, 9 Gladstone place 
Lints John, 613 King street 
Lints Matthew, 6J3 King street 
Lippe Rev. Robert LL.D. (chaplain Royal 

Infirmary), 28 Argyll place 
Lister Arth.Hugh B.A..M.D.22 Queen's rd 
Litster Nathaniel Smart, 86 Stanley etreet 
Littlejohn David D.L., J.P. 9 RubisU.v ter 
Littlejohn George, 11 Affleck street 
Littlejohn James D. 145 Crown street 
Littlejohn Robt.Moir M.A.70 Mile End av 
Littlejohn William. 112 Clifton road 
Littlejohn William, 33 Cranford road 
Littlejohn William, 20 Elmfield aventte 
Livingstone Rev. John (United Free), 139 

Blenheim place 
Livinersta^ William J.P. 53 Jasmine ter 


Lockhart James, 152 Broomhill road 

Lockhart William, 36 Richmondhill place 

Logan Alexander, 6 Rosebery street 

Logan Mrs. 58 Queen's road 

Logan Robert Wilson, 53 Queen's road 

Logan William, 4G Elmbank terrace 

Logg Francis, 10 Hilton street 

Longair Mrs. 442 King street 

Longmore Mrs. 11 Albert street 

Longmuir James, 39 Rosemount place 

Longtnulr Mrs. 31 Bonnymuir "pluce 

Lonie George, 23 Bedford place 

Lonie Mrs. Margaret, 54 Erskine street 

Lorimer Hugh Leith, 11 Mile End avenue 

Lorimer James, 55 King's gate 

Lothian David Bennet, Hillside, Cornhill rd 

Low Alexander Hill, 52 Polmuir road 

Low George McCombie, 1 Canal street 

Low James, 75 Murray terrace 

Low Jtihu, 301 Hu'.'iuin street 

Low Miss, 32 Ferryhill place 

Low Miss, 88 Irvine place 

Low Misses, 9 Queen's gardens 

Low Mrs. 15 Great Northern rnnd 

Low William H. Carnfleld, Cairncry road 

Lowe Miss, 87 Beacon-field place 

Lowson James, 35 Carton place 

Ludwig Charles F. 78 Beacon afield pace 

Lumsden Rev. Edward M.A. 18 Ohanonry 

Old Aberdeen 
Lumsden Henry S. 18 Bon-Accord credent 
Lumsden James, 130 Blenheim place 
Lumsden Jas. Forbes Johnson ho.Eubislaw 
Lumsden John, 23 Hamilton place 
Lumsden John, 9 Marine terrace 
Lumsden John, 53 Union grove 
Lumsden Misses, 44 Desswood place 
Lumsden Mrs. 19 Carlton place 
Lumsden Mrs. 14 Ferryhill place 
Lumsden Thomas B. G. SO Carden place 
Lumsden William, 12 Argyll crescent 
Lunan David L. 183 Great Western road 
Lunan Marianus, 179 Forest avenue 
Lunan Misses, 183 Great Western road 
Lnnan Mrs. 77 Devonshire road 
Lunan William Scolt, 20 Devonshire road 
Lyall Alexander, 10 Argyll place 
Lyall George, 84 Bon-Accord *tr a Bt 
Lyall George, jun. 119 v\ ninhill road 
lyall John, 35 Thomson street 
Lynch Mrs. Lynch, 14 Desswood place 
Lyon Sir Alexander kt. 10 Queen's road 
Lyon Charles, 10 Carden place 
Lyon Henry, 44 Carlton place 
Lyon John, 8 Be mont plane 
Lyon John, 51 Watson street 
Lyon John Taylor, 45 University road 
Lyon Miss, 95 Fountainhall road" 
Lyons Hugh II anna. 107 Forest avenue 
Lyons Robert M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. 17 St. 

SwithJn street 
McAdam David G. 248 Rosemount p'ace 
McAdam George, 43 Gi'conston park 
McAdam John, 1 Westburn drive 
Macaldowie John James, 15 Cairnfield pi 
MacAllan James, 18 Belmont road 
M'Bain Andrew, 31 Justice street 
M Itain G. Seafield villa. Hubislaw 
McBam George, 54 Queen's road 
McRain George J. P. Seafield vil. Rubislaw 
McRain John, 312 Great Western road 
McBain John M.A. 35 Hamilton place 
Macbean Miss, 367 Great Western road 
McBeath William, 7 Devonshire road 
McBeth Herbt. Norman, 40 Morningfleld rd 
Macbeth James, 10 Queen's gardens 
Macbeth Mrs. 45 inomson street 
McBurney James, 61 Desswood place 
McCaHum James, 272 Victoria rd. Torry 
McCallnm John, 143 Great Western road * 
McCallum Robt. Harry, 38 Abergeldie ter 
McC'vmont Rev. James A., D.D. (Estab- 
lished), 5 Queen's gardens 
M'Cnmbie Charles, 1 King street 
MoConnachie Mrs. 50 Richmondhill place 
McConnochie Alex.Inkson,76 Devonshire ^d 
McCoss William, 38 Cedar place 
McCrombie John A. 245 Gt. Northern rd 
McDermont George. 65 Clifton road 
MacDiarmid J. Duncan M.A., BX. 395 

Great Western road 
Mac do n aid Rev. Charles Cadell D.D. (Estab- 
lished), 10 Ferryhill p'ace 
M* Donald A. M. Thornlea, Seafield road 
MacDonald Alexander C. 4 Brighton p'acr 
MacDonald Alex. Neil, 73 Beacoi.stield n 
Macdonald Alex. Sp.nce, 98 Queen's road 
McDonald Andrew Skene Kelman, 17 

Braemar place 
MacDonald David, 50 Altury road 
McDonald David. 83 Forest avenue 
Macdonald Donald, 60 Clifton road 
MacDonald Ewen, 10 King's gate 
Macdonald George Alex. 6 Camperdown rd 
McDonald George F. 6 View terrace 
McDonald George Thomson, 605 King st 
Macdonald Hector Munro M.A., F.R.S 
(professor of mathematics. University) 
33 College bounds, Old Aberdeen . 
McDonald James, la. Orchard place 
McDonald James, 19 Orchard street 


McDonald John Charles, 17 Victoria st 
Macdonald Miss, 35 Bonnymuir place 
Macdonald Miss, 38 Brighton place 
Macdonald Miss, 25 Carden place 
Macdonald Miss, 75 Desswood place 
Macdonald M.sses. 7 Queen s terrace 
MacDonald Mrs. 25 Fonthill terrace 
Macdonald Mrs. 121) Great Western road 
McDonald Mrs. 46 Loanhead terrace 
Macdonald Mrs. Ranald, 67 Forest road 
Macdonald Ranald E.. ,1.P. 126 Hamilton 

place & Pro.-pzct cottage, C u: y 
McDonald Robert, 357 Hardgale 
McDonald William, 57 rjalmoral p'ace 
McDonald Wliliam, 83 King street 
McDonald William, 26 Jiaber'y street 
McDonald William Yeats J.P.2 Marischal st 
Macdonell William fi., M.A., LL.D. ('ec- 
turer on statistical methods, TJnlverstly), 
Bridtrefield house, Bridge of Don 
McDougall Mrs. 14 North Silver street 
McDowall Daniel, 62 Duthie terrace 
V.cEdward John, 17 Albert terrace 
McEwan William, 278 Broomhill road 
Macfarlane James, 45 Hilton street 
MeFarlane James, 2 Orchard street 
Macfarlane John, 80 Stanley street 
Macfarlane Mrs. 8 Bayview road 
Macfarline James, 5 View terrace 
McG-avin Mrs. 71 Forest avenue 
McGee Patrick 95 Bon-Accord street 
McG-ilchrist James. 80 Devonshire road 
MacGitlivray Geo. D. 22 Bon-Accord ter 
Uacirilllvray Mrs. 145 Forest avenue 
MeGilp Rev. John (United Free), 30 

Belvidere orescent 
MeG.lvray Daniel Hose, 19 Carden place 
M'Glashan Mrs. 1 Albert street 
McGraith Patrick, 16 Belgrave terrace 
MacGregor Alexander, 26 Lilvbank place 
McGregor Charles M., M.A. 75 Beacons- 
field place 
Macgregor David, 30 Argyll place 
McGregor George, 155a, West North st 
McGregor George Alexander, 49 View ter 
McGregor John, 4 Burnett place 
MacGregor John, ]63 Clifton road 
McGregor John, 7 Hartington road 
Macgregor John, 102 Irvine p'ace 
McGregor William, 8 Belvidere street 
McHardy David J. P. Cranford, Duthie ter 
McIIar.Hy David, 72 Murray terrace 
McHardy George, 25 Er-kine street 
McHardy Miss, 2 Albert terrace 
MHardy Miss, 22 Ashlev mad 
McHardy Miss, 402 Clifton road 
McHardy Mrs. 69 Duthie terrace 
M'Hardy Mrs. 2 Polmuir rood 
McHardy Mrs. 16 Rosebery street 
McHardy William, 46 Erskine street 
McHattie Wm. 2 St. John's ter. Mannofield 
Machray Alex. Struan cot. 2 King's gate 
Mcrnnes John, 64 Clifton road 
Melnnes Norman, 174 Victoria rd. Torry 
Mclnnes William, 59 Gladstone place 
MrTntnsh John. 7 Crown terrace 
Mcintosh Wm. Chalmers, 37 Powis ter 
Mac'ntyre Rev. Archibald M.A. (Estab- 
lished), 276 Victoria road, Torry 
Mclntyre George, 38 Carlton place 
Mclntyre John Campbell, 4o Elmfield av 
Mclntyre William, 109 Leslie terrace 
Maoiver Alexander M. 55 View terrace 
Mackay Rev. Alexander Robert (United 

Free Church), 13 Beechgrove avenue 
Mackay Rev. W. Mackintosh B.D. (United 

Free), 6 Westlield terrace 
McKay Alexander, 30 Dee street 
McKay Alexander, 1 Springbank terrace 
McKay Alexander. 94 Western rd.Woodside 
McKay Alexander H. 76 Powis place 
Mackay Alexander Spence, 18 Belvidere st 
McKay Benjamin, 11 Hilton road 
Mackay Geo. Mitchell, 45 Bonnymuir pi 
Mackay George S. 136 Crown street 
Mackay Hugh, 39 Leslie road 
Mackay James, 26 Belvidere street 
Mackay James. 423 Great Western road 
McKay John, 91 Argyll place 
Mackay John M.A. (lecturer Aberdeen 
United Free Church college), 73 B'en 
tieim p'ace 
Mackay John, 16 Powis terrace 
MaeKny Miss. 8 Albert street 
Markay Mrs. S5 Albert street 
Mackay Mrs. 30 Alhyn pluce 
McKav Mrs. 55 Bonnvnmir place Mrs; 22 Oir'den place 
McKay Mrs. 144 Forest avenue 
McKay Mrs. 207 Great Northern road 
Mackay Mrs. 256 Great Western road 
Mackay Mrs. 21 Ro=e street 
McKay Robert, 133 Hamilton place 
McKay Robt. G. 19 Bonnymuir place 
McKav Boderifk, 2 Aberge'die terrace 
Mackay William, 129 Clifton road 
Mackay William, 20 Duthie terrace 
Mackay William, 20 Gladstone place 
McKav William, 36 Grosvenor place 
Mackay William, 31 Orchard street | 

Mackay William Young. 135 ForeBt avenue 



McKeller Archibald, 10 Hammersmith rd 
Mackenzie A. Marshall, 28 Albyn place 
McKenzie Alexander, 13 Hilton street 
McKenzie Bruce, 635 King street 
Mackenzie Donald, 8 Esselmont aveuue 
Mackenzie Donald Ferguson, 6 Bedford pi 
Mackenzie Douglas Frost, 52 Hamilton pi 
MacKenzie Duncn M.A. (head master 
Aberdeen Church of Scotland Training 
College, practising school), 95 Crown st 
McKenzie George, 34 Belvidere street 
McKenzie George, 380 Holburn street 
Mackenzie George, 130 King's gate 
Mackenzie Hugh, 80 Beacomfield place 
Mackenzie Jumes, *J4 BlenhtMii place 
Mackenzie James, 423 Clifton road 
McKenzie John, Abbey green, Ashgrove il 
McKenzie John, 136 King's gate 
McKenzie John, 40 Rosemount place 
McKenzie John. Woodend, Kings gate 
Mackenzie Miss, 61 Cairnfield place 
Mackenzie Miss, 28 Ferryhill place 
Mackenzie Miss, Friendville house, Gt. 

Western road 
McKenzie Miss, 20 Osborne place 
M'Kenzie Miss, 35 Spital 
McKenzie Mrs. 27 Braemar place 
Mackenzie Mrs. 79 Cairnfield place 
Mackenzie Nicholas N. 27 Dea=wood place 
Mackenzie Robert J. 25 Argyll place 
Mackenzie Theodore Charles M.B., Ch.B., 
M.R.C.P. Royal Lunatic Asylum, Corn- 
hill ro^d 
Mackenzie Thomas, 59 Elmfield avenue 
McKenzie William, 51 Beechgrove terrace 
McKenzie William, 15 Braemar place 
McKenz.e William, 17 Church st. WoodstJe 
M'Kerron Robert Gordon M.A., M.D., CM. 
(assistant prof, of midwife iy. Univer- 
sity), 1 Albyn place 
McKessar James, 26 Loanhead terrace 
Mackle Alexander M.A. Ashprington, 17 

King's gate 
Mackie Alexander, 82 Blenheim place 
Mackie Alexander, 72 Cairnfield place 
Mackie Charles James M.A. 33 Dee street 
Mackie D., M.D., R.N. 4 Polmuir road 
Mackie Duncan Duthie,304 Gt.Western rd 
Mackie James, 23 Belgrave terrace 
Mackie James, 25 Deemount road 
Mackie James Alexander, 23 Belgiave ter 
Mackie James l>. 35 Forest road 
Mackie Maxwell H., M.A. 144 Ham [ton pi 
Mackie Miss, 110 Crown street 
Mackie Miss, 54 Fountainhall road 
Mackie Miss, 17 Grosvenor place 
Mackie Miss, 21 Hamilton place 
Mackie Miss, 26 Irvine place 
Mackie Mrs. 24 Bonnymuir place 
Mackie Mrs. 49 Osborne place 
McKilliam Basil, 10 Westfield ten- u 
McKilligan Alexander Gordon Duff, 5 

Deemount road 
Mackinnon Arth.H.L. 8 Rubislaw Den sth 
McKinnon Chalmers Win. 10 Rubislaw ter 
McKinnon Frederick L. 38 Garden place 
McKinnon James, 76 "Whitehall road 
Mackinnon Lachlan, Angusfield house. 

Queen's road 
McKinnon Mrs. 219 Great Western road 
Mackinnon William. 3 Bubislaw Den m>rth 
Mackintosh Alexander, 7 Beechgrove ter 
Mackintosh Ashley Watson M.A., M.D., 

CM. 9 Bon-Accord square 
Mackintosh David, 64 Duthie terrace 
Mackintosh Mrs. 31 Devanha gardens 
Mackintosh Mrs. 164 Forest avenue 
Mackintosh T. A. 17 Golden square 
Mackintosh T. S. 415 Great Western road 
Mackintosh Thomas Alex. 58 Forest road 
MacLaren Geo. Laurence, 320 Gf.Weste: t; :* 1 
McLaren Mrs. 224 Westburn road 
M'Lauchlan Rev. J. 3 Marine place 
McXaughlan Mrs. 36 Gray street 
McLean Alexander, 2 Elmfield place 
McLean Donald, 25 Mount street 
McLean Geo. 3 Oakdale ter. Mannofield 
McLean James, 376 King street 
McLean James, 23 Westburn drive 
McLean John, 217 Great Western road 
Maclean John Alexander, 68 Hamilton pi 
MacLean Mis«, 3 Queen's gardens 
McLean Mrs. 4 Hosefie'.d avenue 
Maclean Mrs. 21 Justice Mill lane 
McLean Thomas. 162 Bon-Accord street 
McLean William D. Greenside, Cornhill rd 
McLeish John Bruce, 46 Forest avenue 
M'Lellfin Basil S., M.A. 27 Bcechsrr.u'e ter 
McLellan William, 9 Erskine street 
McLennan Daniel, 105 Forest avenue 
McLennan George, 26 Sunnybank place- 
Maclennan Harbourne, 339 Gt. Western rd 
McLennan John, 5 Pitstrann place 
McLennan Mrs. 15 Wntton street 
M.ich nnan Thomas, G3 Springbank ter 
Macleod Rev. Robert (Vuited Free), 15 

K'ne's pate 
UcLeod Alexander. 42 Er.-kine street 
Macleod A'frwl fkcliirer on elocution, 
T'nivf r.-i'yi, 19 Fonthill terrace 

32 ABKR EE.V. 

McLeod Chas. M.A.,D.Sc.l20 Hamilton pi 
McLeod James M.A. 128 Desswood place 
McLeod Miss, 42 Brighton pluce 
McLeod Miss, 79 King street 
McLeod Mrs. 22 Erskine street 
McLeod Mrs. 38 Erskine street 
M'Leod Mrs. Oak Bank cottage, South 

Stocket road 
Macleod Robert, 96 Hammerfield avenue 
McLeod Robert, 68 King's gate 
M'Leod Robtrt, Oakbank cottage, South 

Stocket road 
M'Leod Simon, 73 Crown street 
MacMahon Harry Edward, 152 Forest av 
Macmahon John, 33 Forest road 
McMannes William, 37 Bedford place 
McMath Miss, 21 View terrace 
McMillan Duncan, 7 Murine terrace 
McMillan James, 57 Desswood pluce 
McMillan James, 190 Mid Stocket road 
McMillan John Ross, 14 Fonthill terrace 
McMillan Mrs. 47 Brighton place 
McMillan William, 12 Duthie terrace 
Macmillan William T. 6 Caledonian place 
McMurray James, 31 Mile End avenue 
McNab John, 41 Murray terrace 
MacNaughton John, 55 Dee street 
McNicol David, 35 Fonthill terrace 
Maconachie Lieut. -Col. George A., M.D., 

F.R.C.P. 33 Queen's road 
Maconochie Robert, 37 Elmfield avenue 
MacPhail Alexander, 6 Hammersmith, rd 
Macphail Mrs. 20 Bonnymuir place 
McPherson Alexander, 19 Fountainhall road 
McPherson Alexander, 8 View terrace 
McPherson David, 309 Holburn street 
McPherson John, 7 View terrace 
McPherson Miss, 24 Whitehall road 
Macpherson Misses, 6 Queen's gardens 
McPherson Mrs. 331 Hardgate 
M'Pherson Wm. Milne, 28 Beechgrove ter 
Macpherson William, 73 Braemar place 
M'Queen Rev. Andrew M.A., B.D. (United 

Free), 16 Beaconsfield place 
Macquibban Charles M., M.D., J.P. 248 

Un.on street & 10 Park street 
Macquire Edward James, 21 Cranford road 
Macrae Archibald, 47 Rubislaw Den south 
McKae Daniel, 18 Powis terrace 
Mcltue Findlay, 390 Great Western road 
McKae Mrs. 158 Mid Stocket road 
Macrae Mars. 13 Salisbury terrace 
McRobb Alexander,Ernan cot.Froghall ter 
McRobb John, 79 Murray terrace 
McRobbie Alexander, 8 Hamilton place 
McRobbie Alexander, 32 Union row 
McRobbie John 0. 13 Bonnymuir place 
McRobbie William, 381 George street 
McRobert Alexander T. 14 Devonshire rd 
McRobert John, 331 Great Western road 
McTaggart Miss, 10 Argyll crescent 
MeTuggart Miss, 16 Belv.dere street 
McWilliam William, 44 Cotton street 
McWillie William, 614 King street 
Madgwick Samuel, 11 Braemar place 
Mahon?y John, Bridge of Don 
Main Alexander, 59 Loanhead terrace 
Main Benjamin, 10 Leslie road 
Main George, 260 Victoria road, Torry 
Main John, 7 Deemouut road 
Main Mrs. 75 Clifton road 
Main Mrs. 38 Loanhead terrace 
Main William, 3 Jute street 
Mair G., M.D., R.N. 37 Queen's road 
Maitland Adam, 15 Albyn place 
Maitland Adam, Rubislaw Den house, 

Rubislaw Den north 
Maitland George, 26 Beaconsfield place 
Maitland Mrs. 74 Fountainhall road 
Maitland Mrs. 62 Stanley street 
Maitland William, 63 Murray terrace 
Malcolm Alexander, 20 Brighton place 
Malcolm Mrs. 71 Duthie terrace 
Mann Rev. James, 22 Belgrave terrace 
Mann George, 10 Polmuir road 
Mansie John, 72 Ferryhill road 
Manson David, 44 Polmuir road 
Manson Mrs. 7 Albert street 
Marnoch George, 32 Gray street 
Marnoch George R. 43 Bon-Accord street 
Marnoch John M.A., M.B., CM. 2 Bon- 
Accord square 
Marnoch Mrs. 42 Bon-Accord street 
Marr Alexander, 54 Albury road 
Marr Alexander, 23 Carden place 
Marr Alexander, 41 Grosvenor place 
Marr Alex. Stronach, 14 Louisville aven 
Marr Allan, 426 King street 
Marr George, 55 Albury road 
Marr George, Rosehill, Cuirncry road 
Marr George M.D. 2 Rubislaw terrace 
Marr James, 178 Forest avenue 
Marr John, 26 View terrace 
Marr Mrs. 16 Belmont road 
Marr Mrs. 10 Irvine place 
Marr William, 10 Cairnfield place 
Marsh Miss, 20 Ashley road 
Marshall Rev.Edwin Ernest M.A., LL.M., 

F.R.G.S. (Episcopal), 21 Carlton place 
Marshall John, 289 Great Western road 
Marshall John, 46 Richmond street 


Marshall Miss, 8 Rosebery street 
Marshall Mrs. 43 Beechgrove terrace 
Marshall Mrs. Queen's gate 
Marshall "William, 43 Beechgrove terrace 
Marshall Wm. M.R.C.V.S.79Bon-Accord st 
Martin Alexander, 371 Great Western rd 
Martin Arthur S. 8£ Powis terrace 
Martin George, 45 Burns road 
Martin George, 2 Calsayseat road 
Martin Henry, 1 Powis terrace 
Martin John, 40 Belvidere street 
Martin Mrs. 61 Justice street 
Martin Mrs. 8 Powis terrace 
Martin William, 18 Carlton place 
Martin William, 6 Springbank terrace 
Martineau Alfred B.A. 6 Rubislaw place 
Mason George Russell, 29 Stanley street 
Mason John, 30 Beaconsfield place 
Mason John R. 698 Great Northern rd 
Mason Miss, 197 Great Western road 
Mason Mrs. 12 Victoria street 
Massey John, 13 West burn drive 
Massie George D. 50 Fountainhall road 
Massie J. McPhail, Bonnymuir house, 

Bonnymuir place 
Massie Mrs. 108 Irvine place 
Massie Mrs. 33 St. Stanley street 
Masson Rev. William, Wood End cottage, 

Queen's road 
Masson Alexander, 40 Abergeldie terrace 
Masson Misses, 20 Albert terrace 
Masson Mrs. 53 Albury road 
Masson Mrs. 23 Beaconsfield place 
Masson Robert, 47 Duthie terrace 
Masson William, 21 Caledonian place 
Matheson Arch. bald, 46 Great Western rd 
Matheson Mrs. 5 Hilton street 
Matheson Mrs. 312 Holburn street 
Mathieson Alex. G. 180 THid Stocket road 
Mathieson Chas. Calder, 7 Sunnyside road 
Mathieson James, 1 Oakdale terrace 
Mathieson John K. 357 Hardgate 
Mathieson Mrs. 75 Blenheim place 
Mathieson William, 5 Belmont place 
Mnthison Miss, 15 High st. Old Aberdeen 
Matthew Edward, 50 Loanhead terrace 
Matthew Hy. Carnie, 108 Hammerfield av 
Matthew James, 416 Great Western road 
Matthew Robert, 58 Whitehall road 
Matthew William, 161 Forest avenue 
Matthews Rev. Thomas Trotter, 3 Beech- 
grove terrace 
Matthews James, 130 Mid Stocket road 
Matthews John, 7 Carlton place 
Matthews Mrs. 73 Osborne place 
Maver Mrs. 8 Carden place 
Mavor Mrs. 17 Belgrave terrace 
Mavor Mrs. 363 Great Western road 
Maxwell James Stewart, 18 Claremont st 
May Robt. Robertson, 29 Gilcomston park 
Maydon James, 24 Victoria street 
Maydon Miss, 24 Victoria street 
Mayo Mrs. 78 Don street, Old Aberdeen 
Meany Rev. John C. (Catholic),20 Huntly st 
Mearns Cornelius, 25 Forest avenue 
Mearns Danl. D.L., J.P. 257 Gt. Western rd 
Mearns George, 24 Belmont road 
Mearns George, 39 St. Clair street 
Mearns James, 295 Great Western mad 
Mearns James M.A. 80 Desswood place 
Mearns James, 186 Mid Stocket road 
Mearns James Alexander M.B., CM. 206 

Victoria road, Torry 
Mearns John, 44 Gladstone place 
Mearns Mrs. 146 Forest avenue 
Mearns Peter, 12 Powis terrace 
Mearns Robert, 58 Hilton place 
Meff James, 48 Fonthill road 
Men Robert, jun. 294 George street 
Meff Robert Forbes, 80 Gray street 
Meff William, jun. 40 Fonthill road 
Meffet Alexander, Deeford.Ruthrieston ter 
Meldrum Robert, 92 Bonnymuir place 
Meldrum William, 77 Wesiburn road 
Melville Henry Norrey, 43 Hilton street 
Melville James S. 39 Murray terrace 
Melville John Nicol, 17 Carnfield place 
Melville Miss, 12 Polmuir road 
Melville Wm. Gordon Burnett, 22 Polmuir rd 
Melville William J.P. 5 Queen's terrace 
Melvin Alexander Greig, 86 Irvine place 
Melvin John, 40 Erskine street 
Melvin Leslie Fyfe, 82 Gray street 
Melvin Mlas, 37 Springbank terrace 
Melvin Mrs. 14 Hartington road 
Melvin William, 136 Hamilton place 
Melvin William, 48 Sunnybank place 
Mennie Harvey, 4^ Devonshire road 
Mennie James Edward M.B., Ch.B. 44 

Forest avenue 
Mennie Jn. Henderson M.A. 113 Clifton rd 
Mennie Miss, Craig-G-owan, Countesswells 

road, Mnnnofield 
Mennie Mrs. 72 Whitehall road 
Mennie Thomas M. 72 Whitehall road 
Menzies James, 143 Blenheim place 
Menzies John, 71 Argyll place 
Menzies Samuel "W. 281 King street 
Merchant James, 1 Elm place 
Merrilees Mrs. 34 Desswood place 
Merrylees Charles, 8 Belgrave terrace 


Meston James, 29 Osborne place 
Meston William, 93 Irvine place 
Michael 'Simon, 32 Thomson street 
Michie C, M.A. 22 St. Swithin street 
Michie George B. 12 Albert terrace 
M.chie James Coutts, 4b, Crown terrace 
M.chie James Grant, 24 Polmuir road 
Michie John, 7 Uoslin terrace 
Michie Mrs. 8 Calsayseat road 
Michie Mrs. 33 Mile End avenue 
Michie Mrs. 82 Osborne place 
Middleton Alex. Belmont ho. Berrydtn rd 
M.ddleton Alex. 9 Laureiwood avenue 
Middleton Alex. jun. 9 Laurelwuod avenue- 
M.du.eLon Alexander, 2 Weslfield road 
Middleton Alfd. Edwd. 8 Hammersmith rd 
Middlelon Charles, 60 Burns road 
Middleton Charles, 2 Catofield place 
Middleton Edward M. 30 St. Swithin street 
Middleton Geo. M.A., B.A.41 Belgrave ter 
Middletun John, jun. 50 Deo street 
Middleton John Black, 6 Ciifton place 
Middleton Lewis Auldjo Lamb, Belmont 

house, Berrydcn road 
Middleton Mrs. 95 Leslie terrace 
Middleton William, 34 Lilybank place 
Middleton William, 32 Victoria street &. 

Balgowrie hail, Bridge of Don 
Millar John, 79 Mile End avenue 
Millar John, 57 Mile End avenue 
Millar Miss, 152 Bon-Accord street 
Miliar Misses, 13 Belvidere street 
Millar Mrs. 93 Forest avenue 
Millar Mrs. 7 South Crown street 
Miller Alex. Lawrence M.A. 10 Queen ter 
Miller Charles Bruce, 57 Clifton road 
Miller J. Bruce, 17 Rubislaw Den north. 
Miller John P. 10 Queen's terrace 
Miller Mrs. 31 Brighton place 
Miller Mrs. 272 Great Western road 
Miller Mrs. 146 Hamilton place 
Miller Mrs. 10 Queen's terrace 
Miller Mrs. 218 Union grove 
Miller Peter, 11 Ashgrove road 
Miller Richard R. 83 Argyll place 
Miller Thomas M.A. 1 Ferryhill place- 
Miller William, 45 Bedford place 
Miller William, 52 Claremont street 
Miller William C 7 Brunswick place 
Milles William, 37 Devonshire road 
Milligan David M. M. 20 Albyn place 
Mills Arthur, 679 King street 
Mills Mr3. 122 Desswood place 
Milne Rev. George Cuates (Congregational),. 

433 UiUton road 
Milne A. P. 110 Queen's road 
Milne Alexander, 6 Bayview road 
Milne Alexander, 43 Bonnymuir place 
Milne Alexander, 90 Broomhill road 
Milne Alexander, 9 Forbesfield road 
Milne Alexander, 313 Hardgate 
Milne Alexander, 58 Mile End avenue 
Milne Alexander, 220 Westburn road 
Milne Alex. Anderson, 43 Braemar place- 
Milne Alexander Thomas, 37 Cairnfield pi 
Milne Alfred Edward, 5 Richmondhill r«I 
Milne Arthur Pledge, 110 Queen's road 
Milne Charles, 83 Clifton road 
Milne Charles, 16 Rubislaw Den north 
Milne David, 458 King street 
Milne David, jun. 530 King street 
Milne Frank, 67 Gray street 
Milne George, 32 Belvidere street 
Milne George, 7 Forbesfield road 
Milne George J.P. Logie, Pitcable 
Milne George, 64 Polmuir road 
Milne George Forbes, 4l39 Gt. Western ret 
Miine James, 20 Balmoral place 
Milne James, 8 Bedford place 
Milne James, 118 Broomhill road 
Milne James, 111 Desswood place 
Milne James, 26 Erskine street 
Milne James C.A. 275 Great Western rd 
Milne James, jun. 275 Great Western road 
Milne James, 458 King street 
Milne James, 4 Rosebank terrace 
Milne .lames Wm. C.A. 91 Fountainhill rd' 
Milne John, 18 Belvidere crescent 
Milne John, 12 Claremont street 
Milne John M.A., LL.D. 108 Clifton road 
Milne John J.P. 64 Fountainhall road 
Milne John, 272 Great Western road 
Milne John, 54 Hilton place 
Milne John, jun. 376 Holburn street 
Milne John, 113a, Leslie terrace 
Milne John, 10 Watson street 
Milne John Olark, 5 Cedar place 
Milne John Irvine, 14 View terrace 
Milne Jn. Wallace M.B.193 Great Western rdl 
Milne Johnston, 65 Rose street 
Milne Jsph. Ellis M.A., M.D. 8 Albyn pL. 
M_lne Miss, 13 Ashley road 
Milne Miss, 8 Beaconsfield plnce 
Milne Miss, 70 Beechgrove terrace 
Milne Misses, 8 Murray terrace 
Milne Mrs. 12 Belvidere crescent 
Milne Mrs. 25 Brighton place 
Milne Mrs. 38 Canal road 
Milne Mrs. 107 Desswood place 
Milne Mrs. 91 Fountainhall road 
Milne Mrs. 55 Gladstone place 


Milne Mrs. 10 Hamilton place 

Milne Mrs. 44 Hamilton place 

Milne Mrs. 95 Hamilton place 

Milne Mrs. 2 Hartington road 

Milne Mrs. 35 Leslie road 

Milne Mrs. 5 Powis terrace 

Milne Mrs. 74 Union street 

Milne Mrs. 42 Whitehall road 

Milne Peter DufTus, 49 Forest avenue 

Milne Robert, 4 Cherry bank 

Milne Robert, 3 Devanha gardens 

Milne Robert, 22 Hosefield avenue 

Milne Robert, 633 King street 

Milne Robert, 69 Leslie road 

Milne Robert John, 50 Gray street 

Milne Robert Lamb, 51 Beaconsfield place 

Milne Robert Mackenzie, 141 Forest aven 

Milne Robert Park, 43 Brighton place 

Milne Samuel, 5 Bavview road 

Main* T., M.A., M.D. 26 Rubislaw terrace 

Milne Thomas, 36 Bosebery street 

Milne William, 45 Argyll place 

Milne William, 73 Beecbgrove terrace 

Milne William, 87 Cairnfield place 

Milne William. 114 Hamilton place 

Milne William, 5 Riehmondhill road 

Milne William, 56 St. Swithin street 

Milne Win. Campbell, 21 University road 

Milne William Ernest, 109 Hamilton pi 

Milne William H. 29 Rosebery street 

Milroy Robert, 14 Norfolk road 

Milton James, 5G Mile End avenue 

Minto Joseph, 316 Holburn street 

Mintv George Cumming, 39 Hilton street 

Mitchell Alexander M.D., CM. 70 High st. 

Old Aberdeen 
Mitchell Alexander, 31 Salisbury terrace 
Mitchell Alex. Forrest, 18 Roseanount pi 
Mitchell Alex. Stephen, 243 Westburn rd 
Mitchell Andrew, 52 Gladstone place 
Mitchell Anton H. 102 Fonntainhall road 
Mitchell DuncanMcGregor,16 Louisville av 
Mitchell George, 48 Loanhead terrace 
Mitchell George Bennett, 4 Deemount ter 
Mitchell James, 30 Bedford place 
Mitchell James, -22 Cedar place 
Mitchell James, 38 Elmfield avenue 
Mitchell James, 39 Gladstone place 
Mitchell James, 4 Loanhead place 
Mitchell James, 109 Osborne place 
Mitchell James L. G. 18 Argyll place 
Mitchell John, 10 King street 
Mitchell John C. 43 Springbank terrace 
Mitchell Mathew, 46 Maberley street 
Mitchell Mrs. 21 Argyll place 
Mitchell Mrs. 49 Don street.Old Aberdeen 
Mitchell Mrs. 342 Great Western road 
Mitchell Mrs. 2 Queen's cross 
Mitchell Mrs. 8 Queen's terrace 
Mitchell Mrs. 48 Springbank terrace 
Mitchell Mrs. David, 390 Great Western rd 
Mitchell Mrs. Mitchell, 50 Whitehall road 
Mitchell Owen Revnolds, 99 Duthie ter 
Mitchell Peter M.D. 526 King street 
Mitchell Peter, 3 Mackie place 
Mitchell Peter Michie, 109 Forest avenue 
Mitchell Rnhert, 29 Albert terrace 
Mitchell Robert, 9 Elmfield avenue 
Mitchell Robert, 35 Hilton street 
Mitchell Stndart James, 2 Albvn place 
Mitchell Thomas, 45 Mount street 
Mitchell W. 14 Fnrbesfield road 
Mitchell William, 33 Beechsrrove terrace 
Mitchell William Hyslop. 28 Desswood pi 
Mitchell William James, 39 Forest avenue 
Moffatt Jas. M.A.,B.Sc.Lond.l43 Forest av 
Moffatt William Todd, 68 Forest road 
Moggach James Anderson, 19 Hilton st 
Moir Alexander A. S. 50 Ashley road 
Moir Benjamin, 9 Hilton road 
Moir Francis Walker M.D. 21 Albyn place 
Moir G.Mitchell.Tullos view,Balnagask rd 
Moir George, 74 Bonnymuir place 
Moir George, 37 Murray terrace 
Moir Mrs. Isabella, 36 Belgrave terrace 
Moir James, 29 Cairnfield place 
Moir James, 75 Cairnfield place 
Moir James, 18 Calsayseat road 
Moir James Reid. 22 Belmont road 
Moir James W. 69 Loanhead terrace 
Moir John, 8 Cedar place 
Moir John, 136 Mid Stocket road 
Moir John R. Cumming's park, Woodside 
Moir Misses, 29 Belvidere crescent 
Moir Mrs. 12 Bon-Aecord crescent 
Moir Mrs. 16 Erskine street 
Moir Mrs. 75 Gray street 
Moir Mrs. 410 Great Western road 
Moir Mrs. 105 Leslie terrace 
Moir Mrs. 52 Loanhead terrace 
Moir Robert, Granitehill ho. Queen's road 
Moir William, 73 Argvll place 
Moir William, 30 Salisbury terrace 
Mollison George, Albert cottage, 2 Prince 

Arthur street 
Mollison George. 74 Rubislaw Den 
Mollison Miss, 99 Crown street 
Mollison Miss, 177 Great Western road 
Moncur James M.B. 144 King street 


Moncur Miss, 92 Blenheim place 
Monro James, 388 Great Western road 
Montgomery John, 31 Abergeldie road 
Montgomery John, 57 Beaconsfield place 
Montgomery John, 198 Union street 
Hoodie Alexander, 137 Clifton road 
Moore Mrs. 68 Bon-Accord street 
Morduunt Mrs. 69 Osborne place 
Morgan Alexander, 91 Irvine place 
Morgan George, 24 Braemar place 
Morgan George, 74 Cairnfield place 
Morgan George B. 95 Clifton road 
Morgan George Wilson, Cairnaquheen, 

Riehmondhill road 
Morgan James, 95 Desswood place 
Morgan John, 20 Burnett place 
Morgan John, 50 Queen's road 
Morgan Mrs. 97 Westburn road 
Morgan William, 21 Albury place 
! Morice Thomas, 29 King street 
Murison John Greenlaw, 64 Dee street 
i Horisun Miss, 19 Gladstone place 
! Morren David, 24 Erskine street 
Morren Mrs. 37 Bonnymuir place 
Mitrrice Alexander, 262 Union street 
Morris Alexander, 60 Hilton place 
M irris George, 2 Caroline place 
■ Morris William Jas. 402 Great Western rd 
1 Morrison Alexander, 22 Bedford road 
Morrison Alexander, 24 Powis terrace 
Morrison Archibald, 167 Forest avenue 
Morrison Charles, 160 Bon-Accord street 
Morrison George, 6 Cattofield place 
Morrison George, 74 Rubislaw Den north 
Morrison George, 90 Stanley street 
Morrison George A., M.A. Gordon college 
Morrison James, 35 Bedford place 
Morrison James, 62 Carden place 
Morrison James, 33 Elmfield avenue 
Morrison James D. 25 Grosvenor place 
Morrison Jas. Robertson, 114 Brighton pi 
Morrison John, 82 Bedford place 
Morrison John, 230 Union grove 
Morrison John, 210 Westburn road 
Morrison Joseph M., M.A. 45 Carlton pi 
Morrison Lewis, 78 Fountainhall road 
Morrison Malcolm, 43 Dee street 
Morrison Miss, 15 Desswood place 
Morrison Miss, 37 St. Swithin street 
Morrison Mrs. 14 Argyll place 
Morrison Mrs. 32 Desswood place 
Morrison Mrs. 17 Ferryhill place 
Morrison Mrs. 48 Queen's road 
i Morrison Mrs. 11 Sunnyside road 
i Morrison Robert, 58 Burns road 
Morrison Robert G. J. 12 Whitehall road 
l Morrison Taylor, 46 Brighton place 
I Morrison Thomas, 10 Mile End avenue 
I Morrison William, 20 Bedford road 
I Morrison William, 10 Devonshire road 
; Mortimer Arthur Fyfe, 2 Devanha terrace 
Mortimer D. A. 207" Great Western road 
I Mortimer Grant, 44 Mile End avenue 
I Mortimer James, 5 Beecbgrove terrace 
| Mortimer James, 99 Clifton road 
j Mortimer John, 4 Gilcomston park 
I Mortimer John, 344 Great Western road 
! Mortimer Robert, 50 Elmfield avenue 
Morton Mrs. 3 Cairnfield place 
Morton Peter, 51 Fountainhall road 
Mowatt Alfred, 17 Holland street 
Mowatt John, 349 Holburn street 
Muil Miss. 7 Strawberry bank 
Muir Rev. James M.A. ("United Free), 29 

Beechgrove terrace 
Muir Rev. W. Bruce (Established), 50 

Marischal street 
Mulligan Francis, 43 Hamilton place 
Mundie James, 384 Holburn street 
Mundie Miss. 1 Marine place 
Munro Rev. Duncan Macrae (United Free), 

47 BeechgTove terrace 
Munro Alexander M. 26 Desswood place 
Munro Andrew, 23 Devonshire road 
Munro Andrew, 32 Salisbury terrace 
Munro Donald, Bella cottage, Tanfleld 

walk, Woodside 
Munro Donald, 124 Union street 
Munro George, 129 Blenheim place 
Munro Henry, 70 Ferryhill road 
Munro Hugh, 3 Anderson road 
Munro James, 34 Burns road 
Munro James M. 30 Albert terrace 
Munro John, 45 Gladstone place 
Munro John, 81 Stanley street 
Munro John Oeilvie, 23 Beividere street 
Munro Mrs. 73 Abergeldie road 
Munro Mrs. 86 Ashley road 
Munro Mrs. 9 Brighton place 
Murchie Mrs. 15 Devonshire road 
Murdoch Miss, 85 Bon-Accord street 
Murdoch Miss, 29 Braemar place 
Murdoch William, 69 Beaconsfield place 
Murisnn WJliam J. P. 34 Forest road 
Murison William M.A. 140 Hamilton place 
Murphy Miss, 57 Duthie terrace 
Murray Rev. Alexander M.A. United Free 
Church manse, 210 Victoria road, Torry 
Murray Alexander, 6 Crown terrace 



Murray Rev. Gordon J., M.A., B.D. (Estab- 
lished,), 11 St. Swithin street 
Murray Alexander, 13 Fontliill road 
Murray Alexander, 5 Rubislaw Den eouth 
Murray Alexander, 6 Strawberry bank 
Murray Alexander J. 24 Fountainhall rd 
Murray Alex. Lovie, 437 Gt. Western road 
Murray Alexander M. 66 Desswood plaoe 
Murray Andrew, 10 Albyn terrace 
Murray Daniel, 607 Holburn street 
Murray Frances Robert, 26 Springbank fcer 
Murray George, 81 Fountainhall road 
Murray George, 228 King street 
Murray George, 14 Watson street 
Murray Henry, 6 Murray terrace 
Murray Henry G. 15 Westburn drive 
Murray Mrs. J. A. 43 Rubislaw Den Bth 
Murray James, Ardlea, Cornhill road 
Murray James J. P. 17 Balmoral place 
Murray James M.P., D.L., J. P. Glenburnie 
park, Rubislaw Den north ; & Reform 
& Arts clubs, London 
Murray James, 58 Murray terrace 
Murray James, 16 Prospect terrace 
Murray James, Tanfield house, Clifton road 
Murray James, 65 Union grove 
1 Murray James S. Ill Leslie terrace 
Murray John M.A. 37 Forest road 
Murray John A. 192 King street 
; Murray John Irvine, 206 Mid Stocket road 
I Murray Jn. Watson M.A. 47 University rd 
i Murray Joseph, 17 Bedford place 
Murray Miss, 22 Argyll place 
Murray Miss, 37 Stanley street 
| Murray Miss, 7 West Craibstone street 
Murray Miss, 41 Whitehall road 
Murray Mrs. 41 Argyll place 
Murray Mrs. 11 Burns road 
Murray Mrs. 28 College bounds,01d Aberdn 
Murray Mrs. 24 Fountainhall road 
Murray Mrs. 67 Fountainhall road 
Murray Mrs. 278 Holburn street 
Murray Mrs. 192 King street 
Murray Mrs. 16 Mount street 
Murray Mrs. 175 Great Western road 
Murray Mrs. 2 Rubislaw Den north 
Murray Norman, 11 Burns road 
Murray Robert, 8 Argyll crescent 
Murray William, 415 Great Western road 
Murray William, 45 Leslie road 
Murray William, 42 Mile End avenue 
Murray Wm. Newlands ho. Broomhill road 
Murray William, 21 Osborne place 
Murray William, 111 Osborne place 
Murray William, 16 Prospect terrace 
Morrison Mrs. 44 St. Swithin street 
Mutch James, 32 Beaconsfield place 
Mutch James, 5 Brunswick place 
Mutch James, 9 Catslield p'.ace 
Mutch James Gibson, 4 Bon-Accord square 
Mutch John, 16 Roslin terrace 
Mutch Miss, 98 Osborne place 
Mutch Mrs. 34 Osborne place 
Mutch William, 68 Carden place 
Mutrie Alexander, 104 King street 
Nairn Mrs. Margaret, 37 Argyll place 
Nairne Charles J. 34 Riehmondhill place 
Napier Geo. Old Angusfield ho. Rubislaw 
Napier Mrs. 12 Loanhead terrace 
Neave John Finnie, 20 Braemar place 
Neil Mrs. 21 Polmuir road 
Neilson Andrew, 4 Bon-Accord crescent 
Neilson Mrs. 59 Cairnfield place 
Neismyth John, 86 Devonshire road 
Newlands George, 25 Beechgrove avenue 
Newton Launcelot, 41 Bonnymuir place 
Nicholson Mrs. 8^ Queen's road 
Nicol Rev. Thomas M.A., D.D. (professor 
bible criticism, University), 34 College 
bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Nicol Alexander Tytler, 3 Gladstone place 
Nicol Alexander Young, 89 Duthie terrace 
Nicol George, 34 Bonnymuir place 
Nicol James A. 12 Cedar place 
Nicol James B. 20 Belvidere street 
Nicol John, 61 Stanley street 
Nicol Miss, 108 Mid Stocket road 
Nicol Mrs. 25 Hosefield avenue 
Nicol Mrs. 647 King street 
Nicol Mrs. 24 Loanhead terrace 
Nicol Robert Gordon C.E. 12 Forest road 
Nightingale Henrv, 117 Menzies rd. Torry 
Niven Charles M'.A., D.Sc, F.R.S. (pro- 
fessor of natural philosophy, LTniversity), 
6 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Niven John, 39 Sunnybank place 
Niven Mrs. 50 Polmuir road 
Niven Thomas, 102 Crown street 
Noble Crawford, 53 Fountainhall road 
Notte Jas. Dickson M.B., CM. 23 Albert st 
Noble Miss, 2 Albert street 
Noble William, 53 Irvine place 
Norrie Alexander, 32 Queen's road 
Norrie James, 90 Powis place 
Ogg John, sen. 222 Great Western road 
Ogg Miss, 94 Desswood place 
Ogg Mrs. 34 Erskine street 
Ogg Robert, 6 Hammerfield avenue 
Ogilvie Alexander, 78 Desswood place 

SCOT. 3 


Ogilvie Alexander, 110 Hamilton place 

Ogilvie David, 133 Forest avenue 

Ogilvie George LL.D. 14 Albyn terrace 

Ogilvie George, 174 M-d Stocket road 

Ogilvie George, 6 Eoslin terrace 

Ogilvie Jos. M.A., LL.D. 4 Queen's terrace 

Ogilvie James, 74 Forest road 

Ogilvie James, 60 Rubislaw Den north 

Ogilvie James, 74 Forest road 

Ogilvie Joseph. M.A., LL.D. (rector of 

Church, of Scotland Training College), 4 

Queen's terrace 
Ogilvie Misses, 32 Burns road 
Ogilvie Mrs. 26 Albert terrace 
Ogilvie Mrs. 70 Gladstone place 
Ogilvie Thomas, Kepplestone, Rubislaw 
OgUvie Thos. jun. 58 Rubislaw Den north 
Ogston Alexander J.P., M.D., CM. 252 

Union street 
Ogston A., M.A. (professor surgery, 

University), 86 Bosemount place 
Olley Albert Edward, 56 Murray terrace 
Olley William, 20 FonthiU road 
Ord Mrs. 9 St. Swith_n street 
Orman William, 60 Forest avenue 
Panton George, 28 Osborne place 
Panton Mrs. 79 Irvine place 
Park James, 31 Cranford road 
Park Mrs. 53 Watson street 
Parker John. 52 Skene terrace 
Parle Thomas, 48 Duthie terrace 
Parr Mrs. 18 Albert street 
Parrott William Francis, 59 Cranford road 
Paterson Alexander, 68 Clifton road 
Paterson George, 64 Queen's road 
Paterson James, 212 Union grove 
Paterson John, 91 Forest avenue 
Paterson John, Kirkland house, Ruthriestn 
Paterson John, 16 Norfolk road 
Paterson John H. 169 Bon-Accord street 
Paterson John J. 11 Calsayseat road 
Paterson Miss, 37 Victoria street 
Paterson Mrs. 68 Ashley road 
Paterson Mrs. 12 Elm place 
Paterson Mrs. 448 Great Western road 
Paterson William, 11 Argyll place 
Paterson William, 480 Union street 
Paton Andrew, 19 Sunnyside road 
Paton John, 61 Union grove 
Paton Mrs. Parklea ho. 80 Beechgrove ter 
Paton Robert Yullie, 117 Forest avenue 
Patterson Archibald, 15 Beechgrove ter 
Patterson James, 411 Clifton road 
Patterson John, 93 Crown street 
Patterson John Hill, 64 Bedford place 
Patterson Mrs. 23 Grosvenor place 
Pattison Alexander, 76 Beaconsfield place 
Pattison James Young, 61 Westburn road 
Patton James M. 46 Great Western road 
Paul Alexander, 2 Caledonian place 
Paul George Fyfe, 87 Ashley road 
Paul James, 513 Great Northern road 
Paul John, 32 Irvine place 
Paul Miss, 7 St. Swithin street 
Paul Miss, 20 Stanley street 
Paul Mrs. 13 Albyn terrace 
Paul Mrs. 651 King street 
Paull James George M.A. 24 Albyn place 
Paxton David, 6 Hilton street 
Peacock William, 99 Devonshire road 
Penney Miss, 16 Clifton road 
Perrie John, 301 Broomhill road 
Peter Mrs. Springbank house, Craigton rd, 

Peterkin George Gordon, 68 Beaconsfield pi 
Peterkin Henry, 45 Queen's road 
Peterkin Henry, jun. M.A., M.B., Ch.B. 

45 Queen's road 
Peterkin Mrs. 21 Gladstone place 
Peters John, 28 Rosebery street 
Peters William, 3 Osborne place 
Petfield Edward, 62 Abergeldie road 
Petrie Alexander, 11 Beechgrove terrace 
Petrie George Watson, 14 Burns road 
Petrie James Hay, 7 Stanley street 
Petrie James Jamieson, 5 Rosebery street 
Petrie John, 11 Watson street 
Petrie Mrs. 263 Great Western road 
Petrie Mrs. 61 Murray terrace 
Pevie John Alexander, 62 Ashley road 
Ptn'.ip Frederick M.B., CM. 136 Victoria 

road, Torry 
Philip James, 55 Devonshire road 
Philip James, 53 St. Swithin street 
Philip John Bentley M.A. 8 Belvidere cres 
Philip Miss, 3 Alford place 
Philip Miss, Prospect cottage, Balnngask 

road, Torry 
Philip Mrs. 50 Albert street 
Philip Mrs. 25 Albert terrace 
Philip Mrs. 79 Beaconsfield place 
Philip Mrs. 96 Blenheim place 
Philip Mrs. 15 Holburn road 
Philip Mrs. 47 St. Swithin street 
Philip Patrick, 41 Elmbank terrace 
Philip Thomas, 119 Clifton road 
Philip William, 48 Clifton road 
Philip William Edward, 72 Forest road 
Phillip Mrs. 150 Crown street 
Phi'.potts William G. 46 Powis place 
Phimister James Cecil, 36 Sunnyside p? 


Picker Herbert Francis, 40 Gray street 

Pickford James, 26 Chapel street 

Pigge James Smith, 49 Gray street 

Piggie Mrs. 311 Hardgate 

Pirie Alexander, 235 Union grove 

Pirie George, 26 Victoria street 

Pirie John, Bridge of Don 

Pirie Johnston Knight, 17 Watson street 

Pirie Miss, 75 Irvine place 

Pirie Miss, Powis lodge, College bounds, 

Old Aberdeen 
Pirie Mrs. 69 Albury road 
Pirie Mrs. 5 Fonthill terrace 
Pirie Mrs. 50 Great Western road 
Pirie Mrs. 84 Hamilton place 
Pirie Mrs. Hammerfield lodge, Hammer 

field avenue 
Pirie Mrs. 61 Loanhead terrace 
Pirie Mrs. 8 Queen's road 
Pirie Mrs. 180 Skene street 
Pirie Thomas, 68 Cairnfield place 
Pirie William, 116 Hammerfield avenue 
Pirie Wm. Hamilton, 97 Fountainhall rd 
Pirie William Rattray M.A., M.B., CM. 

20 Bon-Accord square 
Ptthie James Taylor, 1 Richmond Hill road 
Pittendrigh Mrs. 29 King's gate 
Poison Mrs. 59 Forest avenue 
Poison Robert L., M.D. 2 Chanonry, Old 

Pope David A. The Chalet, West Cults 
Porter James Leighton, 74 Beechgrove ter 
Porter James, 34 Cedar place 
Porter John, 40 Osborne place 
Porter Mrs. 21 Beaconsfield place 
Porter Sidney James, 9 Sunnyside road 
Porter Wm. J. P. Grandholm cot. Woodside 
Porter William, 161 King street 
Porter William, 564 King street 
Pratt Adam, Crown cot. Sunny baDk road 
Pratt James, 79 Forest avenue 
Presslie Alex. M.B., CM. 1 Rubislaw pi 
Presslie Samuel Greaves, 70 Devonshire road 
Primrose William, 13 Elm place 
Pringle Mrs. 29 Holburn road 
Pringle William Stevenson, 126 Osborne pi 
Pritchard Francis B. Maryville, Stocket 
Procter George, 8 Angusfield atenue 
Proctor Joseph Simeon, 110 Hamilton pi 
Proctor, Badentoy ho. Queen's gate 
Prosser Alfred Alex. 103 Hamilton place 
Prosser Mrs. 43 Fountainhall road 
Proudfoot David Crawford, 121 Forest av 
Pryde Rev. John Marshall M.A., B.D. 

(Established), 404 Great Western road 
Pyper David, 115 Clifton road 
Pyper Miss, Springbank cottage, Craigton 

road, Mannofield 
Pyper William, 15 Bon-Accord square 
Quann William P. Dee view,Bridge of Dee 
Quinn John, 29 Great Northern road 
Rae Rev. Frederick James M.A. (United 

Free), 137 Hamilton place 
Rae Alexander, 1 Elmfield avenue 
Rae Alexander, 30 Whitehall road 
Rae George, 148 Broomhill road 
Rae Rev. James M.A. (Estab.), 75 Dee st 
Rae Geo. Cruickshank, 34 St. Swithin st 
Rae John, 38 Hamilton place 
Rae John J. P. 82 Queen's road 
Rae Miss, 20 Gray street 
Rae Mrs. 39 Belgrave terrace 
Rae Mrs. 88 Devonshire road 
Rae Mrs. 87 Forest avenue 
Rae Mrs. 69 Forest road 
Rae Mrs. 21 Gray street 
Rae Mrs. 35 Grosvenor place 
Rae Mrs. 99 Leslie terrace 
Rae Mrs. 224 Union grove 
Rae William M. A. 3 Queen's terrace 
Rae William M.A. 9 Queen's terrace 
Rae William S. 11 Bonnymuir place 
Rae William S. 11 Cairnfield place 
Raesmyth Miss, 18 Stanley street 
Raffan George W. 55 Mile End avenue 
Raffan James M.B., Ch.B. Royal infirmary, 

Raffan John, 131 Forest avenue 
Raffan John, 49 Queen's road 
Rainey Mrs. 4 Strawberry bank 
Rainnie Mrs. 463 Great Western road 
Rait David, 18 Gordondale road 
Ramsay Sir William M. kt. M.A., D.C.L., 

LL.D.,, D.D. (professor of 

humanity, University), 11 College bounds, 

Old Aberdeen 
Ramsay James Grjyg. 8 Canal street 
Ramsay John, 21 westburn drive 
Ramsay William, 12 Braemar place 
Rankin Miss, 73 Dee street 
Rankine Charles Henry, 185 Forest avenue 
Basmusson Emanuel, 44 Salisbury terrace 
Rattrav D. 34 Whitehall road 
Rattray David, 10 Great Western place 
Rattray James McParlane, 57 Elmfield av 
Rattray Miss, 22 Whitehall road 
Rattray Mrs. 24 Beaconsfield place 
Rattray Mrs. 85 Hamilton place 
Rattrav William, 22 Beaconsfield place 
Rattray William, Kininvie, 5 Wellbrae ter- 
race, Mannofield 


Reay George, 40 Springbank terrace 

Rees Miss, 40 Bon-Accord terrace 

Reid Sir Geo. R.S.A. St. Luke's.Rubi.l.. 

Reid Rev. Alexander M.A. 65 Osborne pi 

Reid Alexander, 19 Desswood place 

Reid Alexander, 12 Forest avenue 

Reid Alexander, 45 Mile End avenue 

Reid Andrew Burnett, 10 Brighton place 

Reid Archibald D., A.R.S.A. St. Luke's 

Reid David, 602 George street 

Reid George, 52 St. Swithin street 

Reid George W. 266 Broomhill road 

Reid Harry Thompson M.A. 177 Forest av 

Reid Hugh, 5 Lilybank place 

Reid Hugh, 92 Mile End avenue 

Reid Jam:s, Albyn cottage, Albyn lane 

Reid James, 16 Bruuswick place 

Reid James, 84 Clifton road 

Reid James, 458 Great Western road 

Reid James, 99 Ham. Hon place 

Reid James, 356 Hoburn street 

Reid James Henry, 163 Forest avenue 

Reid John, 23 Albury place 

Reid John, 31 Balmorul place 

Reid John, 11 Gray street 

Reid John, jun. 35 Gray street 

Reid John, 33 Hamilton place 

Reid John. 75 Leslie terrace 

Reid John W. 41 Forest road 

Reid Miss, 12 Argyll place 

Reid Miss, 14 Brighton place 

Reid Miss, 76 Dee street 

Reid Miss, 22 Devonshire road 

Reid Miss, 19 Elmfield avenue 

Reid Miss, 63 Whitehall road 

Reid Misses, 161 Crown street 

Reid Mrs. 93 Ashley road 

Reid Mrs. 44 Bedford place 

Reid Mrs. 157 Clifton road 

Reid Mrs. 123 Desswood place 

Reid Mrs. 85 Forest avenue 

Reid Mrs. 88 Leslie terrace 

Reid Mrs. 109 Mile End avenue 

Reid Mrs. 84 Union street 

Reid Mrs. 37 Victoria street 

Reid Mrs. James, 17 Rosebery street 

Reid Mrs. Leslie, 3 Carlton place 

Reid Robert, 19 Albury place 

Reid Robert, 16 Foibe^field road 

Reid Robert, 372 King street 

Reid Robert, 3 Pitstruan place 

Reid Robert W., M.D. (professor anatomy^ 
University), 37 Albyn place 

Reid Thomas, 21 St. Swithin street 

Reid Walter A. 88 Fountainhall road 
Reid William, 96 Bonnymuir place 

Reid William, 41 Forest avenue 

Reid William, 111 High st. Old Aberdeen 

Reid William, 1G Ilosefield avenue 

Reid William M.D. Lochhead, Cornhill rd 

Reid William, 42 Stanley street 

Reilley Nicolas, 50 Elmbank terrace 

Reilh 'Alexander M.D. 34 GJcomston park 

Reith Andrew, 2 Fonthill road 

Reith James, 22 Albert terrace 
Reith James, 110 Clifton road 
Reith Wiiliam, 61 Irvine place 

Reith William Borwick, 110 Broomhill rd 
Rennet D., LL.D. 32 Fountainhall road 
Rennet D., M.D. 14 Golden square 
Rennet Ernest M.A., B.L. 46 Polmuir rd 
Rennett James Barclay M.A. 5 Forest rd 
Rennie Arthur Thomson, 84 Fountainhall rd 
Rennie David Taylor, 41 Rosebank terrace 
Rennie Duncan, 7 Rosebery street 
Rennie George M.A. 25 Rosebery street 
Rennie George Melvin, 33 St. Swithin st 
Rennie Henry John, 48 Hardgate 
Rennie James B.Sc. 76 Blenheim place 
Rennie James, 62 Cairnfield place 
Rennie James, 13 Rosebank terrace 
Rennet James Barclay M.A. 5 Forest road 
Rennie John, 60 Desswood place 
Rettie Alexander, 72 Irvine p'.ace 
Rettie John, 563 King street 
Rettie Miss, 12 Bon-Accord crescent * 
Rezin Edwin M.A. , B.L. 399 Gt.Western rd 
Rhind J. L. 172 Mid Stocket road 
Riach James Mackintosh, 293 Rosemount pi 
Riach Thomas, 424 Great Western road 
Richards Robert, 61 Braemar place 
Richardson Mrs. 75 Osborne place 
Riepenhausen James, 139 Forest avenue 
Riddell Alexander, 46 Ashley road 
Riddell Alexander, 17 Salisbury terrace 
Riddell George. 82 Bonnvmuir place 
Riddell J. G. 306 Great- Western read 
Riddell Jn. Cruickshank, 16 Bayview rd 
Riddell John Scott M.V.O., M.A., M.B., 

CM. 7 Rubislaw terrace 
Riddell Wm. Ryedale.52 Rubislaw Den sth 
Riddler George, 145 Mid Stocket road 
Riddoch George, 13 Forest road 
Ritchie David^ 82 Fountainhall road 
Ritehie David, 1 Polmuir road 
Ritchie Francis, 110 Leslie terrace 
Ritchie George Neich M.A. 38 Belgrave ter 
Ritchie John, 15 Affleck street 
Ritchie John, 12 Mile End place 
Ritchie Jonathan, 16 Salisbury terrace 


Ritchie Misses, 3 Albert terrace 

^Ritchie Mrs. 12 Bedford place 

Ritchie Mrs. 113 Crown street 

Ritchie Mrs. 11 Hilton street 

Ritchie Mrs. 00 Irvine place 

Ritchie William, 27 King's crescent 

Rivett Bertie, 74 Ashley road 

Robb Surg.-Lieut.-Col. John M.D., I. M.S. 

19 King's gate 
Robb Alexander, 16 Cairnfield place 
Robb Alexander, 29 Cranford road 
Robb Alexander, 25 Devonshire road 
Robb Alexander Lawrence, Whinhill house, 

Whinhill road 
Robb Charles, 19 Stanley street 
Robb Frank Moir, 47 Hilton street 
Robb G. 308 Great Western road 
Robb George, 6 Burnett place 
Robb John, 111 Crown street 
Robb John, 23 Watson street 
Robb Miss, 19 Affleck street 
Robb Mrs. 47 Bedford place 
Robb Mrs. 138 Mid Stocket road 
Robb Mrs. Westbank, Fonthill road 
Robbie Alexander, 59 Beaconsfield place 
Robbie Francis, 29 Hilton street 
Robbie WilLam, 232 Rosemount place 
Robert Littlejohn, 19 Westburn drive 
Robertson A. M. Smith M.A. 86 Fountain- 
hall road 
Robertson Alexander Bruce, 6 Moray place 
Robertson Alex.Bruoe, 11 Richmondhill rd 
Robertson Alexander K. 20 Springbank ter 
Robertson Andrew, 276 Broomhill road 
Robertson Charles, 250 "Victoria road, Torry 
Robertson Duncan M.A.Hazlehead.Rubislaw 
Robertson David Greame, 87 Fountainhall 

Robertson Francis, 65 Gray street 
Robertson George, Donnachie villa, Balna- 

gask road, Torry 
Robertson George, 13 Bedford place 
Robertson George, 74 Devonshire **oad 
Robertson George, 47 Great Northern road 
Robertson George, 519 Holburn street 
Robertson George, 455 King street 
Robertson George, 14 Stanley street 
Robertson Hugh, 190 King street 
Robertson James, 94 Mile End avenue 
Robertson James, 93 Clifton road 
Robertson James, 10 Forest avenue 
Robertson James, 59 Gray street 
Robertson James, 141 Hardgate 
Robertson James, 94 Mile End avenue 
Robertson John, 78 Bedford place 
Robertson John, 29 Hamilton place 
Robertson John, 6 South Crown street 
Robertson John D. 18 Cairnfield place 
Robert-son John Gordon,184 Mid Stocket rd 
Robertson Miss, 16 Beechgrove terrace 
Robertson Miss, 8 Hosefield avenue 
Robertson Miss, 4 Mount street 
Robertson Miss, 28 Richmondhill place 
Robertson Mrs. 29 Beaconsfield place 
Robertson Mrs. 25 Caledonian road 
Robertson Mrs. 408 Great Wes:ern road 
Robertson Mrs. 51 Irvine place 
Robertson Mrs. 303 King- street 
Robertson Mrs. 8 Marine terrace 
Robertson Mrs. 22 Richmondhill place 
Robertson Mrs. 3 Springbank terrace 
Robertson Murdo, 6 Gilcomston park 
Robertson Robert, 15 Belvidere street 
Robertson Robert, 12 Horsefield avenue 
Robertson Robert Watson, 42 Gray street 
Robertson Thomas, 258 Victoria road, Torry 
Robertson W., M.A. 62 Desswood place 
Robertson William, Balnagask rd. Torry 
Robertson William, 3 Calsayseat road 
Robertson William, 69 Duthie terrace 
Robertson William, 142 Mid Stocket road 
Robertson William B. 215 Gt. Western road 
Robertson Wm. Percival, 10 Belvidere cres 
Robinson Mrs. 4 Crown terrace 
Robotham William, 13 Calsayseat road 
Robson A. 46 Belgrave terrace 
Robson Alexander, 15 Hosefield avenue 
Robson Alexander, 220 Union grove 
Robson J. W. 40 Fountainhall road 
Robson William Alex. 49 Carlton place 
Rodger Rev.Alex, (United Free),19 Elm pi 
Rodger Alexander, 165 Forest avenue 
Rodger David, 40 Maberly street 
Rodger Hugh, 5 Burns road 
Rodger Miss, 138 Broomhill road 
Roger Rev. Jn. (Catholic), 20 Huntly street 
Roger Alexander, 146 Great Western road 
Roger James, Pittodrie place 
Rose Rev. George, 148 Hamilton place 
Rose Alexander, 648 George street 
Rose George M.B., CM., D.P.H. 16 

Rubislaw terrace 
Rose James, 29 Beechgrove avenue 
Rose Miss, 68 Fountainhall road 
Rose Miss, 129 Mid Stocket road 
Rose Mrs. 42 Desswood place 
Rose Mrs. 24 Rubislaw Den south. 
Rose William, 42 Carden place 
Rosmnssen Lauritz, 48 Burns road * 


Ros8 Alexander, Persleyden, Woodside 

Ross Alexander, 61 Queen's road 

Ross Alexander M.tchell. 12 King's gate 

Ross Alexander Stables, 111 Broomhill road 

Ross Andrew, 150 Mid Stocket road 

Ross Andrew, 88 Queen's road 

Ross Bannerman, 125 Forest avenue 

Ros3 David, 27 Elmfield avenue 

Ross Frank, 152 Mid Stocket road 

Ross George, 13 Crown terrace 

Ross Henry, 327 Great Western road 

Ross James, 77 Blenheim place 

Ross James, 24 Brighton place 

Ross James, 4 Rubislaw place 

Ross James Adam, 300 Great Western rd 

Ross James A. 300 Great Western road 

Ross James Thain, 12 Mile End avenue 

Ross John, 26 Brown street, Woodside 

Hoss John, 81 Westburn road 

Ross John A. 359 Great Western road 

Ross John Milner, 57 Argyll place 

Ross Joseph, 13 Burns road 

Ross Lewis, 53 Albury place 

Ross Miss, 12 Forbesfield road 

Ross Miss, 320 Holburn street 

Ross Miss, 77 Osborne place 

Ross Mrs. 81 Ashley road 

Ross Mrs. 142 Bon-Accord street 

Ross Mrs. 266 Great Western road 

Ross Mrs. 2 Oakdale terrace, Mannofield 

Ross Mrs. 10 Roslin terrace 

Ross Mrs. Hugh, 100 Fountainhall road 

Ross Robt. 2 Morningside rd. Mannofield 

Ross Robert R. 389 Holburn street 

Ross Samuel, 15 Braemar place 

R<iss William, 23 Brighton place 

Ross William, 35 Burns road 

Ross William M.A. 27 Gray street 

Ross William Thomas, 29 Sunnyside road 

Rothwell Arth. Jesse, 358 Gt. Western rd 

Rough William, 301 Clifton road 

Rough William, Tillydrone rd. Woodside 

Rowand George S. 23 Caledonian place 

Rowell Mrs. 24 Belvidere crescent 

Roy Rev. James B.D. 34 Hamilton place 

Roy Mrs. 33 Belvidere street 

Ruddiman Thomas Milne, 1G Braemar place 

Rusack Edward J. 116 Mid Stocket road 

Russell Rev. James Alex. M.A. (United 

Free), 49 Elmbank terrace 
Russell Alexander, 4a, Elm place 
Russell Alexander M. 60 Loanhead terrace 
Russell David, 37 Abergeldie terrace 
Russell James, 155 Great Western road 
Russell Robert, 131 Desswood place 
Russell Robert, 53 Forest avenue 
Rust John, 1 Deemount terrace 
Rust John, Hawkhill, Milltimber 
Rust M sses, 39 Carden place 
Rutherfoord Miss, 35 Osborne place 
Rutherford Alexander L. 15 Gray street 
Rutherford James, 32 Argyll place 
Rutherford Miss, 44 Forest avenue 
Rutherford Thomas Ogilvie, 47 Burns rd 
Ruthven John, 14 Belmont road 
Ruthven Miss, 17 Albert street 
Ruxton Charles, 10 Union terrace 
Rux'on James, 9 Ashley road 
Rnxton Mrs. 84 Gray street 
Saint Miss, 70 Fountainhall road 
Sa'b : e Rev. Jn.Alex. D.D.127 Hamilton pi 
Salesses Mdlle. 19 Albyn place 
Salmond Mrs. 56 Beaconsfield place 
Salter William, 37 Belvidere street 
Samuel Andrew, 103 Bon-Accord street 
Sandeman Miss M.D. 22 Waverley place 
Sandison Mrs. 232 Union grove 
Sands Alexander, 10 Rubislaw Den south 
Sang Alexander C. 97 Mile End avenue 
Sangster Charles A. 3 Pittodrie place 
Sangster George, 38 St. Clair road 
Sangster Harry, 17 Duthie terrace 
Sangster James, 141 Great Western road 
Sangster James Robertson, 21 Waverley pi 
Sansrster John, 6 Irvine place 
Sangster John, 25 Polmnir road 
Sangster John A. 422 King street 
Sangster Miss, 20 Erskine street 
Sangster Mrs. 31 Stanley street 
c ancKter William, 4 Ahhntsford place 
Sanester William, Lynwood, 62 Rubislaw 

Den south 
Saunders Benjamin, 34 John street 
Savage Edward J. 1 Wellington street 
Scatterty Alexander. 54 St. Swithin street 
Scatterty Mrs. 64 Stanlev street 
^fhasrhke Gnttleib. 335 Great Western rd 
^ehasehke John. 91 Duthie terrace 
Seho'le William Ph.D. (lecturer on modern 

languages, University), 15 Ashley road 
Scorgie Alexander. 11 Argyll crescent 
Scorgie John, 2 Cherry bank 
Scorq-ie John, 49 Murray terrace 
Srorgie Misses, 12 Loanhead terrace 
Scorgie Mrs. 200 Westburn road 
Seorgie William, 4 Orchard street 
Scorgie William, 51 Osborne place 
Scorgie William, 45 Whitehall road 
Soott Rev.Wm.D., B.D. 14 Bon-Accord cres 



Scott Alexander, 14 Elm place 

Scott Alexander M.A. 64 Gladstone place 

Scott Rev. Alexander M., M.A. (United 

Free), 1 Roslin terrace 
Scott David, 44 Desswood place 
Scott Francis, 33 Thomson street 
Scott George, 100 Clifton road 
Scott George M.B..C.M. 48 Fountainhall rd 
Scott George J. 86 Queen's road 
Scott James, 8 Argyll place 
Scott James, 3 Carden terrace 
Scott James, 11 Deemount road 
Scott James, 5 Laurelwood arenue 
Scott James, 116 Osborne place 
Scott John, 57 Osborne place 
Scott John, 65 Springbauk terrace 
Scott Miss, 29 Cray street 
Scott M,ss, 32 Whitehall road 
Scott Mrs. 51 Albury place 
Scott Mrs. 2 Deemount terrace 
Scott Mrs. 92 Hamilton place 
Scott Mrs. 7 Powis terrace 
Scott Peter, 19 Belvidere street 
Scott Robert, 74 Beaconsfield place 
Scott Robert Spotswood, 52 Gladstone p-1 
Scott Thomas LL.B., F.L.S. 280 Victoria. 

road, Torry 
Scott William, 56 Irvine place 
Scott William James, 90 Hamilton place 
Scott William Sharp, 62 Forest avenue 
Scott William Smith, 9 Bayview road. 
Sefton Mrs. 387 Holburn street 
Seivewright Robert Campbell, 10 Duthie pi 
Selbie Wm. Mitchell, Falcon bldgs. Dunbar st 
Sellar James, 10 Bayview road 
Sellar James, 20 Braemar place 
Sellar James M.I.N.A. 403 Gt. Western rd 
Sellar John, 4 Louisville avenue 
Sellar Mrs. 73 Clifton road 
Sedar WilLam, 47 Braemar place 
Sellar William Monro, 9 King's gate 
Semple Rev. Robert B.A. (United Free), 

24 Balmoral place 
Shand Alexander M. 28 Devonshire road- 
Shand George, 79 Osborne place 
Shand James, 51 Murray terrace 
Shand John, 12 Urquhart roadl 
Shand Mrs. 25 Braemar place 
Sharp Alexander, 45 Gray street 
Sharp John, 145 Blenheim place 
Sharp William, 4 Sunnybank road 
Shaw George, 48 Stanley street 
Shaw Lewis, 36 St. Swithin street 
Shaw Miss, 88 Hamilton place 
Shaw Mrs. 53 Osborne place 
Shearer Mrs. 15 Beechgrove avenue 
Shepherd David Lamb, 12 Desswood place 
Shepherd George, 6 Marine terrace 
Shepherd Geo. J., J. P. 6 Bon-Accord cres 
Shepherd James, 192 Great Western road 
Shepherd James, jun. Yiewmount, Craig- 

ton road, Mannofield 
Shepherd John, 3 Powis terrace 
Shepherd John Croll, 37 Holburn road 
Shepherd Miss, 6 Bon-Accord crescent 
Shepherd Miss, 24 Carden place 
Shepherd Miss, 17 Polmuir road 
Shepherd Miss, 15 Springbank terrace 
Shepherd Misses, 74 Dee street 
Shepherd Mrs. 34 Morningfield road 
Shepherd Mrs. 43 University road 
Shepherd Peter, Bridge of Don 
Shepherd William, 17 Polmuir road 
Sheret Robert, 32 Bon-Accord terrace 
SherrifCs Kenneth, 9 Louisville avenue 
Sherrit David, 345 Great Western road 
Sherwood Mrs. 122 Leslie terrace 
Shewan George, 69 Sunnyside road 
Shewan Jas.Smith M.A. 252 Gt.Western rd 
Shewan John, 18 Roslin terrace 
Shulingtaw Rev. Joseph B.D. (United Free), 

98 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Shinnie James, 100 Desswood place 
Shinnie Robert, 150 Bon-Accord street 
Shirras Alexander Wilson, 179 Clifton road 
Shirras George F. 16 Carden place 
Shirras James, 18 Rubislaw Den south 
Shirras Joseph, 127 Clifton road 
Shirras Joseph, Jan. 167 Clifton road 
Shirras Miss, 50 Victoria street 
Shirras William Thomas, 16 Clifton road 
Shirreffs James, 21 Hilton streeet 
Shirreffs William, 15 Bedford place 
Shirreffs William M.B., C.M.252 Holburn st- 
Shirrefs Anthony, 495 King street 
Shlrres Mrs. 15 Bon-Accord crescent 
Shivas Andrew, 59 Stanley street 
Shivas Joseph, 78 Devonshire road 
Siddon Charles, 10 Powis terrace 
Sim Alexander, 40 Burns road 
Sim George F. Newbridge, Union glen 
S'm James, 32 Maberly street 
Sim James, 11 South Crown street 
S'm John, 41 Sunnybank place 
Sim Miss, 27 Bonnymuir place 
Sim Mrs. 31 Devonshire road 
Sim Mrs. 8 Victoria street 
Sim William, 1 Market street 

SCOT. 3* 


Simpson Rev. Thomas (United Free), 11 

Carlton place 
Simpson Alexander, 149 Great Western rd 
Simpson Alexander, 103 Leslie terrace 
Simpson Alexander, 14 Osborne place 
Simpson Andrew Rennie, 1 Belmont place 
Simpson Archibald, 609 King street 
Simpson Charles, 119 Desswood place 
Simpson George, 83 King street 
Simpson George, 360 King street 
Simpson Geo.Archbld. M.A.35 Belvidere st 
Simpson George H. 140 Mid Stocket road 
Simpson H. P. Morland M.A. 80 Hamil- 
ton place 
Simpson James, 51 Devonshire road 
Simpson James, 66 Fountainhall road 
Simpson James S. 21 Gordondale road 
Simpson John, 372 Great Western road 
Simpson John, 27 View terrace 
Simpson John Alexander, 15 Ferryhill pi 
Simpson John Booth. 31 Elmfield avenue 
Simpson John M. 463 King street 
Simpson Kenneth Macrae, 56 Polmuir rd 
Simpson Miss, 1 Albyn terrace 
Simpson Miss, 52 Fountainhall road 
Simpson Miss, 21 Gordondale road 
Simpson Misses, 11 Westfield terrace 
Simpson Mrs. 2 Carlton place 
Simpson Mrs. 60 Queen's road 
Simpson Mrs. 64 Union grove 
Simpson Robert, 54 Forest road 
Simpson Robert, 18 Polmuir road 
Simpson Robert, 35 Sunnyside road 
Simpson Samuel, 12 Balmoral place 
Simpson William, 11 Brighton place 
Simpson William, 38 Gladstone place 
Simpson William, 2 Springbank place 
Sinclair Alexander, 124 Blenheim place 
Sinclair David, 16 Bon-Accord crescent 
Sinclair Edmund, 116 Desswood place 
Sinclair Gavin, 12 Carlton place 
Sinclair George J. P. 619 King street 
Sinclair Miss, 348 Holburn street 
Sinclair Bobert, Miranda, Devanha gardens 
Sinclair W-, M.B..C.M. 9 Bon-Accord cres 
Sinclair William H. 9 Bedford place 
Singer Frederick W. 85 Mile End avenue 
Singer George Clark, 68 Schoolhill 
Singer James, 229 Great Northern road 
Skea Mrs. 269 Great Western road 
Skea Thomas, 39 Hamilton place 
Skea William, 269 Great Western road 
Skeen Miss, 62 Balmoral place 
Skene Alexander, 560 George street 
Skene James, 129 Desswood place 
Skene John, 95 Clifton road 
Skene John, 60 Forest avenue 
Skene Mrs. 31 Duthie terrace 
Skene Peter Alexander, 19 View terrace 
Skene William, 60 Albury road 
Skene William, 66 Clifton road 
Skinner Alexander, 60 Cairnfield place 
Skinner Alexander, 18 Cedar place 
Skinner Barber, 12 Devanha terrace 
Skinner George, 40 Devonshire road 
Skinner John, 15 Belgrave terrace 
Skinner Mrs. William, 65 Beaconsfield pi 
Skinner William, 121 Bon-Accord street 
Skinner William, 118 Crown street 
Skirving James, Sunbury, Devanha gdns 
Skirving William, 8 Polmuir road 
Slader Edward, 42 Beaconsfield place 
Slaker Frank Scott, 116 Broomhill road ■ 
Slater William, 53 Murrav terrace 
SleBsor Rev. Robert M.A." (Established), 62 

Bon-Accord street 
Slessor Francis, 43 King's gate 
Slessor Peter, 19 Duthie terrace 
Slessor Robert, 4 Irvine place 
Smart Alexander, 37 Salisbury terrace 
Smart Arthur Alexander, 7 Garden place 
Smart James M.A., M.D., Ch.B. 244 Rose- 
mount place 
Smart John, Beechgrove house, 36 Beech- 
grove terrace 
Smart John Kirton, 14 Whitehouse street 
Smart Mrs. 33 Abergeldie terrace 
Smart Mrs. 159 Forest avenue 
Smart Mrs. 26 Fountainhall road 
Smart Mrs. 450 King street 
Smart Peter M.A. 22 Gladstone place 
Smart Peter Salmond. 61 Cranford road 
Smart William G. 483 King street 
Smith Rev. James M.A., B.D.(Established), 

13 Albert street 
Smith Rev. William (United Free), 7 

Belvidere street 
Smith Adam, 12 Sunnyside road 
Smith Alexander, 27 Calsayseat road 
Smith Alexander, 39 Holburn road 
Smith Alexander, 26 Roslin terrace 
Snvth Alexander, 56 Union grove 
Smith Alexander, 251 Union grove 
Smith Alexander A. 229 Great Western rd 
Smith Alexander Emslie, Summerhill 

house. Sonfch Stocket 
Smith Alexander Emslie, jun. Summerhill 

house, South Stocket 
Smith Alexander F. 202 Westburn road 
Smith Alexander George, 29 Carlton place 


Smith Alexander John, Bramblehurst, 

Anderson drive 
Smith Alexander Johnstone, 70 Gray st 
Smith Andrew, 17 Broomhill road 
Smith Andrew, Craigielea, Countesswells 

road, Mannofield 
Smith Andrew, 113 Mile End avenue 
Smith Andrew, 8 Norfolk road 
Smith Charles, 119 Blenheim place 
Smith Charles, 73 Fountainhall road 
Smith Charles C. 60 Irvine place 
Smith Charles Edward, 73 Devonshire rd 
Smith David, 46 Albury road 
Smith David, 12 Carden place 
Smith David Ferrier, 47 Thomson street 
Smith Duncan, 60 Queen's road 
Smith Duncan, 84 Union grove 
Smith Mrs. Duncan M. 27 Argyll place 
Smith Frederick Keiller M.A., M.B. 169 

Great Western road 
Smith George M.A. 10 Bayview road 
Smith George, 68 Burns road 
Smith George, 41 Cromwell road 
Smith George C.A. 22 Forbesfield road 
Smith George, 23 King's gate 
Smith George Alexander, 26 Burns road 
Smith George Milne, 14 Beechgrove ter 
Smith J. A., J. P.. 19 Belvidere crescent 
Smith James, 16 Balmoral place 
Smith James, Balneden cot. Bedford pi 
Smith James, 16 Cedar place 
Smith James. 49 Elmfield avenue 
Smith James, 11 Gladstone place 
Smith James, 4G Hilton place 
Smith James A. 208 Westburn road 
Smith John, 2 Castlehill 
Smith John, 24 Gladstone place 
Smith John, 40 Gladstone place 
Smith John, 657 King street 
Smith John, 11£ Roslin terrace 
Smith John Grant. 147 Mid Stocket road 
Smith John L. -H32 King street 
Smith John M. 156 King street 
Smith Joseph H. 489 King street 
Smith Lewis, 4 Hammersmith road 
Smith Lewis A. 47 Carlton place 
Smith Miss, 50 Albert street 
Smith Miss, 13 Carlton place 
Smith Miss, 74 Don street, Old Aberdeen 
Smith Miss, 61 Fountainhall road 
Smith Miss, 497 King street 
Smith Miss, 22 Loanhead terrace 
Smith Miss, 3 Rubislaw place 
Smith Miss, 4 South Crown street 
Pm-th Miss, 11 View terrace 
Smith Misses, 113 High st. Old Aberdeer 
Smith Mrs. 89 Beaconsfield place 
Smith Mrs. 12 Beechgrove terrace 
Smith Mrs. 21 Belvidere street 
Smith Mrs. 26 Burns road 
Smirt^Mrs. 8 Caledonian place 
Smith Mrs. 3 Caroline place 
Smith Mrs. 127 Forest avenue 
Smith Mrs. 9 Forest road 
Smith Mrs. 160 Great Western road 
Smith Mrs. 225 Great Western road 
Smith Mrs. 248 Great Western road 
Smith Mrs. 253 Great Western road 
Smith Mrs. 94 Irvine place 
Smith Mrs. 240 Kins street 
Smith Mrs. 66 Mile End avenue 
Smith Mrs. 92 Stanley street 
Smith Mrs. 49 Victoria street 
Smith Mrs. E. L. 69 Beaconsfield place 
Smith Mrs. Smart, 207 Great Western rd 
Smith Mrs. Victor E. 5 Polmuir road 
Smith Patrick Blaikic M.D. Royal infirm- 

arv, Woolmanhill 
Smith Peter, 31G King street 
Smith Peter Wilson. 113 Forest avenue 
Smith Robert, 4 Belvidere street 
Smith Robert, 101 Claremont street 
Smith Robert, 513 King street 
Smith Robert, Pittodrie place 
Smith Thomas, -17 Abergeldie road 
Smith Thomas, 52 Irvine place 
Smith W. Mitchell, 11 Gladstone place 
Smith William, 39 Abergeldie road. 
Sm'th William, 21 Brighton place 
Smith William, 425 Clifton road 
Smith William, Ellerslie house, Craigton 

road, Mannofield 
Smith William, 25 Gray street 
Smith William, 32 Grosvenor place 
Smitli William, 1 Queen's terrace 
Smith William, 19 Roslin terrace 
Smith William, 21^Union grove 
Smith William, 43 Westburn road 
Smith William Dickie, 115 Hamilton place 
Smith W T illiam McQueen, 467 Gt. Western rd 
Smyth Thomas, 63 Osborne place 
Smythe Miss, 40 Forest avenue 
Snowie Miss, 20 Loanhead terrace 
Soper Frank Arthur L.D.S.Eng. 2 Hamil 

ton place 
Sorley J. T., M.A. 97 Hamilton place 
Souper Mrs. 21 Beechgrove terrace 
Souter Alexander, 70 Don street,Woodside 
Souter D. 9 Richmondhill road 
Souter George, 108 Desswood place 


Souter James, 17 Gray street 
Souter James, 434 King street 
Souttar James, 32 Richmondhill place 
Souttar Mrs. 8 King's gate 
Soutter Alexander, 28 Grosvenor place 
Sowden George, 89 Irvine place 
Spalding John, 47 Gladstone place 
Spalding John B. 31 Cairnfield place 
Spalding Miss, 13 Desswood place 
Spark Alexander, 206 Great Western road 
Speirs Alex. M.A., B.Sc. 2G Belvidere cres 
Spence Harry, 12 Burnett place 
Spence James, 9 Beechgrove terrace 
Spence James J. P. 23 Rubislaw terrace 
Spencvr John, 7U Murray terrace 
Spiller Thomas (sacrist Marischal col- 
lege, University of Aberdeen), Broad st 
Spittal Mrs. 128 Mid Stocket road 
Spring Robert, 25 Stanley street 
Stables James, 240 Union grove 
Stacey Attilio Royston L.D.S., R.C.S.Eng. 

221 Great Western road 
Stalker Rev. James M.A., D.D. (professor 
of church history & pastoral theology, 
Free Church college), 20 Rubislaw 
Den south 
Stalker James, 71 Cairnfield place 
Stark Kev. James D.D. (Congregational), 9 

Westfield terrace 
Steele Frank, 104 King street 
Steele Mrs. 26 Fonthiil road 
Stephen Alexander, 280 Broomhill road 
Stephen Alexander, 65 Westburn road 
Stephen Alexander, 115 Whinhill road 
Stephen David, 9 Balmoral place 
Stephen George, 32 Balmoral place 
Stephen George, 24 Belgrave terrace 
Stephen George, 42 Great Western road 
Stephen George, 3 South Crown street 
Stephen George Wm. 354 Gt. Western rd 
Stephen James, 62 Fonthiil road 
Stephen James M.A., R.N. 46 Queen's road 
Stephen John, 23 Forest avenue 
Stephen John, 183 Forest avenue 
Stephen John, 67 Mile End avenue 
Stephen John, Parkmount, Cornhill road 
Stephen John, 53 Victoria street 
Stephen John Hector, 67 Westburn road 
Stephen Miss, 6 Albert street 
Stephen Miss, 28 Brighton place 
Stephen Misses, 18 Fountainhall road 
Stephen Mrs. 16 Bedford place 
Stephen Mrs. 8 Ferryhill place 
Stephen Mrs. 22 Fountainhall road 
Stephen Mrs. 434 Great Western road 
Stephen Mrs. Hawthorn bank,Tanfield walk 
Stephen Mrs. 23 Lilybank place 
Stephen Mrs. 21 Mile End avenue 
Stephen Mrs. 7 Osborne place 
Stephen Mrs. 43 Springbank terrace 
Stephen Richard Fernie, 30 Devonshire rd 
Stephen Thomas, 42 Fonthiil road 
Stephen William, 54 Clifton road 
Stephen William, 34 Mile End avenue 
Stephens Mrs. 21 Lilybank place 
Stephens William, 100 Quern's road 
Stephenson William M.D. (professor mid- 
wifery, University), 3 Rr.bislaw terrace 
Stericker Arthur Cass L. It. A.M. 17 Bea- 
consfield place 
Steuart Henry C.E. 54 Hamilton place 
Steven Frederick M. 42 Irvine place 
Stevenson James, sen. 2fi Cairnfield place 
Stevenson James Campbell. 24 Cairnfield pi 
Stevenson Matthew, 22:i, Devonshire road 
Stevenson Mrs. 8 South Crown street 
Stewart Rev. Alexander LL.D., M.D. 

(Evangelical Union"), Heaflicot 
Stewart Rev. James S. (United Free), 

View house, View terrace 
Stewart Alexander, 2G Bedford place 
Stewart Alexander, 39 Fountainhall rend 
Stewart Alexander Simpson, 17 Powis ter 
Stewart Alexander Spence, 20 Ferryhill pi 
Stewart Chas. M.A. (head master Gordon's 

college). 11 Bon-Accord square 
Stewart Dionysius, 58 Forest avenue 
Stewart Donald, 27 Polmuir road 
Stewart George, 216 Westburn road 
Stewart James, 421 Great Western road 
Stewart James Allan M.A. 100 Hamilton p! 
Stewart James R. 13 Millburn street 
Stewart John, 5 Albert terrace 
Stewart John C. 44 Clifton road 
Stewart John Jackson, 17 Forbesfield road 
Stewart Joseph, 54 Powis place 
Stewart Miss, 99 Blenheim place 
Stewart Miss, 13 Bon-Accord square 
Stewart Mrs. 89 Ashley road 
Stewart Mrs. 5 Carlton place 
Stewart Mrs. 67 Devonshire road 
Stewart Mrs. 17 Gladstone place 
Stewart Mrs. 1 Hosefield avenue 
Stewart Mrs. 81 Whitehall road 
Stewart Mrs. C. 28 Bon-Accord terrace 
Stewart Mungo Parker, Moor cottage, 

Craigton road, Mannofield 
Stewart Paul, 31 Burns road 
Stewart Peter, 41 Beechgrove terrace 
Stewart Robert, S5 Leslie terrace 


Stewart Thomas, 62 Forest avenue 
Stewart Wiiliam, 52 Elmbank terrace 
Stewart William, 4 Hammerfield avenue 
Stewart William, 41 Hilton street 
Stewart William A. 9 Argyll place 
Stewart William Lemmon M.A., M.D. 293 

Broomhill road 
Stewart William Mackay, 3 Stanley street 
Still John, 6 Fonthill terrace 
Still Mrs. Johnston, 15 Powis terrace 
Still William. 60 Murray terrace 
Stirling William, 72 Osborne place 
Stirrit Alexander Young, 11 Devonshire rd 
Stockens E. Emerson, 153 Forest avenue 
Stoddart Rev. William M.A. (United Free), 

30 Fountainliall road 
Stormont Peter Campbell, 125 Hamilton pi 
Stormonth William, Murray terrace 
Stott George, 2 Carden place 
Stott Joseph, 273 Great Western road 
Stott Mrs. 51 St. Swithin street 
Stott Robert, 65 Duthie terrace 
Stott William. 4 Hamilton place 
Strachan Charles, 25 Holburn street 
Strachan Edward A. 396 Clifton road 
Strachan George, 45 Brighton place 
Strachan George, 11 Forbesfield road 
Strachan Hercules, 455 Great Western road 
Strachan James, 17 Beechgrove terrace 
Strachan James, 2G Devonshire road 
Strachan James, 27 Devonshire road 
Strachan James, 39 Grosvenor place 
Strachan John, 75 Beechgrove terrace 
Strachan John, 95 Devonshire road 
Strachan John, 16 Duthie terrace 
Strachan John, 7 Hammerfield avenue 
Strachan John F. 71 Osborne place 
Strachan Mrs. 16 Belvidere crescent 
Strachan Mrs. 17 Brighton place 
Strachan Mrs. 355 Clifton road 
Strachan Mrs. 14 Irvine place 
Strachan Mrs. 136 Bosemonnt place 
Strachan "Robert, 14 Bubislaw Den north 
Strachan Thomas, 18 Grosvenor place 
Strachan Walter S. 80 Osborne place 
Strachan William, 48 Mile End avenue 
Strachen Alexander, 82 Beaconsfield place 
Strath David M. 13 Queen's road 
Strath John, 50 Irvine place 
Strath Mrs. 13 Queen's road 
Stronach Adrian, 57 Beechgrove terrace 
Strachan Alex. Jose, 310 Gt. Western rd 
Stronach Misses, 107 Bon-Acord street 
Stronach Peter. 57 Elmfield avenue 
Stroud Horace Edward, 18 Caledonian pi 
Struthers William, 123 Clifton road 
Stuart Rev. John, 15 Belvidere crescent 
Stuart Alexander, 15 Fonthill road 
Stuart Alexander, 377 Holburn street 
Stuart Charles, 11 Ashley road 
Stuart David, 31 Stanley' street 
Stuart George, 11 Caledonian place 
Stuart George Gordon, 109 Brighton place 
Stuart James Smith, St. Albans, Broom- 
hill avenue, Broomhill road 
Stuart Joseph Mackenzie, 15 Fonthill road 
Sluart Miss, 18 Brighton place 
Stuart Mitchell, 41 Osborne place 
Stuart Mrs. 20 Clifton road 
Stuart Robert, 27 Burns road 
Stuart William, 18 Clifton road 
Sturnock Mrs. 71 Bonnymuir place 
Summerfield Edward, 114 Westburn road 
Summers William, 8 Fonthill terrace 
Sutherland Rev. George M.A. 158 Broom- 
hill road 
Sutherland A. S. 3 Polmuir road 
Sutherland Adam, 6 Millburn street 
Sutherland Alexander M. 39 Brighton pi 
Sutherland Donald, 50 Burns road 
Sutherland George, 56G Holburn street 
Sutherland James, 64 Desswood place 
Sutherland James, 91 Leslie terrace 
Sutherland James Reid, 22 Grosvenor pi 
Sutherland John, Kirkvale, Ashgrove rd 
Sutherland John M. 81 Devonshire road 
Sutherland John S. 16 Osborne place 
Sutherland John Stewart, Kirkvale, Ash- 
grove soad 
Sutherland Miss, 31 Braemar place 
Sutherland Mrs. 21 Deemount road 
Sutherland Mrs. 31 Desswood place 
Sutherlaul Mrs. 56 Duthie terrace 
Sutherland Mrs. 127 Creat Western road 
Sutherland Mrs. 28 Polmuir road 
Sutherland Mrs. 1 St. Swithin street 
Sutherland Mrs. 9 Strawberry bank 
Sutherland Robert, 44 Grosvenor place 
Sutherland William, 91 Ashlev road 
Sutherland William, 161 Clifton road 
Sutherland William, 135 Crown street 
Sutherland William, 12J Erskine street 
Sutherland William, 26 Osborne place 
Sutor Rev. Jn. Allan M.A. 69 Murray ter 
Suttie James. 40 Union street 
Pwanson Mrs. 20 Victoria street 
Sykes James Hall, 21 Crown street 
Sykes J^hn Yerden, 30 Desswood place 
Syme John, 12 Thomson street 
Symmers James, 115 Crown street 


Symmers John, 8 Burns road 

Symon Alexander, 15 Mile End avenue 

Symons David, 20 Cairnfield place 

Tadman George S. Stirling street 

Taggart James, 382 Great Western road 

Taggart William, 91 King street 

Tait Alexander, 233 Gt. Northern road 

Tait Edwin, 81 Abergeldie road 

Tait Mrs. 9 Ferryhill place 

Tait Mrs. Ellen, 32 Sunnybank place 

Tait Robert, 3 View terrace 

Tawse Alexander W. 9 Desswood place 

Tawse Mrs. Cotton lodge, 122 Clifton rd 

Tawse Mrs. Peter, 21 Stanley street 

Tawse Samuel, 2 Argyll place 

Tawse William, 74 Hammerfield avenue 

Taylor Alexander, 28 Braemar place 

Taylor Alexander, 30 Braemar place 

Taylor Alexander, 310 Holburn street 

Taylor Alexander, 12 Rosebery street 

Taylor Alex. Campbell, 90 Devonshire rd 

Taylor Alexander Ingram, 52 Forest aven 

Taylor Andrew S. 264 Broomhill road 

Taylor Arthur, Oak villa, Ashgrove road 

Taylor Charles, 64 Ashley road 

Taylor Geo. Ashgrove house, Ashgrove rd 

Taylor George, 73 Westburn road 

Taylor Henry R. 4 Westburn road 

Taylor Horatio Herbert, 16 Carlton place 

Taylor James, 1 Albert terrace 

Taylor James, 438 Great Western road 

Taylor James, 637 Holburn street 

Taylor James, 143 Mid Stocket road 

Taylor James, jun. 10 Burnett place 

Taylor James H. 40 Richmondhill place 

Taylor John, 73 Loanhead terrace 

Taylor John Cooper, 13 Beechgrove terrace 

Taylor John L. 80 Irvine place 

Taylor John Stewart, G9 Bonnymuir place 

Taylor Miss, 29 Bon-Accord street 

Taylor Miss, 369 Great Western road 

Taylor Mrs. 25 Belvidere crescent 

Taylor Mrs. 146 Blenheim place 

Taylor Mrs. 34 Great Western road 

Taylor Mrs. 73 Irvine place 

Taylor Mra. 19 Rubislnw terrace 

Taylor Mrs. 10 South Crown street 

Taylor Mrs. Alexander, 27 Caledonian pi 

Taylor Robert, Maitland villa, Craigton 

road, Mannofield 
Taylor William, 35 Braemar place 
Tavlor William, 131 Hamilton place 
Taylor William, 28 Lilybank 
Taylor William Charles, 53 Braemar place 
Temple Mrs. 7 Albert terrace 
Templeton William, 19 Osborne place 
Tennnnt Edward, 48 Brighton place 
'Pennant James, jun. 4 St. Swithin street 
Tennant Joseph, 6 St. Swithin street 
Tpnnant Mrs. 37 Desswood place 
Tennant Win. Martin, 112 Mid Stocket rd 
Terry O. Sanford M.A. (professor of 

history), Universitv 
Teunon Francis S., M.A., B.L. 138 Blen 

heim place 
Thain Alex. J. R., M.A. 134 Hamilton pi 
Third James, 19 Braemar place 
Third John, 117 Leslie terrace 
Third Mrs. 141 Clifton road 
Thorn Alexander, 4 Orchard place 
Thorn Donaldson Rose M.A. 42 Albvn pi 
Thom George M.D., LL.D. 128 King's gatv 
Thom George, 50 Leslie road 
Thom James R. 65 Desswood place* 
Thom John, 61 Holburn road 
Thom John, 38 Osborne place 
Thom Mrs. 58 Dee street 
Thom Mrs. 22 Hamilton place 
Tbom Mrs. School road. Old Aberdeen 
Thompson Alexander C. 7 Abbotsford pi 
Thompson Mrs. Elsie, 106 Irvine place 
Thomson Michael, jun. 91 Crown street 
Thompson Mrs. 285 Great Western road 
Thompson Mrs. 454 Great Western road 
Thompson William, 181 Forest avenue 
Thompson William, 48 Great Western road 
Thomson Rev. Robert M.A. (Established). 

42 Queen's road 
Thomson Alexander, Hazeldene,Hazelbead 
Thomson Alexander, 30 Lilybank place 
Thomson Alexander, 61 Springbank ter 
Thomson Alex. Anderson, 18 Brunswick pi 
: Thomson Alex. Stephen, 102 Osborne pi 
J Thomson Arthur Hadden, 235 Great 
j Western road 

j Thomson Charles Walker, 88 Osborne pi 
[Thomson David, 1 Ashgrove road 
! Thomson David, 47 Union grove 
Thomson David McKenzie, 5 Hosefield av 
Thomson G. M. 63 Hamilton place 
Thomson George, 19 Hosefield avenue 
Thomson George, 228 Union grove 
Thomson George, 42 View terrace 
Thomson Geo. Lawrence, 132 Hamilton pi 
Thomson George Leslie, 2 Bon-Accord cres 
Thomson J. W. 23 Gray street 
Thomson James, 55 Albury place 
Thomson James, 403 Clifton road 
Thomson James, 63 Fountainhall road 
Thomson James, 457 King street 



Thomson James, 37 Whitehall road 
Thomson James Maxwell, 80 Bedford pi 
Thomson James Skinner, 16 Loanhead ter 
Thomson John, 94 Devonshire road 
Thomson John, 78 Grampian road, Tony 
Thomson John, 33 Great Northern road 
Thomson John, 1 St. Mary's place 
Thomson John Arthur M.A. (professor 
natural history, University), 15 Chan- 
onry, Old Aberdeen 
Thomson John Robert, 25 Duthie terrace 
Thomson Laurence J. 74 Clifton road 
Thomson Miss, 473 King street 
Thomson Miss, 2 Marine place 
Thomson Mrs. 170 Bon-Accord street 
Thomson Mrs. 14 Carden place 
Thomson Mrs. 24 Dee place 
Thomson Mrs. 24 Gordondale road 
Thomson Mrs. 110 Osborne place 
Thomson Mrs. 69 Springbank terrace 
Thomson Mrs. 68 Stanley street 
Thomson Mrs. 27 Thomson street 
Thomson Mrs. 52 Watson street 
Thomson Mrs. Adam J. J. 334 King st 
Thomson Robert, 57 Devonshire road 
Thomson Robert W. 108 Hamilton place 
Thomson T. 69 Springbank terrace 
Thomson Thomas Lawrence. 19 Thomson st 
Thomson W. S., M.A., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. 

41 Rubislaw Den south 
Thomson William, 15 Albury place 
Thomson William, 9 Fonthill terrace 
Thomson William J. P. 1 Forest road 
Thomson William, 588 George street 
Thomson Wm. J.P. 341 Great Western rd 
Thomson William, 29 North Silver street 
Thomson William, 3 Powis terrace 
Thomson William James, 29 Argyll place 
Thow George, 53 Carden place 
Thow William, 17 Calsayseat road 
Tindal Alexander, 430 King street 
Tindal Mrs. 62 Beaconsfield place 
Tindall James, 62 Bedford place 
Tindall Maxwell J. M. 68 Polmuir road 
Tindall Robert, 76 Clifton road 
Tindall Robert, 167 Crown street 
Tindal! Robert, 11 Murray terrace 
Tocher Alexander, Castle street 
Tocher Bruce, 52 Duthie terrace 
Tocher Miss, 58 Beaconsfield place 
Tocher William, 399 Clifton road 
Todd Rev. Charles Hessel M.A. (United 

Free"), 5 Carden place 
Todd Mrs. 20 Bayview road 
Todd William, 466 King street 
Todd William. 20 Westburn road 
Toddun Mrs. 2 Windsor place 
Toman Joseph, 72 Mile End avenue 
Tonnoehy Mrs. 96 Hamilton place 
Topp Alexander. 29 Westburn drive 
Topping Miss, 214 Union grove 
Topping Robert, 36 Beaconsfield place 
Torrie Miss, 19 Beaconsfield place 
Tosh Alexander, 44 Elmfield avenue 
Tosh Alexander, 2 Forest avenue 
Tosh Alexander, 36 Irvine place 
Tough Alexander, 465 King street 
Tough Alex. 93 Western road, Woodside 
Tough George, 100 Bonnymuir place 
Tough James, 120 King street 
Tough James Riddell, 216 Irvine place 
Tough John, 228 Great Western road 
Tough Mrs. 150 Hamilton place 
Tough Mrs. John, 59 Dee street 
Tough William, School road, Old Aberdeen 
Towler John, 228 King street 
Trail Alexander John, 54 Forest avenue 
Trail James W. H., M.A., M.D., F.R.S., 
F.L.S. (professor botany, University), 71 
High street. Old Aberdeen 
Troup Alexander, 189 King street 
Troup Miss, 51 Carden place 
Troup Mrs. 41 Cranford road 
Troup Mrs. 139 Hamilton place 
True Emil Theodore, 37 Gray street 
Tucker George, 5 Hartington road 
Tulloch A. J.. J.P. Maryhill, Whinhill rd 
Tulloch James. 5 Devonshire road 
Tulloch Miss, 41 Brighton place 
Tulloch William Gregory, 95 Crown street 
Tullv Robert, 211 Irvine place 
Turnbull Lawson, 10 Albyn place 
Turnbull Mrs. 10 Albyn place 
Turner John, 9 Craig place, Torry 
Turner Stanlev Horsfall M.A. (lecturer on 
political economy, University), 12 
Devonshire road 
Turner William, 43 Great Northern road 
Turpin James C. 1 Gladstone place 
Turriff Alexander, 10 Gray street 
Tytler James. 221 Union grove 
Ure Rev. John M.A. (United Free), 326 

Clifton road 
Urquhart Alexander, 20 Rosemount place 
Urquhart Miss, 65 Dee street 
Urquhart Miss, 40 Forest avenue 
Urquhart Mrs. 59 Stanley street 
Urquhart Robert, 68 Devonshire road 
Urquhart Robt. Campbell, 359"Holburn st 


Usher Charles Howard B.A., M.B., CM. 3 

Bon-Accord square 
Valentine David, 25 Sunnyside road 
Valentine Robert, 67 Desswood place 
Vass James Frazer, G8 Ashley road 
Walker Rev. George M.A., B.D. (Estab- 
lished Church), 24 Rubislaw terrace 
Walker Rev. Wm. LL.D. 104 Desswood pi 
Walker Alexander, 42 Hamilton place 
Walker Alexander, 39 Rubislaw Den south 
Walker Alexander, 40 Sunnybank place 
Walker Alexander, jun. 38 Morningfield rd 
Walker Alexander Cowie, 62 Dee street 
Walker Andrew, 11 Bedford place 
Walker Andrew, 28 Salisbury terrace 
Walker Andrew Neil, 120 Clifton road 
Walker Charles, 33 Rosemonnt place 
Walker David, 14 Btaconsfield place 
Walker David, 2!) Devonshire road 
Walker Francis, 72 Wa.ker road, Torry 
Walker George, 38 Burns road 
Walker George, 102 Hamilton place 
Walker George, 52 Victoria street 
Walker George W. S. C2 Devonshire rd 
Walker Hugh, 28 Fonthill road 
Walker James, 546 Holburn street 
Walker James. 70 Irvine place 
Walker James, 22 King's gate 
Walker James, 261 Victoria road, Torry 
Walker James Alex. 76 Fountainhall road 
Walker John, 87 Bon-Accord street 
Walker John, 8 Claremont place 
Walker John, 389 Clifton road 
Walker John, 40 Forest avenue 
Walker Miss L.L.A. 49 Beechgrove terrace 
Walker, 167 Bon-Accord street 
Walker Miss, 57 Carlton place 
Walker Miss, 6 Marine place 
Walker Miss, 6 Osborne place 
Walker Miss Nellie, 30 Erskine street 
Walker Misses, 18 Desswood place 
Walker Mrs. 7 Bayview road 
Walker Mis. 53 Cranford road 
Walker Mrs. 49 Devonshire road 
Walker Mrs. 18 Dutbie terrace 
Walker Mrs. East End villa, Pocra pier 
Walker Mrs. 31 Grosvenor place 
Walker Mrs. 314 Holburn street 
Walker Mrs. 340 Holburn street 
Walker Mrs. 353 Holburn street 
Walker Mrs. 3S5 Holburn street 
Walker Robert M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.E. 12 

Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Walker Robert, Pocra pier 
Walker Robert Williamson C.E. 22 Bay- 
view road 
Walker Thomas, 49 Springbank terrace 
Walker Thomas Smith, Ravcnswood, 

Anderson drive 
AVa.ker William, 65 Argyll place 
Walker William, 42 Belgrave terrace 
Walker William, 274 Broomhill road 
Walker William, 54 Dee street 
Walker William, 9 Fish street 
Walker William, 681 King street 
Walker William, 92 Union grove 
Walkinshaw Mrs. 22 Brighton place 
Wallace Alex. Gordon M.A. 154 Forest av 
Wallace James, 67 Argyll place 
Wallace John, 98 Bonnvmuir place 
Wallace John, 139 Hard'gate 
Wallace John, 53 Mile End avenue 
Wallace Miss, 345 Clifton road 
Wallace Robert Smith, 47 Waverlev place 
Wallace William, 120 Desswood place 
Wallace William, G Leslie road 
Wallis George, 237 Westburn road 
Wallis James, Foresterhill cot. Cornhill rd 
Walton Thomas, 28 Albert terrace 
Ward Miss B.A. 33 Brighton place 
Warman Walter William, 2 Ashgrove road 
Warrack George McCombie, 108 King's gate 
Warrack James, 85 Cairnfield place 
Warrack Miss, 122 Blenheim place 
Warrack Miss, 1 Crown terrace 
Warren Miss, 25 Watson street 
Warren Mrs. 84 Desswood p!ace 
Warrender Robert, 56 Forest avenue 
Warrick Mrs. 20 Chanonry, Otd Aberdeen 
Warwick Miss, 2 Queen's gate 
Warwick William, 13 Rosebank terrace 
Watson Major Alexander Oswald Cowan 

R.A.M.C. 13 Carden place 
Watson Alexander, 543 Holburn street 
"Watson Alexander, 5 Marine terrace 
Watson Alex. Murison, 25 Sunnybank pi 
Watson George, 43 Bon-Accord street 
Watson James, 33 Beechgrove avenue 
Watson James, 10 E!m place 
Watson James, 24 Elmfield avenue 
Watson James, 609 Holburn street 
Watson James, 70 Union grove 
Watson John, 41 Belvidere street 
Watson John, 13 Chattan place 
Watson John, 43 Gray street 
Watson Miss, 97 Blenheim place 
Watson Miss, 55 Carden place 
Watson Miss L.R.C.P. & S.22 Waverley pi 
Watson Mrs. 89 Fountainhall road 
Watson Mrs. 16 Gray street 


Watson Mrs'. 138 Hamilton place 
Watson Mrs. 22 Rosemount place 
Watson Mrs. T. R. 128 Hamilton place 
Watson Robert, 21 Devonshire road 
Watson Robert Caird, 431 Gt. Western rd 
Watson William, 144 Victoria road, Torry 
Watson William Urquhart, 51 Stanley street 
Watson-Smyth Mrs. 28 Belvidere street 
Watt Rev. Thomas David M.A. (Estab.), 

9 Westburn drive 
Watt Alexander, 98 Broomhill road 
Watt Alexander, 130 Hamilton place 
Watt Alexander M.B., Ch.B. Royal Lunat>" 

asylum, Westburn road 
Watt Alexander, 29 St. Swithin street 
Watt Charles, 5 St. Swithin street 
Watt Edward, 17 Queen's road 
Watt G., M.D., CM. 21 Golden square 
Watt George, 41 Carlton place 
Watt George, 100 Devonshire road 
Watt George, 106 Hammerfield avenue 
Watt George, 32 Stanley street 
Watt James, 49 Bon-Accord street 
Watt James, 100 Crown street 
Watt James, 42 Duthie terrace 
Watt James, 42 Hartington road 
Watt James, 82 Union grove 
Watt James Cromar, 71 Dee street 
Watt John, 6G Ashvale place 
Watt John, 12 Fonthill terrace 
Watt John A., M.B., Ch.B. 14 Albyn pi 
Watt John Stewart, 52 Carden place 
Watt Marshall, 81 Bon-Accord street 
Watt Michie, 39 Forest road 
Watt Miss, 4 Carlton place 
Watt Miss, 106 Hamilton place 
Watt Miss Mary, 57 Irvine place 
Watt Mrs. 43 Belgrave terrace 
Watt Mrs. 17 Belvidere street 
Watt Mrs. 35 Cromwell road 
Watt Mrs. 71 Dee street 
Watt Mrs. 18 Elm place 
Watt Mrs. 331 King street 
Watt Mrs. 1G0 Mid Stocket road 
Watt Mrs. 10 Osborne place 
Watt Mrs. 60 Whitehall road 
Watt Peter Taylor, 8 Irvine place 
Watt Robert, 95 Forest avenue 
Watt Thomas, 36 Cedar place 
Watt Thomas, 31 Victoria street 
Watt William, 6 Argvll crescent 
Watt William, 350 Hardgate 
Watt William, 4G Salisbury terrace 
Watt William, 59 Springbank terrace 
Watt William, 59 Westburn road 
Watt William Duncan, 214 Mid Stocket rd 
Wattle Mrs. 12 Belgrave terrace 
Watts John G. 121 Blenheim place 
Webster Rev. Alexander (Unitarian), 61 

Albury road 
Webster Alexander, 50 Hilton place 
Webster Arthur Thomson, 33 Devonshire rd 
Webster Fred, 190 King street 
Webster George Bain, 59 Devonshire road 
Webster George C. 189 Westburn road 
Webster George S. 37 Caledonian road 
Webster J. Eastbank, Fonthill road 
Webster James, 404 King street 
Webster James, 31 Victoria street 
Webster John, 33 Caledonian place 
Webster John, Elmbank, Ashgrove road 
Webster John, 39 Gilcomston park 
Webster Miss, 4 Springbank terrace 
Webster Misses, G8 Rubislaw Den north 
Webster Mrs. 6 Brighton place 
Webster Mrs. 47 Osborne place 
Webster Mrs. 4 Rosebery street 
Webster William, 5 Chanonrv, Old Aberdeen 
Webster William, 155 Clifton road 
Webster William, 15 Deemount road 
Webster William, Eastbank, Fonthill road 
Webster William O. Gl Albury road 
Weir Alfred G. 73 Bonnymnir place 
Weir Davicl, 14 Claremont street 
Weir John, 10G Osborne place 
Weir John Park, 20 Carlton place 
Weir Miss, 14 Calsayseat road 
Weir Peter Burnett, 5£ Powis terrace 
Weir William. 151 Clifton road 
Welsh Mrs. 1 Morningside rd. Mannofield 
West David, 87 Bon-Accord street 
Westland Albert M.D. 22 Albyn place 
Westland Alexander, 240 King street 
Westland Douglas, 15 Calsayseat road 
Westland Miss, 8 Rubislaw terrace 
Westland William, 89 Westburn road 
Westwood Francis, ]& Rosemount place 
Whamond John, 60 Great Western road 
White James, 5 Calsayseat road 
White John, Craigie bank, Hamilton place 
White John, 38 Lilybank place 
White John P. Robertson M.A., LL.B. 53 

Beaconsfield place 
White Mrs. 52 Queen's road 
White Munro E., M.R.C.V.S. 73 Bon- 
Accord street 
Whitecross Miss, 23 Springbank terrace 
White taw Robert, 40 Brighton place 
Whyntie John, 56 Cairnfield place 
Whyte George G. 4 Carden terrace 


Whyte James, 35 Albyn place 

Whyte Mrs. 72 Carden place 

Whyte Mrs. 46 Gray street 

Wight Alexander F. 21 Rubislaw terrace 

Wight Mrs. 31 Albury place 

Wilkie Alexander, 1 Anderson road 

Will Alexander, 13 Sunnyside road 

Will John. 42 Hilton place 

Will John Charles Ogilvie M.D., CM., J.P. 

17 Bon-Accord square 
Will Mrs. 13 Rubislaw terrace 
Will William, 30 Morningfield road 
Willens Mrs. 36 Whitehall road 
Williams Charles Bruce, 120 Westburn road 
Williams Herbert G., B.Sc.109 Desswood pi 
Williams James, 39 Albyn place 
Williams James, 136 Broomhill road 
Williams Mrs. 9 Springbank terrace 
Williams Robert, 81 Argyll place 
Williamson Rev. Frank Powell M.A. 
(Episcopal, Wellington house, Alford pi 
Williamson Rev. Henry Lawrence (Episco- 
pal), Wellington house, Alford place 
Williamson Alex. M., M.A. 2 Queen's grdna 
Williamson Charles M.A. 4 Bavview road 
Williamson Fredk. E. 62 St. Swithin st 
Williamson Geo. M.A., M.D. 256 Union st 
Williamson John, 20 Beaconsfield place 
Williamson John, 28 Burns road 
Williamson John, 68 Dee street 
Williamson John, 20 St. Swithin street 
Williamson Mrs. 39 Albert street 
Williamson Mrs. 10 Bon-Accord square 
Williamson Mrs. 110 Brighton place 
Williamson Mrs. 23 Cairnfield place 
Williamson Mrs. 33 Cairnfield place 
Williamson Mrs. 124 Hamilton place 
Williamson Mrs. 14 Whitehouse street 
Williamson Robt.Moir, 22 Rubislaw Den sth 
Williamson William, 5 Hilton road 
Williamson William, G4 Irvine place 
Williamson William H., M.D. 15 Union ter 
Willock R. C, M.D., CM. 4 Golden square 
Willox James, 45 Gilcomston park 
Willox John Henderson, 288 Clifton road 
Wilson Rev. Thomas B.D. (Established), 

122 Hamilton place 
Wilson Rev. William M. ■** Carden place 
Wilson Alexander, 46 Rubislaw Den south 
Wilson Alexander, 9 Carden place 
Wilson Alexander, 412 Great Western road 
Wilson Alexander Hall, 2 Albyn terrace 
Wilson Alexander W. 2 Burnett place 
Wilson Allan, 77 Cairnfield place 
Wilson Charles, 26 Dee street 
Wilson Charles, 4 Westfield terrace 
Wilson Charles Albert, 54 Carden place 
Wilson Charles F. 48 Polmuir road 
Wilson Claude, 21 King's crescent 
Wilson George, 79 Fountainhall road 
Wilson George, Harcourt road 
Wilson George Alex. 25 St. Swithin street 
Wilson Henry, 28 Hamilton place 
Wilson James, 19 Albert terrace 
Wilson James, 9 Belvidere street 
Wilson James, 117 Broomhill road 
Wilson James, 26 Rubislaw Den south 
Wilson James A., M.A., B.Sc. 49 Rubis- 
law Den south 
Wilson James E. G6 Dee street 
Wilson James Martin, 111 Forest avenue 
Wilson John, 39 Argyll place 
Wilson John, 48 Forest avenue 
Wilson John, 14 Mount street 
Wilson Jn. D., LL.D., J.P. 17 Rubislaw ter 
Wilson John Tom Thompson, 164 Bon- 
Accord street 
Wilson Lou's, 24 Osborne place 
Wilson Miss, 12 Albert street 
Wilson Miss, 88 Desswood place 
Wilson Miss, Gl Elmfield avenue 
Wilson Miss, 44 Richmondhill place 
Wilson Miss, 5 Stanley street 
Wilson Miss, 4 Westfield terrace 
Wilson Mrs. 3 Albert street 
Wilson Mrs. 41 Albury place 
Wilson Mrs. 29 Ashley road 
Wilson Mrs. 71 Braemar place 
Wilson Mrs. 54 Carden place 
Wilson Mrs. 50 Gladstone place 
Wilson Mrs. 342 Holburn street 
Wilson Mrs. 3G2 Holburn street 
Wilson Mrs. Gl Mile End avenue 
Wilson Mrs. 47 Queen's road 
Wilson Mrs. 14 Westburn road 
Wilson Mrs. Hugh, 35 Rubislaw Den south 
Wilson Robert, 98 Hammerfield avenue 
Wilson Robert, jun. A.R.I.B.A. 116 

Queen's road 
Wilson Robert G. 116 Queen's road 
Wilson Samuel, 10 Angusfield avenue 
Wilson William, 56 Devonshire road 
Wilson William, 142 Forest avenue 
Wilson William, 223 Union grove 
Wilson William Forbes, 81 Irvine place 
Winkley Henry Rose, 16 Fonthill road 
Wiseley James C 95 Irvine place 
Wiseman George, 47 Gray street 
Wishart Alex Greig. 43 Mile End avenue 
Wishart Frank, 53 Broomhill road 


Wishart James, 33 Sunnyside road 
Wishart Joseph, 40 Loauhead terrace 
Wishart Walter, 102 Gray street 
Tislnrt William, 53 Gladstone place 
Wocd Alexander, 59 Albury road 
Wood Alexander, 12 Bonnyrmiir place 
Wood Alexander, 33 Leslie road 
"Wood Alexander, 232 Victoria rd. Torry 
Wood Alfred, 24 Desswood place 
Wood Alfred John, 22 Braemar place 
Wood George, 19 Burns road 
Wood George, 8G Crown street 
Wood Henry B. 13 South Crown street 
Wood James, 11 Albury place 
Wood James, 73 Desswood place 
Wood James M.A. 10 Eosebery street 
Wood James, 284 Victoria road, Torry 
Wood James A. 51 Albury road 
Wood Joseph. 64 Hilton place 
Wood Mrs. 37 Victoria street 
Wood Samuel, 64a, Stanley street 
Wood Thomas, 26 Prospect terrace 
Wood William, 240 Victoria road 
Woodburn A. F. 2 Queen's road 
Woodman-Smith William J. 1 Queen*8 gdns 
Woodrow ReT. Samuel G. (Baptist), 86 

Desswood place 
Woodrow C. S. 30 Gray street 
Woolnough Herbert, 122 Hammerfield av 
Work Mrs. 76 Stanley street 
Wraight John, 37 Cromwell road 


Wright Rev. Henry W. (Established), 26 

Polmuir road 
Wright Rev. Maxwell James M.A. (Estab 

lished), 123 Hamilton place 
Wright Allan, 41$ Union street 
Wright Frederick, 80 Queen's road 
Wright Mrs. 19 Caledonian place 
Wright Mrs. 29 Duthie terrace 
Wright Robert,- 66 Duthie terrace 
Wright Robert W. 29 Belvidere street 
Wright Thomas, 31 Gray street 
Wright William, 10 Bon-Accord terrace 
Wylie William, 212 Westburn road 
Wyllie Miss, 5 Rubislaw place 
Wyllie Mrs. 131 Blenheim place 
Wyness Alexander, 15 Dee place 
Wyness James D-, M.D., CM. 1 Wesl 

Craibstone street 
Wyness John, 45 Salisbury terrace 
Wyness Mrs. 31 Great Northern road 
Wyness Mrs. Andrew, 43 Forest road 
Wynton James, 15 Burns road 
Yates Francis William, 18 Devonshire rd 
Yates James, 30 Gladstone place 
Yeats Charles, 50 Salisbury terrace 
Young Rev. A., M.A. ("United Free), bb 

Osborne place 
Young Alexander B. 47 Argyll place 
Young George, 5 Sunnyside road 
Young George Alexander, 84 Stanley st 


Young James, 43 Devanha gardens 
loung James R. 17 Westburn drive 
Young John McLauchlan F.R.C.V.S., 

F.R.S.E. (lecturer on veterinary hygiene, 

University'), 43 Gladstone place 
Young Mrs! 32 Albert terrace 
Young Mrs. 3 Cherry hank 
Young Peter, 51 Gray street 
Young Thomas M. 255 Rosemount place 
Young Walt. Broomhill lo. Broomhill rd 
Youngson Alexander, 66 Cairnfield place 
Youngson Mrs. 21 Cairnfield place 
Youngson Mrs. 64 Great Western road 
Youngson Peter, 91 Mile End avenue 
Youngson Sydney, 72 Hammerfield avenue 
Youngson W. Arrdeir, Craigton road, 

Youngson William, Arrdeir house, Great 

Western road, Mannofield 
Yuill William, 12 Beechgrove place 
Yuill William, 71 Thistle street 
Yule James, 23 Burns road 
Yule James, 9 Rubislaw Den south 
Yule John Erskine, 47 Hamilton place 
Yule John Smith, 7 Forest road 
Yule Miss, 9 Albert terrace 
Yule William, 83 Devonshire road 
Yale William, 33 Whitehall road 
Zamek Alexander, 79 Crown street 
Zerfass Sydney William, 507 King street 


Early closing flay, Wednesday. 

Abel & Glass, cattle dealers, 88 College street 

Abel John, spirit dealer, 132 King street 

Abercrombv Alex. Milne, commercial traveller, 41 Elmfield aven 

Aberdeen Aerated Water Trade Association Limited (William M. 

Sellar, sec; Jobn Murray, manager); reg. office, 81 Union 

street; bottle exchange, 46 & 48 Nelson street 
Aberdeen Art Gallery & Industrial Museum (William Smith, 

sec), Schoolhill; office, 201 Un'on street 
Aberdeen Artists' Society (A. E. Smith, jun. sec),130J Union st 
Aberdeen Association for the Improvement of the Dwellings of the 

Labouring Classes Limited (A. Burnett Whyte, sec. 1.12 Dee st 
Aberdeen Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor 

(Peter Diack, sec. & supt.), 38 Castle street 
Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 

(Alexander J. It. Thain, sec), 173a, Union street 
Aberdeen Bakers' Incorporation (Joseph Johnston, factor), pro- 
prietors of the Springbank cemetery, Countesswells road, 

Aberdeen Boat Club (A. J. Cruickshank, hon. sec), Polmuir 
Aberdeen Booksellers' & News Agents' Association (P. J. licott, 

sec), 129 Union street 
Aberdeen Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club (George G. Spence, 

sec), 21 Market street 
Aberdeen Brass Moulders' & Brass Founders' Society (John 

Gowans, ?ec), 17 Prince Regent street 
Aberdeen Building Co. Lim. (James Gordon, mgr.), 10 Colville pi 
Aberdeen Cabmen's Provident Society (George Falconer, sec), 

31 Adelphi 
Aberdeen Cash Stores Co. drapers (George Cowie, manager), 65 

St. Nicholas street 
Aberdeen Cemetery Co. Limited (Allenvale) (George McBain, 

sec), 16 Bridge street 
Aberdeen Central Restaurant Co. Limited, 13 Broad street; 

office, 129 Union street 
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce & North of Scotland Trade 

Protection Society (M'Combie & Diack, joint sees.), 1 King st 
Aberdeen Choral Union (James Speid Benson, sec), 7 Belmont st 
Aberdeen City District Lunacy Board (Charles B. Williams.clerk), 

20 Union terrace 
Aberdeen Civil Service & Business College (W. Stewari Thomson 

M.A., F.S.A., F.B.G.S. principal), 10 North Silver street 
Aberdeen Coal Co. Limited, coal merchants & ship owners , 

(Alexander Riddell, manager), Albert quay; T N 693 
Aberdeen Coke & Bon Accord Firelighter Manufacturing Co. 

Seaton place, Old Aberdeen 
Aberdeen Comb Makers' Society (George Smith, sec), 16 

Chestnut row 
Aberdeen Comb Works Co. Limited, comb manu- 
facturers Sl cardboard box makers, Aberdeen 

comb works, Hutcheon street & 33 Forbes 

street; T N 57; T A "Comb Works, Aberdeen;" 

Birmingham warehouse, 37 Carrs lane; London warehouse, £1 

Basinghall street E C 
Aberdeen Commercial Co. L ; mited (John Sangster, manager), 

grain & coal merchants & manure manufacturers, Provost 

Blaikie's quay (T N 35) ; branch offices, 140 Union street & 

87 Holburn street 
Aberdeen Conciliation Board (Sheriff Robertson, chairman; 

McCombie & Diack, sees.), 1 King street 
Aberdeen Conservative Club (E. It. Lamsden, sec), 14 Union 

terrace; T N 02952 
Aberdeen Constitutional Club (William McHattie, sec. ; James 

Mitchell, steward), 42 Union terrace 
Aberdeen Co-operative Property Investment Company Building 

Society (George Kemp, manager), 13 Bridge street 
Aberdeen Corn Exchange (D. MacGregor Mitchell, sec), 5 

Hadden street , 

Aberdeen Corporation Baths (Alexander Milne, supt.),The Links l 

Aberdeen Corporation Cleansing Department (Alexander Findlay, 

superintendent), 294 Great Northern road A Blenheim place 
Aberdeen Corporation Electric Tramways (R. Stuart Pilcher, 

manager), Municipal buildings, Union street ; & depots, Great 

Northern road; Queen's cross; Woodside; Torry; Beach; 

Mannofield & Crown street 
Aberdeen Corporation Lodging House (John Lawrie, supt.), 

East North street 
Aberdeen Curling Club (George Clark, sec), 375 Union street 
Aberdeen Cycle Club (John Tule, sec), 10 Justice Mill lane 
Aberdeen Cycle Manufacturing Co. (J. Smith, manager), 69 

College street 
Aberdeen Daily Journal (also weeklv on Wednesday) (J. A. O. 

Coutts, manager), 18, 20 & 22 Broad street; T N 27 & 737. 

See advertisement 
Aberdeen Daily Journal Office, publishers of the ABC Time 

Table & the Aberdeen Almanac & Northern Register, " Views 

of the Granite City," "Royal Deeside," " Buchan Illustrated," 

"Picturesque Donside " & "Pictorial Kincardineshire," 18, 
■20 & 22 Broad street. See advertisement 
Aberdeen Daily Nursing Institution (Miss Isabella Armstrong, 

superintendent), 15 North Silver street; T N 1208 
Aberdeen Dairy Co. Limited, 477 Union street 
Aberdeen Deaf & Dumb Benevolent Society (Rev. S. G. Woodrow, 

hon. sec ; William Wright, missionary), 11 Belmont street 
Aberdeen, Deeside & Donside Association (George Mackenzie, 

sec), 14 Crown street 
Aberdeen Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society (Peter Diack. sec), 

38 Castle street 
Aberdeen Dispensary, Maternity Hospital & Vaccine Institution 

(Watt & Cumine, sees. & treasurers), Barnett's close 
Aberdeen & District Ayrshire Association (George Newlands, 

sec. & treasurer), 154 Union street 
Aberdeen District Committee of the County Council (Alexander 

Clark, district clerk ; William Reid, sanitary inspector), 183a, 

Union street 
Aberdeen Dogs Home, home for lost dogs & cats (Mrs. Susan 

T. Murray, proprietress), King street 
Aberdeen (First) Economic Building Society (G. & J. McBain, 

sees.), 16 Bridge street 
Aberdeen Educational Trust (William Mearns Cooper, clerk, 

treasurer & factor), 352 King street 
Aberdeen Electrical Engineering Co. Limited (Richard G. Bot- 

ting, manager), electrical engineers, 17 Belmont st. ; T N 842 
Aberdeen Evening Express (J. A. O. Coutts, manager), 18, 20 4 

22 Broad street: T N 27 & 737. See advertisement 
Aberdeen Excise License Holders' Association (George Mac- 
kenzie, sec), 14 Crown street 
Aberdeen Eye Institution (A. Rudolf Galloway M.B., CM., 

M.A. surgeon), 142 King street 
Aberdeen Female School of Industry (George Carmichael, sec), 

Whitehall road; T N 449 
Aberdeen Female Society (Miss J. A. Melville, sec), 12 Pol- 

muir road 
\berdeen Fire Brigade (William Inkster, firemaster), Central 

fire station, 254 & 256 King str.-et iT X 24); sub-stations, 

292 Great Northern road, Woodside: Fonthill road; Fountain- 
hall road; 101 Chapel street; !l2 Causewayend ; Leadside 

road; 14 Mid Stocket road; Don street, Old Aberdeen & 2 

Victoria road, Tony 
Aberdeen (The) Fish Manure & Oil Co. Limited (Brander & 

Cruickshank, sees.), 158 Market st. ; reg. office, 13 Bridge st 
Aberdeen Fish Supply Association Limited (G. & J. McBain, 

sees.), 16 Bridge street 
Aberdeen Flesher Incorporation (William Arthur, deacon), 46 

Wales street: T N 661 
Aberdeen Free Labour Bureau (Benj. Gibbons, supt.), James st 





publisher & printer). 


Aberdeen Free Press (Alexander Marr, 
Union street 

Aberdeen Grain Warehousing- Co. Limited (David Edwards 
1 Golden square & 24 to 30 Commerce street 

Aberdeen Granite Association (Jas.ThomJeffrey,sec),81 Union st 

Aberdeen Granite Turning Co. granite turners, Merkland rd.east 

Aberdeen Gymnastic & Bowing Club (W. J. McPherson, hon. 
sec), 92 Crown street & South esplanade west, Torry 

Aberdeen Harbour Lifeboat & Life Preserving Apparatus Sta- 
tion, The Links & Footdee 

Aberdeen Harbour Office (William Gordon, sec. & clerk), 16 
Regent quay; T 1ST 91 

Aberdeen Heritable Securities & Investment 
Co. Limited (Daniel Rose McGilvray, sec), 5 Union ter 

Aberdeen Hide, Skin & Tallow Market Co* Lim. 
(John B. Cairns, manager), 42 Wales street; 
T N 478 J TA "CAIRNS, Aberdeen "—branches, Inverurie 
Keith & Dingwall 

Aberdeen Highland Association -Alexander Murray, sec. & 
treasurer"), 261 Union street 

Aberdeen Home for Motherless Children (Miss Janet Eae, 
matron), 34 Salisbury terrace 

Aberdeen Home for Widowers' Children (Miss Jessie Cran, 
matron). Primrose hill, Sunnybank road 

Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children (Prof. Stephenson M.D 
consulting physician), Castle terrace. For full list of officers, 
see Trades Section 

Aberdeen House Proprietors' Association (James Thorn Jeffrey, 
sec), 81 Union street 

Aberdeen (The) Ice Manufacturing Co. Limited, ice manufac- 
turers, Poynernook road; T A "Ice, Aberdeen" 

Aberdeen Icelandic Steam Fishing Co. Limited (John Robert- 
son, sec), 124 Union street 

Aberdeen Industrial School for Roman Catholic Girls (Madame 
M. M. Owen, superioress), Nazareth house, Claremont street 

Aberdeen Iron Grit Co. (Archibald A. Brown, director), 
Ruthrieston road; T A "GitiTCOY;" T N 1705 

Aberdeen Iron Trade Association (E. D. Leslie & Hay, sees.), 
137 Union street 

Aberdeen Jurid ; eal Society (David Dewar M.A., B.L. 166 Union 
street, sec). Advocates' hall, 10 Broad street 

Aberdeen Jute Co. Ltd. (Jas. Ducat, sec), Froghall ter. ;TN 82 

Aberdeen, Leith & Moray Firth Steam Shipping Co. Lim. (James 
Crombie & Sons, managers), 3 Trinity buildings; T N 483 

Aberdeen Liberal Association (John S. Watt M.A., sec), 
41£ Union street; T N 272 

Aberdeen Liberal Unionist Association (J.E.Rae,sec),2 Union ter 

Aberdeen (The) Lime Co. Limited (A, T. Mc- 
Robert, manager), dealers in lime, coal, 
guano, crushed & dissolved bones, bone 
meal, superphosphates, sulphate of am- 
monia, nitrate of soda & other manures, 
linseed cake & cotton cake, Provost Blaikie's 
quay; T N 218; T A "Lime. Aberdeen" 

Aberdeen Loan Company Limited (James McFarlane, manager), 
pawnbrokers &c 95 Loch street; sale rooms, 86 & 88 
G-eorge street & 1 John street 

Aberdeen Market Co. (Adam, Thomson & Ross,sec3.),2 Union ter 

Aberdeen Masonic Hall Trust (J. S. Benson sec), 12 Ex- 
change street 

Aberdeen Master Butchers' Association (James B. Davidson, 
sec), 46a, Union street 

Aberdeen Master House Carpenters' & Joiners' Association (H. 
Peterkin, sec), 4 Bridge street & 60 School hill 

Aberdeen Master Masons' Incorporation Limited (David 
Edwards, sec), 1 Golden square 

Aberdeen Master Painters' Association (James B. Davidson, 
sec), 46a, Union street 

Aberdeen Master Plasterers' Association (David Hutcheon 
Duthie, sec), 343 Union street 

Aberdeen Master Plumbers' Association (William Sutherland, 
sec), 177 Union street 

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital (William Stevenson M.D. & Robert 
G-. McKerron M.D. medical officers; Miss Beedie, matron), 
6 Castle terrace 

Aberdeen Mechanics' Institution (Robert Milroy C.A. sec), 147 
Union street 

Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society (A. Rudolf Galloway M.B., 
M.D. president; Dr. John Marnoch, seel; hall, 29 King st 

Aberdeen Music Hall (Aberdeen Music Hall Co. Limited, pro- 
prietors). Union street 

Aberdeen Music Hall Co. Limited (Fraser & Duguid, sees.), 57 
Crown street; T N 249 

Aberdeen Musical Institute (James- Stables, sec), 48a, Union st 

Aberdeen Mutual Assurance & Friendly Society (G. Falconer, 
sec), 31 Adelphi 

Aberdeen Mutual Steam Ship & Trawlers' Insurance Co. 
(Duncan Rennie, sec), 172 -Market street 

Aberdeen, Newcastle & Hull Steam Co. Limited (Wm. Skirving, 
mangr.), 79 Regent quay; T N" 87 ; TA" Skirving, Aberdeen " 
Aberdeen & North of Scotland College of Agriculture (George 
Hendry, sec. ; William Murison, treasurer), Marischal college, 
University of Aberdeen, Broad street; office, County build- 
ings. For full list of names, see page 19 
Aberdeen & North of Scotland Newspaper & Printing Co. 
Limited (J. A. C. Coutts, manager), 18, 20 & 22 Broad st. • 
T N 27 & 737. See advertisement ' 

Aberdeen North United Free Church Men's Club (Robert Philip, 
sec), 79 Queen street 

Aberdeen & Northern Friendly Society (James Robertson, sec : 

James F. M. Massie, treasurer"), 213 & 217 George street 
Aberdeen Operative Boot & Shoe Makers' Trades Union (Alex. 

Legge, sec), 35 Wallfield crescent 
Aberdeen Palace Theatre Limited (Walter Gilbert, manager). 

Bridge place; reg. office, 81 Union st. (William Firth, sec) 
Aberdeen Pen & Pencil Club (The) (A. E. Smith, Jan. sec), 130* 

Union street 
Aberdeen People's Journal Editorial & Publishing Offices, 25 
Market street ; T N 315 

Aberdeen Philosophical Society (W. Kendall Burnett, sec. & 

treasurer), 23 North Silver street 
Aberdeen Photographic Association (Andrew Gray, hon. sec), 

18 South Mount street 
Aberdeen Physical Training College (George Cruden, hon-- 

sec), 9 Golden square & 94 Crown street 
Aberdeen Post Office Directory (Aberdeen University Press 

Limited, printers for the district postmen), 8 Crown street 
Aberdeen Preserving Co. Limited (Alexander Brockie, sec.), 

preserved provison meanufacturers, Russell road; T N 127; 

TA " Preserve " 
Aberdeen Property Investment Building Societj (James Milne 

C.A, manager), 160 Union street 
Aberdeen Provincial Committee for the Training of Teachers 

(George Smith M.A. director), 17 Charlotte street 
Aberdeen Reformatory & Industrial Schools & Houses of Refuge 

(John P. Cumine, advocate & clerk, 8 Golden square; Charles 

Diack, solicitor, treasurer), I King street 
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (William Sinclair M.B., CM. medical 

supt.), Woolmanhill (T N 182); offices, 343 Union street. 

For list of Medical Officers see p. 15 
Aberdeen Sabbath School Union (William Mathew Brown, sec), 

8 Holburn road 
Aberdeen Salmon Co. (Wilsone & Duff us, sees.), 7 Golden sq, 
Aberdeen Savings Investment Trust Limited, 19 Union terrace 
Aberdeen School Board (Thomas Hector, clerk & treasurer) ; 

offices, 22 Union terrace 
Aberdeen School of Design (James A. H. Hector, principal), 26- 

Union row 
Aberdeen Shipmasters' Society Hall (James Archibald, treasurer)-, 

22 Regent quay 

Aberdeen Shipping Traders' Association (George Mackenzie, 

sec), 14 Crown street 
Aberdeen Shipowners' Association (Lachlan Mackinnon, sec.)> 

23 Market street 

Aberdeen Sick Man's Friend Society (Peter Diack, sec), 38= 

Castle street 
Aberdeen Skating, Curling & Tachting Co. Limited (K. M. 

Simpson, sec), 245 Union street 
Aberdeen Steam Laundry Co. Limited (Andrew Davidson, sec), 

6 Golden square; works, Claremont street & receiving office, 

11 Menzies road. Torry; T N 1531 
Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. (Edward J. Savage, manager), 

87 Waterloo quay; T N 7; T A " Navigation, Aberdeen " 
Aberdeen Steam Trawling & Fishing Co. Limited (Brander & 

Cruickshank, sees.), 13 Bridge street & 214 Market street 
Aberdeen Storage Co. Limited (Walter A. Reid, sec), 6 Golden 

square & Regent road (T N 41) & 12 & 14 Commerce street;. 

T N 356 
Aberdeen Suburban Tramways Co. (Alexander Wilkie, manager ; 

Gecrge Duncan, sec), 15 Golden square 
Aberdeen Temperance Society (Matthew Edwards, sec), 10 

Belmont street 
Aberdeen Town & County Association for Teaching the Blind 

at their Homes (T. Ferguson & J. Duncan MacDiarmid, joint! 

sees. & treasurers), 173a, Union street 
Aberdeen Trawl Owners' & Traders' Engineer- 
ing Co. Limited (J. S. Watt, sec), Albert quay (T N 

867; T A " Energy ") ; registered office, 41J Union street 
Aberdeen & Tyne Boat Building Co. Raik road 
Aberdeen Union of Women Workers (Mrs. Mary Ann Clark. 

caretaker), 44 Marischal street 
Aberdeen Unionist Association (A. Neil Macdonald, sec), 173a r 

Union street 
Aberdeen United Free Church Training College & Practising 

School (James Duguid, sec & treasurer), 17 to 21 Charlotte 

street. For list of masters &c see p. 19 
Aberdeen United Trades' Council (William Johnston, sec), 47 to 

51 Belmont street; T N 1664 
Aberdeen University Press Limited, printers, 6 Upperkirkgate : 

T A "Pica;" T N 174 
Aberdeen Waste Co. rag & waste merchants, 62 St. 

Clement street 
Aberdeen Water Works (Corporation) (William Gordon, clerk; 

William Dyack C.E. engineer); offices, Municipal buildings 
Aberdeen Weekly Journal (est. 1748) (Wednesday) (J. A. C- 

Coutts, mgr.), 18,20 & 22 Broad st. See advertisement 
Aberdeen Window Cleaning Co. (Crawford Clark, manager), 

150J Union street 
Aberdeen Wood Fibre Oo. (John McLeish, manager), 287 King 

street; T N 995 
Aberdeenshire Cricket Association (William Mackay, sec), 31 

Orchard street 
Aberdeenshire Cricket Club, Mannofield (John R. Flockhart, 

hon. sec. & treasurer), 41£ Union street 
Aoerdeenshire Licensed Trade Defence Association (G. A. 

Wilson, sec. & treasurer), 14 Crown street 
Aberdeenshire National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to 

Children (Charles Diack, hon. sec), 1 King street 
Aberdeenshire Volunteer Rifle Association (George Cruden, sec). 

9 Golden square 
Aberdein Alexander, shopkeeper, 593 & 595 George street 
Abernethy James & Co. iron founders, Ferryhill foundry - 

T N 113 ; T A " Abernethy, Aberdeen " 
Abernethy David W. engineer, see James Abernethy & Co 
Abernethy James W. engineer, see James Abernethy & Co 
Abrahams & Co. wholesale confectioners, 150 West North street 
Acciari Domenico, confectioner, 76 St. Clement street 
Adam Alex. & Co. slaters, 4 Hutcheon st. & 59a, Causewayend 
Adam Brothers Limited, ship owners, coal merchants & ship 

brokers, 42 Regent quay; T N 60 & 61 ; T A " Adanv 

Aberdeen " 
Adam Catherine & Barbara (Misses), apartments, 132 Crown st 
Adam & Cralgmile, rose growers & florists, 

Fernylea, Rubislaw & fruiterers, 194 West North street & 9 

Ashvale place 
Adam P. & Co. hosiery manufacturers, 67 Thistle street 
Adam, Thomson & Ro?s, advocates & law agents for the 

Northern Assurance Co. & sees, to the Aberdeen Market Cci 

2 Union terrace; T N 392; T A "Terrace, Aberdeen" 





Adam & Co. fruiterers, 15 Menzies road 
Adam Steamship Co. Limited, 42 Regent quay- 
Adam Alan, painter, 20 Great Western road 
Adam Elsie (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 14 Crown terrace 
Adam John, plumber, 8 Little Belmont street 
Adam John Wilson M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 87 Crown st 
Adam Margaret (Miss), confectioner & fruiterer, 24 Regent quay 
Adam Thomas J.P. ship owner, see Adam Brothers Limited; 

T N 10 Woodside 
Adam William Davidson, joint agent, Town & County Bank 

Limited, 33 Regent quay 
Adams P. & Co. drapers, 70 Green 
Adams Alexander, apartments, 7 Victoria street 
Adams Beatrice (Miss), dress maker, 11 Little Chapel street 
Adams Charles, draper, 88 Schoolhill 
Adams Charles Crombie, draper, see P. & C. Adams 
Adams George, news agent, 60 Holburn street 
Adams Harry, coal dealer, 8a, Crooked lane 
Adams James, master mariner, 15 Forbesfield road 
Adams James G. fish curer, Point law 

Adams James Milner M.A., M.B., Ch.B. surgeon, 67 Beech- 
grove terrace 
Adams John, commercial traveller, 17 Braemar place 
Adams John, grocer & tea dealer, 64 Green 
Adams Peter C. draper, see P. & C. Adams 
Adams William, boot & shoe maker, 46 Albert street 
Adams William, cartwright, 27 St. Clair street 
Adams William Duncan, stationer, 464 Union street 
Adamson John A. accountant (Town & County Bank Limited), 

24 Ashley road 
Adan James Watt, chemist, 252 George street 
Addie Robert, valuator & quantity surveyor, 9 Union terrace; 

T N 778 
Addison David, butcher, 126a, Crown street 
Addison George, cooper, 32 Walker road 
Aden Charles, insurance agent, 11 Bon Accord terrace 
Aden John, dairyman, 1 Erskine street 
Adie Alexander, jobbing gardener, 293 Rosemount place 
Advocates' Library (Douglass Duncan, advocate, librarian), 

Advocates' hall, 10 Broad street 
Agricultural Research Association (T. Jamieson, director), 10 

Belmont street 
Aiken William S. & Sons, boot makers, 11 Regent quay 
Aiken Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 36 Gilcomston park 
Aiken Arthur, butcher, 9 & 49 Upperkirkgate ; T N 388 
Aiken Arthur, jun. butcher, 285 Holburn street; T N 1535 
Aiken John McDonald, artist, 50 Stanley street 
Aiken Mina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 37 Jasmine terrace 
Aiken William R. ship &. insurance broker, 53 Regent quay 
Ainsley Thomas, boot repairer, 12 Berry street 
Aitken Alexander & Son, decorators, 335 Union street 
Aitken Alexander, painter, see Alexander Aitken & Son 
Aitken Archibald, spirit dealer, 82 Holburn street 
Aitken Catherine (Mrs.), clothes broker, 83 West North street 
Aitken George M, solicitor, see Wight & Aitjcen 
.Aitken John, painter, see Alexander Aitken & Son 
Aitken Margaret, nurse, 271 Union grove 
Aitken William, painter, see Alexander Aitken & Son 
Alcock Benjamin, commercial traveller, 79 Stanley street 
Alderson Emma (Mrs.), apartments, 130^ Union street 
Alexander A. & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 223 George street 
Alexander A. & W. fish dealers, 492 Union street; T N 1737 
Alexander Edward & Co. drapers & furniture dealers, 8 & 10 

Alexander James & Son, millers & grain merchants, Nether 

Justice mills 
Alexander John & Co. cabinet makers & upholsterers, 257 Union 

street (T N 466) & 22 Union wynd 
Alexander Alex, fish dealer (A. & W. Alexander), 4 Albert ter 
Alexander Alexander Bridgford, plumber, see McCaskill & 

Alexander Edward, draper, see Edward Alexander & Co 
Alexander Francis, commercial traveller, 16 Burnett place 
Alexander George, solicitor, see Stewart & Murray 
Alexander Henry, editor " Aberdeen Daily Free Press; " offices, 

Union street 
Alexander Isabella (Mrs.),shopkeeper, 46 Bedford road 
Alexander James, grocer, 415 Holburn street & miller, 

Hilldowntree mills, Bridge of Dee 
Alexander James, mineral water manufacturer, 23a, Forbes st 
Alexander Joan (Mrs.), greengrocer, 3 Palmerston road 
Alexander John, cabinet maker & joiner, 82 Rose street 
Alexander John, chemist, 624 King street 
Alexander John, commercial traveller, 4 Erskine street 
Alexander John, monumental mason & granite merchant, see 

Rust & Alexander 
Alexander Mary Ann (Mrs.), nurse, 89 Chapel street 
Wexander Robert, iron merchant, 129 Park street 
Alexander Robert John, master mariner, 37 Carlton place 
Alexander William, miller, see James Alexander & Son 
Alexander William McDonald, fish dealer, see A. & W.Alexander 
Alexandra Ching, confectioner, 387 George street 
Allan Brothers, engineers, Back Hilton road 
Allan, Buckley Allan & Co. advocates, 21 Bridge street 
Allan & Dey, fish merchants, Poynernook road; T N 142; T A 

" Dey, Aberdeen " 
Allan James & Co. cabinet makers & upholsterers, 122 Uniou 

street (T N 297) & 42 Dee street 
Allan (R. C.) & Mortimer, stock brokers & accountants, 177 

Union street 
Allan & Rennie, tailors, 16 Rose street 
Allan Adam, boot repairer, 61 Charlotte street 
Allan Alexander, boot & shoe repairer, 245 Holburn street 
Allan Alexander, painter, 4 Gerrard street 
Allan Alexander, pilot, 18 North square 
Allan Alexander, ships' chandler, Albert quay 
Allan Alexander, shopkeeper, 25 Jack's brae 
Allan Andrew, pilot, 4 South square, 
Allan Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 South square 
Allan Caroline (Mrs.), apartments, 26 Maberly street 
Allan Edwin, chemist & druggist, 291 Union grove 

Allan George J.P. advocate & notary, see Allan, Buckley- 
Allan & Co 
Allan George, assistant inspector of poor, 20 Union terrace 
Allan George, fruiterer, 4 Schoolhill & 85 Victoria rd. Torry 
Allan George, granite merchant, see Lyon & Allan 
Allan Helen (Miss), dining rooms, Commercial road 
Allan Henry, master manner, 51 Abergeldie road 
Allan Isabella (Mrs.), fruiterer, 41 Rosemount viaduct 
Allan James, (miterer, 86 Holburn street 
Allan James, spirit dealer, 54 Victoria road, Torry 
Allan James Miller, commercial traveller, 174 Skene street 
Allan James R. engineer, see Allan Brothers 
Allan Jane (Miss), nurse, 26 Chattan place 
Allan John, dining rooms, 38 St. Clement street 
Allan John, pilot. 18 Pilot's square 
Allan John A. Ogg, architect to the Aberdeen School Board,. 

22 Union terrace 
Allan John Buckley, advocate, see Allan, Buckley Allan & Co 
Allan Johnston, boot maker, 524 Great Northern road 
Allan Margaret (Mrs.)> butcher, see Arthur & Allan 
Allan Mary (Mrs.), dining rooms, 36 Langstane place 
Allan Richard, engineer, see Allan Brothers 
Allan Rd.Crossley C.A. accountant, see R. C. Allan & Mortimer 
Allau Robert, hair dresser, 16 Exchequer row 
Allan Robert, news agent, 53 Gallowgate 
Allan Robert, ships' chandler, 204 Market street 
Allan Robert, tinsmith, 183 Albert quay 
Allan William, butcher, 16 Crombie road, Torry 
Allan William, butcher, 75 Huntly street 
Allan William, fish merchant, see Allan & Dey 
Allan William, grocer, 14 Young street (T.N. 376); 29 Essle- 
mont avenue; 31a, St. Swithin street; 44 Union terrace; 
286 & 569 George street; 177 Gallowgate; 17 & 19 Justice 
street; 1 Holburn road; 24 Rosemount place; 158 Crown 
street & 14 & 16 Menzies road, Torry 
Allan William, hair dresser, 13a, Correction wynd 
Allan William A. watch maker, jeweller & optician, 13 Schoolhill 
Allan William M. R. tailor, see Allan & Rennie 
Allathan Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 229 Holburn street 
Allen Helen L. (Miss), teacher of music, 42 Loanhead terrace- 
Allen John M. house agent, 47 View terrace 
Allenvale Cemelery (James McDonald, supt.), Whinhill road 
Alliance Assurance Co. Limited (Burnett & Reid, district 

agents), 12 Golden square 
Allison Thomas, seed merchant, see George Bruce & Co 
Alsop Spence, butcher, 43 & 44 Market hall; T N 964 
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters & Joiners (No. 1 branchy 
(James A. Thomson, sec), 6 Orchard lane; (No. 2 branch) 
(Caspar Henry Clarkson, see.) 38 Urquhart road & (No. 3 
branch) (William Davidson, sec), 5 Chattan place 
Amalgamated Society of Engineers (No. 1 branch) (William 

Jaffray, sec), 58 Powis p'ace 
Amalgamated Society of Tailors (Alexander Lawrie, sec), 57 

Holland street 
American Consular Agency (William P. Quann, consular agent), 

154 Union street 
Anderson Brothers, granite workers, 35 Sinclair road. Torry 
Anderson Brothers, wholesale & furnishing ironmongers, 

34 Broad street; T N 1106 
Anderson John & Co. auctioneers, 43 Union street 
Anderson John Poison, jun. & Co. butchers, 372 George street 
Anderson John & William, fruiterers & greengrocers, 66 

Justice street; 13 Park street & Cornhill road 
Anderson & Thomson, wholesale clothing manufacturers, ware- 
housemen & woollen cloth merchants, 103 Union street (T N 
128; T A "Woollens, Aberdeen"); factory, 19 St. Nicholas st 
Anderson William & Son, umhrella makers, 51 Upperkirkgate 
Anderson Free Library (Mrs.Rose Booth, librarian), 356 Clifton rd 
Anderson Adam, blacksmith, 81a, Skene square 
Anderson Alexander, apartments, 11 Union buildings 
Anderson Alexander, stone mason, Mile End lane 
Anderson Alexander, teacher of music, 57 Schoolhill 
Anderson Alexander G., M.A., B.Sc, M.B., Ch.B., resident 

physician, Epidemic hospital, Urquhart road 
Anderson Alexander R. shopkeeper, 674 Great Northern road 
Anderson Alexander Roy, confectioner, 500 Great Northern rd: 
Anderson Andrew, dairyman, 334 & 581 George street 
Anderson Annie (Mrs.)i costumier, 377 Union street 
Anderson Arthur, painter, 122 John street 
Anderson Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 254 George street 
Anderson David, assistant supt. Post office. 90 Desswood place- 
Anderson David, chemist, & post office, 31 Fountainhall road 
Anderson David, commercial traveller, 71 Mile End avenue 
Anderson David, consulting engineer, 158 Market street 
Anderson David, grocer & spirit dealer, 60 Justice street 
Anderson Edward, greengrocer, 215 Market street 
Anderson George, boot maker, 74 Sumner street 
Anderson George, commission agent, 115 Union street 
Anderson George, jun. engraver, 23 & 24 Market gallery 
Anderson George, ironmonger, see Anderson Brothers 
Anderson George Meffet, hair dresser, 44 Gilcomston steps 
Anderson Georgina (Miss), news agent, 5 Upperkirkgate 
Anderson Gordon, tobacconist, 369 Great Northern road 
Anderson Isabella (Mrs.), watch maker & jeweller, 24 Schooling 
Anderson James, apartments, 1 Mackie place 
Anderson James, boot maker, 30 Portland street 
Anderson James, butcher, 282 Rosemount place 
Anderson James, granite merchant, see Anderson Brothers 
Anderson James, greengrocer, 12 East North street 
Anderson James, market gardener, Denhead house, Anderson- 
drive & fruiterer, 23 & 160 Gallowgate 
Anderson James, market gardener, Rosewell, Stocket 
Anderson James, news agent &c. 7 Menzies road, Torry 
Anderson James Alex, commercial traveller, 163 Duthie terrace- 
Anderson James Kay. shopkeeper, 201 Hardgate 
Anderson James Scott, baker, 64 Skene 6quare 
Anderson Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 23 Erskine street 
Anderson Jane (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 4 & 6 Littlejohn street 
Anderson Jane (Mrs.), dairy. 30 Ship row 
Anderson John, commercial traveller, 53 Beechgrove terrace- 
Anderson John, dairyman, 167 West North street 




Anderson John, furniture dealer, 14 Upperkirkgate 

Anderson John, greengrocer, 27a, St. Andrew street 

Anderson John, market gardener, Well brae, Countesswells rd. 

Anderson John F. plumber, 23 Bridge street 
Anderson John Poison, butcher, 26-J- Gallowgate 
Anderson John Poison, jun. butcher, see Harper & Anderson 
Anderson Joseph Gibb, commercial traveller, 133 Clifton road 
Anderson Lewis, inspector for lighting department, 156 King st 
Anderson Lizzie (Miss), draper, 111 Great Western road 
Anderson Lizzie (Miss), milliner, 332 George street 
Anderson Maggie (Mrs.), apartments, 45 Springbank terrace 
Anderson Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 13 Holburn street 
Anderson Marjory (Mrs.), fishmonger, 489 Great Northern road 
Anderson Mary (Mrs.), nurse, 38 Union terrace 
Anderson Matilda (Miss), apartments, 30 Grosvenor place 
Anderson Peter John M.A., LL.B. sec. of "University Court & 

librarian, University 
Anderson Robt.editor " Aberdeen Dally Journal," 12 Eelvidere st 
Anderson Robert G. billiard saloon, 10 Exchange street 
Anderson Eobert J. cattle salesman, see Eeith & Anderson 
Anderson Eobt. Jn. jun. cattle salesman, see Reith & Anderson 
Anderson Sophia (Miss), grocer, 40 West North street 
Anderson W. inland revenue officer, 27 King street 
Anderson William, accountant, see Taylor & Anderson 
Anderson William, butcher, 423 George street 
Anderson William, chief constable. City Police office (T.N. 52), 

Lodge walk; res. 135 Hamilton place; T N 1855 
Anderson William, chimney sweeper, 5 Wallfield crescent . 
Anderson William, dairyman, 35 St. Andrew street 
Anderson William, fishmonger, 62 Market basement 
Anderson William, grocer & spirit dealer. 124 Union grove 
Anderson William, hair dresser, 114 Holburn street 
Anderson William, news agent, 10 Skene street 
Anderson Wm. J. P. sec. Town & County Bank Ltd. 62 Union st 
Anderson William, shopkeeper, ID Harriet street 
Anderson "William, slater, 37 Bon-Accord street 
Anderson William, spirit dealer, 45 East North street 
Anderson William, spirit dealer & restaurant, 213 Union street 
Anderson William, tea merchant, see Brebner & Grant 
Anderson William, umbrella maker, see W. Anderson & Son 
Anderson William Blair, photographer, 255 Union street 
Anderson William Charles, ironmonger, see Anderson Brothers 
Anderson William James, furnishing iron- 
monger, blacksmith, mechanical & electrical'er, 253 Union street; res. 50 Beaconsfield place 
Anderson William E. fruiterer, see J. & W. Anderson 
Andrew Francis, shopkeeper, 16 Holland street 
Andrew Margaret (Miss), grocer, 43 Tork street 
Andrew William, mineral water manufacturer, 54 Catherine st 
Andrews Ephraim, master mariner, 92 Bedford place 
Anglo-Indian Evangelisation Society (David Manson, sec), 44 

Polromr road 
Angus George & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 14 & 16 Bank 

street, Perryhill ; T N 77 
Angus Adam, dairyman, 543 Great Western road 
Angus Betsy (Mrs.), apartments, 75 Dee street 
Angus Elsie (Mrs.), nurse, 65 Chapel street 
Angus curer, Sinclair rd.Torry;T N 7770 ; TA " Angus " 
Angus George, grocer, 62 Walker road 
Angus Helen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 124 Spital 
Angus Isabella (Mrs.), news agent, 181 West North street 
Angus James, jun. boot maker, 41, 45 & 47 Skene square 
Angus James Owen, fish curer, see George Angus 
Angus Margaret (Miss), fruiterer, 102 Rosemount viaduct 
Angus Peter Duncan, clerk of the 2nd class H.M. customs, 

Custom house, Regent quay 
Angus Rebecca (Mrs.), apartments, 71 King street 
Angus Robert, builder, see Rennie & Angus 
AngU3 William, clothier, see Johnston & Laird 
Annand Clarinda (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Osborne place 
Annand Elizabeth (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 17 Lodge walk 
Annand Joseph, grocer, 116 Holburn st. & 1 Great Western rd 
Arcsde Motor Garage Limited, 431 Union street 
Archibald & Hendry, furniture dealers, 12 Great Western road 
Archibald Alexander, commercial traveller, 241 Westburn road 
Archibald Alexander Nicol, boot repairer, 8 Union grove 
Archibald James, furniture dealer, see Archibald & Hendry 
Archibald Maggie (Mrs.), apartments, 25 Victoria street 
Archibald Robert, jun. boot maker, 183 King street 
Argentine (Republic of) Vice-Consulate (Daniel Mearns D.L., 

J.P. vice-consul), 55 Regent quay 
Argo Alexander C. grocer & spirit dealer, 45 Commerce street 
Argo James G. butter & egg dealer, 135 Skene street 
Argo John Cruickshank M.R.C.V.S., E.E.V.M.A. veterinary 

surgeon & canine specialist, 20 Belmont street 
Armellini Pietero, confectioner, 22 South Mount street 
Armstrong Jean (Miss), matron Morningfield Hospital, King's gte 
Army Scripture Readers' Society (Rev. J. A. McClymont D.D. 

superintendent), 5 Queen's gardens 
Army Scripture Readers' & Soldiers' Friend Society (Col. J. 

Aliardyce, hen. treasurer), 3 Queen's terrace 
Arnott George, carrier, 129 Loch street 
Arthur & Allan, butchers, 92 Victoria road, Torry 
Arthur & Hepburn, veterinary surgeons & horse shoers, 6 Flour- 
mill brae; T N 904 
Arthur J". & A. house carpenters, 123 Causewayend 
Arthur (Robert) Theatres Co. Limited, Rosemount viaduct ; 

T A " Arthurian;" T N 493 
Arthur Andrew, carpenter, see J. & A. Arthur 
Arthur Margaret (Mrs.), butcher, 59 Justice street 
Arthur Robert E. shipping agent, 75 Union street 
Arthur Robert R., surgn.see Arthur & Hepburn 
Arthur Thomas, grocer, Soulh esplanade east, Torry 
Asher James & Son, wholesale grocers. 108 Green; T N 164 
Asher James, wholesale grocer, see James Asher & Son 
Ashwell Herbert Maitland, commercial trav. 39 Devonshire rd 
Asylum for the Blind (David M. M. Milligan, clerk & treas. ; 

William Meston, manager), 50 Huntlv street; T N 616; 

T A "Blind Asylum" 

t Atkins Forest. William, 53 Great Northern road 
Auer Catherine (Mrs.), apartments, 16 Beigrave terrace 
Auld Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 St. Swithin street 
Auld Andrew, greengrocer & news agent, 1 Westfield road 
Auld John, tobacconist, 4 Exchange street & 12 Hadden street 
Auld William Oliphant, boot maker, 204 Rosemount place 
Austin Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 Spring garden 
Averv John & Co. Limited, printers & stationers, 105 King st. ; 

T N 111; T A " Averys, Aberdeen " 
Avery W. & T. Limited, weighing machine mas. 4 We?t North st 
Azzali & Giuilianotti, confectioners, 3 Justice street & 19 

Rosemount viaduct 
Bacon Mary (Mrs.), news agent, 111 Skene street 
Badenoch Alex. & Son, tailors & outfitters, 61 & 63 St.Nicholas st 
Badenoch Peter, tailor, see A. Badenoch & Son 
Bagrie Helen (Miss), costumier, 410 Union street 
Bain Alexander, draper, see Reid & Bain 
Bain Alexander, spirit, dealer, 82 Regent quay 
Bain Geo. cabinet maker, 433a, Holburn st. ; res. 61 Dee street 
Bain Geo. slater, 27 Hutcheon st. & 1 School rd.Old Aberdeen 
Bain Henry W. district manager Norwich Union Fire & Life 

Office, 230 Union street 
Bain Isabella (Mrs.), dairy, 142 Spital 
Bain James, cycle agent, 164 Skene street (T N 725) 

& 227 Rosemount place 
Bain Richard W. K., M.A. advocate <&; factor for Harrow's 

Mortification; Bishop Gavin Dunbar's Hospital & Estate of 

Tullos (Youngson & Bain), & hon. sec. & treasurer to the 

Royal Scottish Geographical Society; res. 9 Holburn street 
Bain Robert, boot maker, 534 Great Northern road 
Bain William, cab proprietor &, funeral undertaker, 60 Loch st. 

(T N 23) ; 18 Mealmarket street & Guild street 
Bain William, sewing machine dealer, 53a, Loch street 
Baird Peter, rag merchant, 100 to 106 West North street 
Baird Walter, rag & metal merchant, Shuttle lane 
Baker Joseph William, glass & china merchant, 136 & 138 

Union street; res. 29 Cromwell road 
Balfour & Son, painters, 390 Great Northern road 
Balfour John, painter, see Balfour & Son 
Balfour Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 73 Charlotte street 
Balsrbwnie Steam Trawl Fishing Co. Limited, 1 Golden square 
Ballard Frederick, trawling master, 114 Don street, Woodside 
Balloch David, advertising agent, 154 Union street 
Balnagask Golf Club (William McQueen Smith, sec), Club 

house, Victoria road, Torry 
Balneaves John, 19 Grosvenor place 

Bank of Scotland (branch) (James Suttie, agent), 40 Union st 
Banks David, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Baltic street 
Banks James Andrew, watch maker & jeweller, 12a, 

Correction wynd 
Bannerman David & Chas. grocers & spirit dlrs. 92 Schoolhill 
Bannerman Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 60 Springbank terrace 
Bannerman William, chimney sweeper, 91 Upper Denburn 
Bannochie James & Sons, plasterers, chimney piece, cement, 

tile & marble merchants, 19 Belmont street; T N 429; 

works, 7 Gilcomston park 
Bannochie Alexander, butcher, 34 East North street 
Bannochie James, plasterer, see James Bannochie & Sons 
Bannochie William G. plasterer, see James Bannochie & Sons 
Barclay, Ross & Tough, seed merchants & agricultural imple- 
ment makers, 67 to 71 Green & Craigshaw, Torry 
Barclay William & Son, boot & shoe makers, la, Caroline pi 
Barclay Alexander, agent North British Railway goods station, 

43 Guild street 
Barclay Alexander, potato merchant, 2 College street 
Barclay George W. W., J.P. local manager North British & 

Mercantile Insurance Co. (in which is merged the Scottish 

Provincial Assurance Co.), 91 Union street; T N 344; res. 

Raeden house; T N 1682 
Barclay Jane (Miss), apartments, 41 George street 
Barclay John, schoolmaster, 11 Rosebery street 
Barclay John B. advocate & notary public, 9 Crown st. ; 

re3. 38 Fountainhall road 
Barclay John M. teacher of phonography, Gordon's college 
Barclay William, commercial traveller, 27 Claremont place 
Barnet James, engineer, surveyor, examiner of engineers &c. 

to the Board of Trade, 49 Regent quay; res. 36 Desswood pi 
Barnet Peter Knox, master mariner, 17 Carlton place 
Barnett Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 45 Park street 
Barnett Andrew D. inspector of poor & registrar of births & 

deaths, Baxter street. Torry 
Barnett Barbara (Miss), shopkeeper, 5 Rosemount place 
Barnett Barbara (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 7 Jasmine terrace 
Barnett Christian (Miss), postmistress, Baxter street. Torry 
Barnett Edward Alfred, hair dresser, 13 Bon Accord terrace 
Barnett Elspet (Mrs.), restaurant keeper, 27 Shiprow 
Barnett George, grocer, 1 Rosemount place; 6 Ragg's lane & 

47 Guest row 
Barnett Isaac, picture frame maker, 44 East North street 
Barnett James Cordinor, schoolmaster, 31 Belvidere street 
Barnett William, confectioner, 145 King street 
Barr Catherine (Miss), draper, 155b, Gallowgate 
Burrack Eliza (M:ss), apartments, 38 Spring garden 
Barrack Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 43 Victoria street 
Barron Robert & Co. ironmongers, 16 George street; T N 1112 
Barron Barbara (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 269 Holburn street 
pBarron Charles Nidray, cashier, 29 Whitehall road 
Barron Christina (Mrs.), dairy, 41 Miller street 
Barron James M.I.C.E. civil engineer, 216 Union street 
Earron James Stephen, master mariner, 86 Bedford place 
Barron John, dairyman, 8 Allan street 
Earron William, spirit dealer, 17 Castle street 
Barry, Henry & Co. Limited, engineers, iron 

founders & millwrights, 1221 West North street; 

T N 333 
Barry George Jam ; eson, draper, 382 George street 
Barter Frank, surveyor of ships & inspector of life saving 

appliances Board of Trade, 49 Regent quay 
Bartie William, butcher, 92 John street 





Bass, RatclifE & Gretton Limited (Burton-on-Trent) (William 

Dumolo, manager), brewers, 20 Bridge street ; T K 485 
Battisby Alexander Milne, cutter, 41 Gray street 
Baxter & Co. drapers, milliners* & wall paper dealers, 

93 George street 
Baxter Andrew, assistant pilot, 2 South square 
Baxter David, pilot, 2 South square 
Baxter Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 South square 
Baxter Grace (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36 South Constitution street 
Baxter John P. draper (Baxter & Co.), 45 Cairnfleld plaoe 
Bean George, commercial traveller, 130 BroomhiU road 
Bean George, foreman, 37 Rosemount place 
Bean Wiiliam, grain merchant, 28 Cairnfield place 
Bean William, grain merchant, 47 Marischal street 
Bearsley Elizabeth C. (Miss), fancy repository, 17 Bridge street 
Beath James W. clothier, see Simpson & Whyte 
Beaton William & Son, boiler coverers, Duff street 
Beaton Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Powis place 
Beaton Helen (Miss), apartments, 173 Skene street 
Beaton James, boot & shoe maker, 70 Bon-Accord street 
Beaton James, tailor, 99 King street 
Beaton Janet (Miss), confectioner, 26 Schoolhill 
Beaton Peter, confectioner, 50 East North street 
Beattie Robert & Son, builders, Holland street 
Beattie Alexander, butcher, 76 Rosemount viaduct 
Beattie Alexander, dairy, 53 Ash vale place 

Beattie Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 26 Great Western pi 
Beattie Alexander, house agent, 12 North Silver street 
Beattie Sergt.-Inst. David, 1st Aberdeenshire Royal Engineers 

(Volunteers), 50 Hardgate; res. 120 Hammerfield avenue 
Beattie Elspet (Mrs.), dairy, 120 Skene street 
Beattie George, boot & shoe maker, 319 King street 
Beattie Helen (Mrs.), apartments, 38 Richmond street 
Beattie Isabella (Mrs.), clothes broker, 73 West North street 
Be.tttie James, news agent, 61 Queen street 
Beattie John, grocer, 2 Kin tore place 
Beattie Margaret (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, South esplanade 

east, Torry 
Beattie Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 James street 
Beattie William, builder, see Robert Beattie & Son 
Beattie William, grocer, 105 Berryden rd. & 36 Jamaica street 
Beattie William, joiner 80, & res. ^4, High street, Old Aberdeen 
Beaumont Alfred, ironmonger, 102 King street 
Beddie Jessie (Mrs.), nurse, 24 Ashvale place 
Beedie Miss, matron of the Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, 6 

Castle terrace 
Beedie William A. dispenser Aberdeen Dispensary, Barnett's 

close; res. 20 Park place 
Begg Alexander E. stationer, 78a, Hutcheon street 
Begg Elizabeth (Mrs.), dairy, 8 Constitution street 
Begg George, butcher, 116 Rosemount viaduct; T N 10X 
Begg George, photographer, 25 Powis terrace; res. 

89 Leslie terrace 
Begg James, shopkeeper, 10 Hutcheon street 
Begg James Mitchell, butcher, 62 Ess.emont aven. ; T N 659 
Begg John. Henderson, advocate & sheriff substitute of Aberdeen, 

Kincardine <& Bmff, Court House buildings 
Begg Thomas, boot maker, 13a, Broomhiil road 
Begg William, blacksmith, 15 Bon-Accord lane 
Begg William, nurseryman, see W. Smith & Son 
Begrie Alexander, oil & color man, 14 West North street 
Beighton George (Mrs.), china dealer &c 3 Regent quay 
Bell & Woodrow, solicitors, 189 Union street 
Bell Alexander, commercial traveller, 6 Great Western place 
Bell Clifford Thistleton M.B. & C.M.Aberd. physician & surgeon, 

& assistant medical electrician Royal Infirmary, 4 Albert st 
Bell Douglas, fishmonger, see Harper & Bell 
Bell James, b'acksmith, Hazlehend, Rubislaw 
Be:i James Alexander, city electrical engineer, 2 Broad street 

& Millburn street 
Bell John, cabinet maker, 29 Windmill brae 
Bell Richard, painter, SO Bon-Accord street 
Bell William, cabinet maker, 282 George street 
Bell William Edmund, solicitor (Bell & Woodrow) 
Belmont Laundry Co. Limited (J. Stewart Watt, sec; John 

George, manager), Chestnut row (T N, K 17); office, 41£ 

Union street 
Bendelow John, insurance agent, 64 Powis place 
Bennett John Carmichael B.L. advocate & notary public, 214 

Union street; T N 434 
Benson Jas. S. solicitor, & sec. Masonic Hall Trust,7 Belmont st 
Benson Wm. Henry, goods agent Caledonian Railway, Guild st 
Rent-in James, boot & shoe maker, 87 Park street 
Benton Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 454 Union street 
Benzie Alexander, janitor, 55 Charlotte street 
Benzie Isaac, draper, 129 to 151 & 154 to 164 George street; 

13 Causewayend ; 177 Rosemount place ; 48 & 50 Justice 

street; 27 & 29 Gallowgate & 73 Victoria road, Torry 
Benzie James, coal dealer, 14 &, 1G Minister lane 
Benzies Charles Flower, engraver, 15 Correction wynd; 

res. 75 Mile End avenue; T N 6Y1 
Benzies James, carling contractor. Clay hills 
Berlitz School of Languages Limited, 381 Union street 
Bernenud & Co. commission agents. 68 Market street 
Bernie Alexander, confectioner, 13 Castle street 
Berry & Mackay, opticians, 57 Marischnl street 
Berry Alexander, cab owner 34. res. 38, St. Peter street 
Berry George, traveller, 85 Ashley road 
Berry James, hair dresser, 8 St. Paul street 
Berry Jessie (Mrs.), news agent, 230 Ho'.burn street 
Berry John, fish merchant, Point law 
Berry Patrick, confectioner, 25 Carmelite street 
Berzieri Dante, confectioner, 26 Park street 
Beveridge Alexander Gordon M.A., M.B., CM., J. P. physician 

& surgeon, 57 Castle street; res. 31 King street: T N 554 
Beveridge Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 39 Victoria street 
Beveridge Peter, linen manufacturer, 39, 41 & 43 St. 

Nicholas street & 399 Union st. (T N 3811; res.19 Polmuir rd 
Beveridge Robert, house agent, 19 Union street 
Beveridge William, tobacco pipe maker, 30 Cotton street 

Beverley George, shopkeeper, 36 Jasmine terrace 
Bewick Mary F. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 213 Victoria road, Torry 
Biernerie Domenico, confectioner, 543 George street 
Bilham David G. manager Grand hotel, 10 to 13 Union terrace 
Birnie George M. grocer & spirit dealer, 50 Summerfield terrace 
Birnie James, boot maker 12, res. 24, Hartington road 
Birnie James, chemist, 361 Hoi burn street 
Birnie James, florist, Upper Midllefield, Woodside 
Birnie Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 16 Miller street 
Birnie Jeannie (Mrs.), milliner, 44 Justice street 
Birnie Wi.liam, commercial traveller, 21 Sunnybank place 
Birnie William, tailor, 85 Park street 
Birss John, butcher, see Ewen & Birss 
Birss Maggie (Miss), dress maker, 17 Northfield place 
Birss Margaret (Mrs,), refreshment rooms, 225 Rosemount pi 
Bisset John & Co. wholesale wine & scotch 
whisky merchants, blenders & dealers, ex- 
porters dc. bottlers; sole agency Tennent's 
lager beers, 37 & 39 Queen street; T N 247; 
T A ■« Scotch " 
Bisset John & William, wholesale grocers, Bridge place; T X 

254; T A " Bisset, Aberdeen " 
Bisset Peter & Son, builders, 7 Willowdale place; T N 303 
Bisset & Co. engineers, 68£ West North street 
Bisset George, clothier & hatter, 5 & 15 Union buildings 
Bisset George, ship & general smith, 12 Sugarhouse lane; res. 

14 Roslin terrace 
Bisset James G. bookseller & stationer, 85 Broad st. ; T N 184 
Bisset John, saw mills, North esplanade 
Bisset Peter B. builder, see Peter Bisset & Son 
Bisset William, grocer, see J. & W. Bisset 
Bisset William, grocer, 81 Rosemount viaduct ; T N 30Y 
Bissett Alfred, engineer, see Bissett & Co 
Bissett George, engineer, see Bissett & Co 
Bissett Helen (Miss), shopkeeper, 58 Walker road, Tony 
Bissett Thomas S. tailor, 70 St. Andrew street 
Bittiner O. & Sons, boot & shoe dealers, 3 Trinity quay 
Black & Burnett, milliners, 180 George street 
Black & Ferguson, wine & spirit merchants, 

23 Adelphi; T N 99; TA "Ancient, Aberdeen" 
Black James & Co. stock & share brokers & insurance agents, 

24 Adelphi; T N 180; T A " Black, Aberdeen " 

Black William & Co. brewers, distillers & maltsters, Devaiiha 

brewery & distillery; T N 268 
Black Agnes Marr (Miss), grocer, 104 Clifton road 
Black Alexander Sangster, draper, 397 & 550 Great Northern rd 
Black Amelia (Miss), milliner (Black & Burnett), 1 Belmont pi 
Black George B. district traffic superintendent Caledonian 

Railway Co. 23 Guild street; res. 117 Whinhill road 
Black James, news agent, 142 Rosemount place 
Black James, spirit dealer, G90 King street 
Black John, chemist, 295 Rosemount p*.ace; T N 1593 
Black John, hair dresser, 66b, College street 
Black Joihn, tea merchant, 52 Guild street 
Black Mary T. (Miss) L.L.A. teacher of french, High School 

for Girls, 19 Albyn place 
Black William, dairyman, 23 South Mount street 
Black William G.E.' baker, 46 Victoria road & 64 Walker rd.Torry 
Blackadder James, watch & clock repairer, 171 Gallowgate 
Blackball John, butcher 35, res. 38, Esslemont avenue 
Blackhall William, tailor, 59 Queen street 
Blacklaw Alexander M.A. solicitor, 12 King street; T N 537 
Blacklaw Helen (Miss), draper, 21 Menzies road 
Biacklaws Robert, news agent & tobacconist, 4 Gi'.coinston steps 
Blaikie James, master mariner, Craigen Darroch, Riverside rd. 

Blaikie John & Sons, brass founders, Littlejohn street & 218 

Union street 
Blair James, fish curer, 78 Sinclair road 
Blair James, boot maker, 490 Great Northern road 
Blair James, printer, 11 St. Nicholas street; T N 1049 
Blake James, butcher, 65 Rosemount place; T N 524 
Blake Joseph C. cabinet maker, see James Allan & Co 
Bland Arthur Preston, serg-. -major 1st Aberdeenshire Volun- 
teer Artillery, Ruby lane; res. 23 Rosemount viaduct 
Boa,g Thomas & Co. sack merchants, 81 West North street 
Board of Trade Offices (Lieut, irvin Hayward R.N.R. supt.) ; 

offices, 49 Regent quay 
Boddie William, granite worker, 37 St. Clair street & 255 & 

294 King street 
Bodie Charles A. property agent & resident sec. Colonial Mutual 

Life Assurance Society Limited, & district manager Scottish 

Plate Glass Insurance Company Limited, 216 Union street ; 

T N 192; res. Viewmount, Anderson drive 
Bolton Janet (Mrs.), midwife, 478 George street 
Boltz Miss, dress maker, 465 Union street 
Bon- Accord Acetylene Gas Co. (John Gray Chrystal, manager), 

aoetylene gas appliance & carbide of calcium manufacturers 

& lighting engineers, 285 King street; T N 1085; T A 

" Acetylene " 
Bon-Accord Agricultural Engineering Co. 

agricultural enginesrs, millwrights, wire 

workers & fencng contractors, Bon-Accord 

works, Justice Mill lane; T N 34-9; T A 

" Bcnreid, Aberdeen " 
Bon-Accord Coal Co. 240 Market street; T A "Diamonds; " 

T N 428 
Bon-Accord Cvcle Co. cycle & motor agents, 470 Union street 
Bon-Accord Cycling Club (John Caldt-r, sec), Charles place 
Bon-Accord Go'.f Club (George E. Wood, sec). Pittodrie street 
Bon-Accord Hotel & Restaurant Co. Limited, 19 Market street 
Bon-Accord Ice & Cold Storage Co. Limited (Simpson & Bower, 

sees.), 245 Union street; works, Poynernook road 
Bon-Accord Newspaper (weekly) (Henry Munro, proprietor), 

10 Crown street 
Bon-Accord Pneumatic Tool Co. (Charles 

Sangeter. proprietor), pneumatic tool 

makers, 34 St. Clair street 
Bon-Accord Property & Investment Co. (Marquis & Hall, 

managers & treasurers), 222 Union street 




Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Co. Limited (James F. Wyness, man- 
ager), slate & cement merchants, Provost Blaikie a quay ; 
T N 634 
Bon-Accord (The) Steam Fishing Co. Limited (William Ander- 
son, see.)) 164 Market street 
Bon-Accord Swimming Club (Leslie Durno, sec), South 

esplanade west, Torry 
Bonnar & Mac, fish curers, Poynernook road 
Bonnar & Son, fish curers, North esplanade 
Bonner Alexander Coutts, wholesale druggist (W. Davidson), 129 

Hamilton place 
Bonner George, jun. fish curer (Bonner & Mac), Spring cot- 
tage, South Crown street 
Bonnieman Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 65 Guestrow 
Bookbinders' & Machine Rulers' Consolidated Union (James S. 

St radian, sec), 7 Crimon place 
Bookless Brothers, fish merchants, Albert quay 
Booth & Co. ironmongers, 31 Gallowgate (T N 1149) & shoe 

heel & toe plate makers, 37 Guest row 
Booth Alexander, commercial traveller, 47 Mile End avenue 
Booth Alexander, hatter, 37 St. Nicholas street & 127 Union st 
Booth Alexander, tobacco pipe top maker, 1 Cross street 
Booth Alexander, jun. chimney sweeper, 12 Frederick street 
Booth Alexander F. pianoforte tuner, 28 Watson street 
Booth Annie C. (Miss), news agent, 39 Broad street 
Boorh Benjamin, painter, 6 Waverley place 
Booth Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 48 Rosemount place 
Booth James, chimney sweeper, 15 Crown street 
Booth Jas. Mackenzie M.A., M.D., CM. physician, 1 Carden pi 
Booth Jane (Mrs.), stationer, 43 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Booth John, refreshment rooms, 40a, Marischal street 
Booth John, shopkeeper, 47 Froghall terrace 
Booth Matthew, dairyman, 3 to 7 Whitehall road ; 7 Mid 
Stocket road; 398 G-eorge street; 33 Fountainhall road; 25 
Bedford place & 20 Menzies road, Torry (T N 1710); res. 

5 Desswood place 

Booth Rose (Mrs.), librarian, Anderson library, 356 Clifton 

road; res. 26 King street 
Booth William, chimney sweeper. 2b, Thistle street 
Bootih William, jobbing gardener, 87 Cliaremont street 
Booth William G. F. ironmonger, see Booth & Co 
Booth William P. ironmonger & tinplate worker, 60 & 62 George 

street ; T N 103 
Booth Williamson, solicitor & notary, 148 Union st. ; T N 277 
Borthwick WiKiam, dyer & cleaner, 74 & 76 Loch street & 2c, 

Thistle street 
Borzoni Giu'io, fried fish dealer, 56 Ship row 
Bothwell Geo. grain merchant & hay & straw dlr.27 Princes st 
Bothwell Isabella (Mrs.), confectioner, 23 & 25 Loch street 
Botting Richard G. manager Aberdeen Electrical Engineering Co. 

Limited; res. 18 Belgrave terrace 
Bourne John, marine artist, 113 Constitution street 
Bow George, grocer, & post oflice, 42 Clifton road; res. 24 Lily- 
bank place 
Bower & Florence, granite merchants & workers & quarrv owners, 

56 King's crescent ; T N K 31 ; T A " Bower " 
Bower & Smith, chartered accountants, 245 Union street 
Bower George Haddon M.A. advocate (Simpson & Bower), 17 

Bon-Accord crescent 
Bower Haddon Anderson, granite merchant(Bower & Florence), 

17 Bon-Accord crescent 
Bower Herbert H. chartered accountant (Bower & Smith), 

Westbourne house, Ferryhill 
Bowie William & John, dyers & cleaners, 28 Holburn street 
Bowie Andrew, tailor, 572 Great Northern road 
Bowie Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 63 Watson street 
Bowler Frederick Wm. chair ma. 18, res. 20, Whitehouse street 
Bowman & Son, carvers, gilders & printsellers, 187 Union street 

6 79 Holburn street 

Bowman W. & A. l'n L chers, 19 Justice street 

Bowman & Webster, cork manufacturers, 8 South Constitution 

street; T N 854 ; TA"l orks, Aberdeen " 
Bowman Alexander, butcher, 23 Justice street 
Bowman George, draper, 44, 435 & 437 Union street 
Bowman James Monro, plumber, 82 Great Western road 
Bowmin John, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Skene street 
Bowman Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 137 Rose- 
mount place; T N 963; res. 93 Hamilton place 
Bowman William, journalist, 37 Rosebery street 
Boyd & Murray, fish curers, South esplanade west, Torry 
Boyd Annie (Miss), matron Aberdeen Eye Institution, 142King st 
Boyd David James, commercial traveller, 43 Beaconsfie.d place 
Boyd Edward, telegraph clerk, 9 Hosefield avenue 
Boyd G-eorge, fish curer, see Boyd & Murray 
Boyes Sidney, artist, 51 St. S within street 
Boy lie Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 58 Dee street 
Brand George & Co. harness composition & blacking manufac- 
turers 12£ Marywell street , 
Brand-Geo. harness composition maker, see Geo. Brand & Co 
Brander & Cruickshank, advocates, 13 Bridge street; T N 739 
Brander Alexander James, solicitor, see Brander & Cruickshank 
Br r bner & Grant, tea merchants, Grant's 
buildings, 48 St. Nicholas street & 10 Flour 
Mill brae; T A " Brebgrrant;" T N 232 
Brebner J. & J. L. bobbin makers. 500 King street 
Brebner Isabella (Miss), draper, 51 Commerce street 
Brebner John Low, bobbin maker, see J. & J. L. Brebner 
Brechin William Malcolm, coal merchant, 164 Market street 
Bremner James & Co. (Glasgow). mantle mfrs.17 StNicholas s, 
Bremner Alexander M.A., B.Sc. head master Aberdeen United 

Free Church Training College, Charlotte street 
Bremner James, boot maker, 663 Holburn street 
Bremner James, hair dresser, 26£ St. Andrew street 
Bremner Jessie (Miss), registry office for servants, 2 Waverley pi 
Bremner John, ironmonger, 34 Skene square 
Bremner John Grant Dawson, baker, 26 St. Clement street 
Bremner William, blacksmith & cartwright, Urquhart lane 
Bremner William McArthur, hair dresser, 34 Gilcomston steps 
Breslin Jane (Mrs.), clothes broker, 47 & 58 East North street 

Brew George, boot repairer, 183 West North street 

Briggs Wm. & Sons Ltd. asphalte contractors, Justice Mill la 

Britannic Assurance. Co. Limited (Robert Craigmyle, district 

superintendent), 375 Union street 
British & Foreign Bible Society (George Dickie, agent); 

depository, 88 Union street; T N 367 
British (The) Granite & Marble Co. (Henry R. Taylor, man- 
ager), granite merchants, 1 Adelphi 
British Legal Life Assurance Co. Limited 

(Robert Galloway, district manager), 8 Crown street 
British Linen Bank (branch) (Alexander Edward, agent), 21 
Market street; West End branch (J. M. Kellas, agent), 484= 
Union street 
British Motor Body Co. Limited, motor car body builders,. 

Bannermill works"; T A " Car;" T N 572 
British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the 

Jews (Stodart J. Mitchell, sec), 24 Adelphi 
British Supply Co. drapers, 18 Loch street; T N 278 
Brockie Alex. sec. Aberdeen Preserving Co. Ltd. 48 Albury rd 
Brodie Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 105 Upper Denburn 
Brodie Alexander, shopkeeper, 57 Summer stre-et 
Brodie Charles A. property agent, 216 Union street 
Brodie James, shopkeeper, 34 Young street 

Brodie John, chimney sweeper, 4 St. Peter's place, Orchard st 
Brodie John, fish curer, Palmerston road 
Brodie John, fish merchant, Poynernook road 
Brodie Maggie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 71 Queen street 
Brotchie Frank, grocer (Gordon & Smith), 195 & 197 Union st 
Brown A. & Co. booksellers & stationers, 28 Bridge street & 

33 & 34 Market, gallery 
Brown Alexander & Sons, house carpenters & funeral 

undertakers, 42 Catherine street; T N K 52 
Brown & Forbes, cabinet makers, 54 John street 
Brown & Robb, printers, 17, 19 & 21 Commerce street; T N 748 
Brown & Sons, debt collectors, 93 Chapel street 
Brown & Thomson, cabinet makers, up- 
holsterers, house furnishers, removal con- 
tractors & appraisers, 24 2 Union street & 
13 Union wynd; T N 1204 
Brown & Watt, architects, 17 Union terrace; T N 551 
Brown William & Co. tishing tackle makers, 64 George street 
Brown Alexander, architect, see Brown & Watt 
Brown Alexander, chief clerk (gas & electricity department),. 

2 Broad street; res. 37 Mile End avenue 
Brown Alexander, house carpenter, see A. Brown & Sons 
Brown Alexander, master mariner, 20 Muunt street 
Brown Alexander, news agent, 74 Bosemount viaduct 
Brown Alexander, packing case maker, see M'Haffie & Brown 
Brown Alexander Malcolm, baker & confectioner, 293 George st 
Brown Alexander P.rie, commercial traveller, 51 Sunnyside rd 
Brown Andrew Galloway, grocer, 15 & 16 Castle street; 34fr 
George street; 101 Holburn street & 506 Great Northern rd. ; 
T N 1233 
Brown Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 22 Meuzies road, Torry 
Brown Archibald A. granite merchant & polisher, Advocate's 

road; res. 34 Elmfield avenue; T N K75 
Brown Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 90 Spital 
Brown Charles, china, glass & earthenware dlr.64 East North st 
Brown Charles, dentist, 135 King street 
Brown Christina (Mrs.), draper, 281 George street 
Brown Elizabeth (Mrs.), news agent, 99 Holburn street 
Brown George (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 33 Miller street 
Brown George (Mrs.), milliner, 81 Victoria road, Torry 
Brown George, painter & paperhanger, 610 Great Northern rd 
Brown George W. house carpenter, 251 Great 

Northern road 
Brown Helen (Miss), dress maker, 41 Victoria, street 
Brown Hugh Fraser Leslie, upholsterer, 130 George street 
Brown James, accountant, Union Bank of Scotland Limited, 53 1 

Castle street; res. 425 Great Western road 
Brown James, baker, 95 Skene street 
Brown James, fish & game dealer, 22 Hadden street & 21* 

Union street; T N 166 
Brown James, inland revenue officer, 27 King street 
Brown James, shopkeepnr, 652 Holburn street 
Brown James C. commercial traveller, 418 King street 
Brown James Muir, grocer & spirit dealer, 336 Great. 

Western road; res. 338 Great Western road 
Brown John, cabinet maker, see Brown & Forbes 
Brown John, carpenter, 17 Harriet street 
Brown John, cattle dealer, 73 Hardgate 
Brown John, coal dialer, 8!) Causewayend 
Brown John, compositor, 63 Desswood place 
Brown John, fish salesman, 20S Market street 
Brown John, pork bu'cher, 21 Palmerston road 
Brown Joseph, apartments, 10 Margaret street 
Brown M. (Mrs.), fishmonger, Commercial road 
Brown Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 5 Albert terrace 
Brown Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 559 Great Northern road 
Brown Robert, musical instrument & music seller, 349 Union? 

street; T N 903 
Brown William, butcher, 37 Chattan place 
Brown William, cabinet maker, see Brown & Thomson 
Brown William, hair dresser, 16 B'ackfriars street 
Brown William, jobbing gardener. 32 Bedford place 
,Brown William, joiner, 18 MiUbank lane 
Brown William, plumber & gasfitter, 116 Gerrard st. ; 

res. 26 Thomson street 
Brown William Burn, cashier, City buildings, Union street; 

res. 22 Desswood place 
Brown William John, commercial traveller, 7 Hosefield avenue 
Brownie WiKiam M.A. classical & science master, Grammar 

school; res. 14 Cairnfield p'ace 
Bruce, Edwards & Milne, woollen manufacturers & warehouse- 
men, 62 Bridge st. ; T N 230; T A " Brucewards, Aberdeen " 
Bruce George & Co. seed mers. 35 Market st. & 26 John street 
Bruce Georgre & Sons, cycle & motor agents, 18 Holburm 

street & 1 Alford lane 
Bruce Alexander, fish curer, South esplanade east, Torry 





Bruce Alex, herb beer ma. 38 East North st. & 215 Gallowgate 
Bruce Alexander Leslie, chemist, 9 Millburn street; res. 68 

Ferryhill road 
Bruce Alexander Stewart Rae, solicitor, see Davidson & Garden 
Bruce Annie (Miss), dress maker, 39 Mount street 
Bruce Arthur C, J.P. architect ("William Henderson & Son), 

124 Union street; res. Kingshill, King's gate 
Bruce Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 467 Holburn street 
Bruce Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 112 Holburn street 
Bruce George, bicycle dealer, see George Bruce & Sons 
Bruce George, fruiterer, Market ball 
Brace James, fish curer, 84 Sinclair road, Torry 
Bruce Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 33 George street 
Bruce John, fish merchant, Commercial road 
Bruce John, lighthouse keeper, Sinclair road, Torry 
Bruce John, shoe repairer. 384 Short loanings 
Bruce John, shopkeeper, 28 Charlotte street 
Bruce John, spirit dea'.er, 11 Commerce street 
Bruce John A. grocer & spirit dlr. 1 Beecbgrove ter. ; T N 682 
Bruce Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 70 Park street 
Bruce Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 34 Rose street 
Bruce Robert, district manager Scottish Legal Life Assurance 

Society, 40 Union terrace; res. 14 Braemar place 
Bruce Robert Walker, fishmonger, 68 Rosemount pi.; T N 753 
Bruce William, china & glass dealer, 8 Skene square 
Bruce William, preserved provision manufacturer, Links street 
Bruce William P. laundry, 33 Broomhill road 
Brunt Harry, commercial traveller, 48 Gray street 
Bryant James B. agent Midland Railway Co. 23 Hosefield aven 
Bivce H. & J. plumbers & brass founders, 40 Upperkirkerate ; 

t N 265 
Bryce Hugh, plumber, see H. & J. Bryee 

Bryce Wm, Crawford, plumber & sanitary engineer, 12 A'.byn gro 
Buchan Adam, painter, 81 Rosemount place; T N 7Y4 
Buchan Alexander, firewood dealer, 68 Loch street 
Buchan Andrew, news agent, 4ti St. Clement road 
Puchan George H. tailor, 15 Bon-Accord terrace 
Buchan James, district inspector Yorkshire Insurance Co. 231a, 

Union street 
Buchan James, firewood dealer, 1 Benny's wynd 
Buchan John, haker, 76 Green 

Buchan Mary (Miss), refreshment rooms, 336 King street 
Buchan Robert, builder, 488 Holburn street 
Buchan Robert, printer, 59a, Loch street 
Buchan William, builder, Fraser place 

Bucban William Hamilton, sculptor & modeller, 26 Union row 
Buchanan James, fishmonger, 8 Chattan place 
Buchanan John D.Sc. teacher of physical science, Gordon's 

College ; res. 56 St. Swithin street 
Buist Isabella & Mary Ann (Misses), milliners,43 e 
Bulcock Betty (Miss), masseur, 652 George street 
Bunting & McHolland, decorators, 20 Nellfield place 
Bunting James, decorator, see Bunting & McHolland 
Bunting Thomas, painter, 18 Rose street 
Burke Frederick, boot maker, 26 Gordon street 
Burley James, agent Polishers' Supply Co. 373-5 King street 
Burness James, grocer, 121 Menzies road, Torry 
Burnett Brothers, wholesale confectioners. 28 Rosemount place 
Burnett & Low, joiners, Nova place, Ann street; T N 511 
Burnett & Mutch, cabinet makers, 158a, Skene street 
Burnett & Reid. solicitors & factors, 12 Golden sq. ; T N 513 
Burnett Alexander, cabinet maker, see Burnett & Mutch 
Burnett Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 590 Great Northern road 
Burnett Alexander, news agent, 96 Summer street 
Burnett Annie (Miss), milliner, see Black & Burnett 
Burnett Catherine (Mrs.), nurse, 38 Union terrace 
Burnett George, confectioner, see Burnett Brothers 
Burnett George, shopkeeper, 14 Nellfield place 
Burnett Grace (Miss), post office, 280 George street 
Burnett Helen (Miss"), apartments, 54 Chapel street 
Burnett Helen (Mrs."), shopkeeper, 14 Jute street 
Burnett Isaac, fish curer. Point law 
Burnett Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 79 King street 
Burnett James, joiner, see Burnett & Low 
Burnett John, assistant superintendent P.O. 30 Ppital 
Burnett Mary (Miss), draper, 537 George street 
Burnett Robert, civil service school, 1 Bon-Accord street; res. 

2 Rubislaw place 
Burnett W. Kendall M.A., J.P. advocate & notary public & sec. 
to the Scottish Musical Society & sec. & treasurer Aberdeen 
Philosophical Society & University Club, 23 North Silver st 
Burnett William, butcher, 625 Holburn street 
Burns Alexander & Co. fruiterers, Market ball 
Burns Alexander, jun. fruiterer & florist, 

Market hail; res. 71 Sprinsbank terrace 
Burns Alexander John, fruiterer, florist & con- 
fectioner, Fountain fruit stores. Market hall 
Burns Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 61 West North street 
Burns Robert (Mrs.), apartments, 22 Bridge street. 
Burns Robert, fruiterer & florist, Market ball 
Burns William S. military tailor, 9 Black's bldgs. Woolmanhill 
Burr Georgina (Mrs.), spirit dealer, Sinclair road, Torry 
Burr Margaret (Mrs.), householder, 6 Schoolhill 
Burr Patrick, chemist, 36 Mid Stocket road 
Burr Robert, draper, 20 & 22 George street 
Burt Christina (Mrs.), apartments, 75 King street 
Burt Peter, granite cutter, 195a, King street 
Butchart & Rennet, advocates, 123£ Union street; T N 236 
Butchart Henry Jackson, advocate, see Butchart & Rennet 
Buthlay George F. draper, 44 Victoria road, Torry 
Buthlay Jessie (Miss), fish curer, 84 Sinclair road, Torry 
Butler Annie (Mrs.), milliner, 70 Georee street 
Butler Peter, fancy repository, 10 Market gallery 
• Buyers Charles Shepherd, solicitor, 216 Union street 
Buyers James, apartment's, 124 Rosemount place 
"Buyers Peter (Mrs.), ship chandler, tinsmith &c 55, 56, 61 & 63 

Regent quay . 

Buyers William, master mariner, 29 Gladstone place 
Byres Lizzie Moir (Miss), apartments, 26 Beecbgrove terrace 
"Byres Stephen, wholesale fruiterer, 18 Castle street 

Byres William John M.I)., CM., M.A. physician & surgron, 38 

Fonthill road 
Cabel Henry, coal merchant. South esplanade west, Torry 
Cable Alexander, insurance agent, 32 Erskine street 
Cable James, coal dealer, 2 Skene square 

Cable Margaret (Mrs.), news agent & stationer, 35 Justice st 
Cable William, commercial traveller, 90 Bedford place 
Cabrelli Andrea, shopkeeper, 76 Regent quay 
Cadenhead William, wine & spirit merchant & 
agent for T. & J. Bernard Limited, brewers 
(Edinburgh), 47 Netherk rkgrate; T N 878 
Caie Daniel & Sons, fish merchants, Commercial road 
Caie Annie (Miss), grocer, 112 Abbey road, Torry 
Caie James, fish merchant, Commercial road 
Caie John, granite worker, see John Wood & Co 
Caird George, butcher, 82 King street 
Caird James, butcher, 14 St. Clement street 
Caird William, butcher, 4 Ash vale place 
Cairns John Brydc-n, manager The Aberdeen Hide, Skin & Tallow 

Market Co. Limited, 42 Wales street 
Caithness Alexander, book agent, 24 Holland street 
Cakebread Frederick William, second class examining officer H.M. 

Customs, 35 Regent quay 
Calder David, wire worker, 85 Loch street 
Calder George, shoeing smith, see Reid & Calder 
Calder James Keith Duncan, watch maker, 1 Market gallery 
Calder John, toy dealer 38 to 40, & watch maker 46 to 48, 

Market gallery 
Calder Magdalene (Mrs.), apartments, 5 Rosemount viaduct 
Calder Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 22 Beecbgrove terrace 
Calder Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker & milliner, 44 King street 
Calder Robert, boot repairer, 11a, Crooked lane 
Calder Robert, cinematograph proprietor, 57 Ro=e street 
Calder William, gun & fishing tackle maker, 24 Guild street 
Caledonia Motive Power Supply Co. Limited (K. M. Simpson, 

sec), 245 Union street 
Caledonian Golf Club (Thomas Dorian, sec), 123 Urquhart road 
Caledonian Insurance Co. (branch) (Erskine M. Aird, resident 

sec), 132 Union street. See advertisement 
Caledonian Motor Car Co. Limited, 10, 12 &. 14 Bon-Ancord st. ; 

T N 321 
Caledonian Order of United Oddfellows Friendly Society (James 

Clark, sec), 17 St. Nicholas street 
Caledonian Railway Co.'s District Offices (George B. Black, 
district traffic superintendent ; William H. Benson, goods 
agent ; Wordie & Co. carting agents), Goods station, 23 
Guild street 
Caledonian Reversionary Association Lim ; ted, 7 Golden square 
Caledonian (No. 77) & St. Paul's (No. 78) Friendly & Deposit 

Societies (J. L. Duncan, sec), 8 St. Andrew street 
Caledonian Steam Trawling Co. Limited, 194 Market street 
Callaghan J. & B. saw makers. 12 Carnie.ite lane 
Callaghan John W. saw maker, see J. & R. Callaghan 
Callander William Millar, collector & surveyor H.M. Customs, 

35 Regent quay 
Cameron J. A- W. drapers, 41 to 45 Broad street 
Cameron & Watt, architects & surveyors, 381 Union street 
Cameron Alexander Charles, tailor, 8 Sinclair road, Torry 
Cameron Alexander Finlay, grocer, !l Elm place 
Cameron Annie (Mrs.), draper, 275 Eoseinount place 
Cameron David Milne, licensed valuator, 25 Hollybank place 
Cameron Donald Stewart, grocer & spirit dlr. 36 Spring gardei. 
Cameron Duncan, dairyman, 320 Great Northern road 
Cameron Duncan, shipmaster, 102 Crown street 
Cameron Elizabeth (Mrs.), registry office for servants, 103 

George street 
Cameron Elsie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Hill street 
Cameron George, spirit dealer, 42 Virginia street 
Cameron James, coal dealer, 68 Guest row 
Cameron James, draper, see J. & W. Cameron 
Cameron James, fruiterer, 133 Crown street 
Cameron James, shopkeeper, 606 Holburn street 
Cameron John, architect, see Cameron & Watt 
Cameron John, grocer, 18 Prince Regent street 
Cameron John A. S. solicitor, 26 King street 
Cameron John Andrew, spirit dealer, 6 Little Belmont street 
Cameron John F. commission agent, Imperial place 
Cameron Kenneth, sanitary inspector, 41£ Union street 
Cameron William, clothier, 17 St. Nicholas street 
Cameron William, confectioner, 586 & 588 Great Northern road 
Cameron William, draper, see J. & W. Cameron 
Cameron William A. solicitor & notary public (firm, Srorg : e & 

Cameron), 25 Union street 
Campbell Alex. K. & Co. coach bldrs.Gt.Western rd.Mannofield 
Campbell (C.) & Cay, jobmasters, 9 to 15 Diamond street ; T V 

" Prompt;" T N 135 
Campbell J. & W. & Co. (Glasgow), warehousemen (Robert Wat- 
son, representative), 32 Netherkirkgate 
Campbell P. & P. dyers. The Perth dye works. 150 Union street 
Campbell & Co. India rubber & waterproof goods manufacturers, 

18 Bridge street; T N 157 ; T A " Rubber. Aberdeen " 
Campbell Alexander, cab proprietor, 16 Bedford road 
Campbell Archibald, plumber, 499 George street; T N K83 
Campbell Charles, jobmaster, see C. Campbell & Cay 
Campbell Donald, jobbing gardener, 2 Orchard walk 
Campbell Grace (Miss), Queen's nurse, 401 Clifton road 
Campbell Helen (Mrs.), boot maker, 133 Sinclair road, Torry 
Campbell Hugh Fraser M.A., B.L. advocate, 22 Bridge street 
Campbell Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 124 Leslie terrace 
Campbell James, dogger, 29 Mealmarket street 
Campbell James, french polisher, see Forsyth & Campbell 
Campbell Jane (Mrs.), nurse, 180 Great Western 
Campbell John, plumber & gasfitter, 13£ Dee street 
Campbell John M. automatic machine proprietor, 13 to 15 

Market gallery 
Campbell Kate (Mrs.), apartments, 3 Thistle place 
Campbell Kenneth, fruiterer, 39 Skene square 
Campbell Samuel, tinsmith, 58 Leadside road 
Campbell Thomas A. blacksmith, 30 Pittodrie lane 
Campbell William, baker, 422 Great Northern road 




Campbell William, fancy repository, & picture frame maker, 137 

Kmg street 
Campbell William, grocer & spirit dealer,26 Claremont st 
Campbell William, hair dresser, 326 King street 
Campbells Limited (by Royal warrant to H.M. 

The King), post & job horse masters, omni- 
bus, carriage & cab proprietors & livery 

stable keepers, 13 Bon-Accord street (T N 

115); 271 Un on street & 631 George street 
Canada Life Assurance Co. (John Cheyne, district manager), 

41£ Union street 
Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co. (L. McKinnon, jun. & 

Son, agents), 23 Market street 
Carcono Vincenzo, confectioner, 36b, Skene square 
Cardno Alexander, second-class examining officer H.M. Customs, 

35 Eegent quay 
Cardno Andrew, hair dresser, 442 George street 
Cardno Robert C. chemist, 546 Great Northern road 
Carle Alex, baker & confr. 9, 11 & 13 Waver ley pi.; T N 16SS 
Cane James, solicitor & notary public (Wluncup, Carle & Duth.e), 

343 Union street 
Carmichael George, agent West End branch North of Scotland 

Bank Limited, 228 Union street 
Carnegie Alexander, confectioner, 42 Leadside road 
Carnegie Charles, china dealer, 4 St. Clement street 
Carnie Maggie (Miss), dairy, 31 Thistle street 
Carr Henry, restaurant, 120 Union street (T N 02954) & spirit 

dealer, 1 & 3 Back wynd 
Carr James, working jeweller, 7 Little Belmont street 
Carriden Coal Co. coal merchants, 37 Guild street 
Carter, Paterson & Co. Ltd. carriers, 2 Gaelic lane; T N 1037 
Cartney James, dairyman, 1 Wallfield crescent 
Cart wright Tom Leeson, commission agent, 9 St. Nicholas lane 
Cash & Co. boot makers, 25 Broad street 
Cassidy Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 449 George street 
Cassie George, blacksmith, 598 & 600 King street 
Cassie George S. boot maker, 23 Skene square 
Cassie Hugh, blacksmith, 3 St. Clair street 
Cassie Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 8 Devonshire road 
Cassie John, apartments, 110 George street 
Cassie John, boot maker, 19 Causewayend & 179 Gallowgate 
Cassie John, dairy, 97 Bon-Accord street 
Cassie William, coal dealer, 18 North Constitution street 
Castell William, G.P.O. surveyor Northern District of Scotland, 

Post office, Crown street 
Castle Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress make^, 28 South Mount street 
Cattanach Donald, joiner, 6 Albyn lane 
Cafctanacli James, shoe maker, 52 Walker road, To fry 
Catto James Limited, scotch whisky distillers, 21 Adelphi ; 

T N 547 
Catto Alexander, cabinet maker, 25 Eose street 
Catto Alexander, joiner & ironmonger, 48-6 Great Northern rd. ; 

T N 1003 Woodside 
Catto George M- butcher, 70a, Queen street 
Catto James, distiller, see James Catto Limited 
Catto James, insurance agent, 2 Don street, Woodside 
Catto James Alex, commercial traveller, 146 Broomhill road 
Catto Jane (Mrs.), grocer, 714 Great Northern road 
Catto Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 411 Great Northern road 
Catto Robert K. T. distiller, see James Catto Limited 
Catto Thomas, cattle dealer, 53 Sunnybank place 
Caufield Wm. basket maker & toy dealer,28 to 32 Market gallery 
Cavanah Henry Clegg, chartered accountant, 177 Union street 
Cay William & Sons, funeral undertakers, 415 Union street 

(T N 92) & 209 & 211 George street; T N 54 
Cay Alexander, undertaker, see William Cay & Sons & C. 

Campbell & Cay 
Cay George, grocer & spirit dealer, 120 Crown st. & 14 Miller st 
Center George, private tutor, 494 Union street 
Center William, cabinet maker, 79 Spring garden 
Central Auction Mart Co. cattle salesmen & 

auctioneers, Central mart, Powis terrace, 

Kitty brewster; T N K6; T A "Central" 
Centra! Hull (David Reid, proprietor), 12 Upperkirkgate 
Central Nursing Home (Miss Katie Leslie Scott, principal). 

15 Carden place; T N 1918 
Century Insurance Co. Limited (William C. Hendry, res. sec); 

154 Union street; T N 818 
Chadwick E. & Co. warehousemen, Guild Street buildings 
Chalnurs C. & P. H. advocates & notaries public, 18 Golden 

square ; T N 109 
Chalmers James & Co. fire clay goods merchants, 5 Gilcomston 

park ; T N 1032 
Chalmers & Meldrum (Misses), dress makers, 2b, Thistle street 
Chalmers Alexander Chrystal, milliner, 47 Upperk'rkgate 
Chalmers D. M. A., M.A. advocate &. notary (firm, C. & P. H. 

Chalmers) & clerk & treasurer to Ythan district fishery 

board, 18 Golden square 
Chalmers Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 127 Skene street 
Chalmers Francis Christie, mineral water maker & ale bottler, 

25 & 27 Harriet street; T N 6Y3 
Chalmers James, fire clay goods mer. see Jas. Chalmers & Co 
Chalmers James, granite worker, 558 King street 
Chalmers Maggie Ann (Miss), milliner, 331 George street 
Chalmers Marshall Keith, commercial traveller, 49 Duthie ter 
Chalmers Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Causewayend 
Chalmers Robert M.B., Ch.B. resident medical officer EoyaJ* 

infirmary, Woolmanhill 
Chambers-Hunter William Jopp J.P. wine merchant (of W. & 

K. Jopp"), Tillery house, Udney station 
Chapman Barbara (Miss), apartments, 41 Dee street 
Chapman George, apartments, 4 Eosemount ho. 30 Eosemount pi 
Chapman John, saw maker, Bath street 
Charles Alexander, boot repairer, 365 King street 
Charles Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 98 Spital 
Charles William, baker, 76 Skene square 

Cheetham Alexander S. painter & decorator, 45 Justice street 
Cheyne Alexander, builder, 87 Holburn street 
Cheyne Alexander, shopkeeper, 104 John street 

Cheyne Alexander George, monumental sculptor, 87 

Holburn street 
Cheyne David, draper, 207 Eosemount place 
Cheyne Eddie (Mrs.), fancy goods dlr. 53 & 54 Market gallery 
Cheyne George, dairyman, 1 Leadside road 
Cheyne James, dairyman, 126 Crown street 
Cheyne Joanna (Miss), grocer, 166 Broomhill road 
Cheyne John, district manager Canada Life Assurance Co. 41J. 

Union street 
Cheyne Walter Smith M.D., CM. physician & surgeon, 33 

Queen street & 1 Bon-Accord square; T N 91 
Cheyne William, draper, 96 Eosemount viaduct 
Chili (Republic of) Vice-Consulate (William Leslie, vice-consul),. 

59 Marischal street 
Chilles James, tailor, 17 St. Nicholas street 
Chilton Matthew, greengrocer, 86 Victoria road, Torry 
Chisho'm Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 29 Summerfield terrace 
Chisholm John, hair dresser, 22 Park street 
Chisholm William, tailor, 50 Rosemount viaduct 
Chivas Brothers, grocers & wine & spirit merchants, IS 

King street (T N 119) & 459 Union street; T N 1677 
Chree Charles, chemist, 156 Union grove 
Chree Robert, wood turner, 159 West North street 
Christian Literature Society for India (Col. J. Allardyce, hon. 

treasurer), 3 Queen's terrace 
Christie Andrew & Co. fish curers & wholesale fresh 

fish merchants, Albert quay; T A "National, Aberdeen" 
Christie Charles & Co. coal merchants, 41 Guild street; T N 

244; T A " Carbon, Aberdeen " 
Christie & Gregor, tailors, 43 Union terrace 
Christie, Greig & Co. granite workers & polishers, Trinity granite 

works, Park road 
Christie Joseph & Sons, fish curers, Clyde street, Point law 
Christie Alexander, hair dresser, 49 Lodge walk 
Christie Alexander, shipmaster, 55 Aberge'.die road 
Christie Alexander S. wholesale grocer, see Smith & Christie 
Christie David, tailor, see Christie & Gregor 
Christie David, tripe dresser, 16 Eraser place 
Christie Elisabeth (Miss), teacher of singing, 19 Hamilton place 
Christie Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 20 Craigie street 
Christie George, fish curer, Point law 
Christie James, draper, 123£ Crown street 
Christie James M. printer, 14 Carmelite lane 
Christie John, auctioneer, 29 Union street 
Christie John, boot repairer, 39 Richmond street 
Christie John Farquhar M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon, 7 Alfred' 
place & lecturer on diseases of the skin, Royal infirmary,. 
Christie John Murison, tailor, 38 Belmont street 
Christie Joseph, fried fish dealer, 21 Spa street 
Christie K. (Miss), teacher of music, 11 Millburn street 
Christie Maggie (Mrs.), dairy, 77 King street 
Christie Mary (Miss), dress maker, 57 Baker street 
Christie Peter, hair dresser, 10 Menzies road, Torry 
Christie Robert, fish curer & merchant, 187 Albert quay 
Christie William M.B., CM. surgeon, 219 Great Northern road 
Chrystal John Gray, manager Bon-Accord Acetylene Gas Co.; 

res. 27 Grosvenor place 
Chrystal] Barbara (Miss), dress maker. 33 Park street 
Chrystall David M.branch agent Town & County Bank Limited, 

182 Market street 
Chrystie John, artificial teeth maker, 25a, Rose street 
Church of Scotland Training College & Practising School (Pro- 
fessor Henry Cowan D.D. convener; George A. Simpson, 9 
Golden square, sec; for managers see p. 19; Training Col- 
lege for Male & Female Teachers (Joseph Ogilvie M.A., LL.D. 
rector; for lecturers & teachers see p. 19), Practising School 
(Duncau Mackenzie M.A. head master; Alexander Benzie, 55 
Charlotte street, janitor), 261 to 267 George street 
City of Aberdeen Land Association Limited (Edmonds & Leding- 
ham, sees.), 1 Golden square; (Walker & Duncan, surveyors), 
3 Golden square 
City Chamberlain's Office (Alexander M. Munro, city chamber- 
lain), City buildings, Union street; T N 1297 
City Clothing Co. tailors & clothiers, 10 & 12 Broad street 
City Cycle Co. cycle dealers, 23 Carmelite street 
City Property Association of Aberdeen Limited (Edmonds & 

Ledingham, sees.), 1 Golden square 
City Surveyor's Office (William Dvack M.Inst.C.E. city surveyor), 

City buildings, Union street; T N 345 
City Tax Office (Alexander M. Munro, collector; Eobert 

Williams, cashier), 2 Broad street; T N 1064 
Clapperton Thos. N. restaurant, 46 Market st. & 107 Union st 
Clarion Club (Charles A. Williamson, sec), 4 Queen street 
Clark Brothers, millers, grain merchants & hay & straw dealers, 

Palmerston road 
Clark & Donaldson, joiners & builders, 23 Princes street 
Clark William & Sons, blacksmiths, 31 Claremont street 
Clark & Co. funeral furnishers & undertakers, 14 St. 

Paul street; T N 90 
Clark Alexander, butcher, 4 Mounthooly 
Clark Alexander, clothier, 8 Holburn street 
Clark Alexander, clothier, 20 & 22 King street 
Clark Alexander, funeral furnisher, see Clark & Co 
Clark Alexander, solicitor, & clerk to the Aberdeen district 
committee of the county council, clerk to Aberdeen Ship- 
master Society, 183a, Union street 
Clark Andrew, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 36 Marywell street 
Clark Annie (Mrs.), draper, 74 Causewayend 
Clark Barbara (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 134 Hutcheon street 
Clark Charles, confectioner, 27 Park street 
Clark Ellen (Mrs.), confectioner, 330 King street 
Clark George, carpenter, see Roger & Clark 
Clark George, grocer, 41 Green 

Clark George, solicitor (firm, Forsyth & Clark), 13 Belmont st 
Clark Geo. solicitor (Toungson & Bain, advocates), 375 Unions^ 
Clark George William, tailor. 23 Great Western road 
Clark Graham, importer of Shetland ponies, 36 Maberly street 
Clark Helen (Miss), dress maker, 27 St. Andrew street 
Clark Isabella (Miss), shopkeeper, 116 Causewayend 





C'ark Jimp?, carting' contractor, Palmerston road: T N 586 

Clark James, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Craig place, Torry 

Clark James, sec. Caledon'an Order of United Oddfellows 

Friendly Society, 17 St. Nicholas street 
Clark James, slater, 115 High street 
Clark James G. commercial traveller, 222 Westburn. road 
Clark Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 60 Skene square 
Clark John, janitor of Broomhill Board Schools, Gray street 
Clark John, miller, see Clark Brothers 
Clark John, saw maker, 10 Hardgate 
Clark John, tailor, 214 George street 
Clark John Low M.A. solicitor, 26 King street 
Clark John T. coach builder, 46 Rose street; T N 293 
Clark Mary (Mrs.), poultry dealer, 35 Market hall 
Clark Patrick William Leslie, solicitor, 123£ Union street 
Clark Richard, shopkeeper, 4 Spring garden 
* Clark Richard C. engraver, 5 Little Belmont street 
Clark Robert, painter, 17 Don street. Old Aberdeen 
Clark W;iliam, builder, see Clark & Donaldson 
Clark William Gillan, watch maker, 402 George street 
Clark William Henry M.D., CM. physician & surgn.323 Clifton id 
Clark Wm. W. grocer & spirit dlr. 16 & 17 High st.Old Aberdeeu 
Clarke Adam Campbell, artificial teeth maker, 25 George street 
Clarke John M.A. lecturer on education, University, & clerk 

to Aberdeenshire County Committee on Secondary Education, 

7 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Clayton Kenrv, coal dealer, 1 Spring garden 
Cluny Estate "Offices (Ranald Roderick Macdonald J.P. factor), 

16 Union ter. (T A ' Clansman;" T N 643) & Cluny castle 
Clydesdale Bank Limited (Alfred J. Wood, agent), 24 Union 

terrace : draw on London office, 30 Lombard street E C 
Clyne, Mitchell & Co. Limited, engineers &c. Commercial 

road; T N 438 
Clyne William & Sons, engineers' factors &c. 30 Commercial 

road; T N 205 
Clyne Alfred E. grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Gallowgate 
Clyne Arthur F.R.I.B.A. architect, 123£ Union st. ; T N 911 
Clyne James, engineer, see Clyne, Mitchell & Co. Limited 
Coats Thomas Archibald, solicitor, 5 Union ter. ; T N 1014 
Cobb Isaac, chimney sweeper, 60 Claremont street 
Cobban George Watson, assistant inspector of agencies, G. N. 

of Scotland Railway, 72 Dee street 
Cochar James, spirit dealer, 180a, Gallowgate 
Cochran & Macpherson, advocates & notaries public, 152 Union st 
Cochran Francis James M.A. advocate (firm, Cochran & Mac- 
pherson), 152 Union street 
Cochrane Thomas J.P. cashier & manager Town & County Bank 

Limited, 62 Union street 

Cocker James & Sons, rose growers, nursery- 
men, seedsmen & florists, 130 Union street ; T N 

843; T A "Cocker, Nurserymen, Aberdeen;" & Sunnypark 
nursery, Elmbank terrace; Morningfield nursery, Rubislaw 
Den north & Springhill nurseries 

Cocker & McKay, monumental sculptors, Back Hilton road 

Cocker Alexander M. nurseryman, see J. Cocker & Sons 

Cocker Hugh, monumental sculptor, see Cocker & McKay 

Cocker William, nurseryman, see J. Cocker & Sons 

Coghill Alexander, house agent, 14 St. Andrew street 

Collie Andrew & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 265 Union street; 

T N 154 
Collie James & George, advocates & accountants, 25 Union 

street ; T N 125 
Collie David, shopkeeper, 319 Great Northern road 
Collie George Duncan, advocate (firm, James & George Collie). 

25 Union street 
Collie Jas. advocate (firm, James & George Collie), 25 Union st 
Collie Jamps Younger, advocate (firm, James & George Collie), 

25 Union street 
Collie Jane (Mrs.), dining rooms, 13 Craig place 
Collie Mary Ann (Miss), milliner, 17 Summer street 
Collie Robert, accouutant (firm, James & George Collie), 25 

Union street 
Collie William Lee, private estate office, 22 Ship row 
Collingwood Arthur F.R.C.O. professor of music, 2a, Albyn pi 
Collins Decima (Miss), bookseller & news agent, 33 Huutly st 
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited (Charles A. 

Bodie, res. sec), 216 Union street 
Combe James (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 58 Bridge street 
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (John Rae J.P. 

agent), 78 Union street; draw on London office, 62 Lom- 
bard street E C 
Commercial Union Assurance Co. Limited (James Milne, agent), 

160 Union street 
Congested Districts Board Training Home (Miss Gow, supt.), 

468 King street 
Conner Jane & Margaret (Misses), fancy goods dealers, 49 to 52 

Market, gallery 
Conner James, clerk of the peace for Aberdeenshire & sheriff 

clerk depute, ordinary, civil & criminal department, County 

Conner John, tobacconist & cycle dealer, 73 King street 
Connon Richard, Reid & Co. ship & insurance brokers & coal 

merchants, 82 Market street; T N 108 
Connon Alexander, shipmaster, 456 King street 
Connon Andrew, cooper, 13 Virginia street 
Connon Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 8 Albert terrace 
Connon Ferguson A. hair dresser, 4a, South Mount street 
Connon Francis (Mrs.), nurse, 114 Westburn road 
Connon Frederick Louis, tobacconist, 32 Holburn street 
Connon James A. engraver, 37 Back wynd 
Connon Jessie (Mrs.), nurse, 65 Rose street 
Connon John, hair dresser, 11 Summer street 
Connon John, plumber, 27 Victoria road, Tony 
Connon Mary Jane (Miss), fancy repository, 44 Albert street 
Connon Tom, outfitter, 35 George street 
Connon William, ship carpenter & Joiner, Albert quay 
Connon William, solicitor (firm, whyte & Connon, advocates), 

27 Crown street 
Connor Maggie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 41 Spital 

Convalescent Hospital (Pitfodels) (William Sinclair M.B.. CM. 

supt.; A. Scott Finnie F.S-A.A. clerk & treasurer); offices-, 

343 Union street 
Convent (The) of the Sacred Heart (Madame Gwendoline Wal- 

pole, lady superior), 3 Queen's cross 
Conway Margaret (Mrs.), news agent, 104 Rosemount viaduct 
Conwav Samuel Farquhar, furniture dealer, 142 George street; 

T N 16X1 
Cook John & Son, ship & insurance brokers, ship owners & 

emigration agents, 62 Marischal street ; T N 147; T A 

" Cook, Aberdeen " 
Cook Alexander, jun. tea & wine merchant & cork 

manufacturer, 2 & 4 Upperkirkgate; T A "Sandy Cook;'' 

T N 3 97 J res. 10 Moray place 
Cook Charles, shopkeeper, 14 Queen street 
Cook Charles M. harness composition & blacking manufacturer, 

115 Loeh street 
Cook George M., J.P. ship owner & consul for Norway & 

vice-consul for Portugal (John Cook & Son), 62 Marischal st 
Cook James, merchant & vice-consul for Denmark, see John 

Cook & Son 
Cook Robert Coates, master mariner, 43 Snnnyside road 
Cook William (Mrs.)i spirit dealer, 44 Regent quay 
Cooper Patrick & Son, advocates & notaries pub ic, 259 Union st 
Cooper Thomas & Co. (Edinburgh), warehousemen, 17 St. 

Nicholas street 
Cooper & Co. grocers & tea & provision dealers, 11, 13 & 15 

George street; T N 881 
Cooper Alexander, grocer, Rubislaw 
Cooper Barbara (Mrs.), apartments, 32 Union terrace 
Cooper Bella (Miss), nurse, 106 Clifton road 
Cooper Charles, refreshment room, Wellington road 
Cooper George, dispenser, Royal infirmary, Woolnianhill 
Cooper George, grocer, 74 Menzies road, Torry 
Cooper James, joiner & contractor, 12 Merkland road east 
Cooper Jessie (Mrs.), apartments, 10 Sunnybank place 
Cooper John, cabinet maker, 40 Upperkirkgate 
Cooper John, ironmonger, 206 Market street 
Cooper Mary (Miss), teacher of music, 46 Irvine place 
Cooper Patrick M.A. advocate & notary public, & sec. & treasurer 

for Morningfield Hospital (PatrickCooper & Son), 259 Union st 
Cooper Peter, hair dresser, 53 Marischal street 
Cooper Spinks (Mrs.), fishmonger, Market basement 
Cooper William, carpenter, 10a, Catherine street 
Cooper William, joiner, 13 Queen street, Woodside 
Cooper William M. clerk, treasurer & factor Aberdeen Educa- 
tional Trust, 352 King street 
Cophmd William C. & Co. slaters, 63 Hutcheon street 
Copland & Co. brush makers, 2 North St. Andrew st. ; T N 317 
Copland David, grocer, 34 Park street 
Copland Edward, painter, paperhanger, decorator, glazier 

& glass stainer, 85 Rosemount viaduct & 5 Gilcomston brae; 

T N 89 6; res. 38 Grosvenor place 
Copland Elsie (Miss), apartments, 44a, Castle street 
Copland George, joiner, 3 Whitehouse street 
Copland James G-, M.B., Ch.B. resident medical officer Royal 

infirmary, Woolmanhill 
Copland John, shopkeeper, 116^ Chapel street 
Copland John, slater, 57 Schoolhill 
Copland William Alexander, tailor, 27 Loch street 
Corbet William, refreshment rooms, 5 Don street, Old Aberdeen 
Cordiner James & Son, boat builders, South esplanade east.Torry 
Cordiner Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 68 West North st 
Cormack Benjamin, undertaker, 219 Gallowgate 
Cormack David, fish curer, 30 Point law 
Cormack George (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 40 Abbey road, Torry 
Cormack Isabella (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 571 & 573 Gt. Northern rd 
Cormack William, blacksmith, Froghall road 
Cornwall George & Sons, color printers & litho- 
graphers, engravers, bookbinders,paper rulers 

& genera! commercial stationers, 4-2 to 45 

Castle street; T N 220; T A "Cornwall, Aberdeen" 
Cornwall George A. printer, see George Cornwall & Sons 
Cornwall Joseph S. printer, see George Cornwall & Sons 
Corporation Electricity Works (James A. Bell, city electrical 

engineer), 2 Broad street; works, Millburn street 
Corporation Gas Works (Samuel Milne, engineer), Cotton street 
Cosgrove James, granite worker, Pittodrie street 
Costantini Carlo, fried fish dealer, 63 Commerce street 
Cotton James, photographer, 78 Woolmanhill 
Coull Alexander, commercial traveller, 35 Abergeldie terrace 
Coulter Robert, dairyman, 71 & 73 Leadside road (T N 354) & 

196 Rosemount place 
County Buildings (William Murchison, county clerk & treasurer), 

Castle street 
Courage David, spirit dealer, 7 & 9 Marischal street 
Court House, County buildings, Castle street 
Coutts William & Son, slaters, 18£ Chattan place; res. 

45 Hnlburn road 
Coutts William & Sons, painters &c. 216b, Union Btreet 
Coutts & Tounie, granite workers, Pittodrie street 
Coutts Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 140 Holburn street 
Coutts Alex, commercial traveller, 187 Great Northern road- 
Coutts Alexander, watch maker, 46 Holburn street 
Coutts Charles, chemist 3c dmagist, 26 Broad street 
Coutts George, architect, 22 John street ; T N 296 
Coutts George D. grocer, 53 Victoria road, Torry 
Coutts Helen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Wallfield crescent 
Coutts James A. C. manager " Aberdeen Daily Journal," 18, 20 

& 22 Broad street 
Coutts James Henry, grocer, 34 Queen's road 
Coutts John, painter, see W. Coutts & Sons 
Coutts John, wholesale grocer, 21 & 23 Craigie street; T N 659 
Coutts Mary (Miss), dress maker, 85 Leslie terrace 
Coutts Sophia (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 246 Holburn street 
Coutts Thomas Philip, watch maker, 37 Bridge street 
Coutts William, aerated water manufacturer, 60 & 84 Queen 

street ; T N 705 
Coutts William, granite worker, see Coutts & Tounie 
Coutts William, slater, see William Coutts & Son 




Coutts William A. painter, see W. Coutts & Sons 

•Cowan & Son, tailors, 1 Rose street 

Cowe John, commercial traveller, 45 Union grove 

Oowi^l Thos. Oliver, confectioner & news agent, 32 Albyn gro 

Cnwie Agnes (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 39 Castle street 

Cowie Alexander, dining rooms, 22 to 24 Exchange street & 

21 Stirling street 
Cowie Elizabeth (Mrs.), furniture broker, 11 East North street 
Cowie Fred, confectioner, 28 Woolmanhill 
' owie George, hair dresser, 4 Belmont street 
Cnwie Helen (Miss), laundress, 74 Gerrard street 
Cowie James, carter, Duff street 
Cowie James, granite worker, see Duncan & Cowie 
Cowie James plumber, 132 Causewayend 

Cowie James Alexander, master mariner, 29 Belgrave terrace 
Cowie William (Mrs.), house agent, 9 Ashgrove road 
Cox Thomas, grocer & beer retailer, 33 Upperkirkgate 
Craib James, dairy, 65 Frederick street 
Craib Jane (Miss), oatcake maker, 13 Catherine street 
•Craig Thomas & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 23, 25 & 29 John 

street; T N 613; T A " Tobacco, Aberdeen " 
Craig Agnes (Miss), apartments, 154 Crown street 
Craig Alexander, fish curer, Poynernook road 
Craig Alexander, fishmonger, 79" Lead side road 
Craig Alexander, saddler, 53 & 55 Schoolhill & Shetland pony 

dealer, Garden-Mook close, Upper Denburn 
Craig Alexander Moir, stationer & news agent, 210 George 

street ; T N 34Y2 
Craig Andrew, jun. chemist, 210 Gallowgate ; T N K10 
Craig Andrew, fish merchant, Raik road 
Craig George, fish curer, South esplanade west, Torry 
Craig Helen (Miss), milliner, Castle hill 
Craig James, blacksmith, Fraser place 
Craig James, grocer, 21 Bon-Accord terrace 
Craig James, Station hotel, 76 Guild street 
Craig Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1U4 Causewayend 
Craig John, solicitor, 154 Union street; T N 1121 
Craig John M.A. teacher of mathematics & bookkeeping, 

Gordon's college, Schoolhill 
Craig Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 127 Union grove 
Craig Patricia (Mrs.), grocer, 48 Urquharb road 
Craig Robert L. fishmonger, 29 Skene square 
Craig Thomas, music publisher, 365 & 369 George street 
Craig William A. teacher of music, 63 Mile End avenue 
Craig William Gordon, boot maker, 191 George street; 69 John 

street & 208 Holburn street 
Craigen Alexander, builder, see Stalker & Craigen 
Craigen George, confectioner & tobacconist, 10 to 14 Guild street 
■Craigen James Brown, wholesale confectioner, 23 Hol- 
burn street & 23 George street; res. 8 Crown street 
Craigen John, solicitor, 193 Union street; T N 488 
Craigen Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Chapel street 
Craighead & Co. grcrs.& spirit dlrs. 29 Fountainhall rd. ;T N 1628 
Craighead Elsie (Mrs.), grocer, sec Craighead & Co 
Craigmyle John, tobacconist, 1 Trinity buildings 
Craigmyle Minnie (Miss), tobacconist, 42 Market street & 73 

Regent quay 
Craigmyle Robert, district superintendent Britannic Assurance 

Co. Limited, 171 Crown street 
Craigmyle William, coal dealer, 25 Guest row 
Crau Peter & Son, wholesale grocers, 106 Green; T N 671 
Cran George, inspector of weights & measures for West Division 

of Aberdeenshire, Lodge walk 
C'nn Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 21 Grosvenor place 
Cran Jenny (Miss), matron Aberdeen Home for Widowers' 

Children, Primrose bill, Sunnybank road 
Cran John T. chemist, & post office, 68 Victoria road, Torry 
Cran Newell Burnett, chemist, & post office, 28 Esslemont 

avenue (T N 550) & 80 Great Northern road ; T N K71 
Cran Robert, boot maker, 50 St. Nicholas street & 62 Victoria 

mad, Torry 
Cran Robert, boot repairer, 13 Jasmine terrace 
Cran Robert George, boot maker, see Glennie & Cran 
Cran William, who'esale grocer, see Peter Cran & Son 
Cran William S. hank manager Union Bank of Scotland (Hol- 
burn branch), 15 Ho'burn street 
Crawford James Frederick, hair dresser, 67 Netherkirkgate 
Creagh Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63 Nelson street 
Crichton Jane & Rachel (Misses), shopkeepers, 2 St. Andrew st 
Crichton William John, sculptor, Regent walk 
Crichton William S*. plumber, 556 Great Northern road 
Crockart Hannah (Mrs.), news agent, 16 Jack's brae 
Croll William F., M.A., M.B., Ch.B. surgeon, 41 Albert street 
Crolla Filippo, confectioner, 194 •Gallowgate 
Cromar J. & A. dentists, 16 Bon-Accord Square 
Cromar Alexander, dentist, see J. & A. Cromar 
Cromar Helen (Miss), news agent, 340 King street 
Cromar James, news agent, 1 TJrquhart road 
Cromar John, dentist, see J. & A. Cromar 
Cromar Margaret (Miss), feather dresser, 3 Mile End place 
Crombie J. & J. Limited, wooller. manufacturers, Grandholm 
works, Woodside: T N W 20; T A " Grandholm, Aberdeen " 
Crombie James & Sons, produce merchants, shipping agents & 
managers of Aberdeen, Leith & Morav Firth Steam Shipping 
Co. Limited, 3 Trinity buildings; T" N 9, 13 & 483 ; T A 
" Crombie, Aberdeen " 
Crombie George Thompson, manuCactr. see J.& J. Crombie Ltd* 
Crombie Jas. Edwd. LL.D. manufr. see J. & J. Crombie Limited 
Crombie Jas Forbes, manufacturer, see J. & J. Crombie Ltd 
Crombie James Melville Paterson M.B., CM., L.D.S.Eng. 

dental surgeon, 5 Golden square 
Cromb'c John, fruiterer & confectioner, 164 Kinc street 
Crombie John, merchant, see James Crombie & Sons 
Crombie John William M.P. manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie Lim.). 

91 Onslow square, London S W 
Crombie Theodore J.P. manufactr. see J. & J. Crombie Limited 
Cromhie Theresa (Miss), teacher of music. 200 King street 
Crombie Thomas, master mariner, 60 Bedford place 
Crombie Walter Paterson M.B., CM., L.D.S.Eng. dental sur- 
geon, 5 Golden square 

Crombie William, merchant, see James Crombie & Sons 
Crombie William A. harbour master & captain pilot, Pocra pier; 

T N 21 & 26 
Crookshanks Isabella (Mrs.), tobacconist, 176 George street 
Crossling Frank M.P.S. chemist, 39 Justice street 
Crow Henry Jackson, ironmonger, 76 & 80 Rosemount viaduct 
Crowe William Christie M.B., CM. surgeon, 12 Albyn place 

& 14 Schoolhill 
Crown Clothing Co. 185 George street 
Cruden Bay Brick & Tile Co. Bedford road; T N K68 
Cruden George M.A. advocate (firm, Storie, Cruden & Co.) & 

lecturer on physical training University of Aberdeen, 'J 

Golden square 
Cruden William, grocer & spirit dealer, 24 Chapel street 
Cruickshank A. & Co. hosiers & glovers, 105 Union street 
Cruickshank George & Son, commission agents & civil en- 
gineers, 37 Market street 
Cruickshank & Mclntyre, wholesale ironmongers, 8 Carmelite 

lane; T N 456 & 618; T A "Bolts, Aberdeen" 
Cruickshank R. D. & Co. granite merchants 

& monumental & architectural workers; designs & prices 

free on application, Albyn granite works, Torry 
Cruickshank, Son & Co. fire loss assessors, 

surveyors & valuators* 1GO Union street; 

T A 1195 ; T A " Losses, Aberdeen " 
Cruickshank Botanic Gardens & Museum (James W. H. Trail 

M.A., M.D., i'\R.S., F.L.S. curator), Chanonry, Old Aberdeeu 
Cruickshank Alexander Thomas, advocate (firm, Brander & 

Cruickshank), 13 Bridge street 
Cruickshank Colin A. bookseller, 22 & 26 Market gallery 
Cruickshank Duncan Charles, cycle maker, 13 Rosemount via- 
duct; T N 1246 
Cruickshank Galander (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Miller street 
Cruickshank George, cabinet maker, 84 tipper Denburn 
Cruickshank George P. surgeon-dentist, 300 George street 
Cruickshank George T. grocer & spirit dealer, 56 Skene square 
Cruickshank Isabella (Mrs.), draper, 36 Bank street 
Cruickshank Isabella (Mrs.), nurse, 5 Wallfield place 
Cruickshank James, boot repairer, 4 Skene street 
Cruickshank James, butcher, 45 Rosemount viaduct; T N 30X 
Cruickshank James, commercial traveller, 82 Stanley street 
Cruickshank James, news agent, 24 Kintore place 
Cruickshank Jane (Miss"), dairy, 2 Devonshire road 
Cruickshank John, baker, 97 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Cruickshank John, chimney sweeper, 10 Dunbar st. Old Aberdn 
Cruickshank John, furniture dealer, 26 & 28 George street & 16 

Loch street; T N 589 
Cruickshank John, tobacconist, 7 Rosemount viaduct 
Cruickshank Jn. Moir, civil engnr. see Geo. Cruickshank & Son 
Cruickshank John Tennant, traveller, 22 Powis terrace 
Cruickshank Lewis Davie M.D., D. P. H.Cantab, physician, 2 

Belvidere crescent 
Cruickshank Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Crooked lane 
Cruickshank Peter, janitor & curator of Museum, Free Church 

College, 2 Alford place 
Cruickshank Robert, post office inspector, 65 Dee street 
Cruickshank Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Shore brae 
Cruickshank William, refreshment rooms, 129 Holburn street 
Cruickshank William, tailor, 27 Bridge street 
Cruickshank William Alexander, granite worker, see R. D. 

Cruickshank & Co 
Culter Mills Paper Co. Ltd. 52 Guild st. ; & at Peterculter 
Cumine John P., M.A. advocate (firm, Watt & Cumine), 8 

Golden square 
Cumming John & Co. stair rail manufacturers, 37 Princes street 
Cumming Alexander, butcher, 3 Gilcomston steps 
Cumming Alexander, hay & straw merchant, 125 & 127 Loch st 
Cumming Alexander M. superintendent Gordon Highlanders' In- 
stitute, 37 Belmont street 
Cumming Elizabeth (Miss), clothes dealer, 64 Woolmanhill 
Cumming Jessie (Miss), draper, 461 Great Northern road 
Cumming John, boot maker, L, Causewayend 
Cumming John, 2nd class examining officer H.M. Customs, 35 

Regent quay 
Cumming Maria (Miss), shopkeeper, 39 Chattan place 
Cumming Mary (Mrs.), baker, 540 Great Western road 
Cumming Robert, advocate, 19 Union buildings 
Cumminc Robert, cabinet maker, 65 Broad street (T N 546) & 

11 Catherine street 
Cumming William, cartwright, Union glen 
Cumming William, nurseryman, 76 Cairnfield place 
Curr Thomas & Co. tea & coffee merchants, 

28 Schoolhill; T N 81 ; T A "Curr, Aberdeen" 
Curr Alexander T. tea merchant, see Thomas Curr & Co 
Currie George & Co. slaters, 7 Gilcomston, park; T N 695 
Cusens & Sons, fish merchants & curers, Old Ford road; T A 

" Kipper ;" T N 1175 
Cushnie Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundry, 98 Rosemount place 
Custom House (William Millar Callander, collector & surveyors, 

35 Regent quay 
Dagleish James, commission agent, 208 Market street 
Daily Record & Mail ; branch office, 28 Market street 
Dakers Alexander, printer, 17 Guestrow 
Dalgarmo Charles, dairyman, 62 King Btreet 
Dalgarno Wm. & Sons, millers, 82 & 8-1 Spring garden; T N K 41 
Dalgnrno Alexander, miller, see W. Dalgarno & Sons 
•Dalgarno James John Young M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon & medical 

officer. City parish council, 25 Bon-Accord terrace 
Dalgarno Jessie (Mrs.), news agent, 156 Wellington road- 
Dalgarno Joseph, nurseryman, Damside cuttacre, Whitehall place 
Dalgarno Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 7 Upper Denburn 
Dalgarno Robert, insurance agent, Myrtlebank, Don sfc. Woodside 
Dalgity Isabella (Miss), dress ma. Frocrhall cots. Frogball ter 
Dalcleish James, commission agent, 208 Market street 
Dallas Acnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Frederick strr-et 
Dallas Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 160 Skene street 
Dally James, fancy repository, 18. 42 & 45 Market gallery 
Daniel Jas. & Son, booksellers, stationers & printers, 46 Castle st 
Daniel William, cartwright, see J. & J. Ingram 




Dankester Charles H. sacrist King's college, University of 

Aberdeen, College bountls, Old Aberdeen 
Dass D. T. & Co. billiard saloon, 52 Guild street 
David William, letter cutter, 315 King street 
Davidson Brothers, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 131£ Uniou 

street & 45 & 47 Chapel street 
Davidson C. & Sons Limited, paper & paper bag 
manufacturers, lithographic & letterpress 
printers, Mugiemoss (Mill No. 66) & Bucks- 
burn (Mill No. 80); paper works, Bucksburn, 
Aberdeen; Aberdeen warehouse, 4- Trinity 
quay; T N 33; Glasgow warehouse, 72 
Howard street & North Frederick street; 
Newcastle-on-Tyne warehouse, Lambton 
place, Prudhoe street; Liverpool warehouse, 
14a, Peter's lane; Edinburgh warehouse, 
Castle terrace; London warehouse, Paul's 
Pier wharf, 23 Upper Thames st E C ; T N 
34; T A "Paper, Aberdeen" 
Davidson Charles R. & Co. coal merchants, 21 Regent quay 
Davidson & Garden, advocates & notaries, sees. & treasurers to 

the Grove Cemetery Co. Limited, 12 Dee street; T N 76 
Davidson George & William, rope, twine & net manu- 
facturers, salmon fishers & merchants, St. Clement's street; 
T N 355; T A "River, Aberdeen" 
Davidson J. & A. Limited, coal merchants. Provost Blaikie's 
quav; Provost Jamieson's quay & 216 Union street; T N 45 
& 46; T A "Davidson, Aberdeen " 
Davidson J. & J. carting contractors, 38 Cordon street 
Davidson & Kav, chemists, 205 Uniou street & 1 Alford 

place; T N 72 
Davidson P. & Co. draper, 41 Castle street 
Davidson R. & J. emigration agents, 48 Market street 
Davidson W. & Co. herring curers, Point law 
Davidson W. & Son, tailors & hosiers, 123 Union st. ; T N 579 
Davidson Alexander, apartments, 153 Skene street 
Davidson Alexander, commercial traveller, 14 Bedford place 
Davidson Alexander, jobbing gardener, 2 Skene place 
Davidson Alexander, market gardener, Outseats, Hardgate 
Davidson Alexander, solicitor, 5 Union ter ; T N 1202 
Davidson Alexander C. hair dresser, 4G0 Great Northern road 
Davidson Andrew, corn merchant, 24 West North street 
Davidson Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 9 Craigie street 
Davidson Ann (Mrs.), news agent, 555 George street 
Davidson Arthur, consulting engineer, Commercial road 
Davidson Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Bedford place 
Davidson Charles Gillanders, commercial trav. 102 Broomhill rd 
Davidson Charles James M.A., B.L. advocate, see Lumsden & 

Davidson Cri&sy (Mrs.), confectioner, 221 Holburn street 
Davidson David, blacksmith, 68 Gordon street 
Davidson David, china dealer, 660 Great Northern road 
Davidson David, paper manufr. see C. Davidson & Sons Ltd 
Davidson David, shopkeeper, 664 Great Northern road 
Davidson Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 311 Whitehall road 
Davidson Elizabeth (Miss), fancy repository 44, & bookseller & 

stationer 76, George street 
Davidson Elizabeth (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 145 Holburn street 
Davidson Frank, wood carver, 22 Blackfriars street 
Davidson George, general manager Great North of Scotland 

Railway, 80 Guild street 
Davidson George, hair dresser, 63 Justice street 
Davidson George, laundry, 15a, Jasmine terrace 
Davidson George J.P. merchant, see G. & W. Davidson 
Davidson George, urn. slater, 8 & 10 Thistle street; T N 787 
Davidson Gordon, hardware dealer, 71 Catherine street 
Davidson Hendry, tailor &c. see W. Davidson & Son 
Davidson Henry, fruiterer, 64 Huntly street 

Davidson Hy. A. chartered accountnt. see Lumsden & Davidson 
Davidson Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 414 Great Northern road 
Davidson James, coal merchant, see J. & A. Davidson Limited 
Davidson James, jun. coal merchant, see J. & A. Davidson Ltd 
Davidson James, granite agent, 9 Belmont street 
Davidson James, grocer, 376 Great Northern road 
Davidson James, saddler, 623 George street 
Davidson James A. solicitor, 173a, Union street 
Davidson James B. solicitor, 46a, Union street 
Davidson James M. fish curer, Russell road; T N 1079; T A 

" Goldfish " 
Davidson James S. herring exporter, 28 Guild street 
Davidson James W. advocate & town clerk depute & clerk to 

Burgh court, Town house 
Davidson Jane (Mrs.), dairy, 445 Holburn street 
Davidson Jane B. T. (Miss), musio teacher, Clarence ho. Hardgate 
Davidson Janet (Miss), hosier, 42 Belmont street 
Davidson John, boot repairer, 275 Great Northern road 
Davidson John, cartwright & blacksmith, 96 Causewayend 
Davidson John, news agent, 179 Crown street 
Davidson Joseph, shopkeeper, 501 Great Northern road 
Davidson Joseph H. painter, 83 Victoria road, Torry 
Davidson Leslie, boot repairer, 395 Great Northern road 
Davidson Margt. (Mrs.), grocer, 283 Rosemount pi. ; T N 1908 
Davidson Margaret (Mrs.), laundress, 2 Little Chapel street 
Davidson Mary (Miss), costumier, 217 Union street 
Davidson Mary (Mrs.), fishmonger, 191 Holburn street 
Davidson Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, Market hall 
Davidson Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 23 Rosemount place 
Davidson Robert, bicycle dealer, 354 King street 
Davidson Robert, grocer, 481 & 483 Great Northern road 
Davidson Robert, timber merchant, 13 Willowdale place 
Davidson Robert Adams Forrest, solicitor & notary public, 40 

Uniou terrace; T N 711 
Davidson Thomas, auctioneer & fish salesman, Commercial road & 

Albert quay; T A ■' Fish, Aberdeen;" T N 1000 
Davidson Thomas, grocer, 38 Hartington road 
Davidson William, bookseller, 41 Bridge street 
Davidson William, boot repairer, 9 Maberly street 
Davidson William, commercial traveller, 21 Irvine place 

Davidson William, contractor, 612 Great Northern road 

Davidson William, dairyman, 36 Spital 

Davidson William, dining rooms, 549 George street 

Davidson William, market gardener, 63 Hilton place 

Davidson William, tobacconist, 25 Bridge street 

Davidson William, wardrobe dealer, 68 Skene street 

Davidson William, wholesale druggist, Palmerston road 

Davidson William Campbell, architect, see Watt & Davidson 

Davidson William F. spirit dealer, 6 Trinity street 

Davie Alexander, auctioneer, 104 Green 

Davie Ann (Miss), news agent, 25 Thistle street 

Davie Catherine (Miss), refreshment rooms, 152 Market street 

Davie George, grain merchant, see Gorrod &. Davie 

Davie Isabella (Miss), apartments, 113 Osborne place 

Davie James, jobbing gardener, 161 Hardgate 

Davie Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 23 Victoria street 

Davie Lewis, spirit dealer, 63 Nefcherkirkgate 

Davies T. H. & Co. hardware merchants, 140 Union street 

Davies Elsie (Mrs.), nurse, 20 Chapel street 

Dawson M. & E. (Misses), dress makers, 421 Union street 

Dawson Alexander, granite merchant & worker, Victoria Bridge 

granite works, Torry 
Dawson Alexander L. grocer & spirit dealer, 62 Claremont st 
Dawson George, boot maker, 46 John street 
Dawson George C., F.C.O. teacher of music, 64 Bon-Accord street 
Dawson George F., M.B., Ch.B. resident medical officer, Royal 

infirmary, Woolmanhill 
Dawson James, draper, 203 Holburn street 
Dawson James, shopkeeper, 113 Loch street 
Dawson John, cycle maker, 39 & 41 Thistle street 
Dawson Robert 0. painter & decorator, 25 Chattan place 
Dawson William, builder, joiner & horticultural builder, 

74 Huntly street ; T N 444 
Dawson Wm. cardboard ma. see Paterson, Mitchell & Dawson 
Day Alexander, shopkeeper, 701 Great Northern road 
Deaf & Dumb Institution (Alex. Edmond, jun. treasurer & Bee. ; 

Alex. Pender, supt. & teacher), 10 Mount street 
Dean James, plumber, 32 Queen street; T N 945 
Dean Jane (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 15 Rosemount place 
Dean John Reid S.S.C. see Burnett & Reid 
Deane John C. accountant, 129 Union street 
Deans Annie (Miss"), milliner, 89 King street 
Deans Jennie (Mrs.), draper, 6 Rosemount place 
Deans Marjorie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Berry street 
Dee & Don Fishery Boards' Office (Alexander Duffus, clerk), 7 

Golden square 
Dee Steam Fishing Co. Limited (Adam, Thomson & Ross, 

sees.), 2 Union terrace 
Dee Swimming Club & Humane Society (George Wood, see.)* 

South esplanade west, Torry 
Decside Farmers' Association (James John Mackenzie, sec), 21 

King street 
Deeside Golf Club (George Clark, sec), 375 Union street 
Delcipresso Giuseppe, confectioner, 47 Castle street 
Denmark Consulate (James Cook, vice-consul), 62 Marischal st 
Dennis John W. grocer, 66£ Walker road, Torry 
Denoon Nicholas, master mariner. 39 Orchard street 
Deuchar James, boot & shoe maker, 169 Holburn street 
Deuchar William, passenger supt. Great North of Scotland Rail- 

wav, 80 Guild street; T N 366 
Devauha Land Co. Ltd. (Simpson & Bower, sees.), 245 Union st 
Devas, Eoutledge & Co. Limited (London), warehousemen, 17 

St. Nicholas street 
Dewar David, draper, 49 Castle street 
Dey Alexander, blacksmith, Poynernook road 
Dey Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 49 John street 
Dey Helen (Mrs.), apartments, 20 Grosvenor place 
Dey Maggie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Causewayend 
Dev Peter, fish merchant, see Allan & Dey 
Dey William, grocer & spirit dealer, G60 Holburn street 
Diack Alexander, second class examining officer H.M. Customs, 

35 Regent quay 
Diack Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 128a, Chapel street 
Diack Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 76 West North street 
Diack Arthur (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 57 Ann street 
Diack Charles, solicitor & joint sec. to the Aberdeen Chamber 

of Commerce, 1 King street 
Diack Jane (Miss), laundress, 54 Chapel street 
Diack Peter, sec. to the Association tur Improving the Condition 
of the Poor & to the Discharged Prisoners' Aid Soc.38 Castle st 
Diamond Wood Turning Co. wood turners, 33 Diamond street 
Uick Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 20 Schoolhill 
Dick Robert C. wool broker, 11 Catherine street 
Dick Thomas, ironmonger, 23 Bon-Accord terrace 
Dickie Andrew & Son, joiners, 24 Thistle street 
Dickie George, bookseller, 88 Union street 
Dickie George, chartered accountant, 207 Union street 
Dickie Hugh, apartments, 47 Rosemount place 
Dickie Joseph 0. warehouseman, see Gray, Kennedy & Dickie 
Dickie Josephine (Miss), fruiterer, 338 George street 
Dickie Robert Davidson, chartered accountant, 115 Union st 
Dickson Alexander, dairyman, 178 King street; 26 Miller 

street & 3 Summerfield terrace 
Dickson Burnett, coal merchant, 27 Mounthooly; T N K80 
Dickson George, furniture dealer, 90 Green 
Dickson Robert, milliner, 183 Rosemount place 
Dickson William, grocer & spirit dealer, 496 Union street 
Dignan Ma""ie (Miss), teacher of music, 14 Thistle street 
Dimlia Nogezea & Co. fried fish dealer, 27 Guest row 
Dingwall Alexander, commercial traveller, 9 Hammerfield aven 
District Nursing Association (Miss Katherine Lumsden, sec), 

3 Castle hill , m n „ 

Divorty Matilda & Jennie (Misses), shopkeepers, 7 College 

bounds. Old Aberdeen 
Dixon Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 49 Richmond street 
Dixon William, teacher of music, 25 Victoria street 
Dodds W. H. & Co. fish salesmen & trawl owners, Grimsby 
chambers, Market street 

SCOT. 4 




Dodds James, fish salesman, see W. H. Dodds & Co 

Dodds William Hall, fish salesman, see W. H. Dodds & Co 

Doeg John S. ship chandler, see Freeth & Doeg 

Don (The) Fishing Co. Limited (John S. Doeg, managing 

director), Commercial road 
Donald George & Sons, glass & color merchants & 

painters, 16 & 18 Netherkirkgate ; T N 390 
Donald P. & R. furniture dealers, Mealmarket street 
-Donald Andrew, boot maker, 10 Frederick street 
Donald Ann (Mrs.), fishmonger, Wet Fish market 
Donald Christina (Miss), dress maker, 26 South Mount street 
Donald David M. paper bag maker, 20 Loch street 
Donald David M. C. solicitor, 15 Belmont street 
Donald Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 12 Wallfield crescent 
Donald Elizabeth (Miss), grocer, 6 Great Western road 
Donald George, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 St. Clement street 
Donald Grace (Mrs.), dining rooms, 15 East North street 
Donald Henry, color merchant, see George Donald & Sons 
Donald Henry Grant, commercial traveller, 72 Gladstone place 
Donald James, commercial traveller, 29 Burns road 
Donald James, painter, 12a, Justice Mill lane 
Donald James, shipmaster, 36 Salisbury terrace 
Dona'.d James Forrest, teacher of dancing, 19 North Silver st 
Donald Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 40 Victoria street 
Donald Jean (Miss), laundry, 60 TJnion row 

Donald John, boot repairer 39, & clothes broker 41, Guest row 
Donald John, color merchant, see George Donald & Sons 
Donald John, fruiterer, 235 Kosemount place 
Donald John, shopkeeper, 26 Craigie street 
Donald John E. cab proprietor, 93 Rosemount place; T N 980 
Dona'.d Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker, 491 George street 
Donald Mary (Miss), apartments, 138 Blenheim place 
Donald Mary (Miss), laundress, 5 Thistle street 
Donald Peter, superintendent, New market, Market street 
Donald Robert S. cabinet maker, upholsterer & house 
furnisher, 15 Bosemount viaduct (T N 3 2Y4); res. 24 Dee 
Donald Stuart, watch maker, 14 St. Nicholas street 
Donald Thomas, dairyman, 219 Bosemount place 
Donald William, grocer & spirit dealer, 10 East North street 
Donald William, spirit dealer, 219 Holburn street 
Donaldson L. William & Co. clothiers & grocers, 47 Regent quay 
Donaldson David, builder, see Clark & Donaldson 
Donaldson George, boot maker, 75 Park street 
Donaldson George, boot maker, 42 Shiprow 
Donaldson Jemima (Miss), dairy, 37 Miller street 
Donaldson John, confectioner & fruiterer, 32 Guild street & 

489 George street 
Donaldson John, commercial traveller, 81 Mile End avenue 
Donaldson William, butcher, 7 Holburn road 
Donaldson William, tobacconist, 50 Guild street 
Donside Highland (4th) Volunteer Battalion The Gordon High- 
landers (Hon. Col. W.A.Mellis V.D. commanding), 28 Guild st 
Donside (The) Paper Co. Limited, paper makers, Woodside ; 

T N 421; T A " Don, Aberdeen " 
Donside Traders' Protection Asso?iation (G. A. Wilson, agent), 

14 Crown street 
Dopp Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 103 Skene street 
Douglas, Gordon & Co. wine & brandy importers, 7 Regent qy 
Douglas (The) Hotel (Mrs. A. W. Sto'tt), 43 & 45 Market st 
Douglas David, managing director, see Richards Limited, 62 

Maberly street; res. 16 Albyn place; T N 1782 
Douglas Henry, shopkeeper, 25 Skene square 
Douglas James, butcher, see Mutch & Douglas 
Douglas James, fish merchant, Commercial road 
Douglas John, fish curer, North esp'anade 
Douglas John, grocer, 174a, Crown street 
Douglas Thomas, glass & china dealer, 32 Park street 
Douglas William A. assistant general manager, see Richards 

Limited, 62 Maberly street; res. 33 Carden p'ace; T N 1825 
Dow Andrew, fish curer, Point lane 
Dow Hugh, glass beveller & silverer, Cuparstone row 
Dow William, clothier, see Philip & Cooper 
Dow William Gerrie, cycle maker, 403 Holburn street 
Dowman Henry, master mariner, 234 Union grove 
Downie Louisa Wilson (Miss), school, 15 Ferryhill place 
Downie Robert, boot maker, 568 George street 
Dowson Augustus H. hair dresser, 216a, TJnion street 
Drew Charles & Co. drapers, 23 Marischal street 
Drew Jennie (Miss), shopkeeper, 8 Princes street 
Driver James, china & earthenware dealer, 2 Mealmarket street 
Drummond J. & J. manufacturers of acetylene gas appliances, 
leather belting & fire hose, colliery, mill & engineers' furnish- 
ings. Market street (T N 528) * & Palmerston road; T A 
"Drummond, Aberdeen." See advertisement 
Drummond John, leather merchant, see J. & J. Drummond 
Ducat Thomas, watch maker, 437 Great Northern road 
Duckworth Henry, toy maker, South esplanade west, Torry 
DiifE Archibald & Son, coal A- -lime merchants, 45 Guild street; 

T N 172 
Duff & Lillie, tailor, 2 Thistle street 
Duff George, jeweller, 69 Netherkirkgate 
Duff James M. coal merchant, see A. Duff & Son 
Duff Jennie A. (Miss), tailoress, see Duff & Lillie 
Duff John B. cycle maker, 460, 462 & 464 George 

street; T N K94 
Duff William, brewers' agent, 36 Holburn street 
Duffes William, commercial traveller, 13 Argyll place 
Duffus Alexander, advocate & notary, see Wilsone & Duffus, 
solicitor to North of Scotland Bank Limited, Aberdeen City 
Parish Council, Aberdeen City District Lunacy Board & 
clerk to Dee & Don District Fishery Boards, 7 Golden square 
(T A "Jurist;" T N 270); res. 11 Queen's gdns. ; TN 1569 
Duffus James, contractor, Cairnaquheen cot. Mid Stocket road 
Duffus William, chemist, 75 Spita! 
Dugan James & Co. tailors, 3 Bon-Accord street 
Dugan Alexander F. chemist, 4 South Mount street 
Dugan Hugh Mathieson, chemist, 275 Holburn street 
Duguid David & Son, fishing tackle makers, 14 Carmelite st 
Duguid George & Son, builders, Kintore place; T N 1833 

Duguid Archibald, fishing tackle maker, see D. Duguid & Son 

Duguid George, boot repairer, 19 Kintore place 

Duguid James M.A. advocate & notary public & lecturer on 

conveyancing Aberdeen University, see Fraser & Duguid 
Duguid James, fish curer, Old Ford road 
Duguid James, grocer & spirit dealer, 286 Holburn street 
Duguid John, builder, see George Duguid & Son 
Duguid Peter, saddler, 11 Back wynd; T N 25X3 
Duguid Robert Arthur, supt. Joint Railway station, Guild street 
Dumolo William, manager Bass, Ratcliif & Gretton Limited 

(Burton-on-Trent), brewers, 20 Bridge street 
Dunbar Alex. Duff M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgn. 26 Salisbury ter 
Dunbar Frank, fish curer, Point law 
Dunbar Robert, dairy, 4 Commerce streeb 
Dunbar William, artificial teeth maker, 116 Crown street 
Duncan Bessie & Maggie (Misses), stationers, 1 Watson street 
Duncan & Cowie, granite workers, monumental sculptors & 

masons, Dee Bank granite works, Allenvale road 
Duncan Isabella & Jean (Misses), St. Margaret's ladies' school, 

17 Albyn place 
Duncan J. & Son, carpenters, 35 Sunnybmk place 
Duncan John & Douglass, advocates, Advocates' hall, 10 Broad 

street; T N 79 
Duncan, Masson & Co. manufacturers of sound-proof materials, 

25 Union street 
Duncan Alexander, coal dealer, 31 Shoe lane 
Duncan Alexander, gardener, 21 Broomhill road 
Duncan Alexander, grocer, 42 Mid Stocket road 
Duncan Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 47 Commerce street 
Duncan Alexander, hair dresser, 41 WoolmanhiU 
Duncan Alexander, manufacturers' agent, 14 Carmelite lane 
Duncan Alexander George, watch maker, 55 Upperk irk gate 
Duncan Alexander Hector, clerk, 4 Sunnyside road 
Duncan Alexander Robsrtson, draper & milliner, 231 & 235 

George street 
Duncan Alexander W. granite worker, see Duncau & Cowie 
Duncan Andrew, fish curer, 160 Point law 
Duncan Barbara (Mrs.), apartments, 9 Holburn street 
Duncan Douglass J.P. advocate (see John & Douglass Duncan) 

& sec. to the Society of Advocates, Advocates' hall, 10 Broad 

street; T N 79 
Duncan Eliza (Miss), apartments, 26 Beechgrove terrace 
Duncan Ellen S. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 82 Windmill brae 
Duncan Elsie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Ann street 
Duncan George, chimney sweeper, 94 Maberly street 
Duncan George, inspector Dee Salmon Fishings, 18 Balmoral pi 
Duncan George, secretary Aberdeen Suburban Tramways Co. 

15 Golden square 
Duncan George, spirit dealer, 19 Castle street 
Duncan George Tait, advocate, 75 King street 
Duncan Georgina (Miss), servants' registry office, 207 Union st 
Duncan Henry, ironmonger, 16 Thistle street; TN 840 
Duncan Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 3G King street 
Duncan James, apartments, 15 Orchard street 
Duncan James, carpenter, see J. Duncan & Son 
Duncan James, carpenter, 54 Justice Mill lane 
Duncan James, cycle maker, 137 Crown street; 96 John street 

& 7 Sinclair road, Torry 
Duncan James Alexander, dining rooms, 404 to 408 George st 
Duncan James D. chemist, 231 Union street 
Duncan Jane (Miss), dairy, 17 Bosemount place 
Duncan Jessie (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 26 Wellington street 
Duncan John, carpenter, see J. Duncan & Son 
Duncan John, hair dresser, 309 George street 
Duncan John, live stock salesman & auctioneer, Citv Auction 

mart, 343 to 349 King street; TN 458 
Duncan John, slater, 54 Castle street & Albion street 
Duncan John G. granite merchant, Rosebank terrace 
Duncan John McNaughton, plumber, 390 Great Northern road 
Duncan Joseph, grocer, 34 Mount street 
Duncan Lizzie (Miss), dress maker, 204 Union grove 
Duncan M. Moir B.A. advocate, see Peterkin & Duncans 
Duncan Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 434 Union street 
Duncan Margaret (Miss), laundress, 52 Esslemont avenue 
Duncan Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 41 Broomhill road 
Duncan Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 54 Castle street 
Duncan Mary (Miss), fruiterer, 33 Ohattan place 
Duncan Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 47 Spital 
Duncan Peter, spirit dealer, 13 Harriet street 
Duncan Robert, dairyman, 332 King street & 8 Hutcheon st 
Duncan Robert, ironmonger, 201 Holburn street 
Duncan Robert, news agent, 226 King street 
Duncan Robert, shopkeeper, 59 Nelson street 
Duncan William, boot maker, 16 NeLfield place 
Duncan William, butcher, 59 Gallowgate 
Duncan William, carpenter, 2 Jopps' lane 
Duncan William, cycle maker, 670 George street 
Duncan William, livery stable keeper, Meahnarket street 
Duncan William, market gardener,9 Countesswells rd.Mannofield 
Duncan William, jun. carter, 873 Great Northern road 
Duncan William G. tailor, 31 Sunnybank place 
Duncan William John, ship & insurance broker, 63 Regent quay 
Duncan William O., B.A. advocate, see Peterkin & Duncans 
Dundee Advertiser & Evening Telegraph & Post; branch office, 

25 Market .street; TN 316 
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 21 & 463 Union street 
^Dunlop John Cameron, printer, news agent & stationer,* 279 

Rosemount place & 3 Mid Stocket road 
Dunn Brothers, granite merchants, Holland street 
Dunn William L. & Co. photographer?, 273 King street 
Dunn W. L. & Son, photographers, 407 Union street 
Dunn David, granite merchant, see Dunn Brothers 
Dunn Jemima (Miss), dress maker, 7 Black's buildings 
Dunn John, chemist, 45 Woo'.manhill 
Dunn John A. boot & shoe warehouse, 26 & 175 Union et. ; 105 

George street & 472 Great Northern road 
Dunn Margaret (Miss), coal dealer, 37 Guestrow 
Dunn Robert W. chemist, see Mortimer & Dunn 
Dunn William, bird dealer, 24 Carmelite lane 





Dunningham. W. &, Co. watch & clock makers & jewellers, 1 

Diamond street 
Dunningham William, watch maker, see W. Dunningham a. Co 
Durbar Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 364 Great Western road 
Durnin John, slater, 16 Canal place 
Durno Alice (Miss), fruiterer, »*$ George street 
Durno Isabella (Miss), private apartments, 32 Springbank ter 
Durno James, commission agent, 21 Adelphi 
Durno Leslie, baker, 6 Commerce street 
Durward Ann (Mrs.), news age it, la. Chapel street 
Durward John, plumber, HO Skene street 
Dustan William Alexander, florist, 256 & 258 Holburn street 
Duthie Brothers, rope & sail manufacturers, Links j T A " Rope- 
works, Aberdeen; " T N 604 
Duthie John, Sons & Co. Limited, ship builders, York place; 

TN 793; TA ' Duthie, Aberdeen" 
Duthie Robert & Son, grocers & spirit dealers, 32 Esslernont 

avenue ; T N 262 
Duthie Stewart & Co. fish curers, Albert quay 
Duthie (The John) Torry Shipbuilding Co. Abbey road, j.orry 
Duthie & Co. oatcake makers. 45 Union row;TN 1038 
Duthie Agnes (Mrs.), midwife, 2 Wales street 
Duthie Albert, artificial teeth maker, 24 Crown street 
Duthie Alexander, baker, 231 Rosemount p'ace & 196 George 

street; TN 53X 
Duthie Alexander, commercial traveller, 1 Stanley street 
Duthie Charles, grocer & beer, Queen's road 
Duthie David Hutoheon M.A., B.L. solicitor,, see Whincup, 

Carle & Du:faie 
Duthie Elizabeth (Mrs.). Kitty brewster hotel, 41 Powis terrace. 

Duthie Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 7 Constitution street 
Duthie John, fish curer, Albert quav 

Duthie John, grocer, 67 Menzies mad & 181 Victoria rd. Torry 
Duthie John, superintendent, Trinity cemetery, King street 
Duthie John A. ship builder, see John Duthie, Sons & Co. Ltd 
Duthie Joseph, oatcake maker, see Duthie & Co 
Duthie Robert, commission agent, 25 Hilton street 
Duthie Robert, ship builder, see J. Duthie, Sons & Co. Jjtd 
Duthie Robert* wholesale grocer, 126 John street; res. 25 

Hilton street; TN 1114; TA "Handy" 
Duthie Robert G. grocer, see R. Duthie & Son 
Duthie Robert Gerrard, bookkeeper city chamberlain's office, 

Union street 
Duthie Stewart, fish curer, see Stewart, Duthie & Co 
Duthie William, butcher, 3 Urquhart road 
Duthie William G. butcher, 3 Bank street 
Dyack William M.Inst. C.E. burgh surveyoi, Town house, Union 

street; TN 345 
Dyer Alexander, gardener, Berrybank gardens, Kittybrewster 
Dyker Ann &, Helen (Misses), dress makers, 49 St, Nicholas st 
East Aberdeen shire Unionist Association (Watt & Cumine, 

sees. & treasurers), 8 Golden square 
East Coast Railway Office (Great Northern & North Eastern) 

(Donald Munro, agent), 124 Union street 
East Coast (The) Steam Fishing Co. (Aberdeen) Limited (Tay- 
lor &. Anderson, sees.), 164 Market street 
East Parish Mission Rooms, 38 Cast'.e street 
Eddie Isaballa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10 Rosebank place 
Eddie James, dairyman. 21 Ashva'.e place 
Edd'e Mary (Miss), apartments, 8 Margaret street 
Eden Ann (Miss), apartments, 5 Rosemount terrace 
Edinburgh Heritable Security Co. Limited, 15 Golden square 
Edmond J. & A. advocates, 267 Union street; T N 552 
Edmond J. L. & Co. tailors, 106 Rosemount place 
Edmond & Spark, stationers, 54 Queen street; TN 264 
Edmond Agnes (Mrs.), householder, 31 Highfield avenue 
Edmond Alexander, advocate (see J. & A. Edmond) & sec. & 

treasurer to the Institution for Deaf & Dumb 
Edmond George Maitland M.A., M.D., J. P. physician, 12 RubU- 

law terrace ; T N 1834 
Edmond John Leslie, tailor, see J. L. Edmond &, Co 
Edmonds & Ledingham, advocates, land agents, factors & ac- 
countants, & sees, treasurers & law agents of the City of 
Aberdeen Land Association Limited &c. 1 Golden sq. ; T N 
361; T A " Edmonds, Aberdeen " 
Edmonds Miss, apartments, 20 Beechgrove place 
Educational Institute of Scotland (Aberdeen branch) (Robert 

Moir Littlejohn M.A. sec), 70 Mile End avenue 
Edward Alfred C. news agent, 21 St. Nicholas street 
Edward John, superintendent of meters (Aberdeen harbour), 16 

Regent quay 
Edwards, McDougal & Co. granite merchants. Rosebank terrace 
Edwards William & Son, granite workers, Pittodrie Btreet & 307 

King street 
Edwards Alfred William, solicitor & notary public & clerk of 
the peace for the county of the City of Aberdeen, 29 Union st 
Edwards Charles, refreshment rooms. 17 Menzies road, Torry 
Edwards David, solicitor, see Edmonds & Ledingham, advocates 
Edwards Henry Jn. warehouseman. ?ee Bruce. Edwards & Milne 
Edwards Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 20 Thistle street 
Edwards Matthew, sec. Aberdeen Temperance Society, 10 Bel- 
mont street 
Edwards William Walker, fishmonger, 226 Holburn street 
Elder Domini, refreshment rooms, 16 Causeway end 
Elder James, house furnisher. 89 Broad street 
Ellicock Joseph, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 487 & 489 Union 
street ; 100 George street & furniture remover, 122 & 124 
Huntly street & 163 & 165 Skene street 
Elliot C. (Mrs.^, refreshment rooms, 11a, Market street ' 
Ellis & MoHardv, coal merchants, ship owners & commission 
agents, 18 Regent quav & 30* Union street; stores. Provost 
Jomieson's quay & Regent road; T N 66, 67 & 578; T A 
" Coal, Aberdeen " 
Ellis Adam, jobbing gardener, Balgreen, Stocket 
Ellis Adam, market gardener, Raeden gardens. Mid Stocket rd 
Ellis Alexander, boot repairer, Gl Elmbank terrace 
Ellis John, coal merchant, see Ellis* & McHardy 

Ellis Sarah (Mrs.), greengrocer, 5 St. Clement street ■ 

Ellis W. A. assistant registrar of births &c for St. Nicholas 

district, 41^ Union street 
Elmslie David, sail maker, Poynernook road 
Elphinstone Oharles, chimney sweeper, 47 Gordon street 
Elphinstone Joseph L., L.D.S.Edin. dentist, 443 Union street 
Elrick John & Sons, tobacco pipe makers, 16 Cinal place; TN 

Elrick Alexander, cutler, 63 George street 
Elrick James, tobacco pipe maker, see J. Elrick & Sons 
Elrick John, dining rooms, 303 George street 
Elrick John, india rubber goods dealer, see Para Rubber Oo 
Elrick Thomas, tobacco pipe maker, see J. Elrick & Sons 
Elsmie George & Son, coal merchants, ship owners & commission 

agents, 54 Market street; T N 364; TA" Elsmie, Aberdeen " 
Elsmie James R. P. coal merchant, see G. Elsmie & Son 
Empire Refreshment Co. 101 Union street 
Empire (The) Steam Fishing Co. of Aberdeen Limited (Taylor 

& Anderson, sees.), 164 Market street 
Empire Typewriter Co. Limited, 11 Carmelite lane 
Empress Cafe Limited (Donald Sim-lair, sec); registered office, 

74 Union street & restaurant, 85 Union street 
Emslie Harry Alexander, solicitor, 211 Union street 
Emslie Janet (Mrs.), apartments, 132 Crown street 
Emslie John, spirii dealer, 22 Kintore place 
Emslie William, watch maker, 121 George street 
Enterprise Ship Stores Limited, provision merchants, 6 Golden 

square & 183 Albert quay 
Epidemic Hospital (Alexander G. . Anderson M.B., C'h.B., res. 

physician; Miss Margaret Prater, matron), Urquhart road; 

T N 457 
Erskine & Co. rope manufacturers, Park road 
Erskine Alexander, rope manufacturer, see Erskine & Co 
Erskine William J. grocer, see William Walker & Son 
Esslernont Alexander & Son, wholesale giocers & tea & coffee 

merchants, 32 King street; TN 252 
Esslernont & Macintosh, drapers, 20 to 24 Union street; 1 to 17 

Broad street & 8, 10 & 12 Union lanej'TN 530 
Esslernont Alex, wholesale grocer, see Alex. Esslernont & Son 
Esslernont George B., M.P., J. P. draper, see Esslernont & 

Esslernont James J. P. draper, see Esslernont & Macintosh 
Esslernont James Cumine, photographer, 35 Back wynd 
Esslernont John E. grocer, & post office, 16 King street 
Esslernont Margaret (Mrs.), nurse, 95 Broomhill road 
Esslernont William Davidson M.A., B.L. advocate, 25 Union ter- 
race; TN 833 
Esson Charles G. tobacconist, 202 Rosemount place 
Esson Christiana (Miss), draper, 43 Thistle street 
Esson Francis, grocer, 9 Bank street 
Esson George Smith M.A. solicitor, 35a, Union street 
Esson James, bedding manufacturer, Willowdale p'.ace 
Esson Lewis Gordon, naturalist, 383 George street 
Esson Robert R. commercial traveller, IS Burnett place 
Esson Thomas, master mariner, 106 Brighton place 
Esson William M. shopkeeper, 10£ Powis place 
Eunson William S. news agent, 11 Craig place, Torry 
Evangelical Union Hall (Alexander Stewart, sec), 21 Joan st 
Evans Alma Hind (Miss), teacher of music, 12 George street 
Evening Gazette Newspaper, 30 Union street; T N 73 
Ewan Alexander, furniture broker, 7 Short loanings 
Ewan Elsie, dress maker, 72 Skene street 
Ewen & Birss. butchers, 8 Rose street; TN 1862 
Ewen John & James Brice, jobbing gardeners, Sunnybank road 
Ewen Alexander, boot maker, 7 Wales street 
Ewen Alexander, insurance assistant supt. 43 Watson street 
Ewen Charles, spirit dealer, 807 Great Northern road 
Ewen Edwin Innes, plumber, 19 Bon-Accord terrace 
Ewen James, butcher, see Ewen & Birrs 
Ewen James Bruce, jobbing gardener, see John & James 

Bruce Ewen 
Ewen Jas. W. gunsmith & fishing tackle maker, 20 Carmelite st 
Ewen John, solicitor, 19 Union street 
Ewen Maggie (Miss), shopkeeper, 37 Richmond street 
Ewen Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper 14 Margaret street 
Ewen Margt. Ann (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 13 Gilcometcn steps 
Ewen William Smith, news agt. & tobacconist, 434 George st 
Ewing David, butcher, 41 & 42 Market ball 
Ewing James, photographer, 25 Crown street 
Ewing James D. supt. of St. Peter's cemetery, 451 Kin:: street 
Expansion Sprinkler Syndicate Limited, fire extinguisher 

apparatus makers, 1 Cromble place, Torry 
Fairholm, James, commercial traveller, 161 Duthie terrace- 
Falconer John & Oo. drapers, 65 Union street 
Falconer Alexander, hair dresser, 18 Carmelite street 
Falconer Emily (Miss), confectioner, 79 Victoria road, Torry 
Falconer George, advocate, 31 Adelphi; TN 412 
Falconer George, fruiterer, 41 Union terrace 
Falconer Harvey G. draper, see John Falconer & Co 
Falconer Isabella (Mrs.), baker. 58 King street 
Falconer J. G. commission agent, lr Stirling street 
Falconer John, coal agent, 3 Argyll place 
Fa'coner John M. commercial traveller, 65 Blenheim place 
Falconer Robert, baker & confectioner, 91 Causewayend 
Falconer Robert M. shopkeeper, 384 Great Northern road 
Falconer Thomas, shipmaster, 10 Caledonian place 
Falconer William, draper, see John Falconer & Co 
Fa'coner William, furniture dealer, 29 Chapel street 
Farmers' Dairy Co. Limited, dairymen, o2 John street 

(T N 614)' 100 Rosemount viaduct & 505 George street 
Farquhar & Gill, color, paint & varnish manu- 
facturers, North of Scotland color works, 42 & 44 st. 

Paul street; TN 215; TA "Colour" 
Farquhar Alexander, coal dealer, S Orchard lane 
Farquhar Alexander, commercial traveller, 77 Clifton road 
Farquhar George, c'.othes broker, 9 Upper Denburn 
Farquhar George J.P. slater, 6G Union row; T N 718 
Farquhar George, tobacconist, 1 St. Clement street 

SCOT. 4* 




Farquhar Isabella (Miss), greengrocer, 106 King street 

Farquhar James, photographer, 2 South Esplanade west, Torry 

Farquhar John, hair dresser, 165 King street 

Farquhar Samuel, shoe maker, 35 Chattan place 

Farquhar Wil'liam Abercromby Gordon L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.EdLn. 

surgeon & physician, 152 Great Western road 
Farquharsdn & Co. wine & spirit merchants & 
purveyors of groceries & provisions ; stores of 
every description supplied at lowest cash 
prices; detailed price list free on application; 
established 1694; 131 Union street; T N 168: 
T A "FakquhaksON, Aberdenn " 
Farquharson Alfred J. commercial traveller, 89 Mile End avenue 
Farquharson James, grocer, 65 St. Swithin street 
Farquharson James Patrick, warehouseman. see E.Chadwkk & Co 
Farquharson Jane (Miss), grocer &c. 67 Jasmine terrace 
Farquharson John, commercial traveller, 346 Holburn street 
Farquharson John, grocer & spirit dealer, 113 Spital 
Farquharson Mary (Miss), fruiterer, 102 Holburn street 
Farquharson Robert, news agent & billiard room proprietor, 92 

Rosemount place 
Farquharson William, builder, Fraser road 
Farrell Agnes (Mrs.), apartments, 18 Queen street 
Fa-sken Alexander, working jeweller, 17 Market gallery 
Ferdinands George 'Staples Prowett M.D. ophthalmic surgeon, 

467 Union street 
Ferguson Alexander' & Co. painters & decorators, 4 Alford place ; 

T N 1561 
Ferguson Robert & Sons, dyers. 46 Upperkirkgate 
Ferguson Andrew Bruce, butcher, 328 & 585 George street; 
320 King street; 57 Elmbank terrace; 90 Great Northern 
road & 40 Sunnyside road 
Ferguson James, dyer, see Robert Ferguson & Sons 
Ferguson Magdalene (Mrs.), nurse, 53 Rose street 
Ferguson William, clothier, 359 George street 
Ferguison James Hamilton, commercial trav. 23 St. Swithin st 
Fernie William, com. traveller, Glenburnie house, Skene street 
Ferrier Bella & Mina (Misses), boarding school, 11 Bon-Accord sq 
Ferrier James, dining rooms, 68 John street 
Ferrier James, fruiterer, Market hall & Fish monger Market 

Ferries Peter, spirit dealer, 1 & 3 George st. & 9 Back wynd 
FerrybTJ Bowling & Lawn Tennis Co. Limited (J. A.. Simpson, 

sec), 143 Union street; ground, Polmuir road 
Fettes Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, 58 & 60 Chapsl street 
F.ddes Alexander & James, plumbers, 54 Albert st. ; TN iut'2 
Fiddes William & Son Limited, packing case manufacturers 

&c. Torry sawmills, Torry; TN 476; TA " Boxes " 
Fiddes & Co. potato merchants, 13 Belmont street 
Fiddes Alexinder, grocer & spirit dealer, 52 West Nor.h street 
Fiddes Alexander, plumber, see A. & J. Fiddes 
Fiddes Christina (Mrs.), milliner, 1C Queen street 
Fiddes James, packing case manufr. see Wm. Fiddes & Son Ltd 
Fiddes Margnret (Mrs.), apartments, 16 Beechgrove terrace 
Fife James, market gardener, Seafield road 
Fmdhiter James, boot repairer, 140 Hardgate 
Findlay & Henderson, builders & contractors, 
granite merchants, cutters & polishers, 10 
Claremont street 
Findlay L. & Son, fish curers, Pocra quay ; T. N 71 
Findlay & Co. india rubber dealers, 12 Holburn street 
Findlay Alexander, india rubber dealer, see Findlay & Co 
Findlay Alexander, inspector of cleansing, Poynernook road 
Findlay Alexander Milne, shopkeeper, 77 Queen street 
Findlay Andrew, builder, see Findlay & Henderson 
Findlay George, dairy, 457 Union street; 68 Esslemont avenue; 
23 Roslin street; 39 'St. Swithin street: 3 Forbesfield road; 
33 Summerfield terrace & G5 \ictoria road, Torry 
Findlay George, shopkeeper, 38 Skene square 
Findlay Isabella (Mrs.), midwife, 38 Thomson street 
Findlay James, dairyman, 151 Holburn street 
Findlay dames, news agent, 104 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Findlay James, traveller, 85 Gray street 

Findlay Jennie (Miss), shopkeeper, 520 Great Northern road 
Findlay Mary (Miss), teacher of drawing, 177 Union street 
Findlay R. A. fis>h curer, see L. Find'ay & Son 
Findlay Robert, potato merchant, 52 Powis terrace 
Findlay William, fish curer, see L. Findlay & Son 
Findlay William, grocer, 57 Park street 
Findlay William, inspector of cleansing, Municipal buildings, 

Union .street 
Findlay William Dunn, dairy, 22£ Broomhill road; 8G Great 

Western road & 42 Balmoral place 
Finlayson James Barron, tailor & clothier, 11 Huntly street 
Finlayson Robert Boyd, cashier & first assistant Aberdeen school 

board, 22 Union terrace 
Finnie Alexander D. tailor. 438 Great Northern road 
Finnie Andrew Scott F.S.A.A. clerk, treasurer & factor Aber- 
deen Royal Infirmary & "clerk & treasurer, Royal Lunatic 
Asylum, 343 Union street 
Finnie William L. working jeweller, 58 Queen street 
Fish Market (Wet) (John Moir, supt.), Commercial roaa 
Fisher William, spirit dealer, 26 Regent quay 
Fishery Boards (Deed Don District) ( Alexander DufTus, clerk); 

offices, 7 Golden square 
Fishery Office (James Ingram, officer), 172 Market street 
Fitzpatrick Helen (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 8 Littlejohn street g 
Fleming J. & J. hardware merchants, 24 Broad st. ; T N 965 
Fleming John & Co. Limited, timber merchants, St. Clement's 

street; T N 340; TA" Albert, Aberdeen " 
Fleming, Reid & Co. Limited, worsted spinners & hosiery manu- 
facturers, 92 Union street 
Fleming Alexander Laing, commercial traveller, 48 Erskine st 
Fleming George K. hardware merchant, see J. & J. Fleming 
Fleming John, grocer & spirit dealer, 78 Leadside road 
Fletcher Alexander, fish curer, 159 Point law 
Fletcher William, currier & leather merchant, 55 Princes street 
Fletcher William, fish curer, 72 Sinclair road, Torry 
Flockhart & Jamieson, chartered accountants, 41£ Union street 

Flockhart John R. chartered accountant, see Flockhart & 

Flockhart Thomas Wilson, hair dresser, 108 Holburn street 
Florence George, dining rooms, 17 & 19 Carmelite street 
Florence James, coal dealer, 41 Littlejohn street 
Florence Jane (Miss), dress maker, 104 George street 
Foggo William S. solicitor, 10 Belmont street; TN 849 1 
Foote Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 46 West North street 
Foote James, engineer, 195a, King street. 
Forbes Alexander & Co. wholesale warehousemen, 42 Qneen s-t. 

(TN 641) & shirt makers, 38 Lodge w;i k 
Forbes & Benzie Misses, dress makers, 37 Ho burn street 
Forbes & Castle, grocers, 70 Market street 
Forbes James & Son, granite workers & 

sculptors, Frogrhall road; TN K210X 
Forbes, Maxwell & Co. Limited, whisky blenders 
& wine & brandy shippers, Holburn build- 
ings; T N 186; T A "Maxwell, Aberdeen" 
Fcrbes Alexinder, grocer see Forbes & Castle 
Fcrbes Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 138 King street 
Forbes Ann, dairy, 4 & 33 Don street, Old Aberdeen 
Forbes Archibald, grocer, 6 & 7 Claremont street 
Forbes Catherine (Miss), confectioner, 4U7 George street 
Fcrbes Charles, commercial traveller, 239 Westburn road 
Forbes Charles M.B. & Ch.B.Aberd. surgeon, 187 King street 

& 19 & 21 Church street; TN 1139 
Forbes Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 57 Victoria street 
Forbes Francis W. granite worker, see J. Forbes & Son 
Forbes George, inspector of police, 398 King street 
Forbes George, master mariner, Bank cottage, Sunnybank road) 
Forbes Isabella (Mrs.), grocer, 11 Bon Accord lane 
Forbes James, coal dealer, 38 Skene row 
Forbes James, fish merchant, Palmers ton road 
Forbes James, granite worker, see J. Forbes & Son 
Forbes James, grocer, 1 Rosebank place 
Forbes James, milliner & draper, 48 George street 
Forbes James, slater, 12 Jasmine terrace 
Forbes Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 1 Bon-Accord terrace 
Forbes Jennie (Miss), shopkeeper, 138 Hardgate 
Forbes John, carting contractor, 39 Claremont street 
Forbes John, draper, 531 & 641 Great Northern road 
Forbes John, fish merchant, Patmerston road 
Forbes John, furniture dealer, 11 Drum's lane 
Forbes Thomas, apartments, 10 Black's buildings 
Forbes Thomas, fish merchant, 239 Market street; T A "Term, 

Aberdeen " 
Forbes William, baker, 1 William's square 
Forbes William, cabinet maker, see Brown & Forbes 
Forbes William, coal dealer, Shuttle lane 
Forbes William Dickson, carpenter & joiner, 35av 

Chapel street; T N 1845 
Ford William & Sons Limited, tea, sugar, wine & spirit mer- 
chants (Robert Grant, manager), 25 Guild street; TN 134; 
TA" Ford, Aberdeen " 
Ford & Co. (David M. Donald, local agent), mercantile offices-,. 

15 Belmont street; TN 942 
Fordyce Ruth (Miss), dress maker, 61 Huntly street 
Forest Robert Reid, spirit dealer, 130 Spital 
Forman William, shopkeeper, 56 Walker road, Torry & 55 Elm- 
bank terrace 
Forrest & Raifan, tailors, 82 "Union street 
Forrest Elsie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 62 John street 
Forrest James, news agent, 338 Great Northern road 
Forrest John W. painter, 39 Claremont street & 16fi Union gro 
Forrest William, hair dresser, 444 Great Northern road 
Forsyth & Campbell, trench polishers, 14 Blackfriars street 
Forsyth & Clark, solicitors, 13 Belmont street; TN 26T 
Forsyth (The) Temperance Hotel,90 & 104 Union st. ; T N 02358 
Forsyth Alexander, boot & shoe maker. 10 & 11 Castle strset 
Forsyth Alexander, butcher, 57 Commerce street 
Forsybh Alexander, french polisher, see Forsyih & Campbell 
Forsyth Christian (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 110 Skene street 
Forsyth Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 75 Crown street 
Forsyth George, carpenter, 9 Canal road 
Forsyth George, hair dresser, 186 Gallowgite 
Forsyth Herbert C. B. .solicitor, see Forsyth & Clark 
Forsyth James, waterworks inspector, Reservoirs, Mornings:de 

road, Mannofield 
Forsyth John, boot maker, 32 Miller street 
Forsyth John Falconer, commercial traveller, 98 Clifton road 
Forsyth Lizzie ('Miss), confectioner. 52 East North street 
Forsyth Mary Ann (Miss), apartments, 5 Crown terrace 
Forsyth Robert, butcher, 161 Gallowgate 
Fortescue William Archer Irvine J. P., M.B., C.M. physician & 

surgeon, 7 Bon-Accord square 
Fobheriugham Richard, plumber & gasfitter, 132 Hutcheon st 
Fotheringham Thomas, clerk, treasurer & factor, Gordon's col- 
lege, Srhoolhill 
Fourth Aberdeen Economic Building Society (M. Lunan, sec.)*. 

254 Union street 
Fowell Ridley, Lloyd's surveyor, 29 Regent quay 
Fowler James, assistant pilot, 3 South square 
Fowler James Elsmie J. P., M.D., C.M. surgeon, & medical officer 

City parish council, Ardenville, Church street, Woodside 
Fowler Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Old Mill road 
Fowler Samuel Davidson, solicitor, see Alexander Stronach, jun. 

& 'Son 
Fowler William, teacher of music, 32 Gladstone place 
Fowlie James, dairyman, 316 Clifton road 
Fowlie Thomas Wilson, tailor. 53c, Loch street 
Frain Alexander, cartwright, Rubislaw 
Fraser & Duguid, advocates & notaries & sees, to the Aberdeen' 

Music Hall Co. Limited, 57 Crown street; T N 249 
Fraser G. & W. printers, lithographers & stationers, 10 1 

Belmont street ; T N 408 
Fraser Hector & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 119 Bon-Accord st 
Fraser J. McKenzie & Co. tobacconist. & agents to the Globe 

Express Co. Limited, 13 Regent quay 
Fraser & Co. drapers, 7 & 8 Castle street 
Fraser Adam, aerated water manufacturer, 283 King street 




Fraser Alexander, miller, Milldnrno, Bridge of Don 

Fraser Alexander, riddle maker, la, Canal road 

Fraser Alexander, tailor, G4 John street 

Fraser Alexander, watch maker, 1!) Upperkirkgate 

Fraser Alexander B. mil!er & grain mer. Upper Justice mills 

Fraser Alexander D. tailor, 41 Bridge street 

Fraser Angus J.P., M.D. physician, 232 Union st. ; TN 116 

Fraser Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 43 St. Andrew street 

Fraser Bella (Miss), dress maker, 3 Summer street, Woodside 

Fraser Charles George, watch maker, 16 Hadden street 

Fraser Christina (Mrs.), butcher, 10 & 11 Market hall 

Fraser David, post office assistant superintendent of telegraphs, 

91 Clifton road 
Fraser Dona!d Garden, hair dresser, 5 George street 
Fraser Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Huteheon street 
Fraser Ellen (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 54 Watson street 
Fraser George, apartments, 16 Bridge street 
Fraser George, bookseller & stationer, 275 George street 
Fraser George, furniture dealer, 66 Victoria road, Torry 
Fraser George, printer, see G. & W. Fraser 
Fraser George M. chief librarian & clerk Public Library 
Fraser Gordon, shopkeeper, 801 King street, Old Aberdeen 
Fraser Hector, grocer, see Hector Fraser & Co 
Fraser Isabella (Miss), apartments, 51 Bose street 
Fraser James, baker, 157 Gallowgate 
Fraser James, coal dealer, 47 Charles street 
Fraser James, dining rooms, 28 Regent quay 
Fraser Jas. watch ma. 311 George st. & 39 Victoria road, Torry 
Fraser James Charles, house agent, 49 Watson street 
Fraser John, auctioneer, see Mackenzie R. J. & Fraser 
Fraser John Lawrie, fish merchant, Palmerston road 
Fraser John McKenzie, tobacconist, see J. McKenzie Fraser & Co 
Fraser Lilas (Miss), feather dresser, 20 Esslemont avenue 
Fraser Maggie (Mrs.), nurse, 34 Skene street 
Fraser Maggie (Miss), refreshment rooms, Commercial road 
Fraser Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 131 & 133'Skene st 
"Fraser Marjorie (Miss), dairy, 190 Gallowgate 
Fraser Mary (Miss), ornamental hair worker, 15 Duff street 
Fraser Robert, dairy farm, Seaton place, Old Aberdeen 
Fraser Thomas M.A., M.B., B.Ch., D.P.H. physician & sur- 
geon, 45 Elmbank terrace; TN K33 
Fraser William, boot repairer, 65 Commerce street 
Fraser William, inn. commercial traveller, 67 Stanley street 
Fraser William, farrier, 26 Albion street 
Fraser William, fish curer, Point law 
Fraser William, printer, see G. & W. Fraser 
Fraser William, refreshment rooms, 498 King street 
Fraser William -Smith, teacher of music, 2 Powis terrace 
Fraserburg & North of Scotland Trawling Co. Ltd. 172 Market st 
Frater Margaret (Miss), matron Epidemic hospital, Urquhart rd 
Frazer John, grocer, 30 South Mount street 

Free Press General Employment Register Office, 30 Union street 
Freeland Brothers, fish merchants, Palmerston road & fish- 
mongers, 78 King street 
Freeland Alexander, fish merchant, see Freeland Brothers 
Freeland Mary (Mrs.), fishmonger, 4 Menzies road. Torry 
Freeland William, fi=h merchant, see FreeVmil Brothers 
Freestone Annie (Mis*) L.R.A.M. tchr.of music, 7 University rd 
Freeth & Doeg, ship chandlers, Commercial road 
Freis Mary (Mrs.), draper, 40 Gilcomston steps 
Trench Ann (Mrs. - ), shopkeeper, 4 Gvanton place 
French Consulate (Wm. Tjeslie, consular agent), 59 Marischal st 
French John, commercial traveller, 19 Lilybank place 
Fruncesco Bruschi, confectioner, 416 George street 
Pugaccia Antonio, confectioner — ice cream maker. 10 Maris- 
chal st. & 235 George street & fried fish dlr.20 Marischal st 
"Fugaccia Gulio, confectioner, 112 King ^tr^et 
Fullarton Mary (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 520 Union street 
Pullerton & Co. warehousemen, 8 Bridge street 
Fullcrtnn James S. grocer & spirit dealer. 429 Great Northern rd 
Fnllprron John T. commercial traveller. 83 Osborne place 
Fulton Thomas Wemyss M.D. principal Marine Laboratory of the 

Fishery Board for Scotland, 417 Great Western road 
Fvfe J. & S. painters &c. 11 Dee street 

Vyfe John Limited, granite cutters & polishers 
& granite merchants, Provost Blaikie's auay; 
prey granite quarries, Kemnay. Toms Forest 
& Tillyfourie : red granite quarries, Corrennie; 
T N 31 ; T A " Fyfr. Aberdeen " 
Fyfe John & Son, brush makers, GG Netherkirkgate ; T N 714 
Fyfe, Thomson & Oo. tailors, 46 Queen street 
Fyfe Alexander, commercial traveller, 48 Salisbury terrace 
Fyfe George, fish merchant. Poynprnook road 
Fvfp George, grocer & spirit dea'er, 51 Shiprow 
Fyfe Georsre H. painter, see J. & S. Fyfe 
Fyfe Georgina (Mrs.), apartments, 34 Bridge street 
Fvfe James, painter, see J, & S. Fyfe 
Fyfe John, butcher, 90 High street. Old Aberdeen 
Fyfe "Robert, crocer & spirit dealer. 109 Causewayend 
Fyfe Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker. .134 Kin? street 
Fyvie Alexander C. commercial traveller, 12 Beaconsfield place 
Gabriel David, commercial traveller, 155 Duthie terrace 
G-air James A. dining rooms, 8 Exchange street 
Gaiter John, overseer G.P.O. 142 Broomhill road 
■Gall Robert & Co. drapers. 30 Broad street; 94 & 96 Union 

street & 34 Holburn street 
iGall & Walker, builders & contractors, 63 Richmond street 
Gall George, chief attendance officer Aberdeen school board, 

22 Union terrace 
Gall Isabella (Miss), shopkeeper, 71 Virginia street 
Gall James, boot repairer, 629 Great Northern road 
Gall John, builder, see Gall & Walker 
-Gall Margaret fMiss"), stationer. 259 Holburn street 
Gallacher Peter, slater, 446a. George street 
Gallan James, hair dresser, 27 Marischal street 
Gallow Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 31 Elmfield avenue 
Galloway & Sykes. cabinet makers, upholsterers & billiard 

table makers. 365 Un:on strpet . 
Galloway Alexander, hair dresser. 202 Market street 
Galloway Alexander Rudolf M.A., M.B. surgeon, 250 Union street 

Galloway John, cabinet maker, see Galloway & Sykes 
Galloway Robert, district manager British Legal Life Assurance 

Co. Limited, 8 Crown street 
Gammack Alexander, boot & shoe repairer, 471 Holburn street 
Gammie Florence (Mrs.), dress maker, 98 Sunnyside road 
Gammie Francis, coal dealer, 18a, Short loanings 
Gammie J. E. (Mrs.), draper, 39 Bon-Accord street 
Gammie John, boot maker, 44a, Chapel street 
Gammie John, granite worker, Rosebank terrace 
Garden & Raeburn, bakers & confectioners, 40 School- 
hill; T N 1158 
Garden & Co. granite merchants & workers, 217 to 251 King st 
Garden Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 541 George street 
Garden Farquharson Taylor, advocate, see C. & P. H. Chalmers 
Garden George, draper, 67 King street 
Garden James, boot maker, 664 King street 
Garden Robert, jun. dairyman, 480 Great Northern road 
Garden Thomas B. tobacconist, 16 Marischal street 
Garden William, gun & fishing tackle maker, 122J Union street 
Gardiner Andrew, grocer, 51 Bon-Accord street 
Gardner David& Co. typewriter agents, 173a, Union street 
Garey William, artist, 58 Schoolhill 
Garioch James, fishmonger, Market basement 
Garriock J. & Co. fish curers, South' esplanade west, Torry 
Garrow Robert, fish & game dealer, 68 Market basement 
Garstin W. & Sons, granite merchants, 10 Belmont street ; 

T A " Quartz " 
Gartly Annie (Miss), draper, 80 Chapel street 

Garvie James & Sons, house & horticultural 
builders, contractors, joiners, cabinet makers 
& upholsterers, manufacturers of decorative 
fibrous plaster &c Steam joinery & cabinet 
works, 55 Rose street; TN 187; TA " Tetra- 
style; " furniture warehouse, 4-19 Union street; 
T N 505 
Garvie Robert, millwright, 18 Bon-Accord lane 
Garvock Thomas, coach builder, see Smith & Garvock 
Gas & Electricity Department (Siml. Milne, engineer); offices, 
Municipal buildings, 2 Broad street; works, Cotton street 
rT N 507) & Milburn street <T N 1194) gas stove & electric 
motor department, 9 Union street 
Gas Meter Testing Office (Andrew Whyte, chief inspector),King st 
Gates Alfred, photographer, 178 Market street 
Gatt Henry, shopkeeper, 53 Chapel street 
Gaudie David & Son, bos makers, South esplanade west, Torry 
Gaudie Hugh, ironmonger, 215 George street 
Gaul & Wilson, saddlers & harness makers, 11 Bon-Accord street 
Gauld & Co. warehousemen, 6 Schoolhill: T A 'Trimmings;" 

T N 956 
Gauld Alexander, fish & game dealer, 24 Hidden street &. fish 

curer, Point law; T N 347 
Gauld Edgar, builder, contractor & bakers' 
oven builder, granite merchant & quarry 
owner, 2 8 Gilcomston terrace (T N 2 63); 
Whitehall place & 69 Jute street; res. Hamilton lodge, 
1 Hamilton place. See advertisement 
Gauld Edgar, jun. warehouseman, see Gauld & Co 
Gauld George, dairyman, 38 Woolmanhill 

Gauld Isabella (Mrs*"), private apartments, 38 Springbank Urrace 
Gauld James, builder, 7 Gilcomston park; T N 919; 

res. 19 Beechgrove terrace 
Gauld James, commercial traveller, 90 Clifton road 
Gauld William, boot maker, 611 George street 
Ganld William, dairyman, 14 Albvn grove 
Gauld William Edgar A.R.T.B.A. architect, 258 Union street 
Gaull John, dairy, 6 Marquis road, Woodside 
Gavin & Gill, "millers & corn merchants. 246 George street 

(T N 60G) & hay & straw dealers, 10 to 20 Jopps' lane 
Gavin George, tailor, 23 Huntley street 
Gavin Martha (Mrs.), news agent, 8 Marywell street 
Geddes James, shopkeeper, 43 Spital 

Geddes John, station master Don Street station, Woodside 
Geddes John, tea merchant, 7 Belmont street 
Geddes Maggie (Miss), teacher of music, 15 Correction wynd 
Geilde* Sarah (Mr?.), apartments, 64 Bose street 
Geddes Walter, hair dresser, 48 Holburn street 
Geddes William, baker, 134 Causewayend 
Geddes William J. grocer & spirit dealer, 218 King street 
Geddie David Watson M.A., M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 

13 Golden square; T N 690 
Geershon Thomas, fancy goods dealer, 2 Bridge street & hard- 
ware merchant, 57 & 59" St. Nicholas street 
Gellatlv William, boot closer, 39 TJpperkirkgate 
Gemmell Mathew, shopkeeper, 81 Huteheon street 
General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation Limited 

(1. P. Marshall, district manager), 220 Union street 
General Bill Posting Co. Limited, 36 Lodge walk; T N 819 
George James, grocer, 64 & 207 Victoria rd. Torry & King st 
George John, jobbing gardener, 20 Allan street 
George Robert, tailor. 135 John street 

Georgeson J. & W. & Co. coach ironmongers, 57 Belmont st 
Georgeson John, coach ironmonger, see J. & W.Georgeson & Co 
Georgeson Wm. coach ironmonger, see J. & W. Georgeson & Co 
Geor^ine Florence (Miss), dairv, 103 Commerce street 
Gerard Margaret (Miss), silversmith, 411 Union street 
German Empire Consulate (Charles F. Ludwig, consul), 54 

Regent quay 
Gerrard James, nurseryman, 20 Mid Stocket road 
Gerrard John, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Chattan place 
Gerrie John, chemist, see Strachan & Gerrie 
Gerrie Peter, granite worker & polisher, Claybills 
Gerrv James, fish curer, North esplanade 
Gervaise Austin (Mrs.), general dealer, 40 East North street 
Gervaise Walter, clothes dealer, 12 King street* 
Giacobbe Armellini, confectioner, 8 & 10 Gilcomston steps & 

195 Rosemount place 
Gibb Bros, granite workers, Merkland rd. east & 377 King st 
Gibb George & Son, p'.asterers, 72 Nelson street 




Gibb J.& A. warehousemen, 32Market at. ;T A " Gibbs, Aberdeen " 

works, Paisley 
Gibb Alfred, granite worker, see Gibb Brothers 
Gibb Edward, solicitor, 245 Union street 
Gibb George, boot repairer, 82 St. Andrew street 
Gibb George M.A., M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 204 Great 

Western road 
Gibb James, shopkeeper, 121 West North street 
Gibb James Henderson, master mariner, 18 Gray street 
Gibb John, dairyman, 13 Dunbar street. Old Aberdeen 
Gibb John, granite worker, see Gibb Brothers 
Gibb John, warehouseman, see J. & A. Gibb 
Gibb John H. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Mid Stockefc road 
Gibb Robert, granite worker & polisher 
Gibb Thomas, spirit dealer, 443 George street 
Gibb Walter B. district representative of Liverpool & London 

& Globe Insurance Co. Limited, 214 Union street 
Gibb William, boot & shoe maker, 5 Park street 
Gibb William, granite worker, see Gibb Brothers 
Gibbs Frederick, draper, 540 Great Northern road 
Gibbs Jean (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 75 Hutcheon street 
Gibbs Thomas, spirit dealer, 84 Hutcheon street 
Gibson David Cooper, stock & ghare broker, 181a, Union street 
Gibson Mary Ann (Miss), apartments, 97 Crown street 
Gibson Thomas Best M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon, 2 Golden square 
Gilbert Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Canal street 
Gilbert Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 7 Springbank terrace 
Gilchrist W. & Co. funeral furnishers, 74 Queen st. ; T N 1U97 
Gilcbrist John, spirit dealer, 325 & 327 George street 
Giles Alexander, jobbing gardener, 63 Blenheim place 
Giles S. N. (.Miss), fruiterer, 432 Union street 
Giles William, chemist, 123 Crown street 

Gill Alexander & Son, watch makers & jewellers, 12 Bridge st 
Gill Alexander 0., D.L., J.P. manufr. see Farquhar & Gill 
Gill James, miller, see Gavin & Gill 
Gill James A. chemist & druggist, 49 Green 
Gill John, blanket agent, 31 Beechgrove terrace 
Gill John, house carpenter, joiner & shop fitter, 66 Loch 

street (T N 1165); res. 34o Holburn street 
Gill Thomas Paterson, reporter, 134 Bruomhill road 
Gill William (Mrs.), ladies' nurse, 30 Dee street 
Gill William S. manufacturer, see Farquhar & Gill 
G-illan Agnes (Mrs.), apartments, 16 Bridge street 
Gillan James, hair dresser, 25 'St. Andrew street 
Gillnn William, news agent, 117 Gallowgate 
Gillespie Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 5 Gilcomston steps 
Gillies Thomas R. advocate, notarv public & auditor of court, 181a 

Union street; T N 489 ; res. 375 Great Western rd. ; T N 1526 
Gillies William, boot maker, 59 Richmond street 
Girdwood George, watch maker, 347 Union street 
Giuilianotti Julius, confectioner, see Azzali & Giuilianotti 
Giulianotti Brothers, confectioners 21, & fried fish dealers 24, 

Victoria road, Torry 
Giulianotti Antonio, ice cream dealer, 52 Bridge street 
Giulianotti Charles, fried fish dealer, 32 St. Andrew street 
Giulianotti Emilio, confectioner, 7 Schoolhill 
Giulianotti Giovanni, confectioner, 16 Holburn street 
Giulianotti Luoigi, confectioner, 64 College st. & 219 George st 
Gizzie Peter, confectioner, 37 Leadside road 
Glasgow Herald (branch office) (Robert Walker, agent), 40 

Bridge street 
Glass E. & W. umbrella makers, 247 George street 
Glass Alexander Pithie, spirit dealer, 504 Holburn street 
Glass David, cattle dealer, see Abel & Glass 
Glass William, umbrella maker, see E. & W. Glass 
Gleeson Thomas, 2nd class examining officer H.M. Customs, 

Custom house, Regent quay 
Glegg & Thomson, iron «>c metal merchants & wholesale iron- 
mongers, 255 & 259 George street; T N 37 & 731 ;. T A 

" Glegg, Aberdeen " 
Glegg James 0. iron merchant, see Glegg & Thomson 
Glenesk Elizabeth (Mrs*.), news agent, 221 Rosemount place 
Glennie & Cran, boot makers, 34 Market street 
Glennie Alexander Hutchinson, grocer & spirit dealer, 222 

George street; T N 31X1 
-Glennie Elsie (Mrs.), apartments, 13 Dee place 
Glennie Helen (Mrs.), dairy keeper, 80 East North street 
Glennie Thoma3 C. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Gilcomston steps; 

T N 832 
Glennie William, stock broker, 177 Union slreet 
Glennie William Alexander, cabinet maker, 197 Rosemount pi 
Globe Express Lim. (J. McKenzie Fraser, agt.), 13 Regent quay 
Goldie Robert, antique furniture dealer, 15 Marisclml street 
Goodall Charles, fish carer, see 'Still & Goodall 
Goodall Charles, police superintendent, 48 Bedford place 
Goodbrand Charles, boot repairer, 9 Rosemount place 
Goodbrand James, rope maker, see Skene & Goodbrand 
Goolbrand Stephen, hosiery manufacturer & warehouseman, 33 

& 35 St. Nicholas street: LN 543 
Goodbrand Stephen, sec. Tallerman Institute for Treatment of 

Rheumatism, 4 Correction wynd 
Gordon George & Co. timber merchants, Provost Blaikie's quav; 

T N 255; T A " Timber, Aberdeen " 
Gordon & Smith, grocers, 195 & 197 Union street; T N 159 
Gordon & Sutherland, wholesale confectioners & preserve mas. 

8 Gaelic lane; T N 341 
Gordon & Thomson, wholesale grocers, 63 Loch street; T N 301 
Gordon & Watt, painters, 39 Woolmanhill ; T N 394 
Gordon Highlanders' Institute (William Robertson, sec. ; Alex 

M. Camming, superintendent), 37 Belm >nt street 
Gordon Adam baker, 7 Dee street 
Gordon Adam, butcher, 16 Crown street 
Gordon Alexander, dairyman, 99 Rosemount place 
Gordon Alexander G. tailor, 10 Fonthill road 
Gordon Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 42 Rose street 
Gordon Bella A. (Miss), stay maker, 33 Thistle street 
Gordon Catherine (Mrs.), apartments, 10 Beechgrove terrace 
Gordon Charles, builder, Towis lane 
Gordon David, carter, 64 Spring garden 
Gordon Elsie (Miss), dress maker, 29 Wallfield place 

Gordon Major Duncan F., J.P. chief constable, County Police 
office, & chief inspector of weights & measures, Lodge walk; 

T N 38 
Gordon George, butcher, 89 Skene square; T N K97 
Gordon George Gauld, registrar Shipping Federation Limited, 

41 Regent quay 
Gordon James, cabinet maker, see John Alexander & Co 
Gordon James, confectioner, see Gordon & Sutherland 
Gordon James, dairyman, 667 George street 
Gordon James, grocer & spirit dealer, 70 Holburn street 
Gorlon James, tailor, 138 George street ; T N 28Y4 
Gordon James E. wholesale grocer, see Gordon & Thomson 
Gordon Jame? F. boot dealer, 31 Broad street 
Gordon James H. director, see George- Gordon & Co. Limited 
Gordon James Walker, tailor, 41 Queen street 
Gordon John, architect, 58 Catherine street 

Gordon John, assistant burgh surveyor, Municipal bldgs. Union st 
Gordon John M.D., CM. assistant physician Aberdeen Royal 

Infirmary, & surgeon, 1 Rubislaw terrace- T N 1776 
Gorclon John, butcher, 26 Ship row 
Gordon John Booth, tailor, 37 Huntly street 
Gordon John Collie, grocer & spirit dealer, 67 Urquhart road; 

res. 69 Clifton road 
Gordon John Henry Forbes, advocate, 44 King street 
Gordon Margaret (Miss), apartments, 18 Queen street 
Gordon Margaret (Mrs.), clothes broker, 53 Queen street 
Gordon Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 20 Castle street 
Gordon Robert, draper, 374 George street 
Gordon Robert Fraser, packing case maker & joiner, 12 Charles 

street; T N K29 
Gordon Robert Milne B.L. solicitor, 173a, Union street 
Gordon Thomas, dairyman, 23 Huntly street 
Gordon Thomas Robert, grocer. 17 Fountainhall rd. ; T N 1577 
Gordon W. M'Combie, inspector of branches Town & County 

Bank Limited, 4 Beaconsfield place 
Gordon Walterine (Mrs.), dairy, 10 West North street 
Gordon William, advocate & town clerk, & sec. & clerk to 

Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners, Town house, Union street j 

T N 1296 
Gordon William, baker, 36 Leadside road 
Gordon William, carpenter, 4a, Crown terrace 
Gordon William, draper & stationer, 127a, Crown street 
Gordon William, watch maker, 7 Rose street 
Gordon William G. druggist, 155 Skene street & 108 George 

street; T N 28X1 
Gordon William Paterson, tutor, 43 Diamond street 
Gordon's College (Charles Stewart M.A. head master; Thomas 

Fotheringham, clerk, treasurer & factor), Schoolhill; T N 426. 

For list of masters see p. 19 
Gorrod & Davie, corn & seed merchants, 8 Chapel street (T N 

1553); 58 Huntly street & 225 Market street 
Gorrod George & Sons, coopers, 41 Regent quay 
Gorrod Andrew, commercial traveller, 86 Osborne place 
Gorrod George, cooper, see George Gorrod & Sons 
Gorrod John Ledingham, cooper, see George Gorrod & Sons 
Gorrod William W. grain merchant, see Gorrod & Davie 
Gouro:k Ropework Co. rope manufacturers, 198 Market street 
Gowans George Russell, artist, 259 Union street 
Graham Gordon & Co. tea & wine mers. 31 Market st, ; T N 755 
Graham Charles, wine merchant, see Gordon Graham & Co 
Graham Christina (Miss), boot & shoe dealer, 41 Upperkirkgate 
Graham James Cuthbert, office fitter, 17 Crown street 
Graham John, spirit dealer, 415 Great Northern road 
Graham John, vice-consul for Russia, 12 Commerce street 
Graham Mary (Mrs.), draper, 51 East North street 
Graham Waiter, baker, 291 Rosemount place; 66 Huntly st. ,- 

90 Market basement & 30 Hadden street; T N 1513 
Graisor Robert, tobacconist, 409 Great Northern road 
Grammar School (H. F. Morland Simpson M.A. rector), Senke 

street. For list of masters see p. 20 
Grampian Fishing Co. Limited (W. G. Jameson, sec), 194 

"Market street 
Grand Hotel (David G. Bilham, manager), 10 to 

13 Union terracs; excellent stock rooms; 

200 yards from Railway station; T N 200. 

Sre advertisement 
Granite City Steam Fishing Co. Limited (A. W. Edwards, sec), 

29 Union street 
Granite Citv Steamship Co. Limited (Richard Connon, Reid & 

Co. managers), 82 Market street; T N 108 
Granite Supply Association Limited (James T. Jeffrey, sec), 

81 Union street & (John Sutherland, mgr.) Urquhart road 
Grant Alexander, boot repairer, 1 Charles street 
Grant David, apartments, 33 Orchard street 
Grant Donald, grocer & spirit dealer, 99 Skene street 
Grant Ellen (Mrs.), private hotel, 160 Union street 
Grant George, dairy, Broomhill road 

Grant George, manufacturing confectioner, 178 West North st 
Grant George, painter, 379 George street 
Grant James, Don View hotel. Bridge of Don 
Grant James, governor of H.M. Prison, Craiginches 
Grant James, spirit dealer, 7 & 9 St. Nicholas street 
Grant James, tailor, 106 Great Western road 
Grant Jessie (Mrs.), apartments, 48 Boseniount viaduct 
Grant John, baker, see Watt & Grant 
Grant John, commercial traveller, 1-J Lilybank place 
Grant John, draper, see Watt & Grant 
^»Grant John, superintendent telegraphs G.P.O. 381 Holburn street- 
Grant John, watch maker, 25 Oastle street 
Grant John Lyall J.P. merchant, see Brebner & Grant 
Grant Lewis, spirit dealer, S6 High street, Oil Aberdeen 
Grant Maggie i Mrs.), refreshment room*. :;s Market basement 
Grant Margaret 'Mr.-i. grocer, 63 Bsslemont avenue 
Grant Margaret L. (Mrs.), apartments, 112 Osborne place 
Grant Mary Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 20 Bedford place 
Grant Peter, hair dresser, 76 Windmill brae 

Grant Sarah (Miss), grocer, 1 Claremont pi. : res.56 Claremont st 
Grassie Wilhelmina (Miss), dress maker, 258 Union street 
Graves J. G. Ltd. (Sheffield), merchants, 9a, Correction wynd 
Gray Alexander & Co. shoe makers, 378 Great Northern road. 




Gray Brothers, flour importers, Imperial place 

Gray David & Son, wheelwrights & blacksmiths, 180 to 190 

Hardgate & 177 Holburn street; T N 678 
Gray George &, Co. auctioneers & valuators, 22 Loch street: 

T N 334 
Gray, Harrow & Co. cartwrights, lurry builders & blacksmiths, 

59 & 61 John street; T N 282 
Gray & Kellas, solicitors & notaries public, 207 "Union street 
Gray, Kennedy & Dickie, warehousemen, 82 Market street 
Gray, Watt & Co. rope & twine manufacturers, 152 to 156 & 162 

West North street; T N, K 25 
Gray Albert, cab proprietor, 112 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Gray Alexander, boot maker, 159 Victoria road, Torry 
Gray Alexander, chemist, 302 George street 
Gray Alexander, engineer, see Hall & Co 
Gray Alexander (Mrs.), fruiterer, Market hall 
Gray Alexander, slate merchant, see J. & W. Henderson 
Gray Alexander, tea dealer, 27 Union street 
Gray Alexander, watch maker, 20 Netherklrkgate 
Gray Alexander M. travelling traffic agent Great North of 

Scotland Railway, 80 Guild street; T N 377 

Gray Alexander R. home & foreign produce 
broker & provision & grain merchant, 64 Mar- 
ket street; T N: oftiee, 36; warehouse, 432; TA 
" GRAY, Aberdeen; " res. Garthdee house, Cults 

Gray Alexander Rhind, confectioner, 16 Woolmanhill 
Gray Andrew, boot makfi*, 32 Powis terrace 
Gray David, wheelwright, see David Gray & Son 
Gray Elizabeth (Mrs.), apnrtments, 5 Schoolhill 
Gray Elizabeth (Miss), secondhand bookseller, Market hall 
Gray George, auctioneer, see George Gray & Co 
Gray George, cartwright, see Gray, Harrow & Co 
Gray George, oil dealer, 13 Crooked lane 
Gray George, warehouseman, see Gray, Kennedy & Dickie 
Gray George S. grocer, 112 Wellington road 
Grav Henrv J. advocate, 41£ Union street 

Gray Henry Mcllree Williamson M.B., CM., F.R.C.S.E. sur- 
geon, 5 Bon-Accord square 
Gray James, boot repairer, 12 Blackfriars street 
Gray James, butcher, 2 Summerrleld place 
Gray James, granite worker, 5 St. Clair street 
Gray John, grocer & sp'rit dealer, 24 Guest row 
Gray John Paterson Smith, solicitor & notary public (Gray & 

Gray Mary (Mrs. - ), dairy, 57 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Gray Peter, shopkeeper, 238 Holburn street 
Gray R. Ernest, deputy superintendent & registrar R.N.R. Board 

of Trade, 19 Regent quay 
Gray Robert, dairyman, 351 George street 
Gray Robert, dairyman, 331 Great Northern road 
Gray Sarah (Mrs.), grocer, 18 Elmbank terrace 
Gray Thomas, grocer &c. 173 Crown street 
Gray W.Uiam, hosier, 10 Ho'.burn street 
Gray William, journalist, 1 Caroline place 
Gray William A. grocer, 713 Great Northern road 
Gray William Anderson, stock broker, 48a, Union street 
Gray's School of Art (Thomas Fotheringham, sec; George J. 

Pope, janitor), Schoolhill 
Great Grimsby Coal, Salt & Tanning Co. Limited, ships' iron- 
mongers, rope merchants & manufacturers, ships' riggers, 
lump manufacturers, fishermen's clothing manufacturers & 
outfitters &c. 168 & 170 Market st. See advertisement 
Great North of Scotland Railway Co. (George Davidson, genl. 
manager; T. S. Mackintosh, sec); offices, 80 Guild street 
(T N 377); goods station, Waterloo quay (T N 368); stores 
department, Inverurie. For full list of officials see p. 21 
Great (The) Northern Telegraph Co. (of Copenhagen) (Y. R. 

Lanng, manager), Post Office buildings 
Great Western Road Bowling & Tennis Club Limited (John 

Murray, sec), 22 Bridge street 
Green Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 116 Park street 
Green Alexander, watch maker, 239 George street 
Green James, builder, 24 Rosebery street 
Green James (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 136 King street 
Green James, house carpenter, 27^ Short loanings 
Green James E. National hotel, 64 & 65 Regent quay 
Green James S. grocer & spirit dealer, 68 St. Nicholas street 
Green Jessie L. (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 35 Marischal street 
Green John, boot maker, 1 Wallfield place 
Green Robert, shopkeeper, 136 Causewayend 
Green Robert, jun. grocer, 613 George street 
Greenacre John S. photographer, 101a, Rosemount place 
Greenlaw John, grocer &c. 66 Whitehall road 
Greenlees & Son, boot & shoe dlrs.269 Union st. & 39 George st 
Gregor George, shopkeeper, 22 James street 
Gregor Henry Watson, tailor, see Christie &. Gregor 
Gregory John M.B., CM. surgeon, 108 High st. Old Aberdeen 
Greig Brothers, confectioners, 35 Bridge street 
Greig & Craib, builders & masons, 16 Broomhill road 
Greig Albert, confectioner, 31 Causewayend 
Greig Barbara (Mrs.), apartments, 12 Schoolhill 
Greig Charles, tobacconist, 2 Market street 
Greig George, builder, see Greig & Craib 

Greig Geo. grocer & spirit dlr. & sub-postmaster, Bridge of Don 
Greig Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Jute street 
Greig William, mineral water manufacturer, see Sang & Co 
Greig William, shopkeeper, 105 Skene street 
Greig William Kelvin, granite worker, see Christie, Greig & Co 
Greigs Margaret (Miss), apartments, 26 St. Swithin street 
Greir Catherine (Mrs.), grocer, 406 King street 
Gresham Life Assurance Society Limited (Alexander Milne, 

resident sec), 216 Union street 
Gresham Publishing Co. booksellers & publishers, 60 School- 
hill; T N 8X3 
Grieve Alfred, commercial traveller, 34 Rosebery street 
Grieve Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 6 Short loanings 
Grieve Robert, fried fish dealer, 196 Holburn street 
Grieve William, teacher of navigation, 21 James street 
Griffiths James, shopkeeper, 77 Green 

Grove Cemetery Co. Limited (The) (Davidson & Garden, sees.), 

12 Dee street 
Guild Alexander, machinery merchant, 131 West North street 
Guisti Emilo, fried fish dealer, 115 Skene street 
Gullan David, stationer, 50 Market street & printer, 28 & 30 1 

Carmelite lane 
Gunn David, tobacconist, 15 Schoolhill 
Gunn Donald H. Stanley hotel, 39 Regent quay 
Guyan Alexander, pilot, 1 South square 
Guyan James, pilot, 4 Middle row 
Guyan Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 York street 
H.M, Factory Department (Aberdeen district; embracing the 

counties of Aberdeen, Kincardine, Banff; & Elgin) (William 

B. Lauder, inspector; William McDonald, clerk), 115 Union st 
Hacket Clara (Miss), shopkeeper, 20^ Dee street 
Hadden Alexander, grocer, 56 East North street 
Hidden George, master mariner, 200 Mid Stocket road 
Hadden James, baker, 28 Bank street 
Hadden James, monumental sculptor & 

granite v o ker, Back Hilton street; res. 35 

Great Northern road 
Hadden James A. solicitor, 11 St. Nicholas street; T N 776 
Hadden Jane (Miss), apartments, 4 Bridge street 
Hadden William, inspector of mains gas department, Gas In- 
spectors' office, Cotton street 
Hadden William, jobbing gardener, 4 Burns road 
Hall Alexander & Co. Limited, ship builders, engineers & boiler 

makers, 49 York street; T N 290 ; T A "Hall, Aberdeen" 
Hall, Russell & Co. Limited, engineers, boiler makers & ship 

builders, Aberdeen iron works, York place; T N 273; T A 

' Halrussel, Aberdeen" 
Hall Alexander, joiner, 21 Mid Stocket road; T N 93 
Hal Alexander, lamp & oil dealer, 49 East North street 
Hall Alexander, shipmaster, 166 Hutcheon street 
nail Christianna (Miss), apartments, 176 Skene street 
Hall David, bookbinder, 38 & 40 Netherk irk gate ; T N 8Y5 
Hall George, builder, Back Hilton road; res. 139 Dess- 

wood place 
Hall Harvey, advocate & chartered accountant & auditor of 

town's accounts, see Marquis & Hall 
Hall Sergt.-Major James Henry, 1st Aberdeenshire Royal En- 
gineers (Volunteers), 18 Burns road 
Hall John, plasterers' fibre maker, Links 
Hall Robert J. P. chemist & druggist, 455 Great Northern road 
Hall Thomas Cummine, bookseller & stationer, 306 George st 
Hallev William, tea merchant, see T. Curr & Co 
Hallglen Richard H. Pavilion restaurant, 44 Market street 
Hallv & Co. enamelled slate & marble chimney-piece & tile 

importers, 2 Little Belmont street; T N 798 
Hamilton Claud (Aberdeen) Limited, electrical & motor car 

engineers, 36 to 44 Union row (T N 880) & 254a, Union st. ; 

TA " Power;" T N 582 
Hammersley F. & Co. (Leek), silk manufacturers (J. L. Rhind, 

agent), 10 Belmont street 
Hampton Thomas W. carver &c. 403 Union street 
Hannans Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 51 Castle street 
Harbour Engineer's Office (Gordon Nicol, harbour engineer ; 

William Simpson, assistant engineer), 15 Regent quay; T N 233 
Hardie Fred, photographer, 416 Union street 
Hardie George, tailor, 197 King street 
Hardie Jem'ma (Mrs.), draper, 68 St. Clement street 
Har.lie Thomas Paterson, wheelwright, 313 Great Northern rd 
Harlv James & Co. Ltd. watch makers & jewellers, 53 Union st 
Ilm-nian Alice Mary Ann (MrB.), spirit dealer, 43 John street 
Harper Alexander & Sons, slaters, 13 Summerrleld terrace 
Harpei- & Anderson, butchers, 76 Causewayend 
Harper & Bell, fishmongers, 7 Waverley place ; T N 52Y 
Harper William & Co. coal & lime merchants, 39 

Guild street; T N 266. See advertisement 
Harper & Co. agricultural implement maker;, 20 Hadden street 
Harper Alexander, draper, 31 Castle street 
Harper Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 148 Causewayend & 18 

Sunnybank place 
Harper Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 481 George street 
Harper Hugh, implement maker, see Harper & Co 
Harper James, slater, 26 South Constitution street 
Harper John, commercial traveller, 110 Hummerfield avenue 
Harper Louis, civil engineer, 115 Union street 
Harper Peter, superintendent, Duthie park, Whinhill road 
Harper Robert, greengrocer, 29 Justice street 
Harper Robert, shopkeeper, 494 Holburn street 
Harper Thomas, grocer, 41 Gordon street 
Harper William, butcher, see Harper & Anderson 
Harper William, commercial traveller, 150 Blenheim place 
Harpers Limited, general founders & engineers, Craiginches; 

T N 549; TA" Harpers, Aberdeen " 
Harris Ralph, compass adjuster, see Stevenson & Harris 
Harrison Cyril, teacher of music, 28 Crown street 
Harrott & Co. hosiery m anu fact ur ens. 87 Holburn street (1 N 

1841) & Union glen 
Harrow John, cartwright, see Gray, Harrow & Co 
Harrow Wi'liam Lamb, cabinet maker, see Simpson & Harrow 
Harrower Colin, cloihes broker, 72 Marquis mad, Woofeide 
Harvey J. & G. J. stock brokers, 42 Union street; T N 306 ; 1 A 

" Harvevs, Aberdeen" 
Harvey Christina (Miss), shopkeeper, 46 roadside road 
Harvey George J. stock broker, see J. & G. J- Harvey 
Harvey James, shopkeeper, 13 Younsr street 
Harvev James, -stock broker, see J. & G- J- Harvey 
Birvev John Charles, commercial traveller, 67 Leslie road 
Harvev Nellie (Miss), shopkeeper, 83 Chapel street 
HarveV Patrick, butter & egg mer. 23 Chapel st. ; TN 1915 
Harvey Peter, cowkeeper, 644 Great Northern road 
Harvev Robert, accountant, Waterloo goods station (G. N. of 

S Railway), 54 Great Western road 
Hatt William, news agent. 18 Chapel street 
Bay A.& Sons.cabinet makers, 15 & 17 Richmond st. ; TN 6G1 
Hay & Lyall, carvers & gilders, 73 Union street 
Hay R & J. house carpenters, Rosebank nlace, Hardgate 
Hay William A. & Co. iron & metal merchants, Commercial road. 

56 ABl KOEEN. 



Hay William & Alick, cabinet makers, 96 Huntly street 
Hav William & John, 'wine & spirit merchant*, 199 Union 

street; TN 84a 
Hay William & Sons, aerated water manufac- 
turers, Berryden road; T N E 28; T A "Hays, Berryden, 
Aberdeen " 
Hay & Co. seedsmen, 50 Green 
Hay Alexander, blacksmith, 19 Mid Stocket road 
Hay Alexander, dairy, 129 Victoria road, Torry 
Hay Alexander, herb beer maker, 32 East North street 
Hay Alexander Duguid, aerated water manufacturer, see Wm. 

Hay & Sons 
Hay Annabella (Miss), shopkeeper, 241 Eosemount place 
Hay Elsie (Miss), apartments, 21 King street 
Hay G-eorge, joiner, see Leslie & Hay 
Hay George, traveller, 258 Great Western road 
Hay Henry H. A. commercial traveller, 80 Clifton road 
Hay James, advocate, see Leslie E. D. & Hay 
Hay James (Mrs.), automatic machine propr."20 Market gallery 
Hay James, grocer, 34 James street 
Hay James, spirit dealer 1 & 2, & restaurant 7, Union 

buildings ; T N 84 
Hay James, tailor, 11 Belmont street 
Hay James P. cabinet maker, see A. Hay & Sons 
Hay John, artist, 115 Union street 

Hay John Geddes, commercial traveller, 1 Sunnyside walk 
Hay John George Philip, news agent. 655 George street 
Hay Joseph, cabinet maker, see A. Hay & Sons 
Hay Leith William, painter, 190 Eosemount place 
Hay Margaret (Mrs.), nurse, 27 Victoria street 
Hay Mabthew M.D. professor of forensic medicine University 
of Aberdeen, police surgeon & medical officer of health, 41£ 
Union street 
Hay Kobert, cabinet maker, 7 Union wynd 
Hay Robert, carpenter, see E. & J. Hay, 56 Balmoral place 
Hay Eobert W. L. carver &c. see Hay *& Lyall 
Hay William, tobacconist 39, & tailor 40, Union terrace 
Hay William, town sergeant, 2 Jasmine terrace 
Hay William, wood carver, 89a, Summer street 
Hay Wm. A. scrap iron merchant, see Williaim A. Hay & Co 
Hay William Fowlie, chemist, 29 Eose street; TN 1784 
Hayward Lieut). I., R.N.E. superintendent & examiner in navi- 
gation & seamanship, Board of Trade, 49 Regent quay 
Hector John & Co. builders' merchants, 54 Charlotte st.;TN 655 
Hector John, merchant, 243 Market street 
Hector Thomas J.P. clerk & treasurer to the Aberdeen school 

board, 22 Union terrace 
Hector Thos. Walker, solicitor & notary public, 259 Union st 
Hegarty John Bayne, postmaster Post Office, Crown street 
Helmrich Charles & Sons, wholesale stationers, 22 Adelphi : 

T N 909 
Helmrich George Frederick, fruiterer, 605 George street 
Henderson Brothers, clothiers, 35£ Broad street 
Henderson D. & Son, metal workers, 45 Schoolhill 
Henderson H. & Sons, tanners, curriers & leather mers. 3 King st 
Henderson J. & W. slate & cement merchants, 82 Market street; 

T N 479; T A " Hendersons, Aberdeen " 
Henderson John M. & Co. engineers, King street; T N 162; T A 

" Cranes " 
Henderson Peter & Sons, tailors, 347 George street 
Henderson & Stephen, manufacturing confectioners, 35 Spring 

garden; T N 800 
Henderson & Webster, gTanite polishers &c. Affleck street 
Henderson William & Son, architects & valuators, 124 Union st. : 

T N 892 
Henderson Adam, tailor &c. 118 King street 
Henderson Albert M.A., M.D. physician & surgeon, 11 

Golden square ; T N 111 
Henderson Alexander, draper, see Sangster & Henderson 
Henderson Andrew Murray, commercial traveller, 92 Leslie ter 
Henderson Andrew Webster, artificial teeth maker, 40 Union 

terrace & cfliemist, 1 Eosemount viaduct 
Henderson Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 74 Spital 
Henderson Edmond (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 48 Shiprow 
Henderson Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 23 Thistle street 
Henderson Francis D. outfitter, 36 Market street & 29 Vic- 
toria road, Torry 
Henderson George H. news agent, 479 Union street 
Henderson James, blacksmith, 3 Barnett's close 
Henderson James, carpenter, 88 Holburn street 
Henderson Jas. commercial travllr. Orchard cot. Orchard place 
Henderson James, fruiterer, 247 Eosemount place 
Henderson James (trustees of), grocer, 20 Shiprow 
Henderson James, joiner, Cuparstone row 
Henderson James, .passenger agent (N. B. Eailway Co.), Joint 

station, Guild street 
Henderson James, photographic apparatus & material dealer, 

164 Union street 
Hendenson James, tailor, see P. Henderson & Sons 
Henderson James Ogilvie, tailor, 200 George street 
Henderson James Taylor, market gardener. Woodbine cottage, 

Cornbill road 
Henderson Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 25 Holburn street 
Henderson John, baker, 427 & 429 George street; 3 South 

Mount street & 2 Gilcomston steps ; T N K23 
Henderson John, builder, 25 Summer street; TN 1156 
Henderson John, journalist, 46 Mount street 
Henderson John, master mariner, 83 Hamilton place 
Henderson John, tea merchant, 356 George street * 

Henderson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Gilcomston steps 
Henderson Peter, tailor, \see P. Henderson & Sons 
Henderson Robert, draper, 33 & 35 Union street 
Henderson Thoma-s, butcher, 4 Union grove 
Henderson William, builder, see tfindlay & Henderson 
Henderson William, butcher, 493 Great' Northern road 
Henderson William, clothier, see Henderson Brothers 
Henderson William, draper, 6 Holburn street 
Henderson William, manufacturing confectioner, see Hender- 
son & Stephen 
Henderson William, news agent, 561 George street 
Henderson William B. manufacturing conictnr. 108 Gallowgate 

Hendrick James B.Sc, F.I.C. lecturer on agricultural chemistry 
at Aberdeen University & county analyst, 121 Hamilton place* 
Hendry A. & Sons, plasterers, 23 Catherine street 
Hendry & Keith, carpenters & joiners, 21 & 8 Gilcomston park: 

T N 1010 
Hendry Adam, plasterer, see A. Hendry & Sons 
Hendry Alexander, plasterer, see A. Hendrv & Sons 
Hendry Alexander L.R.A.M. teacher of music, 30 Belvidere st 
Hendry Alexander M. registrar of births, deaths & marriages for 

Woodside, 672 Great Northern road 
Hendry David R. messenger-at-anns & sheriff's officer, 5 

Bath street 
Heudry George, journalist, 43 Carlton place 
Hendry George, plasterer, see A. Hendry & Sons 
Hendry Hugh Eoss, carpenter, Forbesfield lane 
Hendry James, joiner, Forest Avenue lane 
Hendry James Cran, solicitor, 229 Union street 
Hendry John, co-mmercial traveller, 8 Leslie road 
Hendry John, inspector of weights & measures for the East 

Division of Aberdeenshire, 23 Lodge walk 
Hendry Mary Ann (Mrs.) shopkeeper, 88 Upper Denburn 
Hendry Stephen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36 Cotton street 
Hendry William, furniture dealer, see Archibald & Hendry 
Hendry William C. resident sec. Century Assurance Co. Ltd. 

154 Union street 
Henry Alexander O. teacher of music, 45 Alburv place 
Henry Helen (Mrs.), apartments, 17 Union terrace 
Henry Jamas, blacksmith, 19 Jopp's lane 
Henry James, teacher of music, 31 John street 
Henry Janet G. (Miss)A.T.C.L.teacher of music, C9 Mile End av 
Henry William, commercial traveller, 159 Crown streeb 
Heros-man Caroline (Miss) L.E.A.M. prof, of music, 6 Alford pi 
Hensman Edith (Miss) C.P.T.C.L. professor of music, 6 Alford pi 
Henson George William, fishmonger, 39a, St. Swithin street 
Henson John Thomas, fishmonger, 144 Eosemount place 
Hepburn Alexander, fruiterer, 54 Holburn street 
Hepburn Alexander, spirit dealer, 64 Loch street 
Hepburn William, shopkeeper, 12£ Kidd lane 
Hepburn William M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, see Arthur. 

& Hepburn 
Hepburn William Watt, flour merchant, 7 to 19 Frederick st 
Hepworth J. & Son Limited, clothiers, 10 George street 
Herd Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 16 Esslemont avenue • 

Herd John, butcher, 9 Menzies road 
Herd Maggie (Miss), dress maker, 95 Ashlev road 
Herri William, grocer &c. 28 Belmont street; TN 25T1 
Herd William Alexander, teacher of music, 44 Devonshire road 
Hervey James, commercial traveller, 54 Gray street 
Hewafe & Co. fish salesmen, 4 Commercial road 
Hewer Robert H. artificial teeth maker, 863 Crown street 
High School for Girls (John McBain M.A. head master; Miss 
Lucy L. Ward B.A. lady superintendent), 19 Albvn place. 
For masters, see p. 20 
Hill Brothers, meat salesmen, 451 George street ; T A 

" Frozen; " TN K16 
Hill George & Son, tailors, 270 George street; TN 34T5 
Hill George, tailor, see George Hill & Son 
Hill James, spirit dealer, 1 Park street 

Hinshelwood Thos. & Co. Ltd. oil & color manufrs. 51 Guild st 
His Majesty's Theatre (H. Adair Nelson, acting manager), 

Rose-mount viaduct; TA "Arthurian; '' T N 493 
Hoare W. A. inland revenue officer, 27 King street 
Hodge Duncan Mackenzie, architect, 20 Bon-Accord street 
Hodge Elsie (■Miss), nurse, 19 Chapel street 
Hodge Mary (Miss), music teacher, 20 Bon-Accord street 
Hodge Robert, pilot, 17 North square 

Hogarth Ralph R. commercial traveller, 26 Grosvenor place 
Hogg Brothers, fish merchants, Commercial road 
Hogg & Skene, laundry, 18 Waverley place 
Hogg Catherine (Miss), apartments, 79 Blenheim place 
Hogg James, printer, 65 Queen street 
Hogg John, master mariner, 34 Beaconsfieid place 
Hogg William, hair dresser, 37 Market hall 
Hoggan Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 97 Claremont street 
Holburn Fruit & Tea Warehouse Co. grocers. 39 

Holburn street 
Holdsworth Albert, watch maker, 22 Castle street 
Holman & Co. cycle agents, 191 King street 
Holmes Harry A. fish salesman, see Smith Jameson & Holmes 
Heme for Aged & Infirm Poor of both Sexes & for Abandoned 
Children, & Roman Catholic Industrial School for Girls (Sisters 
of Nazareth, sisters; Madame M. M, Owen, superioress), Naz- 
areth house, Claremont street 
Home & Colonial Stores Lim. 481 Union st. & 5 St. Nicholas st 
Home for Destitute Females (Miss Mary Innes, matron i, 684 

King street, Old' Aberdeen 
Hood Margaret '(Mrs.), dress maker, 284 Eosemount place 
Home & Mackinnon, stock brokers, 75 Union street; TN 3 
Hornc & Son, family grocers, 501 Union street ; 

T N, K 24 
Home & Co. produce merchants, 24 Market street 
Home Alexander Duff us, family grocer, see Home & Son 
Home George, commercial traveller. 71 Abergeldie road 
Home Helen (Miss), teacher of music, 166 Skene street 
Horse, Carriage & General Insurance Co. Limited (Alex. S. 

Wilson, branch manager), 41J Union street 
Horse Shoers' Union (John Greig, sec.), 4 Victoria buildings, 

Leadside road 
Horsnaill Alice L. (Miss), Northern nursing home, 5 Albvn 

place: TN 1G85 
Hosie Alexander, wincey manufacturer, 29 Lilybank place 
House oi Bethany (Community of St. Mary & St. John), Convent, 
FemaTe Orphanage & School (Eev. Mother Elizabeth, superior- 
ess; Sister Gertrude Elizabeth Mary, principal teacher), 147 
Howard Charles S. grocer, see Ohivas Brothers 
Howes John, greengrocer. Commercial road 
Howie Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Kintore place 
Howie John Henderson, grocer & spirit dealer, 492 George st 
Howie Peter M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 101 Crown street 
Howie William, shopkeeper, 21 Gordon street 





Humber William James, wax work exhibition propr.H2George st 
Hunt Duncan D. boob & shoe dealer, 281 Holburn street 
Hunter & Gordon, advocates & notaries public, 80 Union street 
Hunt r & Walker, coffee essence, sauce & fruit wine 
manufacturers, 38 Jopp'.s lane (T N 476) & oil merchants, 
St. street 
Hunter Alexander, news agent, 11 Causewayend 
Hunter Alexander, pilot, 23 South square 
Hunter Alexander, spirit dealer, 10 Trinity street 
Hunter James, boot repairer, 666 Holburn street 
Hunter James (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Park street 
Hunter John Will, grocer & spirit dealer, 220 Ro. : emount pi. ; 

TN 1775 
Hunter Kate (Miss), dress maker, 115 Bon-Accord street 
Hunter Kate (Mrs.), furniture dealer, G2 East North street 
Hunter Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 90 Leadside road 
Hunter Mary ('Miss), teacher of music, 30 Holburn street 
Hunter Robert, chemist, 118 Union street 
Hunter Robert, hair dresser, 58 West North street 
Hunter Thomas, general dealer, 55 East North street 
Hunter William, fish curer, Crombie place, Torry 
Hnnter William, grocer & spirit dealer, 63 Huntly street 
Hunter William O. engraver, 5ti Upperkirkgate 
Hurry & Macpherson, provision merchants, Kenny's wynd 
Hurry James Campbell, master mariner, 27 Salisbury terrace 
Hurry William, provision merchant, see Hurry & Macpherson 
Hutcheon dimming & Co. ironmongers & joiners &c. 503 

Great Northern road 
Hutcheon Agnes (Miss), milliner, 170 George street 
Hutcheon Henrv, granite merchant & worker, Hill o' Fare granite 
works, 567 King st. ; T N 1119 & 1119a; T A "Escutcheon, 
Aberdeen " 
Hutcheon Jas. granite polisher, 397 to 401 King st. ; T N K47 
Hutcheon James, registrar of births, deaths & marriages & 
inspector of poor & collector of rates for the parish of Old 
Machar, Craigdon, Bridge of Don 
Hutcheon Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 1 Willowdale place 
Hutcheon Margaret (Mi&s), temperance notel, 56 Union street 
Hutcheon Robert, grocer, 158 Skene street 

•Hutcheson George & Co. commission agents & grain merchants, 
47 Marischal street; TN 243; TA ' Hutcheson, Aberdeen" 
Hutcheson & Watt, boot warehouses, 64 Rosemount viaduct 
Hutcheson George, grain merchant, see Geo. Hutche<son & Co 
Hutcheson Geo. jun. grain mer. see George Hutcheson & Co 
Hutcheson John, ship master, 370 Holburn street 
Hutcheson Walter, boot warehouse, see Hutcheson & Watt 
Hutchison John & Sons, saddlers & harne.^ mnker=. 94 King st 
Hutchison Alexander, grocer, Clover hill, Bridge of Don 
Hutchison Alexander, storekeeper H.M. Prison, Craiginches 
Hutchison Alexander B. baker, 123 George street; 1 Justice 
Imperial Hotel (George S. Tadman, manager), Stirling street; 
63 Rosemount viaduct & 55 Victoria road, Torry; T N 753. 
See advertisement 
Hutchison George, cycle maker, 12 Palmerston place 
Hutchison John, commercial traveller, 45 Duthie terrace 
Hutchison Marv B. (Miss), dining rooms, 1 & 3 Correction 

wvnd ; T N 02982 
Imlay Hugh & Co. Limited, envelope manfrs. Duff st. ; T N 151 
5mlay John M. butcher, 208 Gallowgate 
Imperial Hotel (George S. Tadman, manager), Stirling street; 

T N 160. See advertisement 
Inglis Alex. & Wni. wholesale confectioners, 12 Back wynd 
Inglis Francis, grocer & spirit dealer, 100 Gallowgate 
Inglis James, granite worker, Merkland road east 
Ingram Elizabeth & Margaret (.Misses), fancy goods dealer, 35, 

36 & 37 Market gallery 
Ingram J. & Co. tailors, 70£ St. Andrew street 
Ingram J. & J. cartwrights, 72 Hutcheon street 
Ingram James & Annie (Miss), milliners, 58 Ho'.burn street 
Ingram & Mortimer, commission merchants & produce brokers, 20 

Adelphi; T N 96; TA" lugrudelph, Aberdeen " 
Ingram Adam, traffic agt. Midland Railway <Jo. 27 Carmelite st 
Ingram Alexander M. merchant, see Ingram & Mortimer 
Ingram Annie (Miss), milliner, see J. & A. Ingram 
Ingram Charles, tailor. 6 Maberly street 

Ingram Isabella (Miss), furniture dealer, 25 & 27 Upperkirkgate 
Ingram Isabella £Mise) nurse, 35 Victoria street 
Ingram James, fishery officer, 172 Market street 
Ingram James, milliner, see J. <& A. Ingram 
Ingram Jas. B. chief officer Aberdeen Fishery Office, 172Market st 
Ingram John, tailor, see J. Ingram & Co 
Ingram John S. clothier, see City Clothing Co 
Inkson Peter, boot maker, 1 Hollybank place 
Inkster James, master mariner, 14 Belvidere crescent 
Inksiter William, fire master Aberdeen Fire Brigade, Central 

Fire station, King street; T N 24 
Inland Revenue Office <F. Mulligan, collector)- offices, Inland 

Revenue Office buildings, 27 King street 
Innes Alexander & James, undertakers, 42 Victoria rd. Torry 
Tones Alexander & Sons, funeral furnishers, 59 Broad street; 

T N 213; & house carpenters, 4 & 6 Barnett'e close 
Innes & Martin, tailors, 74 Union street 
Innes Alexander, carpenter, see Alexander Innes & Sons 
Innes Charles G. boot repairer, 81 Spring garden 
Innes Elizabeth (Miss), coal dealer, 20 Berry street 
Times George, boot repairer, 93a, Chapel street 
Innes George Andrew, watch maker, 126 Crown street 
Innes Isabella (Miss), nurse, 32 South Mount street 
Innes James (Mrs.), boarding house, 255 Union street 
Innes James, fish curer, 88 Sinclair road, Torry 
Innea Jessie (Miss), news agent, 63 Thistle street 
Innes John M.B., CM. physician & surgeon. 513 George st. ; 

T N K214X 
Innes John, detective inspector City Police Dept. Lodge walk 
Tnnes John, secretary North of Scotland Bank Limited 
Innes Mary (Miss), matron Home for Destitute Females, 684 

King street, Old Aberdeen 
Innes Kobert, joiner, Sou'h esplanade west, Torry 
Innes Robert, shopkeeper, 30 Hard-gate 
Innes Samuel, steward, Masonic hall, 12 Exchange street 

Inn?s William, tailor, see Innes & Martin 

Institute of Journaiists (Aberdeen & North East of Scotland 

District) (David McCnlloch, hon. sec). 18 Broad street 
Institution for Diseases of the Eye (A. Rudolph Galloway 
M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon; A. Burnett Whyte, advocute, 
hon. sec, & treasurer), 142 King street 
Ironside J. & Sons, granite workers, 367 King street 
Ironside John & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 67 & 69 Rose- 
mount viaduct; T N 730 
Ironside George, news agent, 61 Skene street 
Ironside Isabella (Miss), apartments, 33 Gladstone place 
Ironside John, house agent, 60 Schoolhill 

Ironside John, wine & spirit merchant, see John Ironside & Co 
Ironside John Fullarton, teacher of music, 3 Holland street 
Ironside Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 31 Ann street 
Ironside William, teacher of music, 116 Rosemount place 
Ironside William D., C.E. see Walker & Duncan, architect, 
land surveyor & civil engineer, 3 Golden square ; res. 29 
Rubislaw Den south 
Irvin Richard & Son, fish salesmen, Albert quay; TA " Ir- 

vin, Aberdeen " 
Irvin Elizabeth (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 133 Victoria rd. Torry 
Irvine Barbara (Miss), draper, 75 Leadside road 
Irvine Elizabeth (Mrs.), nurse, 162 Skene street 
Irvine George G., A.R.I.B.A. architect, 231a, Union street 
Irvine John, 26 Bedford place 
Irvine Maxwell, blacksmith, 21 Leadside road 
Irvine Williabj B. 25 Elmfield avenue 

Italian Consulate (Charles F. Ludwig, agent). 51 Regent quay 
Jack David Carnegie, artificial teeth maker, 267 Rosemount pi 
Jack George, boot repairer, 130 Loch street 
Jackson James, boot maker, 52 Upperkirkgate 
Jackson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 141 Crown street 
Jackson James Shirky, teacher of singing, 4 West Craibstone st 
Jackson John, electrical & motor car engineer, 13a, 

North Silver street 'TN 891); res. 13 North Silver street 
Jackson Rob?rt C solicitor, see Storie, Cruden & Co. advocates 
Jackson William, bookbinder, 18 Back wynd; TN 291 
Jackson's Limited, hatters, 119 George street 
Jaffray William, commercial traveller. 22 Abergeldie terrace 
James David, chimney sweeper, 119 Skene street 
James Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 39 Baker street 
Jameson Walter George, fish salesman, see Smith, Jameson & 

Jamie Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 53 Bon-Accord street 
Jamie Lewis Graham, baker, 464 Great Northern road 
Jamiesou Brothers, wholesale grocers, 41 Regent quay 
Jamieson George & Son, watch & clock makers, 125 Union st 
Jamieson James H. & Co. boot makers, 165 George street 
Jamieson John & Co. tailors & outfitters, 50 Union street & 

clothiers, 57 Broad street 
Jamieson, Mitchell & Co. wholesale grocers & wine & 
spirit merchants, 34 & 36 Netherkirkgate; TN 284; TA 
" Connel " 
Jamieson & Son, harness composition makers, 137 Loch street 
Jamieson & Co. harness composition & blacking manufacturers, 

22 Whitehouse street 
Jamieson Alexander, shopkeeper, 51 Green 
Jamieson Ann (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 22 & 23 Market ha'A 
Jamieson Catherine iMiss), draper, 51 Orchard street 
Jamieson Charles J. chartered accountant, see Floekhart & 

Jamieson George, builder & timber merchant, Back Hilton pi 
Jamieson George, coal dealer, 72 Guestrow 

Jamieson George, harness composition ma. see Jamieson & Son 
Jamieson George, harness composition & blacking manufac- 
turer, Lochside works, 3 Whitehall place 
Jamieson Gordon, shopkeeper. 119 Sr>ital 

Jamieson James, drysa'ter, oil merchant, harness compo- 
sition manufacturer & manufacturing chemist, 108 John street; 
res. 64 Cairnfield place; TN 1200 
Jamieson James H. boot maker, see James H. Jamieson & Co 
Jamieson Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 322 Great Northern road 
Jamieson Lewis G. dining rooms, 26 Hardgate 
Jamieson Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 47 Orchard st 
Jamieson Mary (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 24 to 30 Market hall 
Jamie ; on Peter, butcher, 218 George street 
Jamieson Peter, harness composition manufacturer, 8 South 

College street 
Jamieson Robert C. boot repairer, 435 Great Northern road 
Jamieson Robert S. commission agent, 17 St. Nicholas street 
Jamieson Thomas F.I.C. analytical chemist & city analyst, 10 

Belmont street 
Jamieson Thomas, teacher of engineering, 54 Castle street. 
Jamieson William, restaurant & spirit dealer, 134 George st 
Jamieson William, shopkeeper, 14 Hayton road, Woodside 
Jamison GLtford, grocer & ship chandler, 19 Regent quay 
Jardine James, shopkeeper, 102 Constitution street 
Jarvis Isabella (Mrs.), dress maker, 260 George street 
Jarvis Margaret (Miss), private school, 4 Queen's gate 
Jeffery Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 16 Bridge street 
Jeffrey & Milne C.A. chartered accountants. 46a, Union street 
Jeffrey George, jobbing gardener, 193 Westburn road 
Jeffrey James Alexander C.A. chartered accountant, Eee 

Jeffrey & Milne 
Jeffrev James Thorn, advocate, 81 Union street 
Jeher* Hydraulic Tin Mining Co. Limited (D. G. Robertson, 

sec), 12 Kinsr street 
Jenkins & Marr.civil engineers & architects,16 Bridge st. ;T N 441 
Jenkins Georae GordonA.M.I.CE.civil engr.see Jenkins & Man- 
Jenkins Thomas, fish curer, Albert quay 
Jessamine Robert Simpson, baker, 42 Causewayend 
.Tr- -amine William, shopkeeper. 57 East North street 
Jessiman Alexander Garden, hatter & hosier, 72 George et. ; 

T N 2ST1 
Jessiman William, marine engineer. Commercial road 
Johannessen L. P. Limited, timber merchants, 6 Golden square 
Johnson W. & H. oil & paint mamifrs. : branch, 185 Albert quay 
Johnson Annie (Mrs.), professor of singing & local representative 

of the Royal College of Music, 480 Union street 
Johnson John H., B.A. tutor, 480 Union street 





Johnson Maude (Miss), confectioner, 21 Market gallery 
Johnson Thomas, superintendent Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. 

150a, Union street 
Johnston & Laird, robe makers to the Aberdeen 

University, hoods & robes for all degrees, 

46 Union street 
Johnston & Co. drapers, 170 George street 

Johnston Alexander, provision merchant, see Smith & Johnston 
Johnston Charles Martin, boot maker, 343 George street 
Johnston George, boot maker, 18 Broombill road 
Johnston George, chimney sweeper, 650 George street 
Johnston George, fruiterer, 473 Union street 
Johnston George, tailor, 22 Nellfield place 
Johnston Harry, cycle agent, 113 Gallowgate 
Johnston Helen (Miss), dress maker, 63 Irvine p!ace 
Johnston Helen (Miss), feather dresser, 24 Grosvenor place 
Johnston Helen (Miss), lady supt. Aberdeen Educational Trust, 

352 King street 
Johnston James, accountant, 22 Belmont street 
Johnston James, blacksmith, North Constitution street 
Johnston James, confectioner, 164 Cau<sewayend 
Johnston Jane (Mrs.), grocer &, spirit dlr. 120 Upper Denburn 
Johnston John, boot maker, 17 Powis place 
Johnston John, fruiterer, 152 Holburn street & 78 Great 

"Western road 
Johnston John, shop fitter, see Sherritt & Johnston 
Johnston John, shopkeeper, 35 Guestrow 
Johnston John, jun. draper, 475 Union street 
Johnston Jspb, baker & confectioner, & post office, 695 George st 
Johnston Joseph J. plumber, 1 Dee Village road 
Johnston Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Skene street 
Johnston Mary (Miss), apartments, 22 Union row 
Johnston Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartment's, 12 Margaret street 
Johnston Bobert, tailor, 84 Schoolhill 
Johnstone Peter & J. fish salesmen, 186 Market street; TN 

768; TA "Iceberg, Aberdeen" 
Johnstone Alexander, boot maker, 89 Leadside road 
Johnstone Charles, commission agent, 41^ Union street 
Johnstone Elsie (Miss), dairy keeper, 140 King street 
Johnstone James, grocer, 2 Raetmrn place 

Johnstone Jane ((Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr. 49d Gt. Northern rd 
Johnstone John Bisset, shopkeeper, 115 Gerrard street 
Jolly W. & Sons, printers, 38 Bridge street; T N 901 
Jolly Andrew W. printer, see W. Jolly & Sons 
Jolly Francis J. cabinet maker, see James Allan & Co 
Jolly George Henry, architect, 23 Albert terrace 
Jolly James, printer, see W. Jolly & Sons 
Jolly James, tobacconist, 166 King street 
Jolly Robert, custom house officer, Regent quay 
Jones Brothers, granite merchants, Rosebank terrace 
Jones Isabella (Mrs.), dining rooms, 24 Soutii Mount street 
Jones Thomas, spirit dealer, 79-80 Waterloo quay 
Jopp William & Keith, wine & spirit merchants, 

13 Market st. ; T A " Blend, Aberdeen ;"TN 632 
Jopp Henry J. wine merchant, see W. & K. Jopp 
Joss Christina (Mrs.), furniture broker, 26£ Skene square 
Joss James, coal dealer, 28 Guestrow 
Joyner Elsie (Miss), confectioner, 29 Marischal street 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, County buildings 
Kane Christiana ''Miss), laundress, 118 ^.-apel street 
Kay Frederick William M.A., B.L. advocate, 183a, Union street 
Kay Harvey G. chemist, see Davidson & Kay 
Kay James P. chemist, see Davidson & Kay 
Keeson Annie (Mrs.), confectioner. Market hall 
Keith Alexander, carpenter, see Hendry & Keith 
Keith George, cabinet maker, 21 Union wynd 
Keith George, grocer & spirit dealer, 69 Spital 
Keith J. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 53 Urquhart road. 
Kellas Henry, solicitor & notary public, see Gray &, Kellas 
Kelly & Nicol, architects, 367 Union street 
Kelly Francis M.D., CM. physician, & medical officer City Parish 

Council, 6 West Craibstone street ; T N 749 
Kelly Francis B. tailor & clothier, 8, 10 & 12 St. Nicholas 

street ; T N 8Y3 
Kelly James, tailor, see Francis B. Kelly 
Kelly William, architect, see Kelly & Nicol 
Kelman Alexander, butcher, 6 Skene street 
Kelman Andrew, spirit dealer, 79 Charlotte street 
Kelman Andrew, spirit dealer, 7 Summerfield terrace 
Kelman Isabella (Miss), nurse, 28 Chapel street 
Kelman Isabella (Mrs."), shopkeeper, 57 St. Andrew street 
Kelman Joseph, butcher, 42 Gordon street 
Kemp George & Co. granite workers, 7 Gilcomston park 
Kemp John & Co. Ltd. trade protection society, 75 Union 6t 
Kemp, Walker & Co. millers & oatmeal & grain merchants, 8 King 

street; City corn mills, Cotton street & Murtle mills; T N 129 ; 

T A "Murtle, Aberdeen " 
Kemp Alexander, commercial traveller, 214 Westburn road 
Kemp Annie (Miss), shopkeeper, 24 Shiprow 
Kemp George F-S.A.A., J. P. accountant, 13 

Bridge street; T N 469; res. 27 Watson street; T N 69 
Kemp Georgina (Miss), apartments, 230 Rosemount place 
Kemp Jas. grocer & spirit dealer, 621 George St.; T N K213Y 
Kemp John, grocer, 10a, Powis terrace 
Kemp Mitchell, dairyman, Hayfield, Back Hilton road 
Kemp Bobert, commercial traveller, 107 Clifton road 
Kemp Thomas, slater, 56 Gerrard street 
Kemp William, butcher, 29 Holburn street 
Kennaway William, baker & confectioner, 173 Union street & 5 

Holburn street 
Kennedy Alexander, warehouseman, see Gray, Kennedy &. Dickie 
Kennedy Andrew, shopkeeper, 432 George street 
Kennedy Charles, grocer, la, South Crown street 
Kennedy Charles, stationer, 46 East North street 
Kennedy David, grocer & spirit dealer, 19 Thistle street 
Kennedy Grace (Miss), apartments, 8 Alford place 
Kennedy Grace (Mrs.)", shopkeeper & coal dlr. 63 West North st 
Kennedy James, fancy draper & milliner, 42 Upperkirkgate 
Kennedy James Bobert Boss, granite worker, 32 Pittodrie lane 
Kennedy John, fish merchant, Begent road 

Kennedy Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 47 Bon-Accord street 
Kennedy Thomas Bobert, draper, 9 George street 
Kenny Michael, first class clerk H.M. Customs, 35 Begent quay 
Kerr Charles, boot repairer, 83 Skene street 
Kerr James, grocer, 28 Claremont street 
Kesson George, shopkeeper, 40 Park street 

Kesson John, carver & gilder, printseller &c. 28 Diamond street 
Ketz Isaac, fancy goods dealer, 4 & 5 Market gallery 
Kidd Alexander, teacher of music, 48 St. Swithin street 
Kidd George, baker, 6 Shiprow 

Kidd George, india rubber stamp dealer, 15 Market gallery 
Kidd John, station master, Kittybrewster station 
Kidd Robert, dairyman, Woodhead, Stocket 

Kilgour & Walker Limited, worsted, wincey & hosiery manu- 
facturers, Berryden mills, Berryden road ; T N K 19 
Kilgour Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 129 Sinclair road, Torry 
Kiloh Barbara (Miss), shopkeeper, 30 Gilcomston steps 
Kiloh James, carpenter, Old Mill road 
Kindness Frederick, fish curer, 82 Sinclair road, Torry 
Kindness John T. fish curer & merchant, Bon-Accord fish curing 

works, Poynernook rd. ; T N 473 ;T A " Kindness, Aberdeen " 
King David & Sons (Glasgow), iron founders (Thomas M. Mennie, 

representative), 114 King street 
King & Milne, house carpenters, 43 Maberly street; T N K65 
King George, hou-^e carpenter, see King & Milne 
King James, assistant) pilot, 3 Middle row 
King James, builder & contractor, 27 Fraser place 
King James, master mariner, 107 Brighton place 
King John, fish merchant, 243 Market street 
King Margaret (Mrs.), fishmonger, Wet Fish market 
King Rachol (Miss), fishmonger, 69 Victoria road, Torry 
King Thomas Henry, refreshment rooms, 160 Market street 
King Thomas Henry, shopkeeper, 23 Castle street 
King William, inspector of works, 40 Ashley road 
Kinghorn James & Son, drapers & milliners, 30, 32 & 34 St. 

Nicholas street 
Kinghorn Harry, draper, see James Kinghorn & Son 
Kinkaid Robert, slater, see George Currie & Co 
Kinnaird Frank, fruiterer, 1 Pitstruan place 
Kinnaird Frank, gardener, Broomhill road 
Kinnaird John, fruiterer, 169 Bosemount place & 2 Baker st. 

& market gardener, Seafield road, Mannofield & Burnic- 

boozle, Rubislaw 
Kinnear Ann (Miss), spirit dealer, 87 Regent quay 
Kirkpatrick Thomas Prentice Spence, butcher, 201 Rosemount 

place (T N 56X) & 183 A.bert quay 
Kirkwood Thomas, joiner, 18a, Waverley place 
Kirton John, shopkeeper, 109 West North street 
Kirton William, boot maker, see Milne & Kirton 
Kitson William & Co. china, glass & earthenware dealers 

& rag merchants, 170 & 172 Gallowgate; T N 9 68 
Kitson George Edward, china dealer, see W. Kitson & Co 
Kitson John William, hair dresser, 553 George street 
Kitson Luther, china dealer, see W. Kitson & Co 
Kitson William, china dealer, see W. Kitson & Co 
Kitton W. S. assessor of taxes for the burgh of Aberdeen & 

surveyor of taxes for City of Aberdeen & county of Kincardine,. 

27 King street 
Kittybrewster & Woodside Bowling Green Limited (James 

Johnston, sec), 80 Union street 
Knight George, apartments, 9 Rose place 
Knight James William, district manager Liverpool Victoria 

Legal Friendly Society, 2oo Union street 
Knowles & Sons, fruit merchants, 27 Exchange street it 

fruiterers, 77 & »2o Union street; T N 548 ; T A"MOSELEY v 

Aberdeen " 
Knowles Alex, shopkeeper 23, & clock repairer 23£, Guestrow 
Knowles Archibald, painter, 12 Fraser street 
Knowles Charles, fruiterer, see Knowles & Sons 
Knowles Christina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 55 Shiprow 
Knowles James, fruiterer, see Knowles & Sons 
Knowles James, granite merchant, Kittybrewster granite works,. 

Asbgrove road; T N K78 
Knowles James, timber merchant, 39 Claremont street 
Knowles Jane E. (Miss), ladies' school, 66 Carden place 
Knowles William George, boot repairer, 17 & 55 Ashvale place 
Knox William & Co. Limited, grain merchants & public ware- 
house keepers, 63 Regent quay (T N 400); stores, Wellington 

street; T A "Knox, Aberdeen" 
Knox Alexander, clothes broker, 32 Upper Denburn 
Knox Alexander, solicitor, see Macqueen & Knox 
Knox Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 73 Guestrow 
Kyd Thomas J. P. resident manager of the Northern Assurance 

Co. 1 Union terrace 
Kynaston Edward, refreshment rooms, 3S High st.Old Aberdeen 
Kynoch Alexander, commercial traveller, 62 Gladstone place 
Kynoch David, shopkeeper, 104 Gerrard street 
Kynoch William, commercial traveller, 60 Netherkirkgate 
Kynoch Youngson, carter, 81 West North street; T N 844 
Labour Exchange & Employment Register (T. Scrimgeou-r, 

supt.), 41a, Castle street 
Laing David & Son, basket makers, 88 College street 
Laing William & Son, wholesale ironmongers, 38 Bridge street 

& 18 Catherine street 
Laing Alexander, butcher, 457 Great Northern road 
Laing Alexander, skinner, hide, skin & vwoor 

merchant & rug maksr, Rodger's walk; res. 

246 Rosemount place 
Laing George, grocer, 134 Wellington road 
Laing George, ship broker, see Alexander Nichol & Co 
Laing George E. baker, 23 Shiprow 

Laing George Ross, butcher, 202 George street ; T N 335 
Laing Isabella (Miss), laundress, 31 & 33 Bosemount place 
Laing James, butcher, 58 Western road, 
Laing James, consulting engineer &. sh p surveyor,186 Market st 
Laing John, joiner, 161£ Gallowgate; T N 35X3 
Laing Reuben, butcher, 367 Great Northern road 
Laing Richard, basket maker, see D. Laing & Son 
Laing Bobert, fish salesman, 172 Market stieet 
Laing Robert, har dresser, 80 Queen street 
Laing Thomas, wholesale ironmonger, see Wm. Laing & Son 




Laing William, boot repairer, 81 Leadside road 

Laird Barbara (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63 Dunbar st. Old Aberdeen 

Laird John, commission agent, 21 Adelphi 

Laird John, traveller, 59 Argyll place 

Laird Peter, warehouseman, see Anderson & Thomson 

Laird's Photographic Studio, 246 Union street 

Lamb Alex. & Son, plumbers & gasfitters, 59 Shiprow; T N 178 

Lamb Geo. & Son, pa'nters, 79 & 87 Spring gdn. ; T N 3453 

Lamb Annie (Mrs.)- nurse, 69 Chapel street 

Lamb George, painter, see G. Lamb & Son 

Lamb George, jun. painter, see George Lamb & Son 

Lamb James, grocer, 273 Great Northern road 

Lamb Robert, advocate & procurator fiscal for the City of 

Aberdeen, 89 Union street; TN 510 
Lamb Thomas, stationery & fancy goods wareho. 40 Market st 
Lambie Alexander, clothier, 14 Carmelite lane 
Lamond James, horse dealer, 20 Craigie street, & draper, 68 

Rosemount viaduct 
Lamont Adam, insurance agent, 44 Elmbank terrace 
Lamont Andrew, jun. grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Cotton street 
Lamont William, blacksmith, 12 Catherine street 
Landery Frederick, hair dresser, 35 Schoolhill; T N 47 
Lang Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 84 Cousewayend 
Langslow Gordon, umbrella maker, 19 Gallowgate 
Langston Frederi2k W. surveyor of taxes, 27 King street 
Larg Peter & Co. pianoforte dlrs. & music sellers, 1 Skene ter 
Latto Alexander, painter, see Marshall Watt & Co 
Lauder Thomas, fish salesman, 208 Market street 
Lauder William B., H.M. inspector of factories & workshops, 

115 Union street 
Laurie John (Mrs.), midwife, 7 Summerfield place 
Law Alexander & Co. Ltd. boot & shoe dealers, 6 Hadden st 
Law Alexander, slater, 5 Little Chapel street (T N 1785) & 

16 Chattan place 
Law Andrew Baxter, tailor, 6 Gilcomston park 
Law Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 13 Beaconsfield place 
Law Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 121 Skene street 
Law Samuel Taylor, boot factor, 15 Exchange street 
Law William, blacksmith, 21 Don street, Woodside 
Lawle James E. coal merchant, see George Elsmie & Son 
Lawrence Calder Macphail, teacher of shorthand, 19 Crown st. ; 

T N 875 
Lawrence Charles Ogg, shipmaster, 74 Feriyhill road 
Lawrence Frank H. news agent, 41 Victoria road, Torry 
Lawrence Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 189 Union street 
Lawrence Eobert, granite worker, Regent walk 
Lawrence Thomas, brush maker, see George Morison & Co 
Lawrence William, commercial traveller, 50 Erskine street 
Lawrence William, shopkeeper, 101 Gallowgate 
Lawrie George, coat merchant, 14 Albion street 
Lawrie William, coal dealer, 3 Jopp's lane 
Lawrie William G. tailor, 74 Green 

Lawson, Turnbull & Co. Ltd. metal mers. & lead pipe manufrs. 
12 Mealmarket street; T N 132 ; T A "Lawson, Aberdeen" 
Lawson Frederick William, watch maker, 210 King street 
Lawson George Thow, commercial traveller, 28 St. Swithin st 
Lawson Jane Aberdein (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Wales street 
Lawson Eobert McLeod, baker, 486 George street 
Lawson William, grocer, 40 Gordon street 
Lawson William, photographer, 26 Castle street 
Lawsons Limited, drapers, clothiers & house furnishers, 186 & 

190 George street; T N 732 
Lawton Ernest Henry, organ builder, 3 Pittodrie lane 
Leach Cameron (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 377 Great Northern road 
Leask Alexander, carpenter & house agent, 58 Hutcheon st 
Leask James, dairyman, 7 East North street & 79 Summer st 
Ledingham John & Son, bakers, confectioners & yeast mer- 
chants, GO & 62 Bosemount place & 397 Union st. ; T N. 177 
Ledingham Alexander, solicitor & chartered accountant, see 

Edmonds & Ledingham 
Ledinghani Alexander Bartlett, commercial trav. 65 Stanley st 
Ledingham James, shopkeeper, 82 Shiprow 
Ledingham William M. preserved provision manufacturer, see 

Marshall & Co 
Leeds John, boot maker, 21 Chronicle lane 
Lees George & Sons, fish curers, North esplanade 
Lees Andrew, fried fish dealer, 11 Wales street 
Lees George, fish curer, see George Lees & Sons 
Lees John, fish curer, Clyde street, Point law 
Lees John Main, fish curer, Point law 
Lees Margaret (Mrs.), fish dealer. Market basement 
Lees Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 44a, Castle street 
Lees Peter, fish curer, 3 Clyde street, Point law 
Leiper Agnes (Mrs.), fish dealer, Market basement 
Leiper Alexander, dining rooms, 8 Garvock street 
Leiper Andrew Donald, supt. of Teleeraphs.Post Office, Crown st 
Leiper Ann (Mrs.), fishmonger, Wet Fish market 
Leiper George, cattle dealer, 17 Hanover street 
Leiper J. W. K. inland revenue officer, 27 King street 
Leiper, grocer, 108 Chapd street 
Leiper James, shopkeeper, 25 Don street, Old Aberdeen 
Leiper Jane (Miss), fish dealer, Market basement 
Leiper John, boot & shoe maker, 45 Victoria road, Torry 
Leiper John C. upholsterer, 41 £ Union street 
Leiper Maggie (Miss), fish dealer, Market basement 
Leith Henry & Son, ironmonger?, 34 Queen st. ; T N 996 
Leith & Paterson Limited, manufacturers of tweeds, 48 Bridge 

street: T N 11 ; T A " Tweeds, Aberdeen , 
Leith Henry, ironmonger, see H. Leith & Son 
Leith Huerh. pearl barley & oatmeal manufac- 
turer (kiln dried barlevs for export a 
speciality) 116 & 118 George street <T A 
"Barley;" T N 720) & Kennerty mills, Peterculter 
Leith James, contractor, 347 Great Northern road & Froghall rd 
Leith James, grocer & spirit dealer, 212 Gallowgate; T N Kll 
Leith Jane (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 6 Crooked lane 
Leith John, grocer & spirit dealer, 91 Chapel street; T N 328 
Leith John, ironmonger, see H. Leith & Son 
Leith John J.P. warehouseman, see Jjeith & Paterson Limited 
Leith Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 21 King street 
Leith Peter, steam haulage contractor, Hutcheon street 

Leith Robert, draper, 64 Victoria road, Torry 

Leng John & Co. Limited, publishers People's Journal," 25- 

Market street; T N 315 
Lennie James, confectioner, 7 Mounthooly 
Lennie James, news agent, 42 King street 
Lenord Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 173 Gallowgate 
Leslie & Hay, joiners, Fraser road; T N K3 2 
Leslie (R. D.) & Hay, advocates & notaries public, 137 Union st 
Leslie W. & Co. ship owners, ship & insurance brokers & com- 
mission merchants, 59 Marlschal street; X N 423; T A> 
" Leslie, Aberdeen " 
Leslie Alexander, carver & gilder, 1 Skene row 
Leslie Alexander, hair dresser, 6 East North street 
Leslie Alexander, market gardener, Honeybrae, King's gate 
Leslie Charles, ironmonger, 80 & 88 College street 
Leslie Edward, boot maker, 35 Bosemount viaduct 
Leslie Eliza (Mrs.), news agent, 30 Summerfield terrace 
Leslie George, printer, 18 Adelphi 
Leslie George, seedsman, 244 Union street 
Leslie George Christie, tea merchant, 32 Woolmnnhill 
Leslie James, florist, 666 King street 
Leslie James, joiner, see Leslie & Hay 
Leslie Jane (Mrs.), news agent, 28 Skene square 
Leslie Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 37 Chapel street 
Leslie John, cabinet maker, 33 Justice street 
Leslie Maggie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 159 Spital 
Leslie Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 47 Elmfield avenue 
Leslie Robert, chemist & druggist, 627 George st. ; T N K38 
Leslie Robert, spirit dealer, 36 West North street 
Leslie Robert, timber merchant, York street 
Leslie Robert Birnie, commercial traveller, 51 Cranford road 
Leslie William, ship broker (see W. Leslie & Co.), & vice- 
consul for the Bepublic of Chili & consular agent for France,. 
59 Marischal street 
Leslie Wm. L. painter & decorator,104 Bosemount pi. ; TN 908 
Lessels John F. photographer, 15 Crown street; 64 St. Nicholas- 
street; 92i Union street & Sea beach 
Levack John R., M.B., CM. surgeon, 10 Golden square 
Leveson Abraham, tobacconist, 268 George street 
Levie George O. cooper, 175£ Gallowgate 
Lewis John & Sons, engineers, boat builders & blacksmiths, 

Albert works, Albert quay 
Lewis Alfred Peter, plumber, 9J Mounthooly 
Lewis Richard, engineer, Point law 
Leys Duncan, fish curer, see Smith & Leys 
Leys George, traveller, 39 Braemar place 
License Holders & General Insurance Co. Limited (Mackenzie- 

& Wilson, resident sees.), 14 Crown street 
Liddle Thomas, toy maker, 10 Blackfriars street 
Life & Health Assurance Association Limited (George Srnith. 

C.A. resident sec), 160 Union street 
Lillie George Jack, boot repairer, 3 Wallfield crescent 
Lillie James, tailor, see Duff & Lillie 
Lillie William, carpenter, lb, Caroline place 
Lindsay W. & W. booksellers, stationers, printers & publishers, 

30 Market street; T N 302 ; 

Lindsay Alexander Moir, commercial traveller, 77 Beaconsfield p.' 
Lindsay Annie (Mrs.), dairy, 203 Victoria road, Torry 
Lindsay Chas. A. miller & grain mer. see Kemp, Walker & Co- 
Lindsay Christina (Miss), apartments, 7 Crimon place 
Lindsay James, butcher, 19 Hadden street 
Lindsay John, commission agent, 31 Osborne place 
Lindsav John James, chemist & druggist, 59 St. Swithin street 
Lindsay Mary G. (Miss), tobacconist, 21 South Mount street 
Lindsay William, publisher, see W. & W. Lindsay 
Linklater Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 31 Erskine street 
Lints John, solicitor, 414 Union street 
Lippett Charles, commercial traveller, 16 Union row 
Lipton L : mited, provision dealers, 55 Union street & 7a> 

Menzies road, Torry 
Lister Arthur Hugh B.A., M.D. physician, 22 Queen's road 
Litster William, teacher of singing, 68 Springbank terrace 
Littlejohn George & Co. manufacturers of hames, 
traces, chains &c. & saddlers' ironmongers, 19 & 20- 
Back wynd & 29 Harriet st. ; T N 494; T A "Saddle" 
Littlejohn James & Sons, grocers & spirit dealers, 39 Green;. 

T N 383 „ . . 

Littlejohn David J.P., D.L., LL.D. advocate, sheriff & commis- 
sary clerk for Aberdeenshire, Court House buildings, Castle st 
Littlejohn William, advocate, & clerk to school board of 

Banchory-Devenick, 4Sa, Union street 
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. Limited (Walter 
B. Gibb, district representative), 214 Union street ; T A 
" Globe;" T N 666 
Liverpool, Storuoway, Stromness, Aberdeen, Leith, Dundee & 
Inverness Steamers (James Crombie & Sons, agents), 3 
Trinity buildings; T N 483 . 

Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society (James William Knight, 

district manager), 255 Union street 
Livingston John, news agent, 146 King street 
Livingston Nathan, cab net maker, 15 Upper Denburn 
Livingston William J.P. printer, stationer & news agent, 

24 -Belmont street; res, 53 Jasmine terrace; T N 25Y2 
Livingstone Alexander, cooper, Point law 
Livingstone William, china & glass dealer, 52 & 57 Longacre 
Lizars John, optician, 171 Union street 
Lloyd's Begister of Shipping (James C. Turpin & Ridley FowelI> 

surveyors), 29 Begent quay 
Lobban Catherine (Mrs.), apartments, 37 Orchard street 
Lockhart James, oatcake maker, 50a, Jopps lane; T N 491 
Logan James, boot maker, 6a, Roscbank terrace 
Logan Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 140 Bosemount place 
Logan William, grocer & spirit dealer, 166 George street 
Loggie Isabella (Mrs.), dress maker, 41 St. Andrew street 
Logie Thomas, boot maker, 2 Mile End avenue 
Loman John, boot maker, 6 Palmerston road 
Lomax John, dentist, 50 King street 
London, Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Co. Limited (Alex. 

Davidson, supt.), 9 Union terrace 
London Missionary Society (Alex. Souter, sec), 17 St.Nicholas st 
London & Newcastle Tea Co. 7 Market street & 53 Broad street 




London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. (M. Lunan, local 
sec). 254 Union street (T N 1015) & (J. S. Proctor, local 
manager) 9 King street; T N 308; T A "Policy" 
London & Paris Exchange Limited, stock brokers (A. J. Thorn- 
eon, manager), 146 Union street 
London & Provincial Drug Store Limited (John Geo. Dickie, 

manager), chemists & druggists, 344 George street 
London (The) ftubosr Co. 16 St. Nicholas street 

TN 740 
Longmore Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 50 Skene street 
Lonie Alexander, architectural modeller, 21 Adelphi 
Lorimer James & Son, boot & shoe dlrs.162 Union st. ; T X 724 
Lorimer James, boot maker, see J. Lorimer & Son 
Lost lane (The) Steam Trawling & Fishing Co. Ltd. (Taylor 

& Anderson, sees.), 164 Market street 
Louie Alexander, boot dealer, 75 Victoria road, Torry 
Lovie James, commercial traveller, 27 Hosefield avenue 
Lovie John, jeweller, 50 Upperkirkgate 

Low Alexander William, commercial traveller, 157 Duthie ter 
Low Henry, tobacconist, 362 George street 
Low James, secondhand bookseller, 6 Queen street 
Low James Gibb, carting contractor, 13 & 15 Portland street 
Low John, chimney sweeper, 5 North St. Andrew street 
Low John, cycle dealer, 239 Holburn street 
Low John Thomson, tailor, 3 Market gallery 
Low William, joiner, see Burnett & Low 
Low William Alexander, traveller, 4 Braemar place 
Lowe Maggie & Bella (Misses), dress makers, 141 King street 
Lowe Maggie (Miss), dairy, 284 George street 
Lowe Margaret (Mrs.), nurse, 6 Union grove 
Lowe Mary Ann (Miss), milliner, 33 Castle street 
Ludwig Charles & Co. ship & insurance brokers, & agents for 

German Lloyd's, 54 Regent quay ; T N 314 
Ludwig Charles F. ship & insurance broker (see Charles Lud- 
wig & Co.) & consul for German Empire & vice-consul for 
Spain & the Netherlands, 54 Eegent quay 
Lumsden Andrew & Co. confectioners, 563 George street 
Lumsden & Davidson, advocates & notaries public, 15 Dee street 
Lumsden & Gibson, grocers, 95 Union street; T N 165 
Lumsden James & Co. tailors, 155 Union street; T N 611 
Lumsden & Lumsden, advocates, 75 Union street 
Lumsden William & Son, family grocers & wine & spirit mer- 
chants, 58 Union street ; T N 260 
Lumsden Chas. Downie M.A. advocate, see Lumsden & Lumsden 
Lumsden Edwd. Bobertson, advocate, see Lumsden & Lumsden 
Lumsden Henry Simson, grocer &c. see Lumsden & Gibson 
Lumsden James, brass founder, 138 John street; T N 702 
Lumsden James Forbes, advocate, see Lumsden & Davidson; 

T N 101 
Lumsden John, grocer, see William Lumsden & Son 
Lumsden Thomas B. G. grocer &c. see Lumsden & Gibson 
Lumsden William, fish curer, Point law 
Lunan David L. stock broker, 154 Union street 
Lunan Marianus, district manager Sun Life Assurance Co. of 
Canada & local sec. London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. 
254 Union street; T N 1015 
Lyall Alexander, carpenter, 61 Richmond street 
Lyall Charles, artificial teeth fitter, 33 Market street 
Lyall Geo. jun. builder, South esplanade west, Torry; T N 1020 
Lyall James T. ironmonger, 36 George street 
Lyall Jessie (Miss), draper, 5 South Mount street 
Lyall John, mineral water manfr. 9 Union wynd; T N 45Y 
Lyall Marion (Miss), dress maker, 69 Chapel street 
Lygon Robert, cattle dealer, 27 Cairnfield place 
Lyon & Allan, granite merchants, Linksfield road 
Lyon Peter & Son, bird dealers, 37 Green 

Lyon Alexander, hide & tallow factor & oleo margarine manu- 
facturer, 278 George street; T N 107 
Lyon Charles, packing case maker, & saw mills, North 

esplanade; T N 275 
Lyon Frank, commercial traveller, 79 Clifton road 
Lyon James, coal dealer, 45 Upper Denburn 
Lyon John, butcher, 277 George street & 25 Roslin street 
Lyon John, jun. commercial traveller, 51 Watson street 
Lyon John Taylor, granite merchant, see Lyon & Allan 
Lyon Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 51 Urquhart road 
Lyons Robert M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. dentist, 17 St. Swithin street 
McAdam John & Sons, contractors & quarry owners, 47 & 49 

Charlotte street (T N 196) & 29 Catherine street; T N 196a 
McAdam Nellie & Mary A. (Misses), teachers of singing, 38 

Bedford place 
"McAdam & Co. brewers, 146 Hardgate 

McAdam Alexander Rae, contractor, see John McAdam & Sons 
McAdam David G. contractor, see John McAdam & Sons 
McAdam James, engraver, 19 St. Nicholas street 
McAdam John, contractor, see John McAdam & Sons 
McAllan Andrew, coal dealer, 13 Minister lane 
McAIlan Elizabeth (Mrs.), dairy, 86 John street 
Macandrew D. & Co. builders, contractors, hor- 
ticultural builders, heating; & sanitary en- 
gineers, carpenters, joiners, school furnishers, 
licensed valuators & surveyors of house pro- 
perty, 120 St 1 17 Loch street; cash day, second Friday 
in the month ; T N 401 j T A " Macandrkws, builders, 
Aberdeen " 
McAndrew James, coal merchant, Fraser road 
MacAndrew Mary (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 65 Castle street 
McArthur Alexander & Charles, brass founders, 19 Willowdale u^ 
McArthur Alexander, brass founder, see A. & C. McArthur 
McArthur Charles, brass founder, see A. & C. McArthur 
McArthur Charles, brass founder, 4£ Gerrard st. ; T N K212Y 
McBain G. & J. chartered accountants, 16 Bridge street; T N 

373; T A " M'Bains, Aberdeen" 
McBain J. & Co. sausage skin dealers, 475 George street 
McBain Andrew, tailor, 33 Marischal street 

McBain George, accountant (see G. & J. McBain), 16 Bridge st 
McBain John, accountant (see G. & J. McBain), 16 Bridge st 
McBain Jn. M.A. head master High School for Girls, 19Albyn pi 
McBeath Peter, commission agent, 22 Whitehouse street 
Macbeth James, pianoforte warehouse, & music seller, 181 
Union street & 32 Thistle lane 

McBurney William, china &c. dealer, 51 Union street 
Maccagni Isidor, tobacconist, 5 Chapel street 
McCall Annie (Mrs.), clothes broker, 35 East North street 
McCall Mary V. (Mrs.), furniture broker, 49 Netherkirkgate 
McCallion John Joseph, commercial traveller, o- Constitution st 
McCallion Michael, grocer, 91 Urquhart road 
McCaskill & Alexander, plumbers, 208 King street 
McCaskill Samuel, plumber, see McCaskill & Alexander 
McCombie & Diack, advocates, & sees, to the Aberdeen Con- 
ciliation Board, 1 King street; T N 540 
McCombie Charles, advocate & notary public (McCombie & 
Diack) & joint sec. to the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, 
1 King street; T N 540 
McCombie George, jobbing gardener, 76 Bonnymuir place 
McCombie John A. cycle maker, 57 Nelson street 
McCombie Robert, shopkeeper, 183^ Gallowgate 
McCoss & Co. legging manufacturers, 23 Windmill brae 
McCoss David Bowman, school board officer, 13 Boslin terrace 
McCoss William, legging manufacturer, see McCoss & Co 
McCracken A. & Co. (Glasgow), tailors' trimmings warehouse- 
men, 9 Belmont, street 
McCrae Frederick, inland revenue officer, 35 Carden place 
McCreevie Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 649 King street 
McCulloch David, reporter, 17 Lilybank place 
MacDiarmid J. Duncan M.A., B.L. advocate, districi sec. 
Scottish Clerks' Association & joint sec. & treasurer Aber- 
deen Town & County Association for teaching the blind at 
their homes, 173a, Union street 
M'Donald Charles Limited, Froghall granite works, 42 to 4G Jute 

street; T N K50; T A " Froghall, Aberdeen " 
Macdonald Alex. & Co. Limited, His Majesty's 
workers in granite, Constitution street; T N 
29; 369 to 375 Euston road, London N W & 
385 Byres road, Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Macdonald David & Sons, hide & skin factors, commission agents 
& insurance brokers, 45 Clarence street; T N 143; T A " Mac- 
donalds, Aberdeen" 
Macdonald & Duffus, painters & decorators, 317 King street 
Macdonald, Fraser & Co. Limited, auctioneers, Agricultural 

hall, Clifton road 
MacDonald A. Neil, solicitor, 129 Union street 
McDona'.d Alexander, boot maker, 78 Menzies road A 11 

Grampian road, Torry 
Macdonald Alex, refreshment rooms, Joint station ; T N 422 
MacDonald Alexander C. solicitor, 4 Brighton place 
Macdonald Alexander S. merchant, see D. Macdonald & Sons 
McDonald Charles, tobacconist, 184 Market street 
McDonald Christina (Miss), dress maker, J Richmond terrace 
Macdonald Colin, commercial traveller, 293 Great Western road 
McDonald David, spirit dealer, 18 Wellington street 
Macdonald Duncan, commercial traveller, 4 Brighton place 
Macdonald Elsie (Mrs.), apartments, 61 Watson street 
McDonald Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 4 Bridge street 
McDona'd Isabella (Mrs.), nurse, 138 Skene street 
Macdonald James, commission agent, 43 View terrace 
McDonald James, slater, South Esplanade west, Torry 
McDonald Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 127 John street 
McDonald John, boot maker, 72 West North street 
McDonald John, jobbing gardener, 3 Devonshire road 
McDonald John, locksmith, 13 Upperkirkgate 
Macdonald John, market gardener, Middlefield, Cornhill road 
McDonald M. (Mrs.), fishmonger. Wet Fish market 
Macdonald Maggie (Miss), shopkeeper, 5 Blackfriars street 
McDonald Mary (Miss), dress maker, 11 Holburn road 
Macdonald Ranald R., J.P. factor for Lady Gordon Cathcart 
(of Cluny) & for Sir Reginald A. E. Cathcart bart. (Kil- 
lochan castle, Girvan, Ayrshire), 16 Union terrace (T A 
Clansman;" T N 643) &. Cluny Estate offices, Cluny castle; 
res. 126 Hamilton place & Prospect cottage, Cluny 
McDonald Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 78 Rosemount viaduct 
McDonald William, boot repairer, Albion street 
McDonald William, cabinet maker, 105 Holburn street 
McDonald William, carting contractor, 5 Catherine street; 

T N K67 
McDonald Wm. clerk H.M. Factory Department, 115 Union st 
Macdonald Wm. Castles, newspaper reporter, 19 King's crescent 
McDonald William Colville, inspector Society for Prevention of 

Cruelty to Children, Castle street 
M'Donald William Teats J.P. cashier Union Bank of Scotland 

Limited, 53 Castle street 
McDonald Williamina ("Mrs.), shopkeeper, 59 Causewayend 
Macdonald's Provincial Ltd. artificial teeth mfrs. 74 Un'on st 
McDougall & Sons, glass & china dealers, 111 & 500 Union street 

& 14 Green 
McDougall Barbara (Mrs.), furniture broker, 168 Gallowgate 
McDougall Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 33 View terrace 
McDougall John, manure merchant, 5 Hadden street 
McDougall John David, grocer & spirit dealer, 81 John street, 

T N 715 
McDowall Daniel, mechanical engineer, 82 College street 
MacDuft' & Co. Limited, advertising contractors, 8 Union ter- 
race; T N 1150 
McEdward John, audit accountant Great North of Scotland 

Railway, 80 Guild street 
M'Ewan William, depntv chief constable & superintendent 

County Constabulary, Lodge walk; T N 38 
MacFarlane Annie (Miss), grocer, 123 Bon-Accord street 
Macfarlane John, assistant inspector of poor, 20 Union terrace 
Macfarlane John Crerar, commercial traveller. 80 Stanley street 
McGee Patrick, hatter. 31 & 33 Bridge street 
M'Ghee Alexander, farrier, 3 Farrier lane 

McGill David B.supt. National Benefit Trust Ltd. 283 Union gro 
McGilHvray John, chimney sweeper, 3 Cottage brae, Nellfield pi 
McGilvray Daniel Rose, sec. Aberdeen Heritable Securities & 
Investment Co. Limited, 5 Union terrace; res. 19 Carden place 
McGregor Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 115 John street 
McGregor Charles M.A. lecturer Church of Scotland Training 

College, George street 
McGregor Isabella (Mrs.\ confectioner, 3 Bonnymuir place 
McGregor Jane (Miss), dress maker, 56 Menzies road, Tony 
McGregor John, blacksmith, 10 Minister lane 





McGregor Johrt, carpenter, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 

9 Hartington road 
Macgregor John, monumental mason & granite polisher, 116 

Great Western road 
MacGregor John, passenger agent Caledonian Railway Co. joint 

passenger station, Guild street 
McGregor Mary (Mrs.), dairy, 49 Jasmine terrace 
Macgregor Richard, insurance agent, 11 Elm place 
McGregor Violet (.Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Commercial road 
McGruer William, commission agent, 16 Carmelite lane 
McGuire Edward Donaldson, boot maker, 20 Albion street 
McHaffie & Brown, packing case makers &c. Victoria saw 

mills, Hutcheon street; T N K22 
McHaffie Robert, packing case maker, see McHaffie & Brown 
McHardy David & Son, furnishing ironmongers (to the King 

by appointment), art metal workers, bellhangers & 
general smiths, 54 Netherkirkgate; T*N 295 
McHardy Andrew, butcher, 67 Leadside road 
McHardy David J.P. ironmonger (D. McHardy & Son), Cran- 

ford, Duthie terrace 
McHardy George, station master Hutcheon Street station 
McHardy William, butcher, 111 Causewayend 
McHardy William, teacher of music, 2 Albert terrace 
McHattie Christina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Ashvale place 
McHattie William, solicitor, 13 Bridge street 
McHolland Lawrence, decorator, see Bunting & McHolland 
Machray Alexander C.A. (firm, Cochran & Macpherson, 

advocates), 152 Union street 
Mclnnes John, coachsmith, 46 Gilcomston steps 
Mclnnes William, carpenter & joiner, 85 Claremont street 
Mclnnon Hugh, insurance agent, 6 Hollv-bank place 
Mcintosh Jas. & Co. butchers, 50, 51 & 52 Market hall; T N 209 
Mcintosh & Mackie, drapers, 46 St. Nicholas street 
Mcintosh Alexander, confectioner, 68 Regent quay 
Mcintosh Alexander, draper, see Mcintosh & Mackie 
Mcintosh Annie (Miss), dress maker, 41 Erskine street 
Mcintosh Charles, boot maker & leather dealer, 144 Skene Bt 
Mcintosh Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 40 Richmond street 
Mcintosh James, commercial traveller, 39 Bedford place 
Mcintosh James, shopkeeper, 17 Cotton street 
Mcintosh Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 8 Margaret street 
Mcintosh Mary (Miss), draper, 78 Queen street 
Macintosh William J.P. draper, see Esslemont & Macintosh 
Mcintosh William, shopkeeper, 79 Guestrow 
Mcintosh William, spirit dealer, 20 West North street 
Mclntyre Geo. who. ironmonger, see Cruickshank & Mclntyre 
Mclntyre Henry, hair dresser, 549 Great Northern road 
Mclntyre William, auctioneer 193, & umbrella 

maker & cycle agent 197, George street 
Mclvor James, commercial traveller, 27 Laurelwood avenue 
Mackay Brothers, grocers, 170 King street 
McKay Alexander, boot repairer, 2 Mounthooly 
McKay Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 South Mount st 
McKay Alexander, stationer, 98 Green 

McKay Alexander H. electricity mains inspector, 2 Broad st 
Mackay Alexander S. optician, see Berry & Mackay 
McKay Angus, ironmonger, 191 Rosemount place 
McKay Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 273 Rosemount place 
McKay Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 75 Guestrow 
McKay Daniel (Mrs.), clothes dealer,' 41 East North street 
Mackay Francis, grocer, 83 Hardgate 

Mackay George M. athletic goods & fishing tackle manufac- 
turer, 50 Bridge street 
Mackay George S. pianoforte tuner & music seller, 16 Guild st 
McKay Hugh, grocer & spirit dealer, 34 Powis terrace 
McKay James, spirit dealer, 65 Green 
Mackay Janet (Miss), dress maker, 304 George street 
McKay Jemima (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 47 Lodge walk 
McKay John, spirit dealer, 89 Loch street 
McKay Maggie t^Mrs.), shopkeeper, 49a, Virginia street 
Mackay Mary W. (Miss), news agent, 217 Gallowgate 
Mackay Robert, sec. Northern Assurance Co. 1 Union terrace 
Mackay Robt. Whyte, warehouseman, see Anderson & Thomson 
McKay Roderick, contractor, 2 Abergeldie terrace 
Mackay William, fishmonger, 224 King street & 565 George st 
Mackay William, inspector of streets, 27 Brighton place 
McKay William, monumental sculptor, see Cocker & McKay 
McKay William Fleming, news agent, 657 George street 
Mackay William Young, billiard room proprietor & tobacconist, 

504 Union street 
McKeggie George Lunan, news agent & stationer, 512 Union st 
McKellar Archibald, grocer & spirit dealer, 456 Union street 
Mackenzie A. Marshall & Son, architects, 343 Union street 
McKenzie John & David, fruiterers, 91 Rosemount place ; 85 

Leadside road & 16 St. Andrew street 
Mackenzie R. J. & Eraser, auctioneers & valuers, 3 Belmont 

street; X N 1168 
Mackenzie & Wilson, solicitors & resident sees. License 

Holders & General Insurance Co. Limited, 14 Crown street 
Mackenzie A. Marshall, architect (firm, A. Marshall Mackenzie 

& Son), 343 Union street 
McKenzie Alexander, boot maker, 21 Marischal street 
McKenzie Alexander, news agent, 392 George street 
McKenzie Alexander, plane & edge tool ma. 11 Catherine street 
Mackenzie Alexander, tailor, 51 Chapel street 
McKenzie Alexander, travelling draper, 482 Great Northern rd 
Mackenzie Alexander G. R., A.R.I. B. A. architect (firm, A. 

Marshall Mackenzie & Son), 343 Union street 
Mackenzie Amy (Miss) A.L.C.M. tchr. of music, 88 Bedford pi 
McKenzie Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36 Baker street 
Mackenzie Annabella (Miss), teacher of music, 144 Hutcheon st 
McKenzie Annie (Miss), confectioner, 654 King street 
McKenzie Archibald, coal merchant, 219 

Market street; T N 14; T A '« McKenzie, Aber- 

d en;" res. Dunmail, Cults; T N 13 
Mackenzie Donald, librarian Free Church college, 2 Alford pi 
McKenzie George, butcher, 19 St. Andrew street 
McKeuzie Geo. gas meter inspector, Municipal bldgs. 2 Broad st 
McKenzie George, slipper manufacturer, 24 Young street 
McKenzie Henry, medical botanist, 22, 24 & 26 Marischal street 

Mackenzie George, solicitor (Mackenzie & Wilson), sec. Aber- 
deen Excise License Holders' Association, Aberdeen Ship- 
ping Traders' Association & Aberdeen, Deeside & Donside 
Association, 14 Crown street; res. 130 King's gate 
Mackenzie James, manufacturers' agent, 41£ Union street 
McKenzie James, tailor, 458 Great Northern road 
Mackenzie James John, solicitor, 21 King street 
McKenzie Jessie (Mrs.)i shopkeeper, 645 George street 
McKenzie John, boot maker, 535 Great Western road 
McKenzie John, fruiterer, 419 George street 
McKenzie John, news agent, 47 Victoria road, Terry 
McKenzie Robert, carting contractor, 68 Sinclair road, Torry 
Mackenzie Robert Jn. auctioneer, see R. J. Mackenzie & Fraser 
Mackenzie Theodore Charles M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.Eng. assistant 

medical officer Royal Lunatic asylum, Cornhill road 
McKenzie Thomas, coal dealer, 36 East North street 
McKenzie Wm. bookkeeper Aberdeen school board, 22 Union ter 
McKenzie William, painter, 330 Great Northern road 
McKiddie Annie (Mrs.), nurse, 24 Esslemont avenue 
Mackie David & Co. woollen manfrs.166 West North st. ;TN224 
Mackie Peter & Co. painters, 10 Portland street 
Mackie Alexander, basket maker, 2 Market gallery 
Mackie Alexander, carpenter, 34 Virginia street 
Mackie Alexander M.A. day & boarding school, 4 & 6 Albyn 

place & 39 Queen's road 
Mackie Andrew E. tobacconist, news agent 
& billiard rooms, first-class tables, 94 Great 
Western road ; res. 28 Holburn road 
Mackie Charles James M.A. solicitor, 22 Belmont street 
Mackie Christina (Miss), milliner, 143 Holburn street 
Mackie George, confectioner, 229 Rosemount place 
Mackie George, market gardener, Rosehill cottage, Cornhilll rd 
Mackie George, shopkeeper, 98 Gerrard street 
Mackie James, dairyman, 65 College street 
Mackie James, superintendent of Springbank cemetery, 

Countesswells road, Mannofield 
Mackie James, temperance hotel, 8 Trinity street 
Mackie James A. organising sec. Royal infirmary, Woolmanhill 
Mackie James D. solicitor & notary public, 166 Union street 
Mackie Jane (Miss), dress maker, 6 Orchard street 
Mackie Jane Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 73 Chapel street 
Mack!e John, commercial traveller, 85 Argyll place 
Mackie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 83 & 85 Rosemount place- 
Mackie John, tea rooms, 8 St. Catherine's wynd 
Mackie John Hamilton, commercial traveller, 31 Fonthill ter 
Mackie Peter, cattle dealer, Ceylon cot. Dunbar st. Old Aberdeen. 
Mackie Peter M. painter, see P. Mackie & Co 
Mackie William, butcher, 38 King street . 
McKilliam B. & W. confectioners, pastrycooks & 

caterers, 14 & 16 Broad street; T N 1078 
McKilliam Basil, confectioner, see B. & W. McKilliam 
McKilligan Alex, sub-editor " Free Press," 55 Watson street" 
McKilligin Alex. Gordon Duff, solicitor, 143 Union street 
McKinnon L. jun. & Son, advocates, 23 Market st. ; T N 425- 
McKinnon William & Co. Limited, engineers, ironfoundersy 
boiler makers, millwrights &c. 6 to 34 & 44! Spring garden* 
T N 557 
Mackinnon Arthur H, L. architect, 245 Union street 
McKinnon Frederick L. director Wm. McKinnon' & Co. Limited ~ 

res. 38 Garden place 
McKinnon James, auctioneer, 77 George street ; T N 1257 
Mackinnon Lachlan, advocate & notary public (firm, E, 

McKinnon, jun. & Son), 23 Market street 
McKinnon Patrick, cutler, 245 George street 
Mackinnon William, stock broker, see Home & Mackinnon 
Mackintosh Ashley Watson M.A., M.D., CM. physician & sur- 
geon, 9 Bon-Accord square 
Mackintosh James Gordon L.R.O.P., L.R.C.S.Edin., L.F.P. & 9-. 

Glas. surgeon, 17 Golden square 
Mackintosh John, second class examining officer H. Mi 

Customs, 35 Regent quay 
Mackintosh John Henderson, law waiter, 71 Desswood place 
Mackintosh T. S. secretary of the Great North of Scotland: 

Railway Co. 80 Guild street 
Mackintosh Thomas Alex. L.D.S.Edin. dentist, 17 Golden square 
McKinty Charles, inland revenue officer, 344 Holburn street 
McLachlan Matthew, domestic bazaar, 41 Union street 
McLardy D. & Co. (Glasgow), furniture dealers, 61 Loch street 
McLaren George Laurence, spirit dealer, 11 Market street^ 

T N 02951 
McLaren James Smith, painter, 112 Rosemount viaduct & 55' 

Baker street; T N 18Y 
McLaren Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 58 Schoolhill 
McLaren Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Springbank terrace 
McLaughlan A. & Co. glass bevellers & silverers, 88 Skene' 

square; T N K8D 
McLean Geo.& Jane Ann (Miss), grocers, 531 Great Western rd: 
Maclean Kenneth & Son, tailors & clothiers, 11 Bridge street 
MacLean C. (Miss), confectioner, 5 Crown street 
McLean Francis, grocer, 47 Thistle street 
McLean George, commercial traveller, 33 Bon-Accord street' 
McLean James, fish curer, Albert quay 

McLean James, grocer & spirit dealer, 68 & 70 Virginia street- 
McLean Thomas, wine & spirit merchant, 9 Stirling street 
McLelan Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 3 Watson Btreet 
M'Lellan Basil S., M.A. teacher of mathematics, Gordon's^ 

college, Schoolhill 
McLeman William, dairyman, 32 Rosemount place 
Maclennan Harbourne, architect (firm, Jenkins & Marr), IB- 
Bridge street 
M'Lennan Hugh, advocate & notary public, 139 King street 
McLennan Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 7 Upperkirkgate 
Maclennan Thomas, depute procurator fiscal for the county of" 
Aberdeen in the Sheriff court & procurator fiscal in the Justice- 
of the Peace courts, Court House buildingB, Castle street 
McLeod A. & Co. ■warehousemen, 70 Rosemount viaduct 
McLeod Alexander, tinsmith, 7 Mealmarket 
McLeod Anne (Mrs.), apartments, 11 Schoolhill 
McLeod Charles M.A. science master Grammar school, Skene Bt: 
McLeod Charles, shopkeeper, 8 Blackfriars street 




Macleod David, painter, 36 Chapel street 
McLeod Dolina (Miss), dress maker, 15 Craigie street 
McLeod John, commercial traveller, 16 Sunnyside road 
McLeod John C. hatter, 48 Union street; res. 148 

Hard sate 
MacLeod Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 55 Hutcheon street 
McLeod William, dairyman, 56 Great Northern road 
Macmahon John, photographer, 502 Union street 
McMillan D. & J. E. architects, 105 Crown street 
McMillan E. A. Limited, fancy goods warehouse, 151 Union st 
McMillan Duncan, architect (firm, D. & J. B. McMillan), 105 

Crown street 
McMillan Elizabeth (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 30 Bridge street 
McMillan James, commission agent, 190 Mid Stocket road 
McMillan James, watch maker 101, & news agent 131, Rose- 
mount place; T N 7Y3 
McMillan Jane (Miss), fishmonger, 40 Broomhill road 
McMillan John Boss, architect (firm, D. & J. E. McMillan), 

105 Crown street 
McMillan "William, engraver, 37 Market street 
MacNab Robert, commercial traveller, 67 Bonnymuir place 
McNaughton David Fraser, commercial trav. 12 Calsayseat road 
MacNaughton Grace (Miss), matron Eoyal infirmary, Wo oLmanhill 
McNicoll Duncan, golf club maker, 117 Urquhart road 
M'Pherson Alexander, baker & confectioner, 65 Richmond st. 

& 50 Market street 
McPherson Charles, boot maker, 93 High street, Old Aberdeen 
McPherson James, aeent Midland Eai'.way Co. 235 Westburn rd 
McPherson Janet (Miss), dress maker, 6 Oakdale ter.Mannofield 
McPherson John Hunter, butcher, 137 Holburn street 
McPherson Eobert, commercial traveller, 10 Forbesfield road 
Macpherson Eobert, provision mer. see Hurry & Macpherson 
McPherson Eobert, tobacconist, 61 Eosemount viaduct 
McPherson Simon, refreshment rooms, 10 Wales street 
McPherson William, butcher, 23 Northfield place 
McPherson William, carter, 646 Great Northern road 
Macpherson William, stationer, 70 & 72 Great Western road 
McPherson Willium G. commercial traveller, 87 Mile End aven 
M'Pherson William Milne, baker & confectioner, 15 Fountain- 
hall road; 110 Bon-Accord street & 8 St. Swithin street 
Macqueen & Knox, advocates & notaries public, 34 Bridge st 
McQueen Donald, clothes broker, 8 Berry street 
Macqueen John Ellison, advocate (firm, Macqueen & Knox), 

34 Bridge street 
MacQuibban Charles Mitchell J. P., M.D., L.E.C.S.Edin. sur- 
geon, 248 Union street 
McEae Alexander, blacksmith, 87 Holburn street 
McRae Daniel, spirit dealer & public house keeper, 88 Sbiprow 
McEae Donald, cattle dealer, 9 Denburn road 
McEae Douglas, chimney sweeper, 147 West North street 
Macrae Finlay, spirit dea'.er, 453 Union street 
Macrae Lizzie (Mrs.), confr. & pastrycook, 322 Gt. Western rd 
McBobb & Co. carting contractors, 60 Frederick street 
McEobb Charles, laundry, 153 Crown street 
McEobb James, news agent, 45 Marischal street 
McEobb William F. joiner, 5 Pittodrie lane 
McRobbie & Milne, builders, contractors, 
joinery & wood block flooring manufac- 
turers & horticultural builders, Albert 
place; T N 357 
McEobbie Alexander, builder, see McEobbie & Milne 
McRobbie Annie (Mrs.), tailoress, 73 Eosemount viaduct 
McEobbie Jane (Mrs.), fishmonger, 126 Crown street 
McEobbie Jessie (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, Albert quay 
McEobbie Jessie (Mrs.), refreshment rooms. 25 York place 
McEobbie John O. builder, see McEobbie & Milne 
McEobbie William, apartments, 16 Grosvenor place 
MeWilliam Alexander, butcher, 218 Eosemount place; T N 57Y 
McWilliam James, insurance agent, 21 Elmfield avenue 
MeWilliam Jane (Miss), nurse, 27 Victoria 6treet 
McWilliam .John, boot repiirer, 119 Brighton place 
McWilliam John, dairyman, 199 Westburn road 
McWilliam John, grocer, 203 Westburn road 
McWilliam Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10 William square 
MeWilliam Alary {Miss), dress maker. 82 Constitution strept 
McWillie William, grocer & spirit dealer, & registrar of births, 
deaths & marriages for the Old Aberdeen district of the 
parish of Old Machar, 112 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Madgwick Samuel Adamson, agent West Coast Eailway (London 
& North-Western & Caledonian Bail way Companies), 31 Guild st 
Maguire Francis J. clothes dealer, 55 Green 
Maguire Peter, clothes broker, 16 Hardweird 
Main Alexander, fish merchant, Commercial road 
Main Alexander, pilot, 6 Pilot square 

Main Benj. painter & paperhanger, 36 St. Andrew st. ; TN 460 
Main David, builder & contractor, 224 Mid Stocket road 
Main David, coal dealer, 25 Catherine street 
Main George, fishmonger, 27 Eosemount viaduct; T N 32X1 
Main James, fishmonger, 42l"George street 
Main James, fried fish dealer, 76 Hutcheon street 
Main James, printer, 75 George street 
Main William L. master mariner, 9 Forest avenue 
Mair Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 1^ Affleck street 
Mair George, shopkeeper, 817 Great Northern road 
Mair John, clothier, 243 George street 
Maitland Charles & Son, slalers, 171 Union grove 
Maitland Alexander, shopkeeper, 20 Charles street ^ 

Maitland Charles, slate merchant, see Murray & Maitland 
Maitland Charles, jun. slater, see Charles Maitland & Son 
Maitland Elizabeth (Mrs.), costumier, 483 Union street 
Maitland Margaret (Mrs.), provision dealer, 25 Causewayend 
Maitland Mary (Miss), news agent, 110 Holburn street 
Maitland William, spirit dealer, 9 Correction wynd 
Malcolm James, apartments, 54 Upperkirkgate 
Malcolm Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 109 Skene street 
Malcolm Robert, plumber, 29 Powis terrace; res. 67 

Sunnyside road 
Malvena John, spirit dealer, 2 Trinity quay 
Manfield & Sons, boot makers, 99 Union street 
Mann & Sim, dairymen, 126 Chapel street 

Mann David, dairyman, Eaeden, Stocket 

Manson Bowman, commercial traveller, 46 Richmondhill place 
Manson George, pointer & decorator, 662 George street 
Manuelle A. & F. granite stone merchants, Provost Blaikie's quay 
(William B. Wight, manager); T N 331; T A "Manuelle, 
Aberdeen " 
Marchini Giuseppa, confectioner, 321 King street 
Mariners' Almanac & Tide Tables (Aberdeen Free Press, pub- 
lishers), 30 Union street 
Market (General) (Peter Donald, superintendent), Market street 
Markey Patrick Arthur, news agent, 3 Eosemount viaduct 
Marnoch George, buLcher, 54 Springbank terrace & fishmonger, 

476 Union street 
Marnoch George E. stationer, & post office, 36 Park street 
Marnoch John M.A., M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 2 Bon- 
Accord square 
Marquis & Hail, advocates & chartered accountants & managers 
& treasurers o£ the Bon-Accord Property Investment Co. 222 
Union street; T N 276 
Marr J. & A. music sellers & pianoforte dealers, 58 &■ 60 St. 

Nicholas street; T N 89 
Marr (X), Wood & Co. Limited, music sellers & pianoforte 
makers, 183 Union street & pianoforte makers, 10 Union 
wynd; T N 496 
Marr Alexander, music seller, see J. & A. Marr 
Marr Alexander, publisher & printer of the " Aberdeen Free 
Press," ''Evening Gazette" & the "Weekly Free Press" 
newspapers, 30 Union street & Eosemount press, Farmer's 
Hall lane; T N 73; res. 23 Carden place 
Marr Alex. sec. (Alex. Pirie & Sons Lim.), 41 Grosvenor place 
Marr Alexander, ship broker, 55 Marischal street 
Marr Isabella (Miss), apartments, 47 Watson street 
Marr J. Erskine, electrical engineer, 41§ Union street 
Marr James, confectioner, 25 Eosemount viaduct 
Marr James, music seller, see J. & A. Marr 
Marr Jane (Miss), laundress, 39 Chapel street 
Marr John, joiner, 19£ West Mount street 
Marr William, chemist, 34 Woolmanhill 
Marr William Law M.A., B.Sc. mathematical master High 

School for Girls, 19 Albyn place 
Marshall James E. & Son, manufrs.' agts. 17 St. Nicholas st 
Marshall & Philp, ironmongers, 179 Union street 
Marshall & White, veterinary surgeons, 7 Langstane place 
Marshall & Co. preserved provision manufacturers, Spring Garden 
works, Torry; T N 50; & fish curers, Point law; T N 146; 
T A " Marshall, Aberdeen " 
Marshall Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 372 Great Northern road 
Marshall James, commission agent, 12 Eegent quay 
Marshall James Edwd. manufrs.' agt. see J. E. Marshall & Sod 
Marshall John, boot maker, 43 Baker street 
Marshall John, ironmonger, see Marshall & Philp 
Marshall John, violin maker, 75 Eosemount viaduct 
Marshall Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker, 2 Maberly stree: 
Marshall Thomas, commission agent, 57 Shiprow 
Marshall William, cabinet maker, 66 Loch street 
Marshall Wm.M.E.C.V.S. veterinary ?urgeou,see Marsha 11 & White 
Martin Alexander W. & Co. floor cloth manufacturers, Berry- 
den road; T A "Martin, Berryden " 
Martin George & William, engineers & boiler makers, Eegent rd 
Martin John & Frederick, butchers, 105 Eosemount place 
Martin Adam, slater, 52 Leadside road 
Martin Agnes (Mrs.), baker, 11 Park street 
Martin Alexander, gun & fishing tackie maker, 128 Union street 
Martin Alex, news agt. & stationer, 71 George st. &, 17 Loch e 1 : 
Martin Alexander Vincent, collector of dues (Fish market), 1> 

Lilybank place 
Martin Arthur Edwin, furniture dlr. 33 Skene sq.& 109 John st 
Martin Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 1 Powis terrace 
Martin George, boiler maker, see G. & W. Martin 
Martin Henry, tailor, see Innes & Martin 
Martin Isabella (Miss), shopkeeper, 14 Gerrard street 
Martin James, tailor, 647 Holburn street 

Martin James Christie, commercial traveller, 44 Elmbank ter 
Martin John, butcher, 31 George street 
Martin Margaret Jane (Miss), 21 Young street 
Martin William, boiler maker, see G. & W. Martin 
Martineau Alfred B.A. advocate (firm, Edmonds & Ledingham), 

1 Golden square 
Maryculter School Board Offices (George Falconer, clerk), 31 

Mason John & Son, painters, 36 & 38 Queen street; T N 704 
Mason George Eussell, painter, see John Mason & Son 
Mason James, market gardener, 303 Great Northern road 
Mason John, painter, see John Mason & Son 
Mason Mary (Mrs.), milliner, 182 George street 
Mason William, pilot, 19 North square 
Masonic Hall (J. S. Benson, sec. ; Samuel Innes, steward), 12 

Exchange street 
Masons' & Granite Cutters' Union (George Garden, sec), 47 

Belmont street 
Massie Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 Loch street 
Massie Elsie (Mrs.), teacher of music, 600 George street 
Massie Geo. D. solicitor (firm, Shewan & Massie), 143 Union st 
Massie James, chimney sweeper, 21 Skene square 
Massie James F. McPhail, treasurer & manager Aberdeen & 

Northern Friendly Society, 213 & 217 George street 
Massie James Macphail, cabinet maker, upholsterer 

6 furniture remover, 18 Victoria street (T N 1516) & 3, 6 & 

7 Forest avenue 

Massie Marianus, shopkeeper, 691 King street, Old Aberdeen 

Massie Sarah (Miss), nurse, 87 Chapel street 

Masson Alexander, boot maker, 14 Gilcomston steps 

Maseon Alexander, builder, 171 Hardgate 

Masson Alexander, grocer, 19 West Mount street 

Masson Isabella Ann (Miss), dairy, 2 Fraser place 

Masson John Alexander, bank accountant Commercial Bank of 

Scotland Limited, 78 Union street 
Masson John Grant, die cutter, 16 South Constitution street 
Mather Isabella (Mrs.), dairy, 302 Great Northern road 
Mather Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 27 Belvidere crescent 





Matheson John &, Son, drapers & tailors, 5 & 7 Justice street 
Mathcson Alexander, draper, see John Matheson & Son 
Mathewson Barbara (Mrs,), shopkeeper, 6 Beechgrove terrace 
Mathieson Helen (Mrs.) & Sons, burchers, 38 Victoria rd.'Torrj 
Mathieson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 28 Summerfield ter 
Mathieson James, carpsnter, 547 Great Western road 
Mathieson Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 224 Holburu street 
Mathieson Robert, butcher, 18 East North street 
Matthew Adam, keeper Royal Albert Hall, 53 Huntly street 
Matthew James, clothes broker, 20 Young street 
Matthews James & Son, plumbers, 70 Woolmanhill; T N 60X 
Matthews Alexander, grocer, 171 Victoria road, Torry 
Matthews George, carrier to Tarves & Udny, mon. wed. & fri. 

13 Princes street 
Matthews James, plumber, see James Matthews & Son 
Matthews Robert, butcher, 28 Menzies road, Torry 
Matthews William, hair dresser, 180 Rosemount place 
Ma'fchewson Peter, commercial traveller, 61 Mid Stocket road 
Mauchan Alexander, billiard room, 148 George street 
Maver Archibald, shopkeeper, 181 Rosemount place 
Maver David, jobbing gardener, Polmuir road 
Maxwell Elsie (Mrs.), dress maker, 121 George street 
Maxwell John, boot repairer, 31 Guestrow 
May Thomas Fenton, sanitary officer, 334 King street 
Mavpole Dairy Co. Limited, 2D Union screet 
Mearns Alexander & Co. saddlers, 5 & 7 Back wynd ; T N 237 
Mearns Alexander, boot maker, 39 & 57 Upperkirkgate 
Mearns Annie (Mrs.), saddler, see Alexander Mearns &, Co 
Mearns Cornelius, spirit dealer, 6'J Frederick street 
Mearns Daniel D.L., J. P. ship owner & vice-consul to Argentine 

Republic, 55 Regent quay 
Mearns George, sp:rit dealer, 73 Queen street 
Mearns James, draper, 20 to 28- St. Nicholas street (T N 20G) & 

68 to 72 Netherklrkgate & clothier, 39 Union street 
Mearns James, spirit dealer, 167 Gallowgate 
Mearns James Alexander M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 123 

Victoria road, Torry 
Mearns Jessie (Miss), dairy, 3 Wallfield place 
Mearns Maggie (Mrs.), furniture broker, 51 West North street 
Mearns Margaret (Miss), news agent, 7 Rosemount place 
Mearns Peter, baker, 578 George street; T N K2 
Mearns William, clothes broker, 22 Upper Denburn 
Mechanical Appliances Co. mill furnishers, 12 Afflack street 
Meff Brothers, auctioneers & valuers & fish salesmen, Com- 
mercial road & Albert quay ; T N 529 
Meft Robert, jun. yeast & produce merehant, 29 Blackfriars st. ; 

T N 1072 
Meff Rose (Miss), teacher of music, 67 Loanhead terrace 
Melt William, jun. fish salesman, see Meff Brothers 
Meffet Alexander, advocate (firm, Sinclair-Spark, Meffet & 

Taylor), 245 Union street 
Meldrum William &■ Son, tailors, 51 St. Nicholas street & 9 

Flourmi'l brae; T N 25X4 
Meldrum Barbara (Miss), dress maker, see Chalmers & Meldrum 
Meldrum Charles, tailor, 45 Bon-Accord street 
Meldrum Donald, tailor, see William Meldrum & Son 
Meldrum Patrick, tailor, 110 John street 

Meldrum Robert, superintendent Aberdeen Town & County Asso- 
ciation for Teaching the Blind at their Homes,173a, Union st 
Meldrum William, commercial traveller, 85 Irvine place 
MelKs Geo. & Son Lim. wholesale provision merchants, 28 Guild 
street (T A " Mellis, Aberdeen; T N 173); ham, bacon & 
sausage factory, Russell road & fish curing works, Point law 
Melross Brothers, oatcake manufacturers, 3 Short loanings 
Melrose John, oatcake manufacturer, see Melrose Brothers 
Melrose Robert, oatcake manufacturer, see Melrose Brothers 
Melville James, fish salesman, 186 Market street 
Melville William J.P. barrister-at-law, 5 Queen's terrace 
Melvin & Co. brewers; branch, 12 Virginia street 
Melvin Alexander G. customs house officer, Regent quay 
Melvin Andrew, coal dealer, 200 Hardgate 
Melvin Charles, watch maker & optician, 185 Union street 
Melvin Helen (Miss), matron Aberdeen Female School of Indus- 
try, Whitehall road 
Melvin John, shopkeeper, 102 Great Western road 
Mennie Elizabeth & Robina (Misses), confectioners, 3 Desswood 

place & 33 Mid Stocket road 
Mennie Harvey, architect, 211 Union street 
Mennie Thomas M. representative David King & Sons (Glas- 
gow), ironfounders, 114 King street 
Menzies John & Co. Ltd. news agents, 3 Castle terrace & Rail- 
way station, Guild street; T N 527 
Menzies Ann (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 15 Upperkirkgate & 2 

Barnett's close 
Menzies James, clothier, see Tawse & Menzies 
Mercer William & Co. china & glass dealers, 62 Huntly street 

& rag merchants, 4 St. Clement street 
Mercer Alexander, joiner, 72 Ashvale place 
Mercer William, china & glass dealer, see Wm. Mercer & Co 
Merchant Robert, boat owner, South Esplanade west, Torry 
Meres Alexander, pilot, 9 South square 

Merry lees Charles, manager North of Scotland & Orkney & 
Shetland Steam Navigation Co. Provost Matthew's quay ; 
T N 1546 
Merson & Stewart, slaters, 70 Loch street (T N 117 9) 

& 13 Don street, Woodside 
Merson George, slater, see Merson & Stewart 
Meston James & Co. chartered accountants, 6 Golden square; 

T N 25; T A " Accurate, Aberdeen " 
Meston James, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for the 

district of St. Macbar, 17 Union terrace 
Meston John, grocer & spirit dealer. 21 Chapel street 
Meston Robert, apartments, 7 Northfield place 
Meston William, manager Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind, 50 

Huntly street 
Metcalf John, ladies 1 tailor, 40 Jamaica street 
Metcalfe Maggie (Miss), shopkeeper, 31 Rose street 
Metcalfe William G. ironmonger, 36 Schoolhill; TN 

6X3 ; res. 11 Hosefie'.d avenue 
Methuen Eliza A. (Miss), apartments, 76 Carden place 
Mezzadri Giuseppe, ice cream maker, 105 Commerce street 

Mian George, fish curer, 39 Sinclair road, Torry 

Michael Simon, painter, 32 Thomson street 

Michie J. & G. fish curer, Clyde street, Point law; T N 887 

Michie George B. sheriff clerk depute, wills & executry depart- 

mant, County buildings 
Michie Hugh, apartments, 14 Grosvenor place 
Michie James Coutts, artist, 4b, Crown terrace 
Michie James G. fish curer, see J. & G. Michie 
Michie John, grocer & spirit dealer &c. 15 West North street 
Michie Leith, grocer & spirit dealer, 56 King street 
Middleton Alexander & Sons, auctioneers & live 
stock agents, Belmont auct'on mart, 5 Bel- 
mont road, Kittybrewstcr; TN K1 ; TA 
" Cattle, Aberdeen " 
Middleton Adam, butcher, 7 Park street 

Middleton Alexander, jun. auctioneer, see A. Middleton & Soi.s" 
Midlleton Bella (Mi*s), news agent, 22 Crown street 
Midd.eton Charles, boot maker, 518 George street 
Middleton Edward M. photographer, 181 Jving street 
Middleton Emily (Miss), milliner, 22 North Silver street 
Middleton George, news agent, & post office, 5 Baker street 
Middleton James, commercial traveller. 72 Ashley road 
Middleton John, spirit dealer, 31 Loch street 
Midlleton Lewis Auidjo Lamb, auctioneer, seeA. Middleton tt Sons 
Middleton William, commercial traveller, 23 Calsayseat road 
Middleton William, draper, 287 Rosemount place 
Middleton William, patentee, 55 Belmont street 
Middleton William J. calendar publisher & manufacturing 

stationer, 2J Adelphi (T N 330) ; res. Priory hill, Culter 
Midland Railway Co.''S Office (Adam Ingram, agent), 27 Car- 
melite street 
Millar Robert & Sons Limited, timber merchants & saw mill 
owners, Provost Blaikie's quay (T N 674; TA " Neilson, 
Aberdeen"); & at Montrose 
Millar Margery (Mrs.), clothes dealer. Causewayend 
Millar William, ironmonger, 64 Holburn street 
Millen Elizabeth (Mrs.), dairyman, 64 Western road, Woodside 
Miller C. Bruce & Co. music 'Sellers & pianoforte warehouse, 

51 & 53 George street; TN 474 
Miller G. & W. ironmongers, 156b, Union street 
Miller John & Co. chemical manufacturers, coal 
tar distillers, naphtha, benzole, creosote, pitch, 
sulphate of ammonia, sulphuric acid & 
manure manufacturers, Sandilands chemical 
works, Miller st. ; T N 8; T A ''Miller, Aberdeen' 
Miller A. L. manufacturing chemist, see John Miller & Co 
Miller Alexander, hosier, 383 Union street 
Miller Charles Bruce, music seller, see C. B. Miller & Co 
Miller George, ironmonger, see G. & W. Miller 
Miller George; shoe maker, 14 Waverley place 
Miller Jas. Bruce, manufacturing chemist, see Jn. Miller & Co 
Miller James Folsetter, commercial traveller, 11 Stanley street 
Miller Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 521 George street 
Miller John, spirit dealer, 162 Sinclair road, Torry 
Miller John M. optician & scientific instrument" maker. 210 

George street; TN 36Y1 
Miller John P. manufacturing chemist, see John Miller & Co 
Miller Thomas, blacksmith, Merkland road east 
Miller Thomas, confectioner, 27 Justice street 
Miller Thomas, news agent, 148 & 109 Market -street 
Miller William, ironmonger, see G. & W. Miller 
Milligan Duvid M. M., M.A. advocate, see Davidson & Garden, 
& honorary treasurer to the Royal Aberdeen Sick Children's 
Hospital & Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind; res. 20 Albyn pi 
Mills Arthur, pottery & earthenware manufacturer, Seaton pot- 
tery works, Seaton place, Old Aberdeen 
Milne A. & R. booksellers & stationers, 229a, Union street 
Milne A. & Sons, builders & contractors, B4 

Bonnymuir place 
Milne Alexander & Sons, preserved provision & jam manufactrs. 
36 Canal road & Wales street; T N K 30 & 199; T A "Miles" 
Milne Brothers, millers, grain & produce merchants & commis- 
■sion agents; dealers & manufacturers of all kinds of feeding 
stufEs & mill furnishers, 17 Guild street; TN 487; TA 
" Grain >' 
Milne D. & Sons, engineers & machine makers, Park Road works 
Milne Frank & Co. wire workers, 60 Justice Mill la. ; TN 1801) 
Milne George & Co. ship owners, 6 East Craibstone street; T A 

' Milne, Aberdeen " 
Milne Helen & Susan (Misses), fancy drapers, 12 Mid Stocket id 
Milne & Hutchison, printers & stationers, 64 Netherklrk- 
gate; T N 98 6 
Milne J. & A. slaters, 603 George street; TN K81 
Milne James & Co. chartered accountants, 160 Union street; 

TN 565 
Milne James & Son, brewers, 69 Virginia street 
Milne John & Co. Limited, pearl barley & oat 
meal mfrs. Caledonian mills, Palmerston rd 
Milne & Kirton, boot makers, 26 Orchard st. & 5 Urquhart rd 
Milne & Milroy, chartered accountants, 147 Union st. ; T N 35:.' 
Milne & Munro, boot & shoe makers, 2G3 Union street 
Milne & Pledge, warehousemen, Imperial place 
Milne Robert & Son, fish curers, Point law 
Milne & Stephen, printers, 6 Bath street 
Milne Alexander, brewer, see J. Milne & Son 
Milne Alexander, builder, see A. Milne & Sons 
Milne Alexander, grocer, 42 Wallfield crescent 
Milne Alexander, master mariner, 4 Mid Stocket road 
Milne Alexander, preserved provision manufacturer, see Alex- 
ander Milne & Sons 
Milne Alexander, printer &c. 496 Great Northern road 
Milne Alexander, refreshment rooms, 45 St. Andrew street 
Milne Alexander, refreshment rooms, 34 St. Clement street 
Milne Alexander, shopkeeper, 13 Miller street 
Milne Alexander, supt. Aberdeen Corporation Baths, The Links 
Milne Alexander Murray, slater, see J. & A. Milne 
Milne Alexander T. builder, see A. Milne & Sons 
Milne Alexander Wilson, refreshment rooms, oil Gt. Western rd 
Milne Alfred Edward, solicitor, 258 Union street 
Milne Andrew, wardrobe dealer, 117 Skene street 
Milne Annie (Mrs.), confectioner, Market hall 




Milne Annie 'Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15S Holburn street 

Milne Arthur P. warehouseman, see Milne uz Pledge 

Milne Catherine (Mrs.), apartments, 104 Crown street 

Milne Oath. (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 46 Kiug'-s crescent 

Mhne Catherine (Mrs.), nurse, iUa Great Western road 

Milne Charles, cabinet maker, 28 Stafford street 

Milne Charles, draper, .see Watt & Milne 

Milne Christina [Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 15 East North st 

Milne David, jun. engineer, see D. Milne & Sons 

Milne David, hair dresser, 85 Regent quay 

Milne David, photographer, i58 Xing street 

Milne David, tailor, 418 Great Northern road 

Milne Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartimentis, 83 Rosemount viaduct 

Milne Elizabeth (Miss), laundress, 4 Skene square 

Milne Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Skene square 

Milne Francis William, warehouseman, 74 Un.on street 

Milne Frank, wire worker, see Frank Milne & Co 

Milne George, boot repairer, Albert quay 

Milne George, carpenter, 29 College bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Milne George, egg & butter dir. Market hall & G3 Elmbank ter 

Milne George, engineer, see D. Milne & Sons 

Milne Col. George J. P. ship owner, see George Milne & Co 

Milne George C. master mariner, 394 Kins street 

Milne George F. architect & house agent, 137 Union street 

Milne Henry, chtmist & optician, 198 Xing street 

Milne Hugh, fishmonger, 160 Xing street 

Milne Hugh Ross, umbrella maker, 48a, Skene square 

Milne James, baker, 183a, Crown street 

Milne James, blacksmith, Cuparstone row, Holburn st 

Milne James C.A. chartered accountant, see James Milne & Co 

Miine James, dairy utensil maker, 79 St. Andrew -street 

Milne James, engineer, >see D. Milne & Sons 

Milne James, grocer & spirit dealer, 365 Holburn st. ; 

res. 244 Great Western road 
Milne James, preserved provision manfr.see Alex. Milne & Sons 
Milne James, jun. printer, see Milne & Stephen 
Milne James J. P. ship owner, .see George Milne & Co 
Milne James, tobacconist, 466 Union street 
Milne James H. builder & contractor, 55 Blen- 
heim place; res. 128 Hunter street 
Milne James Kennedy, granite worker, Regent wait 
Milne James William C.A. chartered accountant, see Jeffrey 

& Milne 
Milne Jane (Miss), dairy, 44 Broomhill road 
Milne Jane (Miss), teacher of music, b32 George street 
Milne Jennie (Mrs.), draper, 2(5 Pcwis terrace 
Milne Jessie i,Mns.), apartments, 58 Schoolhill 
Milne Jesisie (Miss), dress maker, 16 Holburn road 
Milne Jessie (Miss), -dress maker, 419 Holburn street 
Milne Jessie (Mrs.), egg & butter merchant, 15 Loch street 
Milne John, architeot, 254 "Union street 
Milne John, auctioneer, valuator & house agent, 9 & 11 North 

Silver street; TN 508 
Miine John, coal dealer, 47 Lead-side road 
Milne John, fruiterer, 17 South Mount street 
Milne John, furniture dealer, 51 Broad street 
Milne John, general printer, lithographer & stationer, 
Central Press, 61 Belmont street (T N 809); res. 10 
Watson street 
Milne John, greengrocer, 17 Park street John, grocer, 441 Holburn street 
Milne John, house carpenter, see Xing & Milne 
Milne John, market gardener, Rutbrieston 
Milne John, musical instrument dealer, H -Shore brae 
Milne John, slater, -see J. & A. Milne 
Milne John, tobacconist, 25 Windmill brae 
Milne John Bannerman, grocer, 63 Elmbank ter. ; T N 0248 
Milne John Knowles, printer, 16 Hardgate 
Milne John Wallace M.B., M.R.C.S. physician & surgeon, 193 

Great Western road 
Milne Jsph. Ellis M.A., M.D. physician, 8 Albyn pi.; TN 1612 
Miine Margaret (Miss), apartments, 44 Mount street 
Milne Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 34 Marywell street 
Milne Man,- Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 22 Bridge street 
Milne Matthew, tailor, 2G6 Holburn street 
Milne Patrick Gordon, violin maker, 10 Back wynd 
Milne Peter D. chemist & druggist, 39 Market street 
Milne Robert, auctioneer & valuator, 20 Ashvale place 
Milne Robert, builder, see Alexander Milne & Sons 
Milne Robert, draper, 74 Esslemont avenue 
Milne Robert, fishmonger & poulterer, 3 Chapel St.; 

res. 4 Oherrybank; TN 1732 
Milne Robert, news agent, 27 Powis terrace 
Milne Robert, news agent, 23 Upperkirkgate 
Milne Samuel, gais engineer Gas works, Cotton st. & 2 Broad st 
Milne Simon R. boot maker, 45 Green 
Milne Thomas, chemist, 693 George street 
Milne Thomas, grocer, 19 & 21 Powis place 

Milne Thomas M.A., M.D. physician, 26 Rubislaw ter. ; T N 1853 
Milne William, commission agent, 21 Adelphi 
Milne William, commission agent, 46 Marischal street 
Milne William, fishmonger, 27 Chapel street 
Milne William, grocer, 1 South Mount street 
Milne William, printer & stationer, 131 John street 
Milne William, spirit dealer, IS Upperkirkgate 
M i I ne William, traction engine owner, Leggart mills, 

Bridge of Dee ^ 

Milne William, travel ter, 83 LesUe terrace 

Milne William, warehouseman, >see Bruce, Edwards & Milne 
Milne William Chalmers, boot & shoe maker, 89 Holburn street 
Milne William Ernest, warehouseman, see Milne & Pledge 
Milne William J. hosier, 251 Union street 

Milne William Macdonell, watch maker, 57 Rosemount viaduct 
Milroy Robert C.A. see Milne & Milroy 
Milton James, butcher, 8 Mid Stocket road 
Minty Joseph Allan, draper, 78 & 80 Holburn street 
Minty Mary (Mrs.), nurse, 32 Ashvale place 
Mitchel Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17a, Wales street 
Mitchell Alexander & George, watch makers, 37 Upperkirkgate 
Mitchell Andrew & Co. fish cnrers, Stell road; TN 566 

Mitchell David & Stodart J. advocates. 24 Adelphi 
Mitchell & Muil Lim. bread & biscuit manufacturers (purveyors to 
His Majesty by appointment)* 62 to G6 Schooliill &- 
2 to 10 & 11 &. 21 Harriet street £ N 122; T A " Biscuits "); 
branch shops, 25a & 442 Union 'St.; 133 Rosemount p"nce; 
4i)3 George -street; 152 King street; Gallowgate; 6 Mm/ies 
road; 3 (J Urquimrt road; 3 Mounthoolv; 2 Mid Stocket rd. ; 
131 & 273 Holburn street & 25 Northheld place 
Mitchell & Co. registry office for servants, 4 Union terrace 
Mitchell Adam Cosmo, teacher of dancing, 18 Dee place 
Mitchell Agnes (Miss), shopkeeper, 52* Skene square 
Mitche'l Alexander, dairy, 576 Great Northern road 
Mitchell Alexander M.D., CM. surgeon, 70 High street, Old 

Aberdeen; T N K 82 
Mi.chell Alexander, wa'ch ma'k=r, see A. & G. Mitchell 
Mitchel'. Alexander S. chartered accountant, 343 Union street 
Mitchell Archibald It. builder. 3 ElmfieM "place 
Mitchell Arthur, commercial traveller, S6 Hamilton place 
Mitchell Arthur, p'umber, 69 Roseimount place; TN 7Y2 
Mitchell Char les, ironmonger, grate manufacturer & 
chimney piece & tile merchant, 115 «i 117 George street & 
40* Loch street (T N 971); res. 79 Chapel street 
Mitchell D. MacGregor. solicitor, see Rae & Mitchell 
Mitchell David, agent for Mutter, Howey & Co. 51 & 53 Char- 
lotte street 
Mitchell David, spirit dealer, 15 Market street 
Mitchell Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments. 32 Union terrace 
Mitchell George, dairyman, 362 King street 
Mitchell George, hair dresser, 242 Holburn street 
Mitchell George, painter & decorator, 2 Hollvbank place 
Mitchell George, watch maker, see A. & G. Mitchell 
Mitchell George Bennett, architect & surveyor, 148 Union st 
Mitchell Gilbert, commercial traveller, 7 Westburn drive 
Mitchell Gordon, painter, see Murray & Mitchell 
Mitchell Helen (Mrs.), dairyman, 14 Great Western road 
Mitchell James, butcher, 42 Skene square 
Mitchell James, commercial traveller, 47 Cairnfield place 
Mitchell James, engineer, see Clyne, Mitchell & Co. Limited: 
Mitchell James A. sculptor, 39 Holland street 
Mitchell James Alexander, blacksmith. 20a. Dee street 
Mitchell Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 140 Sinclair road, Tony 
Mitchell Jessie (Miss), dress maker, 51a, Chapel 6treet 
Mitchell Jessie (Mrs.), grocer. 23 Jasmine terrace 
Mitchell John, blacksmith. Commercial road 
Mitchell John, commercial traveller, 45 Stanley street 
Mitchell John, County hotel, 151 & 153 King: st. 

& restaurant, 51 Huntly street 
Mitchell John, fruiterer, UG1 George street 
Mitchell John, landscape artist, 14 Gladstone place 
Mitchell John, news agent, 137 Skene street 
Mitchell John, wheelwright, 605 Holburn street 
Mitchell John O. ironmonger, 127 Crown street 
Mitchell Joseph, butcher, 12 Justice street 
Mitchell Joseph, news agent, 102 Commerce street 
Mitchell Maggie (Miss), shopkeeper, 405 Holburn street 
Mitchell Peter M.D., C.M. physician & surgeon, 526 King street 
Mitchell Peter, tobacconist, 3 Market street & 181b, Union st 
Mitchell Robert, grocer & ironmonger, 69 Commerce street 
Mitchell Stodart J. advocate, see David & Stodart J. Mitchell 
Mitchell Thomas, baker, 66 Queen street 
Mitchell William, butcher, 66 Walker road. Torry 
Mitchell William, commercial traveller, 46 Thistle street. 
Mitchell William, wholesale grocer, 15 Regent quay; T K" 463 - r 

T A " Mitchell, Aberdeen " 
Mitchell William Ewart, assistant superintendent to the Peart 

Life Assurance Co. 34 Mid Stocket road 
Mitchell William Garden, chemist & druggist, 431 George 

street; TN K214T 
Mitchell William Hyslop, draper, 345 Union street 
Mitchell's Almshouses ('Miss Elsie Moir, matron), 9 Chanonryv 

Old Aberdeen 
Moffatt William Todd, ship owner, ship broker & commission 
agent. 6 & 7 Trinity buildings; T N 322; T A "Gamma, 
Aberdeen " 
Moffatts' Parcel Express Co. Limited, carriers, 2 Gaelic- 
lane : T N 1037 
Mohr Ernest F. traveller, 61 Argyll place 
Moir Brothers, wholesale grocerB, 13 Exchange street 
Moir John & Son Limited, preserved provision manufacturers, 5B 

Virginia street: T N 65; T A "Moir, Aberdeen " 
Moir, Wilson & Co. Limited, preserved provision manufacturers-, 

North esp'anade & Old Ford road; T N 685 • 

Moir Alexander, cattle dealer, 4 Hilton road 
Moir Georgina (Miss), frirterer, 45 Powis terrace 
Moir James, saw maker, 73 John street 
Moir James, tailor, 21 Lodge walk 
Moir Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 104 Holburn street 
Moir John, dairvman, ld3 Park street: 13 Wales street; 15 
Hanover -street; 56 Summer street; 232 Holburn street & 2T 
Grampian road, Torry 
Moir Macgie (Miss), dress maker, 30 Hardgate 
Moir Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 98 Upper Denburn 
Moir Martha (Miss), draper, 651 George street 
Mnir Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 484 Great Northern road 
Moir Mrs. dairy. Granite Hill house, CornhiU road 
Moir (William, ironmonger, see Glegg & Thomson 
Moir William, wholesale grocer, see Moir Brothers 
Mollison George & Sons, flour merchants, 74 King st. ; T N DSr 
'Mollison George, Amir merchant, see George Mollison & Sons 
Mollison H. G. L. solicitor, 31 Adelphi 
Molli'son Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 83 Summer street 
Mollison John, commercial traveller, 18 Albert terrace 
Mnncrieff James Rennie. cask dealer. 22 Smith Constitution street 
Moncrieff Ma?gie (MLs-s). milliner. 279 Holburn street 
Moncur George C. Ade'phi hotel. 7 & 9 Adelphi 
Moncur James M.B., C.M. physician & surgeon, 144 King Btreet. 
Monro Alexander, tailor, 19 St. Nicholas street 
Monro James, p'umb'r, 9G Holburn street 
Monro James W. commission agent, 28 Guild street 
Montague James, ticket writer, 34 St. Andrew street 





Montgomery George, hair dresser, 9 Causewayend 

Moon Joseph, grocer, 185 Albert quay 

Moon Robert, butcher, 28 Victoria road, Torry 

Mooney James, shopkeeper, 7 Spring garden 

Moore Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 61 Constitution street 

Morgan G. & W. photographers, 393 Union street 

Morgan Alexander, assistant inspector of poor, 20 Union terrace 

Morgan Alexander, tailor, 5 Market street & 91 Irvine place 

Morgan George W. photographer, see G. & W. Morgan 

Morgan James, boot & shoe factor, see Simpson & Morgan 

Morgan James, shopkeeper 16, & coal dealer 49, Upper Denburn 

Morgan John, builder & contractor, 76 Charlotte 

street; T N 342; res. 50 Qneen's road 
Morgan John, solicitor, 25 Union street 
Morgan John Low, boot maker, 649 George street (T N 

21 3 X); res. 20 Burnett place 
Morgan William, granite merchant & architec- 
tural & monumental worker ; designs & prices 
free on application, Portland street; res. 21 
Albury place 
Morgan William P. hair dresser & tobacconist, 495 George street 
Morice & Wilson, advocate;, 15 Golden square; TN 447 
Morison George & Co. brush makers, 32 George st. ; T N 498 
Morison William & Co. botanical brewers, 18 Shiprow 
Morison John G. piano warehouse, 48 Netherkirkgate 
Morningfield Hospital (for the relief of persons labouring under 
incurable diseases) (George M. Edmond & Arthur H. Lister, 
medical officers ; Patrick Cooper M.A. sec. & treasurer), 
King'3 gate; TN 336 
Morocco Francis, fried fish shop, 39 East North street 
Morrice Andrew, pilot, 8 Pilot square 
Morrice Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 118 Sinclair road, Torry 
Morrice Eliza Ann (Miss), apartments, 26 Bon-Accord terrace 
Morrice Elizabeth (Miss), fishmonger, 2a, Stanley street 
Morrice Helen (Mrs.), news agent, 108 Rosemount place 
Morrice William, boot maker, 28G Rosemount place 
Morrice William, house steward Royal Asylum, Ash grove 

house, Ashgrove road 
Morris Alexander, hand truck maker, 57 Green 
Morris Alexander, shopkeeper, 55 Constitution street 
Morris Urban, tailor, 559 Great Western road 
Morrison Ada & Ethel (Misses), milliners, 485 Union street 
Morrison Alexander, butcher, 2 Baltic street 
Morrison Alexander, cabinet maker, 3 Mount street 
Morrison Alexander, clothes broker, 112 Gallowgate 
Morrison Alexander, joiner, 28 Marywell street 
Morrison Alexander, tailor. 256 George street; TN 34X2 
Morrison Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 49 Holburn road 
Morrison Archibald Cameron LL.B. advocate, see F. J. Scott 

& Morrison 
Morrison Barbara (Miss), nurse, 27 Victoria street 
Morrison Catherine (Miss), draper, 64 Bedford road 
Morrison Charles, teacher of music, 217 Union street 
Morrison Elizabeth (Mrs.), clothes broker, 13 St. Andrew street 
Morrison Forbes, slater, 87 Holburn street 
Morrison Forbes, teacher ot dancing, 468 Union street 
Morrison Francis, boot maker, 2 West Mount street 
Morrison George, grocer, 12 St. Swithin street 
Morrison George, *tock & .share broker, 115 Union street 
Morrison Gustavus, boot & shoe maker. 24 Marywell street 
Morrison Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 54 St. Nicholas street 
Morrison Isabella (Miss), grocer, 62 Bedford road 
Morrison James, motor engineer, see Noble & Morrison 
Morrison Jane (Miss), corset maker, 126 Huntly street 
Morrison Jane (Mrs.), news agent, 44 Skene square 
Morrison John, accountant & cashier G. N. of Scotland Rail- 
way Co. 80 Guild street 
Morrison John, boot maker, 124 Park st. & 42 St. Clement st 
Morrison John, boot & shoe maker, 8 Park street 
Morrison John, boot & shoe maker, 1 Sinclair road, Torry 
Morrison John, commercial traveller, 96 Clifton road 
Morrison John, tailor, 206 King street 

Morrison Lewis, boot manufacturer, Spey works, 62 to 66 Lead- 
side road ; T N 51 
Morrison Margaret 'Mis.3), servants' registry office,27 Huntly st 
Morrison Mary (Miss), dress maker, 47 Holburn street 
Morrison William, teacher of music, 11 Victoria street 
Mortimer & Dunn. chemists, 141 Union street (T N 241) & 1 

Ohattan place; TN 1509 
Mortimer & Co. grocers, 104 Market street 
Mortimer Grant, boot *& -shoe factor, 17 St. Nicholas street 
Mortimer James, corn dealer, 12, 14 & 16 Harriet street 
Mortimer John, merchant, see Ingram & Mortimer 
Mortimer John, jun. stock broker, see R. C. Allan & Mortimer 
Mortimer William, clothier, 17 Rose street 

Morton C. & E. (William Melvin, manager"), preserved provi- 
sion manufacturers & fi-h curers, 31 & 33 South Mount street 
(TN 139) & Albert quay; TA "Mortons, Aberdeen" 
Morton Agnes (Mrs.), fruiterer, 276 Rosemount place 
Morton Robert Buchanan, teacher of music, 61 Fountainhall rd 
Mowat David &. Sons, iron sand makers, Pioneer iron works, 

Holland street 
Mowat t Alexander, master mariner, 30 Cedar place 
Mowatt John, tailor, 26 Victoria road, Torry 
Moves Thomas, commercial traveller. 35 Stanley street 
Muir Robert, rope maker, Park road 
Mulholland Daniel, boot repairer, 26 Thistle street 
Muller A. & Co. general merchants, 184 West North street 
MUller Herr James, teacher of music, 27 Albert terrace 
Mulligan Francis, collector of inland revenue, 27 King street 
Mundie George Forbes, baker, 79 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Mundie James, fish merchant, Regent road 
Mundie John, draper, 206 Gallowgate 
Mundie Peter, confectioner, 267 George street 
Munro Alexander, commission agent, 21 Adelphi 
Munro Alexander M. city chamberlain, police treasurer & col- 
lector. Municipal building's. Union street 
Mnnro Andrew, boot dealer, see Milne & Munro 
Munro Charles, weighbridge proprietor, 803 Great Northern road 

Munro Donald, traffic agent Great Northern & North Eastern 

Railways, 124 Union street 
Munro Elizabeth (Miss), draper, 36 Skene square 
Munro George Wright, jeweller & watch maker, 198 Union gro 
Munro Henry, printer & stationer, 10 Grown street 
Munro James, shopkeeper, 70 Causewayend 
Munro James Manson, boot dealer, see Milne & Munro 
Munro John, solicitor, 31 Adelphi 
Murchie Jessie (Mrs.), feather dresser, 44 John street 
Murdo George, tailor, 21 Rosemount viaduct 
Murdo James, dairyman, 77 John street 
Murdoch Andrew, blacksmith, 57 Green 
Murdoch Charles, livery stable keeper, Mealmarket street 
Murdoch Emily (Mrs.), apartments, 64 Devonshire road 
Murdoch Geo. grocer, 160 Wellington rd. & 104 Bon-Accord st 
Murdoch James, spirit dealer, 70 Hutcheon street 
Murdoch Mary (Miss), apartments, 41 Dee street 
Murison William J. P. county clerk & treasurer for Aberdeen- 
shire, County buildings; res. 34 Forest road 
Murker Barbara (Mrs.), apartments, 8^ North Silver street 
Murphy Jane (Miss), perambulator dealer, 30 Schoolhill 
Murray Alexander & Son, slaters, 11 Summerfield terrace & 

South esplanade west, Torry 
Murray J. & W. fish curers, Raik road 
Murray & Maitland, slate merchants. 40 Carmelite street 
Murray & Mitchell, painters, 106 &. 108 Gerrard street (T N K 

40) & li Catherine street 
Murray William & Son. hide & tallow merchants, 453 to 465 
George street (T N 1118) &, meat salesmen, Central meat 
market, Hutcheon street; TN 221; TA " Murrays, Aberdeen " 
Murray Alexander, bui'der, see Stuart & Murray 
Murray Alexander, publisher, bookseller, stationer, news agent & 
librarian, 261 Union street; T N 6; res. Glendrouin, 5 Rubislaw 
Den south 
Murray Alexander J. architect & surveyor, 124 Union street 
Murray Alfred, general furnisher, 65 Queen street 
Murray Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 202 Gallowgate 
Murray Barbara (Mrs.), apartmenbs, H6 George street 
Murray Cruicksbank (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 189 Holburn street 
Murray Daniel, laundry. 38 George street; TN 721 
Murray David B. teacher of English, 88 Broomhill road 
Murray Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 50 West North street 
Murray Frank R. fish curer. Point law 
Murray George, boot maker, 106 Rosemount viaduct 
Murray Henry, fish curer, see Boyd «& Murray 
Murray James M.P., D.L., J. P. hide merchant (see William 
Murray & Sonl.Glenburnie park, RubUlaw Den nth.; TN1639 
Murray James, spirit dealer, 59 Netherkirkgate 
Murray James, sub-postmaster, 441 Great Northern road 
Murray James Grant, carter, 34 Short loaning^ 
Murray James S. tailor, 396 George street 
Murray Jane (Miss), grocer, 271 Great Northern road 
Murray Jessie Mrs.), shopkeeper, 78 Chapel street 
Murray John M.A. advocate & notary public, see Stewart 

& Murray 
Murray John, cabinet maker, 68 Woolmanhill 
Murray John, stationer, 408 Union street 
Murray John A. slater, see A. Murray & Son 
Murray Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 570 George street 
Murray Susan (Mrs.), dining rooms, 72 St. Clement street 
Murray Susan T. (Mrs.), proprietress of Aberdeen Dog Home, 

King street 
Murray William, cabinet maker, 87 Holburn street 
Murray William, commercial traveller, 13 Albury place 
Murrey William, painter, see Murray & Mitchell 
Murray William, warehouseman, 53 Loch street 
Murray William, watch maker, 6a, Schoolhill 
Murray William, wood carver, 17 Little Ohapel street 
Music Hall Buildings (Aberdeen Music Hall Co. Limited, pro- 
prietors; Fraser & Duguid, 57 Crown street, sees.), Union st 
Mussi Remigio, fried fish dealer, 202£ Gallowgate & refresh- 
ment rooms, 135 Holburn street 
Mutch & Douglais, butchers, 447 George street & 6 Gilcomston 

steps ; T N 209Y 
Mutch James & Sons, naturalists, 20 Constitution street 
Mutch Alexander, cabinet maker, see Burnett & Mutch 
Mutch Alexander, tai'.or, 142 Holburn street 
Mutch Annie (Miss), laundress, 21 Huntly street 
Mutch Georgina (Miss), dresis maker, 8 Granton place 
Mutch James, attendance officer, Old Machar School Board, 139 

King street 
Mutch James, grocer &c. 106 Commerce street; T N 1073 
Mutoh James, ironmonger, 24 & 23 Broad street; res. 32 

Beaconsfield place ; T N 155 
Mutch James Gibson, grain, manure & seed merchant, 24 Com- 
merce street (T N 515") & miller, Don mills. Bridge of Don 
Mutch Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 142 Holburn street 
Mutch Lily (Miss) L.R.A.M. teacher of music, 32 Beaconsfield pi 
Mutch Robert, butcher, see Mutch & Douglas 
Mutch William, printer. 11a & 12 Correction wynd ; TN 1161 
Mutch Williamina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 35 Urquhart road 
Mutter. Howey & Co. (David Mitchell, agent), agents & carriers 
N. B. Railway Co. 51 & 53 Charlotte street (T N 534) & 53 
Guild street; T N 74 
Mutual Life Association of Australasia (George Dickie, local 

sec), 207 Union street 
Mutual Property & Accident Co. Limited (Francis R. Gordon, 

district manager), 41£ Union street 
Nairne Charles J. produce broker, 41^ Union street 
Naismyth John, draper, 514 & 516 Union street 
Napier Alexander & Co. fish merchants, Commercial road 
Napier & Co. animal manure manufacturers & horse slaughterers, 
139 West North street & Linksfield works, King street; T N 
517; T A "Napier, Aberdeen " 
Napier Alexander, supt. Industrial School for Boys, Oakbank, 

Mid Stocket road 
Napier Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 179 Skene street 
Napier John, butcher, 236 King street 
Natarangelo Minnie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 42 West North street 

SCOT. 5 



[slate k'd 

Napier John, inspector County Constabulary, Aberdeen division, 

Lodge walk ; res. 53 Elmfield avenue 
National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association (Arthur 

Bain, sec.) ; res. 26 Thomson street 
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (James Spence J. P. 
agent), b7 Union street; draw on London office, 37 Nicholas 
lane E 
National Benefit Trust Limited (David B. McG-ill, supt.), 211 

Union street 
National Bible Society of Scotland (James Spence, sec), 67 

Union street 
National Cash Register Co. Limited (William T. Cox, agent), 

12 Belmont street 
National Guarantee & Suretyship Association Limited (Home & 

Mackinnon, agents), 75 Union street 
National Insurance Company of Great Britain (William Stables, 

resident sec), 154 Union street 
National Registration of Plumbers (William Sutherland, sec), 

177 Union street 
National Telephone Co. Limited (E. Emerson Stockens, district 

manager), 28 Market street; TN 80 
National Union of Dock Labourers in Great Britain & Ireland 

(James Barclay, sec), 34 Marischal street 
Naval & Military Bible Society (Rev. James A. McClymont D.D. 

hon. sec), 5 Queen's gardens 
Neave John F. hair dresser, 98 Union street 
Neave Peter, hair dresser, 266 George street 
Neil James, carpenter, 14 Blackfriars street 
Neil William, cycle agent, 49 Queen street 
Neitson Walter, manager, 55 Stanley street 
Nellfieid Cemetery (Walter Oliver, supt.), Great Western road 
Nelmes Henry & Co. billiard saloon, 26 Exchange street 
Nelson Janies & Sons Limited, butchers, 107, 109 & 111 George 

street & 61 Victoria road, Torry 
Nelson Christina (Mrs.), grocer, 2 Wood street, Torry 
Nelson Harry Adair, acting manager His Majesty's Theatre, 

Rosemount viaduct; res. 22 Bridge street 
Nelson Jane (Mrs.), grocer &c. 112 & 114 Walker road, Torry 
Nelson Joshua, furniture dealer, 187 Gallowgate 
Nelson Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 57 Loch street 
Neri Antonio, confectioner, 155 Gallowgate 
Ness William A. chemist, 328 King street 
Netherlands Vice-Consul (Charles F. Ludwig), 54 Regent quay 
New Loan Co. (Joseph H. Smith, manager), pawnbrokers, 27 & 
29 Broad street; 39 Spring garden & 3 & 5 Seamount place 
New Market (Peter Donald, superintendent), Market street 
New Rossleigh Cycle & Motor Co. Limited, 383 Union street 
Newlands George, resident secretary Scottish Temperance Life & 
Accident Assurance Co. Limited, 154 Union street; T N 941; 
res. 25 Beechgrove avenue 
Newlands William, shopkeeper, 125 West North street 
Newton John, tug owner, 28 Wellington street 
Nichol Isabella (Mrs.), nurse, 55 Thistle street 
Nicholls Burwood, teacher of music, 27 Osborne place 
Nicol Alexander & Co. ship & insurance brokers, 59 Marischal 

street; TN 289; TA 'Nicol, Aberdeen 
Nicol A. Tyt'.er, solicitor, see Fraser & Duguid 
Nicol Alexander, stone cutter, 39 Claremont street; 

res. 6 Burns road 
Nicol Alexander, tobacconist, 11 South Mount street 
Nicol Ann (Miss), grocer, 6 Ashvale place 
Nicol Benjamin, fish curer, 66 Sinclair road, Torry 
Nicol Forbes, spirit dealer, 6 Bridge street 
Nicol George, tailor, 11 Crown street 
Nicol Grace (Mrs.), apartments, 67 Dee street 
Nicol James, blacksmith, 38 Catherine street 
Nicol James B. architect, see Kelly & Nicol 
Nicol Jane (Miss), apartments, 31 Holburn street 
Nicol John, boot maker, 17 Chapel street 
Nicol John, carver & gilder, 40 Thistle street 
Nicol Joseph, commercial traveller, 19 Belgrave terrace 
Nicol Robert Fairweathsr, nurseryman, 33 Burns road 
Nicol Robert Gordon C.E. harbour engineer, 15 Regent quay; 

res. 12 Forest road. 
Nicoll Alfred, grocer, 11 Exchequer row 
Nicoll David, refreshment rooms, 525 Great Northern road 
Nicoll Isabella (Miss), milliner, 90 King street 
Nicoll Robert, gardener, Berryden gardens, Berryden road 
Nicoll Thomas Patrck, bookseller, 8 Adelphi 
Nicolson Arthur Badenach W. S. see Davidson & Garden 
Nisbet Elizabeth D. (Miss), head teacher Torry Public school, 

282 Victoria road 
Nisbet John M. teacher of music, 78 Garden place 
Niven Benjamin, hall keeper St. Machar's Hall, Falcon build- 
ings, Dunbar street 
Noble & Morrison, motor car engineers & cycle makers, 

86 Spring garden; TN 3 4Y1 
Noble Andrew (Mrs.), grocer, 52 Victoria road 
Noble George, assistant pilot, Findlay's buildings, Pocra quay 
Noble James, shopkeeper, 77 Virginia street 
Noble James Dickson M.B., C.M.Edin. physician & surgeon, 23 

Albert street 
Noble John, boot repairer, 44 Balmoral place 
Noble John, motor engineer, see Noble & Morrison 
Noble William, assistant inspector of poor, 20 Union terrace ; 

res. 53 Irvine place 
Norman & Co. grocers, 94 Broomhill road 

Norman Robert, teeth institute, 89 Union street 4 

Ncrrie Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 41 St. Andrew street 
Norrie James, draper, 251 George street 

Norrie Jas. picture frame ma. & tobacconist, 137 West North st 
North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. (in 
which is merged the Scottish Provincial Assur- 
ance Co.) (George W. W. Barclay, local man- 
ager), 91 Union street; TN 344 
North British Railway Co. (Alexander Barclay, agent), 43 Guild 

street; T N 32 
North British Steam Fishing Co. Limited, Albert quay 
North-East Coast Mission (David Boss, supt.), 33 Duthie ter 

North-East of Scotland Provincial Curling Association (George 

Clark, sec. & terasurer), 375 Union street 

North Eastern Agricultural Co-operative Society Limited (Rcbt. 

Kemp, manager; Brander & Cru.kshank. sees.), 5 Hadden st 

North Eastern Ice Co. Limited (Robert Laing, manager), ice 

manufacturers, Commercial road & 7 Golden square; TN 

562; T A " Frozen, Aberdeen " 

North Eastern Shipping Co. Limited (George Elsmie & Son-, 

managers), 54 Market street 
North Line Steam Fishing Co. Limited, fish salesmen iJohn A. 

Harrow, manager), Regent road 
North Magazine (monthly) (David Balloch, proprietors), 154 

Union street & 72 Woolmanhi.1 
North of Scotland Bank Limited; head office, corner of King 
street & Castle street (James Hutcheon, manager; John 
Innes, sec. & superintendent of branches ; Mitchell aiuart, 
accountant; George W. Reid, R. G. Gellie & R. L. McGregor,. 
inspectors of branches); TN 358; West End branch. 22$ 
Union street (George Carmichael, agent); TN 360; Market 
branch, 10 Exchange st. (John Hutcheon, agent); TN 1006; 
George Street branch, 230 George street (Benjamin Saunders, 
agent); T N 359; Rosemount branch, 2 South Mount street 
(John C. Taylor, agent); 166 Great Western road branch (D. R. 
Davidson, agent) ; Commercial Road branch, 174 Market street 
(R. Watt, agent) ; T N 1103 
North of Scotland Bedding Manufacturing Co. 1 Jack's brae; 

T N 1061 
North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Co. Limited (William- 
Smith, sec), Canada house, 201 Union street 
North of Scotland Cloth Working Co. waterproofers, Dee street 
North of Scotland Equitable Loan Co. pawnbrokers, 3, 4 & 5- 
Flourmill brae (T N 822) & 10 Flourmill lane; sale shops, 
36, 40, 42 & 44 St. Nicholas street & 43 Queen street 
North of Scotland Fine Art Co. fine art dealers, 16 Hardgate &. 

30 Bridge street 
North of Scotland Fish Guano Co. Limited (Simpson & uower r 

sees.), 215 Union street 
North (The) of Scotland Milling Co. Limited, manufacturers of 
oatmeal, beremeal & pot barleys, Royal mills, Palmerston rd. 
Aberdeen; hend office, Inverurie 
North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Co. 
(Chas. Merrylees, manager), Northern Steam wharf, Provost 
Matthew's quay; TN 22, 592 & 832; TA "Merrylees, 
Aberdeen " 
North of Scotland Property Co. Limited (James B. Davidson, 

sec), 46a, Union street 
North of Scotland Steam Fishing Co. Limited (James Hay, 

sec), 137 Union street 
North Sea (The) Steam Co. Limited (Ingram & Mortimer, 

managers), 20 Adelphi 
Northern Agricultural Co. Limited (Stephen Hunter, manager), 
manufacturers of linseed & cotton c^ikes & dealers in coals, 
lime, manures &c 30 Waterloo quay; TN 145; & Tay Oil- 
cake works, Dundee 
Northern Assurance Co. (Thomas Kyd, resident manager; Robt. 
Mackay, sec. ; Henry E. 'Wilson, general manager) ; head 
office, 1 Union terrace; T A " Northern; " TN 414 
Northern Bowling Club (John T. Nicol, sec), 12 King's crescent 
Northern Co-operative Company Limited ; ragistered office, 
54 Loch street; T N 130; T A " Thrift;" grocery- 
department, 58 Loch street; 64 Commerce street; 80 & 82 
Huntly street; 681 & 683 George street; 1 & 3 Portland 
street; 456 Great Northern road; 21Si Gallowgate; 313 Hol- 
burn street; 117 Rosemount place;" 102 High street, Old 
Aberdeen; 46 Urquhart road; 194 King street; 84 Victoria 
road, Torry; 157 & 161 Union grove; 3 & 5 Skene square; 
66 Mid Stocket road; 148 Spitai ; 497 Great Western road; 
21 & 23 St. Clement street ; stoneware, iionmongery & furni- 
ture branch, 71 to 75 Gallowgate; 139 Union grove; 53 Short 
lo&nings & 683 George street; drapery department, 50 & 62 
Loch street; 65 & 67 Gallowgate; 321 Holburn street; 123 
& 125 Rosemount place; 450 Great Northern road; 102 High 
street, Old Aberdeen; 162 Union grove; 74 Victoria road, 
Torry; 54 Commerce street; 691 George street; 186 King 
street & 9 Portland street; bakery department. Mil'bank, 
Berryden road : — branches. Berryden road ; 56 Loch street ; 
299 & 677 George street; 84 Huntly street; 51 Short lean- 
ings; 163 Union grove; 184 King street; 15 Causewayend; 
454 Great Northern road ; 315 Holburn street; 80 Victoria 
road, Torry; 60 Commerce street; 5 Portland street; 9 Skene 
square; 60 Mid Stocket roid; 15 St. Cement street; 16 
Constitution street; 42 Urquhart road; butchery department,. 
59 Loch street; 50 Commerce street; 119 Rosemount place; 
218 GaUowgate; 182 K!ng street; 452 Great Northern road; 
319 Holburn street; 11 Portland street; 637 George street; 
499 Great Western road; 167 Union grove; 78 Victoria road, 
Torry ; 70 Mid Stocket ro:vd ; 11 Skene square ; 86 jiuntlv 
street; 19 St. Clement street & 146 Spital street; boot & 
shoe department, 56 Loch street ; 321 Holburn street ; 127 
Rosemount p'ace; 689 George street; 186 King street; 450 
Great Northern road; 102 H ; gh street, Old Aberdeen; 160 
Union grove; 74 Victoria roid, Torry; 58 Commerce street 
& 9 Portland street; meal & bar ey mills, Millbanfc, Berry- 
den roid; stables, Miilbmk. Berryden road & Stell road; 
coal department, Palmerston road; drug department, 33 Rose- 
mount viaduct 
Northern Dancing Hall (J. Forbes, sec), 217 George street 
Northern (The) Gold Paint Manufacturing Co. (J. J. Watt r 

mannger). 8 Hardgate 

Northern Golf Cub (George Collie, sec), 114 Constitution st 

Northern Loan Co. L'mited fW. M. Sellar, sec. ; James M. Ross, 

manager), pawnbrokers, 81 Union street; 100 & 102 Commerce 

street; 8 & 10 Queen street; 32 Broad street & 42 Lodge walk 

Northern Nurs<ng Home (Miss Alice L. Horsnaill, 

principal), 5 Albyn pace; TA Assistance; TN 1685 
Northern Plate Glass Insurance Co. Limited (John M. Dunn, 

sec), 220 Union street 
Northern Property, Land & Investment Society Limited (M. 

Lunan, manager), 254 Un ; on street 
Norway Consulate (George Milne Cook, consul), 62 Marischal st 





Norwich Union (Fire & Life) Insurance Societies (Henry W. 

Bain, district manager), 230 "Union street 
Nutten John Edwin, shipmaster, 5 Devanha gardens 
Nutten Wahace, shipmaster, 33 Devanha gardens 
Oakbank Industrial School for Boys (Alex. Napier, supt.), 

Mid Stocket road 
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Limited (William 
Boss, district mgr.). 124 Union st. See advertisement 
Ocean Trawling Co. Limited (The), 172 Market street 
Ogg Henry & Co. distillers, 100 Great Western road 
Ogg Isabella (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 31 Causewayend 
Ogg John, granite merchant, 77 Abergeldie road 
Ogg May (Mrs.), nurse, 33 Hartington road 
Ogg Robert, teacher of drawing, Gordon's college 
Ogi.vie J. & A. cabinet makers, upholsterers, joiners & funeral 
undertakers, 360 Union street (T N 433) & 87 Holburn street 
Ogilvie J. & G. boot makers, 57 George street 
Ogilvie James & Co. oil & color manufacturers, Persley mills; 

T N 783; T A " Ogilvie, Clay hills, Aberdeen " 
Ogilvie Thomas & Son, warehousemen, 77 Dee street; T N 245 
Ogilvie A.exander, cabinet maker, see J. & A. Ogilvie 
Ogilvie Alexander, saddler, see Alexander Mearns & Co 
Ogilvie Alice (Miss), corset maker, 53 Bon-Accord street 
Ogilvie Andrew, cashier, 352 Holburn street 
Ogilvie Charles, warehouseman, see E. Chadwick & Co 
Ogilvie Christina (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 482 Union street 
Ogilvie David, plumber, 30 & 32 Chapel street; TN 1748 
Ogilvie George, boot maker, see J. & G. Ogilvie 
Ogilvie George, grocer & spirit dealer, 49 Park street 
Ogi.vie George, hatter, 26 Bridge street 
Ogilvie James, boat owner, South Esplanade west, Torry 
Ogilvie James, cabinet maker, see J. & A. Ogilvie 
Ogilvie Robert, hardware merchant, 8 Shoe lane ; T N 1080 
Ogilvie Thomas J. P. warehouseman (Thomas Ogilvie & Son), 

Keppleston; T N 625 
Ogilvie William, cab proprietor, 79 Skene street 
Ogilvie's Oil, Color & Ohemical Co. Limited, oil & color manu- 
facturers, Persley mills & 44 Carmelite street; TN 783; TA 
" Chemicals, Aberdeen 
Ogston & Tennant Limited, soap & candle manufacturers, 92 

Loch street; T N 16; T A " Ogston, Aberdeen " 
Ogston Agnes (Miss), nurse, 32 South Mount street 
Ogston Alexander M.A., M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 86 

Rosemount place ; T N 870 
Old Machar School Board (James G. Mutch, chairman; Andrew 

Webster, clerk & treasurer) ; offices, 139 King street 
Oliver Walter, supt. to the Nel.fleld Cemetery, Great Western rd 
Olympia Athletic Club (D. Russell, sec), 11 Catherine street 
Ormiston George, dentist, 170 Skene street 
Overall & Co. herring exporters, Pocra pier 
Oxford Joseph, supervisor inland revenue, 46 Gladstone place 
Pacitti Aeustino, confectioner, 20 East North street 
Paisley William, draper, 155 Holburn street 
Palace hole! (Great North of Scotland Railway Co. proprietors), 

159 Union street; TN 2920; TA "Palace hotel, Aberdeen" 
Palmer Oharles P. painter, see A. Ferguson & Co 
Palmer Edmund Gripper, commercl. travllr. 457 Gt. Western rd 
Palmer Margaret (Mrs.), dairy, 65 Menzies road, Torry 
Panton James & Co. plane & edge tool makers, 29 Bridge st 
Panton George, grocer & spirit dealer, 42 Woo manhill 
Panton William, superintendent of Harbour works, Provost 

Mathew's quay; res. 15 Clarence street 
Para Rubber Co. india rubber goods dealers, 409 Union street 
Park Alexander Collie, boot maker, 172 George street 
Park Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 42 Marischal street 
Fark George, drapers' assistant, 52 Erskine street 
Park George, spirit dealer, 29 St. Cement street 
Park James, builder, 13 Balmoral terrace 
Park James, traveller, 7 Brighton place 
Park John, builder, 3 Magdala place 
Park Margaret (Mrs.), nurse, 113 Osborne place 
Park Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 12 Granton place 
Park Mary (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 37a. Marischal street 
Parker Albert Edward, printer, 54 Castle street 
Parker James A., M.Inst. C.E. engineer Great North of Scot- 
land Railway Co. 80 Guild street; T N 366 
Parker John, advocate, 52 Skene terrace 

Parle Stephen & Elizabeth (Miss), drapers, 201 Holburn street 
Parsons Frank, master mariner, 8 Sunnyside road 
Paterson A.& G. Ltd. timber mers. Craiginches saw mi'.ls.Torry 
Paterson, Mitchell & Dawson, cardboard box makers, 61 

Spring garden; TN 179 
Paterson & Sons, pianoforte & music sellers, 116 Union street 
Paterson William & Sons, wholesale druggists 
& manufacturing: chemists, 55, 57 & 59 
Spring: garden; T N 246; T A " Patersons, 
Aberdeen " 
Paterson Alexander, fruiterer, 189 West North street 
Paterson Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 31 St. cement street 
Paterson Alexander, pilot. 3 New Pier road 
Paterson Alexander, shopkeeper, 5 Wales street 
Paterson Clementina (Miss), draper. 29 Causewayend 
Paterson Dove, drapers' assistant, 38 Erskine street 
Paterson Gordon, shopkeeper, 17 Short loanings 
Paterson Helen (Miss), grocer, 55 Springhank terrace 
Paterson Hester (Mrs.), news agent, 31 Chflttan place 
Paterson Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 18 All